Current Events- November 2021

Hey all- Jack Wylder here. Larry has finished his most recent 30 day stint in Facebook NiceGulag so before he gets sent back, he had a few thoughts. I thought these were FAR too good to just leave there, so I’m putting them here for you 🙂

Okay, I’ve been in the gulag for a month, what controversial political topics would I have commented on if I had been around? And the super brief version of how I would have addressed each of them. 

Let’s see-

A. Joe Biden calls someone “the great negro”, which is mostly noteworthy, not because Joe’s been a racist for decades, but because of the hypocritical lack of media coverage, because you know if it had been the orange man that would’ve been 24/7 freak out coverage for a month.  

B. Joe Biden farts on princesses. Why? See the explanation of A. Plus everyone loves fart humor.

C. Joe Biden possibly shits his pants in front of the pope. Why? Again, see A. Also, poop jokes are comedy gold. 

D. The Rittenhouse trial. It is interesting to see the internet divided into three camps. Group 1, which has actually paid attention to the trial and knows that the charges are fucking bullshit. Group 2, which has paid attention, and is lying and desperately spinning goofy narratives. And Group 3, the useful idiots who either believe #2 or their self-esteem is so dependent on team sports they have to pretend to believe the obvious bullshit narrative. 

E. America just named a naval warship after a pedophile (and that isn’t even in question, the dude had teenage boyfriends in his thirties) but that’s okay because he was a democrat activist. I’m kinda feeling bad for the guys stationed on that ship. Finally the crew of the Gabby Giffords has someone to feel superior toward. 

F. Back leading up to the election I got kicked off of Facebook for talking about the Hunter Biden laptop (which turned out to be real),  but during that I didn’t say much about the Ashley Biden diary, because that was so ludicrous that I was all like, naw, no way. That’s so crazy that’s gotta be made up… But then to paraphrase the scholar Hans Gruber “you want a miracle, Theo? I GIVE YOU THE F.B.I.” 

F2. So about that STOLEN diary. 1. The stuff in there is FUCKED UP. and 2. while we are at it, let’s go ahead and use the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency to crush pesky journalists and then leak their private information to the government’s pet journalists to use in law suits, because that’s not mustache twirling evil or anything. 

G. The farting (allegedly), pants shitting (allegedly), showering with his daughter (allegedly), president of the United States (allegedly) also handed down a blatantly unconstitutional vaccine mandate (and with those words, I bet this post gets a fact check!) that was promptly stopped by the courts, even though that’ll be toothless, and most companies will promptly roll over because they’re terrified of the government (and the government loves it that way). 

H. Virginia showed us the way forward. If you want to win an election against democrats, all you have to do is let the insane democrats be themselves (barf) so the voters turn out to kick them out, and then have 500 lawyers on the ground, volunteer observers watching everything, and a fuckery hotline so those volunteers can get lawyers yelling at the officials within minutes. 

I. How much do democrats suck ass? They’ve been in charge for a year and they aren’t even safe in NEW JERSEY. That’s because even though the GOP tend to be inept cowards, the DNC is blatantly fucking evil. Moderate America low information voters believe the news, put dems in office, but then they get reminded that “oh, yeah, these guys are fucking scumbags”.  And when you have to chose between corrupt dipshits and corrupt dipshits who are actively trying to destroy the country, you vote for Dipshit Lite. 

J. Holy shit, I almost forgot Joe’s CORNHOLIO ROCKET PACK POSE! This has been a busy month! Any one of those bizarre fuck ups of his would’ve dominated the whole news cycle if we still had orange man. 

K. Dr. Fauci got caught lying under oath again. But to be fair, this isn’t really news, and I could probably put this one down every month I get back after being banned. 

L. While our military was launching the USS Milk and weeding out all of our “dangerous insurrectionists”, China was testing hypersonic super death missiles. Yay. I’m sure this lack of strategic vision will never come back around to bite us in the ass. 

M. All those worrisome bare shelves in stores? That right there is a tiny taste of what’s wrong with a command economy. That shit is the inevitable cost of having the government fuck about in the market, declaring what jobs are essential and which aren’t. Turns out all jobs matter, and no central authority can manage it as good as just letting humans be free to take advantage of opportunities. Fucking duh, you dumbass socialists. 

N. LETS GO BRANDON isn’t just some silly little thing. It’s actually indicative of a cultural awakening and shift. The flip from FUCK JOE BIDEN will turn out to be one of those moments that goes into the history books, because it’s now not just about Biden sucking, it’s about how the media and all our institutions that the people are supposed to be able to trust are utterly failing them. 

O. Alec Baldwin shot his cinematographer. I actually wouldn’t have commented much about this one until there was more facts available, because movie making is different than regular gun handling. However it shakes out, Alec Baldwin is still a giant asshole and flaming hypocrite who’d happily throw me and all my friends in jail even though we’ve never done a fraction of the noxious shit he’s done in his life. But I’ve got no comment on the actual shooting.

P. The blue check mark punditry is busy gas lighting America that Inflation Is Our Friend! This is a new development from last month There is No Inflation! These are the same honest types who helpfully explained last month that the clusterfuck of Afghanistan was your fault.

Q. How the fuck am I already at Q? The news cycle needs to slow its ass down and let people breathe. Why are we in this hand basket? What’s all that fire over there? 

R. Dave Chappelle has once again shown all artists and creators the way forward. I tried to tell you guys this shit years ago. Quit giving power to asshole bullies who hate you, power over what you can and can’t create. 

S. If you want a perfect example of why I despise the US news media more than any other group, compare how they reported on the death of Colin Powell to the death of Herman Cain, specifically related to Covid. These unctuous motherfuckers can’t do anything that isn’t twisted and foul. 

T. My wife was flying Southwest at the time and got delayed, stuck in another state, and we still rooted for the pilots. You think that was bad? Just wait until the government sufficiently pisses off all the truckers. I hope you’ve stocked up on food storage. 

U. Seriously, fuck this month. 

V. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! The biggest shocking news story of the last four years? It was totally made up! Whoops! I’m sure the media just did that totally on accident, they couldn’t see through the clumsy hamfisted lies, and they acted in good faith the entire time about the whole Russian Collusion thing. I’m sure they’ll print retractions soon, and then all the leftists who screamed at you will apologize shortly. 

W. Come to think of it though, isn’t it interesting that the topic of V got a thousand times more news coverage that the entire rest of this list? (keeping in mind that this is ONLY ONE MONTH OF FUCKERY?!?)

X. Plus, while we were distracted by all this insane bullshit, congress passed an infrastructure bill with almost no infrastructure in it. Yay! The evil democrats were aided by a dozen evil/stupid republicans. GO TEAMWORK! 

Y. On the bright side Dune was awesome. So we’ve got that going for us. 

Z. And my new novella Lost Planet Homicide is out on Audible now, FREE to Audible Plus members. I really like this one. It came out good. I was going for Space Bosch. 😀

(And because I didn’t get this out fast enough, here’s another-JW)

If the black or brown teenagers from out of state (i.e. the suburbs) rolled up and kept communist, child raping, grandma punchers from blowing up my local gas station, I’d fucking bake them cookies, you racist pool noodle.

The key words in dipshit’s post are “maintain peace and order” because that’s great. The kid got attacked by 4 people, who all turned out to be some flavor of criminal asshole with a rap sheets full of violence and fuckery. So if these hypothetical law abiding, order keeping, peaceful, slightly browner than I am, teenagers shot a pedophile lunatic in the face while he was doing evil shit… AWESOME.

Quit simping for hyper-violent, society destroying, leftist stormtroopers, you pathetic weasels. Whether Rittenhouse was tactically or morally smart for going to a place filled with stupid people doing stupid things, it was legal.

This trial isn’t about this trial. It’s about how the left simply can’t abide the idea of regular people not putting up with their shit. Currently most law-abiding, gun owning, other-than-leftist, Americans actively avoid giant flaming lefty temper tantrums specifically because they don’t want to end up like Rittenhouse, dragged through the system while a minimum wage prosecutor makes up outlandish shit, knowing they still might get convicted because the jury is afraid the mob will come for them next.
But if more regular people say fuck it, I’m not going to stand down or hide, then more rioters would get shot, which would certainly make rioting less attractive, and then the left would lose a valuable tool in their tool box.  Crazy violent temper tantrums (fueled by a helpful lying ass media) are useful to the left. Without their gang of useful idiots being able to destroy shit with impunity, who else would scare the shit out of juries? Who else would ensure everyone trapped in cities always toes the line?

Mob based political violence has been a tool of dirtbags since mankind invented politics. Quit pretending that the left doesn’t do it now.
It’s the same reason when after a summer of their continual fiery rampages with billions of dollars in damage and many lives lost, when the right got a little uppity on January 6th, the left absolutely lost their shit. That’s their game. That’s their tool. The left don’t share. So their rioters are heroic champions (even when they are arsonist child rapists who got out of the loony bin that morning) while ours are insurrectionists who need to get immediately shot by the cops (the one time they don’t want to defund the police, go figure)

It’s all bullshit. We all know it’s all bullshit. But suckers like to keep up polite fictions. So when smug fucks like this play the race card, call them on their bullshit. This isn’t a race thing. This is a civilization versus barbarians things. So if you are black, brown, white, or fucking pokadot, but you don’t want insane leftist stormtroopers burning your business down, welcome aboard.

Have a cookie.


Edited 11/21/21-
(They STILL haven’t banned him! This has to be a record! Anyway, here’s another bit Larry wrote on the Book of Faces I thought y’all might enjoy. -JW)

To the handful of liberals who haven’t blocked me. This is for you.
In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse trial progs have all glommed onto the “If Rittenhouse had been black he would have been convicted” narrative.

Possibly. They might even be right, but only on accident, and in the stupidest self-own way possible.  

The left means this as a zing against the right.

Except if Rittenhouse had been black, the right still would have cheered for him, because honestly the vast majority of us don’t give a shit about race, and the losers who do (half the country is a big tent) hate lefty stormtrooper rioters far more. The fact you can’t grasp this basic fundamental fact about your enemy says a whole lot more about you than it does about them.

(Seriously, I’m not blowing smoke. Every study and poll shows that even the most old school, country club, super white republicans would rather hang out with a black republican than a white liberal. And for the overwhelming majority of us born after the 1960s, we truly don’t give a shit, but go on believing your dumb ass propaganda)

The real zing is that if Black Rittenhouse would have been convicted it would only have been because of the profoundly dishonest actions of the DEMOCRAT prosecutors. Sort of like most of the other unfair prosecutions of black men that you guys like to complain about.

Binger and Kruise did some sleazy shit and got away with it. And that is what they did during a trial with massive media attention. You think this was their first time? Do you think there aren’t others like them out there?

The only reason this trial got massive media attention was because the news media is in bed with the DNC, and the angry mob violence is a useful tool in the DNC’s tool box. The media can’t allow regular people to get the idea that they can get uppity against their mobs and get away with it.  Regular people need to be too terrified of the system to act.

Democrats caused the problems you are supposedly upset about. Then democrats make them worse, and profit.

Back during the Great Fiery Temper Tantrum of 2020, nearly all of the cases BLM was upset about took place in cities entirely run by democrats. With democrat judges, democrat prosecutors, democrat mayors, and democrat police chiefs. And these cities have been this way for 40 or 80 years.  

So obviously the solution is to elect more democrats to these same positions of authority. Then blame the republicans, who haven’t held an elected office in your deep blue city in a generation. Because apparently even distant republicans cause all your local democrats to be corrupt assholes through the magical power of their white supremacy waves.

Progs are now acting all smug with their hypotheticals that if this was flipped, and this riot had happened in a red state, and a black teenager had shot 3 white rioters, we’d be outraged and instantly toss him in prison.

Progs love to make up imaginary scenarios to argue over, because they suck at real life, and their imaginary ones always play out exactly how they want.

Problem is, most red areas don’t tolerate that level of out of control street violence to begin with. And the only places you see that sort of behavior in red states are… drum roll please… the deep blue cities. Which see above, have democrat mayors and democrat police chiefs running things. The further you get from that, the less stupid it gets.

But personally, even then, if Black Rittenhouse had driven from Ogden to Salt Lake City, and several rioters had attacked him and gotten ventilated in the process, I’d gladly donate to his defense fund.

Except, if that had happened (and this gets back to the left’s self-own) because that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative that case would get zero national media attention. (kinda like how the news always crop out any pictures of black people defending their businesses with guns, or they chop the heads off of the black gun owners at marches). If it doesn’t fit the lefty narrative, the truth gets a bullet to the back of the neck.

When that case gets no national attention, Black Rittenhouse does not get crowd funding to pay for lawyers, and instead gets a scrape the bottom of the barrel public defender. And that public defender was also working 16 other cases at the time. (honestly, the problems you guys bitch about in our legal system aren’t race issues, they are class issues).

Then armed with the lowest form of legal counsel available, while the world isn’t watching, assholes like Littlefinger and Fatlock would do their thing and not get caught. (seriously, they were that shitty with hundreds of thousands of us were live streaming it, how bad do you think they usually act?)

And then you dumb fuckers reelect everyone involved.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, as you are crying about self-defense laws all being racist, if you’d actually get your news from some place other than blue check mark twitter pundits you’d see that there are a couple of other cases this week involving black defendants and victims that have gone wildly different than your predictions.

But yeah, black men do get prosecuted and sentenced unfairly, all the time… usually by democrats. In areas that democrats have turned to shit for decades. And the democrat media only talks about local legal cases when there is something to be gained for their national party. They pay lip service to caring, while they use and abuse people for their personal gain.

Despite all your whining about this last year, at the end you still elected an old racist segregationist, and a legendarily corrupt prosecutor. Way to go.

Quit being a sucker.


(Holy cow, there’s still a week in this month? No telling what’s next…- JW)
11/22/21 Larry wrote:

Here’s another example of how incredibly evil the US news media is. (this comment isn’t about the Waukesha case, it’s more about the news.)

CNN formed a narrative last night that the reason the suspect ran over 40 people in a Christmas parade was because he was fleeing from the police. Of course this makes it sound like it wasn’t a premeditated slaughter. The blue check mark punditry immediately ran with this, planting seeds of doubt, that the real bad guy was the police for chasing him, and the driver was a victim of our racist justice system.

Except Waukesha PD just said there was no pursuit at that time.

So the narrative formed by CNN and the blue check mark leftists is crap. HOWEVER, watch what will happen. The seeds were planted. Gullible idiots and the willfully ignorant will now repeat that narrative forever. A year from now when this is at trial, mark my words, you will see people still spewing that narrative about running from the racist police. Guaranteed.

Will what we are being told right now turn out to be accurate? Truthfully I don’t know. Neither does the media, but they never let that hold them back.

We’ve seen this before. We will see this again. Because our media is evil. Narrative before truth, always.

Smart people used to stick to the 72 hour rule, to wait for the facts before making a judgement call because the initial reports are often riddled with errors… except that’s becoming increasingly difficult because by the time the facts are in, the media has already established an elaborate web of lies in order to control public opinion from that point on. The truth gets strangled.  

The news media is evil. They hate you. They lie to you. They are happy when you die, and then they’ll use your death to further their agenda. They are the root cause of most of the hate and discontent in our country. There is nothing they won’t do for profit or political gain.

Fisking one of the many Dumb Hot Takes on The Rittenhouse Case
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  1. If the supply chain problems prevent the farmers from getting next spring’s crops in the ground, the cities will learn what food riots are like next winter. All the EBT cards in the world can’t buy what doesn’t exist.

    1. Those in the .gov (especially Biden and Buttigeg) have absolutely no idea how supply chains, logistics, farming, manufacturing, transportation, construction, etc actually work. That plus the ideological blinders, and the echo chamber they never leave makes it impossible do do anything but make every problem worse.

      My biggest hope is that when we come out of this we create a system that guarantees that everyone in goverment is accountable and are directly responsible for their decisions.

      1. I don’t think we have any examples in history where everyone in government is accountable for their actions.

        I think the only implementable thing is to force Congress to approve these agency rules and for the Supreme Court to allow people to sue the agencies effectively.

        1. Not enough. Just handing out our money to people they’ve done wrong won’t do anything to stop the abuses. They have to be held personally accountable for their mistakes and malfeasance. Politicians and bureaucrats must face personal financial penalties and jail time for their misdeeds if they are to be deterred from committing them.
          My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

        1. The only things on his mind are
          1) When will Doctor Lady whatshername give him some ice cream?
          2) When will they let him sniff some kids?
          3) When can he go take his nap?

          1. Q1 – She’ll give him his ice cream whenever they need to get him to either shut up, or parrot an approved talking point.
            Q2 – He got his chance at the “Turkey Pardoning” ceremony. There was at least one girl who was having none of it.
            Q3 – I think he took the opportunity during the Climate-Change-o-palooza. To be fair, I think most of the other participants did the same.

  2. Never forget that St. Louis tried to go after a couple who simply warned off rioters/looters from their property … THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO DEFEND YOURSELF … ever …

    1. That is a fun way to spell threatening people with lethal weapons. Isn’t there this whole bible about gun safety rules with the message to treat every gun as if it is loaded and not point it at people? And suddenly people defend it, when it happens with a loaded gun. That kind of stuff would get people kicked off a range, if it happened by accident, but it is fine as intentional action in this context?

      And before anyone says something about a smashed gate and private roads: The gate was intact and unlocked while they passed through. They were on their way to protest against the major and passing through this street counted as civil disobedience and nothing serious.

      1. Threatening people with lethal weapons is perfectly acceptable and proper if and when they pose a threat to life and limb. Courts use a “reasonable man” standard for assessing the threat, so that the whole context of the event, including the recent history of such mobs organized for such purposes, not to mention their demeanor, threatening words and gestures, and so on, can be taken into account. Owners may use reasonable force to expel trespassers from property, particularly where the trespassers have arrived in force with malicious intent. The right to assemble peaceably does not extend to invasions by armed and unruly crowds onto private property.

        I applaud your desire that all landowners and gun owners be skilled in the safe and proper use of weapons.

      2. Standing on your own property with loaded weapons is not threatening anyone, by any stretch of the imagination, or English language. Particularly when the activists who planned the march had been using threatening language that they were going to disturb residential areas.

      3. Apples and oranges is it? Oh and for the poor defenseless rioters who were filmed being on their property illegally after comeing through an iron fence they had to break in order to get in there and after the owners of the land had been threatened with having their house burned and the wife raped, I’d consider that a criminal threat which would justify aiming my weapon at people who were making threats of violence against me and mine…The house owners showed admirable self control in that situation by NOT pointing their weapons in a threatening manner at the trespassers on their property….As it was, the pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and bought another, nicer AR based weapon a week later…..

    2. The McCloskeys were forced to plea down to misdemeanor charges and forced to give up their guns.

      They were at Kenosha in support of Rittenhouse.

      1. Incorrect…the DA was forced to reduce the bogus charge to a misdemeanor with the agreement that the McCloskeys would turn in their weapons…..and those weapons were replaced soon after…..If the DA had not backed off the bogus charges, the Governor of Missouri was prepared to give the McCloskeys a full pardon for any charges brought against them by the St. Louis DA….And the DA was re-elected….proving that St. Louis is a dying city.

    1. Happy to help.
      That’s because Facebook is a garbage platform that has no interest in YOU deciding what interests you.

      1. Thank you for posting it here as well.

        I missed it on Facebook because I don’t ever go there after they fucked with someone in my family.

  3. With regards to Virginia, there were a ton of Republicans volunteering to poll watch, including myself. This helped to keep the election process honest and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

    After last year’s obvious fraud, that is one of the things you can do to deter fraud. It’s not glamourous or fun, but it helps to keep the election officials honest.

  4. I missed Larry’s commentary. Side note, someone recommended Monster Hunter International in the comment section of one of my favorite podcasts (You Are Here) and it got read on air. I almost did a Biden in my pants with joy.

  5. Zerohedge had an article the other day about an 8 year old girl in Florida that stood up to her school on mask mandates. She said “you suck and belong in prison”. They backed down.
    How about a slogan like ” you suck Joe Biden
    and belong in prison”. We need a new rallying
    phrase. The left floods the ether with slogan after slogan and we need to start matching them. Only our stuff would be true.

      1. I like the “I did this” stickers that are popping up on gas pumps. Readily available on Amazon so the only downside to the movement is that Bezos makes more money.

      2. A variation of the LGB phrase is in a new song entitled “Vamose Brandon” with a decidedly Tex-Mex flavor to it. The song can be found on the Michael Berry website (Berry is a very popular conservative AM talk radio host in the Houston area….and is going national). You’ll be able to hear him as he subs for the two new guys who replaced the Limbaugh show coming up soon.

  6. B. Joe Biden farts on princesses.
    C. Joe Biden possibly shits his pants in front of the pope.

    Lessee. Kevin Costner’s Sioux name was Dances with Wolves. Is Joe Biden’s Indian name Farts on Duchesses? Chief Shits in Pants? Or No Truth in Him?

    O. Alec Baldwin shot his cinematographer.
    He pointed the pistol at her and pulled the trigger. That is premeditated murder by definition. You don’t have to intend to kill. You just have to intend to do what you did.
    No death penalty in New Mexico. Shame.
    I am giving 10 to 1 odds that this narcissistic fuck takes the stand in his own defense. That is, I will bet my dollar against your dime.
    Send this asshole dove hunting with Dick Cheney.
    PS I got a day of FascistBook jail last week. Fuck Zuckerberg.
    ACW2. Let the shooting begin.

    1. Aesop at Raconteur Report has quite a bit of history working with both guns and movie sets, he’s broken it down a few different ways (language and insult warnings because he’s also prior service)

      And his ‘cluebat inbound’ (not linked for spicy url) post a few prior to that one goes through the actual safety bulletin and responsibilities. The short answer is they specifically employ two or three people *precisely* so that actors, most of them morons regarding firearms, can safely point them at cameras/ people and pull the trigger. In this case they simply expected one person to do the job and didn’t realize she wasn’t any better equipped than Baldwin himself to do so.

      1. Standard set rules say 1) no gun is ever =actually= pointed at anyone (it’s done with camera angles instead), and 2) no live ammo is =ever= to be on the set for =any= reason, not even locked up.

        So aside from gun-check-fails, ignored the basic rules the industry is supposed to live by.

        Makes you wonder how many Set-Moron Accidents =didn’t= happen thanks to sheer dumb luck.

      2. I’ve read Aesop’s screeds on this and he’s a bit too focused on recycling his old insults to perform a full analysis. His first error early on was saying that the rules on set were far more strict than the NRA’s rules. I pointed out that following the NRA safety rules about treating every gun as if it were loaded and not pointing at anything you don’t intend to shoot would have prevented this. Not sure if that’s why he took that post down or not, but then he moved on to the union rules.

        He erroneously seems to think that the union safety recommendations for firearms (which he has posted numerous times) are legal documents. In fact, those documents explicitly state that they do not supersede state laws. If it goes to court, and the law says otherwise, Baldwin could end up charged depending on the facts of this case. Basically, Aesop jumped the gun (so to speak) on that one.

        Then his obnoxious commentary is based on his experience and knowledge of firearms handling on set and actor knowledge in general, not the specific facts of the case, which is has ironically assumed. Until there’s a full investigation, he’s talking out of his ass.

    2. Thanks to a lawsuit by Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor, we now have explicit confirmation that not only did Baldwin pull the trigger, but also that it was a single action and he pulled back the hammer as well. All of this for a scene he wasn’t supposed to fire in anyways!

      1. We certainly don’t have ‘explicit confirmation.’ We have her word and it is going to court. It’s just as likely, at this point, that she’s a lying ass trying to get on the ‘sue Alec Baldwin’ gravy train.

    3. “That is premeditated murder by definition. ”

      No. The definition of premeditated murder is the unlawful killing of one human being by another with malice aforethought without mitigation, justification, or excuse. See Blackstone.

    4. yo, Slippery Jim! Haven’t seen ya in Toulon/depuis longtemps/ toolong( I guess that’s the pointof being slippery)If you can jump worldlines, hie thee over to BuSab!

  7. So what happens when someone looks at Rittenhouse, decides screw suffering through that, in for a penny in for a pound and goes full on death squad?
    My read from the other side of the world is it’s not far off.

    1. If enough people do that they end up at a civil war. Which is not a good thing as it is one of the few failure conditions for a state.

      Considering that there are still people having the wrong ideas about the last American civil war (Which happened before the last change of ownership of Alsace-Lorraine ffs!), the US really cannot have another one.

      For those living in other countries, we would lose the last illusion of the US being a reliable ally, not that this relationship is not already stained.

      1. If we don’t fight back, we die and our culture is erased from history. If we do fight, we may lose or we may win, but at least we have a chance.

        Rust never sleeps. Leftists never stop. They must be stopped.

    2. “So what happens when someone looks at Rittenhouse, decides screw suffering through that, in for a penny in for a pound and goes full on death squad?”

      That will be pantifa. Nobody else will be doing that. Sane people look at what Rittenhouse has gone through and say “Nope. Nopenopenope.”

      pantifa of course is composed of thieves, pederasts, other sorts of perverts and common criminals. They’re insane, they’ll do anything.

      If they do go there, the response will be short. As the Japanese admiral said, in America there is a gun behind every blade of grass.

      And then the rioting will stop.

    3. This is what the left desires more than anything else… excuse to go full on Krystalnacht against the GOP and conservatives over one altercation….They were hoping that Jan 6th would be their Reichstag fire moment but that failed too.

  8. I always appreciate his comments but I don’t do Facebook. I read his explanation of why he does which was logical but I wish he would crosspost to a place that doesn’t require interacting with loathsome people.

    1. Here hear! I understand that Larry uses the facepalm, but I have not bothered to waste my time on that platform in five years now. Please please please cross post to this site.

  9. It’s amusing how Whattheshit Ali is comfortable letting his inner racist show. And I’m betting he’s not liking the answers he’s getting to his stupid hypothetical.

  10. Well, the USNS Man-Milk is the class of ship that cruises around, sticks hoses in other ships, and pumps them full of fluids. So I guess it fits in a way?

  11. Quit simping for hyper-violent, society destroying, leftist stormtroopers, you pathetic weasels.

    That’s just it. They can’t. They are so neck-deep in needing their black-bloc-clad shock troops to intimidate their opponents (us) that they DEFEND child rapists and wife beaters to the hilt!

    Put another way, the Left values the child rapists, wife beaters, and other assorted criminals over the law-abiding taxpayers. It’s not even a close contest; they’ll watch all of us burn to save one of their own.

    Take the Rittenhouse case, for example. Four people attacked a kid, three of them got shot for their efforts, two fatally. But if you look at those four, every one of them has a criminal record — some longer and/or more serious than others. It’s a small sample size, but the odds of those four being the only “mostly peaceful protesters” having criminal records are astronomical.

    But seriously, all the Left has to do is not defend the scumbags in their ranks. I’m not even asking that they publicly disavow or condemn them. Just let it go. But they can’t.

    The question of “Why not?” is an exercise left for the reader.

      1. They could call off their dogs. But they won’t.

        As (Democrat) Mayor Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Nation-wide mob violence is a crisis. The tools are there to shut it down, good and hard.

        But the Left won’t use those tools nor allow anyone else to use them, because the chaos and mob violence work in their favor. It’s slow torture on a societal scale; it will continue until a critical mass of everyday citizens are begging to submit to anything and everything, just to get the chaos to stop.

        1. Everyone here already knows what the instinctive response to a threat is for the fascist left….DOUBLE DOWN….coming to a city near you soon…..

      2. Good taxonomies of socialisms would tend to classify Communism as being founded wholly to support the personal tastes of Lenin and Stalin. The communist affinity for criminals is much more fundamental than simply seeing them as useful. Essentially communism is an excuse for committing violent crimes against as many people as possible.

  12. It’s been interesting watching some red pilling of people who look into the Rittenhouse thing and are SHOCKED to find out the people shot were all white. They kept hearing Rittenhouse was racist, this is about race and violence, blah blah blah, and they believe the assholes were black. Hopefully this gets out more and more.

    But I doubt it, most people read twitter or headlines, and then don’t look any deeper.

  13. How does the betting pool look for how long it will take him to get banned again? With how often it happens, it might be useful to split his account in a promotional account for economic purposes and one, where he talks about politics. Maybe yet another one for private stuff to make it more difficult for Facebook to collect data.

    1. I think Larry is smart enough not to put anything private on Farcebook.

      Remembering what John Ringo did to ‘Mick Mickelberg’ in Under A Graveyard Sky is always good for a nasty chuckle. Vicarious retribution is better than none at all.
      Today, every child in America is born $89,000 in debt.

      1. Your tagline is woefully out of date (two days later)! Every child born in Amirica is now over $92,000 in debt. By next week it may even break 6 digits.

  14. If there are brown people out there defending my neighborhood… what the flying fornicating flapjacks am I doing sitting in here? Time to grab a rifle and stand a post.

  15. I do love it when you post political stuff here. It is awesome and I don’t go to Facebook. So I am another person I would love some kind of crosspost!

    Do you think the Democrats will try and “fix” logistics and food production? I think the result would look a lot like John Ringo’s last centurion, if they make a serious attempt at such.

  16. Larry, have you actually spot-checked any of the assertions you made in this post? It sounds as if you are just going off of what you have read, or heard, from very slanted news organizations. Ok, I’ll agree there is no such thing as news that has no slant. But come on, with just about every news service having some agenda; please read up on the core documents. The issues you listed are not all as you related. I agree with on some things. To save myself hours of typing, I will just cover one thing you asserted. Let’s look at the infrastructure bill. I will send the links to Jack, so he can put them up.

    Am I saying this is a great bill, or a perfect bill. No, I am not saying that. Heck, I’m not even saying that the government will act on the bill. What I am saying is that a reading of the bill does not support your assertion X: “congress passed an infrastructure bill with almost no infrastructure in it.”

    Here’s the summary from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.

    CRS Summary for H.R.3684 – Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
    Passed as Public Law 117-58
    Signed into law: 15th November, 2021
    -This bill extends FY2021 enacted levels through FY2022 for federal-aid highway, transit, and safety programs; reauthorizes for FY2023-FY2026 several surface transportation programs, including the federal-aid highway program, transit programs, highway safety, motor carrier safety, and rail programs;
    – addresses climate change, including strategies to reduce the climate change impacts of the surface transportation system and a vulnerability assessment to identify opportunities to enhance the resilience of the surface transportation system and ensure the efficient use of federal resources;
    – revises Buy America procurement requirements for highways, mass transit, and rail;
    – establishes a rebuild rural bridges program to improve the safety and state of good repair of bridges in rural communities;
    – implements new safety requirements across all transportation modes; and directs DOT to establish a pilot program to demonstrate a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee to restore and maintain the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund and achieve and maintain a state of good repair in the surface transportation system.

    Link to text of H.R.3684 – Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
    Jack, I don’t care if you post the links as a comment.

      1. BassmanCO
        November 19, 2021 at 4:37 pm
        “Mention of Climate Change is enough to tell me it is bullshit.”
        I’m not sure how mention of climate change invalidates everything in the bill. Can you give me some pointers to any objective, supported evidence that helped you reach this conclusion? It’s a really complicated subject, so I don’t expect a detailed explanation. I am honestly interested in due diligence in my research. Thanks for the comment!

        1. You can work that out from first principles, if you have half a brain.

          Climate Science spawned off of Meterology. Which is a way of approaching phenomena that include fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

          There are other disciplines that look at these phenomena in different ways. In particular, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering have a set of tools judged appropriate for such problems where they impact human welfare.

          Mechanical engineering’s tools are pretty useless for meteorology’s problems. Meteorology has too many unknown ‘boundary conditions’.

          The methods of meteorology might get someone arrested if applied to mechanical engineering problems. They make complicated models with a lot of uncertainty and incorrect predictions. You get a lot of dead people with those sort of models when you use them for decisions where human lives are at stake. (okay, yeah, yeah, improvements in modern weather forecasting, wrt tornadoes. a) some of that is improved sensors b) I’m trying to write out the explanation on a level that an idiot can understand.)

          The thing is, fluid mechanics is a really screwy body of theory. Numerical or computer models, or analytical theory, are all bad predictors of flow /unless/ there is a lot of experimental data for very similar flows. So, your basic assumption should be that the burden of proof is on the modeler, especially if experimental evidence isn’t really possible.

          It can be shown that we pretty much have zero ability to do experiments that really verify the flow of atmosphere where climate science is concerned. Because it is a large spherical shell with a radial body force due to gravity.

          It can also be shown that the climate science modelers have done a lot of things that would be signs of fraud coming from a mechanical engineer.

          So, even before the current damage universities have done to their credibility, there was no particular reason to think that climate science was of any real utility.

          With that damage… I) They’ve gone to the extreme of claiming that BLM and anti-fa’s arsons were good, while not endorsing the burning of their own buildings. II) January 12th letter signed by heads of law schools. Basically, at this point, a university saying something is at the most charitable, noise.

          1. BobtheRegisterredFool
            November 20, 2021 at 4:05 am
            It can also be shown that the climate science modelers have done a lot of things that would be signs of fraud coming from a mechanical engineer.
            What were these signs of fraud, and where can I find them? And do any signs of fraud invalidate the infrastructure bill in question? I just ask for information’s sake, as this issue is not the focus of this thread.

            The infrastructure bill that is the subject of the original post in this thread. Climate science was only mentioned as a poster replying to me claimed mention of climate science invalidated the overall congressional bill. This isn’t a thread debating climate change in any way.

          2. Plus one good volcano changes everything…

            Geology is one of the sciences the climate change frauds like to omit when predicting the horrible future of the planet.

        2. Because the vast majority of the time it’s horseshit used to justify government spending more money and seizing more control.
          “Climate Change” as used by politicians and punditry isn’t a scientific term, it’s a religious one.
          And everybody knows it. Even those who pretend not to.

          1. Always correct them. What they are describing is “Anthropogenic Climate Change”. Which is about as non-sensical as anthropogenic plate tectonics.

            Yes, climate change has happened since the Cambrian epoch, and will happen in the future. But anthropogenic climate change is unproven.

          2. correia45
            November 20, 2021 at 4:42 pm
            Because the vast majority of the time it’s horseshit used to justify government spending more money and seizing more control.
            Ok, how can these claims be shown to be true? That’s a lot of ground to cover. So any general pointers are much appreciated. I can’t say you are wrong, because I don’t have the information that you do. Plus, I honestly don’t know what things you see as justifying the statements about climate change being used as a issue only for gaining spending power and political power as well. I often find that what’s obvious to some people is opaque to me. It’s hard for me to get from A to D if I don’t know what you mean by B and C. That’s why I ask how you got to these conclusions!

      2. I skimmed it. Basically the money is a bunch of random numbers meant to support the formation of New And Different Regulatory Agencies, which is to say, makers of unlegislated law and employers of little tin jackboots. If you think the EPA is out of hand now, give it this bill, and stand back.

        1. Reziac
          November 20, 2021 at 5:21 pm
          I skimmed it. Basically the money is a bunch of random numbers meant to support the formation of New And Different Regulatory Agencies
          Which numbers were random? Where are they located? How did you figure out they were random? You might be right, it’s just hard for me to find the random numbers if I can’t find them without more information.

    1. Those really aren’t things that I view as infrastructure. There’s some highway funds but not for infrastructure. We’re told they’re for fighting systemic racism. So while they may build some roads, no telling if those are roads that even need to be built.
      “Safety requirements” aren’t infrastructure, they’re regulations.
      Per-mile user fees aren’t infrastructure.

      But really, it would be sort of impossible for there to be NO infrastructure included in a bill that large.

      1. Synova
        November 19, 2021 at 9:26 pm
        “Those really aren’t things that I view as infrastructure. There’s some highway funds but not for infrastructure.”
        I’m not defending the bill as a piece of legislation. I made my point by posting not just the summary, but link to the full text of the bill. There’s a lot of room for disagreement on what belongs in this bill. It’s my opinion that the things you mention can be considered part of an infrastructure bill, no matter who passes it.

        “Per mile user fees”, basically another ‘toll road’ type fee. We essentially already pay tolls in the for form of taxes and county assessments to build and maintain roads. The bill says the ‘per mile’ fee is going to establish a maintenance fund for national infrastructure. So I can see that in this type bill.

        “Safety Regulations” are another thing that seems a reasonable thing to me for an infrastructure bill. Safety regulations are part of the structure than directs and limits the use of funds in a bill such as this. Like any sort of construction, the build must be done to some sort of standard. Safety regulations are just one of the many, many standards that regulate construction.

        I don’t think you are asking the important question here. Namely, “how effectively will this law be administered.” That is always the question with huge money bills like this. Limiting corruption, making contractors build to standard, ensuring the builds actually improve communities; those are some of the myriad the things to be concerned about with a $1.7 trillion ladle sloshing money out. It’s not just what is in the bill as made law, it’s how the Executive branch executes the law. Thanks for the comment!

        1. “You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered.”
          — Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States

          1. Reziac
            November 20, 2021 at 5:23 pm
            “You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered.”
            — Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States
            Great quote, and thanks for mentioning it! This quote seems to imply you will the bill will cause some kind of harm. Thought you don’t mention the harm you think this bill will do. I’d be interested in hear that last part, if you can articulate a bit more.

    2. You might start by analyzing how much money will be spent on the list you posted, rather than how many items are in the list. IIRC I read that about 30% or so was for infrastructure. I could be wrong on the % but I am positive that it didn’t come close to 50%. That is NOT an infrastructure bill.

      1. Heresolong
        November 20, 2021 at 2:24 pm
        I could be wrong on the % but I am positive that it didn’t come close to 50%. That is NOT an infrastructure bill.
        What would be the percentage break even point for you to say it was an infrastructure bill? It reads like an infrastructure bill to me. I read large parts and skimmed the rest. I suppose it might depend on how you define infrastructure. I go by the general definition of “the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society”. You may have seen something I missed that would convince me otherwise. If so, what?

        1. It’s clear from his comment that the percentage break even point for him was 50%. Did you miss that, or are you doing the “ask questions just to waste people’s time” thing?

          1. Robin Munn
            November 21, 2021 at 5:10 am
            It’s clear from his comment that the percentage break even point for him was 50%. Did you miss that, or are you doing the “ask questions just to waste people’s time” thing?
            Nope. It was not clear to me that his break-even point was 50%. He did not say so, and I missed the implication that might be where he put the boundary condition. The reason I ask questions of the sort I am asking, is I don’t always understand what people are saying. So I ask.

          2. Well yes, he did say so. It’s in plain language English right there on the page. If that gave you trouble, then I’m not trusting that your claimed reading of the legislation was very effective.

          3. Sooo reasonable, but always with the effect of diffusing and bogging down the disfavored narrative. Yep. Milhousing!

    3. Is it infrastructure to require breathalyzers in every new car? That’s in there too. And a lot more freedom destroying items.

      This bill was a bs power grab by fascist asterisks.

      1. Brendan
        November 20, 2021 at 4:08 pm
        Is it infrastructure to require breathalyzers in every new car? That’s in there too.
        I both skimmed through and did key word searches (also using fractions of the word) of the bill. There’s nothing about breathalyzers anywhere. The closest thing to a breathalyzer test is setting out when drug testing is required for railroad workers. If you found something about breathalyzers in the bill, please mention the section where that is mentioned. I can’t find it.

        1. Section 24220, “Advanced impaired driving technology”. Requires all new vehicles built to include a system that can “passively and accurately detect whether the blood alcohol concentration of a driver of a motor vehicle is equal to or greater than the blood alcohol concentration described in section 163(a) of title 23, United States Code”. Which is legalese for “a breathalyzer”.

          1. Robin Munn
            November 21, 2021 at 5:14 am
            Thank you! I would not have seen that except for your keen eye! Reading through that whole sub-section, it would appear that a driver must test negative for alcohol to activate the vehicle.. That, I must agree, is a bit too far of a legal reach.

            My main problem with this sort of requirement is not just a probable civil rights infraction, namely both a violation of probable cause and the 4th amendment search and seizure doctrine. My objection to this tech is partially that it’s a potential point of failure in the system. Breathalyzers are yet another thing that can break and stop drivers from using an otherwise functional vehicle. I’m betting that there will be how-to bypass-this-thing guides even before a vehicle with this tech would be on sale. I can see and understand the stats driving the requirement, I just don’t think this is a reasonable solution. Meanwhile, it’s a certain thing this part of the law will get challenged in court. I hope the ‘impairment testing equipment’ requirement never comes into effect.

            I appreciate you sending me the citation. My opinion is that it’s always best with legal documents like this to give directive information. These laws are vast, and it’s easy to miss fine print. Thanks for the comment!

    4. So in your list of those things the Infrastructure bill includes, in order to prove the point that there is real and legit infrastructure spending in the bill, is to list five items, one of which relates to the notorious and absurd fraud called Climate Change, one of which revises “buy America” procurement to send jobs and cash abroad, and one of which is pilot program to tax motorcars by mileage, which would require government tracking of all motion on the road.

      Your evidence is underwhelming.

      1. John Wright
        November 20, 2021 at 11:13 pm
        You speak of:
        “absurd fraud called Climate Change”
        ” revises “buy America” procurement to send jobs and cash abroad”
        “pilot program to tax motorcars by mileage, which would require government tracking of all motion on the road”
        I don’t know what you mean by climate change being a fraud. Honest, I don’t. Could you be more specific?

        “Buy America procurement to send jobs and cash abroad”, I couldn’t find that “send abroad” part in the text. I am not being ingenuous. If you have evidence that these things will happen as a result of the bill, I’d like to see the evidence. I don’t see this proposition as a given without more explanation.

        You mention that this bill would create “government tracking of all motion on the road.” That’s not what appears to be the case. Sec. 13002 of the bill lays out a ‘volunteer pilot program’ to do the estimates for the road tax. The scheme seems to be very much what the IRS used to create the “Standard IRS Mileage Rates for Automobile Operation.” That “Standard Rate” btw, was set at what I consider a very unrealistic 57.5 cents a mile for the 2020 tax year. I’m guessing the ‘per mile’ tax rate will be just as realistic. Would you please read the actual source material instead of just guessing from the summary how something is supposed to work? I’m not saying the scheme works, I’m saying you guessed without checking. Keyword searches are your friend.

        1. Re: climate change being a fraud, read the Watts Up With That site. There’s lots and lots there, so be prepared to spend a week or two on it. If you’re being honest, that is. If you’re a lying troll, you’ll just ignore this comment. Your move.

          1. Robin Munn
            November 21, 2021 at 5:16 am
            Re: climate change being a fraud, read the Watts Up With That site.
            Thank you very much. Skimming through documents linked in the “published papers” section was fun. One problem I have with climate science in general is that the boundaries are still being explored. Modelling from one year is obsolete and full of fallacies given a better understanding of the facts only a few years later. But that’s science. Most of what’s on the site from the science end is not always the latest. So I have to read not only that, but later papers that cover the same models. It’s nice of you to help me catch up on opposing views on this topic.

    5. ‘Build Back Better’ is just a very long version of Directive 10-289. Democrats are much more wordy than Ayn Rand but the object is the same.

  17. D. The Rittenhouse fiasco. While others may write about the fact that the prosecution withheld the high-resolution drone footage, brought in an expert to “interpret” the low-res footage as enhanced by a software program which is labeled “not for evidentiary use” – meaning it is 100% winging it when it comes to accuracy and addition of random pixels according to an unknowable algorithm – thereby causing the jury to have a collective mini-seizure as they sent a note asking for the video to be sent back to them on the prosecutions’ f’d up theory that if Rittenhouse brandished a gun ten minutes previously, he lost his right to defend himself and therefore was a murderer.

    1. I’m still sorting through your commas to try to figure out if you’re disputing the last clause or agreeing with it.

      1. Synova
        November 19, 2021 at 9:29 pm
        I’m still sorting through your commas to try to figure out if you’re disputing the last clause or agreeing with it.
        I am asking you for information that supports your conclusions. What I am not doing is making decisions about your conclusions being right or wrong. My primary interest is in hearing what sort of information people are basing their decisions upon.

      2. Synova
        November 19, 2021 at 9:29 pm
        I’m still sorting through your commas to try to figure out if you’re disputing the last clause or agreeing with it.
        Oops! I confused your query with other posts. Ok, I responded to your objections by trying to show why I thought the objects of your objection would fit into an infrastructure bill. I think I made a good case.

        My earlier reply to you was really in reply to what commenters other than myself are saying in this thread. It really confuses me when people seem to to saying “the evidence is so obvious!”, when I don’t know what evidence they are talking about! Seems to me that people have formed strong opinions based on evidence I have not seen. So I’m asking. You replied with some solid issues, and I answered you. I greatly appreciate being able to reply to a concrete proposition.

        1. Synova
          November 19, 2021 at 9:29 pm
          I’m still sorting through your commas to try to figure out if you’re disputing the last clause or agreeing with it.
          Reply, Part III
          I just realized that I did not answer you as to what I think of the bill. Do I think it’s an infrastructure bill, yes. The bill engages topics that meet a general definition of infrastructure. I am using a definition of infrastructure based loosely on “the basic physical facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society.”

          I am less certain that it’s a completely useful law. As has been pointed out by one commenter on this thread, the law contains a provision for installing ‘alcohol impairment testing equipment’ on new cars as part of the ignition system. Despite the above problematic provision (and likely others I have missed) I see the majority of the bill so far as moving forward on infrastructure spending in a positive way. I have to say that I don’t think we will see the relative effectiveness of the law until after we see how it has been implemented.

  18. Rittenhouse’s primary error was getting separated from the rest of his group. Had even one other been with him, Zimmy and the Pedo Rosenbaum would have been too cowardly to start shit.

    1. I agree, but that’s a tactical error, not a criminal one.

      The argument I’m sick of hearing is, “Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been there. If he wasn’t there, none of this would have happened.” Or variations thereof. They all imply that Rittenhouse brought it on himself by showing up.

      On one hand, they have a point: Don’t go stupid places if you don’t want stupid $#!+ to happen to you.

      On the other hand, there is no part of that argument that doesn’t equally apply to Rosenbaum the Pedo, Huber the Wife-beater, or Grosskreutz the Failed Attempted Murderer. If they hadn’t been there, they wouldn’t have been shot. Don’t go stupid places if you don’t want stupid $#!+ to happen to you.

      However, that’s wishful thinking, and whether they should have been there or not, the reality is they all were. While there, the three men shot didn’t have to swarm-attack a kid armed with a rifle. This is the weakness in the argument above, because the decision to use force does not apply equally to both sides. We cannot morally or ethically claim that, sure, the attackers didn’t have to attack, but the kid didn’t have to defend himself against their lethal-force attack, either.

      And that argument only makes sense if the goal is to make self-defense illegal.


      UPDATE: As I was writing this, my lovely wife came up to me and informed me that the jury reached a verdict in the Rittenhouse case: Not Guilty on all charges. Great victory for justice and self-defense rights!

      And then the cynical side chimes in and asks, “Based on the unconstitutional bull$#!+ the prosecutor tried to pull before and during the trial, how long before the DA’s office refiles all charges against Rittenhouse? Or contacts their federal counterparts to file federal civil rights charges against him?”

      But still, absolutely the correct verdict, based on all evidence.

      1. “They all imply that Rittenhouse brought it on himself by showing up.”

        There’s no point in granting the pantifa/BLM crowd and their “arguments” any moral standing after the rioting. Hundreds of assholes got bused into Kenosha to riot and burn, the same as they did in Minneapolis and Portland and Seattle and all the other places pantifa/BLM showed up to riot.

        I’ve never seen a more obvious case of self defense than this one. The video is slam-dunk. There’s stills that leave no doubt whatsoever that it was self defense. That it went to trial was already a travesty of justice, a purely -political- trial in support of pantifa/BLM and their paymasters, the DemocRat Party. Their arguments and protests are lies, they need not be dignified with a response other than “get off my lawn.”

        By the way, Kyle Rittenhouse would be found guilty of murder in Canada. That’s how far gone Canada is.

        1. Speaking of Canada:

          This is what’s going down here in Canada. For those who don’t know, Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and is about an hour and a half by highway from Port Dover, on the shore of Lake Erie. This is like the Minneapolis PD SWAT team showing up and shooting a guy in the town of Marshall, or Phoenix PD showing up in Wickenburg. A 70 year old fat guy with a squeaky-clean police record, by the way.

          They fired on him four (4) times, so not an accidental discharge as I first assumed. Deliberate in other words, not mere Deputy Dawg-style incompetence. No word on how many hits out of four tries, probably not 4 because Toronto cops can’t hit a fat guy sitting still in a small garage four times out of four.

          1. Am I the only one who immediately thinks “paid hit” ??

            Will be …interesting… to note if the incident repeats, and if it targets his particular profession.

            And how long before cops going on Adventurism fail to return to base.

      2. I don’t think that there’s anyway to recharge him locally. The feds might be complete idiots (and probably are). Biden endorsed the verdict, I heard. So at least there is that.

        1. “endorsed” might be too strong a word. How about ‘acknowledged’?

          “While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken,” Biden said.

      3. Other issue, is that right now, ‘in a stupid place, doing stupid things’ is basically everyone in the US.

        In a country with communists attempting revolution is not a smart place to be.

        The smart thing to be doing in such a country is hunting the communists down, and murdering them with secret police, death squads, etc.

        And the secret police game is a risky one. Okay, Saitou Hajime and Nakagura Shinpachi lived longer, but look at the timing and circumstances of the deaths of the notable Shinsengumi.

        Many of us are not going all ‘Swift Death to Evil’, and that is a risk taking behavior. We have reasons why we have, so far, selected that trade off of risks. Including the stability of peace after the Second American Civil War.

        We are all taking risks here, and pretty much stuck with them, whether of Toba Fushimi, ‘how we burned in the camps’, or cowardly submitting to the vaccine mandate.

        So pretty much nobody in the United States has a right to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse for the choices that contributed to the circumstances he found himself in. And many of the foreigners can go to H3ll.

      4. After the verdict was read, the judge specifically said all charges were dismissed with prejudice, meaning Littlebinger and Sourkraus could come up with more photoshopped pictures, these ones showing Kyle shot them with malice aforethought, and the charges can’t be refiled. Doesn’t mean the federal government isn’t going to try to make something stick. Nadler is pushing to have Kyle brought up on federal charges now. Some bullshit about civil rights violations.

  19. Attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or possibly Elena Gorokhova:

    “We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying, we also know that they know we know they are lying too, they of course know that we certainly know they know we know they are lying too as well, but they are still lying. In our country, the lie has become not just moral category, but the pillar industry of this country.”

    1. And then Chernobyl happened.

      However, very often the main victim of the big lie is the person telling it. Hitler and Goebbles honestly thought they could pull off a win while surrounded in Berlin.

  20. Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all counts a few minutes ago. Start looking for pantifa to be out burning stuff this afternoon.

    Plan your day accordingly, ladies and gents.

    1. Happily, the effects of the Biden economy have stymied the professional rioters from repeating their performance in Kenosha. They can’t afford the gas to drive from Seattle or Portland to WI- or fill Molotov cocktails when they get there; the bricks are stuck in a container ship off Long Beach, and the empty shelves from the supply chain crisis mean the store shelves are too empty to be worth looting.

  21. On the Rittenhouse verdict. Lots of libs are saying if a black man had been on trial he would have been found guilty.

    Well, proving that God is still looking out for us…

    From the Great Ace of Spades.

    The Laws Exist to Protect White Conservatives.
    A Black Man Would Never Have Been Acquitted on a Self-Defense Claim.
    This verdict came in… yesterday.

    A man who attempted to kill a cop — who was raiding the home of his girlfriend — pled self-defense. And was acquitted.

    The media won’t cover this, even though it’s now highly relevant to the claim they’re making that a black man could never successfully plead self-defense, never ever ever.

    Oh — and he’s a felon.

    A Gifford man who claimed he was defending himself and his girlfriend when he fired shots at deputies during an early-morning raid in 2017 was acquitted Friday of charges that carried a life prison term.
    A jury found Andrew “A.J.” Coffee IV, 27, not guilty of second-degree felony murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer by discharging a firearm and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

    In a separate proceeding Friday, the same jury convicted Coffee IV of one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

    And what does Mr. Coffee look like, I wonder?

    Insert Pic of smiling Mr Coffee here.

    So he was a felon illegally in possession of a gun. He got convicted of that — there’s no way to avoid that.

    But the jury acquitted him of attempted murder of a cop.

  22. Thank you Larry for making a point that I would like to be made more clearly to these leftist tribal psychos:

    Watching what Binger and Krauss were doing in that courtroom was nightmarish to watch, and not just because their sights were on “our guy”. If they did this to that kid, they’ve been doing this to all sorts of people, whose guilt or innocence didn’t matter to those DSM-diagnosible no-bullshit psycopaths.

    If you were actually interested in engaging us, this would be your golden opportunity to call attention to a serious problem that reasonable people with souls could agree with you on: Prosecutors that act like that make a mockery of justice. The twisted form of legal so-called-ethics in this country that says that a prosecutor’s job is just “to win”, and anything is fair game in pursuit of that goal needs to be uprooted and changed with any means at our disposal. Hyuk, hyuk, “that’s just what type-A go-getters do, and we really need those types in this sort of job.” No! Absolutely not. This isn’t a game.

    None of us like seeing innocent people railroaded. It’s one of the reasons I’m ambivalent about “back-the-Blue”, despite being entirely against the violent assault on our cities last summer that those police are supposed to stand against. (But, in many cases, didn’t really.)

    Instead you decided to bay for the blood of the innocent as some sort of coup-counting tit-for-tat against other unnamed people you hold to be unjustly convicted. To those of you whose brains aren’t overwritten each morning by the hive-mind download, think about this.

  23. Regarding “If Rittenhouse was black,” mod that a little into “If Rittenhouse was a person of color,” and then bring up…

    Roof Koreans

  24. E. America just named a naval warship after a pedophile (and that isn’t even in question, the dude had teenage boyfriends in his thirties) but that’s okay because he was a democrat activist. I’m kinda feeling bad for the guys stationed on that ship. Finally the crew of the Gabby Giffords has someone to feel superior toward.

    If Harvey Milk dated younger (gay) men (I’m looking at the Wikipedia article, and it doesn’t say a thing about this), said younger (gay) men were of the age of consent (remember that rule?), which at the time he was doing this, was 14; he sure as frak wasn’t feeling them up without their consent (for the record, the same Wikipedia article says that he dated one man 18 years his junior named Scott Smith, for a while; I don’t see any mention of him in it dating teenagers.)

    That the U.S. government wants to name a warship rafter a person like Milk (and who was also in the U.S. Navy, hence the ship being named after him) that was instrumental in fighting for the rights of LGBT people, small business owners to be able to thrive, fighting to save an elementary school in the Castro district despite there being no children there, creating a law to make dogs owner clean up after their dogs, etc. , is a step in a very progressive direction (personally, I’d rather have a Starfleet starship named after him than a straight-up warship, but that’s just me.)

    The rest of his achievements, here:

    1. Oh my gosh. You mean the ultra reliable and never biased Wikipedia editors stop negative things about a left wing activist? THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE.
      Meanwhile, if you stick “Harvey Milk teenage boyfriend” into Duck Duck Go (because Google has the same issues as Wikipedia) you’ll see a bunch of sources (right and left, because it’s not really in question) that he had 15 and 16 year old boyfriends. One of them was 16 and quote “looking for a father figure” when 33 year old Milk started banging him. That guy later killed himself at the age of 33.
      Now you might think that’s cool for a grown ass man to have sex with 15 year olds because the legal age of consent is 14, but that says a whole lot more about you than the topic you’re complaining about. Meanwhile the rest of us have found that kind of thing icky for over a century.

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