Lost Planet Homicide – FREE audiobook For Audible Members out Tomorrow

A lost colony planet, a perplexing murder, and a dogged homicide cop in this Audible Original story from best-selling author Larry Correia. Narrated by Oliver Wyman.

When the biggest colony ship in human history was sent to settle a paradise world, an accident hurtled it deep into uncharted space. A thousand light years from Earth, with no way home and no way to call for help, the colonists’ only hope for survival was the one barely habitable planet in range, a nightmare world they named Croatoan. Landing on the only five mountain peaks tall enough to rise above the lethal acid clouds, the settlers carved a civilization from the rock.  

A hundred years later, Five Points has grown into a city of corruption and violence. With powerful corporations ruling the surface domes and criminal syndicates running the caverns below, murder is just the cost of doing business.

So when a Special Magistrate is found dissolving in a protein vat, it barely registers – until DCI Lutero Cade, the last honest cop in Five Points, catches the case. What he finds could threaten the colony’s very existence.   

Or, at the very least, Cade himself.


This comes out 10-21 and can be downloaded for free for Audible members. I really enjoyed this one.

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30 thoughts on “Lost Planet Homicide – FREE audiobook For Audible Members out Tomorrow”

  1. As a child pure scifi ignited my passion for reading. As an adult I kept scaling SciFi back and now it’s been many years since I’ve experienced it. Then Mike Kupari and Larry brought me back into the fold and it’s been this incredibly beautiful surreal odyssey. This should continue that journey.

  2. This looks really cool. But I am ignorant and have a question: does “Audible members” mean anyone with an account (waves hand) or people with a monthly subscription? (Looks around sheepishly.)

      1. That’s ok. Thanks for explaining it, Jack. If so much cool stuff is going to be on Audible, I may need to send them some shekels.

        1. I don’t know how this is sustainable but having an Auidble subscription also gets you a access to a massive free library of books. As someone who owns around 500 books I’m legitimately concerned it’s going to collapse and everything will go away. Then again I had the same thoughts about streaming services and those are still around.

          1. No need to worry for Bezos, Lester;)
            It is very profitable to have a semi-monopoly on media, your info is valuable and the ability to affect the culture itself entice our Corporate overlords as well.

          2. Dane if you can see this by sustainability I was thinking about it from the artist perspective. I don’t see how they are getting paid if it’s free and there’s no ad revenue or any other strings attached to it. My concern is all of these wonderful authors that I love packing it up because there’s no money for them. From my perspective it looks like everyone is giving away the store for free and then hoping the store is still open is still open a year from now

          3. Lester just because Audible gives it out as a loss leader doesn’t mean they don’t pay for the creation and distribution rights, either as here is a set sum or like movie accounting of here is a set sum with more if it gets x plays.

            Seriously do you think the actors and writers on say The Mandalorian aren’t getting paid?

            Even if Larry got a pittance new fans are worth quite a lifetime sum. They listen to this, then maybe some Tom Stranger or Target Rich and hmmm this guy does novels also Ka-Ching as they grab his other twelve works.

            Like so very many things “free” doesn’t mean they aren’t planning to make money on it

  3. Mr. Correia,
    If you see this, we would love to get in contact with you to be a guest on our podcast. We are the Knights of the Pageless Library and we review audio books. Your Monster Hunter series pretty much kicked off our show! We recently reviewed Bloodlines on our show and would love to have you on to pick your brain! Thanks for the work you do and we really hope to hear from you!

  4. Give our condolences to Alec Baldwin.
    I think I’d almost rather be the unexpectedly dead guy on the other end than the inadvertent killer of same.

    1. I don’t think Larry knows foaming liberal Alec Baldwin. Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb from FireFly) is his friend.

    2. I’m pretty sure that Larry doesn’t know Alec Baldwin. Adam Baldwin is a different person and not even related.

    3. Sure.
      But I don’t know Alec at all.
      I think you are thinking of the wrong Baldwin (and they aren’t related)

    4. As others have said, Alec not Adam Baldwin.

      I don’t think Adam would ever fuck up like that. Alec broke at least 3 basic rules of gun safety at the same time.

      Of course, since ‘Progressives’ are ‘The Smart People’, everybody else is even stupider than they are. No wonder they’re terrified of us Redneck Gun Nuts.
      Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

      1. Adam (not Alec) said something interesting on Dana Loech’s (?) show. He said that it was common, if one were to be pointing guns at people in the course of a “shoot”, to have the chamber open or equivalent and politely allow anyone about to be pointed *at* to see that the gun was safe and make sure that everyone was comfortable with having it pointed at them.

        Which does seem like the polite thing to do before shooting a scene like that.

    5. It’s like they had one designated ‘Gun Safety’ person on the set, which relieved everybody else of any need to know anything about guns or safety.

      Greg Gutfeld talked about it Monday (Oct 25) and pointed out that somebody from the NRA would have been happy to help them with gun safety — but they can’t listen to the Eeevul NRA! Heresy! Abomination! RREEEEE!!

      As far as I’m concerned, there is only one gun safety rule: Don’t Do Stupid Shit With Guns! All the other rules just describe the specifics of Stupid Shit.
      Liberals will do the wrong thing just because the people they hate do the right thing.

  5. RE: Latest Writer Dojo

    You mentioned merging characters. The one instance that comes to mind immediately for me was the Mel Brooks’ remake of Jack Benny’s “To Be or Not to Be”.

    Mel merged the theater owner Bronski with the Theater Company lead “Tula” that Benny played, and the movie was much better for it.

  6. There’s another Audible perk that I’m inclined to mention. If you happen to know a producer who narrates for Audible, such as your humble servant, they probably have promo codes for free review copies of their titles. While I’m not in the same league (or planet) as true voice artists like Wyman and Pinchot, I’ve done some interesting histories and biographies. If you care to search on my name and any of my titles strike your fancy, please drop me a note and I’ll send you the code for the freebie. I love to share them with fellow rabid fans of the works of the ILOH.

  7. The narrator did a great job on this (the author did, too!) and I enjoyed it very much. I always get a *little* distracted by the narrator and the grizzled, perpetually annoyed, detective voice made me smile.

  8. So Larry, is it wrong that, despite Oliver Wyman’s excellent vocal work, I kept thinking the main character was written for Idris Elba in “Luther” mode?

  9. The reviews have been almost all overwhelmingly positive. Other authors have mentioned how important reviews are to sales so keep it up. I plan on reviewing too as soon as I have time to listen.

  10. That was a fun listen.
    Looking forward to anything else you may do in this, especially with that intriguing ending.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I’ve been wishing you’d write some detective fiction for a while. I like the protagonist, the world, and the Lovecraftian themes. I hope you decide to write more.

  12. Really enjoyed the story, characters, and Oliver Wyman’s voicing. And I couldn’t help but notice the ending, which reminded me of the final scene in Casablanca, where Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains walk off to the line “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!” I hope that’s a hint that we’ll be treated to more tales involving the lead characters in the (dystopian?) near-future(??) 😉

  13. Excelent book, as always, and looking forward to more from this cul-de-sac in the GR verse . . .

    . . . But . . .

    For a “free” book on Audible, had the hardest time getting it into my library to dl to my device. Had to start listening, pause, then from the book’s screen I finally had an option to add it to my library (and access to dowload for offline listening). Dunno if this is a “feature” of the fine audible software in need of bug-smashing, or the shenanigans of making it just that much harder to listen to certian authors, but with the cast involved, either plot is still on the table.

    Might be worth further investigation.

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