October Update Post

Okay, there is lots going on-

Book Stuff

I just sent off Servants of War to Baen. It came out awesome. I believe the release date is March.

My next release is Lost Planet Homicide which will be available for FREE to members on Audible. It’ll be an audio exclusive for at least a year before it is in print anywhere.

I am editing the last couple of stories for No Game For Knights the second noir anthology (after Noir Fatale) with Kacey Ezell. The stories so far are excellent. I just sent mine off to Kacey to edit, and this time I did a story set in the MHI universe, but in 1949. The anthology will be out in 2022 but I don’t know what month it is scheduled for (once you have enough releases dates start to blend together!)

After that I will be working on the 4th book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. My working title is Tower of Silence. Book 5 (the final) will be called Graveyard of Demons. But I don’t know when I’m going to write 5 yet.

After that I will be working on Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever with Jason Cordova.

And I’ve got a contract here for another, different MHI Memoirs style spin off with another author, but I can’t talk about that one yet!

There will be a Monster Hunter Files 2, but the hold up on that one is entirely my fault for being too busy writing books.

I’ll be working on a project with David Weber next year, and apparently he let the cat out of the bag while I was in the gulag, so I can talk about it. We will be doing a book set in David’s Norfressa universe, with novellas from me, Joelle Presby, Heather Holo, and Jim Butcher.

There is another Grimnoir trilogy planned. There may have inadvertently been a mention from me of a Hard Magic TV show being optioned on an episode of WriterDojo, but apparently that official announcement hasn’t happened yet, so whoops. Just imagine you didn’t hear that. 😀

That’s the quick version, there’s a bunch of other projects in the works too.

Swag Stuff

Jack is going to be opening up the store again soon, because we are doing a third run of Challenge Coins. He did a live stream on Friday with all the details showing off what’s coming.

(I didn’t get to watch the live stream because I was busy driving to a varsity football game to watch my son’s team lose with 200 yards of penalties. Ooof)

Note the really important part there, the store is only going to be open from October 8th – 17th. (and October 7th for WriterDojo backers because we are trying to give those people perks). That’s it. Once the store is closed it’ll be closed for the year.

Somebody asked Jack about Leatherbound Grimnoir which have been held up. That’s not Jack though. They’re still working on them. As you know from the last update the printer who did Hard Magic (which came out amazing) went under, and they found a new printer for Spellbound and Warbound, and are in line waiting due to fancy paper shortages. As soon as they have anything new I’ll post about it.

Con Stuff

I’m scheduled to be the Writer GoH for FenCon in Dallas in 2022.

I’m planning on attending LibertyCon and LTUE. I’m not sure about anything else yet.

Other Stuff

It has been crazy busy around here.

Unfortunately I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, and that’s really been screwing with my productivity. In the last year I hurt my shoulder (bowling!) and cracked a rib (wrestling!) It’s like I hit my mid 40s and everything started to break (and I have to wear glasses to drive now too). But my back has been feeling much better over the last few days, so back to work.

We are recording more episodes of WriterDojo this week, including doing some Q&A sessions for the backers. I’ve really been enjoying this project a lot. It’s been fun to just sit and talk about writing stuff. I hope the writers and aspiring writers have been getting some help from it, and I hope it has at least been amusing for everybody else!

Gritty Cop Show is still back burnered. I love that project. I just need to clean up a few more things and then send it out to beta testers. But sadly I’ve got to focus my writing time on the stuff that pays the bills.

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34 thoughts on “October Update Post”

  1. Glad to see this post. I saw on FB but had to go direct through Chrome because of unknown weirdness. Either my connection or the website. Looking forward to all the upcoming work. I’d love to write about Ambrose Bierce and his encounter with Bubba Shackleford.

    May try to see you at LibertyCon.

    1. I second this. Yoga is good on bad backs. As dumb as you may feel it’s worth it. Helped out a lot after I got in a head on collision and then t-boned half a second later.

      1. Diamond Dallas Page retired from professional wrestling (yes, I know it’s scripted) after 20 years- and after “blowing out” his L4 & L5 discs early in that career. He now markets DDP Yoga and his first book was both helpful (I was 52 when I read it) and a hoot.

        Again, I know- Pro Wrestling. OTOH the approach he took to yoga helped him to keep the schedule required of a headliner… worked for me too.

        1. Scripted doesn’t mean they don’t tear their bodies up. Respect to those guys tough enough to make a living in professional wrestling.

          1. I understand completely & was convinced long before I read of these particular disc injuries. As I wrote: “…helped him to keep the schedule required of a headliner.” That’s a feat of athleticism that anyone could learn from.

  2. “There will be a Monster Hunter Files 2, but the hold up on that one is entirely my fault for being too busy writing books.”

    I’m rather upset that you are too busy writing books to write books. I mean, come on!

    Also, super psyched. Can’t wait until I can put in my pre-orders.

  3. First off, Larry, I hope your back feels better soon. Back injuries are awful; the couple of times that’s happened to me I felt like an old man hobbling along.

    And may I say that I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to see what you do with the Norfressa universe? Larry Freakin’ Correia writing about hradani, coursers and the Gods of Light and Darkness. MAN!! I can’t wait.

    1. Let me add one thing as an approaching 7 0 year old fan. if you are hurting in your 40’s, smarten up. The real ‘F’ word rhymes with nifty. You stop bouncing and healing. Take care of your damn self. We need the stories.

  4. It’s like I hit my mid 40s and everything started to break

    I figure 40 is the design life of a human, but the designer added a bit just to be on the safe side 🙂 We can be thankful life isn’t as hard as it was 200 years ago.

  5. Thanks Larry for the update =)

    Servants of War says book 1. I assume that means you plan to have a book 2 at some point. Is Steve going to be writing them solo?

  6. > It’s like I hit my mid 40s and everything started to break

    Yeah, that happens.

    Dunno what your exercise routine looks like, but if you don’t have one, get one.

  7. “We will be doing a book set in David’s Norfressa universe, with novellas from me, Joelle Presby, Heather Holo, and Jim Butcher.” O. M. G. That is awesome news. I got into David’s Bahzell Bahnakson series several years ago when I was going through withdrawals between Honor books, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

    I’m very interested to see what cool takes and fresh perspectives you and your fellow authors bring to this universe. I know several authors have contributed to the Honorverse (quite successfully, as a matter of fact), but this is breaking new ground for Norfressa. And I’m super stoked to read it!

  8. Definitely seconding? thirding? yoga for the back – it did far more for me after both my back surgeries than the regular physical therapy stuff did. Gave me back my flexibility and then some, even.
    Also, my youngest daughter listened to the latest Writer Dojo episode and ran to tell me that you and Steve had assigned her some homework (the character creation) and could she get extra credit in homeschool for doing it, please! If you keep assigning stuff, maybe she’ll actually let me read a finished story someday…

  9. Very much looking forward to ordering the new Grimnoir trilogy and reading the rest of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. Thanks for the update, Larry!

  10. You cannot image how stoked I am that you will be revisiting the Grimnoir Universe. I will be very interested to see what happens.

  11. Saga of the Forgotten Warrior is my second all time favorite series (only behind Lord of the Rings). I can’t wait for book 4 and 5! I wish there were more than 5 books but I’ll take whatever you can give me!

    After book 5 finishes I would love one or two books on Omand’s rise through the ranks of the Inquisition and his rise to power.

  12. FenCon still exists? Cool! That was one of my favorite regional cons until I moved away from the area several years ago. Fun memories. Give my regards to the Dalek!

  13. Love the MHI. Found the first on and know own all them up to 2021 and it leaves with Strickland telling who he is. Is there another book. As the battle is just beginning. Please let me know…

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