This Week in Politics – It’s all Bullshit and we’re Fucked

Normally I’d put my angry political takes on Facebook, and the blog is for business or posts that are longer and more well thought out, but I’m currently banned, so here we go. Rant time.

First, keep in mind all of our current political bullshit is because the Biden Administration really wants you to forget that they just caused the biggest military fuckup in American history. There are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan because we ABANDONED them there. (something that would normally be inconceivable). Our friends are dead, or soon will be. America has never looked weaker. We have never looked like a worse ally. Nobody is going to be foolish enough to trust us again, all because of how badly this administration sucks.

Note. I don’t even say how badly Joe Biden sucks, because he’s clearly a meat puppet they trot out to babble what he’s told, and then mute and rush off stage before he shits his pants.

There were hundreds of individual events/images during the Afghanistan fuck up, any of which would have dominated a month-long super outraged 24/7 news cycle if a republican had been in charge. They impeached Trump for a phone call and bitched about shirtless buffalo hat guy for months but images of people literally falling off of airplanes vanish from the news in the blink of an eye. Our evil news media and big tech is doing everything in its power to get America to focus on anything other than the fact Biden made our country look like weak, pathetic, inept, cowardly, losers.

Leave no man behind was our thing. Abandoning people should be fucking unconscionable. It is against the fundamental moral basis of who we are, but not to these fuckers. But they certainly can’t let the public focus on that.

So the first sleight of hand trotted out was, of course, abortion. Because when you are in the running for worst president in American history, and the news is trying super hard not to tell you the names and stories of the Americans we left to die horribly or be used as hostages by the motherfucking Taliban, and all your usual useful idiot cheer leaders are keeping their heads down because even they can’t defend a screw up that bad, what hot button issue do you trot out to energize your idiot base?

Abortion. Obviously. It’s a classic! Quick everybody, let’s all rehash the same tired stupid arguments we’ve been having for the last 50 years. Because we’ve not come to terms with that ghastly and gigantic stack of dead babies over several generations, clearly we need to fight about that right now instead of the giant embarrassing fuck up which should have resulted in a whole bunch of politicians, government employees, and military officers being hung from lamp posts.

So then the entire news media and internet turned into a great big abortion thing again for a few days, where we were treated to cartoons drawn by naïve melodramatic dipshits about how Texans are the same as the Taliban (and I’m sure most Texans would say if it means you fucking liberals will quit moving there, sure, we’re the Taliban, pack your shit and move back to California, progs).  Of course, as intended, this familiar topic roused the Useful Idiot Brigade from their hiding places, and they reliably dusted off their Handmaid’s Tale cosplay so they could rush back onto social media to scream at their friends and family like usual.

But oh no! After several days of big tech jamming clumsy memes and pro-choice slogans down America’s throats, polling shows the public aren’t sufficiently distracted from the fact we don’t actually have a president! Quick! Quit talking about how bodily autonomy is sacred and switch to how bodily autonomy is evil, because we’re flipping the dial back to vaccine mandates!

But wait… We’ve already covered all that bullshit ad nauseum all year. Everybody has made up their mind. Nobody trusts the authorities they’re supposed to trust because the experts keep getting caught lying their asses off, or being wrong, and no experts ever gets held accountable. So how are we going to reignite this crisis which has pretty much ceased being a crisis in most of the country (don’t believe me on that? Get out of your arbitrarily locked down blue city and check out all the videos of maskless college students having fun at football games like normal human beings again. The Jump Around video brought a tear to my eye. Watching people have basic happiness will bring joy to your shriveled little hearts)

So how do we put more new fresh crisis into our old tired crisis, sufficient that people will quit paying attention to the fact we don’t have a functioning government?

I know! Let’s have this unpopular, incompetent, corrupt executive branch go for an insane power grab! They can’t even guard an airport from a bunch of goat rapists, but by golly, they’re going to swagger back to America, say fuck you Separation of Powers, fuck your Three Branches of Government, tear off a big chunk of the Constitution and wipe their ass with it on TV, all in the name of “the greater good”. That’s sure to be a hit!

For those of you who slept through School House Rock, that’s not how any of this shit is supposed to work. However, the executive being able to just give itself crazy new powers on the fly is the inevitable end of the road that we’ve been on for quite some time. I’ve been bitching about this consistently my entire adult life, whether the hot new power grab came from Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and now this fucking turnip, each time the team sports cheer leaders would be happy their guy was grabbing more unchecked authority for the executive branch, while the team on the outs cried about it… but then promptly did the same thing once they got back in.

Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws. Just make a “rule”. Why even have congress? And the dementia puppet’s speech writer even handily stuck in a line about getting those pesky governors our of the way! Because why do we even have states?

The ultimate goal of course is to just have a cadre of elite “experts” from the Corpo-Uni-Party run every aspect of our lives for “the greater good”, without any of that pesky stuff like freedom or agency getting in the way. And some of you are like, oh Correia, that’s so wacky and far-fetched! Uh huh. And twenty years ago the idea of needing government permission to work or go to church would have sounded insane, but here we are.

Anyways, now we’ve got a hot new crisis of insane government over-reach for people to focus on, rather than the last crisis (also caused by the same government!) which is currently causing America to slide into global irrelevance as toothless consumer state so that Communist China can eat our fucking lunch (and continue paying Hunter Biden a quarter million dollars per shitty wannabe art-house painting for some baffling and inexplicable reasons that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with who his dad is).

But, but Correia, the inevitable statist bootlicker will cry, this really is for THE GREATER GOOD. Bullshit. I don’t give a fuck if the administration issued a mandatory order that all Americans have to buy Larry Correia novels or face a $10,000 fine, that would be really great for me personally! However, that’s not within the scope of their fucking power, and all Americans should reflexively tell them to fuck off. Especially the people who think they have something to gain.

I didn’t write this post to rehash the debate over abortion or vaccines or whatever tomorrow’s new crisis will be if this one doesn’t poll good enough. I wrote this post because all of this shit is a byproduct of the people letting our government become too big, powerful, and invasive. And when that wasn’t bad enough, the leviathan became one with the megacorps who control all information. And all you have to do to get a pass from those pesky laws and rules they hound the rest of us with is be part of the leviathan! Because what could possibly go wrong there?

And then some of you will ask, but Correia, what’s your solution? Lol. What solution? Shit’s probably going to get weirder. My solution? Buy ammo and food storage. Make friends with your neighbors and be useful to your community. Don’t live anywhere run by democrats.  

Best case scenario is the opposition party finds its spine and actually fights for something. That might stall the doomsday clock a bit. Realistically? They’ll screw it up. Or win (depending on how “fortified” the mid-term election is) and squander it as usual. Note however, I’m not saying the two parties are morally equivalent. That’s for cowards. Republicans suck, but the DNC as currently constituted is pure Satanic evil incarnate.

As our elected leaders continue to suck and fail, I expect to see a lot more civil disobedience happen. This isn’t a shocker. The left has already made it very clear that the rules don’t apply to them. The left burns, loots, murders, whatever. It all gets a pass. The right gets slightly uppity and it’s a world ending crisis that requires the full might of the federal government to come crashing down on their heads and 24/7 news coverage for months and special commissions and anybody who tangentially agrees with those uppity types needs to be driven from society for their extremist ways.

Progs like to blather on about the “social contract” but that’s a one-way street. We owe them everything. They don’t owe us shit. A black republican gets called “boy” and gets eggs thrown at him by a lady in an actual fucking gorilla mask and there’s crickets while a black liberal sees a garage tie and there’s an emergency FBI special investigation into the racist hatemongery of NASCAR. There’s one right wing protest and it’s an insurrection that requires 35,000 troops and endless fucking pearl clutching freak outs, but a Bernie Bro shoots republican congressmen at a baseball game and it’s like it never happened. A republican senator gets beaten and bones broken and the late-night hosts crack jokes about it. It’s why you can’t have a job and your kids suffer with miserable masks and all this abnormal anxiety causing bullshit that might emotionally scar them for life, but Barack Obama can have a birthday bash with 500 of his closest friends.

This lop-sided shit can’t last. The government doesn’t have a monopoly on force. Force got delegated to it by the people because the people trusted the government to use that force fairly. That’s the real “social contract”, and when it breaks bad things happen.

And for the fools cheering this madness on, we have this system for a reason. We have laws for a reason. We create laws the way we do for a reason. The founding fathers weren’t stupid. They were smarter than you idiots. Quit trying to gut or destroy every protection they put in place. That shit is there to protect you. But these stupid motherfuckers are not going to quit pushing until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.

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368 thoughts on “This Week in Politics – It’s all Bullshit and we’re Fucked”

    1. Sportsman’s guide and cheaper than dirt used to sell a package of 4 or 5 machetes for about $20. I don’t know if they still do.

      1. If you’re gonna pay real money for a machete, buy an Ontario knife co. # 6145, American made and about $20 on Amazon, available elsewhere.
        Better still is a flea market US made Ames machete, good steel, tapered thickness, properly hardened and tempered, lasts a lifetime.

        1. @John Ringo,

          Not going to argue with you on that, but the question has to be asked… Was the arm still of use to its owner, after you had a go at it with said kukri?

          As well… Was it that lovely little Reinhardt you had up on your site while you were helping clear his estate?

          Morbid question, no doubt, but as a Reinhardt groupie, one does wonder.

        2. The main reason to have a knife, is because your rifle doesn’t have a bayonet lug…

          I carry a Gerber camp knife with the fire starter and sharpening steel. I would like to find a Spetznatz hatchet, or a decent tomahawk with hammer head.

          1. As someone who has used about every brand of hammer and axe professionally over a 45 year career as a highline builder (Lineman) I would recommend the Estwing 16″ riggers hammer for a tool that I think you would find will meet your satisfaction. They’re a bit more spendy than your Stanley or Craftsman brands. But they specialize in this type of tool and make a virtually indestructible hammer and axe.

          1. Good thing China Joe’s policies saved us all $0.18 on our July 4th BBQs. That’ll buy an ammo box.

            Just the box. No ammo.

        3. Ontario is good. Another good option would be Condor Tool & Knife. They’re a 50+ year old company in El Salvador. Their machetes are made as hard working, honest tools for a market where they are used day in – day out.

          1. Seconding the Condor. The golok style is an absolute pleasure to use on stubborn blackberries. Somewhat lacking as a pizza slicer.

      2. Does the Collins company still manufacture machetes?
        Our General Gómez (he favored the Collins) personally led the first machete charge against the Spaniards, and forever afterwards, the Spaniards tended to crap their trousers whenever they heard the “Charge!” clarion call.

      3. For no particular reason I feel compelled to supply this link:

        Of particular note, rather nice katanas and wakizashis are available from the Forge Direct section. If you scroll most of the way down there is an excellent photo of a poodle giving one of their products the sniff test. That’s a damn fine poodle. ~:D

        Khukris are nice, but a wakizashi can be handy for indoors. Just sayin’.

        1. Don’t like the cheap ones stamped out of sheet metal. I prefer the ones that are more rugged, more like a cutlass than a traditional machete.

    2. Unfortunately Larry lives in a state where Pierre Delicto has an 84% approval rating.
      The people there are part of the problem.

      1. Dude, he’s got an 84% approval rating amongst Utah’s DEMOCRATS.
        Last I saw he’s about about 2/3 disapproval from Utah republicans.
        And they must be getting that 1/3 approval from the city because it sure as hell isn’t from the rest of the state.

        1. Did you see the billboard on I-15 a few months back that was up for maybe a month telling Romney to resign? He definitely doesn’t have the pull here a lot of people think he does. He’s napalmed all the goodwill his name initially carried here.

          1. Doesn’t matter. He supports the Democrat line enough to have his reelection “fortified” if it looks like a conservative or libertarian has a chance at taking the seat.

          2. @rivenhex, the good news about Utah is the caucus system that goes to setting up who gets into the primary election – basically we have a caucus system that sends representatives to the party conferences that if they can get a percentage of the vote, that’s who wins the primary. In the event they don’t get a high enough percentage the top two options get sent to the primary. The electors in the caucus system are also significantly harder right than even Utah’s general Republican voters, so a “fortifying” election is virtually impossible if a good candidate can get through – that’s how Mike Lee replaced Bob Bennet in 2010.

        2. Agreed 110%.
          If Pierre Delicto showed up in my corner of the state, he’d be covered in molasses and staked out on an anthill.

          1. I suspect that there are an awful lot of legislators who’re unknowingly walking into a situation with their constituents wherein they’re very likely to join the hallowed ranks of their fellows like Johan and Cornelis de Witt, Lon Nil, and Victor Biaka Boda.

            You’ll know it’s probably damn close to “Go Time” when that starts being more than macabre speculation, and the Nancy Pelosi of the day starts appointing representatives from DC. When the local representatives start meeting their constituents, and the constituents show up with ropes and pre-identified trees…?

            Shortly after the point where the Pelosi starts appointing the replacements, the same thing will likely happen in DC. Probably led by a frothing-at-the-mouth-with-rectitude sort like Oliver Cromwell, who’ll put the entire Congress to the question of “Where did all your “generational wealth” come from…? No? You don’t want to say…? Fred, use the loppers on that finger, will you… She’s not talking.”.

            Day’s coming. When, I don’t know. Hopefully not in my lifetime, but they seem to be really interested in going straight to the end-game. I really don’t want to be a participant in any of this madness, but the fever is rising out there.

    3. The DEM strategy: (1) Do a cataclysmic error; (2) Distract by doing an even WORSE botch….. continue on & on until there is nobody left to criticize.

    4. If you won’t since voting no longer matters vote democrat and kick those rino asses to the curb from their cushy jobs

    5. Oh yeah! My praying is boiling, my teeth are gnashing and my heart is warm and fuzzy. Thank you! ✌️❤️🚀

  1. Yeah, I remember telling my wife that abortion was another stray voltage play like Obama used to do. I did wonder if it would stick as “literally the Taliban” keeps the Afghanistan debacle in the public discourse. I shouldn’t have been surprised that COVID and executive orders would be the replacement, but somehow it did. My wife should have our fourth gun picked up about now. Need to get more ammo though.

    On a related note, here is a great bit on how 2020-2021 shows we are now in a dystopian cyberpunk world.

    1. No, we’re not going back to normal. They’ve unleashed the demon called inflation and it’s already spinning out of their control. And Democrats want 5,000 billion in MORE spending.
      They intend to spend your retirement pensions, your 401k values and your social security monies while the currency collapses.
      And communists are notoriously unwoke once they have their knives out. Vaxxed and woke? You will be first on the trains to the gulag even ahead of the kulaks (middle class).

      1. The trains only work when the vast majority are on the commies side and the victims are a distinct minority. Did you watch any college football this weekend? The chants of Eff Joe Biden were deafening. This was from the youngest of the millenials and the leading edge of the zoomers.

        The cretins behind the Biden Junta have overplayed their hand. They’ve lost the majority in a big public way and they’ve lost the youth in a way I never thought possible.

        Inflation and shortages and every other moderately difficult undertaking that the Junta fouls up are just going to continue to chip away at whatever little credibility they have. At the rate things are going they won’t have enough supporters to put anyone on any trains.

        As for the vaxxed woke, yeah, they’ll probably be the first to go as the whole leftist project turns to infighting and recriminations. They mostly live in deep blue areas where they are within easy reach of the dying but dangerous beast.

      1. But that’s another issue: when Democrats are in power, they go all out, full speed ahead, knowing that they may lose seats (and they almost certainly will anyway, regardless of what they do because that’s how the pendulum swings), and thus advance their agenda; but when Republicans are in power, they do nothing fearing they will lose seats, but lose seats anyway because that’s how the pendulum swings, and thus the Democrat agenda gets advanced, but the Republican agenda does not — all we get, at best, is a pause of the Democrat agenda.

        Yes, this “stray voltage” may have been handed to the Democrats, but if not this, the Democrats would have done something else anyway.

        If only we had more Republicans like the ones in Texas. Maybe we’d start turning back failed and destructive Democrat policies, rather than forever alternating between “pause” and “play”!

        1. Another problem is that a ‘Republican agenda’ wouldn’t undo the ‘Democrat agenda’, just extend off of it in a different direction. We’d still lose rights and freedom, just different ones than the Democrats would take. Government remains a creeping cancer that devours everything it touches.
          Government must have power to perform its necessary functions, but you have to give that power to people. Most people with power want more, and desperately fear losing any of what they have.

          1. So true. There was a time when I gave our nation 100 years before it collapsed. I was obviously optimistic in my youth.

          2. It did take 100 years, they just started a lot earlier than you thought. The 16th Amendment allowed the federal government to take money from the people of one state, and give it to another state. That’s the tap root of the rot spreading through our nation.

        2. Well, my observation starting from when Republicans took Congress during the Obama years is that the main stock of the republican party is that they agree with Democrats on everything but taxes. They make noises, but its all failure theater for the base. Look at the ACA debacle. They routinely had symbolic votes to repeal, but never took true action to do things like cut funding for it or repeal it when Trump showed up. Yes, Mcain defected, but the only reason it was him was because he was ready to retire and the others could then afford to “stand strong.”

          That was the interesting thing about Trump, actually. Since he was an outsider who didn’t play by the rules, the mask slipped off and several “conservatives” were shown to be controlled opposition rather than actual opposition in the lines of the 2000s “Just Russia” party. This was all rather funny to mee as if they had been willing to work with him, I really think Trump would have played ball. But he was an outsider not beholden to the system and they attacked him, so he fought tooth and nail and showed that many of the Republicans not moderates but liberals for low taxes.

          1. Heck, had either half of the Uniparty been willing to play ball with Trump, they would have gotten a lot of what they wanted, and set up conditions to make the rest easier to attain later.

            Trump even talked about how he was willing to work with others, while campaigning, and he’s been all about The Deal (even wrote a book on it) pretty much all his adult life. But after not only attacking him but family and friends? No dice.

          2. @Nohbody,

            The fact that they didn’t work with him, and try to co-opt him is a tell. Precisely what that tell signifies, though…?

            One fork is that they were too stupid/arrogant, and did what they did out of hubris and animosity that someone was playing in their sandbox. That’s a potential.

            The other, far darker fork is that Trump is working with them, serving as an ineffective anodyne, a foil intended to draw off the pressure from “the rest of us”, as the Uniparty does its dirty work.

            You could probably come up with half-a-dozen other theories to explain all of it. Simplest? The Uniparty is stupid. And, evil. So… Fork “A” is probably the reality.

            As paranoid and suspicious as I’m getting, though? I’m not gonna rule out Fork “B” or a variation. If Trump wins re-election and doesn’t immediately start cleaning house…? I’m going to wonder.

            When you think about it, he talked a really good game about “draining the swamp”, but he really did nothing towards that, and he was far, far too trusting of the proffered candidates that the Uniparty pressed on him. He should have had a better plan, but I don’t think he really planned on winning, or thought he could. I think that he really was running a vanity campaign, right up until the returns started coming in back in November of 2016. The lack of preparation for victory tells it all.

            Of course, that’s another tell, entirely: What, exactly, did the Uniparty play-acting as Republicans do, after they had the Executive, the Senate, and the House? Not. Shit. It’s like they planned on losing, and when they won, they just stood there, no plan, no action, and no intent to either do anything or come up with a plan. I remember watching those assholes after the victory sunk in, and they were stupefied by it all, had no idea what to do with it–Like a dog who’s caught the car they’ve been chasing for years.

            I think that realization was what convinced me, finally, that the Republicans are an opposition in name only, a pro-forma club of like-minded oligarchs who really, truly want to be like the cool kid Democrats, and who will do whatever they have to in order to get a seat at their tables in the cafeteria…

            Like I told the last asshole Republican here in this state that called me, looking for money: Do something. Anything. Then, maybe I’ll think about supporting you, again. Right now, it’s pointless–My local state legislatural delegation is all Republican and all fucking useless. I asked them directly what they were doing about the fact that after last year’s multitudinous violations of state firearms transfer laws shown all around the world during the CHAZ/CHOP BS, there are zero investigations or prosecutions for any of that. They were speechless, and one of them said “That’s not our job…”.

            So, let me see if I get this straight, Mr. Republican State Representative and Senator… You think that the fact that you assholes in Olympia allowed an illegal and fraudulent gun control resolution get passed, and that there are then no prosecutions even begun after egregious violations are broadcast to the world from downtown Seattle…? That that isn’t “your business”?

            Yeah. Useless. Utterly, galactically useless. Republicans will get my money and support when hell freezes over–All I’m doing now is voting against the incumbents, in every election. They all need to go, the grafting, grifting useless sons-of-bitches.

            Ah, well… It’s not like you expect a politician to be useful for anything more than hot air, anyway.

  2. That going all Machete Party is coming to a place near you…we’re pretty damned close to that right now, unsurprisingly…

  3. They keep finding new last straws to break. It’s not the camel’s back that’s going to break. And the consequences will earn the Civil War its name if they persist. I keep feeling they’ve found the line, but no, not quite yet …

    Peace, love, joy while you have it.

  4. The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of “Men who wanted to be left Alone”.

    They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.

    They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.

    The moment the “Men who wanted to be left Alone” are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. . . .

    Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these “Men who wanted to be left Alone”, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy . . . . but it will fall upon deaf ears.

      1. Unfortunately, it’s too true.

        You know why I avoid taking that last step into violent action? It’s because I know myself, and I’ll probably like it. Sure, I’ll puke my guts out the first time; along with any iota of compassion and caring I have left. All that will be left is a cold-hearted, logical, merciless killer. Don’t believe me? Look into the eyes of those men or few women who went on patrol after patrol in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan and had to kill every other time they went out. They’re not the same men and women who went over there. Even the best, changed.

        1. Michael,

          And now, thanks to ‘gov run medicine’ there’s one less Vietnam Vet and grandfather around (this sent to me by a Vietnam Vet friend in Wyoming):

          Outrageous! Vietnam Vet Dead After Hospital Defied Judges Order – Refused to treat him with Ivermectin

          Don’t even get me started on Fauchi, Birx, the CDC and Bill Gates and every other powerlusting, lying shitweasel associated with them let alone Dopey Ropey, Willy Brown’s Kleenex on two legs and the Uniparty Kabuki Theater that has created commie clown world!

          And Jennifer Rubin and her (((tribemates))) are still lecturing to all of us (especially the kids) about how evil
          White people and Western Civilization are.

          Is all of this a mere (((Cohencidence)))?……

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          1. By “tribemates” you had better be talking about stupid leftists, rather than Jews, because if so you can fuck right off my page with that stupid idiot bullshit.

          2. Putting anything in three parenthesis is a call for other jew baiters to hop in.

            They websearch for three parenthesis, and hop in to spew.

          3. What’s the matter Hopalong and Corriea45, an injection of truth regarding the always to be parasite class a little too much for your knee-jerk judeofilic tendancies..even when CA over at Western Rifle Shooters Association links to articles by Dr. Kevin MacDonald and others who’ve accurately researched them and their pernicious cultural destroying tendencies to everyone else but them?…

            Well, here’s a bit more truth for the both of you and others regarding them:

            John McCain and Joe Liberman KNEW who was really in charge; it’s why they flew to “The City of London” to meet with the Rothschilds in a subtle bid to curry favor to be [s]Elected as pResident and vp; obviously the Rothschilds DIDN’T think there was sufficient long term ‘Return on Investment’ and turned them down and sent them back here empty handed.

            Trump?…the Globalist Rothschilds have owned Trump since they saved him from personal bankruptcy that he created on his own in the 1990’s to the tune of over $1 billion. As Bankster attorney Alan Pomerantz said in a videotaped interview, “..We OWN him! – He works for us!!”

            Don’t believe that? Well, here’s what Harold Wallace Rosenthal had to say about that in his interview in 1976, a month before he was murdered by mossad agents in Istanbul, Turkey (and blamed on the Arabs…just like the israeli run firebombings in Cairo, Egypt – the ‘Lavon Affair’ in 1957):
            “Americns have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man.”
            — Harold Wallace Rosenthal, 1976

            Nothing speaks truth like hearing it from the mouth of one of “The Hostile Elite” as Dr. Kevin MacDonald refers to them.

            Speaking of which, I doubt that either of you have taken the opportunity to read Dr. MacDonald’s works.
            You really should, or at least read Maurice Samuels 1924 work, “You Gentiles” – both he and Rosenthal are extremely clear about how they view non-jews –
            calling us goyim (literally ‘cattle’) and what their goals are for us and the world at large.

            And whether you like it or not, Jennifer Rubin, Prof. Noel Ignatiev and Barbara Lerner Specter HAVE stated openly many times their hatred for White People (especially Christians) and European Civilization and the wish to see both utterly destroyed
            (obviously they don’t consider themselves as being White/Caucasian..except when it benefits them).

            Put that in your non ‘Russian’ pipe and smoke it!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          4. And this is the downside of having a comment section on the internet.
            Lots and lots of morons.

          5. To be fair to NorthGunner, there isn’t a big ideological gap between the Interahamwe and the Nazis.

          6. Goyim doesn’t “literally” translate as cattle you damn idiot. Words mean things, and you have managed to prove that you don’t comprehend words unless they’re uttered by some racist douche canoe on YouTube.

          7. If it’s true that every President since Roosevelt is chosen by a cabal, then why was Trump abandoned? Why did they choose Biden — Biden, of all people — to replace him?

            And why do they go back and forth between Republican and Democrat?

            These claims don’t make any logical sense. They don’t match up with real-world observation!

      1. But are we not ready for things to change irrevocably. At this point I say anything is better than our current dystopic existence. Better the country collapse and be born anew through the states than suffer the egregious totalitarianism of the current so called US Government.

        1. Well, what do you want? The government to disenfranchise all registered Democrats? Deport them? Me to kill all my neighbors house by house?

          If they play the Purge siren, will farmers still farm? Will railroads ship coal and will workers show up to make electricity? Or will everything break down?

          Nobody has thought this through besides being angry.

          1. If we end up going CW2, that’s exactly what we will be looking at. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to mainly go down party lines.

          2. Has been thought out, without anger.

            This is driven by the opposition leadership. Their thinking was wild overconfidence based in theory. Then they stopped thinking. Instead of learning from difficulties, and rethinking their goals, they are getting angrier and angrier, and continuing to double down.

            What the results of violence would be is now unforeseeable. Partly, it will depend on how preferences shift before the potential escalation to violence, and how the undecideds react to the early violence. If sustainable violence starts, then polarized factions should develop. But, before the violence, it should be able to shift factions in our favor by being sane, if the opposition continues to be nuts.

            There are a lot of ways violence could go very badly.

            Forex, the status quo level of low level political violence might get to the point that people are willing to tolerate it permanently.

            The basic cause for optimism is the degree of cheating in 2020. Some registered Democrats voted for Biden, but not all. And far from every actual Biden voter was fully aware of what would result from Biden having the office. It looks like, as perhaps in the period of 1880-1940, that from 1990 or 2000 on, the Democrats only appeared to have parity because of fraud. Fix the fraud, and perhaps peace could be reliably restored without the death or exile of very many Democrat registered voters.

            Potentially, people could become aware to the point that Pelosi, Biden, etc., get shipped off to appropriate elderly care facilities without a shoot being fired. This is optimistic, and does not theoretically address all issues.

            The key underlying factor here is religious leftists who believe that theoretical models of humans always have complete predictive power. These theoretical models can be shown to never have complete predictive power. Current morons are the tail end of a great consensus in the predictive power of models that was basically everywhere from the 1930s into the 1970s. McNamara was only an example that was spectacularly extremely bad.

            So, we don’t need a theoretical model now to predict our ability to win and at what cost. Opposition model is breaking down, and they are only considering the most cosmetic adjustments or reexamination. See 2016, where they ‘learned’ the ‘lesson’ that they just needed to cheat harder. They have built a vast edifice of suck-age. Some are saying that one man can’t take it down, or that we don’t have a master plan for removal. Touching the lives of so many means that there are a lot of people extremely informed about this or that little piece of the suck-age puzzle. If we were China, that would be that, and nothing would happen. But, we are Americans, and the architects of suckage have fundamentally misread us in their planning. Working on our own little bits of suckage can aggregate into results that we could not plan in advance, from theory.

      2. Things have already changed irrevocably. The path back from the abyss has been wiped out by the landslide they caused.

        But this is not the time to charge. This is the time to prepare to meet their charge. Because they will be the ones that start the Boog.

        Their increasingly shrill rhetoric is not convincing us, but it is pushing them ever closer to the brink. Eventually they will have no choice but to impose martial law, round up all those 85 million Enemies Of The State and start herding us into the cattle cars.

        Then, it will be on, and there will be no turning back. And when they cry, “Wait! This isn’t what we wanted!” our only reply will be, “Then you shouldn’t have made all the choices that brought it about.”
        “The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

        1. Nathan Bedford Forrest said it well when he said “Never stand to recieve a charge. Always counter-charge.”
          And I think that most translations of Sun Tzu err about “deadly ground”.
          They say “On deadly ground, fight.”
          That is inconsistent with his other advice. I believe the correct translation is “On deadly ground, attack.”
          On deadly ground you must fight.
          If you become the attacker, even if outnumbered, you control the battle ground and which part of the opposing forces you fight.
          You may thus yet win.
          John in Indy

          1. The points that Sun Tzu makes is that you prepare yourself for everything you can, manipulate your opponent into doing what you want him to while making him think he’s doing it for him, keep your weak spots away, strike at his weak spots, get him to give up before attacking, or then strike with overwhelming force. 90% of it is common sense; but when the pressure is on, that’s when most people forget what common sense is.

    1. Couldn’t be said better , when you wake the peaceful sleeping dog who wants left alone you haven’t seen shit yet . Saddly we were pushed into to it from a tyrannical goverment . It’s about to blow .

      1. Make no mistake, let there be no doubt

        Paint me in the corner, I’ll fight my way out

        The moral of the story brother, this is it

        I’ll be all over you, like stink on shit

        So you better let a sleeping dog lie

        Soon you gonna understand why

        Cause you gonna get bit right between the eyes

        If you don’t you let a sleeping dog lie

        Blackberry Smoke lyrics

    2. Yep. “Men (and women) who just wanted to be left alone.” Who just wanted to live out their lives quietly and then quietly die.

      That is the breaking point. It’s not going to be some ‘right wing extremist marching band and chowder society.’ It’s going to be the quiet men (and women,) the grey men and women, the normies.

      We will all become “Get off my Lawn” people.

      As to why no one has gone active yet, the same people who will be the ones who do the most damage to the satanists are the ones who truly know that there is no going back once the ball drops, and they are holding back hoping for some bit of sanity.

      We’ll see in the California elections.

      And we’ll see if Fumbles McPuddingbrains signs an EO stating one can’t collect their social security or veteran’s benefits without the jab. That will, I think, be the final straw.

      As said above, the people who just wanted to be left alone. Who wanted to putter their little lives away. That’s a metric poopload of people.

      1. My hope is Newsom becomes unemployed. What happened to Mr. Elder was disgusting. I bet they say she was on the right. Or they memory hole it if she was on the left. What sucks is I dislike the right as much as the left anymore, I just want to be left alone. All I can say I see where things are heading and I am worried. If things don’t change quick I am not sure we will survive it.

        1. Not in calizuela. The voting here is corrupted beyond recognition.

          So, expect him to win. If not that night, a week later.

          1. Newsome being recalled on election night and then “harvesting” enough votes to overturn it days later will be the WORST thing that could happen. California will be gone to totalitarianism forever and they will try their damndest to back the rest of us into that same corner.

            Without hope of having America be what is was and can be, I will stop at nothing to burn their attempted motherfucking “Utopia” to the ground.

        2. Nope they did WORSE. The fucking LA Times showed a picture of Elder touching a supporters face and insinuated its a picture of her slapping her and says the police are investigating the incident, which in reality was him getting egged by a leftist racist.

          The media needs to burn in hell. We need to light them on fire.

      2. I went for my usual blood draw at the doctor’s today and was told that two shots (Moderna) weren’t enough, I needed a third and a flu shot and a pee sample.

          1. So is The Babylon Bee, and look how many times they’ve been right over the last year.

            All the old ‘Conspiracy Theories’ have come true, and satire sites like The Bee are scrambling to find something, anything, so stupid and crazy the government won’t up and do it next week.
            There are forms of stupidity that businesses can’t indulge in. There are no such limitations on the stupidity of government.

        1. Far be it for me to defend Mr. Potato head, but Delaware Ohio News is a satire site, so it would appear that he hasn’t said any such thing… Yet, anyways.

          1. It just blows my mind that the place I went to high school has a satire news site. I can’t help but wonder if I know any of those guys.

    3. I am enjoying the situation where the ruling powers are claiming “my body, my choice” and you will be required to vaccinate by government mandate. Often during the same interview.

    4. As a female who used to be anti gun, I find myself quite ok with taking up arms and fighting if we must. I would rather go out trying than to lay down and give in to these monsters. My inner Christian warrior believes this is a holy war. I related to your post and thank you for the knowledge that I am not alone.

    5. I am one of those men. I have never killed another person in my own country, and I want to keep it that way with every fibre of my being. BUT… I want my children and grandchildren to live life as free men. I want my wife to grow old and enjoy her sunset years, bouncing grandbabies on her knee and living in peace.

      If it comes to it, if there is literally no path forward, if it comes down to regressing to the man I had to be for the first half of my adult life, it isn’t even a question. I will gladly blacken my own heart and soul if it means they get to experience freedom. If it becomes a zero sum, winner takes all scenario, I will throw this body once more unto the breach, and God pity any who stand against me, because I won’t.

      1. @Steve I think we’re getting to the point where it will be righteous self defense.

        For how many years have we watched them try to drag the country into degeneracy, and we asked nicely for them to stop?

        Now they’ve decided we have no teeth, and are pushing for their end game. After we walk away from our jobs to avoid the experimental shot, I expect they will move to trying to administer the vaccine by force. For our own good, of course.

  5. I quit my job shortly after it started mandating masks again (I’m fully vaccinated, btw).

    Luckily, I have other sources of income. But my coworkers aren’t so lucky. Many of them have said they’ll refused to get vaccinated under any circumstance, and now that vaccines are mandatory, I don’t know what they’re going to do (and I can’t ask them, because I left that world behind).

    Makes me wonder when people are going to start waking up and doing something.

    1. My wife, as a school employee, is in the same boat. I’m proud to say she is standing by her values, and will let them fire her. In her words “those who can stand up for this, need to.” Understandably, some can’t die on this hill, but those who are able and willing to be fired for standing up for their values should absolutely do so.

      The interesting side effect is she’s finding out just how many other school employees feel the same way, or are pausing to think when they see a sane and rational person stand up for something. Hopefully the numbers will bear an impact that sends a message, because that’s about our only non-violent hope at the moment.

      1. Good for her. Make them fire her. Never quit. Make them put it in writing, explicitly. Keep everything for lawsuits later.

      2. If you aren’t willing to die on this hill, then they will just kill you on another.
        If -everyone- said NO. Then it would stop.

        1. @John Van Stry it will not necessarily be so easy. The budding statists are giving every indications that if all in opposition stand up and say NO, they will not stop but resort to coercion and force. Where that leads I, and many others fear for once that path is started down there is no return and where the path leads is unknown. I am not advocating not standing up and sayin no, just warning that we may (most likely are) already past a point of no return where we can peaceably push back and stop the Progs machninations.

      3. Proud of your wife’s commitment and courage. If only more of our countrymen had such… we could unite, say “no”, and that may give them pause. Two things to accept, however:
        There is no “going back” to “normal” – doesn’t exist anymore
        There is no “non-violent” path through the sea of .gov/leftist garbage afloat now. That ship sailed long ago.
        There’s going to be a fight. Let’s win.

          1. Amen to that. Change comes whether we want it or not. Our only option is whether to be the ones making the change.

    2. I just wonder how many people will need to lose their jobs for refusing the vaccine before we start hearing about burning OSHA offices or attempted assassinations of the President?

      Loss of a job is enough of a stressor to cause a lot of people to break.

      1. Attempted assassination of Slow Jo? Did you know he’s going to NYC tonight and will be at the World Trade Centers tomorrow morning?

        I’m fully expecting something to happen to him.

          1. What the media do not understand is that their privileges come from being seen as neutral reporters of events. When a journalist injects himself into the action, whether by participating directly or slanting the news, he ceases to be a journalist and becomes Fair Game.

          2. Heck, even if there is no war, and I dearly hope there isn’t, we should stick to the media. Good old fashioned trust busting could come back into fashion. Even prosecutors in democrat run territory will be into that.

            Break up AT&T again, then Disney/ABC, NBC/Universal etc etc.

            I’ve heard that AT&T is desperate to dump CNN anyway, They might not fight a breakup too hard if they can get some cash for that dying network.

      2. If you think they can’t use the assassination of the Turnip, think again. It’s a reply of the JFK assassination. Biden will be dead, Harris sworn in. Dr Jill will step forward to blame the right-wing climate of hate. And everyone will ignore the murderer is a Bernie Bro stooge.

  6. The thing is, we haven’t seen anything yet. When he was asked if the vaccine mandate would survive a court case as to its Constitutionality, Biden said “Have at it”

    The only explanation for this behavior is that he KNOWS that the game is rigged. He knows the fix is in, and that there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it. The die is cast, he is now our supreme leader. All that is remaining to do is call out the death squads.

    There is no longer any way out of this, except through the war that will soon come. It is either die on your feet, or die on your knees.

    1. He said the same about the eviction moratorium that the courts threw out. They aren’t doing this for the policy, they’re doing it for the headlines. It doesn’t matter if it gets struck down in court, they can still go to the Karens and say they tried. And every headline about the mandate or the court cases is one fewer headline about Afghanistan, inflation, or the economy.

      1. As infuriating an the Afghan debacle was, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to distract people by behaving even more egregiously and irrationally about vaccination. This hits closer to home for many people.

        I think the goal is actually two-fold: to isolate the non-compliant (and they aren’t all conservatives by any means) and to try to provoke the right into some intemperate action, so there is an excuse for martial law. I don’t think they realize that support for mandatory vaccination isn’t all that high, not quite approaching 50%. And the more draconian the restrictions on the unvaccinated the more that support will fall.

        All of which does make me think that Biden is making at least some of the decisions out of the White House because being this wrong about something is pretty much his hallmark.

    2. Biden already told the Supremes, “Come over here and make me!” for the eviction ban. Laws and the courts are irrelevant to the Left. Only we of the Right allow laws and rulings to be used against us.

      At this stage in the game, laws are for suckers and peasants.

  7. People forget how long it took Yugoslavia, that once VERY peaceful nation to go into a complete civil war that slaughtered everyone.
    Days, it took DAYS. Less than a week.

    1. Oh John, you’re just an author, what do you know about History!?

      Btw, above was sarcasm. Love your books John.

      Great point on Yugoslavia, that one last 4ish years and trailed off after 8. 91 to 99

    2. That is, hands down, the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. And, I’ve seen some doozies…

      Yugoslavia was not a “very peaceful nation”. Ever. It did not take “days” to go to full-on civil war.

      Yugoslavia was a nation-state cobbled together only due to the good offices of the idiots who brought us the Treaty of Versailles, and it was an ethnic disaster waiting to happen from day one, post-WWI. All Tito managed to do was stuff the monkeys back into the bag and maintain a state of terror such that they were afraid to start trouble.

      Then, the US State Department got involved in the early 1970s, and decided that Izitbegovic, the lunatic Moslem from Bosnia, was a “good guy”, and enjoined Tito and his minions from doing unto him what they’d done to every other ethnic idiot that got the idea that they had a future as anything other than “Yugoslav”. This bit of brilliance triggered everyone else, because when you start talking about “bringing the good old days back” for Bosnian Muslims, what you’re really saying to the Serbs is that you want to sell their kids in Istanbul, again.

      As well, the fact that Tito had to forego crushing Izitbegovic like a grape, well… That gave encouragement to all the other nutters, and justification to the Milosevic types.

      Absent generations of being pressed into togetherness through fear, Yugoslavia was almost always going to fly apart. The tensions are too deeply rooted, and entirely impossible to forget. The Serbs have their reasons–From their point of view, the Bosnian Muslims are turncoat traitor quisling townies that turned to the Turks during the various occupations, and then served up their Orthodox Christian country bumpkins to the Turk. Same-same with the Croat bastards, who turned Roman Catholic for the Hapsburgs. The endemic hatred is there because history, history that the average American is never taught, remains unaware of, and badly needs to learn.

      I grew up in the Yugoslav expat community, watching all this crap, hearing all sides of all their stories. None of which was ever mentioned anywhere in my schooling, nor was it apparently taught to any of the State Department bright lights and “area experts” they sent to “orient” us during the ramp-up to the intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo. Most of those idiots were utter ‘effing dolts, who had no idea at all about what they were supposedly “expert” at. One particularly bright light had been in Yugoslavia for ten ‘effing years, and never got outside of Belgrade or learned any of the languages beyond asking for a beer or wine glass to be refilled.

      Yugoslavia was a mess, and the US had its hands in it from day one, back in the 1970s when all of the pieces first began to fly apart. Allowing Izitbegovic to thrive, under our protection? LOL… That was almost as damaging as what the German banks did, and with about as much foresight or concern for what would happen to all the innocent bystanders.

      The things that led up to the civil war? They started decades before it happened, and we had our mitts all over it. It wasn’t “days”, it wasn’t years, it was decades…

      1. Thank you very much for that insightful history lesson from someone who was watching the whole time. If only the history books contained vignettes like that.

        I rode a train from Germany to Athens and back in Aug 1981 as a student, traveling through Yugoslavia. The dinginess and lack of maintenance was comparable to what I saw later that year in East Berlin and Moscow. Made me very appreciative of the US. If we don’t halt what is happening now, we are going to end up with those same poorly maintained urban areas in the US. There will be no private property, money or civic will to do anything.

        1. I remember during the beginnings of b the breakdown of Yugoslavia a BBC camera news crew interviewing in a village that had just gon over the hill and slaughtered a village in the next valley.
          The talking head was interviewing the Mayor, who was talking about how that village had raided them, burned their village, killed their men and raped their women.
          The cameraman took a long focus and walked around them to show the unburmed village. The reporter finally caught on and asked “when did that happen?”
          The answer was Wednesday April 11, 1344.
          John in Indy

          1. Yep, and I guaran-damn-tee you that the parties doing the massacring in the 1980s knew the names and their relationships to every one of the victims from 1344.

            The Balkans are a crazy place, with a logic that is completely insane to outsiders. The thing is, when you’re in that environment? Not remembering and revenging your dead from generations past is what is actually stupid and non-survival oriented behavior. Why? Because when you forgive and forget, that tells everyone else that you’re a weak pushover. Your embracement of the madness is protective coloration, in that environment, and you don’t give it up.

            Tito wanted to break the cycle of ever-lasting tit-for-tat, but the problem is, he didn’t have enough time. If they’d had enough time as “Yugoslavia” and a few more occasions where it was all of them against the world, maybe it would have stuck. As it was, the period where Tito could force his vision on the rest of the (apparently, to outsiders…) insane nutters was simply not long enough. And, of course, the outside world could not leave them alone long enough for the national identity to actually coalesce.

            The really amazing thing for me was watching all the second-, third-, and fourth-generation expat communities here in the states nearly all dissolve along ethnic lines in precise congruence with all that was happening in the former Yugoslavia. Where it’d all been “Serbo-Croatian Brotherhood” with everyone else folded in together, when I was a kid, it suddenly became “Serbs”, “Croats”, “Slovenes”, and all the other little groups of other ethnicities. And, they were all organizing to send money back to buy weapons, with the younger guys who couldn’t even speak the language going over to fight the “good fight” against the demonic Serb/Croat/Bosniak Muslim.

            The story I’ve got about the lengthy memory is one of the Serbs I knew, a guy who left Yugoslavia after WWII and never went back “because, reasons…”, telling me all about how glad he was to hear that the Croat bastards were getting their just deserts for what they did to his home village–He described the way they’d come in and murdered women and children in their sleep, nailed the Orthodox priest to the door of the church upside down, and he knew all of the victim’s names, plus how they’d been killed. Now, I’m hearing this from him, taking it in, and it wasn’t until we’re about halfway through the litany of dead when I realized “Hey, wait a minute… His home village is up in the hills way the hell and gone away from the fighting… WTF?”. So, I asked him: What he’s talking about happened sometime back during the interminable wars between the Turks and the Austrians, when the Croatians were the frontier force leading the fight against the Turk, sometime around the periphery of the Siege of Vienna when the Poles came in to relieve the siege.

            Think about that, for a second: He knew their names, where they’d been killed, and how. The knowledge of this was preserved by the survivors of that era, and they’d never allowed any of their descendants to forget it. Literally taken up with his mother’s milk, that grudge.

            And, that’s the environment that our State Department went into, in total ignorance, and started munging about with, all happy-dappy about peace, brotherhood, and all the rest of that idiocy. In the Balkans, if you don’t keep track of all those internecine grudges, sure as shit, someone who does will be beating your head in for something your great-grandfather did to his. It’s an intractable problem; everyone has to give up their vengeance for their dead, all at once, or nobody will. By this point, it’s almost bred into the bone–The only people left are the ones who won’t forget, everyone else being either dead or emigrated out.

            Honestly, given what I’ve observed and learned, I really don’t see peace coming to the Balkans unless someone goes through and crushes those memories out of the population, and then enforces peace and brotherhood through brute force. The memories are too deeply rooted, too visceral, and entirely unforgiveable.

            People think the Muslims were the good guys, there, but… Not so much. You tell a Serb that there’s a resurgence of Islam, and a return to fundamentalism in that faith? What you’re really telling him is that you want to bring back the good old days, when the turncoat townies converted to Islam and then became quisling administrators for the Turk, enforcing taxes and all the other little oppressions that literally bankrupted the country bumpkin Serb who retained his Orthodox faith. Generations of them losing their farms, having their kids sold at auction in Istanbul, enabled and enforced by those bastard turncoat traitors…? Yeah; that ain’t ever being forgotten, and what Izitbegovic actually accomplished was reminding every Serb in Yugoslavia that Muslims were bastards, and they wanted to bring back the old days when they ran everything where they were.

            I cannot possibly over-emphasize the level of stupidity wherein our State Department took up for that opportunistic idiot, and his Saudi financiers. It took over a decade for the effects to show, and none of them ever really recognized what they’d done–The Serbs sure as hell did. I remember the more political ones I knew back in the 1970s railing about that whole issue, and the perfidy of the American government. They were bringing up all the Allied airmen they’d saved, and how they’d been good allies to America, only for us to go and put our wing over Izitbegovic and protect him from what they saw as his just desserts for stirring up ethnic BS again.

            Most of those guys were willing to give up the knife, only thing is, they demanded that everyone else did it at the same time. Since that didn’t happen…? Yeah; it took years, but the fuse was lit.

            Now, do note: I’m reporting what the expat community here in the US believed was going on, not the history-as-recorded-by-idiots they pass off as reality. This is about perceptions in among the ethnicities, most of whom still had family and friends back in the old country, and who went back every few years to visit. Your mileage may vary from what you have been told, or what you want to believe, but I think what I’m reporting here is at least a piece of the reality of things.

          2. @maniakmedic,

            Never seen it, not being a huge fan of fake Hollywood types playing tough guys with guns on screen and then turning around to espouse gun control for the rest of us. The whole schtick is tired and fake, and trying to take that overage fruit seriously as any kind of “hard man” trips my “suspension of disbelief” way too hard for me to put any money into his equally fake pockets.

            If, as I surmise, that movie has Balkan Muslims doing deals for the sex trade in Europe and Turkey…? It’s consonant with the things we know about all that crap, and fully in tune with history.

            Y’all want to know why the Serbs hate Muslims? I’ll explain it the way I explained it to a black friend of mine who spent time over there, and puzzled over it all–He just couldn’t get why those nice Muslims were so viscerally hated. After I pointed out that those “nice Muslims” were descendants of the Quisling converts who’d taken up jobs as taxmen and slaver for their Turkish overlords, and how they’d spent centuries selling Serb children south to serve in the harems and as Janissaries…? Yeah; he got it.

            That crap is still really, really close to the surface–Even though it last happened “officially” over a century or so ago. A few of those “innocent Muslim villages” that got destroyed? Per the Serbs I spoke with, those villages were actually serving as way-stations for the white slave trade that was going on, much the same as was common after the fall of the Soviet Union. You don’t want to know how many young Russian, Ukrainian, and Byelorussian women vanished into the maw of the sex trade in Europe and Turkey.

            They’re all going to pay for that shit, one of these days. I’d wager that there are some sons and daughters whose mom’s are missing that are going to be sitting in silos, one day, with not-so-fond memories of what happened after mom answered those wonderful-looking ads for secretaries and travel agents they found… The numbers I’ve heard from anecdote are pretty hard to accept, but that’s what the victims believe. One of our friends is married to a nice Ukrainian girl, and she says that there were at least 15-20 girls who “went away” and were never heard from, ever again. White skin and blond hair pays pretty well, when you’re selling it south.

            Central Europe is a mess, when you get down to all the history. The Georgians were known for selling their daughters, the slave trade ran all the way up into Finland, and the whole region is a friggin’ nightmare when you dig in deep enough. It’s not an accident that the word in English for “slave” is also from the same root word for “Slav”. The Vikings had a hell of a deal going, along the rivers… So did the Golden Horde, and everyone else. Russians come by their depressed nature and paranoia naturally, and with good reason for it.

            Which, sadly, a lot of people just don’t know about. Hell, the Barbary Corsairs were raiding Ireland and Iceland well into the 17th Century.

        2. I went to Yugoslavia once as an 11 year old. We were traveling from Israel back to England in our 76 VW van, took a ferry, probably to somewhere in Greece and drove up through Yugoslavia. The only thing I remember is that my little brother got sick and we needed to find a hospital. An old man who spoke no English but understood the word hospital, climbed into the van with us and directed us all the way there. I just remembered this story and will have to ask my parents for more details.

      2. Kind of like the looming shitstorm in the United States was decades in the making, starting with KGB infiltration of every institution?

      3. Sitting dispassionately watching im sure it’s easy with 2020 hindsight to say you saw it coming. But, no, it was days. I’ve heard the story many times. My wife was there, as a young colleges student. You could see it coming a few days before it happened. My wife’s father ordered her out of Sarajevo right before the Shtf. And then there was shooting everywhere and rape and slaughter. My father in law died unsuccessfully keeping his Muslim friends and their teenage boys from being slaughtered. He was A Serb who was the chief engineer/manager of a big coal mine but it didn’t help him or anyone else in the village when the Serbian army came calling.

        It was a commie hole, but one of the better ones in Eastern Europe.

        I will say that before the war everything became political. That was one of the triggers. She says what it was like there is how it is here now. That is probably what you saw.

        1. If you think it started up in “days”, you were not paying attention. The grievances were deep, simmering, and it was only the purblind who were willfully looking the other way that didn’t see it coming as far back as Tito failing to crush Izitbegovic and Milosevic in their political cradles. I was hearing complaints about how Izitbegovic was being sheltered and protected by American State Department machinations and Saudi money when I was a kid back during the late 1970s, so when I heard his name appear again in the mid-1980s after Tito was gone…?

          It began long, long before the shooting started. The problem was that there was a metric ton of denial about how bad it could get, and nobody wanted to believe it could happen, but the foundations for it all were laid since about the time of the Roman Empire. The idea that they’d managed to get past it all was mostly just wishful thinking by the naive and simple. You could see trouble coming, and a likely breakup along ethnic lines, if only you looked at it dispassionately and actually listened to what the various groups were saying about the others when alone and behind their backs. The Slovenes were never happy with the economic exploitation they had to put up with, in order to make the Federation work, the Serbs still hated everyone who wasn’t Orthodox and wanted Greater Serbia, the Croats were still wanting to play Ustashe-and-Serb again, and the Muslims still wanted to run everything the way they had under the Turk. None of that was really ever given up or forgotten; all Tito did was manage to sweep it all under the carpet for a few decades that were way too short to really mold a true pan-Yugoslav identity and some form of working amity between the groups.

          To a degree, the way he went about brutally repressing all that crap kind of forced the late 1980s to happen, once he was gone. The underlying causes of all that animosity and hatred were never really addressed, and the greater prosperity and well-being of his reign as God-Emperor of Yugoslavia simply were not enough.

          1. I was born in Yugoslavia and now live in what’s left of it.

            Your take is pretty close to the truth as far as I can see it. There is one quibble I have: To the best of my knowledge a large percentage of people in these areas __don’t want__ blood vengeance. Yes, I can itemize which parts were lopped off my distant ancestor and family-line patriarch in the 16th century because family history is a thing and, yes, I can produce catalogs of injustices that are impressive in their thoroughness. However, anyone with reasonable curiosity and intellect reads up enough to notice that this history of woe and misery is pretty much universal[1] and realizes the horrible cycle is going to keep on forever.

            The issue is that there needs to be reciprocity: You can terminate a Mexican standoff but everyone has to lower their guns at the same time.

            When Yugoslavia fell apart most people __did not want war.__ At all. They’d have cheerfully laid down their arms and let the dreams of a Greater Serbia/Supreme Croatia/What-have-you drift off on a plume of slivovitza fumes without sparing it a second look. The living standard was climbing for most of Yugoslavia’s existence, and an ornery heavily armed population[2] meant that the Communist writ ran very lightly indeed. Life was pleasant and most people would not have traded it for any amount of ethnostate twaddle[3]. In time the country would have almost certainly Czechoslovakia’d into non-communist separate countries that are still friendly and that would have been the end of that.

            But the crazies, while in the minority, were crazy, had nothing to lose, and were heavily, _heavily_ aided and financed by various foreign interests. And the state had buckled under external pressures and the slow rot and just… failed to stop various attacks, scuffles and conflicts.

            And then the people who wanted to get along suddenly got afraid. After all, not being fools, they realized that the get-along plan only works under reciprocity and suddenly there wasn’t any.

            When the conflict finally emerged in full force it was driven, paradoxically, much, much more by fear (of war!) than by any sort of hate or ambition. Everyone sort of counterattacked all at once, and the rest is a particularly unpleasant chapter of history.

            The point of this extended rant (there is one, I promise) is twofold: First, I wanted to express my appreciation for trying to understand a chronically misunderstood corner of the world and doing a creditable job at it.

            Second, I want to deliver a warning regarding America and the threat of civil war. What happened here is not some fluke that happens to us, some band of benighted barbarians who fight wars and conduct slaughters because that’s just what they __do.__

            The recipe is: long-standing historical divisions that are enough to ensure mistrust, a small subsection of the population that’s unreasonably violent and _is allowed to get away with it,_ and a weak, incompetent government. Once you have that brew going, all it takes is one little push and after that the beast takes on a logic all of its own and you can no longer stop or start it at pleasure.

            I trust this sounds suitably familiar. To this end: please believe that it can happen, that it doesn’t require universal support, and that once started it can’t be steered.

            I have seen a civil war and do not recommend the experience, though I cannot imagine that the sane people of America have much in the way of options.

            Please be careful. As they say in (most) of the parts down here, Bog vam pomogao.

            [1] It’s actually probably universal nearly worldwide, it’s just that Balkan peoples are unusually good at keeping track. Not out of sheer bloody-mindedness (though this is a _specialty_) but because living, as we all did, pressed tight between various empires, anyone who __didn’t__ develop a near-superhuman ability to retain their identity and resist outside pressures was assimilated utterly and, more likely than not, destroyed. This was before America came up with the melting pot and so assimilation was a dangerous business.
            [2] Gun control existed, I think, but was universally ignored. I literally don’t know anyone whose family doesn’t have what works out to an armory.
            [3] It’s particularly twaddle because, of course, pretty much everyone in the Balkans is a mixture of everything and anything you can name. ‘Pure blood’ is __entirely__ mythic and the same meticulous family histories damn well know who’s mixed with whom. A lot of pretense is required to maintain ethnic purity pretensions.

          2. @NonSumQualisEram,

            Your post rings true with me, and I apologize for not making note that there were/are a lot of former Yugoslavs who were well-meaning and willing to let go of history.

            As you rightly point out, the problem was you had a house full of gas fumes and a bunch of idiot outsiders flinging lit cigarette butts and matches in the windows and doors. Our State Department wasn’t the only pack of meddling idiots that were playing that game–German bankers, some Italians, the French… The whole thing was sheer stupidity on everyone’s part, and an awful lot of decent, well-meaning types got rolled up in the mess, then stuck with the clean-up bills.

            My personal feelings on the matter are mostly just sadness that it all went down the way it did–I remember all those joint functions I got dragged off to as a kid with a certain amount of fondness, and I loved hanging around with all the old-timers. There was a lot of inter-ethnic needling and teasing that went on, but it was all pretty harmless. I could not believe how thoroughly it went from jokes about over-drinking and not keeping the wives in check to sending money, men, and guns off to kill what were by then total strangers who just happened to speak a different dialect of what they used to call Serbo-Croatian. The insanity was palpable, and I had to cut ties with a bunch of folks we’d known, because they kept wanting me to take sides when I really could not.

            What really got me going, though? The sheer ignorance and hubris displayed by US government types, particularly the State Department. At the time just before the NATO interventions under Clinton, we were running a bunch of Command Post Exercises simulating the things we thought we’d have to deal with, if we did have to go in. The briefings they gave us for “background” were woefully inadequate, and completely delusional. My biggest takeaway was that the whole crew was either insane, too stupid to live, or had never bothered to learn any of the history. As far as they were concerned, the Muslims were utter innocents that just happened to find themselves stranded in the Balkans amongst all these people who were simply Islamophobic, and the Serbs/Croats were simply insane heirs to the SS, wanting to kill off all the poor little Muslims. It wasn’t that they were briefing us in distorted and biased ways, it was more that they didn’t understand it any better than they were briefing. I’m pretty sure that someone from the Saudi Arabian outreach network was actually writing their work product, because nothing else made sense. Total shitshow, when it came to understanding just the basic background–I actually had to explain the freakin’ significance of Kosovo in Serbian history, and why the Serbs took the Albanians moving in so badly. State Department “Area Expert” did not know, for example, that the Turks had ever held any part of the region, and was shocked when I proved it to him.

            Dude had a fucking degree in European History from either Harvard or Yale, and his understanding of history apparently ended with the late 19th Century, because he kept trying to refute what I was telling him about the Turks invasions and occupations by constantly resorting to the refrain “…but, Turkey was known as the ‘Sick Man of Europe’…”, over and over again. I had to go check out books from the library, and his shock that the Siege of Vienna had been relieved by the Poles, of all people…? “But, they tell all those jokes about the Polish…”.

            I used to have automatic respect for the college-educated. That experience, plus a few others, pretty much put an end to any of that.

            To be completely accurate, there were some fairly switched-on types that knew their stuff who also showed up. I think they were either DIA or CIA, though, using the State Department as cover. If you looked at them side-by-side with the dweebs like the guy I describe above, you could see a huge difference in both quality and common sense. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that the type I am so thoroughly denigrating were the ones making most of the decisions, ‘cos “politics”. The switched-on types were the “wrong sort” of people to be entrusted with that responsibility, see…?

          3. How on EARTH do you manage to get a degree in European history and not learn about the fact that the Ottomans once controlled nearly the entirety of the Balkans?
            Good night, I knew that in middle school
            Was he just high all through college?

          4. @Tom,

            I had trouble believing the conversation as I was having it. I also had trouble believing that this guy was in the position he was in, but… Yeah. He was serious, he had the Ivy League background, and he was in that job. Granted, it was pretty low-level, but… Yikes.

            This was about the same time-frame that the Rwandan disaster was going on, and we did exercises designed to work all that out, too. The level of sheer ignorance we found when dealing with civilian Clinton-appointees was insane–The ideas they had about intervening in the middle of Africa were so far out of whack with reality that I have trouble even terming them “delusional”. As in, point at map of Africa, find port city and say “Yeah, we’ll get permission to land there, and move inland to Rwanda with the troops…”, while in total ignorance of what the hell they were suggesting.

            It was literally hand-waving all of the issues away–“We’ll use Dar-es-Salaam and then use the roads and railways…”. No cognizance of the issues of whether or not the Tanzanians would let us, what the roads looked like, or anything else. The other options were to do the whole thing by air, but they didn’t even know what the bloody airports looked like, or how many troops we’d have to have in order to actually stop anything like the genocide that was going on. The whole thing was insane, when you listened to them trying to talk to the guys who built the exercises in the computer. They literally had less than a child’s understanding of the logistics involved, and we had to carefully explain the realities of it all to them.

            You wonder how the evacuation of Kabul could have gone so badly? That’s why–State Department driving the train, the higher-ups in the military going along with them, and nobody along to whisper “You are but a man…” into their ears as they progressed along the route of their planned triumph.

            I don’t even need to have been there to know what happened with that bullshit. I’ve seen it all before, but back during the Clinton era, we had enough of a professional military remaining in charge that they could say “No” and make it stick. That has obviously changed, and I would guess that anyone who would have said that to the current crew of idiots has been long since retired or fired…

          5. @Kirk, talking about Kabul is getting a little OT, but also having been involved in that world most of my adult life, it is clear to me that although they had months to go through the planning process for the evacuation, no one realistically wargamed the “Red Team.” They evaluated alternatives (Bagram, for example) against a static set of assumptions about how the Taliban and the Afghans on our side would behave and did not put themselves in the shoes of either one.

            I agree with you about the fecklessness combined with unjustified superiority exhibited by the typical foreign service officer, particularly those who consider themselves to be “expert” in a country or region because they have been to language training and done two tours in embassies. Now, they may be more expert than their peers who haven’t, but they are nowhere close to having the degree of expertise that they believe they have.

        2. The points that Sun Tzu makes is that you prepare yourself for everything you can, manipulate your opponent into doing what you want him to while making him think he’s doing it for him, keep your weak spots away, strike at his weak spots, get him to give up before attacking, or then strike with overwhelming force. 90% of it is common sense; but when the pressure is on, that’s when most people forget what common sense is.

      4. @Kirk, sorry if I tripped your red hot switch with a sarcastic comment. I haven’t been back to the Monster Hunter blog since and wanted to catch up. Whew, lot to read.

        I actually did know, as a regular reader who likes to read a bit of history, just how much of a hot mess “The Balkans” have been for the last umpteenth centuries. One friend served over there through a bit of the 90’s, and did not have great things to say when he was back about just how mis handled it was and he was a diesel mechanic, and vehicle recovery. Pretty much unprintable really.He also jumped in a lake from the boat when we were out fishing from some kid set off a bottle rocket on shore. His dad went in right after as well. I was very confused for a moment.

        Some little conflict over some Prince or other, with “The shot heard round the world.” And again, lot of other factors go into that but then WWI happened. Yes, I’m being a bit facetious with Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand and wife, on the worst driving directions ever, attempted hit, get lost, still lost, drive almost over top of terrorist, and then, well just look at the place.

        Just from my own general history knowledge and living through that time. I knew about Tito, though he died when I was 9, I knew he had a pretty iron grip on Yugoslavia at the time. Or how it wasn’t part of the Eastern Bloc but it sure was a close neighborhood. Meh, enough of the old soup.

        Actually did know about Siege of Vienna, and Poles, hell Sabaton did a hell of a video on it as well with the “Winged Hussars” or when the Crimean war kicked off in the Balkans as well. Your comment on that awful State dept flunky/drudge/pawn who kept up with the “Sick man of Europe” … more like the “Sicko of Old Europe.” Turns the stomach.

        Hell John Ringo who wrote more than few books on some of that stopped by to comment up the thread a ways. Anyway, again, like I said sarcastic comment that obviously pissed you off. Didn’t mean to come off like that. But tone is always tough in electrons.

        1. You weren’t who stumbled into my tripwire. I thought I was replying to the one you replied to, up above.

          If you woke up the day after the Slovenes decided they’d had enough with the JNA BS, and that was the first attention you ever paid to it all, yeah… It might look like it started up over a couple of days. That’s the impression that the media gave, and if you only had access to CNN as a source, well… You could be excused for having the impression that it was near-instantaneous, bolt-from-the-blue. Thirty-odd years later, with copious sourcing out there discussing how it all went down, and why?

          There’s no damn excuse, and to say that it “…just started up over a couple of days…” is to completely distort the reality to a degree that’s damn near Orwellian. Which is what actually set me off, TBH.

          It’s the equivalent of saying that it was just Fort Sumter that was inexplicably shelled, one day for unexplainable reasons that just happened over the course of days. Kinda like Ilhan Omar’s “…some people did some things…”, actually.

          The tragedy that was Yugoslavia deserves some damn respect, and if you’re going to refer to it, you should do the due diligence and educate yourself on what happened, not repeat the ignorant self-serving distortions of the CNN world view.

          Not to mention, the “American” viewpoint that we were innocent bystanders who white-knighted the whole deal to save innocent Muslims. Reality? Far, far different. Smartest thing Bill Clinton could have done, and what he should have done, was stay the fuck out of the whole mess, after apologizing for previous State Department contributions to the whole mess.

          Civil wars like the one in Yugoslavia are like dried-on bandages: The most compassionate solution is to rip the damn thing off, and let the built-up pressure between parties escape. Once they’re done with the madness, then maybe you can try to help them come to an amicable solution, but to try to repress it all? Won’t work, in the medium term. That was Tito’s mistake–He needed generations, centuries maybe, in order to get everyone to forget the reasons they hated each other. I really think he meant well, in that regard, but… He needed a hell of a lot more time to make it work. Time we contributed to reducing, BTW.

          Although, in the interests of fairness, what I’m reporting about the State Department intervening on Izitbegovic’s behalf is stuff I heard from both Serbs and Croats both, back before the major shitstorm got started. As I said, the perceptions are what mattered more, in the end.

          1. @Kirk “….and that was the first attention you ever paid to it all, yeah… It might look like it started up over a couple of days.”

            That is why we have the saying, “things keep working until they don’t.”

          2. @Vatertortuga,

            “That is why we have the saying, “things keep working until they don’t.””

            Every single time I’ve personally been in a situation where that phrase has been said, there was someone saying “This needs to be fixed before we have a disaster…”, and who were roundly disparaged by all right-thinking people concerned with the issue. In a lot of cases, the person saying “This ain’t working, needs fixin’…” was me. Cassandra was a prophet without honor in her own land, and believe me, I know how that feels.

            I’ve always been cursed with an ability to work out consequences, long before the people around me, and while I do enjoy being able to tell them “I told you so!”, I just kinda wish they’d just listen, once in awhile…

  8. And then you get the liberal types that are gushing about how “stern and father like” Biden is acting.

    My patience with them is expired. No one on the left gets my support or pity. And you would not want me on a jury right now.

    1. First time posters have to be approved,
      Long time posters sometimes still have to be approved.
      Sometimes *I* have to approve myself.
      Wordpress can be whacky fun sometimes….

      1. “Sometimes *I* have to approve myself.”

        I am amused (and sometimes frustrated) that every time I want to reply to a comment on my own blog not only does it require me to log in (again) but it requires me to prove that I am not a robot. I can create new posts all day long without either step though.

  9. I didn’t realize how hunkered down and in ‘survival’ mode I was until I left Oregon and crossed over the Texas state line. Like you, Larry, I see the writing on the wall, and I GTFO of the Left Coast and to a place where I have a chance at freedom. The pew-pew ratio is pretty high in my neighborhood, but I need a lot more food stock. Working on it. The proverbial fan is spinning, and the excrement is not far behind.

      1. Late to the party (ie, this blog post), but–welcome to Windy, Weather-suckage-but-no-one-else-wants-it-so-it’s-great Wyoming! 😀

    1. While the state I’m in is fairly blue, this corner is pretty red. There has been the usual quiet Midwestern civil disobedience and the gun stores have been selling out their stock as fast as they can get it in.

  10. Actually I read the White House official transcript of Biden’s speech and it didn’t have his remarks about setting the governors aside. I would bet that when he went off script his handlers started yelling at the monitor – “What do you think you are DOING???”
    That was probably to be saved for next week. But that’s the chance when you shove a guy in front of the cameras that probably has to be drugged up to look passable.

    1. You read the transcript before or after the speech? I wouldn’t put it past them to edit it post speech just so they can claim that wasn’t what they wanted him to say.

    2. I’ve noticed that sometimes he looks like he’s doped up, like some medication is making him go completely flat and lost. This is distinctly different from when he rambles and mumbles.

    3. If you want a good laugh, read the transcript of his meeting with firefighters in Shanksville. He cannot put together a coherent logical thought any more, if he ever could. It’s just all free association.

    1. I hear you, but I think the actual problem goes way deeper.

      It’s not necessarily the government, it’s the way we all persistently buy into the idea of “There ought to be a law” and “Let’s set up a committee to deal with this for us… It’s too much work for us…”.

      Every hierarchy and institution we set up inevitably declines, mostly because it gets taken over by the types who want to run them for their own benefit and power. And, we let them, generally because we find those assholes annoying and useless, so we send them off to seminars and schools, to get them out of our hair. Then, one fine day, you wake up and find that Bob is actually running your department, because “…he’s the most qualified…”. Whereupon Bob starts running the place into the ground, because he’s mostly an idiot.

      Write that syndrome across society, and you get things like NASA and the US Congress–The parasites take over, because that’s where the power is. And, we worship them, ‘cos they have it and use it. Nine times out of ten, these venal bastards deserve nothing in the way of respect, but because they’ve used all their skill and power to politic their way up the ladder, there they are, getting all the money, the girls, and the public acclaim they thirst for.

      Meanwhile, everyone they trampled on the way up is looking on in dismay, wondering how that incompetent jackass got where they got… It’s actually pretty simple: While everyone else was worried about doing their jobs to the best of their ability, Bob was politicking and kissing ass, worried about his almighty “career” instead of his actual duties and responsibilities.

      And, we let the “system” reward Bob, rather than fire his sorry ass. We have only ourselves to blame, at the micro- and macro-scale. Biden? He should have been thrown out of office after what he did surrounding Vietnam, yet what happened? Endless re-election, promotion, and nobody did a damn thing about it. What did that useless tit ever do to justify a position as a US Senator? Where’s the accomplishment, outside in the real world?

      Government is not the problem, per se. People are the damn problem, and until we grow up enough to recognize these unfortunate facts of human nature, then heed what they tell us by not creating these huge power sinks in our civilization that can be taken over and suborned by the Biden-types? We’re pretty much doomed to an ever-lasting cycle of bullshit as these institutions get built and decay around us.

      I’m not arguing for anarchy, as understood by most of the idiots who’ve espoused it, either. What is needed is an enlightened sort of anarchistic mindset that at the same time acknowledges the necessities for working together, while also ceasing to enable these all-too-human vices. What we need is a rolling “ad-hocracy”, wherein you shut down your hierarchies and institutions as soon as they’ve fulfilled their function, and an end to creating things with no fixed end point. We don’t do any of that at all well, and until most of the human race is either ant-like or saint-like enough to make such endeavors successful over the long haul, we really ought to cease creating them.

      1. Mmm. Work for fedgov, can confirm–you know how there’s that saying “Cream rises to the top”? Well, cream isn’t the only thing that rises, and there is a distinct dearth of it in the upper echelons of…pretty much any gov agency you care to name.

        Us low-levels, we’re doing our jobs, just want a paycheck (and despite what you hear about overpaid gov employees–again, that’s the UPPER echelons, not us ground-level grunts) and decent medical insurance. And I have literally watched either utter incompetents or utter lunatics get promoted elsewhere so that “they won’t be our problem anymore.”

        Heck, the last time my father applied for an assistant field manager position? Our field manager told him straight out that he wasn’t going to get the job because, basically, he would expect the people under him to actually DO their jobs. That’s just too, too disruptive. (It’s worth noting that our FM, while a nice guy…has all the, ahem, characteristics one might expect of someone who is “nice”, ie, without any form of backbone…)

  11. We’re not gonna do civil disobedience! We’re not the ones acting “disobediently”! The freakin’ gov’t are the disobedients. We are simply NOT GOING TO COMPLY with their unconstitutional mandates! Got it?

    1. All around me (rural area, red state), I’ve been hearing rapid fire pistol, rifle and shotgun fire going off at random times of the day and from every single compass point.

      People are doing their final checks and getting ready.

  12. I avoid Farcebook like the plague, so this is the only place I can enjoy your rants. May I request reposting them here, at the least?

    This is rule by decree, without any Enabling Act.

    Enough! Enough people have been given those experimental retrovirus-based inoculations. Enough people have recovered from the communist Chinese common cold on our own. The remaining risk is no greater than an average flu season.

    They really are determined to milk this ‘crisis’ until the last corona virus dies of old age.

    The true genius of our Founders was that they recognized the limits of their brilliance. They knew they weren’t smart enough to exercise absolute rule over even the population of their time. Today’s would-be dictators are stupid enough to believe they can micromanage the lives of 325 million people.

  13. This isn’t some hamfisted attempt to distract from Afghanistan. The Afghanistan debacle was the result of pulling in their resources so they can do this. Scotland announced the same thing on the same day. This is global and it’s a script.

    1. I disagree. It changes the conversation from bodies falling off of Air Force cargo planes, which nobody can call good, to Covid-19 measures, where the Biden gang can get at least 1/3 of the country to argue vociferously for.

  14. I lost my really great job in DC in 2018, a week before my wedding. I moved to Texas instead of my Texan wife moving to Virginia as planned. It was rough. Complete uncertainty, not sure where our next paycheck would come from, medical bills piling up. No one would hire me. Same story each time. “Impressive resume! Seriously, you’re overqualified! But you don’t have a degree in what you’ve spent over a decade doing, so sucks to be you. Next!”

    But we’re slowly recovering. And with the shit in Virginia and DC, we slowly became very happy not to be there. I miss trees and hills, but I’m now in one of the most right-wing counties in the country. I switched careers; it doesn’t pay half of what I used to make, but it’s more than nothing.

    Now Texas is being presented as a horrible fascist place of freedom and prosperity, even though its gun laws aren’t as good as in other states, abortion is still legal (just disincentivized), and early/easy voting is still horrifically expanded. Strangely, leftists keep moving here.

    1. I’m a bad man. Abortion should be legal AND disincentivized. Nobody’s taxes should go to paying for an abortion. And it should never be “easy” or “painless” to get one.

      1. I’m worse. I’ll give ’em one mistake. But a second abortion should come with permanent sterilization (and of the father too, if he can be located), showing that sometimes, you CAN “fix” stupid.

          1. We are at war. You do not interfere when the enemy is hurting themselves. That is their own kind they are killing. Most would have been little Leftist gender confused nazis in 18 years. I don’t deny its murder, but War isn’t a gentle or moral thing, and they are the ones committing the murder. We just aren’t stopping them… yet.

          2. Actually, yes. We “allow” them to commit the first murder before we take action against them. It’s called being innocent before being proven guilty; and doesn’t allow the travesties of “thought crime” or “pre-crime conviction”.

  15. This Afghanistan debacle is much worse than anyone will admit. We had the Taliban holding a fucking VICTORY parade with our abandoned equipment:

    Biden’s actions are the literal definition of treason: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death…” (18 USC Ch. 115). I’d say giving our declared enemies access to high-tech weaponry (some of which may have “top-secret” code or hardware) would be “giving them aid”.

    1. Come on Man! It was just enough money to build 7 BRAND NEW Fleet Carriers. That’s not that big a deal right? Right?

      Again, above is /sarcasm.

  16. What’s sad is how unsurprised I am by this. After all, the Biden Administration is the shitty, unnecessary sequel to the Obama Administration, which was well known for its open contempt of the Constitution (particularly its concept of “negative rights”) as well as its sheer lawlessness.

    Mind you, the Trump Administration was no great shakes when it came to acting within the law. Like, remember the time Trump sicced the IRS on his political enemies?



    That was Obama.


  17. Yeah, pretty miffed about the whole “your body, my choice” in light of recent events.

    Have to say that the blog, Peter Grant found this one a while back and I thought he had a pretty great point on this.

    Todays note on this was to the effect of “Relax. Deep breath” And he’s right. Another one that isn’t being reported (shocked, Shocked I say) is that 10,000 truckers in Australia, have pretty much shut down a GREAT many things in in Oz over the Jab.
    Cut/paste from him below:

    The language
    The tone
    The presentation
    The content
    ALL designed and probably put together by the ‘Committee’ that’s actually running the show. And of this group, they went as hard as they could into full on Dictatorial Mode, hoping that r/ourguys do something stupid.

    To which I say: Relax.

    I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow. I know it’s retardation at it’s finest. Thing is, it also shows how desperate they’re getting. All you have to do is quietly fail to comply. Refuse. Remember the -best- way is to use some of the shit that brought another Socialist Bureaucratic-Oriented DotGov to it’s knees. That was Poland.

    Yeah… Solidarity and their leader, true Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa. They most definitely don’t teach -anything- about the Solidarity Movement is schools here anymore. Nope, that’d be counterproductive to the plan. It ended up being a primarily peaceful overthrow-by-undermining the State via strikes, ridicule, and whatnot. Directly lifted from Wiki (not exactly an r/ourguys site):

    “In the 1980s, Solidarity was a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement, using methods of civil resistance to advance the causes of workers’ rights and social change. Government attempts in the early 1980s to destroy the union through the imposition of martial law in Poland and the use of political repression failed.”

    Part of -why- it worked was that they essentially undercut like everything. They started at the docks first, refusing to unload ships, which was a HUGE part of Poland’s trade. They did strikes, walk-offs all the usual union stuff. Not for nothing, I was living in Austria as a kid and remember watching it on a Black and White TV with my DeadDad wondering if the Rooskies were going to roll in the Armor like they did in oh so many other places. It was big news to all the ‘Muricans overseas… Thing was, we didn’t know it, but Ivan the Bear at the time was a hollowed out pale shadow of it’s former badass self… Sound familiar don’t it?

    So yep. They’re going the same route. They as in Leviathan. The DotGov is trying to ‘rile us up’ into doing -something- that provokes us. And their “false flag department”, while still active, is sort of, pardon the pun, IMO “out of ammunition” as no one fucking believes their bullshit-filled-bullshitting selves any longer. They/, as they say, went for the ‘cheap regular thrills’ and now? It’s gonna have to be a really huge Whangdoodle of a -something- to get our attention these days. And if it’s that big and horrific, guesstimates on my end are No One is going to believe them at all.

    Hell… I’m getting intel that MANY Regular Army Units are in almost open rebellion mode now. Troops are openly mocking the CinC (illegal to do on active duty) and daring the can’t cunt commanders to try something.

    Read the article, he has some pretty good other stuff as well.

    Cant remember 4 stadiums of football fans chanting “F Joe Xiden.” Either *President or any previous actual President.

    1. I’m thinking the same. Good post.

      Gov might also plan on reading our favorite blogs and comments to justify arrests, seeing that they have imitated Hitlers plan to highlight “the other”—our segment of the population for arrest. Now wouldn’t that put a surge of juice in their fan base?

    2. One interesting fact about Poland: Except for Warsaw which was destroyed and rebuilt, the Communists never took title to land away from its owners. I can only surmise that they knew they were weaker than they portrayed and did not want to provoke open insurrection.

      In the same vein, I’ve always wondered why the USSR felt the need to go through the motions of having elections, a legislature, and a President, when everyone knew voting was pointless, the Politburo and the General Secretary were actually running everything, and the Supreme Soviet was a rubber stamp. Why the fiction of following constitutional processes? There really isn’t any explanation other than the CPSU’s fear of the people rejecting an illegitimate ruler, and the thought that following the constitutional processes made the actions legitimate enough. How can we use that?

  18. Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law?
    More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    More: Oh? And, when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you – where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast – man’s laws, not God’s – and, if you cut them down – and you’re just the man to do it – d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.

    They’ll happily blow through any rule, any law that stands in their way. But it’s all that would protect them from what comes after. Constantly cutting off the limbs they stand on.

  19. I feel like Larry writes these so I don’t have to.
    As always seems to be the case, I entirely agree and while the language is harsher than I prefer, I can’t say it isn’t justified nor that it isn’t appropriate for the situation.
    I look forward to linking this on FB so the FB Gestapo can throw me in the gulag.
    Unless Americans grow a spine and stand up to this junk we are going to end up in gulags anyway.

    1. Andy in VA: And you think linking this on FB will show you have a spine.
      The fact that you still go to FB says all I need to know. Not in the least surprised you are in VA. Stay there.

        1. I’m happy to say I never got in Facebook. I helped develop a massive risk assessment database for a state (when I should have gone to Silicon Valley and gotten rich!). I told my wife back in the early days the thing was there to steal personal data. I suppose I didn’t go get rich was because I thought it was immoral to do so in such a way.

          But no one should be blamed for being on Facebook. Especially if you had no inside knowledge of just how much it could be used against you. Regretfully everything is 2020 hindsight.

          Thanks for the rant. I come here just for those Larry!

          1. I only ever signed up for Facebook because I had a couple of friends who perversely insisted that was the best way to contact them – and I never used it for any other purpose, and made sure every jot and tittle of my personal information there is fake.

            I knew from the beginning exactly what the con was. If they are not charging you for the product, it is because you are the product.

      1. Virginia is dark Red everywhere except the beltway and the bigger cities (Richmond, Charlottesville, etc…). 80% of the land in VA is red. Same as in PA, TN, FL, TX etc… It just depends on if your cities have a bigger population than the rest of the state. I just moved to VA from TN (just south of Nashville) and it is just as conservative here as there. So your idiotic statement is 1) not representative of any woke conservative, 2) more than likely written by a liberal pretending to be a conservative to stir up dissension in the ranks, and 3) written with all the bravado of a 15 year old boy trying to be a tough guy.

  20. Beijing Biden’s latest reeks of desperation. The decisions about these shoddy simulacra of vaccines were made long ago. As for excluding us from their Globohomo club? So what? It is past time for all of us to “come out of Babylon” lest we suffer her fate. We will build our own economy and, if need be, another country for our nation. Stand fast, hold the line, and we win.

  21. Around this time next year, I think Biden’s handlers will draft an EO that states unvaccinated people are not allowed to vote in person in a Federal election. We’ll be told it is NOT voter suppression because all the unvaccinated can simply vote by mail, which works very well, is very convenient and oh yes totally protected from any possibility of fraud.

    And the Democrats will gain seats in both Houses of Congress despite…everything.

  22. Wow! This was some hyperbolic BS looked at through rose-colored glasses of Trumpster Bizzaro world.

    The “Liberals” that looted and rioted in the summer of 2020 was started as protests against the killing of a black man (George Floyd) by a convicted policeman. The video has been widely seen and the outrage that was palpable was inflamed by Trump’s real lack of empathy to the Floyd family.

    And no, the “Conservatives” did not get uppity. Those idiots on 1/6 organized an effort to stop the process for a peaceful transfer of power based on a lie that Trump actually won the election. A lie that he is still fighting about today. Those actions were an act of terror and they should be branded as traitors. The peaceful transfer of power is the bedrock cornerstone of American Democracy.

    But since you are advocating a second Civil War, I’d rather call you a coward Benedict Arnold who should probably move to Saudi Arabia. Traitor!

    1. If you think I’m “advocating” for a civil war, you’re one dumb motherfucker. I’m warning morons like you what is inevitably coming if you don’t apply the brakes.
      I don’t want a civil war. Sadly dumbfucks like you get a vote too.

    2. “started as protests against the killing of a black man (George Floyd) by a convicted policeman”

      Remind me what they spent a year rioting and looting about since the system worked exactly as they wanted it to? The man who killed him was convicted.

      Now explain how someone can be convicted of a) second degree murder (intentional) and b) manslaughter (unintentional) in the same trial and by the same jury.

      And, are you claiming that it is OK to riot and loot (including killing and injuring dozens if not hundreds of police officers, and doing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the property of people who had nothing to do with the original incident) if you really feel strongly about the injustice? But then you aren’t allowed to protest at all if you feel that an election was run in a shady and underhanded way?

      Or are you just a troll?

      1. “(including killing and injuring dozens if not hundreds of police officers, and doing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the property of people who had nothing to do with the original incident)”

        Sounds like a 3rd world Muslim nation’s response to Mohammed cartoons, doesn’t it?

    3. George Floyd did not die from a knee (not fully weighed) on his neck. His inability to breathe was due to the drugs he consumed.

      On January 6, the people exercised their constitutional right to protest a stolen election. It was non violent compared to the BLM riots that you participated in. In fact, I suspect that you were at the Capital on Jan 6 wearing Trump attire and trying to incite the law abiding conservatives to riot. Good job.

      You want civil war because you are ignorant about how a system that was based on majority rule and SIMULTANEOUS PROTECTION OF MINORITY RIGHTS had been used in this country to keep the peace until anti constitutionalists like you gained power and started to screw with the rights of the minority.

    4. You know what really torques left wing imbeciles like yourself?

      At the end of the protest, Donald Trump did the right thing and told everyone not to riot. But if he had stood there that day, bowed his head, then looked up with resolve at the 100K protestors and said:

      “They stole the election. This cannot stand. Seize the Capitol Building and let the war begin.”

      If he had said that, then Civil War 2.0 would have begun on January 6th, 2021. I’m not sure how it would have ended, or if would still be going on now. Most likely it would raging in Matt Bracken’s Rwanda times Bosnia equation, and all the pandemic/vaccine BS would have disappeared like a popcorn fart in a category 5 hurricane. Because the S#%T, as they say, would have gotten real.

      The only reason Congress and the MSM and the Tech oligarchs are alive today and not hanging from lampposts or hiding in caves is because Donald Trump stopped it.

      Set aside all the kindergarten level rhetoric, the pants-wetting and the hair on fire shrieks of ‘TrEAsON!1!1!!’. Set it all aside: Deep in what’s left of your pea-sized reptilian brain where the fight or flight reflex is housed, you’re terrified.

      And if you’re not, you should be.

      Because your compatriots are doing the feckless, fuck-tastic best to make it happen by screwing all the normal people in the middle, (i.e. the people who just want to be left alone to work and do fun things with their kids), and forcing them to choose a side.

      You guys won’t like it when they choose a side.

    5. Why should Trump have any sympathy for the Floyd family? George was a drug abuser and small time habitual criminal. He was apprehended for attempting to pass counterfeit bills. Yeah, the cops overstepped their bounds; because they are sick and tired of the revolving door that’s been created for these criminals. A revolving door that, gee, doesn’t revolve for white police officers convicted of misdoings.

      It is not a lie that Trump won the legal vote. Every day goes by with more proof of fraud being uncovered, enough to overturn several state elections. America Democracy is DEAD when “peaceful turn over” is based on blatant deception and lies.

      1. The riots were manufactured and incited by leftist pressure groups with the media as flame fanning accomplices. This has been true of every major riot since Zimmerman was acquitted.

        It was intentional, CNN and the networks understood what they were doing. They already knew it could lead to extreme violence like the Dallas police shootings.

        As far as I’m concerned they should have unlimited civil liability for any and all damages, injuries and deaths stemming from the riots.

  23. “The Greater Good” can justify literally anything and everything, up to and including genocide. It’s a universal solvent that washes away all considerations of morality and ethics. Nothing can possibly be too extreme in the service of “the Greater Good”.

    1. I put that in a story:

      But for the ones that want to create a Perfect World…no cost is too high, no sacrifice too great, no atrocity too horrendous. Their goal is so noble and lofty that it justifies anything — like changing all those imperfect people that won’t fit in their Perfect World. And if they won’t change, if they can’t be made to fit — dispose of them. We’ve seen that, over and over.

      1. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” – C. S. Lewis

  24. It’s really hard to know exactly when things will go from limping along to mass resistence.
    In the mean time the Marxist-Globalist cabals will keep doing their dirty tricks.
    One of which is this “equity” thing. They say that historically disadvantaged groups deserve the same benefits, for free, as the people who actually earn them. This is just redistributionism with a new name. And it’s just the same old schtick of the non-producers leaching off the productive! Don’t let them get away it. I am seeing it crop up more and more.

  25. Just a simple question:

    When does the “full on Rwandan machete party” start? Because I don’t want to miss it, and I certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of it.

  26. Let’s play a quick hypothetical game. Here’s the context:

    Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…

    He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws… (and) he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    …altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments
    … suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

    He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us… burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

    He has constrained our fellow Citizens… to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us…

    We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.

    Radical leftist ramblings? No. The Declaration of Independence. How many more usurpations are necessary? How many more lies, slanders, takings of property, livelihoods, rights and freedoms?

  27. Completely agree that the Founders wanted to protect us from what is happening now but we screwed that up long time ago.
    Ratification of the 17th amendment really changed the landscape, turned the Senate into concentrated House of Representatives.
    Changed the whole meaning of the Senate, whole State’s power went to larger cites.
    Why do we act surprised when the country turns to crazy blue cities ideas?
    There is no need to get broad consensus of ideas any more all around the states, just few big cities in that State.

    1. True. Wilson was the worst President ever by a long shot, but I fear that Biden will surpass him.

      Wilson’s damage is still with us 100 years later.

      But Biden’s damage may end the nation.

  28. And twenty years ago the idea of needing government permission to work or go to church would have sounded insane, but here we are.

    Hell, it would have sounded insane TWO years ago! It IS insane! But almost half the country is going along with it.

    For now.
    When police shoot violent criminals to protect innocent people, they are jackbooted fascist stormtroopers.

    When police shoot innocent people to protect corrupt politicians, they are National Heroes.

    1. “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster

  29. I wish I could say I disagreed with you on any point of this. My first child is due in December and every day I feel like a strong breeze would topple the nation. No one is doing anything that could actually fix it and most actually seem intent on making it worse.

    This is going to sound totally nuts, but has your email changed in the last six years or so? You gave it out at the class you taught at Weber and I never used it. Think I may be able to offer you some small sliver of hope.

  30. The simple answer is to defund them. The left is using stray voltage, CRT etc. to divide America to win the politics and control funding. Political control over the budget and legislation will come from expanding the conservative coalition by focusing on the underclass, with every voter won a plus for us and a loss for them.

    The left points to the symptoms of societal dysfunction stemming from the breakdown of the family in accusing America of being the cause of them. The implication is that addressing the breakdown of the family is important in defeating the left.

    Vouchers, educational subsidies shifted to community college/STEM/trades, military funding shifted to emphasize training/education in the Guard/Reserves (other than China focused), government employment changed to short-term commitments where possible, etc. will create a family-like framework allowing the underclass access to the American dream.

  31. Dear Monster Hunter Generalissimo,
    About your preferring to post political rants on FB but can’t because you’re banned there:
    Take the hint.
    They don’t like you. They’ve proven to be part of the Cabal against anything good for individual Americans. Your having any kind of presence on FB means that you are providing them information on yourself, your activities, your preferences, your views and above all your connections. This information is MONEY to them, as they repackage and sell it – including to the bog lizards in DC.
    Do yourself, your family and everyone to whom you are connected (either as family, friends or biz partners) a big favor: don’t give FB or any other of the big soc media outfits access to that data.
    And regarding your rant: agreed.
    The only solution at this point? We are too divided as a country to exist as one nation. Hard fact. Red State mass seccession. Soon, or it will be too late.
    p.s. You’re wrong about the GOP. They’re not incompetent or stupid. They’re IN ON IT. They are simply doing what the Illinois branch of the GOP did decades ago when faced with the Richard Daley Chicago Political Machine – they are playing along as the deliberate junior partner. That way, all they have to do is pretend to be an opposition while leaving all the real power in the hands of the Left, and they get to get a piece of the action. Accept the truth of it.
    p.p.s. Between the vaccine mandates and the Afghanistan debacle, the Repukes should have been screaming “IMPEACH!” loud enough to deafen everyone in the galaxy. But they are just sitting on their hands. Proof positive that they are in on the game.

    1. That’s always easy for people for people who nobody cares what they write to tell me how I should communicate. Back in practical reality if I am able to post on Facebook and people share it there, my articles get read by another 20,000 people. If it goes viral, 100k easily. But thanks for the advice.

      1. “Back in practical reality if I am able to post on Facebook and people share it there, my articles get read by another 20,000 people. If it goes viral, 100k easily.”

        How many of those are real? Do you think Facebook doesn’t make up fake users to take more money from advertisers? Most “users” on social networks these days are fakes and bots.

        Don’t be the Capitalist that sells the Communists the rope they will use to hang him.

        1. Yeah. I’ve been doing this a long time. Those are the hits that come from there to here, and I can follow the track backs as the links spread across various other places on the internet.
          Don’t be the dumb ass who remains silent because he’s too pure to talk in the public square because it’s run by commies.

      2. While I completely agree that you have more reach on FB, please cross post here as well, because there are some of us who have had family harmed by FBs vile lack of security and privacy and do not ever go to that vile place.

        I understand the marketing benefit for you, but do realize there are fans you can’t reach there because they have betrayed us and we won’t ever go back.

          1. Mr. Correia:

            Thank you. I have also refused to sign up for any of the soi disant “social media” since they were all obviously selling my information as their product. I only see your FB stuff when some other blog links to it, like Kevin Baker’s “Smallest Minority”.

            I would be great to see your FB posts copied to this blog, even though that might be repetitious for many of your fans who follow you on both platforms.

            Best Regards, Blackwing1

          2. Thank you. I understand why you post on Facebook but I’m not on there and I don’t get to see it.

        1. I quit Facebook a while back. It’s like going cold turkey on something, but it was an enormous time suck and was enriching people I don’t want to do business with. So please repeat here if you can.

      3. Sometimes the shares don’t work right and I have to post the linkage instead. The word gets through one way or another. “You can’t stop the signal!”

      4. Plenty of people have moved from FB and Twitter to Locals and Substack. Audiences followed them when they committed.

        There are options besides Facebook to sell books.

        1. I love how people keep talking to me like I’m stupid, have done no research, consult with no experts, and am just using that awful platform out of dumbness/naivete.
          (and not the part where I left it entirely for a quarter and had a book release during that to see how it tracked in actual sales)
          Hmmmm… It was almost like I was successful in complex business stuff before becoming a writer and might understand a teensy bit about my marketing and how to best reach my fan base or something.
          Naw. I’m just not ideologically pure enough.

          1. I have no idea what research or consulting you have done. All I know is that your Facebook posts and responses to people are solid gold LOL. For that reason alone I am glad you keep using that cesspool.

            (not that you need any validation from some internet rando, of course)

  32. still think the midterm elections are going to save us next year

    think again

    theres absolutely zero chance that the party who partnered with china to launch a bioweapon on america disguised as an accidental lab leak on the world and a cover up to get trump out and got away with it will let them happen

    1. They couldn’t stop the Republicans from gaining seats in the house, and even in California, in 2020. Their system took extraordinary effort, was blatantly obvious, only worked in a handful of extremely corrupt counties in states that had been mostly blue but flipped for Trump in 2016 and also relied on the cooperation of people who thought Trump was literally Hitler and went along because they thought they were saving the country from Putin.

      Republicans have been winning special elections in reliably democrat territories lately. The cheating machine can generate a large number of votes but only in a small number of places.

      Pelosi has openly been making noises about retiring after 2022. Perhaps she see’s the writing on the wall.

      1. I agree that it is easier to steal a Presidential election than a raft of Representative ones. Only six large cities in six swing states need to be manipulated to do the former. The latter is much harder. I always wonder why the Dems don’t realize that the GOP can use the same tactics the Dems use to push things rightward. The Dems always assume that the GOP won’t “stoop” to that, but they were surprised in 2020. The grassroots GOP isn’t as squeamish as the sad sacks in DC. This might start to get ugly out on the hustings.

  33. I’ve enjoyed your books and your political writing on the site here as well. Have you considered using a pen name and contributing to the “Gunshow” book genre? I’m referring to the classic pro-freedom books one finds at the best and largest gun shows. For example, the good John Ross “Unintended Consequences” book or the “not too bad” Matt Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign or Domestic” series. Schlicter’s series is good but Trump sabotaged his timeline and it lost it’s punch. Such a book from a high level pro would be an important contribution to patriot morale right now. Thanks.

  34. Five decades of voting for grifters and degenerates has consequences.

    “Posterity” was just a diet fad to previous generations. To anyone afterward, it’s a myth.

  35. Not that I want to cause you any extra headaches or anything, but I find your political rants very entertaining. Any chance we could get an archive of the crap you have to deal with somewhere else? Only asking because I told Facebook to screw itself and nuked my account back in February…

  36. And to the people that are waiting for the mid-term election, so we can vote “harder”, consider these facts:

    The true power rests with those that count the votes, run the elections, make the voting equipment, own the judges, and pick the candidates.

    The last election was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and the majority of the Republican office holders didn’t protest because they get their cut of the spoils and have for the last 70 years.

    And notice that all of Congress and the USPS is exempt from the ineffective, dangerous, experimental unnecessary mRNA mandate. Makes you wonder why?

    Congress as a body is currently above the law. Especially those on the blue side.

    And the USPS is the conduit through which all the fraudulent mail-in election ballots flow. Enough evidence and power exist there to jeopardize the current mobsters in charge plans. And imagine the chaos of significant percent of the mail lost or merely delayed for a couple of weeks.

    Elections on a national level are deader than Monty Pythons parrot. There is no voting our way out of this.

    1. Anyone that believes in the “Republican Party” above maybe the local level is dangerously naive. The reality is that they’ve been the willing and witting co-conspirators with the Democrats for generations, now–And, to trust them is to allow yourself to be gulled yet again. Do remember what the Republicans did to the Tea Party, with Obama’s help and connivance.

      After McCain and his little refusal to gut Obamacare that he’d campaigned on, the handwriting was up on the wall, in ten-foot unmistakably clear lettering. If you believe in anything these crooked bastards tell you, you’re falling for the con yet again.

      At this point, I think the Republicans are actually worse than the Democrats. The Democrats are telling us what they want to do, and then doing it. The Republicans are telling us what we want to hear, and then doing the same damn things the Democrats want instead of what we demand of them.

      It’s not two parties; it’s the Uniparty, acting for themselves.

      Look around you–Does this not look like a classic Mafia bust-out operation? We’ve allowed the crooks to take over and thrive, and they’re busting out the enterprise with malice aforethought, just like they do with some legitimate company they take over from within.

      Mark Twain was joking about Congress being “…America’s only true native criminal class…”, but they’ve gone and made that a reality. Nancy Pelosi’s family came out of the Baltimore organized crime environment, and if you think she’s not working to a plan from that milieu, I’d like to offer you an option on the Brooklyn Bridge…

      1. Please regale me more with tales about how the people who want to put me in a re-education camp and kill me are just the same as the people who sit on their ass doing nothing.

        The Republicans may be useless.

        But the Democrats are god damn motherfucking complete danger to our survival!!!

        1. The Republicans, by misdirecting energy into unproductive channels instead of towards those who are a motherfucking complete danger to our survival, prove they are on the same team as those who are a motherfucking complete danger to our survival. At best the GOP serves as a release valve – letting the civic pressure cool off and the frog get used to the new temperature – before they ratchet up the temp again with the next Dem incursion. Suggesting they aren’t knowingly complicit in that process at this point is naive.

        2. Do you realize that if the Republicans were really on your side, they could have stopped this a long time ago, right?

          The Republicans are worse than useless: they’re a very public, barely token resistance, who are playing for the other team. They will be perfectly happy if the Left puts you in a re-education camp. They’ll be able to campaign on it and raise money and then never do a thing about it.

          You’ll be able to raise too much funding for them in the camps. They free you and they lose an issue make money with.

        3. They’re the same people, dumbass. Listen to George W. Bush, if you don’t believe me.

          It’s not a case where they’re “fighting the good fight”, they’re actively playing for the other team, with very few exceptions. Did you not note what Trumps disastrous first Attorney General did? What McConnell did to stonewall anything Trump came up with, and is doing, expediting the Biden judges?

          It’s far past time to recognize that they’re all on the same team, which is not ours. It’s all about looting the treasury and sticking us with the bills for it, while tearing down the country around our ears, turning us into peons to work on their vast tax-supported wastelands they’ve turned our major cities into.

          The Republican Party is equally guilty in all of this. Did you not note the names of who else was working for Burisma? Do you not wonder why they’re so reticent about it all, and why they shut down the Ukraine investigation so readily? Why they were going after Trump in the first damn place?

          Who was it that released the fake bullshit to the media? Was it a Democrat? No, it was fucking McCain, concerned that his corruption gravy-train might be revealed and cut off.

          Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Republicans are any better; that’s how they get you. You vote for them, and you get more of the same, just slowed down a little. Why? Because they’re not on your side, they’re on their side, and that side ain’t ours or looking out for any of us outside the Beltway.

          You wonder how this crap happened? Look at where trusting the Republican establishment got Trump; they rolled his ass so handily that it’s not even funny. My guess is they’ll do it again, if he wins in 2024, but I’m expecting there to be something that gets in the way of that, like a convenient “accident”, a “health crisis”, or something else a lot more overt. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they’re not dusting off the old operational plans from Dallas, with the intent to blame it on “Right-wing Insurrectionists”. Whatever happens, it’ll be a little too pat, a little too convenient, and just like with Oklahoma City, they’ll turn it into an excuse to go after their opposition.

          1. Yeah.

            Exactly WTH is wrong with the Republicans is unclear.

            Trusting them to make things secure for us is like trusting Vidkun Quisling to save us from the Holocaust.

            At best, they were not quite prepared for things to be as insane as Biden appears to be driving them. But, Romney, McCain and Bush are evidence that where ever this is going, they are for it.

            I’ve been talking a lot of optimism, but there is no good that can come from trusting Republican politicians to bail us out.

            Possibly the explanation is as innocent as blackmail or hostages.

            This is not a situation where we can simply elect good people, and trust that they will do good things. Possibly we could elect officials and have them be worth trusting if we could be careful of who they brushed shoulders with, and if they were more frightened of us than they were of the opposition, but I’m skeptical.

    2. USPS contributed to my loss of this year’s election for select board. They held up 1/3rd of the local GOP committee mailers until delivery the DAY of the election, and didn’t deliver the other 2/3rds until 6 weeks afterwards.

      I’ve worked for USPS. That sort of thing never happens by “accident”.

  37. I actually don’t think this is about drawing attention away from Afghanistan, nor do I think Afghanistan was a botched job. I think it was executed to perfection as a way to hand it over to China. Biden has accepted his role as sacrificial lamb in exchange for the presidency. He will botch the job in Afghanistan and be blamed, so that it’s seen as senility, not malice. He will also implement Chinese-style tyranny, through mandates. This has weakened the military, and will facilitate the transition to centralized global identification certificates.

    Many people will, and are, rightly finding this abhorrent. This is the genius of Biden’s Faustian bargain: because he’s slated for execution via the 25th amendment, he doesn’t need to worry about pleasing a base of voters. He’s a political suicide bomber. Once he is detonated, and Kamala replaces him, the propaganda will announce that the cause of the problems are gone, and we are safe. Of course, by that point the tools of subjugation will already be in place. China will invade Taiwan, and the US military, weakened by wokeness and crippled by opposition to internal vaccine mandates, will do nothing. China and Russia have cornered the lithium and opium trades in Afghanistan. A social credit system will be well on its way to being implemented. Booster shots will be mandated, in perpetuity.

    Biden will potentially be blamed for the tanking economy. But that presumes a desire for the economy to be robust and antifragile. Putting aside the benefits foreign powers have when the US economy struggles, the government is actually incentivized TO have a struggling economy, because that facilitates the transition to more centralization, UBI, and a central bank digital currency. At least one nation has announced that people who have not been vaccinated will not have access to the banking system. This is significant regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, since it shows a government’s willingness to unbank citizenry as a means of coercion. Other tools of coercion on the horizon include denial of unemployment, benefits, health care, and social security (though that’s fleeting – it’s due to run out in just over a decade).

    When framed holistically as a push towards centralization, Afghanistan becomes a tremendous success. It knits together with more variants, more vaccines, and greater danger, as well as more lockdowns, since centralization benefits from a subjugated population. In terms of incentives, a centralized government prefers a serf class in a troubled economy, and a virus that can be leveraged into a forever war.

    All of which is to say: the centralized power source prefers Afghanistan be seen as a fuck up, to make Biden’s removal seem proper and good. It’s a jangling key that hides intentions that transcend America as a singular nation-state.

  38. With respect to voting, I’d give Curtis Yarvin’s recent appearance on Tucker, where he explains that in order to have the same executive power as FDR, a president today would need to have 100x the power that he has now. Or she – sorry President Kamala.

  39. I have been amusing myself watching Kamala Harris slowly distance herself and throw shade on the CiC. Two hours before the Vaxx Edict, she gave an address about body autonomy and personal healthcare choices.

    Now I know that this speech was primarily directed at the TX abortion law, however Harris isn’t dumb. She is any number of other things, but she isn’t dumb.

    I suspect she is setting herself up to appear (slightly) more constitutional tyrant if/when the CiC is cleared out.

  40. The fact that the Left, which claims so often, relentlessly to care about feelings keeps completely dismissing the mental and emotional toll of these nonstop edicts tells me far, far too much about their actual goals.

    Back in the spring, when for a brief, glimmering moment things looked hopeful, I went to a party with friends. I hadn’t been able to see any of them in almost a year and a half. It was so good just to visit, laugh, eat, hug.

    Afterward at home….it was like some internal dam burst. All the misery, the loneliness, the hopelessness, the fear and pain I’d been pretending I didn’t feel came rushing out in a torrent. I sobbed for an hour.

    That sort of despair has built and built and BUILT over this past couple years. And here we have the Left gleefully crowing about how they want to pile on more suffering until they get their way.

    …. Eventually, that sort of pain won’t just build. It will explode. And unlike their carefully coordinated “summer of love” they will -not- be able to manipulate the results. ????

  41. What the left doesn’t realize is that when the sheepdogs turn into wolves, they show no mercy.

    If you doubt it, just read about the U. S. A. in WW II.

    1. I don’t know why your post set me off, or if my being set off is even justified, but there’s a quality of “expectation” about the sheepdogs showing up to save the sheep yet again that just really outrages me. You might not deserve this diatribe, but there are a bunch of people out there who sure as hell do, and they need to hear this, rather than wait for someone to come save them from their own damn folly. Yet again.

      The “you” below is not addressed at TANSTAAFL, per se. It’s more a cri-de-coeur directed at all the generally apathetic assholes who’ve allowed all of this to happen around us, the majority Democrat voters and enablers who think that everything done by that criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party is just hunky-dory and wunnerful, wunnerful stuff. If Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are heroes of yours? You’re the “You” I’m talking to.

      When I say “America”, I’m not talking about the America I served, either. I’m talking about the “America” of reality and demonstrated conduct, the one that left men and women behind in Afghanistan and then went off to blame Texas and Texans for trying to save human life yet in the womb. The America I thought I served and sacrificed for was, I fear, a figment of mine and other’s imaginations. The reality of “America”, as run by the Democrat/Republican Uniparty criminal conspiracy…? That’s another entity, entirely. I don’t begrudge a damn thing I did or gave up for those of you who were similarly gulled, but the rest of you lot of feckless idiots, taken in by the manifestly crooked and transparently corrupt? Y’all can go straight to hell in the handbasket you’ve wrought through inattention, malfeasance, and apathy.

      The sheepdogs aren’t coming to your rescue. They’re the ones who have been trying to do that for the last several decades, only to be ignored and derided, undercut and betrayed, over and over again.

      What’s going to happen is that most of them, the sane ones you’d want running any “revolution” you might hope to see as a solution, are burned out and disgusted with the lot of you, the vast mass of idiots that brought us to this with their laziness and inattention.

      So, what’s going to happen is that the actual “sheepdog” types are going to nod their heads and watch from the sidelines as the real wolves come to the fore and rip the guts out of all of us, and they’re going to do it because they don’t see any way to energize the apathetic and uncaring mass of you out there. You’re not going to care until you’ve seen someone you love die in the chaos, and maybe then you’ll be willing to stand up for what’s right alongside the sheepdog types who you should have paid attention to, starting decades ago. You’ve lessons to learn, the hard way, which we’ve been unable to teach you.

      I don’t think there are going to be too many of those guys willing to extend a fingertip, though. They’ve gotten burned by the apathetic too many times, and they’re not going to move until they see that the apathetic masses are actually willing to do for themselves, rather than wait for some dumbass white-knight fool to come to their rescue.

      There comes a point when even the white knights are tired of rescuing the idiot princess that keeps wandering into the dragon’s den over and over again…

      In other words, you’re on your own, buddy. Deal. All y’all have made this world, by not paying attention and allowing the corruption to set in and fester.

      If you’re outraged at what happened in Afghanistan to all of those who rallied to us, the wasted lives of our servicemen, then where the hell were you when this same exact cabal of crooks did that same exact thing to the Vietnamese who made the exact same mistake of trusting “America” and Americans?

      Read some history. Note the same steps taken by the Congress of these supposedly United States, led by the same evil poltroons we’ve put in charge, yet again. Vietnam? Note-for-note, same things done there that were done in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of support, the cutoff of logistics and intelligence. Nearly identical, too–Look at the way we pulled aviation maintenance support and munitions for the South Vietnamese, and how we did the same thing to the Afghanis.

      How is it possible that Joe Biden had a career in Congress after what he did in the aftermath of Vietnam…? How did Teddy Kennedy keep getting elected, after what he did? John Kerry? Any of them?

      How do you look yourself in the eyes, every morning, after having tolerated those men in office after they demonstrated their “good character”?

      I really should have learned what to expect from “America” and its people after watching what happened to Vietnam and all the men we sent off to die there. There were a few moments of outrage, but the vast mass of you? You rolled over, hit “snooze”, and never addressed a goddamn thing about what the Democrat traitors did to that country and the people who believed in our BS–After getting us involved there and assassinating their president. Then, blaming their co-dependent Republican patsies for the whole war, just like they did with the whole Civil Rights filibuster deal. Amazing, to me, how many of you morons bought and continue to buy that line of bullshit.

      Frankly, I’m embarrassed at my naivete, thinking that any of you had really changed. Same shit, different country, and in ten years, it’ll be the same bullshit all over again, as “America” allows the crooks to run the game. I look back at my career in the military now with a certainty that I was more a Judas Goat than anything positive, and if I could do it over again, I would not.

      We should have just cut to the chase and surrendered you lot to the Communists back in the day, because that’s exactly what “America” did behind our backs, piecemeal and by design intent.

      No, sweetheart… The sheepdogs are not going to be putting themselves in between you and the wolves. Likely, not ever again. Frankly, this former sheepdog is starting to arrive at the inescapable conclusion that his natural place isn’t with the feckless sheep, but the wolves…

      All you little sheepsies had best learn to fend for yourselves, because I seriously doubt that there are enough naive and simple fools to trustingly do the dirty work for any of you, ever again. Don’t hope for rescue, because it ain’t coming–All y’all should have paid attention and dealt with the traitor class forty years ago, instead of returning them to office again and again and again, ‘cos you liked the way they talked, all purty and nice.


      I used to believe. In a lot of things. Watching the last few weeks? I don’t believe in shit anymore, most especially in the vast majority of my “fellow Americans”, who’ve yet again proven they don’t deserve any of the sacrifices made by my dead, the men and women I trained and led for 25 years of my life. I made a willing sacrifice of those years, my most productive, thinking it meant something. What I’ve come to conclude is that it was a huge waste, not because of anything I or my fellow soldiers did, but because this nation is honestly not worth the sacrifice now, nor was it ever, at least in my lifetime. Y’all should be proud of yourselves, ‘cos that’s all on you: You made this.

      Joe Biden has been doing his thing in Congress since the early 1970s, and constantly got re-elected. None of his constituents had a problem with that, and that’s why I have a problem with them. Same with the mass of the body politic–This shitstorm we have coming? It’s all on you, and you mostly all deserve it. You did nothing at all about what these creatures did in Vietnam and the aftermath, so when you put them in charge of Afghanistan? Did you really expect anything else?

      If you think I’m bitter and pissed-off, you’d be entirely correct. One of my dead from Afghanistan came to mind, this morning, and I don’t know why. All I know is that none of you fuckers out there that looked the other way and voted Democrat in the last forty years were worth what she gave for you, which was her all-and-everything.

      I’m proud to have served beside her, and under her authority. I’m not so proud of having been a part of the institution that got her killed and then made her sacrifice utterly meaningless. I really hope that Milley and the rest of his crew of profiteering assclowns get to answer some questions from her and the rest of our dead we left in the Graveyard of Empires. I doubt that will happen, because if there’s any justice in the afterlife, Milley and company will be in a far different locale than 1LT Walker is.

      Yeah, so don’t expect someone else to solve your problems for you. On behalf of myself and the other sheepdogs I know, I’d like to pass on that the sheep are on their own, from here on out.

      News flash for the clueless: There is an unwritten, unspoken rider on that oath of enlistment all we lower enlisted swine take upon enlistment into the forces, and that covenant is that you assholes are worthy of what we’re putting on the line, and that you, through your elected representatives, will not allow our lives to be wasted meaninglessly, nor that you will tolerate our sacrifices and bonded words to be dishonored by those you put in authority over us. You’ve broken that covenant, “America”, and you’re going to pay betrayal’s price. The rest of you, the real America I thought I served? Sadly, you’re collateral damage due to the criminals that other “America” put in charge and tolerated.

      There’s a term out there, TWANLOC, Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen. I used to think that was an over-reaction, that it exaggerated the differences between citizens. Now? Now I think it doesn’t go far enough, isn’t cruel enough to express how I feel about the people who brought this on. And, sadly, that’s most of you apathetic, sorry excuses for Americans. You let this happen; you created the conditions. You will reap the whirlwinds you sowed, and I’m going to enjoy watching the denouement, even if I do it from the next bunk over in the re-education camps your apathy and feckless cluelessness have likely made inevitable. I believed in you sorry bastards, once; won’t be making that mistake, ever again. Y’all are on your own.

      1. Just one question, do you think the elections to reelect Biden were any fairer than the 2020 presidential election? A lot of people have learned that they’re not actually getting what they’re voting for.

        1. Don’t know, don’t care. Biden and the rest of criminal cabal behind him are in office because enough of the electorate didn’t care enough to put a stop to the election being stolen in plain sight. That’s not on the Democrats–They’re just doing what they always do. To the applause and approval of their voters.

          The “opposition”, namely the Republican frauds who enable everything the Democrats do, and who refuse to unroll any of their BS when they’re in power, because they’re in on it with them? They’re who I blame the most.

          And, frankly… An electorate that could continuously return Joe Biden or Teddy Kennedy to power, after what they did to Vietnam, only for them to do it all over again with Afghanistan?

          That electorate isn’t worth dying for, and it sure as hell isn’t worth killing for.

          Which is what really disturbs me, the most: Not the deaths of my comrades. We all knew the nature of the job when we signed on the dotted line and donned the uniform.

          No, what hurts the most? All the people we killed in your names. All the useless, pointless death we brought to regions of the world, at your behest, that already know nothing but misery. We added to it, thinking you sorry fucks were serious about what you sent us out to do. Then, you worthless shitnozzles elected one Barack Obama, who turned Iraq into a shitshow and doubled down on Afghanistan, and then repudiated the guy who wanted us out cleanly, only to elect Joe Biden, who promptly did the exact same things in Afghanistan that he and his pioneered in Vietnam and Iraq. Same beat, same tempo–And, enough of the electorate went along with it, to include most of the sorry fucking assholes like Milley and Mattis that I once respected as senior leaders of our military services. All of whom you approved of, through your continuous re-election of the shitstains in Congress that approved their ranks.

          We’ve seen one Marine Lieutenant Colonel with the balls to call bullshit on all of this, and that’s the one guy I can look at with pride in my military service. He did what real men, real leaders, should have been doing from the beginning of this shitshow, which is to lay it on the line and say publicly what they thought about the orders they were given. His name will be studied in the future, if this country has any. I rather doubt it actually deserves one, at this point.

          Given what we’ve done? In your name? I honestly feel like it was probably more virtuous to have signed up for the fucking Waffen SS, who at least had the virtue of being exactly what they said they were, up front. Us, on the other hand? We went in speaking all the right words, mouthing the platitudes, and then did the diametric opposite in actual practice and conduct. We tolerated a man in office who boasted about killing other human beings by remote control, saying he was “pretty good at this killing thing”, when in actual fact, there was enough collateral damage with many of those drone strikes to have gotten a PFC or a Second Lieutenant up in front of a court martial for killing civilians and other illegal targets.

          “America” deserves everything it gets, in the coming years. The America I thought I served? It deserves a decent burial–We’ve kept it above ground far too long, and the corpse is stinking.

          If I seem bitter? Well, it’s because I am. If I could say one thing, collectively, to all the sorry fucks that put creatures like Biden into office in the first place, and then kept sending his grifting ass back to represent them, knowing what he was by his performance? I’d say this: Fuck you. Fuck your sorry, apathetic asses, and everything about you. We killed for you, at your behest, at the orders of the sorry creatures you put in command over us. We trusted you to know what you wanted, and stay the course. You betrayed that faith, and did so with uncaring, unheeding malice. So, cordially… Fuck you. Won’t be fooled again.

          The rest of you, who had no part in this? Who didn’t vote for these creatures, who paid attention and tried to stop it? Well, now you know how I feel about the ones who did, and if you feel like I’m insulting you, personally? I’m really not. These last few days ain’t been easy for me, and I’m gradually coming to terms with the fact that most of my life’s work was utterly pointless, wasted, and in the service of actual, genuine evil.

          I really thought I understood the bitterness and rancor of the Vietnam-era guys. Turns out, until these past few days? I really, truly, did not.

          1. Assuming I live through this, I’m really not looking forward to having to clean out these American Augean Stables. I’m not as smart as Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, et. al.

          2. Personally, I vomited when Clinton the draft dodger was elected in 1992, because it told me that my country had no problem with who he was. I’ve been under no illusions since then.

          3. I wasn’t a combat veteran. (Chair force lab rat).

            I’m going through a much milder version of the same things though: So much time spent in a good faith effort to do my part for the country (as a sane country worth defending would need its citizens to occasionally do), all those years spent trying to do the right thing only to have it become the wrong thing because the whole effort was lead and infested by inexpressibly callous and malicious scum.

            My civilian career hasn’t been a whole lot better, though not being “under orders” is far closer to the condition appropriate to free men.

            (Side issue: How did we end up importing the whole officer/enlisted feudal hierarchy in the US anyway? Who decided “you are property of Uncle Sam” was appropriate to the military of a free republic?)

            So many projects begun, only to end in a pile of incoherent non-functioning trash because management is incapable and really doesn’t care if it works or not, just so long as the TPS reports make the numbers go up.

            Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t spend as much of my life as other acquaintances of mine, turning the crank on futility. I’m sorry for your loss.

          4. @nesalpers,

            I feel ya… The thing I’ve been astounded by, over the years, is just how few of the people running things are actually even remotely competent at doing so. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where more than maybe about ten percent, if that, of the leadership cadre of any organization were worth spit, and who were capable of actually getting things done.

            What I’ve come to conclude is that most of that cadre of managers and leaders really don’t understand how their organizations actually work. They think they do, but they really do not.

            There’s a very illuminating video presentation out there by a former field-grade Army officer who is now doing historical and social work for the Army Heritage and Education Center.


            Smart guy, Dr. Wong. But, if you watch that and witness all the shock and surprise on behalf of the audience, you really begin to wonder at the purblind idiocy of all concerned. I was watching it going “Duh… You’re just now noticing that most of those brilliant ideas you knuckleheads staffed and planned, then put into effect… Don’t actually work? WTF?”.

            Watching that, I experienced epiphany: These guys live in a world of diktat, where their words and writing make reality: They truly think that if they create a policy letter demanding that everyone undergo a “Safety Risk Assessment” before going on leave or pass, that that will somehow fix the problem of people driving while tired, or over-extending themselves. That’s words, and words alone–Yet, those same idiots think that the environment that they’ve created in other areas will somehow not have effect on that very same issue. Same kid they’re telling to do a risk assessment and see whether or not they’re too tired to drive safely on pass or leave is also the same kid they’re telling to drive home through rush-hour traffic after they pull an all-nighter on Charge of Quarters or Staff Duty Driver, and who they’ll think nothing of having drive after 48 hours with no sleep during an exercise, ‘cos they need him to.

            Having set the environment like that, they then wonder why people don’t treat that “Safety Risk Assessment” as anything other than pro forma BS they have to knock out before getting a pass or leave form approved…

            The vast majority of managers and “leaders” never look past their diktat to examine why their words don’t effectuate changes to reality in the organization. They just double-down on the verbiage, and leave the actual environment that encourages employees and customers to do what they do, behaving as if it’s all just inexplicable behavior stemming from irrational human beings. There’s almost always a reason, if you are smart enough to get out of your office and go looking for the real root causes, and then do something by changing those, rather than writing an email or a new policy letter.

            90% of the problems you describe are ones that drove me batty in the service, and it’s only now that I’m long since retired that I can recognize the syndromes and describe them somewhat coherently.

            I think the problem really starts with how we train people to think about these things, and how daily operations condition leaders on the way up to look at their problems. “I’ll just write a memo…” ain’t fixing squat, out in the real world. You have to figure out why people are doing the things you don’t want them to, and then change those conditions. It’s a lot like the “desire path” principle in designing sidewalks on campuses and other high foot-traffic locales: You don’t really know for sure what the primary routes are going to be, for actual users of those sites, so what you do is leave most of the sidewalks out, and then watch where they leave trails. Then, you pave those, ‘cos you’ve let them identify where they need to go from where they’re leaving…

            This principle applies to damn near everything, once you grasp the facts of it all. If you want to modify behavior within your organization, you first have to identify and understand why they’re doing what they already are, and then take it from there by changing the environmental cues you’re giving them. Writing a memo that doesn’t change any of those is going to result in abject failure.

            Which is why so much of our society ain’t working, any more. The people sitting in the seats of power have no idea how to actually use the levers of power they’ve been given, and have a totally erroneous vision of “how things work”. They’re also immune to any observations of “This ain’t working, bub…”.

            Apply this sort of analysis to things like the homeless “crisis” in the Puget Sound region, and you’ll see one hell of a lot of congruence with what I’m saying, here.

          5. Well, obviously, the way to solve the ‘homeless crisis’ is to throw money at it.

            What? Now there are more homeless? Throw more money!

            Because they applied a ‘solution’, and the problem didn’t go away, or got worse, so obviously they didn’t do enough. Couldn’t possibly be because it was the wrong ‘solution’ in the first place.

            And if COVID19 is such an existential crisis, why haven’t the homeless been dropping like flies? They don’t have masks, or plastic barriers, they don’t practice Socialist Distancing, don’t get the Holy Inoculations — hell, they’re doing everything all wrong! They should all be dead!
            “Therefore, if she weighs as much as a duck, she must be a witch!”

            “Burn ‘er! Burn ‘er!”

          6. @Imaginos1892,

            The other aspect of the whole “homelessness in the Puget Sound region” is that we’ve set a situation wherein the parties tasked with “solving it” aren’t required to make up-front objective statements of intent for their policies, nor are they made to set forth metrics we can evaluate at the end of a set period.

            This is wonderful for them, because they’ve essentially guaranteed employment, and can’t really be held accountable for failure, because we’ve never really set standards for what would constitute failure or success.

            Most of government is like this. We just let them keep on keeping on, never calling them to account by saying things like “Hey, you promised we’d have more exports with this port bond you raised our taxes for… How is that actually working out?”.

            It’s mostly our own damn fault. You allow someone the keys to the treasury, then don’t hold them accountable for the actual results…?

            Saying in the Army was “What the commander don’t check… Don’t get done…”.

            Profound words, those. True in all regards. Now, contemplate and extrapolate into the world of politics at all levels: Does the electorate hold the assclowns it elects to any sort of standard, and are they ever further held accountable for failure of any kind?

            Nope. And, that’s how we got Kabul, ‘cos Dimwit Joe Biden was never held accountable by anyone, for anything. He achieved success as a mediocrity that endorsed the betrayal of South Vietnam, and went on from there. Kabul is our own damn fault, as an electorate.

            Which is, in large part, why I’m so ‘effing pissed at a substantial percentage of “my fellow Americans”. Not sure I want to stand with those idiots, TBH. It’s starting to seem sort of… Reckless? Foolish? Stupid…?

        2. @Michael D Houst,

          I’m not sure that a cleaning is possible. Going through and giving all the surfaces a light dusting ain’t going to do it–This is more like a full-scale gut and rehab, maybe even a tear-down.

          I’ve looked back at similar periods in our history, and I think “Well, Obama isn’t confiscating everyone’s gold yet, the way FDR did… Biden didn’t really do anything more than Kennedy did, back in 1960, just did it on a bigger scale… Teapot Dome was pretty bad, too…”. Then, I take a look at the outrageous scale of what they’re doing, today, and I realize that this is exponentially bigger, and I don’t see a way of coming back from it, short of tearing it all down and starting over again.

          Someone else’s problem, though. I already wasted my youth on this soon-to-be shithole, and I am pretty sure I’m going to be too busy trying to just survive to take part in any Herculean efforts.

          This is where sloth has gotten us. Biden and his merry crime crew should have been run out of office on rails back during the 1980s, but we enshrined them into permanent power over us.

  42. “…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of those Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

    Well, this Army of One says: I Do Not Consent!

  43. This:

    all of this shit is a byproduct of the people letting our government become too big, powerful, and invasive.

    and has been since President Washington chose sides between Americans supporting Britain and Americans supporting France around 1795. This informed his warnings about both “foreign entanglements,” and political parties in his farewell address.

    Also true:

    But these stupid motherfuckers are not going to quit pushing until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.

    Any one who uses that quote, “Divide and conquer. Then, unite and rule,” is both willfully AND woefully ignorant. More like comatose mfers.

    1. I think there is a less apocalyptic denouement. The Treasury runs out of money to be everything to everyone. Austerity may be forced on us by the need for debt service sooner than anyone thinks.

      1. @JimB,

        Oh, trust the sorry bastards to have an end-game in mind, one that sticks it to the rest of us. Good and hard, just like Mencken alluded to.

        Not sure what they’ve got planned, but there is a plan, and “the rest of us” are gonna get screwed.

        Of course, they really could be just that stupid, but I find that hard to believe. The long con has to have a wind-up, and they have to have planned for that.

        Or, maybe not. You really shouldn’t underestimate human stupidity, and the majority of these creatures aren’t actually all that smart, despite the reams of paper on their “I Love Me” wall displays.

        Gotta tell you–The more I observe of our “elite” class, these days? The more I start to question the entire premise of IQ, intelligence testing, and the whole system we’ve built up around the entire concept. Something, quite clearly, is wrong with the entire concept, the world-view it encompasses. Whatever it is that we’re identifying and rewarding through our IQ-test cursus honorum, it’s not resulting in an actually meritous meritocracy, and it isn’t working to produce positive results for the general lot of us.

        I think that where we’re at is that tipping point that hit feudalism about the time the aristocracy warped over from “noble defending warriors” into “parasitic leeches out for their own”. At one point, feudalism kinda-sorta worked, with the peasants supporting the professional warriors that could go out and keep the bad guys off, but when that class of warriors actually turned on the people they were supposed to protect and started parasitizing them…?

        That’s pretty much where we are today, with our “intellectual elite”. And, much like a good deal of the feudal aristocracy, they’re actually total shiite at their functional purpose.

        We’re doing this wrong. It’s about damn time we woke up, smelled the coffee (and, the house burning down around us…) and recognized that fact. Whatever the current IQ-test regime is identifying and rewarding, it ain’t actually demonstrated practical intelligence -or- wisdom. Wise people don’t keep blowing a billion dollars a year on the homeless in the Puget Sound region, only to witness the numbers of homeless go up, and the quality of life for the general public go down. At some point, one that should have hit home a long, long time ago, a truly wise person would have looked up from their desk and said “Wow… That didn’t work… Maybe we ought to try something else?”.

        Since that ain’t happened, yet? These ain’t “wise” people that we’ve put in authority over us. They’re mostly… Dolts.

        Far past time we recognized that fact. The Emperor? He’s not only naked, he’s wandering the streets naked, waving his wing-wang in all our faces, masturbating furiously while we all talk about how great his new outfit makes him look…

  44. As I’ve said elsewhere, they’re trying real hard to turn Sodom on the Potomac into Belgrade on the Potomac.

    As such, I’m putting everything I have into canned food and shotguns.

    The saddest part is that Æthelred the Senile has made it so that I’m actually serious about the investment advice… well, with the caveat that “shotguns” should be replaced with the rather broader “arms and ammunition”.

  45. Best case scenario, if we are being realistic, is not waiting on the “opposition” to muster a spine because there isn’t a real opposition, at least not with any political power. Best case scenario is that this whole thing collapses now instead of 20 years from now when people like us are young enough to survive it. That is where we are right now.

  46. Damn good rant. I’m betting it’s pulled off the board less than an hour after I print and post it. No big, I got plenty of copies. Wonder how long before we get an email telling us not to post unapproved items??

  47. Reading a lot about Spain, 1936 right now.

    Also, having trouble sleeping nights, pondering parallels.

    Weep for the Future.

  48. “…until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.”

    And you know, they’d probably blame that on gun owners too.

  49. I liken the left to a woman that has a restraining order against her husband. She thinks the restraining order is at her discretion, so, she can let husband in her life, or kick him out, depending on her whim of the moment.

    Uh, no, dearie, that’s not the way it works. You either have a restraining order, or, you have a piece of tp with fancy words on it.

    Anyway, since the left insists on treating the Constitution like an “at her discretion” restraining order, well, guess what we now have?

  50. If everyone that commented here sticks around and tells their friends Larry not going to need Facebook to promote his work.

  51. Hello Larry,

    I appreciate the rant, it comforts me in that I am not the only one to think of the historical unconventional uses for lamp posts.

    That said, I would appreciate seeing your rants posted outside of FB. While I have an account, I only keep it for accessing postings for the small town I live in and log in 1-2/year. (If they ever hold a Board Meeting when I am not working, they will hear about too – use the town website first. . .).

    By all means, keep posting to FB, the shear numbers there would make it foolish not to. (In the end it is your decision). If you’re concerned about it messing up your site, consider an alternative site, subdomain or separate tab. Regardless, this is simply a request from one who appreciates the occasional rant and wants to preserve what is left of their mental hygiene.

  52. If conservatives were going to start shooting you would have done it before now. Just get your affairs in order and pack a bag for the camps.

    And pack warm clothes.

    1. It’s not the “conservatives” you need to worry about. What you need to worry about are what comes after the frauds become clear, and the heretofore uninvolved start paying attention to things, because what was once unworthy of their attention… Suddenly is.

      That’s when the worm turns, and which way it goes, nobody can really predict. I will, however, point out that the historical record for members of the ancien regime surviving and prospering in the afterglow of the whole thing ain’t exactly what I’d term “good”.

      This is what happens when you let idiots run your country. I could live with competent DemoRepublican cabalists running the show, but the set we have is utterly, irretrievably incompetent on a galactic scale. The implosion, when it inevitably comes? It’s likely to be visible from space, and ring down the ages like the Fall of Rome.

      Or, maybe not. Who knows? All I’ll say for certain is that we’re due for one hell of a mess.

      1. I would not be a bit surprised to find out that the majority of the people calling for this sort of thing are Mobies or FBI operatives, hoping to provoke something actionable.

        Personally, I’m not hoisting shit. I did my fair share when I was in my twenties, and this is what we got for our efforts. I’m a little disillusioned about the electorate that elected Bill Clinton once, let alone twice, and then went on to compound folly thricefold by electing Barack Obama twice. Biden? He’s just confirmation that there are enough idiots in that population group to enable fraud on that scale, and I’m afraid I’m done with them. When they realize the depth and magnitude of their folly, and do something for themselves, if ever…? Maybe then I’ll get involved again, but until I see the local Biden-dementia cases out in the streets doing something about it all, I’m just going to nod my head and continue to point out that the Emperor ain’t just running around naked, he’s waving his junk in all our faces.

        Until they start listening, action is pointless. The problem, in reality, isn’t Clinton, Obama, or Biden: It’s the low-grade dimwits who voted for them in such numbers as to enable their many and sundry frauds. The rest of us are just along for the ride, I’m afraid. The situation is akin to waking up to discover that the guy you trusted to fly your plane is actually drunk, suicidal, and trying to fly you into a cliff, yet the other passengers refuse to take action or let you do anything about it, because “reasons”. I mean, you could start shooting before enough of them reach the same realizations you have, but the outcome of doing anything before that? Probably about as bad as letting him crash the plane, for you personally.

        Up until recently, I never really fully comprehended, at a visceral level, that picture of the one guy in the crowd who was refusing to make the Hitlergruß. Intellectually, I got it–He wasn’t one of them. But, I didn’t get the way he must have felt, watching the rest of the lemmings rush off the cliff around him…

        1. I would not be a bit surprised to find out that the majority of the people calling for this sort of thing are Mobies or FBI operatives, hoping to provoke something actionable.

          That’s a pretty safe bet. Take the Whitmer kidnapping “plot”, for example, where a significant majority of the people involved were FBI agents or paid informers.

  53. I’ll use the words of someone far better at expressing what i think on this than myself, and second, in my opinion to Kipling.

    ‘ It’s easy to fight when everything’s right And you’re mad with the thrill and the glory; It’s easy to cheer when victory’s near, And wallow in fields that are gory. It’s a different song when everything’s wrong, When you’re feeling infernally mortal; When it’s ten against one, and hope there is none, Buck up, little soldier, and chortle!’ – Robert W Service.

    These are the people who wish nothing more than to be left alone, and some cannot help but see that desire and trample on it for their own mad whim, for they believe that victory is all but assured, when in truth, most of the silent ones have not done more than begin to whisper in disagreement. I await, and dread, the moment it becomes a roar.

  54. What shocked me was seeing people in NYC openly boo Biden to his face at the 9/11 memorial.

    When you got people booing you there you really have lost most of your support.

    And now at collage football games the crowd chanting F Joe Biden.

  55. beginning to consider the benefits of a good rapier

    consider though that their paranoia may be real, not contrived — rich or poor, blue House districts are generally dependent on red House districts

    food, fuel, feedstock, military

    this inherent tension is why civilized ancient societies have traditionally been organized with administrative classes e.g. brahmins, mandarins — even the CCP didn’t mess with that model much , just put themselves on top of the civil service system

    the Founders saw that trap, of course — those moribund, stagnant societies could never have ushered in the scientific miracle of the Industrial Revolution with all its attendant applecart-upsetting

    only a Republic will do… if we can keep it

    but the mandarins and brahmins are always coming, and not with fire and sword, but politely offering your choice of gold or lead

    1. I think the blockade of the Blue Cities is inevitable now. They won’t stop pushing until we hurt them. They are too fucking stupid to know better.

      1. How, pray tell, is that to work?

        The markets are in the cities. Autarky for the countryside is a non-starter–You can’t even export to other markets without going through a major metropolitan area, so once you “…blockade the Blue Cities…”, how the hell do you keep your rural economy going?

        Y’all really need to wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. Much as I dislike the facts, the reality is that we’re all in this together until everything decays into a post-Roman Empire world of independent little manorial estates that can achieve internal autarky without anyone else–And, if you think that doesn’t imply a drastic lowering of those things you’ll think of as “quality of life”, you’re delusional.

        That’s not going to stop anyone from trying it, though. Which is why dumbassery on this level needs to be called out, when observed. You say “Blockade the Blue!”, but what you really mean, likely entirely unknowingly, is “Let’s go back to 500 AD”, ‘cos that’s where that “Blockade the Blue” idea winds up ending. Autarky on the North American continent is going to suck, and you’d better remember that. No more coffee, no more year-round fruit and vegetables, no more an awful lot of things you don’t even consider as benefits of those cities you want to blockade. They didn’t get built in the first place because they were frivolous luxuries we didn’t really need.

        1. We can last a lot longer at 500 AD than they can.
          Rural America can go longer without access to markets than cities can last without food, water, and electricity.
          The idea of any siege wasn’t for the siege to last forever. It was for one side to outlast the other.
          And since the biggest divide in this country is urban vs. rural, this isn’t a statement of ideals, it’s a statement about inevitability should we continue along this path.
          If this kicks off, it’s way past worrying about the economy. The economy is what the winners will get to try and rebuild from the smoking rubble.

          1. In some senses, you’re right. In others? Uhmmmm… No.

            If it comes to a “Blockade the Blue” sort of situation, things will have gone so far off course that we’re already done for as a functioning nation. I don’t think that people really grasp the logistics of it all, either–Say they do gin up enough outrage in the “hinterlands” to make people just refuse to send foodstuffs to the “Big City”. What happens when that same “Big City”, which is the regional and international shipping hub for the rural region in question, isn’t shipping things from the rural farmers in either direction? Where are all the warehouses, the rail switch yards? Container ports?

            Let’s just say, for example, that my local region decides to embargo the “Big Cities” like Portland and the Seattle/Puget Sound metro area: How do the farmers get their wheat and apples out, to sell to foreign buyers? Are there potential replacement ports they can ship from? Where’s the fuel coming from to run their equipment off of? Spare parts for that equipment?

            Is someone going to drop it in from orbit?

            The logistics of the whole thing are what overcome any potential for blackmailing the “urban elites” into compliance with the needs of the rural types. Like it or not, unless you are willing to accept a dramatically downgraded life, to include the loss of most modern necessities, you’re simply not going to be able to enforce any sort of rural/urban embargo. I seriously doubt that even the most morally outraged rural types are going to be willing to accept the sacrifices that would become necessary.

            If it does come, it’s going to mean a return to conditions of several hundred years ago, at best. The majority simply are not equipped mentally or physically to handle that, and then the other question becomes, what the hell do you do with the resultant dead zones that the urban areas will turn into, by necessity? It will look like Detroit, but ten times worse. I don’t think that most people will be willing to sign up for the full implications that such a thing would result in.

            TBH, I don’t think most people appreciate the effects that even a relatively benign breakdown of the transportation network would imply. Los Angeles, for example–Shut down the main supply arteries keeping them fed, fueled, and watered? That’s a damn desert, and if things went seriously wrong, you’re simply not getting the vast majority of those people out of there. I’ve seen the projections of something like that, and I’m here to tell you, it’d be charnel house spreading along I-15 to wherever most people ran out of gas, trying to find food and water. Going north isn’t much better, evacuation-wise, particularly if we posit something happening in the Central Valley of California, like one of those lovely flood events duplicating the ones they had in the 19th Century. You’re not getting 18 million people out of that desert, supposing a loss of the transportation networks. Hell, the projections I saw were blue-sky ones that kept I-15 intact, which isn’t something you should rely on in case of a really major earthquake event–And, they still resulted in only a few hundred thousand getting out of the region. Which leaves aside the issue of “What then?”.

            No, I don’t think that there’s a reasonable case to be made for any of this “Blockade the Blue” actually working as an effective tool. There’s too much interconnection, too much reliance on the networks. Consider just this–You can your own food. Absent resupplying your stocks of lids and associated supplies you need to do that, what do you do after the first year or two…? How do you operate your farms, after the fertilizer goes away, the fuel, the tractor parts?

            You want a view into that world, look at what Sri Lanka is doing to itself with the whole “organic farming” idiocy, which is going to work out about as well as the Khmer Rouge program did in Cambodia.

            I fully understand where you guys are coming from, but I don’t think you’ve fully worked through all the implications of it all. Any “Blockade the Blue” attempt that gets made is going to result in second- and third-order effects we can’t even imagine, and it should really be looked at as a true “nuclear option”, because once exercised, ain’t nobody stuffing that cat back into the bag. We’ll be looking at generations of suffering, not decades.

            And, TBH, it’s not necessarily the “urban” types that are the real problem. You’ve got just as many dimwit consequence-blind types out here in the countryside as you do in the cities, many of whom voted right along in lockstep against their own interests, just ‘cos the cretin they voted for had a “D” next to their name.

            I just feel like a lot of this is playing into the whole “divide and win” strategy, and isn’t at all productive when it comes to actual solutions. At the moment, where I am? We can’t build houses fast enough to accommodate all the former Seattleites that want out, and who are completely disdainful of what’s been going on. There are a lot more still stuck there that can’t leave, hostages to the idiot class that’s managed to take over. Blockading them is so counterproductive that I can’t even think of a solid enough metaphor to express my thinking.

            No, much as I hate it, like Ben Franklin said: “Either we hang together, or we hang separately…”. “Blockade the Blue” sounds good, and it feeds our outrage at what’s going on, but as a productive policy? It’s utterly, insanely suicidal.

            I don’t have an answer to the situation we’re in, but I’m pretty sure this ain’t it. The words “backfire”, “blowback”, and the phrase “unintended unforeseen consequences” come most strongly to mind.

          2. You are missing the entire fucking point.
            Sorry. At no point did I say any of this is good.
            If we continue down this path…
            You’re talking about clean water and GDP.
            I’m talking about angry Rwandan machete party time.
            I’m not advocating for that.
            I’m telling you how it’s going to go.
            Nobody is going to be happy.
            And millions will die.

            You don’t think we’ve “worked through the implications?”
            On the contrary…
            You mistake me telling you that if America stays on this path it’s going to end in misery and suffering beyond comprehension, for me advocating this as a thing we should do. Nope.
            Oh, if we keep going this way, it’s gonna happen, and none of us will even get a vote. And it will be awful.
            It is utterly insanely suicidal. Yup.
            That’s kinda why I keep saying maybe we should back away from the whole murder-suicide pact our leadership is currently pursuing.

            So ultimately you have no solutions, you offer no solutions, but by golly, you’re going to yell at everybody else that the doom we see coming is actually doom… And we’re like no shit.

          3. Yep. Rural areas can survive months and weeks without the cities. The cities survive days without the resources from rural areas.

            I sometimes think we could negotiate a new strong federalism with them having city states and us having our rural areas and the laws don’t fucking mix outside of free trade rules. We ignore all their moralist leftist bullshit and they ignore our care for the unborn and belief in natural rights. We’ll trade with them and they’ll trade with us and THAT IS ALL.

            That would take a serious discussion and a serious going back to the country’s founding principles. There could still be some national things done together like national defense, but that border thing would need to be sorted, but we could send all the immigrants they want to their cities.

            We could go back to strong federalism so many ways and survive and prosper. But the vile communist left doesn’t want to survive and prosper they mean to rule and subjugate.

            It’s gonna be war, and what I said the rural areas will have to do will be our ONLY real way to fight back.

          4. Kirk,

            You’re overstating your case just a bit. The technological advances and knowledge do not go away if the urban centers are put to siege. Not all roads go through the urban areas. There are plenty of ways to work around the challenges you mention. Major distribution centers and warehouses dot the countryside well outside the urban centers all around the country.

            If it gets to the point we’re talking about, farmers aren’t going to give a wet fart about foreign markets. Nobody is going to care about foreign markets. They’ll be changing what they’re farming and markets will open up locally and within states. Fertilizer production doesn’t involve alchemy, you know. Without having to worry about taxes, or various federal and state impositions on what they can and can’t grow, farmers have more flexibility.

            Replacement parts are also not produced by alien civilizations with tech we can’t fathom. We have enough resources and raw materials in the country to fabricate and manufacture what’s needed. Some farmers are already regressing some of their tech because the super modern equipment is too difficult and expensive to work on. Farmers are remarkably adaptive.

            The biggest issue would be fuel, but even that’s not insurmountable. We have enough in our own backyard to provide for our needs for the foreseeable future. There are over 100 refineries not located in urban centers.

            Bottom line is, humans will find a workaround. Will the standard of living go down? I don’t see anyone making the case that it won’t. What people are saying, quite clearly, is that the rural areas will outlast the urban. That’s not even arguable. Will it suck? Sure. But not as much as World War Z in the urban areas. A trucker strike alone will bring them to their knees.

            Nobody is saying it would be all rainbows and unicorns.

          5. “And millions will die.”

            well, I’d really like to say “you’re overexcited Larry, calm down” but Derp State fashion sensation Fauci helped accidentally killed millions just last year and he wasn’t even fired, so we can only imagine what they’ll do on purpose

            and it might even be worse than that

            may soon be possible to build a virus using mirrored or other chemically unnatural aminos that nothing alive (not even bacteria) can make enzymes to break down, possibly unrecognizable to any living immune system — major obstacle seems to be coding a virus that can hijack the cellular machinery to do things nothing alive does today, but we’re in the process of learning those rules

            the end of all non-bacterial life on Earth is not off the table

        2. “How, pray tell, is that to work?”
          its not intended to “work” its intended to be a WAR. war doesn’t “work” if by ‘work’ you mean having a healthy gdp and everyone can get food and water and stuff. War is hell. Blockade the blue would just be one of many possible ways that civil war 2.0 electric boogaloo starts.

          Push people far enough and they will blow THEMSELVES up just for the chance to take you down with them. remember the killdozer? Thats what that was. You can disagree with the guy all you want, you can even say he wasnt justified. It doesn’t matter. The facts are he was willing to go on a one way trip to get revenge on those he thought had oppressed him. He knew he wouldn’t survive, and in fact he left himself no way out of the killdozer because he KNEW it was a one way ticket. Thats what ‘blockade the blue’ IS. Its people being pushed and stepped on by democrats so far and so much that they are willing to burn down the whole system WITH THEMSELVES IN IT just to put an end to the constant oppression and abuse.

          the minute a blockade of the cities starts you can bet the cities call in the military INSTANTLY because no one is going to just accept that there is no food, water or electricity any more. Shots will be fired at those horrible evil farmers who stopped shipping food to the wonderful noble cities who never did anything wrong, and then its GAME ON. the whole country goes up in the flames of a nasty civil war. Whoever wins gets to write themselves into history as the good guys.

          there are other ways civil war can start, but a blockade effort in response to oppression is one of them.

          and no one is foolish enough to think it will “work” except as a tactic of war. as a tactic of war to destroy the other side it will work quite well. as a way to kick of a civil war, it will work fantastically well. as an economic plan for prosperity obviously it wont ‘work’ but no one expects it to do that.

          1. Look, let me spell this out for you: It is an act of war, and it is also something that there is no going back from. Period.

            I have to question the entire premise, not least because I can’t see how the hell it would even work, in practice. Say you decided to blockade Portland, Oregon. Posit that the city-dwellers have pissed off enough of their rural brethren that they decide to starve them out, because they’re tired of smoke damage from the riots and all that. Now what?

            Well, let’s see… There are highways, railways, a couple of rivers, and some airports we need to either destroy or control access from. So… Blow up bridges? Set up traffic control points? What are you going to do?

            And, what, do you think that the city, state, and Federal authorities are going to be doing, while you’re hard at work with your blockade? Say that rural Oregon is pissed off enough to cut off everything from about Eugene north to the Columbia; is that going to have any effect on what can be brought in from, say… Idaho? Iowa? Are you going to be blasting trucks and trains off the highways and railbeds? Do you plan to sink ships in the Columbia, to cut off maritime access? Do you have solidarity with all the other rural types, across the nation, who could become blockade-runners sending supplies in to replace what you refuse to provide?

            What are you going to do, about those blockade-runners? Lotta people in your rural redoubt have friends and family in the cities, and then there are those people living among you who need to sell to those cities in order to support their families. What are you going to do about them?

            Gotta be honest with you… Speaking as someone who used to plan how to do things like this in the military, I just don’t think you guys blithely discussing this really grasp the requirements and implications of such an undertaking. It won’t be as simple as “Yeah, we’re cutting those bastards off! Let them starve in the dark…”, and then all those people whose thinking you don’t like will suddenly come around to your way of thinking. Hell, you’re actually going to be making convinced enemies out of them, whenever they think of their starving kids.

            Not the path of wisdom, folks. Just… Not.

        3. You really have to make up your mind.

          First of all, what do you think a truly rural economy is? You don’t need to worry about exporting in a rural economy.

          You think a great power decay is where everyone just sits around while the paint flecks off? Stop telling everyone they’re delusional when you clearly have a warped understanding of how human societies rise and fall on any level. So everyone is an ignorant and delusional about how a rural economy runs, but in Kirk’s world, it’s all going to peacefully decay into…wait for it…a rural economy.

          Sorry Sport, that’s not how it works. You like to reference Rome? Great. Then even a middle school familiarity will tell you things don’t happen peacefully.

          But let me pause a moment to ask you who here is making the case that life will go on just as before if it gets to the point of collapse? I haven’t read the entire thread, so maybe I’m missing it.

          1. gmmay70, I like reading Kirk’s replies. But some of his comments show that he isn’t understanding what is being discussed. At least, not the level it is being discussed at. He commented on how difficult it will be to get the millions of people out of the SoCal cities if we were to blockade. And my first response was “That’s the point! Why in the world would any be let out?!”

            For Kirk, I understand you helped plan stuff like this in the military. So have I. So have MANY of the folks posting here. I’m certainly not rooting for or advocating ACW 2.0, but I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the conditions those who do are willing to accept.

            These are folks who are completely prepared and willing to live off the grid. No more grocery store runs, Starbucks on the way to work, or Chipotle for lunch. They are even willing to accept the loss of rapid professional medical care. They are willing to accept these things, and all of the horror that goes with it (mmmm, Chipotle) because they feel that they have been disenfranchised. Robbed basically. And frankly, these guys shoot thieves and bury them in the back 40. This is the same thing, but on a much grander scale.

          2. @All the “Blockade” advocates,

            Y’all really do not get what I’m saying, which is that your fantasy “solution” to our problems is neither practical, accomplishable, or an actual solution.

            “Blockade the Blue Cities” as a solution implies that there’s a discrete and identifiable majority of “them” in those cities. There ain’t. Trust me on this–There are considerable numbers of “us” bound up in those urban areas, for various reasons. You want to throw those folks out with the bathwater?

            As well, you’ve misidentified the center of gravity for “them”. They’ve managed to capture all the state and media organs, which are mostly urban-based. That’s a long way from solidifying a solid hold on the majority of the urban population–Something that you lot trying to starve them out would handily accomplish.

            The problem isn’t necessarily the cities, in other words–It’s the apathetic nature of the electorate and the success of the Gramscian “long march” through the institutions. You think that separating yourself from those urban centers and their population will solve problems you see, but the reality is that you’re actually playing into the Gramscian mentality, increasing division and stirring up hatred. Right now, a lot of those “urban yout” types and their fellow dwellers don’t know and don’t care about rural life. The day you put your farm truck across I-5 and say “Starve, you mangy bastards…”, they’re gonna start caring. And, do note that there are rather more of them than there are of us, and unless something knocks that population down, the idea won’t end with you ensconced in some rural redoubt, watching the world fall apart around you. The cities turned feral are going to do a lot of damage “out here”, and you really can’t forecast how that’s going to work out.

            Another point you all fail to comprehend is the scale of the thing–How the ever-loving hell do you even begin to throw a cordon around a city like Portland? How much manpower would you even need, how much in the way of engineering equipment to cut lines of communications, how much material would you need? It’s not a trivial exercise; if you had to do it in the interests of, say, an actual disease epidemic centered in that region, you’d be looking at at least a corps-level effort and trainloads of materials to actually do it. Probably three divisions of soldiers, weeks of effort, and it probably still wouldn’t be airtight enough to really be effective. Where, pray tell, are you going to come up with those numbers from your rural hideaways, and how are you going to support everyone committed to it all, including their families back home, running the farm?

            The whole idea at this point is a non-starter, and entirely counter-productive. The division between rural and urban is an artifact of the division they’re trying to sow. There’s no actual reason for a lot of the animosity that’s building up, and just talking about this idea is playing into their hands–I guarantee you that there are likely pointers to this thread in a lot of places, and minds are being influenced by reading what you guys are saying.

            I feel the same angst with these people you do, but this is not the way you fix this problem. Not enough people see the issues the way we do, and not enough have been paying attention to them. We got here by apathy and the deliberate long-term dumbing down of public discourse. Fixing that is not going to happen until enough of those apathetic go-along-to-get-along Biden voters start to suffer the pain and impact from their feckless choices, and they recognize their source.
            The more excuse you give them to blame someone else, like talking about “Blockade the Blue” BS, the less likely they are to have that epiphany. In fact, you’re far more likely to tip them the other way, towards that much smaller percentage of the ideologically invested who’ve been behind bringing us here.

            I have no idea what a program of solutions would be, for all this, but I can damn sure identify things that aren’t going to work. We’re nowhere near the point where you could even convince enough of your neighbors to go in on something like “Blockade the Blue”… If you doubt me, go ask one of them if he’d be willing to give up one of his farm trucks to the cause, and where he’d like to be on the duty roster for manning the traffic control point you mean to establish down there at the interchange for I-5.

            This shit is totally counter-productive, lends ammunition to the other side, and will end in tears.

            I am honestly surprised to see Larry even mentioning it, TBH. I think he’s got a better position to influence things as it is than he ever would, manning a checkpoint. The real problem here is the fact that the other side has captured those things in our culture/civilization which generate and perpetuate mindset and belief, using them against the rest of us. Larry has an in, and he’s steadily been using it. More minds in that vast, apathetic middle have been changed by things he’s written than you’d credit, which is precisely why FB cut him off. They’re scared, because they know that the actual effects of their policies and ideology are about to come due, and they don’t know what to do about it, at all. Other than shutting us up.

            We’re nowhere near the point where it would even make sense to “Blockade the Blue”, and the fact that you lot are talking it up is a good way to speed us up to that point. Things are dire, but they aren’t that dire yet, and we need to keep fighting.

            So long as Larry’s books are selling in the urban markets? There’s hope.

            I can’t quite believe it, but you idiots advocating for this crap have actually managed to cheer me up, as well as light a little bit of a torch for some hope. We’re not quite at “Fall of Rome” yet, and there’s still the Empire to deal with. Trump was more a Gracchi than a Marc Antony…

          3. And I don’t think you get what they are saying.
            Nobody has to “advocate” for blockades.
            But if it kicks off, they are inevitable.
            Why? Because as far as the people who will be fighting can tell, their enemies live there, and it’s one of the few ways they could hurt those they perceive as their enemy.
            How would they blockade Portland? Good luck locking down the thousands of square miles of highway around the city, any of which could be rendered unusable by one dude with a chainsaw or a five gallon bucket of ammonium nitrate and some aluminum powder.
            As it is now, natural disasters, with everybody working together to fix the problem, and a US city is basically totally logistically fucked in 72 hours.
            Now, agitate the shit out of everybody surrounding that area and see what happens. Oh, yeah, and the linemen and road crews (who are more than likely going to be locals who are not fans) aren’t going to go clear roads in places they can get sniped. Not to mention good luck finding truckers.
            Roads. Fucked. Powerlines. Toast. Natural gas? Off. Water? Diverted.
            And regardless of how you feel about the reality of the urban vs rural divide, that isn’t how most of the people feel.

            Again, this has fuck all to do with “advocating”. This is simply how the angry people in fly over country feel, and will act should they be pushed too far. Or one way of many which they will act because they’re getting tired of this shit, and all of humanity didn’t suddenly quit being savage and relentless this generation after thousands of years of mankind fucking each other over. And nobody is meaner and more vengeful than somebody who feels like they got forced into it.

            Hence my earlier suggestion of get the hell out of the cities. Don’t live anywhere democrats run everything.

          4. Larry… Dude…

            First off, a “bucket of ammonium nitrate and some aluminum powder” ain’t going to do shit to a modern road. Assuming you’ve even got the wherewithal to set that off, in the first place… Trust me on this, because I used to do that sort of thing for a living, and I’m here to tell you that while you might make a nice big pothole in a logging road with that setup, you ain’t doing more than leaving a black mark and causing some spalling on a modern concrete highway. Road demolition is a wee bit more involved than just setting some explosives off on the surface.

            The point where all this becomes a reasonable course of action is still a considerable way off, and if you guys would stop and think about it, you’d see that. Right now? It just… Isn’t. Go out and talk to your pissed-off neighbors, and see how many of them are ready and willing to forego insulin for their loved ones, and start pulling guard on the local highways. They may get there eventually, but they aren’t there now, and the moment to start agitating for that shit is emphatically not here, as of yet.

            See all those college kids and spectators shouting “Fuck Joe Biden” in the stadiums? That’s a hefty reason I don’t think we’re there. You guys want to get the ball rolling by “Blockading the Blue”, you’re going to be the human equivalent of dropping a seed crystal into a supersaturated solution, and the crystalline matrix you’re instigating ain’t going to be on our side.

            Kindly avoid doing that, please.

            There may come a moment where it makes sense to do what y’all are proposing. This ain’t it, by a long shot. The conditions aren’t even right to try to get something going, because the polarization they’re trying to engender isn’t even close to being enough.

            And, to help them along…? Madness. Folly. Even talking about doing it plays into their hands, with most of the urban types being simply feckless and apathetic. They’ll be made to care, and what you don’t want is for that “care” to be focused on us–Which you’ll accomplish handily by trying to starve them out.

            By all means, keep a bolt in the quiver, but for the love of God, quit talking about it. And, for fuck’s sake, educate yourselves as to the practicalities–I’m not going to tell you how to do it, but a bucket of ammonium nitrate and some aluminum powder? WTF? That’s hardly enough to remove a couple of decent-size stumps, assuming you’ve got the rest of the fixin’s.

            Not to mention where the hell you intend to get the trained manpower, or conduct said training, in order to run your VCPs and interdiction patrols. That’s another not-so-trivial issue.

            Smart money for all of us, for at least the next few phases of this shitshow we’re all stuck in? Try to reach across the gulf between “us” and “them”, and try to at least work on changing the minds of those who’ve only been “going along to get along”. It is possible–I’ve seen it.

            Work on that, and you’ve damn sure already had some positive effect doing so, Larry. You’ve got a bully pulpit, and should continue to use it. Think about all the “urban types” you’ve had show up at your book signings, for example… You’re an example of “culture jamming” in real life, and if you can reach enough of those feckless idiots, maybe that will stave off disaster.

            Which ain’t to say you shouldn’t prepare for it, either. I am saying, however, that it is way premature to be planning on which highway overpasses we need to interdict and how to go about doing it…

            Swear to God, I cannot believe I’m the voice of reason on this shit. I really can’t, but as a military professional analyzing what y’all are talking about? I have to be; this is not the hand-wave thing y’all are making it out to be. Good god, just rendering one timber-trestle railway bridge from the 1890s unusable took me close to two tons of ammonium nitrate and assorted other accessory explosive items, a day-and-a-half of careful preparation that was hardly clandestine or “tactical”, and the resulting destruction could have been repaired in about a day by anyone who really needed to and was prepared for it…

            Sweet babblin’ baby Jesus… Were you to tell me to cut I-5 somewhere south of Portland, because “reasons”, and I wanted to do it for you? I’d need at least a platoon of Combat Engineers that knew what they were about, a couple of decent-sized truckloads of military-grade explosives, and probably a full day’s uninterrupted work, depending on what you had to give me. Absent specialized military explosives like prepared shaped charges…? It’d take even longer. I can’t imagine that any of them “city folk” would be idly standing by, watching me do it, either… So, you’d need to give me enough manpower and weapons to hold off whatever they were going to use to try and stop me.

            Like I said… Interdicting a major metro area like Portland, under the conditions obtaining today? Corps-level multi-division effort, with an accompanying logistical tail that’d make your eyes bleed. Christ, even the logistics of enclaving yourselves would be incredibly high, although a lot more attainable. You’d have to write off anything accessible to the cities, though… And, they’d still be able to do things to you that you can’t prevent–As we saw with the fires in Oregon last year, there ain’t enough of “us” to stop “them” from burning us the hell out. You have to remember that this kind of internecine warfare is a two-way street… They can do just as much damage as we can, just as easily.

          5. You aren’t the voice of reason. You are the extremely long winded voice of you don’t know either, but you think the rest of us aren’t being optimistic enough about how horrible man can be to man.

            I truly don’t know who the fuck you think you are lecturing here, buddy. I’ve spent my life dealing with your bullshit “gulf”. I am one dude. And I can see the growing anger and frustration across the country, which is why I suspect we are fucked. You aren’t the voice of reason. You are the voice of wishful thinking.

            But the apathetic urban people will be made to care if they get hurt! Dude. They’ll be fucking dead or starving in the dark if this goes down. I truly don’t know why you keep acting like this would be some small scale disruption of society to be ironed out if the right just keeps taking it nicely, OR that I’m happy it’s going to shake out like this if we keep going.

            I’ve been the guy who has been using that bully pulpit to tell people to chill out, only the left ain’t chilling. They keep pushing thinking that they’ll be able to push forever with impunity. Nope. Eventually a critical mass says fuck it. I have been trying to stave off disaster. Disaster don’t care.

            Also who said the tannerite goes on top of the road? There’s a bunch of more useful places to stick it. Duh. How stupid do you think country people are? All those assets you’d have to protect? THEY BUILT THEM.
            But but but they’d only make a pothole! Ha! Out here in flyover country in my one county we’ve got civil engineers, heavy equipment, tons of fertilizer, and at least a dozen bridges which would be rendered unusable without major repair by a single bucket of fuckery, and you think these people who do this shit for a living and who feel like their government has turned tyrannical are dreaming of mere POT HOLES?

            And you skipped the part about chainsaws, because you brought up Portland, Oregon (and by extension Washington and Idaho) and if you don’t have the imagination to understand how chainsaws would fuck with logistics there, I don’t know what to tell you. All you have to do to reopen that road/rail is go move several tons of wood off of it. Good luck. I’m sure there won’t be lots of harassing fire or work crews vanishing. So make sure you send lots of troops to guard each of those crews… for the several thousand square miles of wooded terrain that will happen in… While the clock is ticking for the giant urban area that isn’t getting sufficient supplies until you do. (oh, and have you ever met a trucker? They’re gonna LOVE this)

            You wouldn’t need a platoon of combat engineers to screw up our fragile system. You’d need one angry farmer and the tacit support of the locals. All of this stuff about corp level multi divisional efforts with accompanying logistical tails, did the Taliban have that? Did the opposition in Iraq have that? No. They had about 20,000 motivated men TOPS at any given time, and some local support, all in a country smaller than Texas. But all of these unprotected sitting duck urban areas will be perfectly fine as the country plunges into war against 100x that number of local insurgents with local support and they’ll get knocked right down by the defenders even though there are no safe areas for the defenders to work out of and the defenders would have the same logistical issues.

            You keep arguing against this hypothetical cheerleader for this stuff in the most incredibly long winded way, while I’m the one telling you that whatever you are imagining the real thing is going to be even WORSE. And your corp level divisional element all has family and loved ones living behind enemy lines, and and a really big percentage of them agree with the rebels and hate their boss.

            As for my bully pulpit, again, fucking duh. Thanks for arguing the obvious for a bunch of exceedingly long paragraphs.

            I have to remember that intercine warfare is a two way street? NO FUCKING DUH. It’ll be a blood soaked, country ending, nightmare. It’ll make Bosnia look like Disneyland.
            And yet, the Big Left just keeps on pushing.
            Regular people aren’t stupid. They grasp that this would be horrible and probably kill them and everyone they love and ruin their lives forever. But as history has shown, once people get to that point, shit happens anyway.

            To my urban friends, I’m telling them GET OUT OF THE CITIES WHILE YOU CAN. Move to swing states and vote against the idiots.
            I’m not the guy you have to be worried about. But there’s a shit ton of really pissed off people who feel like the government is out to get them, and all your food, water, and medicine has to go through them before it can be distributed in your city by a local government which hates you. So like I’ve said before, you should move somewhere not controlled by democrats.

            So quit fucking yelling at me and go yell at the control freaks who keep pushing people toward the edge.

          6. I do really like the “dude,” part where he chides me about how hard it is to damage a road with an explosive… Because I’ve never been arounds roads or explosives before, and us poor dumb country folk didn’t actually build those roads, none of us have ever did that for a living, and we’ve never seen a track hoe before. (and personally when I mentioned the tannerite, I was thinking in terms of other logistical squishy bits rather than fucking pavement, and prefer not to get specific and give idiots ideas on the internet) But whatever…

          7. Let me just take one tiny bit of your giant screed and break down the great many flaws in it.

            “Sweet babblin’ baby Jesus… Were you to tell me to cut I-5 somewhere south of Portland, because “reasons”,”
            – Heh… We are talking about the country collapsing into chaos, and you’re searching for reasons? The reason is the people in a rural area look upon that city as their enemy. Reason done left the building.

            “and I wanted to do it for you?”
            – Are you the indig forces? No. Then what you want don’t matter.

            “I’d need at least a platoon of Combat Engineers that knew what they were about, a couple of decent-sized truckloads of military-grade explosives, and probably a full day’s uninterrupted work, depending on what you had to give me.”
            – Uh huh… And pick one small town, heavily forested area, or farm area that road passes through. And the locals will be able to block it by dumping shit on it, tearing it up with heavy equipment, or blocking it with some vehicles and setting them on fire. And then when crews are dispatched to clear the mess, those crews get shot at. Which will require security dispatched from (?). Except while you are working on that, locals in many other locations have already done the same damned thing. All of which will require manpower to clear and protect, all while the clock is ticking. (and that’s assuming that the trucks that are now stuck and waiting in traffic don’t get looted by the locals and set on fire too, creating more obstacles, and by some miracle truckers–who are more likely to be on the rural side of the divide–are happy to go through with all this)

            “Absent specialized military explosives like prepared shaped charges…?” Or trackhoes, or bulldozers, or chainsaws, or gas tanks, or tanker trucks, or fire, or somebody who knows where the water main runs under the road because they helped put it there, or a trencher, or a couple of logging trucks, or a cutting torch used on various bridge supports, or a million other things that these people already all have and use every day while going about their regular business.
            But oh no. Only combat engineers can make a road unusuable.

            “It’d take even longer.”
            – You’d make a shit farmer. Fucking improvise.

            “I can’t imagine that any of them “city folk” would be idly standing by, watching me do it, either… So, you’d need to give me enough manpower and weapons to hold off whatever they were going to use to try and stop me.”
            – Cool. And once these security forces telepathically know where to go to catch these miscreants in the act, I’m sure they’ll be met with hugs and kind words as opposed to long range gunfire and IEDs. The military will be 100% united behind them, as will local law enforcement (who know the area like the back of their hand), and all of the local combat veterans (who also know the local area).

            Again, none of this has anything to do with me WANTING this. It’s me telling you how pissed off people are going to use their advantages to bring great and everlasting harm upon the people they think have wronged them… Sorta like every single other time something like this has happened for all of recorded human history.

            But but but but those urban people will suffer. Yep. That’s kinda the point. But but but they aren’t the real enemy! Don’t matter. And every Hutu wasn’t the enemy of every Tutsi.

            It’ll be fucking horrific if this happens. Millions of innocent people will die horribly. I don’t want this to happen. However, I don’t really get a say in the matter now do I?

          8. Kirk,

            For someone who ostensibly has experience with all this, you apparently didn’t learn the first rule of holes.

            As someone else pointed out to you, you aren’t the only one with experience here. Rather than pile on to the excellent responses you’ve already received, I’ll add some stuff that hasn’t been mentioned.

            If you DO have experience with this, you’ve at least read the relevant literature on how to disrupt and disable infrastructure. The ways to screw up a city are endless. The things one guy can do with a recip saw are endless. Do you know what one guy with a crowbar and access to 50lb bags of cement can do to water/sewage lines? Know what a tractor with common attachments can do to roads? Buried fiber optic lines? Chainsaws work on telephone poles too.

            None of this shit is esoteric. It doesn’t require an engineering degree or military training. It doesn’t even require high explosives. It only requires imagination and minimal cash.

            We didn’t have the resources and will to finish off a legion of 7th century goatophiles in Asscrackistan. How’s that gonna work out against hundreds of legions of veterans and pissed off civilians in an AO 20 times that size in your own back yard?

            Now, lest you lapse into your tired and irrelevant fallback position – I’m not saying the result wouldn’t be catastrophic. Pointing out the painfully obvious isn’t advocating it. But the DoD has war-gamed all this shit out and concluded – in classic WarGames fashion – that the only winning move is not to play.

          9. Kirk,

            I have to wonder about what kind of military experience you have. You sound suspiciously like I did, prior to my time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was absolutely certain that the way we did things prior to those 2 shit shows was THE WAY.

            My time there proved that ingenuity, kitchen sink chemistry, and (no offense to Larry’s suggestion of tannerite) aluminum powder and iron oxide can pretty much destroy anything. Unfortunately, we had to learn that lesson from the other side.

            I would tell you to get out of your manuals and training events and get some experience fighting on the ground. But that isn’t an option any more. I know you said you do this planning for a living (or have before) but my dude, you would make a terrible S3. You are not taking any real world experience into account. Again, as with Larry, I’m certainly not advocating for an ACW 2.0. That would be the most horrific experience. But your arguments don’t hold up to reality and experience.

          10. “You wouldn’t need a platoon of combat engineers to screw up our fragile system. You’d need one angry farmer and the tacit support of the locals.”

            Yep, there are large parts of Mexico the gov’t doesn’t control, and for the same reason as Afghanistan — it’s a big reason why they’re trying to legalize weed. Money talks, Derp State bullshit walks.

            County-level secession is where things might start seeing serious, organized, armor-on-armor, big guns violence in the US. it is a fact that the red House districts in blue states have virtually no representation right now. Eastern Oregon wants out, as do large parts of other blue states. Dangerous situation.

            But no, there will be no blockades of blue cities. LOL why bother, they’re already burning them down on their own at every opportunity! And disbanding the police! And banning fossil fuels! And voluntarily banning trade with red areas over voting, abortion, or etc! Just let them starve in the dark with their pronouns and abortions and mail-in elections, amidst the constant gunfire of street gangs.

            The mandarins and brahmins can’t survive long without a productive subject class. Larry has the right idea, just move away and pray for those left behind. But be ready to defend your rights.

          11. really though in the long run secession is the answer for everyone from Kosovo to Kurdistan to Quebec to Texas

            self-determination for all

            FL would be the 12th largest economy in the world — DeSantis is already overruling federal mandates

            TX would be the 10th

            LOL why do these behemoths need another, even larger government on top of them, particularly if they have to be ruled by people in the half of states who have completely given up on the document binding the Union?

            this isn’t the 1700s or 1800s or 1980s… there’s no real external threats anymore, we can all be our best selves

            let’s sign a free trade pact, establish a currency (you want inflation? you got it! you don’t? you got it!), and move on with our lives… transaction costs for nationhood are the lowest in history and falling every decade

            wish nothing but the best for the People’s Republic of AOC, as long as I don’t have to live there

      2. eh, House district geography doesn’t really allow for siege

        but blue model is stacked vulnerabilities due to high population density, also face steep local inequalities — a lot of fear

        like the old saw “only the classes in between disapprove of prostitution,” same applies to socialism

        and they largely don’t live in blue districts anymore

        1. Having just reread this whole thread start to finish today, I suspect Kirk is either a Fed or someone trying to get a Fed payoff.

          1) Established credibility with long pathos-filled rant about not helping blue and being angry at the voters that got us here

          2) Weigh in on “dude, you couldn’t really get it done. Not possible on large scale.”

          3) Keep pushing the same line in an attempt to get someone to commit to or incite actual violence that starts this off.

          In the spirit of the meme: Prove me wrong!

  56. I see now what people mean by people mean by the media picking Republican frontrunners that they know Democrats can beat. Larry Elder was given all the press attention, making him the doomed Republican front runner and Newsom who was in bad bad trouble looks like he will keep his job. The election is obviously still ongoing and this could backfire like it did with Trump but I see what people mean now.

    1. Did me good to see the panic on the faces of Herr Fuhrer Newsome, the FICUS, sub-FICUS, MaligNancy and all the rest this past week. I trotted on down to the poll and voted, for all the good it will do.

      The only question is how obvious the fraud will be, and whether anybody will pay attention.

      1. “The only question is how obvious the fraud will be, and whether anybody will pay attention.”
        (a) The fraud will be so obvious that you can see it from the Moon.
        (b) No persons important to Big Brother will pay attention. What we unpersons think is less than the squeaking of mice to them, whose language no human knows.
        Sad. I do not see a way out. I have two fears.

        First, Marxists are Marxists. My fear is that they will not stop until they provoke us to an armed insurrection and a civil war. China would swoop in, we would cripple ourselves, and our nation would never recover.

        Second, Men are not Men. My fear is that we will not man up, gird up our loins, and take up arms to fight that war no matter the provocation.

        1. FICUS (acronym): Fraud-In-Chief of the United States.

          Biden was not elected, but rather installed.
          Like a toilet.
          Except, a toilet would at least serve a useful purpose.

          This latest ‘win’ will further embolden the Commiecrats, ‘proving’ to them that nothing can stop them. They will push even harder for permanent absolute power now.
          The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

          1. Hahahaha.

            If that were true, then then admitting the allegations of wrongdoing as evidence into court would have allowed that evidence to be weighed against the evidence of no-fraud that would exist if there were little fraud.

            There are a few statistical inferences here. These may not be obvious if you are in your sixties to eighties, got a BA before your JD, and were last exposed to mathematics in highschool.

            One, if you have enough (a bunch of) ballots that show up, only for a single candidate, you can infer that they were not cast independently. (Some one made them all up.)

            Two, if a bunch of different cases are filed arguing something, and we see none of them admitting evidence or awarding a remedy that is upheld, it becomes less likely that the judges have been independently assigned, and have made their decisions independently.

            Third, that letter of Jaunary 12th, 2021, signed by heads and acting heads of law schools. The one where they imply that certain positions should not be represented in court, that it would be proper for the schools to collude to prevent this, that the schools could collude to prevent this, and that they will do so in the future. The number of law schools that have not sacked these heads, and have not recanted and apologized, lends credence to such a theory of profession wide collusion. Which theory screws over courts as a mechanism for resolving disputes, and hurts the professional interests of lawyers. It is not in the financial interests of lawyers for the public to conclude that using a lawyer is not an effective way to resolve a dispute.

            A number of decisions were made that make no sense unless the election were stolen, /and/ ‘they’ wish to prevent people from talking about that, or thinking about the possibility.

            So, Karl, you are either blind or your are stupid or you are very badly educated (deterministic CS or humanities or soft sciences or something like that) or you are dishonest. You should probably fornicate yourself.

  57. So, speaking directly to Kirk, I want to ask what the hell do you think we should do. You’ve said that both parties are the “same” and we can’t vote our way out. And fighting our way out is something you are not willing to do. So, what do we do to save the nation. How the hell do we sue for peace the leftist bastards that think we deserve to die because we don’t agree with their every political whim? What the hell brings them to the table?

    If they get the power they crave we will either fight to survive or smolder in the gulags at what we didn’t do.

    How the hell do we stop this terminator level Neo-Marxist bullshit that is consuming everything good in the nation?

    1. Ya got me. I have no idea how to fix this mess, and I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s unfixable short of blowing it all up.

      There are way too many people just looking the other way at all this BS, and they’ve been doing it studiously for the last hundred years. How the hell does anyone, with a straight face, look at Barack Obama’s wealth and say “Yeah, he came by that honestly…”?

      All the sweetheart book contracts, all the speech fees, along with everything else: It’s legalized bribery and corruption. But, nobody wants to do a damn thing about it. They keep re-electing men like Biden, and then act all shocked an’ shit when he does the same thing in Iraq that he did in Vietnam, that he just did in Afghanistan.

      I knew something like this was coming, just from his track record. I’ve been railing about it since he won the primary, but nobody that voted for him around me listened. Now, they’re all shocked, dismayed, and surprised that they’re paying four bucks a gallon for gas, and that we’ve just handed over 86 billion dollars of weaponry to our worst enemies…

      What, I ask, do you do with people like that? I cited chapter and verse, going over all the records of what Biden was. Did it do any good? Nope; they voted for him anyway. Rural Democrats ain’t no smarter than the city folk, and they’re just as immune to reason and evidence.

      I really have no damn idea how we get out of this. If I see something working, I’ll participate, but… I don’t see much hope. The real problem here isn’t the politicians, it’s the friggin’ electorate that put them in power. Clinton started selling us out from nearly the first day he was in office, but did anyone care? Oh, no… No big deal, let’s sell off Loral to the Chinese. You talk to people about the OPM disaster under Obama, and their eyes roll back in their heads, saying “Oh, there he goes again…”. Yet, that’s why we haven’t got any HUMINT sources across most of the world–They leave the US already identified to the Chinese, who start openly shadowing them as soon as they get off their planes.

      Hell, on the OPM fiasco alone, I’ve got no idea how the hell you fix that–Every single clearance holder in the US is essentially compromised with that having happened, and I’ve no idea at all how you might go about fixing that.

      1. Thanks for the answer. Like I said, if we could talk to them about how we want federalism to work, I think we could work things out, but the Marxist fucks scream rrrraaaaccciisssmm in our face anytime we say something they don’t believe fits in their phsycotic narrative reality must conform to.

        They’d rather kill us than live with us in peace, and we aren’t going to be able to talk them out of it.

        But regardless of how much you and I agree or disagree on this topic, I count you as being on our side and value your thoughts and opinions on these things.

      2. Just on a quick read through, why are you pretending that anyone else is saying that the inevitable will fix anything?

        How many different ways does someone, or many someones, need to say “not advocating this because it would be a sh*t-show hell-scape,” before that part soaks in?

        1. I truly don’t know. He keeps bringing that up over and over again so I’m not sure what imaginary CVW2 cheerleader he’s arguing against.
          “If this goes down it’ll be super bad.”
          “No, you are wrong and it’ll be super bad.”
          “No shit, dude.”
          “Let me correct that imaginary person for 20 more paragraphs!”

        2. Maybe he thought he was addressing me?

          I mean, it looks like I have been talking about optimism in the face of the 2nd ACW.

          He lays things out so neatly with Yugoslavia, and doesn’t make the leap to the parallels with tensions developing in America, and BLM as the American Izitbegovic. Americans also have oral history, including decades of small betrayals by the Federal government, and everything we’ve learned from those who have escaped communism.

          Maybe he will work it out at his own pace. Maybe he is terrified.

          I’ve been terrified a fair amount. I’ve found things pretty daunting, partly because of my own issues, and my own poor life choices.

  58. You kinda lost me when you said that a few hundred Americans getting stranded in Afghanistan is more of a crisis than 8 times that number dying daily from Covid. The situation in Afghanistan is a damn shame for sure, and we should do what we can to save them, but how can you think it’s worse than the pandemic? I’m honestly starting to wonder if all your shitposting is just clickbait to get more pageviews.

    You don’t even have the sociopathic excuse anymore of saying deaths in blue states or cities don’t matter to you because “wah wah wah, some liberals are mean to me”. If you bothered to read anything outside of Parler, you’d know that most of the cases and deaths are happening in red states chock full of people like you, who refuse to trust the experts. Of course, that distrust magically vanishes when they get sick and then they flood the hospitals to get care from the same experts they were ignoring.

    You’d think someone whose wife just survived a bout with cancer would be more worried about the hospitals in low-vaccinated regions filling up and rationing care, but no, you saw a video of people dancing and it made you happy so obviously everything is peachy.

    A staple of every book/movie/show about monsters is that some characters will deny that the monsters are real or a threat and get themselves and others killed. Considering your profession, the irony here is nauseating. Then again, I have a suspicion that you did get vaccinated despite your frothy raving about not trusting experts, but you’re too chickenshit to say so and risk alienating the audience that cheers as you shuffle your oversized shoes and honk your red nose.

    1. Let’s see. On the one hand, you have a situation that the government can’t fix unless you want to go full Australia (though it wouldn’t surprise me if you were totally into that kind of thing, including shooting the dogs at an animal shelter so people wouldn’t be tempted to violate lockdown orders to get them.)

      On the other hand, you have a situation that the government actively mismanaged from beginning to end and is actively trying to prevent “unapproved” NGOs from trying to alleviate. I can’t imagine why someone would regard the latter as more worthy of outrage than the former.

      Your last name is entirely appropriate.

    2. Lol. You stupid, dishonest fuck. I bet I lost your dumb ass a long time ago. 😀 There’s so much bullshit there to unpack. So here we go.
      A. I am vaccinated. I got vaccinated back at the very beginning of when vaccinations became available for people my age. I said I’ve got vaccinated. I’ve NEVER told anybody not to get vaccinated (I double dog dare you to find me ever posting that).
      B. However, I can be pro-vax, and anti-government exercising unconstitutional authority and mandating it. Government meddling makes everything worse. And if you survive the disease, you still have to deal with the government.
      C. Government fuckery and expert dishonesty is why people don’t trust them anymore, not us noticing. Experts being wrong or getting caught lying but not being held accountable erodes trust.
      D. I also dare you to find a quote from me that’s anything at all like the bullshit scare quote you got there about how I supposedly think its good people died in blue states because liberals are mean to me. I’m afraid that exists entirely in your imagination. (hint, the closest you will find is probably me writing about Cuomo sending the infected to live in close quarters with the demographic most likely to die for baffling and inexplicable reasons)
      E. I don’t use Parler. Signed up, made a few posts several months ago. Don’t even know if it is still around. Is that like you assholes new version of screaming Fox news every time somebody thinks differently than you do?
      F. The difference between Afghanistan and Covid is that one disaster was entirely preventable, the other, despite our best efforts, is not. Because, if you follow the science (tm lol) apparently our best mitigation efforts mean statistical zilch to the virus. But we’re not allowed to compared neighboring countries with wildly different procedures because suddenly that’s anti-science or something. Beats me.
      G. “refuse to trust the experts”, well I am vaccinated (never claimed otherwise, and have talked about it before, so don’t know where you got that bullshit about me being afraid of alienating anybody) but it’s trusting the experts is why I also know that cloth masks as used in day to day life are pointless placebo bullshit. Regardless of how many memes you show of petri dishes growing bacteria (that is 3-100x the size of a viron) and acting like the general public obeys perfect lab level controls, while barking about “science”.
      H. Yep. Seeing a video of people dancing and enjoying life made me happy. Because I realize that our society can either push through this bullshit and get on with our lives, or we can continue to live in perpetual lockdown fear doing untold and unpredictable damage to future generations while we pointlessly drag it out forever. So yeah. I’ll take the happiness and dancing. You can choke on your fear and cower.
      I. Yep. My wife had cancer. Stupid fucks like you who cite “science” ignorantly and used “experts” (as defined as people who agree with you) ignored the actual experts and actual science and actual stats and math, in order to risk her life pointlessly out of fear. So it amuses me to no end to listen to you mopes cry about how nobody trusts you now. Oh well. Reap your whirlwind.

    3. In a discussion between Jordan Peterson and a Canadian political pundit, they pegged how sorry and stupid responses like yours are, Mr. Tool.

      Their epiphany was that the government likes to puff out its chest and solve the BIG problems like Climate Change and Covid, but they are so ineffectual stupid and incapable of realizing how the gigantic scope of these problems makes them unsolvable. So why don’t they just show us they can solve the manageable problems and then work their way up to harder ones? Because THEY DON’T FUCKING CARE!! They don’t want to solve Covid or Climate Change problems but they know what they want to do and whaddya know doing exactly what they want to do is how they’ll solve these problems!! You say it didn’t work?! Then we need to do more of what we want to do!! You say it’s not working and it’s infringing on you freedom, well then fuck you you’re killing grandma!! Do you really think Cuomo loses a minute of sleep feeling guilty of killing old people in nursing homes?!? Of course not, he sent them to the nursing homes because sending them to the ship Trump sent would have made Trump look good and he couldn’t do that.

      These are stupid people who can’t solve a fucking thing. That’s why we bitch about Afghanistan. They should have been able to do that safely, and if we needed to leave a 1000 troops there to keep the peace it would have been better in the long run. But nope they had to cut and run, air support first.

      I am sick to death of the left saying “there’s no way it could have gone better”. There sure as fuck are ways it would go better but those stupid fucks can’t do a single fucking thing right except for saying “look at how smart I am, I grauduated from Harvard.” They are so dumb that comparing them to a box of rocks insults the box and the rocks.

      So take your buuutttt Covid is the bigger problem and go to hell, they massively fucked up in dealing with that one too.

      The biggest “these people are fucking evil and don’t deserve our trust moment of the 21st century was “you can protest in large groups about racism because that’s more important that the virus restrictions” showed they didn’t give a single fuck about anything but running our lives and their globalist leftist narrative.

      If I’m “not going to own anything, and be happy” it will only because I got done shooting every bullet I own at these globalist Marxist motherfuckers.

      1. “Of course not, he sent them to the nursing homes because sending them to the ship Trump sent would have made Trump look good and he couldn’t do that.”

        Makes a person want very much to believe in an omnipotent God, a Day of Judgement, and eternal Hell.

        Can’t let Trump look good. Lost the chance to condemn him for not sending help, but it was still possible to keep the positive news stories out of the press by not using that help.


    4. Red state blue state comparisons are meaningless.

      We have to stop making the types of facile comparisons produced by the likes of Inforwars, CNN, and the NY Times.

      If we want to get to the truth of the matter, then we need to compare equivalent populations. And we have to stop talking like the risk of Covid mortality is a single-factor problem.

      There are multiple factors that have strong correlations to the increased number of Covid deaths. To get any type of meaningful comparison, we need to compare on those dimensions.

      Factors strongly correlated to increased number of Covid deaths:

      * Age
      * Size of the contiguous metro area where the person lives
      * Amount of time spent in doors
      * Co-morbidities, like respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer disease and dementia.

      The average age of the populations in Florida and California are different. The size of the contiguous metro areas where the population lives is different. Is the amount of time spent indoors different? What about the comorbidities?

      An actually helpful comparison would be one that takes similar-sized metro areas, controls for the other factors, and sees if mask wearing or vaccination actually makes a difference.

      That will give us useful data.

      Until then, the rest of it is a bunch of blather.

      1. A few months ago I did a quick and dirty state by state comparison of how many people you would expect to see die from COVID, based on age demographics, and how many people actually had died of COVID.

        Florida and California were actually pretty close to each other.

    5. You’ve apparently lived a significant portion of your life without enough people calling you out for the asshole you are. So allow me to do my part in taking corrective action:

      You are an asshole.

      I don’t mean that in the casual name-calling sense, but in the earnest-personality-assessment sense. Bringing a man’s wife’s battle with cancer into your misdirected rant is about the shittiest thing I’ve read on the internet this week. And this is the internet.

      1. Sad part is, he’s dumb enough that actually thought that helped his case.
        Oh, so political “experts” were willing to ignore actual science and ignore actual expert medical opinions and gamble with her life in order to placate the irrational fears of morons? Then I should trust the experts even harder now.
        What a pathetic dork.

    6. Everything on the above (shit)post was already addressed, but this little tidbit got my particular attention:

      A staple of every book/movie/show about monsters is that some characters will deny that the monsters are real or a threat and get themselves and others killed.

      And a staple of comic books and soap operas is that dead characters continuously spring back to life so long as they’re popular. A staple of cartoons is that characters can get shot in the face with an elephant gun, and end up no worse than looking like Justin Trudeau at a costume party. Say it with me now: Fiction. Is. Not. Reality.

      Particularly for this case, monster films like Jaws – which milked precisely the “foolish unbeliever” cliche well beyond any rhyme or reason – caused a real-life anti-shark obsession that was more threatening to entire species of sharks, than sharks ever were to beach-goers. All because a bunch of idiots, further inflamed by the sensationalist media of the day, couldn’t distinguish fiction from reality. And nowadays, the same kind of idiots propose measures to solve problems that only end up making things worse. Restrictions that make no sense. Mandates that are arbitrarily enforced. The proverbial cures worse than the disease… or literal, in case of some vaccine brands.

      Where I’m from, we have an expression – “Don’t think this is a film”. That is, don’t get melodramatic and expect things to work out like in fiction. And overall, I find this to be rather appropriate advice concerning the zeitgeist of the past two years, if not way longer.

  59. My only comment is to wonder what in the world you thought Trump did that was an power grab. One thing that won me over to him, despite my initial reluctance, was that I never saw him once overstep the strictest conservative interpretation of the Constitutional limits of his office, and, indeed, during the Russia Collaboration Hoax, he waived executive privilege that he could have claimed. He did not send in the national guard when he could have declared an insurrection was happening, but waited, as all good Federalists in theory would wait, but Trump and only Trump in real life actually did, for the local authorities, state governors or town mayors, to call him.

    So what did he do? Build a border wall using military funds? Call the legal but legalistic, since he is supposed to use funds as Congress intended, I suppose. What else? Eliminating regulations wholesale decreased the power of the executive branch. An executive order asking his civil servants to look into how to restrain Big Tech from acting like Big Brother? If anything, that was a toothless gesture, not a power grab. Bombing Syria? Had already been authorized by Congress.

    Anything else?

    1. Shockingly enough, he was remarkably good on this.
      Several times he groused a bunch of times about doing something beyond the scope of his office on Twitter, but then he ended up not doing them.
      So that is a very fair point.

  60. Amazing the legs this discussion has and all Before finding out that Milley is a actual God Damned Traitor!!

    I’m not sure winning the election in 2024, if it’s not stolen, will matter. They’ve pretty much proven they will now try anything to retain power.

    Oh, and they’ve also prove that the entire American “elite” has been bought by China.

    We are way passed fucked now…..

  61. 14 Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward men.

    15 See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.

    1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

    To all of us fighting the good fight to save the heart and soul of our country, and to preserve it for the generations to come, never give into your anger and hate for the other side. This is a fight we must win and while the anger may be justified, let it be tempered with wisdom, love, and forgiveness.

    When everything is said and done, we will have to still live with our fellow Americans going forward into the future. Let’s do so without the hate. Let’s do so without any regrets.

    1. You’re preaching to the wrong choir, bub. We’re not the ones spewing hate.

      When faced with those that have by their own choice made themselves our enemies, declared their hate for us, turned on us with all the resources that we provide to the government, we either fight back or shuffle off to the Gulag.

      What we see in Canada, Australia and New Zealand is what they want for US. Martial law declared over THE COMMON FUCKING COLD! Alles in ordnung! Arbeit macht Frei! When will it end? When the last corona virus dies of old age? Will it EVER end? And they have the utterly un-self-aware gall to call US fascists!

      The U.S. federal government is the world’s biggest corporate monopoly, and far more evil than any of the others. Its ‘customers’ are forced to buy its ‘products’ at gunpoint. A 19th century robber baron could only dream of such power.
      Nobody has so little that some asshole doesn’t want to take it. And the government is full of assholes.

    2. “never give into your anger and hate for the other side. This is a fight we must win and while the anger may be justified, let it be tempered with wisdom, love, and forgiveness.”

      You are a very idealistic individual. I think you have good intentions but reality is going to be unkind to you.

      I want to be left the fuck alone. I want to take care of my wife and mortgage. I want to live my life the way I see fit. They will never allow it. In their eyes, we are nothing more than puppets to be controlled. And when we don’t play along, we are to be subjugated, broken or destroyed. Peace, love and kumbaya is not going to reach them.

      So I’m fine with giving into hate. I’m fine using more than enough violence until the end result is that these people piss themselves in terror at the thought of ever trying to push normal people around again. If they beg for mercy, I would grant it once. And when they try again (As they will), I am fine with going after them, their family and their friends until they learn.

      1. There’s nothing necessarily unloving about hanging a man.

        You can forgive someone, and kill them so that they stop the behavior that they will not willingly stop.

        The issue with the opposition leadership is that they think technocratically, and some of the ones that are sociopaths are also narcissists. So, they genuinely see Americans as an abstraction that they can manipulate using symbols and lies, and whenever it doesn’t work, they get deeply distraught, feel compelled to get rid of the feeling of being thwarted, and try to hurt people until the offenders start behaving the way that they ‘should’.

        They’ve reached an advanced age without learning ethical behavior, they aren’t going to comprehend another request to change their behavior, which would require starting from what are for them extremely deep and profound drives.

        Their advanced age also means that they have an outdated view of effective information warfare options.

        They aren’t going to stop giving the orders.

        There are others who haven’t quit following the orders yet.

        In absence of order followers, or with few order followers, it would be safe to confine the order givers where they can’t directly hurt others.

        Some of the order followers are persuadable.

        And some of the unpersuadable ones aren’t competent enough to be a danger to others.

    3. I try and I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’m a sinner and have contempt for them in my heart. The biggest thing I try to do is not blame Democrat voters for the satanic Democrat leaders, but as Kirk has mentioned THEY gave these demons power!!!

      I don’t know what to do. I want to be kind, but that doesn’t seem to work on them. They are fighting straw men and desire more than anything to burn us.

      Jordan Peterson is 100% correct that to be a good person you need to understand your capacity for evil. Ironically the left thinks they are the ultimate good and are beyond criticism. Their failing to see their flaws will lead to them pulling the levers to the gas chambers with smiles on their faces. They are utterly terrifying. It’s hard to reach out in love to something that deadly. It’s like trying to give the terminator a big hug, it’s not going to go well.

      1. Akshully, all the gambles made by Democrats following the apparent 2020 fraud makes it look like they have been stealing elections for a very long time.

        Which would not be surprising, looking at history, working your way forward from the 1st ACW, and asking yourself (for any state whose political history is familiar to you) whether the Democratic and Republican Party ever really switched places.

        The Democrat loyalist cadres are salty about the alleged ‘Southern strategy’ because they had the place locked down, and about as soon as they stopped the terror campaigns, people started working to vote them out.

        The roots of the modern Democrat city machines go back to when those same machines were colluding with the Segregationist Democrats. The Segregationists supported Wilson, FDR, and JFK in presidential elections, they paid into the Democrat ‘national fund’ of political capital. And LBJ, who came out of a Segregation flavored machine, seems to have set the Democrat’s grand strategic path out of Segregation. The Arksansas Democratic Party, who the Clintons came out of, very definitely has a history of white supremacist violence.

        The institutional culture of a party is partly the local political operatives who support election efforts by fair or foul means. If those in the South had retired immediately, the Democrats would have lost elections in the south immediately. At best for the Democrat version, some of them went over to the Republican parties for mercenary reasons.

        So, the city machines were willing to collaborate with people who would defraud blacks of votes, and some of those people willing to defraud blacks of votes probably stayed in the Democrat Party.

        And the Republicans were under a consent decree not to protest fraud through 2016.

        So, the polished belt and suspenders process of fraud in 2020?

        The Democrats never started cheating. Those ‘leaders of the black community’ ‘elected’ by ‘black voters’? The Democrats must have found the stupidest most self serving sociopaths who happened to be black, and ensured that they would ‘win’ the elections.

        1. The Democrats have always been the party of slavery, oppression, discrimination and hate. The Republican Party was formed in 1854, primarily by abolitionists. The pro-slavery leftovers became the Democrats. By the late 1850’s it was clear that slavery would soon be doomed by public opinion, demographics and apportionment. When Lincoln won the 1860 election, the Democrats pitched an epic tantrum, first seceding from the United States, then starting the Civil War. They still hate us for freeing their slaves, and winning. Why else would they be tearing down statues of Lincoln and Grant?

          The Klan was a bunch of disgruntled Democrats. They were the ones that passed the Jim Crow laws, and tried to call out the National Guard to keep black kids out of ‘white’ schools. Republicans wrote and passed the Equal Rights Act, and Johnson only signed it because the Republicans had enough support to override a veto.

          The Democrats admired Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler until such admiration became unfashionable. They still admire Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Castro and Ulbricht. They support socialism, fascism and communism in all their forms. Big Government is their god, and that worthless fuck Karl Marx is their prophet.

          Until recently, American blacks were the Democrats’ perennial underclass, but some of them got uppity so the Democrats are importing new underclasses to take their place.

          Just today at least 3 Democrats referred to the hordes of illegal aliens invading our country as ‘human infrastructure’. That says it all right there. People are just commodities to them. Interchangeable, disposable components of the Almighty State.
          Biden: “The filibuster is a relic of the Jim Crow Era.”
          Audience: ”SO ARE YOU!!”

    4. Thanks, Yoda, but there is no living with someone who thinks you are subhuman and wants you dead and erased from the histories. These people think of their own kind as nothing more than taxable units.

      At best, we can hope for a semi-peaceful divorce, but the likelihood of that is miniscule.

      You may pray and recite whatever mantras bring you peace, but many of us aren’t beholden to a particular belief system other than ‘defend me and my own by any means necessary’.

  62. I am generally against using lethal force against another human being except in unavoidable self defense or (under certain conditions) defense of others. Certainly I am against genocide or any other politically motivated violence.

    For those who want a machete for more noble purposes (including self protection), I have to say this: my cheap Harbor Freight machete is utter garbage. A decorative wall hanger at best. Stupid thing can’t even be counted on to defeat tall weeds or thin twiggy branches. Seriously, it’s better to reach out and snap the stems with my bare hands. I haven’t tried to sharpen it yet, but I’m not optimistic about its ability to hold an edge.

    1. You had me at “Harbor Freight”. ;D

      I only use HF for power tools I don’t use often. It’s the only brand I fill out the warranty for. That way I get a cheap tool I can replace for free within two years.

  63. In case anyone was wondering where the sudden influx of trolls came from, a certain blog has decided they need to -school- those awful knuckle draggers.

    This would be the same nest of rabid camels that hasn’t noticed Australia going full Nazi over WuFlu, or the fun times in Afghanistan, preferring instead to rehash 2015 Sad Puppy history.

    And they wonder why we put up signs saying “Get Off My Lawn!”

    Also explains the extremely low troll quality of late. Not the sharpest hoes in the shed.

  64. Meanwhile, the disaster at the border just keeps getting worse. Now it’s Hatians. 15,000 Hatians so far, and more on the way, an estimated total of 25,000 or more. They say they’re all coming in through Venezuela and Brazil and then traveling by land to Del Rio, Texas to squat under a long bridge.

    How are they getting there? Haiti is an island. It’s 600, 700, even 800 miles from Haiti to Venezuela or Brazil. From there, they have to travel more than 3,000 miles through South and Central America and Mexico.

    Any logistics folks out there care to chip in with what it would take to move a horde of 25,000 almost 4,000 miles by air, sea and land? How much it would COST?

    This is a major, major undertaking. Who’s paying for it? Where are they getting transport? How are they FEEDING the hordes along the way?
    G’Kar: “Weep for the future, Na’Toth. Weep for us all.”

  65. “These claims don’t make any logical sense. They don’t match up with real-world observation!”

    Taking this from above, in order to have more wiggle room (the narrowing response structure isn’t really designed for long comments and conversations).

    A theory I have – as usual, I appreciate anyone poking holes since this is an outsider’s perspective – is that the American presidency is carefully managed in terms of international image, even when this image isn’t positive. In this case, the Obama-Trump-Biden cycle is a near perfect remake of Kennedy-Nixon-Carter, with a Ford equivalent omitted as non-essential. You have the beatified saint on a social justice platform, the demonized corrupt power-monger, and the idiot who everyone wonders how he ever got the post in the first place.

    To understand why this is done, you have to look at the international situations – respectively, with the Soviet Union and modern China. Back in the day, the Union grew increasingly paranoid of Nixon’s warming relations with China. After the JFK assassination – which I’m confident was a KGB operation, precisely because the US would have no way to acknowledge it without entering into open war – the fellows at the Kremlin were gearing up for a big fight. Nixon’s policies, however, were a response the Soviets didn’t expect – so they would likely have gone on the offensive themselves. However, the retreat from Vietnam, the Watergate scandal, and the eventual Carter presidency, caught them off guard again. Now they were facing an incompetent buffoon, where any large scale strategic action would make them appear as the aggressor. So the Soviet Union went instead to Afghanistan… and effectively died there, getting involved in an unwinnable battle against an enemy far better prepared (and secretly trained and armed by the US) than they expected. When Reagan took the presidency, the Union was already defeated, never managing to adapt to the American seemingly inconsistent and chaotic changes of government.

    Respectively, let’s look at China today. You have the increased global influence during the Obama years, including funding most of the Hollywood big-budget blockbusters… yet they eventually became wokeshit box-office duds, drowning billions in Chinese propaganda money. Subsequently, Trump was widely advertised as being pals with Putin and tough on China, mirroring the position of Nixon back in the day. And with the protests in Hong Kong, a second Trump term would inevitably drive the CCP to resort to drastic measures to re-stabilize its hold on the country. But then a wild pandemic appeared. And on election day- er, week, Trump was seemingly ousted, frothing at the mouth on social media like a cartoon villain. And under Biden’s presidency, we’ve seen all but direct retreads of the Carter years, from a fuel and now international trade crisis, to the clumsy leaving of Afghanistan, ripe for China to set up shop there… like every long-dead empire before it. If the rhythm is preserved, by 2030, the CCP will be officially out of commission, as the Soviet Union was thirty years ago.

    In short, I’d say the frequent switching of parties and policies seen in the American presidency is less the work of a nefarious cabal, and more a theatrical charade meant to keep foreign rivals off guard… and more importantly, away from any big red buttons. In my impression, the actual political makeup of the American population is about 75% conservative or independent, to 25% liberal. But acknowledging this publicly would make a whole lot of other countries wary, and prone to some rather stupid political decisions, and useless but still harmful acts of aggression. Playing the fool every now and then may not be a boon to one’s national pride, but it definitely has its advantages in the long run.

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