Gun Runner wins the Dragon Award

Gun Runner won the Dragon Award for best Military Sci-Fi this weekend at DragonCon. Big props to my co-author John Brown, who is a great story teller and all around wonderful human being.

This is a big honor. Thanks to the fans. The Dragon is a straight up fan award. Anybody can nominate. Anybody can participate.

I’ve won a few times in different categories now so I’ve been telling my fans to vote for other people and share the love. The exception to this is collaborations because me saying that would be really unfair to my co-authors.

My category had a bunch of really talented people in it, any of who would have been worthy winners instead of us. And I hope they all go on to win it in the future.

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14 thoughts on “Gun Runner wins the Dragon Award”

  1. Well deserved Larry and John. It was a great book.

    *Semi spoiler*

    I admit some disappointment that you didn’t work in a 3 way battle between the Citadel, Spider and a Kaiju. Your ending to the fight was probably a better ending than that.

    But it would have been an awesome fight

  2. That was a well-deserved win so congrats to you both. I read it quite a bit after the Dragon awards were over (which is why this post is so late) but it was worthy. It didn’t at all go the way I kind of expected after starting it but I really like what you did with it and I hope you do more. In particular, Jane’s backstory has me totally intrigued.

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