Where have all the Biden Voters gone?

Where have all my Biden supporting friends gone? I remember last year my feed was full of people who proudly supported Biden/Harris, because Orange Man Bad, and a Return To Norms, and No More Mean Tweets. Where are you now?

I’m not talking about the internet rando strangers who inevitably show up to scream the day’s narrative at everybody who doesn’t toe their line. Those people might as well be bots. They don’t matter. Nobody cares what they say. I’m talking about the real life human beings, I usually know somehow outside of the internet. I could always count on you to stroll in to tell me I was stupid and needed to “think for myself” and “get educated” by watching CNN and automatically believing everything on it like you do.

Where are you?

Last year you wouldn’t shut about how all the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption and incompetence was Fake News, and then you got me kicked off the internet for talking about a laptop filled with incriminating evidence (which turned out to be real, and only one of many that crackhead lost). And you were legion a few short months ago, while you barked at me that voter fraud was impossible and audits unnecessary, so shut up.

Even as the economy went to shit, and we went from energy independent to begging OPEC for scraps, and crazy inflation kicked in, and Joe Biden’s rare public appearances consisted of inane ramblings or staring blankly off into space, you could be counted on to show up in my feed to try and guilt shame me into silence… because the guy I voted for said hurtful things on Twitter.

And while our government beclowned itself over a fake insurrection, which the FBI since admitted wasn’t organized at all, and our military leadership focused on “rooting out extremists” (but not Antifa or BLM) instead of their actual fucking job, I could always count on you to be right there to gaslight us that everything was fine, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, and there’s a white supremacist hiding behind every bush.

Then finally, last week, the evil, feckless, incompetent, unserious, fucking clown show that was this administration became too obvious for even you to make excuses for it.

We’ve already seen the bullshit narratives from the pundit class repeated by their useful idiots who might as well be bots, about how this was Trump’s fault (even if it was his plan, which it clearly wasn’t, it doesn’t answer why Biden didn’t come up with something better) or how if we didn’t want a total clusterfuck of an ass backwards withdrawal then we must be in favor of eternal war… but I haven’t seen any of you bravely carry that water like you can usually be counted on to do so.

I’ve seen a few of you try for some namby-pamby moral equivalence, about how surely the withdrawal would have been just as bad with the other guy in charge, except that’s just bullshit, theoretical wishful thinking on your part. And we all know it.

I’m not going to rehash all the many screw ups on this particular operation. Been done, a lot, by people who know a lot more about the topic than I do. If you aren’t aware of just how badly this administration fucked up by this point, you’re just being willfully ignorant. And it’s not even done yet. The unconfirmed shit coming out today, if true, is far, far worse. It’s a blood bath, and we don’t even have a clue how many Americans have been abandoned.

So where have you gone, my lefty friends? Where are the NeverTrump republicans who endorsed Biden because he was such a “statesman”? Who would make the world respect us again? Now the world is either disgusted by us or laughing at us. We left our allies hanging so badly that Biden got censured by fucking Parliament.

Are you silent out of embarrassment? Shame? Guilt?


You should be. Because you fucking own this.

We don’t even know how bad the fuck up is yet. There’s too much chaos in Kabul to confirm how bad it is, but everything we can confirm is fucking awful. Mind bending awful. It’s been a complete cascading failure of leadership. It’s so bad, the biggest question is whether the people in charge are just that inept and stupid, or they’re genuinely evil and don’t give a shit… But there comes a point where somebody is so horribly bad at their job that they might as well be actively malicious. So either way, America is fucked.

And you wanted it that way.

We tried to warn you. All the clues were there. The history was there. But then they kicked us off the internet, and you cheered.

The only person who has been held accountable so far is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who spoke up—knowing it would inevitably get him punished but did so anyway—asking the hard questions and demanding accountability from his leadership. So he got removed while they insinuated that he was mentally ill, and all the useful idiots were happy because any military officer who questioned the regime was obviously a danger to himself and others (which sounds oddly familiar to anybody who read about the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s).

The thing is, we all know that Marine isn’t crazy. He said the emperor has no clothes. They clearly fucked up. We all know they fucked up. Even the usual lefty cheer leaders know it was fuck up. You know your guy fucked up too, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding.  

You don’t have to keep hiding.

If you voted for Joe Biden because you were gullible and you got conned, that’s understandable. You had the entire US news media and Big Tech running interference for Joe Biden, covering up all his multitude of sins, and trying to paint him as something other than a doddering, corrupt, meat puppet, while they went on and on about how bad Trump was, even if they had to make up obviously fake bullshit like Russian Collusion.

In that case, have some fucking dignity, recognize you got conned, admit it, and unfuck your mistakes. I’ve done it. I’ve supported the wrong guy before. The key is admitting you screwed up and then trying to make it right. Been there, done that. Own you shit. Don’t make excuses for them. Hold your side accountable. And for the love of God, quit believing the institutions which continually lie to you.

If you voted for Joe Biden because you knew what he was, and you wanted this dementia potato in office because you like having a marionette who is easily controlled by our elite betters, I don’t know what to say to you, other than fuck off, you un-American piece of shit.

The rest of us are just going to enjoy the silence, while we try to figure out how to survive the next THREE YEARS of this shit storm you’ve brought upon us.

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270 thoughts on “Where have all the Biden Voters gone?”

      There is a monster amount of truth.
      The only thing left out.. that is left
      out “right and left”… is THE FACT
      that China was the vote “counter”
      of the election.
      China dominated America with its Dominion.
      And far too many are too scared to announce
      this Truth. Except Mike Lindell.
      If Supreme Court doesn’t look at the Lindell
      preponderance of evidence and correct the
      2020 vote stealing… THERE WILL BE NO 2022,

      1. Free ice cream for all. Just give up your soul and uncle Joe will make it all right. That is if uncle Joe can stay awake long enough to see what the fuck he doing. But don’t worry he will end COVID fight inflation drop gas prices and put Putin in his place ,his word as a biden,of course all of this is if Obama says it’s OK. And if Nancy says he can do it. And if he has his special eyeglasses that make him look alive.

  1. This isn’t incompetence. This is planned.
    It’s impossible to be this amazingly coordinated incompetent.

    Biden’s handlers hate America. So does Biden.

    This is all too fucked up to be accidental.
    This is ALL on purpose.
    The only question now is: Does China invade Taiwan on Sept 7th or October 6th?

        1. Correction so that makes sense:

          A sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

          There, that’s better.

          1. Ah, Toasty’s Corollary to Hanlon’s Razor!

            (Although I put it as ‘any sufficiently destructive idiocy is indistinguishable from malice’.)

        1. You may be underestimating their stupidity and incompetence. Although malice is certainly a possibility.

          Even if it is malice, though, it’s still stupid. What could they possibly be trying to accomplish that is best served by such a blatantly obvious goat-fuck?

          1. What could they possibly be trying to accomplish that is best served by such a blatantly obvious goat-fuck?

            The destruction of the Republic? If they’re in hock to China, then undermining and destroying America would be the objective.

          2. Maybe distracting us from the emerging election fraud evidence and/or the effects of the vaccine?

            The botched withdrawal is perfect for that. Only something this monumental could turn our attention away from the greatest treason our country has ever seen.

          3. Imaginos: You aren’t thinking like a crazy person.

            Biden was Obama’s VP.

            Obama is a narcissist, and a race war nutter.

            Obama has been trying to live out his fantasies by starting a race war, and Americans have disappointed him by refusing to play along. Thus, in his eyes, Americans have to be punished.

            For him, the people in Afghanistan are things used to punish Americans.

            The Democrat Communists think of people as abstractions that can be manipulated by symbols. They expect the symbol manipulation to work, get angry when it doesn’t, they blame us when things don’t magically work out for them, and if we actually care about individual human beings, that is something they understand as being a way to hurt us.

            So, yes, they are idiots to do this, but it really might make a great deal of sense anyway from their perspective.

          4. Right now, I’m going with malice, incompetence, and stupidity. The only real question is what proportions of each.

          5. Because this way they can leave all that armor and weapons (and there’s a metric shit-ton of it) to the Taliban and not have to somehow secretly fund, acquire, and ship it to them.

          6. The creation of an elite class and a debt-peonage slavery system that only serves to support the elite class.

            Latifundia, like in the later Roman Empire.

            And a return to serfdom, peasantry, and outright slaves.

            Just like in “The Hunger Games.” (As an example of elites lording it over peons.)

          7. If they want to make certain the US never engages in Foreign intervention ever again, Making it so no sane Nation will ever consider trusting us as an ally will do that, Even if they completely trust a Republican administration to keep the Will and the Word of America? The Fact that as soon as the Democrats get in office they will be betrayed? Obama in Crimea, Biden in Afghanistan, Will prevent us from ever forming any Coallition,

          8. Stupidity, incompetence and/or malice makes little difference at this point – doesn’t change the result. The real question is “What is to be done about the situation and the causal malignancy?”.

          9. “What could they possibly be trying to accomplish that is best served by such a blatantly obvious goat-fuck?”

            With thousands of American citizens held hostage in Afghanistan, the America haters in the Biden* Admin can use their existence as the excuse for why the US can’t do anything for the next 3+ years.

            “We had a ‘Freedom of Navigation’ trip set through he South China Sea, but the Taliban let us know if we go there they’ll kill 100 American hostages. So sorry, Admiral, but we have to cancel that!”

            Start with the assumption that the people running the Biden* Admin hate America, hate America’s power and influence, and want to do everything possible to destroy it.

            Then see if that hypothesis explains the data

        2. Even if it could, Hunter’s (first) laptop has video of both Bidens putting themselves on the Chinese payroll. Joe is a quisling and malice is the first resort explanation for any “mistake” he makes.

          As for what to do now? Some Dems are already pushing for him to be removed (by 25th Amendment) and Harris installed. Even though she is a cackling clown and maybe even stupider than he — we should support and push for this to happen. Why? Because as soon as Kamala becomes either President or acting President — by ANY of the alternative methods — her tie-breaking vote in the Senate goes away. After that Congress will not be able to enact a single thing without bipartisan support, and that includes filling the vacant vice-presidency.

          1. The tiebreaker thing is not really a factor. If Biden dies or is removed for whatever reason and Harris assumes the office of the Presidency, a new Vice President will be appointed to replace her. The Senate will operate as it does now.

          2. Who will be VP if Harris is Prez? And will she be able to control her nervous laugh?

          3. The 25th Amendment can’t actually remove the sitting President. At most it can make the VP the “Acting President” permanently, so Harris would never actually vacate the VP office. However, the Amendment does not say anything about the VP-as-Acting-President giving up the presidency of the Senate, so Harris would presumably continue as a tiebreaker and act as President.

          4. It doesn’t matter. Neither Biden nor Harris makes any of the decisions on any issues. Possibly not even what they’ll be allowed to eat at lunch.

            They are nothing but marionettes.

            They do and dance as their string-pulling masters demand.

            As to personally owning up, dang. Did I let myself get duped hard by the Bush illusion or what?

          5. That is correct. The 22nd Amendment makes that clear:

            ‘Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this Article was proposed by the Congress (i.e., HS Truman), and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

            Section 2. This Article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission to the states by the Congress.’

            However we cannot assume that the Democrats would abide by this amendment, nor that the SC would not find a way to let them have their cake and eat it to.

        3. There is one word that covers it all. One word that sums up the entire shitshow that’s been going on, and on, and on:


          The gang of idiots running this country are feckless.

        4. Yes. This is treason, my friends. Not incompetence. They’re not stupid. They’re using this disaster to cover a worse crime.

          Somebody explain to me why the US military abandoned Bagram AFB to fly out of Kabul airport. Be sure to include sound tactical and strategic reasons why the USA would chose to fly from an unsecured single strip airfield with no air cover and with enemy forces right outside the gate, instead of a multi-strip fortress 12 miles from the city with controlled access, controlled highways, equipment for miles, housing, medical,food, water, ammunition, air cover…

          Go ahead. I can wait.

          1. You’re talking like all that icky militaristic tactical and strategic stuff matters.

            Nothing matters except political posturing and their precious feelings. Nothing exists outside of their left-wing elitist bubble. They got all of those Eeevul Myrmidons out of poor innocent Afghanistan before September 11, ending our imperialist venture in the Middle East! Who cares what happens to a bunch of those deplorable others so long as the Good People can strut and preen at each other?
            If everybody is thinking the same thing, most of them are not thinking.

          2. In addition to that, someone explain to me why all that “equipment for miles” was left behind for the Taliban to find, acquire, and use against our troops.

            Even the really-advanced stuff they can’t use themselves, they’ll sell to Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran, who DO have the technological acumen to reverse engineer it for their own use and to develop countermeasures to render it useless to us. (Some analysts are saying, if we don’t have newer, better equipment in development or coming out now, our military will be at a severe disadvantage in 6 months.)

            Treason is defined in the Constitution as two things: 1. levying war against the U.S., and 2. adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

            So someone explain to me how leaving hundreds of billions of dollars of military equipment in the hands of our sworn enemies, to be freely distributed to our other sworn enemies, and to be used directly or indirectly against our own people, is not “adhering to [our] enemies, giving them aid and comfort” and therefore treason against the United States.

            I’ll wait for that response. It should be amusing, at least.

            (As an aside, someone went through the list of gear left behind. IIRC, 976,000 full-auto long guns: M-4s, M-16s, M-249s, etc. Compare to 200,000 or so NFA rifles state-side. There are now about 5 times as many American full-auto rifles in Taliban hands as there are full-autos of any make in American hands. And the gun-controllers have no problem with this.)

          3. That decision was made because to protect both Bagram and Kabul with the number of troops that were allowed on the ground couldn’t be done. The Biden Admin would not allow more. So the only thing a soldier can do is come up with the best plan with the assets you have. They had to choose one or the other. They chose Kabul. Stupider than the stupidest thing imaginable? Without a doubt. But what is a General to do? He can’t get more troops. He can’t tell some unit in the states to deploy to help. If the Biden Admin team says no – it’s no. If your handed a jar of shit and two pieces of bread, you can eat the bread or make a shit sandwich. You certainly can’t make a turkey on rye.

          4. You cannot make a turkey on rye.
            You can publicly resign and make a huge stink about not needlessly sacrificing lives.
            But that would take a sense of honor and some integrity.

            My best guess, is that the DoD/CIA/State tried to sandbag, as they did with Trump. They set things up so there would be a disaster if Biden followed through on pulling out, and played the “Do you want all this blood on your hands “ card.
            Then they realized much too late that Biden Did. Not. Care.

          5. You are correct, it’s treason. But, it looks far worse, an attempt of coup d’etat. Trash our Constitution and replace it with Marxism. My liberal acquaintes have gone silent. One has doubled down and still supports Biden. My mother made fun of me, but now she doesn’t want to talk about the disaster she voted into office.

      1. Mr. Kent, with all due respect, this cannot be adequately explained by incompetence, or stupidity, or both in concert.

        In one fell swoop, this administration stranded countless hostages behind enemy lines, continues to turn away America citizens seeking to return home, moves unvetted and unknown Afghanis into suburban areas in the US, abandoned enough equipment to give the Taliban the best equipped armed forces in the region, and left behind pallets of cash, bales of hundred dollar bills. And at the same time, the Administration has demoted America from her role as leader of the free world, or as a trusted ally, elevating Russia and China into those roles.

        Something of this magnitude cannot happen by mistake, mischance, or folly.

        1. @John Wright: That’s been my thought as well. Incompetence and/or stupidity do not adequately explain the fustercluck of Afghanistan withdrawal.

          Incompetence and/or stupidity would choose the correct option at least some of the time.

          By contrast, the Biden administration has chosen the exact worst option at every juncture. In a few cases, they’ve been talked out of it and back-tracked or changed, but their original preference would have been the exact worst option.

          Imagine you flip a coin 20 times and it comes up tails each time. While that outcome is technically possible, the odds are so astronomically against it that a double-sided coin is actually more likely.

          So it is with this administration. Choosing the worst option at every chance isn’t explainable by incompetence or stupidity; only actual malice and actively seeking the worst option explains it.

          I will entertain that Biden himself is incompetent, stupid, and/or senile, and that it’s his handlers carrying the malice and calling the shots is his name. But there’s no question in my mind that malice is driving this debacle.

      2. All that does is excuse the evil that people do. Even in the case that it is incompetence; to cause such harm, and laugh it off like the Biden “administration” has, is every bit as evil as to purposely cause the harm.

      3. Sorry, but incompetence and stupidity are merely the icing on top of the malicious, hate whitey/America/Christianity cake that Biden’s controllers have baked. It’s lucky for the rest of us that they are a generally stupid, incompetent bunch. Can you imagine how badly we’d be screwed if they were better at what they do?

      4. That’s just it, it CAN’T be explained away as incompetence. Flip on the news right now. Incompetence doesn’t involve making phonecalls to the Afghani President 3 weeks before you start pulling out, telling him to go on tv and say all is well or you’ll cut off air support. Incompetence didn’t order the military to weld the gates into the airport closed, and turn away hundreds of AMERICAN CITIZENS when they are desperately trying to get on a plane out. No, this isn’t Incompetence, and anyone who thinks it is needs to reevaluate their life.

      5. Except when you have Chinese handlers blackmailing senior politicians, then you can attribute it it malice, Communist Chinese malice.

      6. Crippled American oil production. Begging Commies, Arabs for oil; Yuan likely to be the reserve global currency.
        Asked Russia to be our negotiator for the deal to make Iran a nuclear power
        Retreated from Afghanistan, left our people behind, $80 Billion in war gear. Not one resignation.
        Open border with a narco war zone. Multimillion man migration unchecked. Foriegn prisons use US as human dumping ground.
        Defunded police, skyrocketing crime rate.
        Endless Jan 6th bullshit, glowies, political prisoners in stir.
        Money presses go brrr brrr brrr. Skyrocketing inflation.
        People paid to stay out of work.
        Insane and illegal jab mandates.

        This cannot be adequately explained by incompetence.
        This cannot be adequately explained by stupidity.
        Therefore, QED

    1. John,

      My oersoectie vis the Chinese will compel the Pakis to invade Kashmir. It’ll be a strategic misdirection when they invade Taiwan..
      The Taliban will hand over the really advanced drones and stuff to the Paki military. They’ve been trained by the Azeris to employ the same tactics used in the war with Armenia. The Chinese will provide the sateliite/Elint intelligence behind the scenes.
      Yes the Indians will threaten to use nukes bit will be prevented.
      I see the Indian either badly humiliated or leveling up to Pakistan’s obliteration.


    2. John, neither. Just to totally rub Americas face in it, it will be September 11th. I feel sorry for all those who didn’t vote for Biden as you got totally scr3wed.

    3. November, when the North Pacific is clear of storms.
      They won’t want to repeat the timing error the Mongols made in invading Japan.
      John in Indy

    4. As far as being this incompetent I’m sad to have to disagree with you. Just look at previous leftist administrations starting @ the beginning of the 20th century & some few right-wing ones… History is amazing when studied.

  2. I went to a Pat Benatar concert last night. She sings a song she wrote 40 years ago to bring attention to at risk youth and talks about how she wishes she didn’t have to sing it anymore… The only thing I could think was “I wonder how many people in this crowd agree with her yet voted for an alleged (suspected/highly likely) child molester because orange man bad?”

    I’m worried that these people don’t have any morals anymore. Its anything goes to get what they want.

  3. I voted for and still support Biden. Trump is a megalomaniac piece of shit who has delusions of doing what George Washington refused to do, change the US to a hereditary monarchy
    Afghanistan? We should of left 20 years ago. When we missed BinLaden, we should of walked away from that country. Trump was right – it was time to walk. Biden made it happen. Was it done well? eh, probably not. Like Trump would of been better? Doubtful. Again, Biden is cleaning up 20 years of Republican and Democratic fuck ups. No matter what went down, it was going to suck, We spent lives like water, burned money like it was toilet paper.

    Flame away. If it matters, I own all your books and will continue to do so.

    1. I will flame away.
      I forgot the 3rd category, delusional stupid people who just ignore reality and make shit up to suit them.
      You’re a fucking idiot if you believe any of that trite bullshit you just wrote.
      Was it done “well” fucking “well”? This wasn’t done “well”, it was one of the most inept fuck ups in American history, and if you’re too blind, proud, or dumb to grasp that, I don’t know what to tell you.
      Oh, wait. I do.
      Get the fuck off my page. You make me want to vomit.

      1. Well there you have it. I finally got one to speak up. And he turned out to be a total fucking moron.
        Because Trump was a monarchist, but Biden (who has been in office for five decades) isn’t.
        “No matter what it wasn’t going to go well” – is possibly one of the most disgusting, vile, cowardly, bullshit arguments I’ve ever seen a human being barf up. This was the opposite of “go well” dumb shit. We literally gave the Taliban a list of names of all our friends. How fucking pathetic are you.
        The silence was better. The excuses are so much worse.

        1. Where is the evidence that “Trump is a megalomaniac piece of shit who has delusions of doing what George Washington refused to do, change the US to a hereditary monarchy”? There is none.

          But look at Biden. His son commits national security breaches and others get punished in his stead. The absolute equivalent of a monarchist family.

          This is proof that people who voted for Biden are abject morons.

          1. It also ignored that Biden was part of the entire Afghanistan debacle from the start. First as a sitting Senator, then as the VP. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Trump was what I hope will be the first in a glorious experiment, removing the permanent political class from power. Not sure how to fix the institutions that leftist cancer is destroying from the inside, but one problem at a time.

          2. > Not sure how to fix the institutions that leftist cancer is destroying from the inside, but one problem at a time.

            It will take time and bullets, in inverse proportion to one another. (ie. the more of one you spend, the less of the other you’ll need.)

          3. Bobfrank – You get rid of the permanent bureaucratic elite by having the power to fire, furlough, transfer, and just eliminate the permanent bureaucratic elite.

            Like what Trump did, or tried to do, and was continually blocked by leftist activists judges and the leftist elitists in Congress.

            Seriously, make everyone accountable. Like that toxic waste dam spill that was caused by the EPA. Heads should have rolled, from the idiots on site to the jackwads who signed off on it to the leaders who oversaw the jackwads.

            But there’s no accountability for bureaucratic fuckups.

            Like, well, the State Department. Which should have been smashed, destroyed and salted after the spectacular fuckups of pre-WWII and WWII, where the SD supported leftist socialists, both international and national, over anything potentially right-wingish (well, in comparison to the national and international socialists.)

            The government is supposed to serve the citizenry. And be accountable to the citizenry. Not lord it over the citizenry.

          4. Beans: “But there’s no accountability for bureaucratic fuckups.”

            On the contrary, if the screw-up is big enough, the bureaucrats responsible are frequently punished …

            … with a promotion and a sizeable salary increase.

            “Fail upwards” isn’t just a catchy phrase. It happens, all the time.

        2. Ah, yes, I remember well the documented cases of DJT Jr insisting on a “piece of the action” for “THE BIG GUY”.

          Oh, wait, that was someone else, wunnit?

        3. Larry, I got fucked up so bad I had to medically retire from the Army after my first tour in Iraq, so I was in the hospital when my unit deployed to Afghanistan. I shed tears when Barry fucked up Iraq so bad he invented a new terrorist organization. Watching all this unfold on television and the internet didn’t make me tear up; it made me cold. It made me calm. It made me so fucking angry I barely spoke to my wife for a week, or anyone else for that matter. I couldn’t, because you never know who’s listening in on you, and all I wanted was to say was it’s past time the Tree of Liberty got a good soaking.

          I’m still praying to God it doesn’t get to that point, that there are enough moral and just people scattered through government to right this ship, because I have seen firsthand what Civil War looks like. Sectarian violence is the worst sort of violence, because you KNOW the person you see as an enemy. I hope none of us here in the U.S. have to suffer through the likes of The Troubles in Ireland or the Rhodesian Civil War.

          I make my appeals to Heaven, but methinks He isn’t listening any more. A few hundred million infamt corpses probably has something to do with that. Remember the plagues in Exodus? 0haroah kept hardening his heart, but on the last one, God hardened his heart. He stepped in amd said enough, game over, time to pull back and nuke’em from orbit. I just hope enough of us come out the other side to start the long process of creating anew something we can be proud of.

          I love you, man. Your books are a day where I can just zone out and get lost in a world of scary shit, where the good guys don’t have their hands tied behind their backs with ROEs. I just wish they were a lot longer. One days’ reprieve at a time is just not enough. I wish I could read slower.

          P.s. I have a handful of my favorite books tucked into my go bag. A couple of them are yours. I’ll be sad if I have to dump them to drop weight.

      2. $85 Billion (with a “B”) in top-tier US military assets surrendered to the enemy! Enough gear to put these thugs leagues above all their neighboring countries, and some!
        Bagram Airbase given over to the enemy without a fight!
        A list of all abandoned US citizens and our Afghan allies, and their families, handed over to these butchers by the Biden administration!
        America does not need enemies when it has “leaders” like these!
        And for what? Some people get their panties in a bind over “mean-tweets”, all based on ignorant perceptions fomented by state propagandists masquerading as “news”. The blood is on their hands.

      3. Yes, Afghanistan was one of the biggest fuck ups in American History. When GB declared victory, he should of packed up and brought everyone home. Instead we got…dead americans. dead allies. dead afganis. Trillions made by the military industrial complex.

        It was, and is, one of the biggest fuckups ever. We got today because of the all the cocksuckers who kept us there. Presidents. Advisors. Generals. They should all burn in the ashheap of history

        1. No shit, sherlock. But we’re not talking about 20 years ago. Or 10. Or 8, 4, or 2. We are talking about TODAY.
          Right now. This fucking minute.
          The war existed, right or wrong, but the incredibly fucked up withdrawal operation is 100% owned by Joe Biden. Period dot fucking bingo.
          So quit being a chickenshit.
          This administration abandoned our air base in the middle of the night without telling our allies. This administration left billions of dollars of weapons behind. This administration gave a fucking KILL LIST of names of all our friends to the motherfucking Taliban. This administration pulled out the soldiers before the civilians. This administration could have held Kabul and decided not to for inexplicable fucking reasons and instead only kept the airport, which they then entrusted the perimeter security to the motherfucking, goat raping, murderous Taliban, which got our Marines killed. And then this administration fucked up so badly that it too MMA fighters and talk show hosts to actually evacuate the people this administration ABANDONED. And now reports make it sound like it’s even more fucked up than all of that!

          And you’ve got the unmitigated gall to whine about those who came before? Quit being a punk ass bitch.

          1. And motherfucking Joe Biden was in office for 8 years of that 20 you are whining about, and still managed to utterly fuck up the withdrawal.
            Did 20 years of history and Donald Trump make it so that Joe Biden couldn’t even return Boris Johnson’s phone calls?
            Was it George Bush’s fault that Joe Biden’s state department couldn’t even unfuck their paperwork to get people out?
            Quit passing the buck, you fucking chickenshit.
            All you fuckers can ever do is blame everybody but the person actually responsible.

          2. You gotta love the goal post shifting and strawmanning. “If you think the Biden regime did a shitty job, you should be blaming it on Trump, because it was his plan!” Except it wasn’t. Trump’s plan was to get the civilians out, get the equipment out (or blow up what couldn’t be taken out), and then pull the military. A fucking kindergartener could have executed that plan. This guy trying to carry water for Biden – and doing an incredibly shitty job of it – is a fucking murderer. Change my mind.

          3. As I’m reading your page for the first time, just a note: I’m aware of all the f-ups you’re mentioning &, of course, in accordance. However, the one I don’t think I read was the ‘release of the jihadists from Bagram’ – that was a REAL DOOZY.

          4. This administration was offered control of Kabul by the Taliban until such time as all the foreign devils were removed.

            But, nope. Fumbles McPuddingbrain and his merry band of feckless elitist idiots couldn’t even do that.

            And that’s the issue. The current ‘administration’ did everything wrong possible short of actually just shooting US citizens. So far.

            Abandoning any US citizen? Go read “Starship Troopers” and pay attention to the “History and Moral Philosophy” segments. (this is aimed at those who have failed to read Heinlein (well, before he went all weird.))

        2. Dear David,

          FOAD. This bloodbath is 100% on Biden and his craven coterie. This did *NOT* have to go this way. Hades, we didn’t even have to leave. We had a miniscule presence, on the order of 5k *IF* that, and hadn’t suffered a combat casualty in over 18 months. However, we’ll grant that it was time to go. Abandon Bagram? Abandon that much materiel to the Taliban? Have no SIVs processed? Pull the troops *FIRST*? “All Americans who want to leave are being evacuated”? Giving the bloodthirsty enemy a list of the people we wanted to evacuate? You’re vile scum. A bunch of JO ConOffs, GSOs, some E-7s and their guys, and the accompanying O-4s and below and it would have gotten done. You know, by competent people worried about innocents, not CYA putrescent piles of dog dirt. Go away and shut your festering face hole.

          1. By the way, David, this guy telling you to Fuck Off And Die used to be Foreign Service, so he knows what he’s talking about on the specifics.
            The Biden administration’s fuck up on this operation will go down in the history books as one of the worst fuck ups in American history.
            Note, I say Biden Administration, not Joe Biden, because it’s pretty clear he doesn’t know what day of the week it is.
            And you voted for that, because you’re a selfish idiot.

          2. I had a very similar discussion today, “ I believe I know a few people that could have planned this exfil and not called anyone above 04. That would have been to orchestrate the goat rodeo.
            So that tells me that no military planners would have okayed this goat-orgy, this was done because political hacks decided to do it this way. I highly suspect all the military equipment was handed over intact as a payment.

            Paying the Taliban is a problem because they are a terrorist organization and arming and funding them is illegal. Wonder if the FBI will investigate ?

            Yeah never! The FBI has proven incapable of doing anything when it is political. The could not charge Hilary Clinton when she provided evidence of her crimes delivered by her lawyer on a thumb drive.

          3. These people knew what they were voting for. Joe could give them the socialism they wanted with plausible deniability.

            This David character is a commie. Biden and company are a means to an end.

            Remember, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. The eggs are just beginning to break.

        3. And you could have had Tulsi Gabbard. You could have had whatshisface the UBI guy. You could have had that woo-woo self-help guru who at least knows how to manage a business. You could have had any number of people who understand how humans work and how they are motivated and even a smidge of ability necessary to make a simple decision such as WITHDRAW MILITARY AND AIR SUPPORT LAST.

          Trump’s personality issues, no matter if you’re right about every one of them, aren’t even relevant. Honestly, who gives a sh*t if he’s a megalomaniac?

          But sure, vote to replace him. I don’t blame anyone for that. I blame you for Biden. For letting the media lie to your face. For letting the DNC and “deep state” choose for you instead of having a fair primary system. For not bothering to ask even the simplest question about mental fitness or the implications of where Hunter gets his money and why Jill and Hunter would even allow the obvious elder abuse. For not listening and not caring about decades of rumors and reports that Biden sexually abused his female staff, or that his military security stopped having traditional holiday parties with the VP when the VP was Biden. The “media” was so careful to lie to you.

          Shouldn’t you have cared about that? Even a little tiny weenie bit?

          1. For the record, the UBI guy was Andrew Yang… who also was a businessman before running for office.

            And the self-help guru? She was polling better than Heels-up Harris before Harris withdrew from the primaries.

        4. This wasn’t a fucking surprise to President Magoo. Biden wanted to pull out for the past 12 years. Biden had 8 months to unfuck any theoretical fucks in Trump-the-Supposed-Idiot’s plan. First it was Trump-the-Idiot’s plan he couldn’t undo, then it was the Taliban’s plans he couldn’t undo.

          The most powerful man in the world, the ranking adult of The Adults Are Back In Charge, Great Restorer of Precious Norms, the President of the United fucking States – Joe “Sugar Cone” Biden, had his feeble hands tied by everyone else. But the buck stops with him, or something.

          Voting for Democrats means never having to say you’re sorry.

    2. And yet Trump never tried to. I think you are casting ill informed aspersions on the mand character. but hey I’m glad you can support the incompetent delusional old fart. instead of a successful leader.

      1. Trump was hands down the worst dictator ever. What kind of dictator leaves office of his own volition – even when everybody and their dog knows the election was “fortified” because Time decided to brag about it? You really can’t make up the shit in these people’s heads, because it’s a combination of fevered dreams and insanity.

        1. What kind of dictator doesn’t ensure that any following parliamentary elections go all in to his favor?
          Or doesn’t purge the various agencies & armed services of potential opponents?

          1. 0bama spent 8 years purging the armed services, replacing military officers with political officers. Which contributed in great measure to the Kabul Goat-Fuck. They just followed the orders of 0bama’s successor and 0bama’s old cabal.

          2. Obama focused on the brass though, the generals and admirals.

            Directing that at enlisted is utterly unprecedented and terrifying.

        2. The same person who was ALSO the worst white supremacist and woman hater in world history. Nothing says fuck the non-white folks and women quite like the lowest black, Hispanic, Asian and female unemployment numbers in the history of our country. Nothing says fuck minorities quite like creating opportunity zones in cities across the country, where budding minority small businesses would have a climate where they could thrive and grow without being raped in taxes until they’re established.

          Nothing says I hate the gays like hiring the first openly gay man to a Cabinet position. Or to an Ambassadorship. Like being surrounded by men and women 9f all races and beliefs, with the only things they share in common is a love for the country that allowed them to become the enemy and women they are today, and a thirst for liberty and freedom.

    3. Do a little research. None of the disastrously bad decisions were made prior to January. The Biden admin took the withdrawal/evacuation project plan, flushed it, and replaced it with, apparently, nothing.

      1. Oh, they replaced it with something, all right. They replaced it with the exact opposite order of operations that Trump’s team came up with, because the Orange Man was So Terribad that they couldn’t follow *his* plan, could they? The opposite way *must* have been the correct way!

        I’ve said this in more than one place, but I’ve known untrained border collies with better tactical sense.

    4. Trump’s timeline would have had us out of there by May 1st.

      Whether or not he’d have fucked it up as hard as Biden did is somewhat open to debate, but at the very least the Taliban wouldn’t have been able to put very many people in the field yet, so the damage would have been much more limited.

      But no, Biden decided he wanted to have some fucking stupid September 11 photo op bullshit and delayed until the Taliban was at full strength. This is 100% Biden’s fuckup.

      Oh, and Biden was one of the senators who voted for the Afghanistan war, so it was partly his fuckup from the very beginning.

        1. Literally the only thing the Biden gang could have screwed this up worse is if they’d chained a nuclear scientist and a briefcase full of nuclear how-to instructions to a post in the presidential palace. And at this point, I’m not ruling it out.

          1. Maybe leave a fueled and functioning Gen 1 nuclear reactor to provide them with plutonium?

        2. Trump’s negotiation forbade the Taliban from entering the regional capitols. He had given himself all sorts of stopping points.

          I think in the end he would have done a limited withdrawal and kept the valley that Bagram was situated in.

          But that’s just science fiction. We know what he did with Isis. He would not have allowed this based on that precedent.

    5. Basically, you’re saying all of this is worth it, because you believed the insane propaganda about the previous President.

    6. “what George Washington refused to do, change the US to a hereditary monarchy”

      The Kennedy, Cuomo, and Murphy families would have a word with you.

    7. This is pretty funny, David Carlson. If you want to see the difference between Trump and Biden, all you have to do is look at the Google images of Kabul Airport and Bagram air base.

      Kabul, one strip next to a city. No fence. No facilities. No ground transport. Team Biden picked it.

      Bagram, multi-strip fortress far away from the nearest city. Big fence. Big, big facilities. Lots and lots of trucks. Team Trump picked that one.

      Now, I realize that it may be hard for you to understand reality when it stares you in the face like that, because you apparently think that Twitter is more important than logistics. But I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are merely stupid, and not an enemy provocateur.

      Whatever guy/committee/cabal decided that the USA would evacuate Afghanistan from Kabul Airport, that guy is a real, live, Benedict Arnold traitor. Worse than Benedict Arnold in fact, by any measure.

      Go have a look at those Gooogle images and then come back and convince us all how Kabul airport was the smart choice. Especially in light of the video of men falling off the outside of C-17s, the suicide bombings, and the house to house rape-and-murder squads currently scouring Kabul looking for Americans, Canadians, Brits, etc.

      Oh, and maybe you can explain how UKRAINIAN special forces can go outside the wire and rescue people but the USA (and Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany etc.) can’t do that.

      Hint, it is because soldiers follow orders and they were told not to. They could, and they want to, and they’re pretty pissed about it, but they’re not going. Because orders.

      Who gives orders like that, Dave buddy?

        1. Everything isn’t Nazi Germany or the Nuremberg Trials. Tread very lightly, because you really don’t want to start impuning our warfighters, my man. There is a clear and definable line between following a lawful order- in this case “Don’t go out and rescue American citizens”- and following an unlawful order such as “Murder those American citizen civilians”.

          It is a bloody indictment against the entirety of this Administration, and the feckless do-nothings or active traitors in this Congress and Senate. Vast swathes of the bureaucracy and the DOJ, and political appointee level leadership of pretty much all the 3 letter agencies and our military, as well.

          Nothing happens at the Federal level without insanely duplicitous actions across the entirety of this Leviathon that is our federal system. There seem to be quite a lot of traitorous snakes in the rank amd file of the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. The rot is throughout, and the structure should be condemned.

          And that’s not even the scariest part. No, the most insidious of them all are the ones among us, like that teacher in California, talking about he has “180 days to radicalized them”, in regards to OUR CHILDREN. This country, this Nation has lost its manhood, its cajones, its testicular fortitude, if you will. We’re run by pussies and assholes now.

          1. “There is a clear and definable line between following a lawful order- in this case “Don’t go out and rescue American citizens”-”

            Lawful wasn’t the Nuremburg standard. Every last one of those military people tried there was absolutely following lawful orders from their chain. The orders were immoral by any standard of civilized humanity. And so was this one abandoning civilians to the savages.

            The “Any Way For A Pension” types calling that Marine Lt Col and telling him he shouldn’t protest are exactly the ones who enabled this crap. And hell yes they should answer for it.

      1. NOBODY could be this incompetent.
        From pipeline obliteration to southern border to
        Jan 6 to plotting with the Afghan enemy forces
        etc, etc, etc. NO matter how hard they tried.
        And the pure unmitigated silence about the ubiquitous
        election rigging by the China “administration” means that
        there are a lot more traitors in America than just
        that the “administrationites”.

    8. “Again, Biden is cleaning up 20 years of Republican and Democratic fuck ups. No matter what went down, it was going to suck, We spent lives like water, burned money like it was toilet paper.”

      Biden had more than a little to do with those fuck ups. He was one of the folks pushing for nation building. He was also Obama’s VP for 8 years. To try and pretend he is cleaning up other people’s messes (by making bigger ones) is dishonest.

  4. According to the Times (UK), here’s what was left behind for the Taliban :
    21,174 Humvees
    634 M117
    169 M113 APCs
    64,363 MAchine Guns
    358,530 Assault Weapons
    42,000 pickups/trucks/SUVs
    126,295 pistols
    176 artillery pieces
    33 Mi-17 helicopters
    33 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters
    4 C-130 transport planes
    43 MD530 helicopters
    16,035 NVGs
    162,043 Radios

    Uncle Taliban sez “Thanks Joe!”

        1. Every single weapon the Taliban got would be illegal for a regular American to buy.

          Look at how the left treats our enemies and then look at how they treat US. We are their enemy. They trust people who chant “Death to America” more than they do us because they agree with those people.

          The Democrats are an anti-America party in charge of America. The ruin they are heaping on us is intentional. The are evil.

      1. If I self-identify as a Taliban, can I haz full auto weapons, please?

        Which is, well, basically what the Biden administration did.

        Return to muzzle loaded musketry for the average American Joe but full auto fun for actual terrorists.

        Way to go, Jo and the Ho! (and to whomever has their hands up the butts of these two meat-muppets.)

    1. Yeah, don’t forget the 200 million rounds of ammo. While here in the States, ammunition is in critically short supply.

      For everybody except the government.
      The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

    2. Not entirely, That’s what’s been given to the ASF over the past 20 years, A great dela of has been expended in combat or allowed to fall apart through neglect. Some of the Aircraft were flown out; others were in the states for rebuild. A great deal of this stuff was stolen and will be turning up in Pakistan or one of the other ‘stans.

  5. Are you silent out of embarrassment? Shame? Guilt?

    Sorry Larry, they are incapable of experiencing any of those conditions. I appreciate your graciousness and charitableness but in this instance it is misplaced. If anything their silence is the result of confusion. What they are seeing is more feature than bug. Dead service members, extreme military disfunction, massive US embarrassment on the world stage… “what’s not to like?” I equate it to Charles Blow’s reaction to the uproar over CRT in schools: “What’s the big deal??”

  6. My liberal friends have definitely been active, but it’s mainly a giant echo chamber of Jan 6th Commission stuff along with the usual which republican got their hand caught in the cookie jar this week. I get the feeling various outlets are trying to make as much noise as they can to try and distract people from the elephant in the room. Afghanistan is old news, after all. Phone records are the new hotness!

    1. Especially since one of the names on the phone record list is a journalist who had nothing to do with January 6th, but who has consistently had the best and most accurate anonymous leaks out of the White House. I can’t imagine why they put his name on there.

  7. “I voted for and still support Biden. ”

    Then you’re not only an idiot, you simply refuse to learn from your mistakes.


    go shit up some youtube comment section.

  8. I know one Biden voter who was of diminished mental and physical health then, and is of very diminished mental and physical health now.

      1. Some of the same possible contributing factors (vaccines, masking, and age). Otherwise, that Biden voter is most likely a much less reprehensible human being than Joe Biden or Edith Biden.

  9. The only thing making me think incompetent rather than malicious is that it is *too* effective. Villainous Master Plans with dozens of moving parts don’t tend to work all that well in real life.

    1. And most successful villainous master plans were just lucky breaks and successful accidents that people clamed to have masterminded after the fact.

    2. I agree. It’s like an arsonist deciding to burn down a convenience store for whatever reason, only to accidentally blow up a nearby gas station in the process. These people were playing with fire, and now things are spiraling out of control.

  10. The thing that frustrates me most is that the US military knew these were terrible plans but executed them anyway. Meanwhile, they have deliberately ignored and lied to the likes of Presidents Trump and Reagan in the past and gotten away with it. Why in all that is holy did the military not just ignore Biden’s idiotic ramblings and evacuate properly?

    1. The fact that an O-5 was the first to resign over this lets you know just how high up the rot has gone. They can bleat about imaginary “systemic” racism until their hair turns purple, but the real issue facing the US military is systemic incompetence borne out of careerism and jockeying for consultancies in the Defense Contracting Industry.

      1. Resignation is almost to kind for Milley. That son of a bitch called US the enemy while handing over an entire country and $85 billion of our equipment to an ACTUAL enemy.

        If he had any honor, ritual suicide would be the appropriate action for him. But he doesn’t have a single iota of it…….

    2. The folks in the military are blameless because “They were just following orders”.
      Now where have I heard that before?

      1. Don’t go there. These were lawful orders. They were terrible orders, for sure. But the military follows the lawful orders of their superiors.

        It is the bedrock of the military. Don’t ask for that to change. That Marine LTC who spoke up and then resigned did all that we can expect of an officer when faced with crap lawful orders and crap leadership.

        Expecting the military to just disobey and make their own orders when they disagree with civil leadership is step one to a military dictatorship.

        That said, I couldn’t agree more with Larry and the majority of the posters here. This was a cluster of the first order.

  11. Now, now, Larry, blaming the Kabul Goat-Fuck on Biden is like getting pissed off at Charlie McCarthy for insulting you.

    A traditional vaudeville show features one ventriloquist with several dummies. The Washington vaudeville show has half a dozen ventriloquists and one dummy. Is it any wonder the dummy comes off as schizophrenic and demented?

    I wonder whose bright idea it was to sneak out of Bagram in the middle of the night, though? I’m not a Professional Diplomat, so such a move would never have occurred to me. It just seems that turning Bagram over to the Afghani vice-president and his anti-Taliban resistance group would have been better. At least, after the President had fled the country with millions of dollars.
    When police protect ordinary people from violent criminals, they are jackbooted fascist stormtroopers.

    When police protect corrupt politicians from ordinary people, they are National Heroes.

  12. Most of them don’t care or aren’t really paying attention. The usual online leftie strongholds like Reddit are still full of people making jokes about “MAGA-tards” while either high-fiving about how Biden is such a badass or expressing disappointment that he hasn’t seized the means of production yet. A lot of left-wing people have been conditioned to think that conservatives complaining about Americans being killed overseas isn’t a big deal and can be smugly disregarded (e.g., “What is it with you and Benghazi? Just get over it. GOSH!”).

  13. I still want to know WHO is driving the bus, because it ‘ain’t’ Biden. Jill (Edith Wilson 2.0)? Obama? China? Who is the ‘man’ behind the curtain???

    Also noted that all the left wing sites I check who routinely shit on Trump have been notably silent about EVERYTHING since about February… It’s cats and funny pics now… And comments getting disappeared.

    1. My take is it’s Obama. And that Psaki or someone else in the WH is calling him on a daily basis. We’ll never prove it though — I don’t see the WH letting us FOIA its phone records.

      1. He’s a narcissist, and the MO fits narcissist reflexes.

        Issue is, the data right now appears to be a mess of WTFH.

        PRC looks like the foreign state actor of most importance, but is the second most important Iran, Qatar, or Russia?

      2. It isn’t Obama. That shitbag was a puppet too. He isn’t the brains behind anything. He may be the one giving this Administration their marching riders, sure, but he definitely isn’t the one creating them in the first place.

    2. There are at least half a dozen drivers grabbing the wheel, stomping on the gas, and grinding the gears.

      Biden is sitting in a car seat with a little plastic steering wheel, completely unaware.

  14. Fecesbook has black holed every comment on both the link to this post, and the post above it. Not really a surprise, but a bit disappointing since I wasn’t able to read any of the comments (which I figured would be entertaining as hell.)

    1. Oh, so pointing out the debacle in Afghanistan is “misinformation” now too.

      I would like these censorious asses to point to one time “one freaking time” when those silencing their political opposition have turned out to be the good guys and not just murderous thugs in the end.

      We are traveling down a very dark road. There is a rage in the country against these leftists, and the dam’s about to break. I’m pretty sure the history books in the future will have a section in them talking about the blockade of the blue cities. It’s almost unavoidable now.

      1. There is quite a lot that we cannot, in fact, say is inevitable.

        Definitely, there is a lot of anger.

        But folks who have been paying attention the last year, and thinking carefully, have realized that Democrat ‘victories’ in municipal elections may be no more real than the 2020 ‘results’.

        I think a preference cascade that results in Democrat politicians, judges and lawyers hanging from lampposts is far more likely than a blockade of cities. And, I do not think lampposts will happen, as it seems like it would be more practical to zip tie them to chain link fences, and tape plastic bags over their heads.

        1. Even though you disagreed with me, I like the way you think!!

          There is a possibly we utterly wipe them out in the 2022 and 2024 elections. A possibility.

          But if they “fortify” those elections, war will be the only option as just one box of liberty will remain.

  15. What absolutely boggles my mind about the Biden administration is that they SEE the mistakes they’ve made and they are doing absolutely NOTHING to fix them.

    Democrats call this leadership? “Adult” behavior? Biden is acting like a toddler hiding under a blanket. Maybe if he ignores the scary bad things they’ll just go away and leave him alone.

    Americans are stuck in Kabul and unable to get out? They’re denying it’s happening instead of providing aid.

    Security is SO BAD that they’re relying on the very people who are actively trying to kill Americans and their allies for “protection.”

    Those are people’s lives- the most IMPORTANT assets in the region to be protecting. That’s not even touching on the fact that thanks to their brilliant strategy of “remove military, then assets,” the Taliban is now one of the most well armed militaries in the world.


    A good leader would have owned the screw up and IMMEDIATELY turned around and done their best to fix things. Biden is NOT a leader. He is WEAK.

    What’s worse, is the people who voted for this man are weak. This is Biden’s fault, yes. But it’s also the fault of every man and woman who fortified that election to put him in office.

    1. What it looks like the Biden gang is trying to do is run out the clock until the events in Afghanistan become a fait accompli: “Whoops! Nothing we can do about it now!” Thus, they’ll try to sweep it under the rug. That is, unless they decide to unseat the Child Sniffer and install Harris, and given her issues, that’s not certain. Of course, the thing with having idiots in charge (even malicious ones) is you never know what they’re gonna do.

    1. She’ll be very bad, sure. But without her deciding vote in the senate, it’ll be hard for the Dems to get anything done, including confirming a new VP.

      And if she does get into the driver’s seat before 2024, there’s no way (apart from blatant cheating) that she’d win. Not even her own party like her.

      1. She’ll rule by fiat and executive order. And fear, and totalitarianism.

        Do you really trust Congress these days?

  16. You’d think a guy who won with more votes than any other candidate in history would have at least a few supporters, right?

  17. Jesus. This a monumental goatfuck. I was really hoping after the election was stolen that things would not go this far south, this fucking fast. I knew PedoJoe was heading down the shitter mentally. I got to LIVE with it, for years with my father. Yet the party and the deep state STILL put Joe up as THE Candidate. They didn’t put up Harris as the candidate because everyone in the party hated the bitch. They didn’t put up Tulsi because they couldn’t control her. So we got a dementia ridden muppet instead. One that with the Party Hooker for a VP I believe, the original intent was to try and ride him out til 2022 THEN dump him. They can’t now. She’s going to be in the catbird seat by the end of the year I’m guessing. Joe is so far gone at this point, I don’t think they have any choice. I mean they may surprise me and try to keep him in there thru til the 2022 elections. I just don’t know that they’ll succeed. As for Afghanistan and the way this *snort* “administration” handled it? HELEN KELLER could have done a better fucking job!

    1. I was surprised they managed to prop the FICUS up long enough to get through the inauguration. Every day Biden doesn’t fall on his stupid face is a separate anti-miracle.

      Helen Keller was blind, not stupid, so leave her out of this.
      My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

    2. Yep. The FIRST election they rigged was the DEM primaries. The media (God Damn them) and the DNC sowed confusion as to the votes in the Iowa caucus to deny a winner that wasn’t pedo Joe, and then they just had to downplay Bernie’s win in New Hampshire. Then the media (God damn them again) managed to chase all candidates off the ballot but Pedo Joe and Crazy Bernie, then they stuffed the box on Super Tuesday to give us the Pedophile. The media deserves to burn in hell for what they have wrought, did I mention, God Damn them. But they openly serve Satan anyway, so the damnation probably doesn’t bother them much.

      1. That was not the first election.

        Hillary lost because the push polls suppressed Trump supporter poll response enough that they could not estimate the right numbers to cheat. So they took the L, instead of making things obvious. Not because HRC was willing to take the L, but because they didn’t have people in place, prepared to double down.

        They ‘learned’ from 2016, and had the people in place this time.

        Biden has Obama’s fingerprints all over him.

        It is quite improbable that 2008 and 2012 were not fraud.

        Questions arise about what they might have wanted to pull in 2000, or about what they may have pulled in 1996 and 1992.

        1. 2008 I could see being a genuine result, because 1) Obama would have been (and ended up being) the first black President, meaning he had the power of symbolism and sentiment behind him, and 2) McCain was a weakling whose only saving grace was picking Palin as his VP nomination (you know, before he cut her off at the knees).

          1. Obama’s race war nutjobbery, in hindsight, feels to me like a belief on his part that he could not have ever won fairly. He has a strong conviction that there are a lot of potentially violent racists who oppose him. As contrasted with the reality that he was noticeably a bad sort of crazy.

            Then there are the 2008 and 2012 primaries in states like Oklahoma. One of the guys who did well in those primaries relative to Obama was outright in prison.

            Furthermore, the events of his Senate ‘win’ against Ryan speak to him, or someone in his circles, making sure of things before hand.

        2. The Dems have been doing vote fraud since Boss Tweed ran Tammany. Sometimes, the machine actively does not go in for unpalatable candidates from their own party- McGovern and Mondale come to mind.
          Sometimes, the underlings resent high handed treatment from the machine, and don’t put in much effort in trying to throw the election- 2016 is an example.

  18. Incompetent? No, let’s say America hating and military hating. The obvious strategy is hold Kabul and Bagram. Tell all civilians and allies to come to those two places and be evacuated. Pull back to Bagram, fly out soldiers. Last out, perimeter security. But if you hate the military and America the first thing you do is close the military base, cause that’s the obvious monument to American Imperialism. You are sending a signal that you are not OK with a militaristic, colonial empire. End result, well, just watch the news reports.

    Second question: Where are the NeverTrump republicans? They are in the Democratic Party now or, as David so eloquently expressed, claiming that it is GWB’s fault because this dog’s breakfast was inevitable once we got into Afghanistan. I would say a complete lack of understanding of the military but there are a couple prominent NTers who served distinguished careers. So it has to be a hatred of America.

    1. Ironic to see the neocons blaming their guy for the thing they wanted most in the world not ending well. I have more contempt for the neocons than for the leftists. The leftists have always hated us, the neocons sold us out to them for 30 pieces of silver.

    2. The honest sane Trump opponent Republicans in 2016 have been paying careful attention, and weighing things.

      Consider the case of literal NSDAP members, with Hitler and German politics left out of the picture. If NSDAP member A has shown by his use of power that he will tolerate inconvenient procedure, and does not want to commit mass murder, he is clearly better than NSDAP member B, who does want mass murder, and has no regard for obstacles. In a choice between only A and B, you pick A, or you bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

      I thought Trump was a Democrat in 2016, and my criteria to vote for Democrats is exactly the same as my criteria to vote for literal Nazis. In 2020, I voted for Trump, because I would have voted for a literal Nazi under the same circumstances.

      Trump is basically a Democrat, but he is in the mold of a 1960s Democrat, when they were not only tyrannical fanatics and America hating fanatics.

      The modern Democrats opposing him were of the Democratic flavors who use riots for tactical political advantage (like the Segregationist Democrats) and the Communist ones that want mass murder.

      The ‘muh principles’/’party of Lincoln’ types have largely proven to be knaves. The fundamental quality of Lincoln’s politics is that he waged a civil war. You cannot talk about Lincoln’s substance without discussing the 1st ACW. Trump did not follow in Lincoln’s footsteps when he failed to start the active phase of the 2nd ACW.

      Trump may have had sound tactical reasons to delay starting that, but he still delayed. We are in August 2021, and continuous open fighting has not started. It had in April 1861. On January 6th, Trump could have authorized the unorganized militia to seize and hang the traitors in Congress.

      Every nominal Republican who tried to paint 1/6/2021 as Trump harming ‘democracy’ has betrayed Lincoln, is dishonest, and also profoundly stupidly blind to have turned Quisling for the portion of their thirty silver pieces that they will actually receive.

      I am still a Trump skeptic, I think he may have wimped out on us because of not truly being a Republican, but I am very clear that those who refuse to see that he was and is far better than HRC, BHO, Biden, and Kam Harris are even more so not true Republicans.

  19. Now the Taliban is using American Black Hawks to hang people.

    I haven’t been this mad since the Towers fell.

  20. And some of our “fearless leaders” have floated the idea of going back in with military forces. If they fucked it up on purpose maybe they did it because of a trillion? dollars worth of lithium and rare earth metals. And they need something like this to justify our presence. And more goodies for the MIC. Follow the money.

    1. No, China told Pedo Joe that they wanted Afghanistan and he delivered it to them.

      Do you doubt they have video of him and Hunter with underage girls?

      Biden is FULLY compromised by China. Tiawan falls by next summer and Pedo Joe won’t lift a finger.

  21. And now Biden is talking tough about… England, because they are saying mean things about him, and will hold a grudge, because he does that- according to the Telegraph UK.
    I guess this is part of the whole “Diplomacy is back!” thing?

  22. My heart goes out to all of the military who served in Afghanistan. Losing buddies, having friends crippled, and all for nothing. If we are going to get out. You do not do this clusterfuck of a withdrawal. If Larry wrote this scene in any book, he would have been laughed at for the caricature of a Liberal leader. This is Vietnam all over and it took what 20 years for America to recover. China is going to be all over this. Taiwan is next. We are so screwed. Thank you Larry for putting it so succinctly. Forgive me if I am rambling but just so upset.

    1. China is going to be all over this.

      We can only hope that Chyna decides to try their hand at the middle east game. Will bring their house of cards down even faster than it already is.

      1. Especially now that Winnie the Xi is not only playing the Charmin Mao Cult of Personality game, he’s also now purging the rich and successful and nationalizing more of their industry.
        Which will work about as well as it did in Zimbabwe or Cuba.

        1. Problem is, the Cuba regime is still there. What they did *hasn’t* brought them down. Much like North Korea, there’s no rational reason why it shouldn’t have fallen apart decades ago… but it hasn’t.

          1. Cuban here.

            The Cuban regime has an advantage that few (maybe none) of the other communist scum regime has ever had: no land borders.

            If this place had land borders, running away would be a much more straightorward (and frequent) affair. Instead, the government has managed to keep the population in an island-sized gulag.

            Also (this is hearsay, maybe someone here can provide more info) it appears that Cubans at the southern border are being singled out for denial of entry, unlike the vast majority of other illegals. If it’s true, I wonder why…

          2. Peke, because those in power believe that Communism is good and therefore why would you have reason to flee it? And also because refugees from Communism disagree with them and tend to value Liberty.

          3. Peke, because those in power believe that Communism is good and therefore why would you have reason to flee it? And also because refugees from Communism disagree with them and tend to value Liberty.

          4. Cuba and North Korea didn’t liberalize and embrace capitalism like China did for a few decades.
            China has hit a level of prosperity that neither can ever claim.
            And Cuba and North Korea exist, but they are not global superpowers or major threats. What would China be without money?

          5. Why? Because Cubans won’t vote socialist, the way the liberal, would-be kings want them to. Can’t have that. Gotta make sure we only let in the ones that will vote however the Dems tell them.

  23. For an interesting take on what actually transpired there I would recommend checking out Tucker Carlson’s interview with Laura Logan from a week or so back. There’s a short segment where she’s explaining things to Carlson and he’s just opened mouthed; and he finally turns to his director on camera and asks him if he’s getting all of what she’s saying.
    Logan had apparently been in Afghanistan for a long time…

    1. Lara used to report on AFG for CBS. She’s super pissed off that locals that worked with her then have been abandoned. Everyone should follow her on Twitter for true hard reporting. Lara has no fear.

    2. Just listened to video, and she leaves not a sliver of doubt – whoever pulls the strings fucking wants outcomes we are seeing…
      Hope she has good bodyguards.

    3. Lara had footage last night of the Taliban going door to door executing people after the last plane flew out.

      Its horrifying.

  24. While we are on the topic of negligence so gross it seems deliberate…

    1) Do you recall the in-house incarceration of 320 million Americans for 18 long months to “flatten the curve” and prevent the catastrophic breakdown of our entire society? This administration doesn’t care. They’re throwing it all away by bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegals who are reported to be up to 40% Covid-positive. Wonder why we’re back to masks and isolation? It isn’t because the 60%+ and in some states 70%+ vaccinated people dared to go out. Seriously, America, where is the outrage at the flagrant disregard for the damage you suffered to your families, your careers and finances, your elders and friends and this administration’s heedless conduct?

    2) Where is the outrage about the spinning vortex of information spin that practically generates its own hurricane above the White House? Shutting down dissent and alternative ideas no matter how well reasoned and supported is NOT one of America’s core values nor one of any free society. Have enough confidence in your opinions that they will survive on their own merits. Stop trying to force-feed garbage to America. Not only will we not eat it, we tend to get all punchy when someone tries that.

    3) Not that anyone misses the actual riots that caused billions of dollars of damage to businesses and communities that still need to be rebuilt, but how strange is it that, despite alleged systemic injustice and racism, they’ve all disappeared for the entire time after the election? That doesn’t look at all planned or promoted by this administration’s backers. Where is the outrage?

    4) Now the left has the audacity to cry about the criminals running amok claiming it is “gun violence” as though the same guns which were present a year ago have animated themselves and levitated up into combat positions. Are they entirely unable to correlate the cause of “defund police” with the effect of “holy shiat, there aren’t any police, let’s go bust some caps in some fools”??? Our society’s long-suffering defenders have been crapped on, perhaps for the final time but the left wants to blame… someone else. Anyone, really. Guns. Yeah. Right. Guns.

    5) Then the cherry on the bowl of poop they’re trying to convince you didn’t come from a squatter in a public park but is actually some new form of ice cream sundae: the catastrophically bungled Afghanistan withdrawal. It wasn’t just messy. It wasn’t just betraying thousands of people who relied upon the United States to help them build a better society. It was so poorly handled that our allies departed abruptly, our worldwide network of treaties and commitments is now in question and enemies around the globe are wondering if the US military is really in such complete shambles that they can make their move against their sworn enemies: North Korea vs. South Korea, China against Taiwan, Iran against… everyone, Pakistan and India, the list goes on and on. The US has been holding the lid on a pressure cooker and now it looks like they’ve left it boiling unattended. Here’s the rub: when the pressure cooker lid comes off, stuff spatters everywhere burning everything and everyone. So we have that to look forward to.

    At this rate we’ll be lucky to see spring let alone survive until the midterm elections fourteen months from now. So, yes. Well-done Democrats and Rinos, communists and socialists and fringe elements everywhere. You’ve crapped in all the parks and projects and things that matter. Now clean it up or be REJECTED at the ballot box and CAST OUT of the temple.

    1. There are some necessary requirements for the ballot box to matter in the next cycle.

      One is getting rid of the electronic voting machines. This is necessary but definitely not sufficient.

    2. Awww, that’s cute. You still believe there will be elections next year.

      People might go through the motions of filling out ballots and putting them in boxes, but just like last year, the ‘winners’ will be decided months before the ‘election’. The ballots will go into locked rooms to be ‘counted’ in secret in the middle of the night.

      Like the recall of Herr Fuhrer Newsome in two weeks. If there are enough votes to swamp out the fraud, the recall will be declared ‘illegitimate’. For months they’ve been calling us Nazis because we want to vote a rich white asshole out of office.

      I just noticed something interesting. The left-wing dipshits infesting David Weber’s ‘Politics’ forum haven’t had a word to say since August 11. Not a single post. I wonder why?
      The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

  25. Could the winds be shifting?

    The website “Flag Officers 4 America” is run by a group of retired Flag Officers. They have an open letter signed by 220 members calling for the SecDef and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign.

    From the letter: “As the principal military advisors to the Commander In Chief (CINC)/President, the SECDEF and CJCS were the two top military officials in a position to recommend against the dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms.

    If they did everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal and the President did not accept their recommendations, then knowing the disastrous consequences looming, the retired flag officer signers believe these top military advisors should have resigned as a matter of conscience and public statement.

    1. And if they did NOT do everything in their authority to stop the recklessly-hasty withdrawal — say, if their official recommendation was, in fact, to go forward with what we’ve been seeing, abandoning our people, our equipment, and even our service dogs to the Taliban (which honestly wouldn’t surprise me in the least; SECDEF and CJCS are both America-hating communists) — then they are just as guilty as Gropey Joe of “adhering to [America’s] enemies, giving them aid and comfort”.

      A.K.A.: Treason against the United States, per the Constitution.

  26. Gonna disagree with you on the last part about forgiveness. They don’t deserve it and should not be given it. The left took forgiveness off the table a long time ago.

    They could have figured out the truth if they put in the slightest amount of effort and critical thinking, but they didn’t. There is no forgiving them for voting for a traitorous, pedophilic rapist and Chinese Communist Party Asset. He is evil, they are evil. They are all Nazis with blood on their hands that will never wash off. Not to mention they’re all brainless NPC proles that will just vote for the next democrat like the brainless idiots they are. So any mea culpa they have can get shoved back up their asses. But hey, no more mean tweets!

    They are scum, shame them, make them sit down and never open their stupid mouths again. This wasn’t brainwashing, this was willful ignorance and cultism.

    They tried shutting us down, now its time to shove them down so hard that they never get back up or even THINK of opening their stupid mouths. And if they do, smack them in the mouth, HARD.

  27. I said it before the election. Voting for Big Stupid over Big Meanie will have consequences. When he is tossed out using the 25th Amendment, then we will have Big Stupid Meanie in there. And when you have someone like that who is only concerned about herself and her career in the nations highest office, then the consequences will only be more severe.

    Seems rather foolish to be worried about a few mean tweets now….

      1. Why would she want to do that? What could she win by that? Next you tell me she will assemble her supporters to storm the capitol to get a bigger majority in the senate.

        As for the Civil War talk. Please don’t. Victoria makes for a poor instruction manual despite what the author things.

        1. She will want to do it because she’s an evil bitch. The left is moving towards making being a Republican illegal and ushering in a one party state.

          Regarding Civil War, there is a time that my state will have had enough and will cecede. I suppose the left could just accept that an leave us be without going to war, but authoritarians don’t generally go with that option.

          1. Succession is not a viable plan.

            It wasn’t viable in 1860, and it is not viable now.

            In 1860, if the CSA could withdraw, there was very little preventing components of the Union and the CSA from withdrawing from any attempt to build a binding peace treaty. If the CSA had ‘won’, been able to force the Union to concede separation, and even ratified a peace treaty between the two powers, there might still not have been any peace.

            We cannot leave these people in a position of power, because they are crazy, and will cheerfully hurt Americans. Conceding to them control over this or that state is a betrayal of our fellow Americans, and also leaves them resources with which to kill Americans in every state. Furthermore, it abandons the field of the procedural fight.

            Furthermore, break up or a fratricide are the scenarios that certain lunatic foreign meddlers are pushing for.

            Recently, maybe up till now, has mostly been a waiting game, because the opposition is crazy, and will stupidly do things to tick people off. I suspect the waiting game phase has not ended yet, but I dunno. I’m not rested, informed, or having enough thinking time to have a sound opinion.

          2. Secession from the United States might not be the best idea, but there are rumblings about some eastern counties seceding from Washington and joining Idaho. Also some Virginia counties seceding to West Virginia.

            The Democrats have even been making noises about dividing Kalifornia. What if, instead of the state breaking north-south, it split up east-west, leaving the big Democrat coastal cities all on their own?
            If a business tries something and it doesn’t work, they either stop doing it or they will go broke. If the government tries something that doesn’t work, they just keep shoveling our money into it forever.

          3. The political approval process for changing state composition ensures that it will only happen if the Democrats are sure that they will profit from it.

            You’d still have to deal with the communist effers somehow, and it would be more work.

            Reverting the big cities from being part of the states to being territories, and letting the remaining rural portions of states elect governors who are also in charge of the related territories, sounds good in /theory/. It practice, it would surely be horrible.

            At this point, our best answer is probably going to be unforeseeable, and not match to any simple theoretical model.

            We don’t need to adjust the theoretical model we operate the US on. We simply need a consensus on turning a blind eye to some vigilantism. We could potentially trust to solving it through a legal process instead of vigilantism, if folks associated with the legal process had not been stupid enough to make it appear that they can and have fixed the legal process.

            Basically, it looks like we probably need an ugly, messy answer in practice, instead of worrying about making the current theory change to match a different ugly messy theory that addresses the current specific issue.

            It would be nice if vigilantism is not the answer. I have no idea of any good answer.

            But I do not need a theoretical answer in advance. If human events could only happen if someone had a theory first, then we would be SOL, because the technocrats would pretty much automatically win.

          4. Human events have been happening without theoretical models for 300,000 years. Theoretical models have only existed for a few hundred years, and most of them have failed disastrously. Ours was working pretty well until a bunch of evil fuckers spent a hundred years bashing it apart.

            I would refer to the courts and elections as ‘rigged’ rather than ‘fixed’. Fixed can mean ‘repaired’ and repaired is the one thing our government ain’t.
            There is statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’.

  28. FWIW . . .
    Military spending by country (in billions of US$ for 2019):
    1. US — $778.0
    2. PRC — 252.0
    3. India — 72.9

    The lowest estimate of military equipment left to the Taliban that I have seen is US$85.0B. Joe Biden just made Taliban Afghanistan the world’s third greatest military power.

    I expected ACW2 to start the day after the Demoncrats stole the 2020 election. Still waiting. “Where’s the KABOOM? There was supposed to be and Earth-shattering KABOOM.”

  29. how if we didn’t want a total clusterfuck of an ass backwards withdrawal then we must be in favor of eternal war
    I’ve seen some people making that claim. They’re generally the less temperate and less thoughtful commenters. And there are some “neocons” who probably are in favor of ongoing war as long as we’re making the world look like America, or something.

    I don’t know what to say to you
    How about…
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
    A more elegant “FU” than yours. 😉

  30. I keep saying this, I am waiting for something to happen.
    For the dam to break and fighting to start, or for the government to start locking people up for being subversive and regressive.
    And as a devout Catholic (not a liar like Kamala and Biden, I’m honestly ashamed that they even call themselves Catholic), I have no doubt that I and other devout Catholics will be on the list to go away. Because even if we’re not economically or politically very conservative, we’re not leftist- apparently, we’re homotranswhatever-phobes who hate children.
    I’m in college. And there are days when I think I won’t live past the decade.

  31. It’s been said before, but for all those who are debating the malice vs stupidity vs incompetence question: Embrace the power of “and”.

    1. The debate’s over, RebeccaH. This is not anything other than a plan.

      It’s a stupid plan, certainly. It’s an evil plan. But one thing it isn’t is a mistake. They meant to do this, probably as cover for something else that is worse.

      So now the job is to think of what was worse than this that they already did. Pizzagate probably doesn’t measure up. I think maybe they sold nukes to Iran and China. That’s the type of thing that springs to mind.

  32. As others have rightly pointed out it is the complete lack of accountability from anyone in the chain of command or in the intelligence community that is most galling. Milley says no one saw anything to show the Afghan military would collapse so quickly. Really, so who are you firing from intel for this failure? Wait, weren’t you the guy in charge of training the Afghan forces for several years? What responsibility are you going to accept?

    Milley brought back the World War II era pinks and greens to have some connection with the last major war we won. As the son of a World War II veteran, North Africa, Sicily and Normandy, Purple Heart (Oak Leaves), Bronze Star and Silver Star, I couldn’t be more disgusted. The meme going around contrasting Eisenhower’s badges with this POS’s reminded me of the biggest contrast. Eisenhower drafted a resignation letter for if the D-Day landings failed, that accepted sole blame for the failure. Milley is so busy passing the buck for his catastrophic failure that he may have to miss ice cream time with Dementia Joe.

    1. If the D-Day landings failed, Eisenhower expected to die in the middle of it. Not sit sipping coffee in a comfy office in the Pentagon, watching news reports about the disaster.

      The fish rots from the head, and the Democrats picked the rottenest head they could find.
      A politician is worse than a toilet. They’re both full of shit — but at least you can flush the toilet.

    2. You know what I’m wondering? Where’s the mass resignations of one-star generals, captains and majors? Where’s everybody in Milley’s chain of command saying “fuck that!” and resigning?

      So far there’s only one (1) guy with the balls to say no. Even he didn’t resign, they fired him for running his mouth.

  33. Just when I thought we had hit Peak Stupid. At this point, I expect the Adminstration to announce its’ Venus Colonization Program.

    Just call me Tinny-Peet!

  34. The ILOH rants so I don’t have to.
    If I hadn’t already purchased everything he sells I’d feel guilty about receiving such charity as this.
    As always, well said and I completely agree.

  35. You are wrong.
    They are like the Nazi. They enjoy chaos. They are happy, in their basements and enjoying destruction.
    This is why they are silent. They can’t jack off and type at the same time.

  36. Biden supporting internet stranger reporting in 🙂

    From my outside view the economy is doing what it is always doing. There is a huge pandemic going on, but it looks like business as usual for the economy. Biden got the vaccinations rolling, but messed up somewhere, because for some reason people are taking livestock dewormers.

    I have no idea, what went wrong on the American side of the Afghanistan withdrawal. The government of my country messed theirs up as well, but that is to be expected, since they are terrible at this stuff and were more afraid of the optics of letting in refugees to make sure the ecavuation process of foreign helpers started early.

    As for the American Afghanistan mission, an unreliable source (stranger on the internet) told me that Obama had two plans on his desk: Either move out with most forces and do the bare minimum or send massive support to get serious with the whole stabilising idea. Upon Biden’s counsel he decided to split the difference and order a plan that could not work at all due to the lack of focus and vision.

    The withdrawal certainly went wrong, but I do not see Trump as a tactical genius. Not that he would care about the soldiers returning in a safely manner. We are talking about the guy who called a veteran who fought in Vietnam and got tortured a loser for that. Well, not everyone can have heroic bone spurs in their feet. I would like to remind everyone that Trump sold Afghanistan out to the Taliban by negotiating with them in Doha without having the government of Afghanistan provide any input.

    All in all I am mostly apathetic. I should be furious about an evacuation plan that an armchair general could improve, but I am just to used to militaries messing up when they should be better at this.

    Cynical thought: That the weapon systems were left in Afghanistan is a good thing for the people that matter since all that hardware has to be replaced with taxpayer money. And people say the military-industrial complex does nothing for the economy.

    1. The funny thing about Trump’s relationship with the military is that the media told us that the military was supposed to hate him for exactly the reasons you state. Also, McCain turned out to be a turd who lived on his VietNam heroism while being a turd so, you know, outrage about the insult from people who actively hate the military really didn’t fly with anyone much who ever wore or is wearing a uniform. Please do recall that when McCain was running for President the media and the Democrats called him Hitler. Is anyone, was anyone, eternally upset about that? Not at all. Not even a bit. Calling a WAR HERO Hitler…that’s okay. Right? Isn’t it? Nothing insulting and awful about that at all, Oh, hey look! Trump!

      Any agreements Trump made with the Taliban were abandoned by Biden so that excuse doesn’t fly. If they were bad and Biden was abandoning them, he could do whatever he wanted.

      As for the economy. Dude. That’s not how the economy works. And if it was economic to leave equipment behind (and it likely is) it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be left operational.

      I used to have a 5 pound sledge in a drawer at my duty station that had to be accounted for every shift change. What do you suppose that was for?

    2. Really, I’ve just got to say.

      Trump wasn’t a military guy but in general the military liked him well enough judging by his reception at military academy events. He didn’t *pretend* to be a military guy.

      Biden implemented f*cking ideological purity purges, officially portrayed the military as being beset by white f*cking supremacists, and appointed a Political Officer, and another disgusting excuse for leadership who assured us his biggest goal was to understand white male rage. OH MY GOD!

      Suggest again, just please suggest ONE MORE TIME that people who have worn or do wear the uniform should be upset because Trump issued a low blow insult to McCain.

      Instead of planning how to best leave Afghanistan we had months of “stand down” ideological witch hunting in our military.

      So tell me again. Please.

      1. Sure, I can tell you again. I don’t think it would help much, though.

        I did not see much about the ideological purges in the military from here over the pond. Might be my filter bubble, though. I don’t have many contacts who served in the US armed forces and I usually don’t talk politics with them (it can get people riled up). Where would you suggest I look for sources about Trump having a good reception at the military academies? (Although I am pretty sure it would be unprofessional for military servicemen to boo the sitting president.)

        My outside view is that I don’t think Trump cares about any person in the military at all. Biden might see them as a statistic as well, but I believe him more, when he acts empathic. The other argument I wanted to bring here will be omitted as I fact-checked myself for that one and was apparently wrong.

        As an aside: How serious of a ideology purge are we talking about? Sometimes those are quite useful. Our politicians pretend to do one as well at least until the media started looking away.

        1. Yes, Biden is so much more empathetic – which is why the Gold Star mother got kicked off Instagram for her comment about how offensive he was in meeting with her, and why the families of the 13 dead marines felt that he was checking his watch multiple times during the transfer of the bodies of their sons.
          You are absolutely in an ideological / country filter – Trump was offensive specifically to McCain, not to all service members who got captured / killed. One thing that happened during Trump’s visits is that a lot of servicemen would stand in line to get MAGA gear signed by him, which constantly set off the left wing media here claiming that it was politicking in uniform and all the soldiers involved needed to be court martialed.
          The current ideology purge is basically anyone who isn’t going to parrot CRT / ideological marxism / BLM as the ultimate goal of society are getting pushed out / not promoted.
          As far as the economy – yes it’s totally normal that when the president attacks oil drilling and processing that we see prices start to rise for all goods and services, but the massive inflation hitting the US is due to Biden’s idiotic policy of trying to reverse everything Trump did without worrying about the effect, not a natural increase in inflation – that’s why originally the media was spinning it as transitory inflation, and has now moved to it being a problem. You’ve referenced being in England – in what world is it normal for a sitting president to be held in contempt by Parliament, to not coordinate with the other G7 leaders about withdrawal, and all the other bull Biden is pulling? We have seen reports today of a US Blackhawk being used to hang someone for working with the US. The Taliban is now one of the most well equipped militaries – in part because of all the equipment the US flushed towards the Afghan army, but also due to all of the materiel simply left behind because the people running the modern woke military are too dumb to successfully withdraw.

        2. “I did not see much about the ideological purges in the military from here over the pond.”

          Then you are not qualified to have informed discussion on the matter. Yet here you are.

          “Where would you suggest I look for sources about Trump having a good reception at the military academies? “

          Try this:
          The Internet

          “My outside view is that I don’t think Trump cares about any person in the military at all.”

          And this view is informed by…? You’ve already demonstrated you don’t know where to look for information that would support your opinions, and that you’re unaware of important matters concerning a subject you’ve chosen to opine on.

          “but I believe him more, when he acts empathic. “

          Like when he checks his watch at a ceremony involving the arrival of American dead? Or when he routinely brings up his dead son when war dead are the subject, despite his son having died of cancer as a military lawyer? Was he empathizing with blacks who didn’t want to vote for him when he told them they weren’t black because of it? Your knowledge of events and personalities seem to end at getting the names right. Either that, or you don’t know what “empathy” means. Then again, your massive blind spot could be cause by your own pathological hatred, which would be rich in a discussion about empathy.

          “The other argument I wanted to bring here will be omitted as I fact-checked myself for that one and was apparently wrong.”

          You should to that more. You’d save yourself a lot of typing.

        3. Trump’s reception at the military academies was raucous. Lots of cheering and noise. When Biden goes, when he does because he must, watch. If the cadets are “respectful” you know.

          The outright charge that the US military is full of white supremacist far-right extremists that constitute a danger that required a thorough examination, screening, and education of the lowest ranks on up is utterly unprecedented and it wasn’t a secret. And it wasn’t portrayed as ideologically neutral either. It wasn’t “lets make sure we find all the guys with drug cartel connections and the next Ft. Hood shooter and the neo-Nazi bubbas” it was specifically “right wing extremists”, those people just a little too patriotic, you know.

          As for Trump’s empathy, that’s entirely a construction of the media. Biden? You don’t get reports about Biden.

          Did you know that the family of a man that he slandered as a “drunk driver” who murdered his wife and daughter for his ENTIRE political career has been begging and pleading with him to stop lying about their father who wasn’t a drunk, ever? The man died, slandered by Biden for political stump speeches.

          Does that sound like empathy to you?

          Joe Biden’s “empathy” is telling yet another story about how his heroic son Beau served in the military, and died, and so he knows how the devastated families feel when their sons and daughters are shipped home from Afghanistan in a box.

          Empathy? Now, what if you know that Beau never served in any sort of combat and died independent of his military service of cancer?

          A gushing media and a lifetime of needing to present the proper demeanor does a whole lot. It’s hard to argue with a story about how a drunk driver killed your wife.

        4. This post has already been crushed by others, but pretty much everything you said is wrong.
          Your bubble sucks.
          The purges are well known and obvious.
          My sources are that basically a quarter of the human beings I know are military, former military, or work for the military.
          You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just stop. It’s embarrassing.

          1. It was the comment about ideological purges being sometimes useful that made me actually question this posters intelligence.

            Before that, he was just a somewhat uninformed UK or European citizen commenting on US politics. After that? He showed his true colors.

        5. “Biden might see them as a statistic as well, but I believe him more, when he acts empathic.”

          Biden acts empathetic. (Not empathic, which is different.) ACTS. Any empathy you may see isn’t real. It’s an act.

          Trump didn’t bother pretending to be empathetic most of the time because empathy isn’t the president’s job. Getting things like the Afghanistan withdrawal right is.

          Biden, on the other hand, has been a government leech for nearly 50 years. He’s corrupt, vicious, and incompetent, and his only talent is finding opportunities for graft, but hey, he looks good on TV. It doesn’t matter how empathetic someone appears to be if they’re fucking everyone else over in the meantime.

          ” How serious of a ideology purge are we talking about? Sometimes those are quite useful.”

          It’s official: you’re dangerously stupid. I’m glad you’re on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. We don’t need any more like you over here.

      2. “Suggest again, just please suggest ONE MORE TIME that people who have worn or do wear the uniform should be upset because Trump issued a low blow insult to McCain.”

        Its the usual, “How dare Trump have the gall to defend himself!”

        McCain, like so many other pols and media personality wanted to be able to say the most vile things about Trump and his family, and it torqued them to no end that he didn’t just stand there like Bush 43 and take it.

        Not that I need to tell you. That was more for our ignorant friend here.

    3. Your outside view is leaving quite a bit to be desired. No, the economy isn’t doing what it always does. Didn’t do it under Obama (have a look at the quarterly data), Did it under Trump, and isn’t doing it under Biden. The issues the economy faces are not due to the pandemic, but to idiotic governors who – get this – belong to the same party as Biden and are making stupid (or worse) decisions because of the pandemic.

      “I have no idea, what went wrong on the American side of the Afghanistan withdrawal.”

      Then read something about it. It’s in all the papers. There’s no excuse for this level of ignorance and critical thinking. It’s not hard.

      “…but I do not see Trump as a tactical genius. Not that he would care about the soldiers returning in a safely manner. “

      Shitty mindreading isn’t persuasive, Champ. No need to repeat or add to what Synova took you to task for here. Regurgitating propaganda isn’t persuasive either. You clearly know absolutely nothing about what Trump’s people negotiated with the Taliban. Ignorance isn’t a strong position.

      “All in all I am mostly apathetic.”

      Then why bother posting such an ill-informed, ignorant, poorly considered, twitter-level propaganda screed? I suppose it’s too much to ask people who supported Puddin’ Head to make a t least half-assed effort? JFC

      1. I don’t think that Trump is a tactical genius, but I think that he understands that supply chains exist and what it takes to coordinate a very large logistical project.

        In fact, I don’t see how anyone could dispute that he has that particular set of knowledge and skills.

        As for how he feels, the impression of how he feels is a fiction woven by Trump hating journalists.

        Someone else reminded me about signing MAGA hats for soldiers, the made up controversy about that aside, it is an example showing that the regular troops, no matter if Trump was in a spat with their bosses, found him relatable and approachable. There’s no reason at all to think that he didn’t care about the lives of the regular men and women serving in the military.

        1. I don’t think Trump a tactical genius either. He made a lot of big strategic political errors as well.

          The idea that Trump was involved in the minutia of planning the withdrawal is, of course absurd. For better or worse (usually worse), he tended to approach everything with a business mindset. That mindset works here, since he could delegate the planning to his DoD and State underlings. At least, on paper.

          The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced the majority of fault lies with the military commanders here. Had they not been famously insubordinate to Trump and fought him every step of the way in the region, at times flat out ignoring his directives, then perhaps they would have put together a plan that could pass the kindergartner test.

          I would be willing to bet they thought they could convince President Magoo to keep a small presence there, and in his bottomless wisdom, he told the JCS no deal, so they were left scrambling. I’ve seen no indication that the Flag and General officer corps has been prioritizing outdated notions like warfighting, operational readiness, contingency planning, ship-handling, or even morale. This Charlie Foxtrot seems to support that.

          But I could be wrong.

          1. That’s nearly word for word what I expect is true.

            And I expect foot dragging that meant that the May 1st (or whatever it was ) deadline was utterly impossible.

    4. Everything you said is stupid.
      Because of the Brandollini Principle it takes an order of magnitude more time to refute bullshit that create it, so I’d have to spend an hour going through all the ways what you said is stupid.
      Thank you for providing an example of why gullible low information voters have gotten us into this mess.

  37. The Biden voters I know are burying their heads in the sand on all of this. They are more involved in forcing their HOA to let them fly their pronoun flags, and pushing CRT and ACAB on their students.

    Oh, and demonizing Desantis.

    Meanwhile, I’m figuring that there approaches 100% probability that there will be a significant terrorist attack on the US in the next five years, so I’m making sure my trauma kits and training are up to date.

  38. The Afghanistan withdrawal as a tale of two grocery shopping trips.

    There was a problem everyone agreed. The fridge was almost empty and the cupboards almost bare. Orange Man decided tomorrow we’d go to the store, made a list, checked the wallet and keys. The route and the store’s hours. He had a plan.

    At 4am, 81 million “votes” replaced him with Potato. First thing Potato does is throw out the list and ignore the problem. Weeks later, the problem now dire. Potato decides the grocery trip will commence with throwing the car keys in the toilet, stripping butt naked, lighting the house on fire and leaping through the front window.

    As Potato rolls in the front lawn, covered in his own poo, he says, “It was Orange Man’s plan!”.

  39. That Trump character made a deal with the Taliban in February 2020 to mostly stop fighting and then just leave in may 2021. The same stuff that is happening now would also be the same stuff that would be happening if Trump were president. It is easier for Trump to pretend this would not be happening if he was president because he is not the president. It is easy for me to pretend this would not be happening if I was president because I am not the president.

    1. Some of the same stuff, sure. But like this? The Taliban taking over the entire country including Kabul? Executing the poets and comedians and women in government? Desperate people falling off of airplanes? Abandoned translators? Abandoned dogs? An Army’s worth of guns and tanks and helicopters?

      There were specific elements in place to slow the Taliban and allow a more orderly withdrawal. The May deadline was not arbitrary. The August deadline was not arbitrary. The May deadline was to slow the Taliban coming out of the winter months. The August deadline seems to have been an attempt at symbolic closure and photo ops for 9-11.

      1. our contractors will be happy to get new contracts to replace all that stuff. i cannot picture it happening any differently no matter who the president is.

    2. Yeah, except that bullshit excuse only works on low information types who haven’t paid any attention to the specifics.
      I’ve repeatedly gone over the specific differences. They aren’t even close. It’s painfully clear to everyone who isn’t a partisan hack.
      So you’re either gullible and repeating the bullshit you’ve been told, or you know better, and you’re just dishonest and spreading uncertainty to cover for your team’s failures.

  40. Seen it as a meme recently that Trump voters/conservatives are like the “American Taliban”. If that is so, I’m still waiting for the army to abandon some pallets of weapons, ammo and cash outside my residence.

  41. Biden should have had Timmy the 5-year-old advisor explain why this was a bad idea. Of course, we’d have to pay for Timmy’s therapy after Joe groped and sniffed him but he might listen.

  42. I honestly think the (RINO=liberal) side could care less about what is happening to our country. There’s no way this assclown received 81 million votes, much less 10 million. If you think about it, this is part of their plan to systematically change us over to a more authoritarian system. What better way than to undermine our international standing. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I believe the chicons are behind all of this including pulling said assclown’s strings. God save us.

  43. Where have all the Liberals Gone? Sung to the song Where have all the Cowboys gone by Paula Cole
    One two three four
    Oh you get me ready
    to go on Airforce One
    Here is a dandelion for you
    Take the vaccine that is untested
    but still wear a mask
    I still get to have my ice cream
    I will do briefings
    If you will write the script
    Where is my Ice cream cone
    Where is my Pudding cup
    Where is my summer home
    Where have all the liberals gone
    Why don’t you stop asking me?
    I’m not allowed to answer
    How about some ice cream
    You know I like my chocolate chip
    and my midday nap
    Is it time for my pudding yet?
    I will not extend the withdraw
    I will not leave anyone behind
    Where is my ice cream cone
    Where is my pudding cup
    Where is my summer home
    Where have all the liberals gone
    I will not extend the deadline
    the Taliban says they are our friends
    Say our goodbyes
    Say our goodbyes
    Say our goodbyes
    We finally found the corruption
    when the investigations ended
    after you cheated in votes
    You stand behind your decision
    you betrayed everyone
    Now everyone is gone away
    I want another election
    While you have ice cream
    Where is our impeachment trials
    Where is our investigation
    Where is our justice system
    Where have all the liberals gone
    Where is my Orange man
    With his better record
    Where are my patriots
    Where have all the liberals gone
    Where have all the liberals gone
    Where have all the liberals gone
    Liar pony soldier Liar pony soldier

  44. Oh well done, Larry, well done. I just ran into someone’s post about this article on Barfcom and thought I’d point out your hypocrisy.

    After four years of trashing Trump at every opportunity, especially during the 2016 campaign, you suddenly realize he’s better than the alternative? Good job on siding with the NeverTrump leftists throughout nearly his entire term, bitching that he wasn’t good enough for you, giving aid and comfort to the enemies who were relentlessly attacking him, helping to persuade other gun nuts and fence-sitters that Trump sucked and didn’t deserve their support, only occasionally saying “ok he didn’t suck this week”, thereby helping him lose the election, you turd.

    1. Whatever you say, dumb ass.
      Back in reality I did not vote for him in 2016 and I was vocal about how I thought he was going to suck and govern as a New York democrat, so I did a futile 3rd party protest vote.
      I really did think he was going to be total shit.
      Then for the next few years he turned out to not suck nearly as badly as I thought he was going to.
      He did a lot of things good. He did a few things that were really stupid. Either way, I gave my honest opinion on each thing because I’m not an ass kissing cheer leader to any politician.
      A couple years in I admitted I was wrong and should have voted for him. I said this in public. Leading up to the election I endorsed the guy.
      I said I’d vote for him in 2020 and I did.

      As far as me not being a brain dead, team sports cheer leader on every fucking topic even when your politician is wrong, enjoy your bump stock.

      1. I can understand that voting decision. My state was close enough in 2016 that I held my nose and voted for my “least bad” option, Trump. Overall, I’d agree with you. He exceeded my expectations, greatly. Did some stupid things and picked some fights he shouldn’t have. Biggest handicap, IMO, was he wasn’t supposed to win and had to put his team together “on the fly” and that took about 2 years. Then the “Shampeachment” bullshit started and kept him under a cloud until Covid hit. Voted for him again in 2020 as Biden/Harris were clearly unfit for the office.

  45. Considering the shitshow of the Trump presidency and how you stuck with him through disaster after disaster after moronic blunder, it sounds a bit disingenuous for you to say “hey Biden screwed up, don’t you feel stupid”. It’s like a man gargling diarrhea laughing at someone who swallowed a fly.

    Also, the reason you haven’t run into them is partly due to you focusing on doing things you’re actually good at instead of sticking a bullhorn up your ass and announcing your idiocy to the world like you did here.

    1. Hahahahahahaah. Oh man. 😀
      Guys, you want to know how I know I am living right?
      Yesterday I get a comment from an anonymous internet pussy screaming about how I didn’t stick up for Trump enough. And today I get a comment from a different anonymous internet pussy screaming about how I stuck up for Trump too much.
      Heh. Fuck you both. 😀

      But, as I corrected the other team sports dumb ass, I’ll do the same for you.
      Trump, despite all his failings, never did anything that came anywhere near this epic fuck up.
      Own that, you piece of shit.

      And what kind of sociopath looks at what is going down in Afghanistan and describes it as “swallowing a fly”?

    2. This was to perfect. “F*** you for being anti-trump.” Next comment “F*** you for loving trump and always excusing him!”

      BTW, you must be new here. Larry frequently voices his opinions about politics and social issues of the day, and they almost always draw interest attention of people making statements that reveal how little they’re paying attention.

        1. Are they posting from different IP addresses, or identical ones? Would be amusing if it’s a troll swapping scripts from the Hive.

  46. I really think that all of this comes down this. As my wife says.

    Trump for all his faults, Loves America, Joe does not

    There is a monster amount of truth.
    The only thing left out.. that is left
    out “right and left”… is THE FACT
    that China was the vote “counter”
    of the election.
    China dominated America with its Dominion.
    And far too many are too scared to announce
    this Truth. Except Mike Lindell.
    If Supreme Court doesn’t look at the Lindell
    preponderance of evidence and correct the
    2020 vote stealing… THERE WILL BE NO 2022!!!

  48. The Democrats are going to get the majority of that solid racial bloc voting from immigrants and that’s all that matters. They don’t care about how incompetent he is (neither do hard core white leftists). This is what’s changed, this 10-15 percent solid racial votes (counting the black vote) in the Democrats’ pocket every election. The electorate isn’t the same as it was in 1980, you went along with mass immigration and now you get what you get. Appeals to common sense, to practicality, are useless in a multi-racial empire where the various tribes are scrambling for advantage at somebody else’s expense. The “Silent Majority” that kept the system in check is dead and gone thanks to mass immigration. Conservatism doesn’t want to deal with this changed reality at all. Because of demographic changes you’ll never see a Reagan landslide again.

  49. You know what pisses me off about this on a personal level?

    I’m in Oregon. Last year, our state was on fire. People in our local area were dying and/or having their homes destroyed. I couldn’t walk outside to check the mail without an N-95 mask because the smoke was so thick. During that time, I found out that our state owned (i.e. paid for with Oregonians’ tax dollars) a number of those big helicopters that they use to fight fires. (IIRC, there were six.) Every single one of them had been sent to Afghanistan for the war effort. They weren’t here when we needed them. No attempt was made to bring them here, even though the fires went on for weeks.

    And now, it looks like we’re never getting them back.

    If nothing else (and there is PLENTY else), the Biden administration needs to be held accountable for the squandering of US resources. For the next four years, any time any Democrat asks for more money for leftist agendas or wants to raise taxes, they should have their faces shoved in the accounts of billions of dollars of US money that they maliciously embezzled (effectively) like a puppy getting shown its own pee puddle, with the accompanying firm, “NO.”

  50. 2016 through today = Democrat Treason = criminals Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Terroristism, murders, and riots – Democratic Socialist Liar Politicians.Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party in the United States, and ANTiFA are only about Hate.

  51. I just stumbled across this while doing my periodic check on the status of “Saga of the Forgotten Warrior.” I was reading it thinking…”you forgot to mention the fact that Biden has abandoned any attempts at energy independence, failed to deter Russian ambition, almost certainly will fail Taiwan in the near future, and faces crippling inflation while refusing to acknowledge government spending caused it and in fact is trying to spend even more to “fix” it. Oh, he also has violated equal opportunity laws by publicly proclaiming he will only consider black women for SCOTUS positions, resorted to name calling at reporters who ask him tough questions, AND attempted to misuse OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate on well over a 100 million private citizens.”

    Then I saw that this was written last summer and the scope of how unwavering and consistent this administration is in it’s mission to thoroughly fuck everything up became clear. If you thought the first 6 months were bad, the second 6 months were worse. Heaven help us as we now spar with Russia, Iran, and China in year two. If nothing else, this administration has gifted us the new phrase “The Biden Touch” because everything he lays his hands on turns to shit.

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