WriterDojo S1 Ep2: Hobby vs Business (Round I)

Episode 2 is live now. So subscribe those likes or mash the… whatever… I don’t know much about podcasting. I’m just the dude who talks about writing. Good thing we’ve got Jack as producer. 😀

Season 1 is mostly recorded and will get us to the end of the year, but we will also be doing some special episodes where we respond to supporter questions. (if you want to become a supporter of the podcast, click on the Anchor link below.

On that note, normally when I do stuff like this to help other writers I don’t worry about monetizing it because I make a pretty good living off of book sales. However, this is a team effort, and I’m sure Steve and Jack would tell me to shut up because they still have day jobs. 🙂 So if you’d like to become a supporter, that would be awesome. Thank you.

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If I don’t remember to post about it, new episodes will drop every Wednesday. If you’d like to leave a review, that would be great because it increases our visibility.

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14 thoughts on “WriterDojo S1 Ep2: Hobby vs Business (Round I)”

  1. Looking forward to these. A rising tide DOES lift all boats, and y’all are helping that tide rise! Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed your second episode of writer dojo on You Tube.

    My only technical criticism is that the volume needs to be balanced a bit better but I’m sure Jack realizes that and is on it.

    You’re just not a LOUD person, Larry.

    1. I’d appreciate a quieter intro compared to the talking.

      Thanks for a high quality program filled with useful business talk!

  3. Hey, I’m a new listener and only have purchased the Son of the Black Sword series, and will be buying the monster hunter series for my ride home since I have just found this thread this morning, but I’m super curious when the 4th book is coming out. I’ve listened to the series four times through now and its close to if not my favorite series. Would love a projection if it’s not too much of a bother 🙂

  4. Thank you for putting these out there, Larry. There’s a lot of great information in the two episodes thus far (and they’re entertaining). One question I have, which you may cover in a future podcast, is about initially getting published. I’ve recently finished my first novel (copy editing and all), and now I’m stuck as to the best route to take in trying to get paid. Are publisher slush piles still viable? Would you get an agent if you were starting out again today (and if so, where would you look for one)? Or would you still choose to self-publish first? Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can provide.

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