Target Rich Environment 2 is now on Audible

The Target Rich Environments are my short story collections.

Many of these stories have appeared in other anthologies, but these are all new recordings from Tantor audio, narrated by Basil Sands. Volume 1 is what I listened to while driving around on book tour. Basil did a great job.

I love writing short fiction, and the collections are fun because I get to bounce between a bunch of different genres, styles, and worlds. I’m probably getting close to having enough for a third collection too.

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6 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment 2 is now on Audible”

  1. Just finished reading Bloodlines.
    Just started reading MHI (book 1) out loud to my son (with mild changes to some verbiage)
    Can’t wait to start this one! My wife who’s a total audio-book snob says Larry’s books are by far her favorite audio books.

    Also, are there going to be any Utah book signings in the near future?

      1. I have a signed copy of book 1 from way back in the day, and a non-signed one that I lend to people to get them hooked… but I told my wife “I need to get to another signing with a paint marker so Larry can sign my kindle. Then every book I’m reading will be signed!”

    1. >Just started reading MHI (book 1) out loud to my son (with mild changes to some verbiage)

      Oh man, that’s a good idea. I’d been thinking of ways to share this book with my kids, but the language has held me back.


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