16 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Bloodlines Audiobook is Now Up For Preorder on Audible”

  1. I’d also like to know if it’s gonna be available on MP-3 CD. It’s lot harder to ban something if it’s in my hand.

  2. Just finished Bloodlines. Very fun. Perfect title!

    Larry, have you ever published a Shackleford family tree? It would be great to see one. I’m sure you’ve made one up for yourself, as a part of all of the clearly voluminous supporting material you must have at hand.

    When do you expect to start on the next volume? I will most definitely *NOT* tell you to write faster. I’m in awe of how much quality copy you are able to generate. You rock!

  3. Ave Caesar! Morituri te Salutamus!
    “The Rats in the Walls” meet “Pinky & The Brain” in MHI’s basement. Delightful!
    Somehow “By the Pricking of My Thumbs,” I can tell Hannah Stone’s next tale will be a real “Dark Carnival.”
    Love your work Larry. You make me smile!

  4. Very excited – just pre-ordered, and I will have a chance to finish re-listening to Spellbound before Bloodlines hits! ????????????

  5. I’m soooo glad Oliver Wyman is reading
    Like joe ledger has to have ray porter
    Their voices give the character …character
    I hated Guardian “ THAT’s NOT WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE” Plus I don’t understand why when Mr Correia let’s people write with him he lets them use the LORDS name in vain like they do both Sarah Hoyt and John Ringo GD THIS GD THAT and it feels like Mr Ringo would use it as a noun,verb,and adjective all in the same sentence Larry Correia alone, NO ONE IS A BETTER WRITER he needs to be careful his daughter is a good writer too we need more of her writing in her dads MHI playground

  6. Will bloodlines be coming to cd I have all the others on cd and would like to continue my physical collection.

  7. I loved Bloodlines! I know you have several irons in the fire (looking forward to the 2nd amendment book), but do you have a guesstimate on the release of the second half of this one? Thanks either way. Love your work

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