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The Monster Hunter Bloodlines book tour is done. It was a gigantic journey (4k miles put on a rental car!) starting in Minnesota, driving all the way to New Orleans, and then back up into Missouri, doing signings nearly every day, and ranging back and forth hitting most of the book stores even sorta along the route.

I was really worried about attendance this year because of Covid and some of the stops had just put mask mandates back into place. But in towns that weren’t locked down I had similar turn outs to my last visit there, and in places that were I had probably 3/4 of my last visit, which all things considered is pretty good.

I forgot to get pics of some of the signings, but I’m hoping somebody in the audience of the book store got pics, and I’ll post them up later. (I need pics of New Orleans and Wichita, and I think Mike’s got pics of Minneapolis)

I have fun at these things. I get to meet cool people and talk (a lot!).

By the end I had driven through 9 states. This is the rental car as I was turning it in. 4047 miles. (and if you prepay for a tank of gas, you bring that thing in on fumes!)

Basically for the last week I was a long haul truck driver who did book signings at night. The worrisome part was the rental Tahoe had California plates, but luckily nobody threw rocks at me and told me to go home as I drove through Texas.

There was one scheduling glitch that I didn’t notice until near the end. My last signing in Missouri was scheduled for the day I was flying out, but the event was in a town that was too far from the airport for me to make it there in time to catch the flight. So we had to cancel. My apologies to everybody who got shafted on that one.

And because a bunch of people asked in the comments while I was gone, the audiobook should be out in early September, and the Kindle book was available, it just wasn’t showing up linked the hard cover, but that’s fixed now.

As much fun as tour is, I am really happy to be home. It mentally wipes you out. So this week is going to be a relatively lazy one and then it’s back to work wrapping up Servants of War.

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  1. Was great to finally see you in person! The schedule mix-up was handled about as well as it could be, we only ended up with two people who couldn’t switch to Saturday. And between the two stores we sold 20-plus hardcover books which is pretty awesome for our little market!

  2. Thank you for the update.

    And I had just moved to Minnesota, and missed your book signing in Minneapolis by an hour. 🙁

  3. Am sad that I missed you this time around, but I’ve already had the honor multiple times so I don’t feel quite so bad. Glad you’re back home safe and sound.

  4. Was good seeing you again Larry. Don’t forget to check your texts and schedule for that shotgun course. 🙂

  5. Things happen on the road… Glad the trip was successful! Sorry we missed you in Dallas, but at least you had a vehicle big enough that you could spread out a bit! 😉

  6. “As much fun as tour is, I am really happy to be home. It mentally wipes you out. So this week is going to be a relatively lazy one and then it’s back to work wrapping up Servants of War.”

    So now would be a good time to tell you to write faster? 😉

    Glad to hear the tour went well. Would really love to see you hit the PNW.

  7. Glad to hear the tour went well. With the crowds you got, you’re getting dangerously close to being a “real author”. With the new book out, it’s time for the traditional rereading of the series.

  8. Sorry I missed out on seeing you in KC. Had something come up last minute.

    I guess I’ll have to get my other two Forgotten Warrior books signed another time. Great to see that turnout!

  9. Glad you made it home safe! I hope you can come through Austin and the Fort Hood area next time you are in Texas. We keep a fully stocked Larry Correia shelf here at the Copperas Cove Public Library, where most of our patrons are current or former military and military families.

    Our library copy of Bloodlines is on back-order with Ingram, which tells me that they have sold out of their initial shipment. That has to be good news!

  10. It was fantastic seeing you again, in Dallas, Larry. I look forward to your next visit.

  11. Really enjoyed meeting, listening, and talking with you in NOLA. I immensely enjoyed Bloodlines over the course of two really long nights.

    And thanks to Baen for the complimentary barley pop.

  12. Everybody in Kansas City really enjoyed your visit. There were people from Omaha and Lincoln, NE there, at least one from Arkansas, as well as the fans from Missouri and Kansas. Hope we made it worth stopping by again on your next tour! We promise more Coke Zero if you do!

  13. I made it onto Monster Hunter Nation (Dallas book tour pic at the top)! Life goal check. The signing was lots of fun. Larry’s are by far the best book signings I’ve attended.

  14. Fresh out of the woods after 3 weeks fishing. Stopped at Barnes & Nobel on the way home & picked up BLOODLINES! Binge read & the last page was worth the price of the whole book! Larry Rocks!

  15. It was great to see you in New Orleans! When I went home to Jackson, MS I saw all the books you signed at my local Barnes and Noble. Glad you had a good trip and got home safe.

  16. Do you have an ETA on Bloodlines/Audible yet? I’ve got a credit set aside to burn the instant it’s born!

    1. It sucks, but it was a screw up on my end, when this was all getting put together I didn’t realize how far the location was from the airport or how early my flight was leaving.

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