How stupid are File 770 readers? Stupid Enough to Believe Zuckerberg –

So yesterday I posted about how I got banned from Facebook again (always good for a laugh), and of course, because he’s a blood sucking parasite, Mike “I got caught using Chinese bot farms to boost my pathetic traffic to seem more important than I actually am so I can bully and intimidate gullible writers, but will scream that it is because racism if anybody refers to me as China Mike” Glyer posted about it on his trash gossip column site (File 770) which caters to social justice wankers and other assorted dipsticks who’ve lampreyed on to the publishing business.

Now normally, I would take the time to remind Mike Glyer to keep my name out of his whore mouth, by calling him all sorts of names and making sure the top google results for his name are all posts about me insulting him, but I’ve got a deadline and am leaving on book tour soon. So instead I’ll just take this moment to savor how incredibly fucking stupid his average reader is… to clarify, human reader, because the Chinese Robots he pays for are way smarter.

(I’ve got one fan who routinely reads that shit tier website who sends me funny stuff like this. I truly don’t know how he does it. He probably lost his sense of smell in an industrial accident, or maybe his other hobby is collecting dung beetles or something. But anyways, thanks Chris, you glutton for punishment.)

I said something like Facebook is the defacto propaganda arm of the DNC/Corpo-uni Party, so –

Oh my gosh? How could I ever possibly believe that Facebook is in bed with the DNC?

Uh… current events and this week’s White House press conference?

And before the gaggle of sub-moronic fucksticks at Vile 666 start reflexively barfing up some gas lighty nonsense about how that’s clearly fake news, they should probably look up who blue checkmark journalist Glenn Greenwald is (not exactly a conservative right winger!) or they could actually listen to the White House press secretary as she describes how the White House tells social media what messages to censor.

And there’s also the part where Mark Zuckerberg has been dragged before congress a few times now (and he sits on a cushion to see over the table) to describe how his giant soulless megacorporation totally doesn’t carry water for the DNC, it’s just that he has to shut down all the badthinkers with their fake news, and the definition of fake news is anything that disagrees with current democrat talking points, or news which somehow makes democrats look bad.

Kinda like how Facebook fact checkers said that the Hunter Biden laptop was fake up until after the election (whoops!) and how there was absolutely zero chance Covid originated in a Wuhan bio-lab (whoops!) or pick from two hundred other topics where Facebook went out of its way to squash various stories that made democrats look bad.

It’s not like Facebook fact checks or blocks narratives that make republicans look bad, no matter how outlandish the claims. This discrepancy has been covered a lot. The 2018 Congressional survey confirmed this bias, and that was a year before they went really nuts with it.

Facebook’s bias has been repeatedly confirmed and talked about in public by Facebook employees, up to and including the head of Instagram. The only place that doesn’t admit this bias is Facebook’s Official Committee To Make Sure We’re Not Biased which thoroughly checked itself and declared that it found no evidence it had done anything wrong. Trust us.

This bias is super painfully obvious and recognized by half the country. It’s so bad it’s a running joke. And in the other half of the country everybody smarter than Mike Glyer’s oozing genital warts knows it too, but admitting that in public would be bad for their side’s attempts to control every institution in society, so they pretend not to.

So with all that you’ve got to ask yourself, how incredibly fucking stupid do you have to be to think that Facebook isn’t helping the democrats? But as a rule of thumb, when dealing with Mike Glyer’s howling moonbat brigade, it’s safe to assume they’re dumb AND dishonest, so you can’t really go wrong.

There you go, Glyer. Another link you can share to continue being a useless parasite attached to the cancerous taint of fandom.

EDIT: Guess who else keeps up on current events better than Glyer’s idiot readers? The Attorney General of the United States of America, because I just saw – AG Garland concerned over Jen’s Facebook comments, said WH is treading onto “terribly thin ice,” per WH official

You know you done fucked up when you’ve gone too far authoritarian-statist for a democrat AG to handle. 😀

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70 thoughts on “How stupid are File 770 readers? Stupid Enough to Believe Zuckerberg –”

  1. I started to sign up for the book of Faces once (and late to the party I would have been). However, the first question they asked was my date of birth. Since I didn’t give it Yahoo to win the million dollars Pepsi was giving away, I didn’t see any need to give to this large, billion-dollar hacker target. I didn’t give my DOB to the Wildlife Commission in order to report sighting a wild turkey. Nope, ask me how old I am; that’s no problem. Actual date of birth, not cool. The censor issue came up later. Now, I’m once in a blue moon on MeWe.

      1. Personal integrity and honest words prevent me from lying on FascistBook. Sarcasm and and reduction to absurdity kind of need to be explicitly declared in today’s world because of all the deliberate misdirection employed by the Prog-Socs; as well as the abysmal level of English comprehension displayed by graduates of our public education system.

  2. You mean The White House Press Secretary In Charge Of Not Answering Questions?

    The delivery is as bad as the content. Seriously, that broad needs to join Toastmasters and learn how to TALK!! Or at least take some lessons from Kayleigh. Listening to that sputtering, stuttering, grating voice is physically painful. Almost as bad as hearing Biden mumble and bumble through Yet Another national embarrassment.
    There are forms of stupidity that businesses can’t indulge in. There are no such limitations on the stupidity of government.

  3. Sigh.
    It’s like a really bad bromance with China Mike.
    Like, he’s always trying to get your attention, but in the most ham-handed and idiotic way possible.
    Reminds me of some kids in middle schools who would say stupid/controversial things just to get attention.
    Give it up, Mike. Larry’s not interested.

    1. Like the old joke about the guy who goes out year after year to hunt the bear and the bear finally says “it’s not about hunting anymore, is it?”

      1. Kinda like it’s a tradition now? Gotta try to make Larry look bad to the fascist left ‘proles but knowing in his black heart he’ll never succeed.

  4. Larry, Garland is only mad that she said it on a recorded and broadcasted media.

    Now they, might, have to announce some sort of public “investigation” that will lead nowhere and punish no one.

    That type of inconvenience is what is bothering the AG and DOJ, they have a lot of people that need to be persecuted and they only have so many staff.

    1. This.
      Was reminded of a scene from “Small Soldiers”.
      Alan: “Are you saying nothing ever fell off the back off your truck?”
      Joe: “I don’t like your tone!”
      Alan: “Sorry.”
      Joe: “It was much too loud.”

    2. I wonder if the DOJ has a sacrificial lamb in mind that they can parade out and show that they Did Something.

    1. The last time that happened, the IRS under Lois Lerner said “No problem” and a number of Tea Party groups got prevented from working in the 2012 election.

      No punishment, official or otherwise.

      1. Ah it’s not their fault. All those different mobile and desktop PCs just happened to have hard drive failures and simply HAD to be physically destroyed before they could be handed over to Congress remember?

  5. Anybody else sick and tired of Biden’s bipolar Raggedy Ann spokesdoll? Mind you, the whole Biden Administration is a fascist shitshow, but she’s one of the most annoying ones of the bunch.

  6. Larry I’m not going to lie, Im frankly terrified right now…watching the Republic’s shit covered water slide ride into despotism has got me awfully glad I live in deeply rural Texas.
    You nailed it referingg to the left audiance engaging in complacency for the sake of maintaining shreds of credibility, but thats exactly WHY I find myself distraught…if we want to continue as a cohesive nation we need people, ALL people, to engage in some semblance of non-,patisan, objective, ceitical thinking, and Im not seeing it, not at all…as I said….terrifying..there seems to me to be one of four, rapidly approaching,outcomes.
    1) we decend into factionalistic conflict which in turn leads to open civil war
    2) we transform into a socialist shithole.
    3) the level of deadlocked fuxkery is maintained and we collapse internally from runaway inflation or some other economic fuckery.
    4) we learn to reign in the partisan divisions and engage in a proper civil form of governance with the republic functioning as intended.
    I dunno about you sir, but it seems to me that the last one is the least likely…
    as i said…terrifying.

    1. Reigning in partisan divisions and engaging in proper civil form or governance mean two completely different things to Prog-Socs and Constitutional Conservatives. And it’s primarily due to the redefinitionism engaged in by the Prog-Socs. That unfortunately sets the most likely stages as being options 1 or 3.

      That said, I think the next thing we’re going to see is an Australian-style COVID lockdown imposed by the Feds.

    1. Punching up is what happens when you live your life lying in a tractor rut. Manure seeks the point of lowest potential energy, y’know. Particularly after a good rain.

      Looking through that comments section, I can’t help but notice the number complaining about health concerns and allergies to medication. Like pill time at the old-folks home, each trying to one-up the others by claiming the juiciest affliction.

      1. perhaps it’s a variation of Leftist Tumblr bios which usually contain half a DSM’s worth of mental illness alongside the multiple pronouns

      2. Phantom: Next are you going to comb through Baen’s Bar and mock all the people there who mention their medical problems and other challenges, which they do somewhat regularly. Sharing of that kind is a characteristic of fan communities with mutual trust and compassion.

        1. The subject is your shitposting site, and this isn’t Baen’s Bar.

          Come back and tell the class where you went wrong.

          1. You know how some people hit middle age, and try to relive some aspect of their youth?
            The Vile set is trying to recreate the junior high days of mean girls, bullies, false friends, tattletales, cliques, and immature personal drama.
            Sad, really.

        2. You sir, have the effrontery of dockside rat, and the morals of a whorehouse cockroach. I’m not sure which is more impressive, the smallness of your brain, or the largeness of your balls. Wait, no. I take that last bit back, It’s there’s a line between stupidity and bravery, and you’re clearly on the wrong side of it.

          1. Speaking of which one of your pet scumbags already combed through Baen’s Bar. Only they did it to file complaints with their ISP to try and deplatform a publishing house and financially harm all its authors. I believe you vile fucks then tossed a Hugo nom to that simp in reward. Classy.

            But really, as you come here, acting all butt hurt about how somebody dared notice your average reader is a barely functioning, bankrupt, shut-in, if you’d just keep my name out of your whore mouth and quit posting about me to stir up trouble for hate clicks, then your legion of mentally challenged cat ladies wouldn’t ever come to my fans’ attention. But we all know you’re too much of a parasite to let that happen.

            Now get off my page, you greasy blob of shit. I don’t know if there’s enough Febreze in the world to remove your odor.

          2. Got to disinfect and fumigate the place again because of fatso China mike leaving a slimy gravy trail.????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

          3. The spray necessary to remove Glyer stink would require a 10,000 gallon tanker truck.

          4. My bad. Apparently I mentioned one of the many elephants in that room and tweaked his little feelings. Poor thing. 🙁 The offended outrage fairly oozed from him.

            Or it might have been snail slime. Hard to say, really.

        3. Hey there Cuntboy!!!! How Many Chinese Bots registered on your Gaping puss-dripping Anal-Pore of a Website this week???

        4. You know, I was going to type a nice long winded response about you and cunt pustules but I didn’t want to insult the counts and pustules by comparing you to them.

          So fuck off dickbag.

        5. Oh I am perfectly happy to discuss my mental health concerns with other people. I just think that in your personal bio is not the place to put it.

          Maybe if I wrote *specifically* about anxiety disorders, I would put “I have generalized and social anxiety and one of my goals is to help others learn good coping skills” on my bio. Otherwise, it comes across as socially awkward at best. Why would I want the first thing people find out about me to be what I’m NOT good at?

          Ergo, saying that listing diagnoses in your bio is the same as mentioning them in conversation is a false equivalency.

          1. Addendum: I notice now that BOTH concepts were under discussion. Though I haven’t read the comment section in question, if characterized accurately, then yes it’s not good to do one-upmanship with medical issues either. We all go through problems. Compassion isn’t a monopoly of one political party.

          2. Don’t waste your time talking to Glyer like he’s human, Emma. Everything he does is an unctuous ploy.
            Like notice how of the many comments, what one does Glyer respond to?
            The one where he thinks he might be able to guilt/shame a commenter.
            That’s it.
            He doesn’t give a shit about anybody’s medical issues.
            When he’s pretending to “discuss” things, everything he says still has a subtle despicable manipulative twist to it. (in this case this poster is obviously a bad person who hates sick people and community and charity because he accurately noted that many of Glyer’s fans seem to be competing to out-victim each other with their tales of woe and failure)
            Once you realize how Glyer operates all his actions become clear. Which is why most of us just switch right to insults when dealing with the cur.

          3. You are waaaay to nice Emma. You are correct of course, but too nice.

            There are bad people in this world that mean others harm. Sometimes those bad people have their own issues that the rest of us can sympathize with. But those issues don’t make them any less worthy of being kicked in the shin.

            From everything I’ve seen, read, and heard about, Glyer is in that camp.

          4. I know full well Glyer isn’t worth it. I remember the time I absolutely 100% certain saw a thing in his blog comments that wasn’t there anymore after he found out that people were responding to it elsewhere.

            My comments were for the sake of anyone else reading. Because his words reeked of the “our political camp has the monopoly on compassion” myth and I despise that one so much.

          5. Oh yeah, I remember that. One of his commenters said something incredibly stupid, several people saw it and told me about it, and I responded and made fun of it. Then Glyer, being a disease, deleted the stupid comment and pretended it never happened and you all made it up.
            Good times.
            I think that was the one where it was good SJWs threw a tantrum and got me booted out of Origins, because I wasn’t a *real gamer* anyway, which gave me an excuse to take pics of my extensive mini collection and several shelves of game books. 😀

          6. I also don’t click his stupid blog anymore, now that I got undeniable proof fro my own eyes that he’s a gaslighter.

          7. It would have had to be some time after Origins, because I hadn’t joined the fan groups yet when that went down. But it was definitely about “not a real gamer”.

            I’m not as inventive with insults, nor do I really have the right temperament for it. I don’t like being mean. But I figured out then how he runs his whole “pretend to be nice and neutral, but cultivate awful comments” shtick and I don’t have anything good to say about that.

        6. Hey, Pedo Claus is here. You can tell from the stench of desperation, stale cheetos, and aqua velva. Hows it going pedo claus, convince any little boys to sit on your lap and talk about the first little thing that pops up lately?

  7. Cat Eldridge is the type of woman who would have been a Grand Poobah in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union back in their glory days. A humorless scold desperate to find the next poor slob she’s going to denounce.

    What I find entertaining about these people generally is that they are impenetrable to any sort of logic or fact. Larry’s inclusion of Jen Psaki saying the quiet part out loud on TV will make no impression. At all. It makes no difference how many links you present, what scholarly journals you quote. Even simple physics makes no difference. (Talk to a Greenie about electric cars some time. Or guns.)

    Once upon a time I used to try to argue. Links, reports, videos, photos, never made a pinch of difference. So now I just mock them, when I bother at all.

    Hi Mike. We can see you. Say hi to Cat for me. We can see her too.

      1. They don’t ever think they’ll be the ones in the gulag, because they’re the GoodThinkers. Which is why watching their reactions to getting tossed in there themselves would be the one bare thin silver lining to being in there yourself.

        1. None of them bother to note that the second batch of folks against the wall, after the “reactionaries”, was the “old guard”…

        2. Even then, there were a whole lot of Good Stalinist in the camps who believed that it wasn’t a mistake, that they must have done something to deserve their fate, and that it would be for the good of the Soviet Union.

          1. That was the story as Arthur Koestler told it, but it isn’t well supported by the facts. Most of the people arrested by the Cheka (under all its many names) knew perfectly well they had done nothing to deserve it. Apparently the usual thing, when they kicked in some poor slob’s door in the middle of the night, was for him to gape in astonishment and demand, ‘Zachto?’ — What for?

      2. Actually, they’d prefer we were in the gulag licking the boards, since plates would be considered too good for us. But I understand what you mean.

  8. so … regarding psakis comment. first … what defines social media? the mechanism? the saturation into population? given the existence of an open comments section, is this site social media? if I start a social media platform that six people use, and we ban Mike Glyer. Or Jen Psaki, do they get banned on all other social media services? is there a network of existing social media services that might collaborate on such bannings? can you say RICO?

  9. EDIT – Deleted by Larry
    Rando stranger shows up, screams a bunch of stuff about THE JOOS! the day after I make fun of File 770 posters, probably so that Glyer could get screen caps showing how horrible my commenters are.
    He’s a real person, but just works at Ben & Jerrys.

    EDIT 2 – holy shit, I just realized, I think this is like the first time in 14 years I’ve actually edited a poster’s comment for them. 😀
    Usually I just make fun of the idiots, but the timing on this one was way too suspicious given past Glyer activity.

    1. This is exactly the sort of thing were someone makes up a name, posts filthy racist comments, and grabs screenshots to show ‘how racist Larry’s commenters are!!!’ Mark, take your racist ass gaslighting somewhere else- no one here is buying.

  10. You know you done fucked up when you’ve gone too far authoritarian-statist for a democrat AG to handle.

    One can hope, but I suspect it’s more of a dive save after Jen Sucky (the P is swallowed) accidentally read the fine print aloud.

    Still, I’m curious as to how this overall revelation affects US-based social media globally. Being to the left of Marx is one thing – it’s one of those universal manifestations of idiocy that tend to surpass national borders. But being openly on the US government’s beck and call – that’s a doozie on a whole different level. Legally, this goes well past the “platform vs. publisher” problem, and into “foreign government propaganda” territory. Or at least close enough for a number of countries to take issue with.

    Internally, I suspect that by now, even the moderate to center-left Americans are getting the feeling that maybe, just maybe, having every mainstream media outlet serve as the DNC’s lapdog isn’t such a great idea after all. Not that I’m expecting anything in particular to happen, but still, there seems to be a lot of powder in the keg…

    1. I mean, Greenwald and Taibbi are really mostly left-left, and can see the problems pretty clearly.

      But then I think Greenwald knows that once the corporate left purges the right, folks like him are very much next in line. If you don’t cheer for the laundry 100% of the time, you’re on the chopping block.

      1. I think Greenwald, Taibbi, Michael Tracey, and Aimee Terese actually have principles. I disagree with many of their ideas, but I know that they will not use double standards to excuse bad behavior by a political ally.

        Stand-up guys, IOW.

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