16 thoughts on “The Family Business – new Mike Kupari Novel Out Now”

  1. It isn’t on Audible yet…
    Audible is starting to tick me off with the lag. Sure, they can have the audible version of whatever woke drivel someone writes, but when something genuinely good is written, nope. Keep on waiting.

  2. “This one is about bounty hunters chasing down the collaborators after an alien invasion.”

    Tell the bounty hunters to look in the White House.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the book. Mike writes good stuff.

  3. Amazon has failed me with release day delivery. SO now I have to wait longer.

    Totally worth it, I’m sure.

  4. Collaborators after alien invasion?

    Sounds like the aftermath of a south border super-surge after opening the border.

    Hang the swamp critters!

  5. I think I sat in on a reading for this – dead-tree version ordered and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  6. Ordered, but give a link to Baen direct, too. It gives more formats (I like EPUB) than just kindle’s and gives Baen (at least) more of their money instead of losing the Amazon skim.

  7. Entirely unrelated to this post, but does anyone remember what chapters Ashok Vadal prays in, in Son of the Black Sword and House of Assassins? Desperately looking for it, but can’t seem to run it down in my copies.

  8. Just finished THE FAMILY BUSINESS and it was a great story. I enjoyed it. The book was a stand alone with room for a sequel. Will you be writing another story about Nathan Foster and his family?? I hope so and will wait to hear about the second book.
    Thank you for your service and will pray for your safety.
    Brenda Gill

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