Upcoming Book Tour Dates!


Larry Correia is hitting the road to promote the latest entry in the Monster Hunter International series, MONSTER HUNTER BLOODLINES.

July 31, 3:00 p.m.
Dreamhaven–Fund Raiser for Uncle Hugo’s
(with Mike Kupari)
2301 E. 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN  55406

If you want an autographed copy shipped to you, use the Uncle Hugos link above and make sure you order in advance so he has enough copies on hand!

August 2, 1:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble
8625 Northwest Prairie View Rd Spac
Kansas City, MO 64153

August 3, 7:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble
1920 N. Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67206

August 4, 6:00 p.m.
Half Price Books
5803 E. NW Highway
Dallas, TX 75321

August 5, 6:00 p.m.
Garden District Book Shop
New Orleans
2727 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

August 7, 1:00 p.m.
AAFES Comics/EclipseAAFES
14145 North Dakota Ave, Suite SZX01
Suite SZX01
Fort Leonard Wood, MO  65473

August 8
Eclipse Books & Comics
814 N Pine Street
Rolla, MO, 65401

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37 thoughts on “Upcoming Book Tour Dates!”

  1. I’m very happy that there will be an event in Minneapolis and even more happy that it will be a fundraiser for Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore. Looking forward to seeing Mike Kupari, my fellow Yooper, there as well. See you on the 31st!

  2. Sure wish you could stop off in Oklahoma again. I was sick last time you came through but my son picked up a signed copy for me. Have a great safe tour!

  3. Man i know everyone wants you close.. i was hoping for nevada or California. Oh well.. some day i will be able to go

    1. Looks like most of the people here are busy complaining that you’re not going to their town… So I guess one more won’t hurt. 😀

      Clemson South Carolina, buddy!

    2. Me too! I wish he would come to Vegas. I cannot get back East right now. My kid and I are HUGE fans.

  4. Sure wish the Barnes and Noble in Springfield MO would get in touch with you guys to get a book signing. Either that or ABC Books.

  5. Just placed my order for the August 2021 Baen Bundle, including Monster Hunter Bloodlines. Complete book available on August 3.

    I won’t rush and download 1/2 or 3/4. Not that impatient. Because—

    I can only read it for the first time ONCE.

  6. Oh, this is hilarious. We’ll probably be flying into Wichita on the same day! We’re going to see my folks who live there! I’ll see if we can stop by!

  7. Mr. Correia:

    It’s wonderful of you to support the formerly-best F/SF bookstore in the world (Uncle Hugo’s). As long as you’re going to be in the neighborhood, I’d like to suggest that you drop into Everett’s Foods:


    They’re only about 8 blocks (less than 3/4 mile, or about 2 minutes by car) straight west of Dreamhaven (at the corner of Cedar Avenue and 38th Street) and they are one of the few old-fashioned meat markets and small groceries left in town. They have their own smoke house and make some of the world’s best baby-back smoked ribs you can buy. If you’re looking for something a little more portable their different varieties of jerky are also incredibly good.

    Since I retired my wife and I are now political and economic refugees from the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota and living in a small town in Wyoming. We love it here. Wish you could swing by from Utah to visit the Big Wonderful, but there’s probably not a bookstore big enough in the state to make it a profitable venture.

    Stay safe in MN; there is essentially zero “rule of law” there anymore.

  8. Missed your last tour stop in Calirado Springs, so a “turn and burn” trip to Wichita may be in the offing…Should have my copy of Bloodlines in hand by that time and bring along Guardian for good measure (now if I could get Sarah to sign it too!). Safe trip (especially Minnesoooota).

  9. Damn, no KC this time eh? Ah well.

    I might take a trip down to Rolla.

    Hopefully things won’t get sporty in Minneapolis.

    1. Minneapolis is mostly OK. Stay out of downtown, and stay careful around the U, and Don’t even think about going North. Otherwise its fine. So basically just stay in your hotel room and go to the venue. Don’t wander around our insane town. I think they are rehiring cops now, or trying, but I can’t imagine anyone that actually wants that job.

      1. Marisa:

        To be honest you’ll have to admit that there is a whole lot of Minneapolis that either is, or has been turned into, “no-go” zones.
        – The near North Side has been iffy since the riots of the 60’s.
        – There is now the new area centered right on the old Uncle Hugo’s site of Chicago and Lake. Burned out, destroyed, and no one in their right mind will re-build a business there.
        – Just northeast of there and extending for many blocks east is “Little Mogadishu”, where de facto sharia law is in place, and the cops stopped patrolling years ago. The massive influx of Somali’s (MN is now the single biggest Somali population outside of Somalia itself) done by a hideous combination of church-and-state has destroyed a major piece of the city.
        About the only bright spots in the city are where hard-working Hispanics (Mexican, Honduran, Guatemalan) have bought up the cheap run-down properties and are expending sweat equity in fixing them up. Everything else is going downhill, even the formerly gentrified areas.
        I grew up in that town, and did everything I could to stave off the collectivist, statist, authoritarian asshats who have utterly destroyed it. It was a gradual, almost Fabian process, and Mpls is going to end up looking a lot like Detroit.
        “Race” has nothing to do with it; I grew up in the inner city. It’s a matter of clashing cultures and the deliberate destruction of Western values by people who don’t cherish civilization.

  10. As a native Missourian and BCT graduate of Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, it’s good to see that you’re doing a book signing there.

    If you ever write an MHI novel with Stricken as the POV character, might I suggest Fort We-Gotcha (the home of the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Corps) as an appropriate site for a book signing?

    1. As a competition shooter, I really appreciate your intelligent and knowledgeable depiction of firearms usage.
      Do you know when the new book will be available on Audible?
      Also, any chance of more Chad Oliver Gardenier?
      Wish you were coming to Florida, a free state.

  11. I’d like to see him again, but I’m not sure If I’m gonna brave the drive to Dallas. Will have to think about it.

  12. I will be there at Uncle Hugo’s. This is about the only reason that I will drive into the hive of scum and villainy that is Minneapolis.

  13. You’re the only reason I will drive into the hive of scum and villainy that is Minneapolis….

  14. Oh nuts!! I am leaving Fort Leonard Wood on July 21st. So bummed that I will miss the signing at the comic book store on post.

  15. I hope you can come to New Jersey some day. I love your books and have all the monster Hunter books.

  16. We need a Seattletopia stop. I know the granola eating goofs of Seattle are crazy, but some of us in surrounding areas would be happy to have you!

  17. Hi Larry,
    Do you know if you will be in Colorado for any book signings? Or anything in Utah? I am a huge MHI fan and now my wife and daughter (who wants to be an author) are now huge fans. I would love to get my books signed by you. Thanks

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