June Update Post

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If you go through my last few blog posts you’ll see that most of them are me announcing various new projects. There’s been a lot going on and there’s still a few things that I can’t talk about yet. I’m going to try something a little different this time, with links to these things where I’ve talked about the upcoming projects in more detail. We’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday I got to unveil Writer Dojo, the new writing podcast we’ve been recording. I’m really having a lot of fun with this:

Book Stuff!

My next release is Monster Hunter Bloodlines, coming out in August. And yes, there will be a book tour (more about that below). The eARC for Bloodlines is available now if you want to get an early jump on it. And the reception to this one from the hard core fans who sprung for the early copy has been great. There’s some cool twists, big reveals, and you get to meet characters that we’ve talked about but haven’t seen before.

Releasing around the same time as MHB (sorry, don’t have the exact date yet, but I’ll post the preorder link as soon as I get it) is a new Audible Exclusive called Lost Planet Homicide. Think gritty cop show in space. Here’s the blurb and cover:

Last week I got to unveil the lineup for No Game For Knights, the anthology follow up to Noir Fatale edited by me and Kacey Ezell. It is a fantastic line up, with a bunch of great authors. Most of the stories are in already and I’ve had a lot of fun editing them. No Game For Knights will be available Spring 2022.

I’m currently working on Servants of War, which will be out in March 2022. The rough draft is done, I’m going through the editing pass now, and are on track to have this wrapped up and turned in this summer. Here’s a link to the cover and blurb if you want to check it out:

After Servants of War I’ll be working on the next installment in the Monster Hunter Memoirs spin off series. Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever, written with Jason Cordova. This one is set in California in the 1970s. I do not have any idea on the release date for that yet, but my personal goal is to have it turned in well before the end of the year (which would put me at 3 novels turned in this year)

After Fever, the plan is to then get back to the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. There are two books left in that series (five total, Son of the Black Sword, House of Assassins, Destroyer of Worlds, and working titles, Tower of Silence, and Graveyard of Demons). The way the next two are structured I would like to write them back to back, but we’ll see how that shakes out. I love writing Ashok and can’t wait to tell you the rest of his story.

There is a second Grimnoir trilogy planned. If you’ve seen the various short stories since Warbound (Tokyo Raider, Bombshell) you know the new trilogy will be set in the 1950s. However I don’t want to start that new trilogy until I wrap up Saga.

In between all this there’s also a third Noir anthology with Kacey, and we’ve already started pulling together the writers for that one.

And there’s another Monster Hunter Files anthology under contract. The last one of those was wildly successful by antho standards. It’s the best royalty paying antho I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a lot!). The delay on Files 2 is entirely my fault for not getting on that and getting the ball rolling.

Appearances and Stuff!

It feels good to actually have this section of the update again.

Recently I got back from FantaSci in North Carolina, it was the first con I’ve been to in a year. In prior years I’ve done as many as fifteen cons in a year, and I almost always do at least one book tour, so zero events was really sad.

But we’re doing a book tour for Bloodlines. And to kick it off, I am going back to Uncle Hugos!

As many of you know Uncle Hugos is the indy bookstore in Minneapolis that got burned down during the riots. However, Don is still in business online and has been shipping books from his house, and that’s where I usually steer fans toward so they can get autographed copies of my stuff. So Don has teamed up with another store in Minneapolis called Dreamhaven, and I’ll be doing a signing there, and then loading him autographed books to ship to all the places I can’t go sign.


I’ll put up a link for autographed copies from Uncle Hugos when we get closer. That’ll help him make sure he’s got enough on hand too.

After that I’ll be driving across America. Literally. Starting in Minneapolis and going all the way to New Orleans, with stops all along the way. (it’s a challenge right now to find stores that can/will let people congregate) I should have the final list of stops in the next couple of weeks and I’ll post it here. I really look forward to seeing people again.

Misc Stuff!

Leather bound Grimnoirs #2 and #3 got a huge delay when their printer went out of business and kept their deposit. However, they’ve found another supplier who can match the quality of the #1, and have gotten in line.

Plushy Wendells are being worked on now and Jack will start shipping them as soon as they arrive.

I’ve play tested Gritty Cop Show some more, but this last year kind of put that on the back burner. I still want to Kickstart it (which will be amusing since I’m so despised by the ultra woke parts of the game industry, all the professionals helping on the book will be using their fake cop show names!) I need to make a few changes to how to make bad guys and campaigns, and then I want to send that out to play testers. So if you’ve played a test game with me at any cons, I’ll be happy to send you the rules to test if you want. But that’ll probably be a couple of months before I can get around to revamping that.

And there is some more really cool stuff on the horizon that I can’t talk about yet, and it’s killing me, because I know you guys are going to love it.

Citizens Defense Research classes (Yard Moose Mountain UT Edition) after action report
Lost Planet Homicide- Cover Reveal

51 thoughts on “June Update Post”

  1. So is the Leather bound Grimnoir #1 available now? I would really love to see someone post a little video with a look at it. Please post a link if you have it.

    1. Yeah, the leatherbound of #1 is still available – I’d love to sell the rest of the available copies! This isn’t letting me post a link, but you should be able to go to the website at vaultbooks [dot] pub. There are pics in the product description for Hard Magic.

      COVID almost sank us, but I think we are back on track.

        1. Thx, Jack! As always, you’re awesome. It wasn’t even letting me post the comment, so thx for the technical assist.

        2. Jack / Steve,

          That’s good news. Does the progress also apply to the dustwrapped-then-boxed/lettered versions?


          1. Gary –

            The book that is then placed in a traycase is progressing at the exact same pace as the non-traycased version. As for the traycase itself, it can’t even be constructed until after the book is 100% complete (otherwise the measurements would be off). That said, all the files are prepped, and all the materials have been picked. That’s just the nature of producing slipcases and traycases.

          2. Steven – that makes perfect sense now that I slow down and think about it… 🙂 Thanks for the clarification.


          3. Gary –

            Hey it’s no prob. You’d be surprised how many little weird details there are when doing these things. Most of which you don’t even know exist until they pop up on you. I mean, I never even considered the POSSIBILITY of paper shortages in anything. And now I’ve constantly been dealing with them. It’s nuts, man. It’s a completely different market with completely different rules (and much more material scarcity) than when dealing with mass market publishing.

      1. An update on the website might be helpful to all of us who are still waiting and wondering about the rest of our original order. Frankly, the site looks abandoned.

        1. There will be an update on the site soon. I have to make sure everything is locked down before I start telling people their next steps.

          1. Hi, Steve. Glad things got worked out to find a new printer and that the production of the leatherbound Grimnoir #2 & #3 books is in the schedule queue. The first book was absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to getting the next two.

            Take care.

        2. Yes to this. Glad to see that’s not the case, but an official “on page” update would be a good thing.
          I have my Hard Magic copy and it is everything advertised. Just a beautiful book.

      2. I’m one of those folks who pre-ordered the Grimnoir trilogy and got my #1. Honestly lost hope that I’d ever see #2, and #3, until reading this post. So happy that you’ve survived the printer nightmare…and COVID-19. Standing by…

          1. Dreamhaven did have minor damage. They’re both on 38th Ave South. They’re very good people; while they competed with some products, they were both more interested in having happy customers than keeping them from the other store. Each had recommended I try the other if they didn’t have something. I doubt that Don will have a new location up by this time (the problems … it’s like the city does not want little stores [d’oh! little stores can’t make big campaign donations.]) It will be a pleasure to see you again. Other things, maybe, when closer.

  2. I was hoping to see that you were planning on popping into the EH LibertyCon that MZW is hosting in the free and maskless state of Tennessee. Maybe that’s one of the surprises … a girl can wish!

  3. I was hoping that the sequel to Bloodlines would have been quick in coming.

    Looks like we’ll have to be a bit patient. Lots of good stuff coming.

    1. Wade, If you look at what Larry has talked about, Fever is likely be out 2nd-4th quarter next year. Monster Hunter files 2 coming out in some point 2023.

      To say nothing of the fact the book after Bloodlines should be away from Owens pov again. I don’t think we are going to hurt for Monster Hunter Universe materials but yes it does seem like it could be a few years before next MHI main line book will come out.

      But that is ok. It will all come in time also robot art is lame, granted they do write better news than most of the m5n.

      Larry did an interview a while back saying each time he goes to write a main MHI book now he has to do a review of everything he has written in the MHI universe to see what he talked about in the books vs what he has thought he has talked about in the books. So one would expect each MHI books to have a longer ramp time.

      If your looking for some else to read here is a list of Larry’s other stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Correia_bibliography

      1. Yes, thanks. That’s all true, but Bloodlines left us with the next story all set up so I figured that would be coming quicker.

        He certainly has an aggressive schedule so I’m not complaining. I’m sure everyone has a preference but that doesn’t matter.

        And I’ve got all of Larry’s books either in Kindle or Audible or both.

  4. Larry, you are amazing. Thank you so much for working so consistently and diligently to provide your readers with superior customer service… Oops, I mean, “excellent reading entertainment” LOL 😉

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to get to the NC con even though it’s pretty close to me (farm life, as you know, allows for very little free time), but I’m delighted that you’re now able to get “oot an’ aboot” – all us fans are cheering, I’m sure.

    I’ll of course be looking forward to your new releases, and I’m especially psyched for the Audible Lost Planet Homicide; it sounds like a lot of fun. (as an aside, if you ever choose to revisit Tom Stranger, I would certainly celebrate – I adore him)

    Huzzah for the ILOH! May he reign in terror over his minions for many decades to come! LOL

  5. For the book tour, the whole Treasure Valley area of Idaho (Boise and surrounding) has no mask requirements and no group meeting restrictions.

    Just saying…

  6. Consider doing an IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter. They take less of a cut, they’ll actually advertise your product instead of woke failures like (not a joke) lesbian bike riding anthologies, they don’t hire actual political commissars, and their order system is more customizable.

    As for the implied TV show, I can’t wait for the IMFDB article on it if it’s a straight adaption of MHI or Grimnoire.

  7. All your works are extra good to GREAT, but man…. Do I just LOOOVE Ashok. Really looking forward to those ( and bummed that the end is coming) and hope you do another series loosely along those lines. You seriously ROCK Larry.

  8. Praying there is a book tour stop in or near Charlotte, NC! My dad and I LOVE your books, especially MHI! 🙂

  9. Hey Larry, I remember you from the THR days.

    What does the timeline look like for ending up in NOLA? I may be in the area then.

  10. I second the Indiegogo idea! Black-listed comics creators have found success there, away from the SJW cesspit that is KS. Kickstarter might even gatekeep you, Larry. They had a political commisar for awhile. Join the independent comics creators on Indiegogo, and keep more of your money!

  11. All excellent news. Don’t suppose your tour will get anywhere near the People’s Republic of Kalifonia…and I don’t blame you. But if you do get close…..
    MHI is awesome, but I really can’t wait for the next Saga entry. You’ve got thing built up to where I’m totally hooked and salivating over what could come next. Especially the whole Rada & Karno subplot. You really rocked on that series, Mr. Correia.

  12. Got Monster Hunter Bloodlines, read it, loved it.

    How the HECK do you keep coming up with new and terrifying monsters?

  13. Glad you can get out and about again! With all the travels coming up, any idea if you’ll be at FanX this year?

    Bonus question: if you are going to make it, think you can convince Kupari to come as well?

  14. off-topic.
    Anyone know of any services like Kindle-unlimited, but not from Amazon.
    I’m trying to avoid Amazon where ever possible because of their decision to be arbiters of “acceptable speech”.

  15. Just finished Bloodlines and I think it’s the best one yet! Which is saying something. Introduced a character I’ve been hoping to see at some point too, which was awesome.

    Can’t wait to see your tour schedule when it comes up, missed you last time you were in town which blows, so hoping you come close enough to drop by on this one.

  16. Given your excellent article on WorldCon being shit, you might be interested to know Jon Del Arroz won his lawsuit against them for defaming him as “racist”.

  17. Can’t find any news on the Bloodlines audio book. My Father in law is now blind and he is looking forward to the audio book?

    1. It almost always comes out the same day as the hard cover unless there is some kind of unexpected delay.

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