Coming Soon, Writer Dojo, a new writing podcast hosted by me and Steve Diamond

Coming soon, from all the regular places you get your podcasts.

Writer Dojo is a new podcast by writers, for writers. We’re going to talk about writing, business, and the nuts and bolts of creating. It’s for aspiring authors, people who already write but want to pick up tips and tricks, and anybody who just want to listen to a couple of nerds talk about books for thirty minutes every week.

It’s hosted by me and Steve Diamond, produced and edited by Jack Wylder (and a special shout out to Craig Nybo for letting us use his recording studio).

If you’re on this page you probably know who I am, but if you’re new, I’m the New York Times bestselling, Dragon/Audie award winning author of 25 novels, 3 collections worth of short fiction, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve been doing this for 12 years, the last 8 full time.

Steve Diamond has written a few novels and a pile of short stories, but he also sold books for a living, ran a big book review site for many years, and has read more scifi/fantasy/horror/thrillers than 99.999% of the human population. Not joking. I helped him move. The sheer number of books nearly killed us all.

But most importantly, Steve and I have worked together for a long time so we can riff off each other really well. Plus, between us we’ve been on a few hundred panels at various cons talking about writing topics. Usually on the fly, because Steve is the guy the cons always drafts at the last second when the moderator doesn’t show up.

The two of us have been talking for the last couple of years about the need for some good writing podcasts that are A. actually useful, B. fun, C. not insufferably woke. That’s right, we’re here to talk books and writing, not intersectional blah blah blah which always boils down to how artists should walk around on egg shells terrified of offending the perpetually offended. Nope. Screw that.

However we didn’t get around to it until now because neither one of us had the bandwidth to go learn all the technical stuff about how to edit/podcast. Which was when the indomitable Jack Wylder stepped in to save our bacon. He knows all this stuff, but mostly I think he just wants the chance to use his Radio Guy announcer voice.

Craig Nybo (check out his books on Amazon!) was kind enough to let us use his actual recording studio, so this doesn’t sound like it was recorded at my kitchen table (with Faust barking in the background).

We’ve recorded our first few episodes, and we’re just going to get a few more in the bag before we go live. We had a lot of fun with these. The hardest part was not swearing or trash talking authors who annoy me.

Writer Dojo will be available on all the regular places you normally get podcasts. Dates to be announced.

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49 thoughts on “Coming Soon, Writer Dojo, a new writing podcast hosted by me and Steve Diamond”

  1. Great news! I’m really looking forward to this, and I appreciate the time and effort by everyone involved. This’ll be a big help to new writers.

  2. If it’s anything like your LTUE panels it should be awesome. Looking forward to it and I’m not a writer

  3. “The hardest part was not swearing or trash talking authors who annoy me.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Combine it all into a second (backer?) podcast, Faust’s Afterparty with all the barking, cussing and shooting on dumbasses.

    1. Needs a separate podcast for spleen venting, maybe with ring card girls to introduce each name/topic: #SaltLakeSmackdown

    2. I would absolutely add a “Larry defenestrates Woke Creator of the Week” podcast to the list of Things I Commit Commerce For.

      1. Nah, he’d end up spending so much time doing that he wouldn’t have time for anything else.

  4. So Mary Robinette Kowal isn’t going to be allowed to join the podcast and run it into the ground?

      1. I raise a glass to you as well, Good Sir.

        It seems many commenters here are former Writing Excuses fans who haven’t bothered to listen in years.

        1. Never listened to the podcast, but I had the misfortune of hearing Mary Three Names on a panel at LTUE a few years back.

          Those are minutes, brain cells, and points of blood pressure I will never get back.

  5. Dang it, I have to many podcasts in my regular listen with to keep up with. Guess I’ll be relegating a few more to the “sometimes listen”…

  6. Really looking forward to this. I feel like Writing Excuses jumped the shark a long time ago and I’ve been looking for something to replace it.

  7. Plenty of good writer podcasts from the self-publishing camp, FYI. Joanna Penn is essential if you’re not going the trade pub route. And Mark Dawson also has a lot of good interviews. Both post transcripts for those that prefer reading.

  8. “Hosted by me and Steve Diamond.” You just could not help but put yourself first, could you? You are the definition of “douche.”

    1. I’m the definition of douche? I make lady parts smell spring time fresh?

      I hate to break it to you Chickenshit Fake Name Internet Rando #891 who felt the need to repeatedly tell me how much he hates me last night of a few different posts, but I’m pretty sure Steve is cool with me putting my name first, because I win alphabetically (both first and last names come to think of it!), by name recognition (which is kinda the point of advertising), and by experience/resume, and this is posted on my blog to inform my readers, but if it salves your angsty butt hurt we actually do introduce him first on every show we’ve recorded thus far. 😀

      Now piss off, dumbfuck. You’re boring.

      1. I can’t not hear your response in my head as a pissed off valley girl right at the end. Like Amy from 99 “Ya boring!”

        1. I beat Steve in alphabetical order, age, height, weight, and shooting ability.
          Steve beats me in nefarious trickery, stealth, persuade, and sports trivia knowledge.
          We were about even in Accounting, except then he has passed a DCAA audit, while I have only failed, so he has surpassed me there.

    2. I do like Writing Excuses’ motto of ‘Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart.’ Seems to help them keep things focused. I should say seemed, since I stopped listening years ago. Still, staying focused is better than going off on tangents.

      And please jack up the sound output. Books on tape and podcasts are so low volume from my car stereo. I don’t know why, but phone is on max and car stereo is on max just to hear what they are saying. If there is some audio magic that makes people talking sound less loud, please change it so having the stereo on max is too loud, and I can turn it down some. (Which means I can turn it up if the road is bumpy.)

      1. IMO that time limit (which, to be fair, they would usually break when necessary) was too limiting, especially in the early episodes when they were usually just getting their thoughts on target by the 15 minute mark and clearly could have said more about the subject. They got better over the years until they started going down hill.

    3. Dude, are you a moron? If you’d bother to read the post you’d see that Larry is a bigger and better author than I am. But you should already know that if you weren’t too busy being an intellectually dishonest dredge of humanity. Let me spell it out for you since bacteria has more rational thought than you do:

      Larry is a wildly successful author. I’m not. Yet. But that’s part of the contrast of the podcast; established vs new kid on the block. In other words, Larry’s name is the draw, and goes first.

      This is Larry’s blog, not mine. In other words, Larry’s name is the draw, and goes first.

      This is Larry’s fan base, not mine (though I like to believe many of them are becoming fans of my writing as well. I hope so because they, unlike you, are rational, giving individuals). In other words, Larry’s name is the draw, and goes first.

      Larry’s name comes before mine in the alphabet. In other words, Larry’s name is the draw, and goes first.

      Look, I know you struggle to rub two brain cells together, but you can piss right off. My dogs have more intelligence than you. So before you come trying some piss-poor white knighting gig here – which we all know is compete and utter dishonest garbage – let me give you some advice: get the hell out of here with that moronic noise. I couldn’t care less about your existence on this planet, and I am privileged (gasp!) to working with a man (his name is Larry, in case you already forgot how to use the one brain cell you have left – I mean, dude, habitual drug users are more put-together than you) whom I consider a mentor, gentlemen, and one of my closest friends.

      Eff off.

      1. Heh. Thanks man. 😀
        But to be fair, one of your dogs is one of those super intelligent poodles that can type on a doggie computer. There’s no way this dipshit could keep up with her.

    4. When there’s only 2 people listed, one will be first and the other will be second. There’s nothing you could do about that.

      What would really be rude is if he didn’t list Steve at all.

  9. Excellent! The writing podcast I used to listen to added a new person and became insufferably woke – to the point where I just couldn’t endure it. Sure, it had good ideas, but woke kills. (Literally)
    I look forward to this.
    ILOH, you are life saver.

  10. Would you be interested in info for the aspiring author about having their book narrated? I have helped four self-published folks get their books through the ACX/Audible process. I narrated three of them and helped the fourth sort through auditions. I have 56 titles up on Audible now. There are other platforms, but ACX is the efficient way to get the title on Amazon, and they pay promptly.

  11. I love that you’re co-starting a writing podcast and I look forward to listening. I’m iffy about the name though. I’m seeing multiple other writing podcasts with the same or similar names and I’m worried you’ll be lost in the mix or fans will get confused. I do love the logo. Maybe a different name keeping with a martial arts theme.

      1. The Writing Dojo Podcast is probably the only entity I think people will get confused with yours.
        They appear to be defunct as of last year.

        There’s also Writer Dojo School. I thought it was a podcast or social group, but it was just a “school” for indie writers.

        I also found two others that have the author’s name in the title, so I doubt that’ll cause any confusion with people.

        1. Well huh… I searched around after we came up with the name and didn’t see that.

          EDIT: Ooooof. That sucks.

  12. If you think it’s significant enough to warrant a name change, I’m still hoping you go martial arts themed and use that slick pen/sword logo. Maybe something like Storytelling Senseis, Novel Ninjas, or Book Bushido.

  13. Awesome! I gave up on a certain other writing podcast (one you were on once or twice…) after many years of listening to it and have wanted something like this for years now.

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