No Game For Knights, a new Noir scifi/fantasy anthology edited by me and Kacey Ezell

No Game for Knights is the follow up to Noir Fatale. Once again Kacey and I have put together an anthology of noir sci-fi and fantasy stories from a team of fantastic authors. Our last anthology stuck to the theme of The Femme Fatale, and this time the stories are about The Detective.

Now that all the contracts are in we can officially announce the line up of stories.

Kacey Ezell and Griffin Barber

Larry Correia

Laurell K. Hamilton

Sharon Shinn

Robert Buettner

Christopher Ruocchio

Craig Martelle

Chris Kennedy

S. A. Bailey

Rob Howell

Michael Haspil

D. J. Butler

Christopher Smith and Michael Ferguson

Most of these are done already and it has been an absolute pleasure to edit them. They’ve been excellent across the board.

No Game For Knights will be published by Baen, I do not know the release date yet. I can’t comment for sure on audio yet, but Noir Fatale did great in audio so I expect we’ll see that too.

Coming Soon, Writer Dojo, a new writing podcast hosted by me and Steve Diamond
Responsibility of the Crown (The Endless Ocean Book 1)

5 thoughts on “No Game For Knights, a new Noir scifi/fantasy anthology edited by me and Kacey Ezell”

  1. You have almost a completely different list of Authors from the last book.
    I see you and Kacey, also Griffin Barber, Robert Buettner are back. Good to see some are back and getting other voices. Its a good mix for an anthology series. I recently got the Audio for Noir Fatale and its really good. I had missed you had written a new Grimnoir short story and had to check it out =)

    Thanks for all your hard work.

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