Cover Reveal: Servants of War by Larry Correia and Steve Diamond

Cover art by Alan Pollack

This is the novel I’ve been telling you guys about that’s a sort of WW1 in a world with dark fairy tale magic “trench fantasy”, think 1917 meets the Witcher. The main character is on what’s basically a tank crew, only instead of a tank, it’s an armored suit made out of dead golems. I’m currently working on this now (it is bad ass), and I believe the release date is early 2022.

Responsibility of the Crown (The Endless Ocean Book 1)
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41 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Servants of War by Larry Correia and Steve Diamond”

    1. If there were, I’m sure he’d have mentioned it. It’s not like we’d all buy harder, but we’d be even more excited just because we sort of know what to expect. This one’s an unknown.

      Definitely excited, mind you. And the cover is gorgeous.

      I’m sure someone will be along to get offended by the woman’s pose or something.

  1. Okay then. I’ll add this to the budget.

    You should sell cover prints in the Swag Shop. Split it with the artists who make such amazing things for you. I know you negotiated something for your narrators, but I hadn’t thought of your artists until this moment. I think this might be your best cover ever abd I kinda want it on my wall now.

  2. (First post appears to have disappeared. If it shows up, I apologize for the duplication.)

    Okay then. I’ll add this to the list.

    Have you considered selling prints in the Swag Shop? Something you can split with the artists who make such amazing covers? I think this is the best cover you’ve ever had, and I kinda want it on my wall. Maybe the inside print from Son of the Black Sword and the French cover to Hard Magic, too.

  3. With the destruction of Uncle Hugo’s by literal anarchists is there anywhere we can order this book signed? Thats how i bought all my other books and why stop now?

    1. I’ll be going there and signing books again, even if he’s selling them out of his house.

    1. Which chapter? I want to listen to it again but Audible’s table of contents is not helpful.

      (Yeah, I know the answer is “listen to the whole book again” but I want to start with this one.)

      1. The story is called “The Privileges of Violence”. It’s a prequel to the novel (10-ish years earlier). The series name changed after the short story was published in the antho.

  4. Dead goloms? Isn’t that a contradictory statement? A department of redundancy department (DRD) if you will? ????

  5. Sounds a bit like “The saga of Tanya the Evil”, but add in some mecha. Written by Larry….

    **Throws piles of cash in your general direction**

  6. I love the premise. Love it. With your skill as a writer I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. Maybe you’ll start a new genre.

    I know you don’t get any cover control (or at least I think I know) but a splash of contrasting color would go along way to make it pop.

  7. Ooh, I may be late to this party but I just noticed it says “Book 1”. Love to see there’s more coming.
    Duology? Trilogy? 20-ish books ending in a BAT?

  8. This looks extremely badass. You had me at “trench fantasy”. Armor made of dead golems sounds like a concept I’ve waited my whole life to hear used in a sentence. ~:D

    Also, that’s a beauty cover.

    1. I’ll bug him.
      As of last update he’d been hosed at the first printer, lost his deposits, and had gotten in line at a different printer for #2 and #3.

    2. Good news there!

      Found a printer who can match the materials from book 1 (couldn’t find printers who could get them). He just got me a quote, and I’m sending him the print files for review.

  9. I know this is off topic, so feel free to delete this if it bothers you!

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  10. “think 1917 meets the Witcher.” I audibly gagged when I read this. Sapkowski is worth fifty of you. I would say “don’t flatter yourself,” but if you took that advice, you would not be who you are: a mediocre pretender drowning in impotent rage.

    1. Heh, some dumb motherfucker doesn’t understand the concept of elevator pitches. 😀
      Pro tip for the readers who aren’t dumb shits, a short pitch is designed to compare a couple of well known settings/ideas to give readers a fast idea of the flavor of the thing you’re trying to sell. It’s not an exhaustive comparison or even meant to be that accurate.
      But most of you know that, unlike Chickenshit Fake Name Internet Rando #891.

      1. I mean, considering that specific pitch was my idea, I thought it rather good.

        I mean, I’m just a guy who ran the #1 ranked Waldenbooks in the country, and ran a wildly successful book review site for nearly a decade, who has short stories in collections that seem to hold their own against the biggest of names, with cover quotes from some of biggest names in history from various genres…

        …but yeah I guess I should be listing to some moron on the internet who’s lifelong accomplishment is picking a fight with subject matter experts.

        Say, have Larry and I shown you our shovel and tarp collection?

        1. Hey now, Steve, what is all of your years of experience selling millions of books to thousands of actual consumers when compared to the stunning brilliance of some chickenshit with an axe to grind?

          And when I say MHI is sorta like “X-Files meets the Expendables” obviously I’m not trying to paint a quick picture of secret supernatural weirdness meets action explosion guns, I’m actually trying to say that I’m better than Sylvester Stallone and Gillian Anderson. 😀

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