Plushy Wendell, available limited time only

There seems to be some confusion after the last SWAG update from Jack. To clarify, Plushy Wendell is LIMITED TIME ONLY. We’re taking orders for the next week and then doing a run of them. That’s it.

So if you need more eloquent manatee in your life, immortalized based upon my artistic sensibilities (it’s hard to capture such gravitas) order now!

After we close the orders it will probably take about 10 weeks to get them made and shipped.

The eARC for World Breakers is out now
SWAG- Spring 2021

4 thoughts on “Plushy Wendell, available limited time only”

  1. I need 2 of these please one for me and one for my 10 year old Nephew. He likes Manatees and has asked if Weremanatees are a thing……also he has on more than one occasion been caught borrowing my copy Monster Hunter International to read…..

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