SWAG- Spring 2021

Hey everyone, Jack Wylder here with your Swag 2021 update. For those of you who missed the live feed, here’s a summary of what you missed:

  1. The shop is reopening for two weeks as of today 4/29/21 at Noon CT and will close 5/12/21 at noon.
  2. On your invoices, you will either see the name WriterSwag or Bear & Hare instead of CorreiaTech- it’s still us! Just separate LLCs
  3. Limited quantities of items from previous projects are available (get ’em while they last!)
  4. We are once again offering international shipping! A few things- shipping to Canada is right around $20, everywhere else is around $26. These rates are good up to 3 lbs- anything more than that is possible, but we’ll have to discuss- email SwagHelp411@gmail.com . While we are happy to offer this service, we are unable to take responsibility for items lost once the package leaves the USA.
  5. We are going to start offering limited run patch designs- once they’re gone, they’re gone. (We might someday redo them, but it certainly won’t be anytime soon.)
  6. The first such patch is the Grimm Berlin patch
Grimm Berlin Patch

7. Due to popular request, MHI stickers with the original artwork are available in 2 sizes (3.5″ and 5″). These are round UV protected vinyl stickers suitable for cars, trucks, tanks, choppers- whatever.

OG MHI Logo sticker

8. (the Big One) For a limited time we are offering the plushiest plushy of the most Interesting Man(atee) in any universe- none other than the CFO of CorreiaTech himself, WENDELL D. MANATEE! These are advanced orders- once we close these out, there will be a few months lead time as we have to get these made. These are a one time only collectors item- don’t miss out! Sure to become a cherished family heirloom, these soft lil’ guys really capture the grandeur and majesty of that most noble and fiscally responsible of all sea mammals in a way that could only be described as HooOoonn.

Plushy Wendell!
Behold the majesty! HOOOON!!

You can reach the shop through the Buy Stuff tab up top, or just go to:

Plushy Wendell, available limited time only
SWAG Store UPdate LivestreaM, New Stuff, Limited Quantities: Today Noon Central

5 thoughts on “SWAG- Spring 2021”

  1. Any chance of screen printed athletic wearin the future? I’d like to have some type of wicking T-shirts with the MHI and the Grimm Berlin logo on them for when I’m working out or riding my bike.

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