Monster Hunter Bloodlines eARC out now!

The actual book isn’t out until August. An eARC is an Electronic Advanced Reader Copy. This is the super early version that most publishers only make available for reviewers, but Baen are devout capitalists so you too can get the early, unedited, manuscript.

People always ask me how different the eARCS are from the final books. For some authors the difference is significant. For me, not so much. My manuscripts are usually pretty clean and I’ve rarely had to make any big changes between the eARC and the final (other than copy editing/typos).

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26 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Bloodlines eARC out now!”

  1. I absolutely love your Monster Hunter International series!! My all time favorite series. Love your work sir.

  2. I started the sample chapters of Monster Hunter Bloodlines–damn excellent so far–now am the owner of same. Sign and I with the 10 year long TBR list.

    1. Bought the Arc as soon as the baen email hit. Covid lockdown means rereading old favourites and rushing Arcs. Nice ending. Can choose your friends but not your relatives!

  3. I tried ordering it, but Baen keeps telling me my card is invalid. Guess I will wait for the final book to come out on Amazon.

    1. Did your credit card expire and get replaced with a new one, with a different 3-digit validation code? Mine did, a few months ago, and I got the same error. You might need to update it.

  4. Holy Cow Bells! Great story! I won’t spoiler the contents, but the gathering that Owen and Trip interrupt when chasing You-Know-Who was awesome. I like how right in the middle of everything You-Know-Who is for this story and that they aren’t just some throw-away character. Really enjoyed seeing them change little by little over the course of the story, with more room for them to grow in the next book. Really well done! And I remember you asking for feedback on what to use for off-the-shelf sterilizing stuff at the gas station– that was fun to read! And oh yeah, that bombshell on the last page… had me scouring the internet to see if there was any more information about that bombshell. Like I said, Holy Cow Bells, did NOT see that coming! What’s great is that I can look back and see, that’s just exactly how that character with that bloodline would act. Wow!

  5. Read through the website sample, and then had to drop the $15 for the complete eARC. No spoilers, but “hail, hail, the gang’s all here!”
    Agree with C.K.’s comment about the last page, what a twist. But I really hate that IT WAS THE LAST PAGE!!!

  6. Read it at one sitting. Glad to see Owen back.

    Hope you make enough off the EARC to pay out the advance.

  7. Larry made me late for work. Again. Totally worth it.

    Can’t say too much about the book because every third page is something super-cool and awesome. So maybe I can say: it is chock-full of awesome. Yes. Now I sleep. Saturday, I re-read and take it all in more slowly.

  8. You know it’s a mark of a really good book and a great series when you read the last entry… and decide to go back and read the whole series all over again! I’m halfway through Monster Hunter International and even though I know what’s going to happen next, it’s still a great read!

  9. Liked it just as well as the others, only double take I had was you writing Owen as using PVS-14s like they were good NVGs in the grand scheme of things. Talk to guys you know in the service – anyone more recent than like 2003 has had better options available, civilian or government. Unless there’s some weird reason in 2021 that MHI can’t spend 13K vs 4K for PVS-31s, the industry standard for hitters.

  10. Read the sample, immediately bought the eArc. Loved it completely.
    Did anyone else find it a little more ‘sweary’ that previous novels?

    1. I didn’t notice anything like that myself. However I have been called insensitive so many times it has probably fulfilled its own prophecy.

      I did find myself wondering whether our host would bring John Ringo back in for when a certain demonic figure decides they need to let their freak-flag fly.

      But probably not. I kind of like the current groove even without #sluttyelves.

  11. I’ve been reading your stuff since THR and the self-published edition of MHI, and this Bloodlines was one of my favorite reads yet. It just grabbed me from the start and wouldn’t let go. Like so many of your other books, I finished it about 2am.

    And the reveal at the end? Wow, it’s gonna be hard to keep from saying anything to my wife, who is still two books back. Which is quite a statement, since she is (in her words) “not much of a reader” and not particularly interested in action sequences. Hasn’t stopped either of us from tearing through all the MH books, and we’re eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Grimnoir Chronicles.

    Sorry to fanboy out like Poly, but we love you and your stuff here! Keep up the *great* work, and like the rest of your readers, we’ll happily keep buying and reading – with great anticipation!

  12. I greatly enjoyed the Earc and really appreciated how many characters kept popping up. It definitely surpassed the Pole Vaulting level bar of awesomeness previously achieved. The major flaw to this book is that 27 chapters is just not enough as shown by the ending.

    My only minor objection is that it seems even Baen is trying to use ‘shined’ rather than ‘shone’.

    Minor spoiler related recommendation.

    I think the new items need to be christened Rapid Deployment Enhanced Area Denial or R-DEADs. Alternatively they could be Quick-DEADs.

  13. having reached the end of Monster Hunter Bloodlines E-ARC I’m bummed that it ended already. Dammint! More!

  14. ::rolls d20::

    wobble-wobble-wobble 20

    Budget has made its’ constitution saving throw.

    As much as I want to read this book, I can’t afford it this month .. I’ll wait for the general release.

    What, relocating to an undisclosed location ain’t cheap!


  15. Enjoyed Bloodlines immensely, great twist at the end, wished it was longer. So Larry, are you a Jinjer fan?

  16. I love your work but I’m just wondering when an audio version of the book is to be expected or if it can be expected at all

  17. Anyword on when the audible version will be available for pre-order? Listening to all the Monster Hunter International keeps me going through the grueling summer here at my work. Keep up the great work Larry!!! What is the next Monster hunter after this one?

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