Announcing Some New Book Projects

I mentioned these in the last update, but couldn’t elaborate because contracts were still in the mail, but I’ve got three new projects on the way.

Up first, there will be two more volumes of noir sci-fi/fantasy anthologies like Noir Fatale, and I’ll be editing them along with Kacey Ezell again. The first one the theme was femme fatales. This next one is called No Game for Gentlemen, and the theme is detectives. The third volume the theme is the city, and it’s called Down These Mean Streets. I’ll announce the authors once that is totally pinned down, but we’ve got some great and talented authors lined up for these.

Kacey is awesome, and I loved working with her last time. Noir Fatale did really well, so I’m excited for this opportunity to do more in this genre. Noir is great. Sci-fi/fantasy is great. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. 🙂

In the last update I mentioned that there will be more Monster Hunter Memoirs novels, in the style started by John Ringo, but featuring different hunters in different time periods away from the mainline series, where I’ll collaborate with a different author.

This next one is called Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever, by me and Jason Cordova. It takes place in California in the 1970s.

Many of you are already familiar with Jason’s work, but if you’re not, he is really good. This one is already pretty far along already, and will be the next book in the production line for me once I finish the trench fantasy collaboration with Steve Diamond.

EDIT: and I just realized what today’s date is, so probably not the best time to announce new projects, but these are actually legit. When I prank my fans I reach for the stars. I once had a bunch of people convinced that they’d just started filming the MHI movie starring Robert Pattinson as Owen and Janene Garafolo as Julie (with Alec Baldwin as the voice of Skippy).

ShivWorks ECQC, Utah 2021
Coming Soon: Lost Planet Homicide - a new Audible exclusive by me

28 thoughts on “Announcing Some New Book Projects”

  1. You totally should have put in something like “After some calls I can confirm that Mark Ruffalo is doing the narration for Lost Planet Homicide!”

  2. Larry, that WWI MHI story you and I talked about at DragonCon has been in Toni’s inbox, whenever she gets to it.

  3. Ooooh! Will there be another Grimnoir Chronicles story in Noir-Fatale anthology? Because Bombshell was amazing and world needs more stories with Garrett twins! =3

  4. April 1st sounds like a great date to post a new Tom Stranger adventure for Free. (Yeah yeah, only an April Fool would do that for free 🙂

  5. Great news! I can’t seem to get my mind around what’s happening in the real world these days. Larry, you have provided a wonderful universe to escape to. Thank you, sir!

  6. For a few minutes, I thought you might need to choose another title for that third anthology, as I thought one had already been published in this field with that name. As it turns out, I was conflating “Mean Streets” and “Down These Strange Streets”. Loved “Noir Fatale”.

  7. ++?You really do need to get Monster Hunter International made into a movie soon. There is a movie coming out (already out?) titled Monster Hunter and I remember how Beast Master movies kinda/sorta blocked anyone making movies of Andre Norton’s Beast Master novels (At least they paid her for title, or at least recognized her prior claim).

    1. Trust me, having seen the “Monster Hunter” movie of which you speak…

      There won’t be any “Monster Hunter” movies for a while now. It was one of those “all the good parts were in the trailer” movies…

  8. Saw Godzilla vs Kong this evening.  Fun, and they handled the finish well. Worth watching.

  9. I remember Chad said that Santa Clara had a vampire problem. As someone who lives there, I hope the new memoir books goes into that!

    1. Every time I get a comment like this I take the rest of the day off out of spite.
      Not even joking.
      Now I’m gonna go play Call of Duty.

      1. Haha! That’s awesome!

        I’ll try to schedule these comments on a regular basis, to give you much needed respites. 🙂

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