John Brown and I Were on the Blasters and Blades Podcast talking Gun Runner

John Brown and I went on the Blasters and Blades podcast to talk about writing, and working together on Gun Runner. We also talked about touring together and the joys of John being confronted at a Barnes and Noble by a guy trying to warn him about the Reptoids from the Hollow Earth. It was a fun show.



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Target Rich Environment- Now in Audio

14 thoughts on “John Brown and I Were on the Blasters and Blades Podcast talking Gun Runner”

  1. I had to read that post twice before I was satisfied that it isn’t really the sort of thing that the likes of Jason Sanford can quote and misuse.

    1. Somehow … I suspect the fashion our host, the ILoH, would choose to respond to such twaddle would cause the twaddler significant discomfiture .

      Toni has to thread several more needles to keep The Bar … Larry has only his own knitting to mind.


      1. Speaking of, that’s still down. : (

        Sanford has really cause a looot of harm!!!

        On the other hand he appears to still be twitting about ‘Far Right extremists’ and retweeting a tonne of crap & filth. Ugh. Now where’s that brain bleach???

        1. Umm .. why would you need brain bleach to remove the truth .. Sanford is a predatory little coward who, after humiliating himself trying rational engagement, decided to incite a hate mob against an innocent business enterprise…

          Prior to Toni’s wise decision to seek legal counsel and suspend The Bar, I pointed out – more than once – that purity death spirals eventually eat their own.

          I am comforted by the fact that, sooner or later, Sanford will be chewed up by the whirlwind he has helped feed.


          1. Yo. Long time no read. I occasionally check to see if the bar is back up. I hope soon. Any news on that front? I miss everyone and was looking forward to seeing some of you at LibertyCon…til I checked the website and found that it is going virtual this year. It’s apparently free for everyone this year and memberships roll over again to next years. This is the kind of info we would’ve gotten on the bar. Flipping shitelord numbnut pantywaist social justice terrorist!

          2. Most of us don’t delight in wading through a cesspool. It’s necessary at times, but not pleasant – hence brain bleach.

            Just another classic example of BaiZuo\Woko Haram desperate to leverage their privilege.

  2. I fear my suspension of disbelief got up and walked out on chapter 26. They’re going to fool the paranoid megalomanic into allowing Jackson to do WHAT?

    I’ll finish it later.

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