March Update Post

It has been a really busy month.

Writing Stuff – my last release was the sci-fi Gun Runner with John D. Brown, which is out now. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should, because it is awesome.

The rough draft for Monster Hunter Bloodlines is done and I’m currently doing an editing pass. It will be out this summer. This is another Owen book in the regular series timeline.

For my next release I have a short story called The Dregs in a fantasy anthology from CKP called Songs of Valor.

My next project to finish is the fantasy collaboration with Steve Diamond. Our working title for the project has been Grunt’s Eye View, but I don’t know if that will be the final title. (my working titles are almost always different than the finals).

I’m editing two more anthologies but I don’t think I can announce the specifics of those yet.

After that, I have another project that just moved up in the writing que, but I can’t announce it yet because contracts are in the mail. I will however tease that this is another Monster Hunter Memoirs book, about one Hunter from the past, set in an entirely different time period. So this one is with a different author, not John Ringo, but using the style that Ringo came up with for the Chad novels.

There are two more novels planned for the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior and I just need to figure out if the next one of those is coming before or after that Memoirs novel.

And the other Grimnoir trilogy is still in the works too.

2020 was my least productive year in a long time. I normally shoot for 10k words a week when I’m writing, but that number drops drastically for editing/touring. I still usually write 2-3 books a year though. There was no travel in 2020, but it made up for it with a variety of other nut kicks. In addition to the regular 2020 bullshit that everybody put up with, we also had to deal with cancer, and though my wife is fine now, that was still a stressful time suck. So I hit about half of my normal production rate for the year, and did about one and a half.

MHB is the first book deadline that I have missed in 12 years. Which is actually kind of impressive all things considered. My goal for 2021 is to make up for 2020 so I’m shooting for 4 big project turn ins. (as a workaholic I honestly don’t get how those one book a decade writers aren’t bored out of their freaking minds).

Appearances – this one might actually start happening again!

I am the guest of honor at FantaSci in North Carolina in a few months. That one is still kind of in flux, but right now it looks like it will be happening, and I plan on attending.

There will be a book tour for Bloodlines, but where that’s going to take place right now I have zero idea.

Songs of valor - New Anthology out Friday, with a new story by me
An Open Letter To The Old Time Fans at WorldCon

78 thoughts on “March Update Post”

  1. Woo hoo! Looking forward to all of these upcoming releases. Gun Runner was terrific. But you know this.

    I’m so thankful that Bridget is healthy again. I think that many in your fan base were praying hard for her during that awful time. I certainly was. Now 2020 is in the rear view mirror. Onward and upward!

    1. Fanboy question: If Franks “secured” body parts from an Active, would he gain the Active’s abilities?

    2. I asked that last update – back burner for the short/mid term, as I recall. Which saddens me, but there is only so much ILOH to go around and so much goodness to produce.

  2. Glad things are getting back to ‘normal’ and glad she is fine. That… Grrrr… Looking forward to Fanta Sci.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that your wife has recovered.

    I’ve started reading the first MHI book to my boys. They love the story a whole lot. I do look forward to the next installment myself.

  4. Thanks for the update, I love you sharing your process and appreciate the books even more because if it.

  5. Maybe you could do a podcast interview from your lavish mountain estate, talking about her suffering in her uniracial childhood and your struggling days sweeping up range brass in hopes of finding a stray unfired round…

  6. Glad to here Bridget is doing good.

    Eagerly awaiting your new stuff.

    Given the suck that was 2020 plus dealing with cancer, which is the major suck (my Mom and 2 of my sisters went through that), I can understand the drop in output.

    Here’s wishing you and yours a much better 2021 Larry!

  7. Thanks for the update.
    Truly hope your family and you are good.
    Keep on telling stories…
    Stories, keep the darkness away for all of us.

      1. I listened to Chad’s adventures while training to go to basic training. Relistened to it again after finally leaving Benning.

  8. looking forward to bloodlines…glad you found some sync, and really glad home life is getting settled and the wifes doing great. peace out and prayers from the screwed up state to the east…hope a tour goes on be nice to catch ya in colorado

  9. “And the other Grimnoir trilogy is still in the works too.”




  10. Let us here in MN know if you need help looking for a venue. You know it would be incredibly bad luck to have a book tour without visiting MN.

  11. Looking forward to the MHB eARC!!! I always buy your eARCs, and the text is always clean and reads great.

  12. Larry, you’re not blaming the Trump administration at all for your drop in productivity?

        1. Rothfuss actually said that? I thought he was just a lazy child who didn’t know how to finish a story, given that his lack of productivity predates Trump.

          Come to think of it, that sort of describes Martin too.

      1. All you big people look the same to me.

        (Yeah, I don’t really have room for throwing stones.)

  13. Please give Bridget our best! Glad to hear about her progress. And keep slugging away, you do a marvelous job of keeping us all entertained with your fiction, as well as making excellent arguments regarding conservative POV in all the areas you touch on. Thanks for your very spirited defense of Toni. She deserved every word!

  14. Thanks for the update! Glad Mama is doing well!

    Gun Runner and Destroyer of Worlds made up for the 2020 shitshow. Looking forward to this year and seeing what you have in store.

  15. Even at less productivity your output is way higher than most authors. Impressive indeed!

    Looking forward to all these projects.

  16. Larry,
    I was daydreaming of Sullivan slugging it out with agent Franks and wondered if you ever had the desire to “cross the streams” with a cameo of one character to another series. Is there an unwritten rule that supernatural-world-crossing cameos is a no-no? I’ve never really seen it since I ONLY read your books (not really).
    I so appreciate the work you put into being you. Good luck in all you do!

    1. You mean like how Tom Stranger recruits Mr. Sullivan to assist in collecting unpaid premiums from one, delinquent policyholder Franks, Agent? While providing excellent customer service of course.

    1. I don’t see Larry letting anyone else have Bubba, that’s some massive authority on MHI behind the scenes

    2. We’ve already seen a couple of Bubba stories, from the ILOH Himself. There’s about a hundred years between those stories and Chad’s, with two world wars, dozens of smaller conflicts, the whole Age of the Iron Curtain…plenty of room for monsters and Hunters to run wild there.

      Did the Russians ever start monster uprisings so they could go in and ‘save’ a country? And keep it ‘saved’ forever, of course. We know they used PUFF-able entities for a variety of purposes.

      Then again, what about Chad’s last girlfriend — and their daughter? Could be some great stories there.

  17. Put in an appearance at the Barnes & Noble in Grand Junction, willya? Weather kept me from making the trek down to K.C. from Omaha a couple of years back. Now that I’m in Western Colorado, it’d be nice to finally meet you in person.

  18. Thank you Larry for keeping me entertained.
    I hope all goes well for you and your family this coming year or what’s left of it. I believe most of us fans will understand if you want to stop and smell some roses with your family this year.

  19. Hi Larry, very happy that your wife is doing better. I really appreciate the amount of books you put out every year. Always gives me something to look forward to. Also I really like how much you are willing to interact with us. It is something you do not have to do as there are only so many hours in a day. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and I really love when you Fisk some article. I always know I am in for a great time. Take care

  20. Still waiting for CorreiaCon, where we can all get together and play tabletop games and shit on lefties.

    When are you going to announce it, Larry?

  21. “my last release was the sci-fi Gun Runner with John D. Brown, which is out now. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should, because it is awesome. ”

    Yes, yes it is. Good read, lots of fun. I admit I was hoping for a 3 way fight between two mechs and a Kajio, but the end worked very well (probably better than the 3 way fight).

  22. Small favor, if anyone pleases: just caught a 7/30/30 ban for posting a Goebbels meme (no, not pro-) on Facebook. Just let the gang know I’ll be in absentia. Thanx.

  23. Great news on a new memoirs! I love the format, especially for MHI.

    Glad to hear it’s a new author though, did not care for Chad at all, but that’s a personal issue with the way Ringo writes characters, books were still entertaining.

    Quick question for better fans than me, at the end of Alpha Meyers mentions “That thing in California” and dropping Franks in to clean it up.

    Is that from a short story somewhere, possibly in an anthology I don’t have, I can’t recall the story but would like to find it if if exists (it’s possible I’ve even read it, I did a lot of bleary eyed reading when my first kid refused to sleep for two years, and I know I don’t remember half the stuff I read)?

    Everything else on the docket sounds fantastic as well, Gun Runners was fantastic.

    1. That was the story at the beginning of Nemesis. Where franks stops the undersea creature from surfacing and catches the trail for Cursed. It was off the coast of california. Woulda been a big enough event to cause the mcb to basically hide an old one tree if it started sinking cities like LA.

      1. Yep, thanks. Been working my way back through the whole series and just started Nemesis again and I had forgot the more far reaching parts of that scene.

        Too distracted by all the awesome after Franks exits the crate.

    2. I think that is when Frank’s, Jefferson, and 9-tail Fox lady had to put down a Godzilla type critter that some cultist were summoning. I could be wrong, but the memory sticks because the Fox lady gave Grant a hard time.

  24. Hello, Larry.
    I just finished watching your appearance on Shooting Gallery – Precision Rifle with Larry Correia. I highly envied you.
    I also just finished listening to “Gun Runner”. I really enjoyed it, and I hope there’s a sequel.

    All the best.

  25. The hell with everything else, I’m just glad Bridget is ok. I cant imagine the prospect of losing my life partner to that horrible C word

  26. Hope all is well Mr. Correia. Thank you for the update and keep producing books I want to buy. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your craft. Brandon Sanderson is the only other current writer I can think of that writes as consistently and prolifically as you do. Enjoy all that you have earned.

    Thanks again.

  27. Yes! I absolutelly love Monster Hunter books and I always enjoy every page. I can´t wait to read another one! Thank you for your writing Mr. Correia, with regards, Bara C.

  28. Awesome new!! Looking forward to the new books. I hope all is well with Mrs. Correia! I am super excited you will coming to NC, I sure hope all works out for this!

  29. The events with nine tales takes place after Nemesis. Because that is when Grant is assigned to be Frank’s partner. The event at the beginning of Nemesis takes place 18 months before the rest of the story and it’s off the cost of California. Which is about the time the event talked about should have happened.

    1. Thanks, thats what I was thinking too. It’s just in Alpha he mentions it being so big a deal but that was Franks pounding one lowly demon, I figure he does that every other Tuesday before breakfast.

  30. Thanks for the update and this is excellent news. More Grimnoir? Yes, please. More Ashok & Co? Oh, HELL yeah!!!!! More Monster Hunter? Even better – it gives me an excuse to go back and read the others.

    Glad to hear the cancer is beat and I’ll echo whomever above said 1.5 books is still pretty impressive. That’s a lot of writing.

  31. Your work is making an impact. My vote is for more Saga of the Forgotten Warrior as quickly as possible. My 12 year old son will start reading the series soon, and the lessons of Ashok and the others will impact him and help form his character I’m sure.

    Prayers to you and your family.

  32. I just saw a trailer for something on HBO called ‘The Nevers’ that looks suspiciously like Grimnoir.

    A number of people called ‘the touched’ have mysteriously gained various powers, the authorities are determined to ‘control’ them, they start fighting back…

    The world looks more like steampunk than 1930’s so maybe they successfully filed the serial numbers off.
    If everybody is thinking the same thing, most of them are not thinking.

  33. Speaking of busy months, I may have (Finally!) found the parts for my (Ahem) Deer rifle. Had acquired an AR-15 lower, but couldn’t find anyone selling upper assemblies except in 5.56 NATO or .223 Wylde and the like. I was looking for something with a little more power and accuracy, either 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC. PSA and Daytona Tactical are sold out of everything, and it’s looking hopeless, when I finally found these guys in TX;
    It’s this one or the 24 inch model, and I have a very nice scope for it already, unless anyone says they aren’t good.

  34. Speaking of Grimnoir, I just watched the nevers on hbo max – whedon apparently decided to take your premise ditch the memorable characters and call it a show. Episode 1 has 2 brutes, a torch, 2 cogs, a healer, and a precog

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