I Couldn’t Make It One Day Back on Facebook Without Getting Banned

Oh man. I laughed my ass off when the notification popped up. I’ve been almost entirely off Facebook for a month. I went back on to signal boost because of the cancel culture attack on Baen. I lasted less than 24 hours before catching a 30 day ban for “bullying.”

Damned right. My only regret is that I didn’t bully them harder while I had the chance.

I’m glad though. Facebook is soul sucking garbage. I’m telling you guys, after going cold turkey for a month and then jumping back into the thick of something controversial, the nastiness of that place becomes abundantly clear. I checked the threads of people sharing my blog post, and that place is the perfect environment for snide morons to drive by and guilt shame their “friends”. There’s no meat to what they say. It’s just vapid sound-byte level hot takes from low information dipshits designed to cow people into line. (and these “friends” are usually meaningless nobodies who would be safely ignored in your real life, but people grant them importance online). Facebook is designed to make you put up with their shit, and when you fight back they report you. I ended up in a dozen separate arguments in one afternoon. It was only a matter of time before one of them snitched me out to the bots.

Groovy. Now I’ve got to get back to work. Unlike the wannabes and has-beens I fight with I’ve actually got lots of fans waiting to read my books.

RIP Mr. Limbaugh
Publishing House Baen Books Attacked by Cancel Culture

114 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Make It One Day Back on Facebook Without Getting Banned”

    1. Of course he didn’t. It’s always the same with that kind of twerp. They do nothing. Risk nothing. Talk a big game. Signal their virtue. They’re basically useless.

        1. Useful?

          Haven’t read the thread on facebook (only go there for a few things) but I’ve been on the ‘net long enough to be pretty certain whomever Larry was arguing with is likely not useful at all… though probably an idiot.

          1. No, he’s useful. In the original sense of “useful idiot”. He’s useful to the statists who can make him dance to their tune and do their bidding without ever realizing his strings are being pulled.

    1. Only went back to signal boost for Toni.
      Trust me. I’ve stolen a lot more of their traffic than you have, helpful advice guy. 😀

  1. I’d feel bad for you if you didn’t sic a mob on me to get me suspended yesterday. Cancel culture for thee but not for me. Wish you guys stuck by your principles rather than just doing the same mob stuff SJWs do. We’re on the same damn team, Larry, Knock it off.

    1. You deserved it. You keep standing next to people who are doing the real work, trying to make yourself important. Your whole career is trying to ride on other’s coattails. . No one wants you on the team, because you’re an attention seeking asshole.

    2. Dude, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t sic a mob on you. Check my page. Check my fan page. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. If my fans are attacking you it’s because you’re an unlikable dipshit who showed up in my living room being an attention whore.

      I haven’t talked about you for years until your dumb ass showed up on my page trying to milk a controversy to make it all about you, while your dumb ass is out there live streaming about me and trying to start hash tags, but NOBODY CARES.

      You’re just a narcissistic grifter. You’re not on my team. You’re on a team that consists of you and your bizarrely over inflated ego. Everybody is wise to your schtick except a handful of mopes who buy into your exaggerated fake Christian, alpha male, try hard act. They don’t realize that behind the scenes you wanted so hard to write for us that you were an annoying, cloying, suck up, and you got rejected, not for politics, but because you’re just not that good, and you’ve had a chip on your shoulder ever since. The only writers who haven’t cut ties with you are the ones who haven’t yet clued in to your scam, just like I tried to help you when you first got blackballed, until I clued in on your scam. But you’ll fuck them over too in order to score some points for yourself eventually, because you can’t help yourself. Then once they realize you’re just a weird creepy asshole, you’ll make yourself out to be the victim and they’re sell outs. It’s who you are.

      Now seriously. Fuck off. I’m sure you’ll go write some posts and do some videos about how I’m a sellout loser cuck gamma soyboy or whatever, and you’ll get a couple hundred hits maybe, and I’ll be happy to go back to ignoring you because you don’t actually matter.

      1. BTW I wish the people who do this alpha beta gamma thing would look into evo-psych and take it not as a gospel of human worth but as a flawed way of understand human social status in a given team or group and THEN actually learn the basic terms instead of using them incompetently but REALLY REALLY HARD for quickie low-effort L.C.D. burnsauce.

        They are not fixed or exact because we are not chimpanzees or wolves & we learn and change over time and are governed by various contexts that alter our status in some way locally. Also necessity can drive change and power can arise to fill a vacuum.

        These terms mainly pertain to the work place and males because males are more spread across the normal curve in terms of abilities and traits than women are. Men are more likely to be a genius or an idiot or iron willed or a squish than women who tend to see less variety in their skills, IQ, and social potential than men. They still HAVE variety just less when taken as a population. More women will cluster closer to the mean than with men. A quick stupid cartoonish but relevant way to overstate it is men are mutant heavy (more heterogeneous) and women are clone heavy (more homogeneous) in their populations respectively. Also MORE doesn’t mean twice as many or ten times as many, it just means MORE.

        1. Alphas.
        Alphas are self starting innovators. We really don’t have many alphas around. They often don’t get along well with others but they are very driven so they make good leaders once you have a goal they have some skill with or a talent for. Alphas tend to be idea men and dedicate themselves to their projects. They are often NOT particularly charismatic though people may admire them for their achievements. Alphas tend to be successful or train-wrecks because they are full speed and lousy at moderation. They can make good strategists or analysts or ‘from the ground up’ researchers. Usually high status or else dying on someone’s couch at 53 thinking about canceling that vacation to start some project.

        2. Betas.
        No betas are not man children or wimps. They are high status and also uncommon though you do see more of them around than alphas. They are good at forming bonds and organizing. They are often good at speaking to regular people and messed up people. They often end up a supervisors and middle men. Most people bitching about betas are using the term, very stupidly. Betas make good sergeants and probably up to Majors. They are NOT vision people though but are valuable and effective high status people. They organize, assist, and supervise Deltas, break down the plans of alphas into steps, track progress and resource use, look for simple and non-disruptive ways to improve, and screen out ambitious but less capable gammas who get peter-principled out of their depth.

        3. Gammas. Gammas are regular people who aspire to be more yet can’t seem to manage that. They tend to feel undervalued and seek promotion but usually aren’t good in leadership roles or planning/strategy. They want higher status but rarely get it and usually are at a high risk of failing if they do. If they can control their wanna be impulses they may be a higher functioning delta. Gammas are mid status. But don’t tell them that. The employee of the month parking space was probably created to shut gammas up for a little while. A gamma might be a sort of larval beta or alpha who needs to learn some new ways to do things before they can take off. But usually not.

        4. Deltas. Deltas are regular competent people who are the most common type. Most of the people who think they are alphas dragged down by betas are deltas. A delta may have a boat but usually doesn’t run the company, or the division, or even the work area. Competent but unremarkable. Deltas are middle status and most of society and culture is generally aimed at deltas. Because they are legion. Mistreating deltas gets you a broken mess of a group. Deltas often like to be left alone to do their damned job.

        5. Sigmas.
        Sigmas are failed or flawed deltas. They are low status. Often they need help to function at a delta level if they can at all. They get laid off first most of the time. They know they aren’t effective. This makes some of them overly belligerent and some overly submissive to criticism. They are uncommon and often subjected to remedial training and given more supervision. Fuckups, unstable, and/or damaged people make up the sigmas.

        6. Omegas.
        Omegas are outcasts and often cannot function in a group even as a weak link. They tend to be loners. Often they are mistrustful of others. They are very low status such that it can be dangerous to be an omega. On the other hand some of them end up as career criminals. Omegas are surprisingly rare.

        This is all confused now because it has been badly adapted our of corporate assessment and is being repurposed into into a sort of psychology of dating thing aimed at women looking to quickly judge men and that’s really messed the whole thing up.

        Basically under the new rubric, largely pushed by magazines for middle class women that have not ceased publication yet, an alpha is a preening douche but he smells good and after a few drinks he sparkles like a teen vampire in the sun. A beta is a cold fish but a reliable type who is easy t use. A gamma is fun loving and emotional and kind of a bridge to the feminine so UP ON THE SHELF WITH YE YA SCURVY KEN DOLL, and an omega is an outsider in a grey sweatshirt who is edgy but doesn’t make anyone want to call the police and can probably hold a job and owns some decent stuff unlike a real omega. Sigmas an Deltas are SWIPE LEFT so do not get a mention. Invisible nothing forms.

        1. I don’t know anything about that stuff, just that whenever I see dudes going off about it they’re usually struggling with their lives/masculinity somehow, or they’re a grifter selling something to those guys.
          I’m just the big loud guy who ends up being the center of attention whether I want it or not.

      2. Insulting my Christianity because you’re mad at Facebook is pretty cringe. Anyway, love you Larry. I am on your team. I hope you see it at some point because the gulag doesn’t discriminate between “WrongThinker” and “WrongerThinker”.

        If we want to win this fight we will do it better together.

        1. No actually fights go so much better without buddy fuckers, who do you think would be so naïve to want someone like you at their backs. The best thing would be sending you over to the “other” team so you can be a millstone around their necks.

      3. So many words for a dude you don’t care about. Interesting you have more vitriol for him than the SJW’s. JDA’s criticism of you looks valid.

        1. Thanks Sock Puppet #9.
          Except you’re kinda stupider than average.
          Considering I’ve got dozens of blog posts about SJWs and ZERO about JDA. 😀 (don’t believe me, search box is up above. And you’ll see the only time I’ve ever mentioned him was to DEFEND him from SJWs, specifically Glyer, which was a mistake because they’re peas from the same pod)
          And the only time I’ve talked about him in years is after he blundered onto my blog yesterday being a fucking parasite.
          Once he (and all his little minions like you) fuck off, I’m happy to go back to totally ignoring him.
          As for word count, look up Brandollini Principle, shit head. 😀 (if you don’t like lots of words, then maybe a professional novelist’s page isn’t right for you!)

          1. I frequent some professional author’s pages. They can actually address what was said, if they so choose, rather than a wall of vitriol and vulgarity in attempt to deflect what appears to be increasingly deserved criticism and mockery.

          2. I frequent some professional novelist’s pages. They can can address a point and not deflect using a wall of text and vulgarity. You must be the other guy.

          3. I frequent some professional novelist’s pages. They can can address a point and not deflect using a wall of text and vulgarity. You must be the other guy.

        2. Interesting. Same IP range as two others, and JDA himself.
          Hmmm… Curious. It appears that all of today’s suspected sock puppets and JDA’s three different ones, all come the same three ranges. What an amazing coincidence!
          Fucking amateur hour. 😀
          You’re pathetic.

          1. Curious. Scrolling through the comments and 8 different people from the JDA fan club show up in the last day, and they all originate from the same three net blocks.
            Surely a coincidence.

          2. I’ve actually blocked very few IPs, over the years so this is easy to check. The only other time in all the years I’ve been blogging that I had that many IP blocks come from the same location it was psycho super troll Clamps, over and over and over again (that dude is nuts). The previous 12 blocks over several months it was 12 different IPs. Then all of a sudden in the last 24 hours it is 8 from only 3, all of whom have had the same message.
            Nice. 😀

          3. Now I’m not a computer guy, and maybe the internet suddenly changed sometime in the last month and now there’s only three IP ranges for the whole world and I just don’t know about it, this looks a little suspicious:

            Last year of IP blocks:

            Last 24 hours:

          4. I went back a little further and grabbed the IP for every comment that portrayed Toni/Baen as a traitor/sellout. Here is the updated list. Strangely enough every single one is through AWS Cloudfront and the three with stars next to them are from JDA under his own name. Notice a pattern?

            Two possible conclusions to be drawn from this. JDA is very clumsy at using sock puppets, OR AWS Cloudflare users are remarkably united in telling Baen how we should stand up to cancel culture for them.

          5. How do you end with leaving a comment with an IP that comes *from* Amazon Web Services? They’re not an ISP; you don’t buy home (or office) Internet service from AWS. They’re a cloud hosting platform; you host your website or other Internet-based service on their servers, and you pay by the minute/megabyte/whatever for the computing power used.

            Only way I can think of for a comment to be coming from AWS is if someone is hosting a proxy service on AWS, and using that proxy service to post comments so that their home IP isn’t traceable. (Well, Amazon could trace it if they cared, but being a sockpuppet isn’t a crime so they don’t care.)

            Source: my own professional knowledge, because I am a computer guy. Last five years my job has been working on server-related stuff, either C# backend stuff that runs on the server, or HTML/Javascript stuff that’s served up by the server and runs in the customer’s Web browser. So I know a little bit about this stuff.

          6. It’s probably computer illiterate me garbling the explanation the computer guys on the MeWe fan page told me.

          7. I don’t think that’s the case, at least not with that block of IP addresses. Because they do come from AWS, and the service that the IP block belongs to is listed as “AMAZO-CF”, which is almost certainly Amazon Cloudfront squeezed into an eight-character text field.

            I can think of a way for you to check, actually. If you can see the IP address that I’m posting from, it should appear to come from an IP range belonging to an ISP in a certain Asian country, because that’s where I live and work. (Please don’t mention which country it is if you happen to respond to this comment; anyone who cared to find out would probably be able to figure it out from Googling my name, but I don’t mention my location details on the Internet for pretty obvious reasons.) If you see my comment as also coming from Amazon Cloudfront, then there’s something in your blog setup that’s giving you incorrect IP addresses.

          8. I don’t think that’s the case, at least not with that block of IP addresses. Because they do come from AWS, and the service that the IP block belongs to is listed as “AMAZO-CF”, which is almost certainly Amazon Cloudfront squeezed into an eight-character text field.

            I can think of a way for you to check, actually. If you can see the IP address that I’m posting from, it should appear to come from an IP range belonging to an ISP in a certain Asian country, because that’s where I live and work. (Please don’t mention which country it is if you happen to respond to this comment; anyone who cared to find out would probably be able to figure it out from Googling my name, but I don’t mention my location details on the Internet for pretty obvious reasons.) If you see my comment as also coming from Amazon Cloudfront, then there’s something in your blog setup that’s giving you incorrect IP addresses.

            And apologies if this ends up posting twice; the first time I posted it, the page simply refreshed without any acknowledgement that the comment had posted. Not the first time that’s happened to me, either.

          9. It’s probably computer illiterate me garbling the explanation the computer guys on the MeWe fan page told me.

            I don’t think that’s the case, at least not with that block of IP addresses. Because they do come from AWS, and the service that the IP block belongs to is listed as “AMAZO-CF”, which is almost certainly Amazon Cloudfront squeezed into an eight-character text field.

            I can think of a way for you to check, actually. If you can see the IP address that I’m posting from, it should appear to come from an IP range belonging to an ISP in a certain Asian country, because that’s where I live and work. (Please don’t mention which country it is if you happen to respond to this comment; anyone who cared to find out would probably be able to figure it out from Googling my name, but I don’t mention my location details on the Internet for pretty obvious reasons.) If you see my comment as also coming from Amazon Cloudfront, then there’s something in your blog setup that’s giving you incorrect IP addresses.

          10. BTW, AFAIK there’s no such thing as “AWS Cloudflare”. AWS Cloudfront is one service, and Cloudflare is a different company offering a different service. You got the two conflated in your last paragraph, though your first paragraph had the name right. Doesn’t invalidate your point in any way, of course; I’m just offering the correction because if I didn’t, another sock puppet might come along and claim that because I didn’t offer the correction, clearly I don’t really know what I’m talking about. 🙂

          11. Larry, just thought I’d share the latest hilarious development:

            flopping camel and company are VERY UPSET at your obvious and heinous effort to “dox” JDA. You know, the guy who posts under his own name, which is in the phonebook and so forth? Because listing IPs is doxxing now, okay?

            Normally I don’t bother sharing these droppings from the Viletones, but the spectacle of the camel flopper coming to the defense of Mr. Del Arros was too ridiculous to pass up.

            Oh and Eric Flint has had his Lefty card revoked, he’s now a dangerous Conservative poopy head.

        3. “Interesting you have more vitriol for him than the SJW’s.”

          Neither interesting nor accurate but I guess you gotta paint with bullshit when you haven’t got any paint.

          1. Larry is obviously not as opposed to SJW’s as he claims. He’s gotta protect that Tradpub cheese. I don’t see him crowdfunding to get stuff published.

      4. ROFL…

        Seriously Larry, as a person who has bought every one of your books and can’t wait for more, you REALLY, REALLY have to compile these type of rants and publish it.

        Didn’t Mike Williamson publish one called ‘Liberal Logic – Three Lies in Three Words’?

        I’d buy it!

        Greetings from Australia and keep up the good work!

    3. Says the guy who constantly calls Larry a cuck whenever he does something you don’t like.

      Your treatment of Larry is akin to how I get treated by my shrew of a stepmother: the only time I hear something nice out of her mouth is when she wants something. You are no different, Jon.

      Take a minute, smell what you’re shoveling, and either pull your head out of your ass, or shut your cake hole.

    4. This bullshit is gamma certified ” kind of hard to fap to ” by a wackhead which is like a crackhead only for wanking instead of blissing out on rocks in a pipe.

    5. No, JDA, you tagged me after I called you out on deliberate behavior. If anything, you could possibly argue (if you could form a valid argument, but since you’re a Commiefornian we all know where your level of argumentative expertise lies) that I was the one who sicced people on you.

      But, you know, you Commiefornians are great revisionists…

      1. Wait, so he got into a fight with Jason somewhere and that somehow morphed into ME siccing a cancel culture mob on him so he could play the victim?
        Seriously, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just assumed he was a grifter, but if JDA believes his own bullshit he needs to seek professional help.

        1. It really was just that a bunch of us who happen to run in the same circles as you do came across a post where JDA was complaining about a comment from Jason Cordova on your blog. Somehow he interprets that as a targeted smear campaign. Can’t possibly be that he’s just a jerk.

          1. Yeah, it was exactly what Emma said. And there really weren’t that many of us. Maybe 4 or 5? We’ve all seen Larry direct people towards a post. It gets lit the fuck up. This was nothing. As always, Cap’n Mantitties is a whining drama queen.

    6. He doesn’t need to sic anything on you. We are perfectly capable of recognizing your mendacity and pathetic attempts at relevance ourselves. Frankly, it’s insulting to us and our judgement that you think we require or would accept direction to attack someone purely because directed to.

    7. Johnny, Johnny…what, the shellacking you got yesterday didn’t convince you’re not tall enough for this ride? Like the old joke says, I’m starting to think you don’t come up here for the hunting…

        1. Hey, all those body building magazines and tapes of the Mr. Universe competition are RESEARCH, he’ll have you know! As soon as he finishes his current work (a graphic novel retelling of ‘The Life of Thomas Aquinas’ if St. Thomas was a big titty cat girl. It’s ok, she wears a cross AND a monokini so it’s still Super Christian) he and Milo are going to start their own competitive bodybuilding federation and (holy) oil distributor.

    8. Haha! You show up in Larry’s living room, shit on the carpet, and think you should get a pass from the rest of us? Just accept that you’re so annoying you drive people away. You did it to yourself.

    9. DUDE. Stop. Just stop. Until this last week all I knew of you is a book I read of yours and when Larry talked about you a while back. Positively, as I recall.

      This makes you look like a whiny ass. Put your big boy pants on, man up and get over whatever is eating you. If you are “on the same team” then get over yourself. The team ain’t about *you.*

    10. Hahahahahahaha! Sick a mob? I’ve seen a Larry call to action, and that wasn’t it. That was a spanking, one onon one. He left it at that.
      Man, YOU THINK JUST LIKE A LIBERAL.You come to steal some thunder, get called on it, people that see it (with NO other prodding from Larry) follow you around poking you and point out your rose colored glasses version of events, as you scream “I’m a victim. I wasn’t doing nuthin’ and he attacked me.” And then they cooked you.

      What a fucking joke.

      1. Poking a bear is stupid.
        Poking the Alpha of a pack of werewolves is downright suicidal.
        All the Alpha has to do is blood you a little. The rest of the pack can follow that all over the world. Death by a thousand nips and tears.
        (Damn, that sounds like a good ad for a new Harbinger novel.)

  2. And on that note I believe I will continue to support your evil vile ways and order Gun Runner on Audible right about after I get through typing some trivial bs about a whole lot of nothing. Mostly just wanted to say keep up the awesome work! Never let the troglodytes suppress your awesomeness (not that YOU would). “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!”
    Oh yeah I’m working on a book my self. I’m gonna call it “Pair-a-Balls of a Truck Driver!” See what I did there?

  3. Facistbook is a hot, stinking mess for sure. I got completely booted last September ( dont even really know why) after 10 years on it. I was given a 1 plus gig compressed file of EVERYTHING Id ever done/posted in that decade. Was very interesting to say the least. Booting me was the best thing they could have ever done. (I did not go back even once) I thank them for it often in my head. As can be expected I have much more time and find myself in a M U C H better frame of mind. That shit really is a poisonous addiction and an utterly worthless time sink. The only drawback is missing various FB friends whom Ive found that I really miss and the Authors pages that I miss even more. Im SOOOO glad for this blog.

  4. Larry, you’re kind of a slacker at this. I caught a permanent ban on Zuckerbook a year ago for a meme that they said was a threat to someone. 1st offense, gone. I didn’t have your following, but it did cramp my book blog promos a bit. However, the ulcer I was developing disappeared overnight, and I have much less stupid in my life. It’s funny how some authors I supported turned on me the second I was gone, though. SJW’s gonna SJW, I guess.

    1. I have no idea how I’ve never caught a permeant ban. I spent nearly half of 2020 banned.
      I’ve got to up my game.

      1. Dude.

        What were you thinking? Unless you’re actively trying for a perma ban, I’m gonna be forced to conclude you just fell off the wagon.


      2. Apparently all it takes is posting a meme saying the SJW in question should use some bleach to clean their mind off. Apparently that was encouraging them to commit suicide or a threat to the idiots at the house of Zuck.

        1. I remember people getting banned on twitter for mentioning the tide pod challenge in a mocking fashion when someone was acting a fool.

          such tender ears on twitter

      3. “I’ve got to up my game.”

        Mike Williamson still hasn’t caught a permanent ban as far as I know. Not sure you want to up your game to that level. 🙂

      4. On the day that you break bad and “up your game” please be sure to save screenshots or cross-post to here. It will be epic and I may want to get it printed and framed. Heck, if you printed it and framed it and sold it to fund Baen’s defense and possible defamation lawsuit, I’d buy.

        In fact… I’ve always loved anthologies. Maybe there should be a “freedom – what does it mean?” kind of anthology in the immediate future. Some people need education and there’s no reason not to make a buck on it for a good cause.

      5. Pffft! To up your game, you’d have to spend time there. You are too good for that cesspool! On the other hand, the short stay did prove amusing……..

  5. “Show me a man or a woman alone and I’ll show you a saint. Give me two and they’ll fall in love. Give me three and they’ll invent the charming thing we call ‘society’. Give me four and they’ll build a pyramid. Give me five and they’ll make one an outcast. Give me six and they’ll reinvent prejudice. Give me seven and in seven years they’ll reinvent warfare.

    Man may have been made in the image of God, but human society was made in the image of His opposite number, and is always trying to get back home.”

    Stephen King , The Stand

  6. The names change, but twits continue to follow you here from FaceBuchenwald.

    I’m so glad I’m off antisocial media. I can only imagine what the hateful left is saying about Rush Limbaugh dying.

    1. You ain’t missing much. The Party of Peace and Unity is being a bunch of ghouls celebrating Rush’s death. As expected.

      1. The Peace Party is really going all-out today. I’ve avoided all that as much as possible, only seeing headlines before surfing onward.

        Nice of them to self-identify like that, eh?

      2. For people who spent the last four years complaining about Trump being mean to people on Twitter, the left has some real interesting thoughts about Rush Limbaugh’s passing.

    2. Oh, they are having continuous orgasms. They did not have the intestinal fortitude to say those things while he was with us.

  7. …meaningless nobodies who would be safely ignored in your real life, but people grant them importance online…

    Social media in a nutshell, really. I reckon most if not all the leverage the woke mobs still hold over businesses will disappear, as soon as their public relations departments and investors realize that “brave social justice activist” online, translates as “unemployable nitwit” in the real world.

    I also suspect the current wave of wokescolding and identity crises began when the rise of Facebook and Twitter coincided with the layoffs and labor market shrinkage after the financial crisis. Again, it’s much more dignified to present oneself as a member or defender of an oppressed minority, than as a jobless git with a B.S. in BS, living in his mom’s basement.

    I’ve mentioned as much elsewhere here – the reason these pissants get so indignant when you even question their noble causes and pretentious posturing is that without them, they’d be nothing. Without their grand moral jihad, they’d have to go back to said basement, and face their plain and ordinary real life failures.

    So in turn, the attitude of publicly addressing them as whiny internet randos, of deflating their pretenses, may be the wisest policy to have. If only more companies would adopt it…

    1. I no longer believe that the typical ‘caving to woke’ company is, in fact, caving. They’re not regretfully ‘forced’ to do the woke mob’s bidding; they’re using the mob as an excuse to do what they’ve always wanted. You can’t convince them that the mob is five ten-year-olds with plastic pitchforks and sock puppets who aren’t going to be their customers anyway because they don’t want to be convinced.

      Of course, when they attempt to crowd-surf on the woke mob, turns out that small groups of disinterested children don’t offer much in the way of support, and even plastic tines can poke holes in people.

      Okay, so the metaphor kind of took over. My point being that imagining the people running these companies are apolitical is a mistake.

  8. I think it’s clear to everyone that Larry is just jealous of John Del Arroz and is intimidated by his powerful Alpha Male Big Pee-Pee Energy. Larry wouldn’t know anything about that because he’s an Omicron Male, maybe even a Theta Male. (Those are real things and not some crap I just made up.)

    But look, times are stressful and everyone is agitated. The best thing to do is calm down, take a step back, and remember that we’re all on the same side.

    In that spirit, Larry should offer an apology to JDA (who is a brave soldier on the front lines of the culture war, who produces YouTube videos that get dozens, even hundreds of views). JDA, in the Christian spirit he so perfectly embodies, should accept this apology.


      1. That one is a parody. Look at the name. A real JDA sockpuppet would not be using a name that rhymes with his own name. BTW, whoever this is did the same thing on the “Baen Attacked by Cancel Culture” thread under the name Ron Del Jarroz.

    1. This made me laugh to the point where I snorted and a piece of rice went up my nose. Thanks for that. Super dignified. .

  9. There’s a reason I’m nuking my account on Tuesday. I decided before Christmas that they could live without me and I could thrive without that desolate wasteland. The only reason I was hanging on was to keep in contact with friends and extended family. I gave all my friends two months to message me for my contact information if they didn’t want to lose touch, which is the only reason I didn’t nuke it last month. The freedom of not reflexively checking and rechecking social media is so nice…

  10. Of course Faceborg only pretends to play fair. A few weeks ago I reported an angry post which was clearly racist, by their OWN RULES: “Why is it always white guys and pickup trucks?”
    Yet Faceborg, upon reviewing said post, stated “Nope, that’s not racist.”

  11. Did someone mention Glenn Greenwald? I’ll have you know…

    Although talk about brilliant recoveries. I think he’s the only voice on the Left that I take seriously these days.

  12. Damn, what a comment thread… LOL And yes, IPs don’t lie…

    The whole Baen thing is ridiculous. Toni has put her LIFE into making Baen work and this is just beyond the pale.

    1. Actually, they either can, or every VPN maker needs to be sued for fraud. Because that’s pretty much what the commercial ones do, in addition to encrypting the traffic.

  13. If I may, you would be most welcome on Gab.com, where you’re treated like an adult and expected to block people who get under your skin instead of running to teacher.

  14. My big take away from this whole mongo saga is that we should put Tom Kratman in charge of California and let him Sherman his way East.

    1. Is Colonel Tom eligible to run as a replacement for Herr Fuhrer Newsome in the recall election?
      My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

  15. Darn, I just lurk here, and while I LOVE Larry’s books, these heavy duty slams and their comment threads make my day. I wish I had 1/10 the talent that Larry and you commenters have. I have been smiling for 2 hours.

  16. Got rid of my account in about 2011. Don’t miss it at all. I’m sure it’s improved since the invitation to have barn sex days or whatever that stupid game everyone wanted me to play was, but still a no. No interest in reupping at all.

  17. Ah well. It was nice to see you on Facebook while it lasted. 😉

    (On the other hand, I’m giving up surfing Facebook for Lent, so I probably won’t notice who is there or gone in the next month.

  18. Do people argue this literately on Facebook? I have been clean of that place for six years. Has it changed so much? My previous experiences with Facebook/MyPage led me to believe that proper grammar and delightful turn of phrase is not the norm there–fRoWnEd UpOn EvEn. I lack the context to understand what is happening in this thread, but I do appreciate your deliciously composed duel. Are you guys fighting to first blood or social media death?

  19. Latest from the Leading Feces-throwing Capuchin Screecher in Science Fiction:

    ‘Strike me down, and I will launch a thousand sock-puppets from the same network’.

    Hey, Darth JDAer: your hack-fu is weak.

  20. What’s sad is that Facebook doesn’t have to be this stupid. They’re really valuable for letting families and friend groups stay in touch. Right now, I’ve got family in TX; FB is really useful to keep up with their situation without their having to try to send out 20+ e-mails. (Power out, Power on for 4 hrs, etc.) I’ve never used the service, but from what I understand, it didn’t start out this stupid, but just got that way over time.

    1. Well, no, if Farcebook had started out that stupid nobody would have used it. They had to wait until millions of people were invested in it to turn up the stupid.

      Boil, froggies, boil.
      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

    2. Facebook would work fine if it were restricted to families. It’s when you try to define who a friend is that you run into a friggin’ mess.

  21. For what it’s worth, a few nations – Poland, Australia and Russia, last I heard – are considering retaliatory measures against censorship of their citizens, including fines and possible blocking of the offending websites. Which might be beneficial in the short run, but sounds eerily similar to the Great Firewall of China if it starts getting abused. And if it becomes bilateral – with western countries banning foreign websites – it could also be the prelude to a virtual cold war or some such. Though I suppose I’m being overly dramatic here.

    1. There are states here in the US that are trying to enact laws that will fine social media sites for politically discriminatory behavior. Pretty much all that could be blocked would be posts that actually violate existing laws.

      1. Godspeed to that. I’m getting tired of the “ooh, it’s a private company, they can do what they want” pseudo-argument. A company that distributes media is either a platform or a publisher. Platforms don’t get to censor people for arbitrary reasons or arbitrary enforcement of rules. Publishers don’t get to dodge liability for the crap they allow and promote. And I do mean promote, because every social hub nowadays has a suggestion section, using an algorithm that’s about as impartial as the one used in voting machines.

        1. Simply adding viewpoint discrimination to civil rights laws would be one solution. Businesses can’t fire you for supporting a politician, social media networks can’t boot you for expressing an opinion, banks can’t cut gun shops off for selling legal weapons.

  22. 2007’s launch of the iPhone and Facebook moving from a site to sexually harass (by their own definition) college women to mass market are the worst things to happen to the internet and, arguably, technology as a whole. Introduced them to way too many people who had no idea what they were doing that refused to learn what they were doing or even admit they had no understanding of it.

  23. Quick primer on IP addresses – I saw comments about this in passing, so here’s how they work purely as an fyi:

    1) Each IP is divided into 4 blocks: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    2) Each block is 2-3 numbers
    3) 1st 2 blocks together indicate which network it was on
    4) 2nd 2 block together are the unique identifier for a system on that network

    This means 2 or more IPs with the same 1st block are on the same network. If it’s a huge network though, it doesn’t really tell you much because you’ll have more systems on it. Now if the 3rd set of numbers is also a match, now you’re seeing some serious correlations.

    Here’s a link with more details: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19504-01/802-5753/planning3-18471/index.html

    Hope this helps!

  24. Larry, just wanted to say WAY cool hat in your pic! I’d say the same about the sword too, but frankly the hilt is WAY too small for your hands.

  25. Honestly I have never read any of your books but I may pick up a few of your books after checking out this blog. I was looking up gun stuff and ran across your article on liberals getting into guns and damn near spit my beer out.

    In regards to Facebook I agree, its garbage and in my opinion social media is social aids for our society. As a millenial most of my generation is addicted to the filth but I seen what it was long ago and couldnt be happier to be done with it.

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