Gun Runner Release Updates

Gun Runner, the new sci-fi novel by me and John Brown, released yesterday. And it seems to be doing pretty good.

The orange tag means we hit #1 in a category on Amazon. Our full price book was stuck at #2 in some other categories last night because there’s a dude selling a 9 book series for a BUCK parked at #1. As a devout capitalist, all I can say to that is rock on, sir. 😀

Gun Runner on Amazon! Order here!
Autographed copies available from Uncle Hugo’s here!
Podcast discussion with the authors here!

The only source for autographed copies this time around is Uncle Hugo’s. John and I signed a ton of book plate stickers for them to insert into copies to then ship to people. However, apparently you guys overwhelmed the supply of autograph stickers yesterday and bought them all out. Don’t worry. Baen is overnighting me another package to sign. Then I’ll drive over to meet John half way (we live in the same state, but it’s about a two hour drive between us) we’ll sign them all, and then overnight them to Uncle Hugo’s so you guys won’t have to wait too long for your autograph copies.

I am really looking forward to seeing the reviews when you guys finish this. So far people seem to be enjoying it a lot. I’ve not even got to listen to the audiobook version myself yet, but apparently Oliver Wyman kills it on narration. But the guy is amazing on Monster Hunter, and he is a total pro, so I figured it would be awesome.

I saw one professional review so far that made me laugh (I will name no names, but I know this place hates my guts on a deep personal level, so I was impressed by their impartiality) because even they gave it a good review, though they had to warn readers that a constant and possibly upsetting theme in my work is how the individual little guy is more competent than the government or big corporations… and I was like, guilty as charged! 😀 I will happily own that one!

Also, for those who asked, yes, the role of Captain Holloway is played by Nick Searcy in my imagination. Somebody tell Nick and I’ll mail him a copy.

Using a goofy review to give a peek behind the curtain of how collaborations work
my new novel Gun Runner is out today!

14 thoughts on “Gun Runner Release Updates”

  1. Loving it so far! Why yes, I did notice a theme suggesting individual liberty has certain advantages…

  2. Thanks for writing such a fun book, Larry (and John).
    When I got to the the H&K reference my laughter startled the cats. 🙂

    I can’t decide if I’m hoping this turns into a series or dreading that it means your other series will have to be juggled more to make room for it. Either way, well done.

    1. Uncle Hugo’s was burned down in the riots ‘mostly peaceful’ protests last year. Along with many irreplaceable volumes signed by authors no longer with us.

      So many lamp-posts in need of decorations…

  3. Why when you look at the info on the page does it only describe info about John Brown? It mentions Larry at the top but then neglects him entirely.

    *oops answered my own question I already follow Larry so it doesn’t have to entice me with extra stuff about him to do it.

    I am seriously looking forward to this book!!

    1. I think it’s only on Amazon. If you’re looking to avoid them, then it looks like it can be purchased directly from the Baen website.

  4. RE: Amazon

    I purchased for kindle early for 9.99, I just looked it’s now 6.99

    Not exactly a way for Amazon to encourage early orders…not sure why the price would change so rapidly.

    I can only hope Larry got the majority of that difference.

    Looking forward to a great read!

  5. “they had to warn readers that a constant and possibly upsetting theme in my work is how the individual little guy is more competent than the government or big corporations”

    How weird that they would stick a warning label on Mr Smith Goes To Washington.

    How did we let it get this bad? Everyone wanted to focus on career and family and leave the political activism to the marxists.

  6. Just got my book in the mail yesterday. Hardbound version is beautiful and Uncle Hugo does a great job with packaging. Can’t wait to read it!

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