LTUE is coming up

Life, The Universe, and Everything is a writing conference held every February in Provo. This year they’re doing an online thing because they’re not allowed to meet in person.

Normally LTUE is about the single best event that an aspiring writer can go to that doesn’t cost a bunch of money (it’s super cheap). It’s one of the big reasons Utah has such a disproportionate number of authors. If you are starting out as a writer or looking to hone your craft, you should check it out.

my new novel Gun Runner is out today!
podcast interview of me and john brown for our new book gun runner

6 thoughts on “LTUE is coming up”

  1. Speaking of writing, if Franks had a theme song, it would HAVE to be Dragula by Rob Zombie. Every time he shows up in a scene, I hear it start to play in my head, and it just FEELS like Franks.

  2. Larry, are you currently slated to attend/take part in any cons this year as an official guest, or is all that on hold until the pandemic is sorted out?

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