Book Giveaway from seven different authors

I’m participating in this book giveaway with seven other authors. The winners get signed copies of all of our books. I’ll be giving out 5 copies of Gunrunner signed by me and John Brown.

Gun Runner

Even if you don’t win, you can still get signed copies from none other than Uncle Hugo’s! Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, you just can’t keep a good bookstore down. Uncle Hugos is selling autographed copies of Destroyer of Worlds and Gunrunner (preorder now, available February) I signed a bunch of stickers for them to put into the front of the books. I’ve got a package of them here on my desk already signed by my coauthor John Brown to send off.

a Farewell to Facebook
it is all about controlling the public square

9 thoughts on “Book Giveaway from seven different authors”

  1. I would share the link, but this year has pretty much caused me to delete my “social” media accounts. About the only one I have left is bit….er… Twitter so I can see posts from a couple of my favorite authors. LC being one of those. Here’s hopin I hit the lottery.

  2. Much like Timothy, I don’t participate in any of the anti-social media. Never have, so I guess I miss out on the bonuses!! Oh well, one entry is all I need!

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