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  1. “On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I was able to stab my mother-in-law in the heart with a wooden stake.”

      1. Succubus. Female demon, supposedly sexually corrupt men, esp. married ones, into adultery to condemn them to Hell. Probably superfluous in post-2000 America as there’s too much competition for them.

        FWIW, there was a movie made decades ago that starred a young William Shatner being seduced by a succubus. The entire movie was in Esperanto.

          1. Okay, but which of Franks’s many parts is actually the father? There could potentially be several contenders.

            I’m leaning towards “that’s Susan Shackleford” and she’s at least temporarily on their side again. The scenes of her busting into that Mexican jail were something.

            There’s something else I’m hoping to see.

            In the epilog of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints we have Earl Harbinger putting down a few words about Chad Gardenier’s PUFF-exempt girlfriend, ending with “And his daughter is pretty badass, too.”

            I want to hear about her.

  2. Sigh. Just the hardback; I haven’t bought a hardback in years. Let us know when we can pre-order or buy the Kindle edition . Since I have Kindle Unlimited, I only do that for a handful of authors, and you’re one of them.

    1. Larry is in too much demand for you to get a free copy via Kindle Unlimited. As much as I hate the high prices for his works, I salute him for being a smart American Capitalist. After all, someone has to pay for that nice new homestead he and his family are living in!

      Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form want to take any of Larry’s well-earned profits. I do want to be able to write at least half as well as he does so I can make my own profits. 😉

    2. Usually Baen does the earc. I love getting his books a couple of months before the rest of the world. 🙂

    3. Don’t forget, there’s usually the E-arc version that Baen makes available, before the book is released. That’s what I do, then wait for the paperback version.

    4. I will be buying the eArc -and- the hardcover when it finally comes out. Hardcover is in case the ebook version crashes.

      That level of entertainment deserves support.

      Besides, it might be the only book I buy in 2020/21, unless Larry releases something else. I’m a bit demanding, I expect a good story. Not too many measure up these days.

      1. The electronic version for when I want to read in bed with the lights off.

        The hardback version to look nice on the shelf and for when the electricity goes out to read by the fireplace.

        The softback version because people are gonna want to borrow the book and they aren’t getting my hardback version.

    1. Destroyer of Worlds: December 15, 2020 on Audible
      Gun Runner: February 2, 2021 on Audible
      MH Bloodlines will probably release simultaneous with the hardback and e-book.

      (ways to get parts of Bloodlines early (From Baen): The E-ARC, or getting the monthly bundle 3-4 months before release (half the book at bundle release, 3/4 at 1 month out, and the whole book at release date)

  3. $5.00 per hour for that level of entertainment is a bargain! How long would $5.00 last you playing pinball? How quickly would you burn through $25.00, the cost of the hardcover, in .308 ammo? lol. a bargain!

    1. That’s why I do most of my target shooting using .22.

      I only shoot target .308 when I’m sighting in the rifle for hunting season, or actually hunting.

      Now what I’d really love is a TAC-50; but .50 cal. ammo is even more expensive, and the rifle itself, well, my wife would kill me if I spent that much on a firearm.

      1. When asked, I spoke truthfully: My long range bolt action rifle costs about $2000.

        Not said: The Leupold mk 8 rifle scope with illuminated H-58 reticle, plus rings with integrated level and angle cosine indicator… we’ll just say the rifle is the accessory to the scope.

    1. Oh, come on, it already killed us all months ago. We just didn’t notice. There is much more danger that Baen will be shut down for ‘hate speech’ — all those Eeevul writers and their Wrong Words.

      Don’t blame the author; it’s the publisher’s schedule.

      1. Please, I died way back during Sequestration.

        Then again with the fall of Net Neutrality.

        CCP-19 has to get in line.

    2. Virtually immune to COVID. I take 30 mg of Lisinopril daily, which is an ACE2 inhibitor, to control hypertension. And guess what? COVID requires open ACE2 sites on cells to infect them.

        1. No physical reactions, other than greying out if I stood up too quickly.
          First few weeks I was on it were some of the grouchiest I’ve ever been according to my wife.

        2. You know what else works on the ACE-2 pathway? Weed.

          Yep. THC/CBD both -appear- to positively effect Corona-Chan. If you ask a doctor about that they’ll scream and run away, but privately this is what I hear.

          Not, I hasten to add, an official Phantom Endorsement. Just an interesting data tidbit.

  4. Oh hey! The cover has an on-model firearm AND it’s correct for the character. That’s a first for the primary covers.

  5. I never was a big fan of sexy cover art, but as a big middle finger to all the pinch-faced scolds hectoring everyone else for their impure thoughts, I’m a huge fan now.

  6. The good news? There are currently no 1-star reviews on Amazon . But AUGUST? Bad news. Worse, Earl Harbinger has a strict “NO ‘Are we there yet?”” policy.

    1. I’ve read every other book. I don’t need to see no steenkin reviews.

      Take my money already!!! Well, take it in August.

  7. Hmmm, based on the Law of Fantasy Armor, I’d say the winged female is almost invincible. That could get . . . exciting.

    Congrats on the pre-order, sir, I hope you sell gazillions. 🙂

  8. Wait, he got a quote from Jim Butcher on the cover? Is this new (I usually only see the translated covers without any quotes on them.)? When we will get our crossover with Franks and Kincaid hunting something?

    Anywys, congratulation to the new book. I am a little behind on the series, but am striving to get caught up.

    1. Isn’t Kincaid pretty close to what Franks hunts? There are no Scions in Larry’s books, except for Frank’s child, and as near as I can tell, he wasn’t really any different then a simple human, He did not inherit his father’s supernatural nature.

  9. Curiously wondering:
    How much legal trouble would Franks get in for killing Stricken?
    As a separate question, how much trouble would anyone else get in? And would Franks be willing to claim the credit if it was needed by the other party?
    (Legal trouble only. Stricken’s smart enough to keep “leave Stricken alive and free” as the best tactical option for everyone concerned).

  10. will Monster Hunter Bloodlines be on audible? My entire family loves this series and looks forward to the next one.

  11. is there a release date for the Audible version? I love listening to these books in my free time, however with less then 1 month to go before release, there still isn’t a pre-order option (or even a mention of) Bloodlines on Audible.

  12. Is there an ebook release date? I can’t read physical books anymore because my eyesight is too bad. I need the ebook version so I can make the print bigger. Can’t wait to read this.

  13. Lana looks pissed …. will Oliver be reading this for audible? I already have my hardback on preorder but I needs me my Wyman fix. I was sold on his performance 30 seconds into international.

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