Election 2020: the more fuckery update

On the morning of November 5th I compiled a list of some of the suspicious things from the election that were red flags. https://monsterhunternation.com/2020/11/05/the-2020-election-fuckery-is-afoot/ As I explained at the time, a flag isn’t proof of fraud or mistakes, it is something that appears anomalous which an auditor would drill down on further to check for fraud or mistakes (and like I said last time, when the errors go in different ways they suggest mistakes, but when all the errors go in the same direction it suggest malfeasance). A couple of the things I listed turned out to be nothing or the original reporting on them was incorrect. However, several others did turn out to be serious improprieties, and there’s been a ton of new flags since.

On Thursday morning I said that I thought there was fuckery afoot. My opinion has not changed. There are an extraordinary number of red flags, both street level witnessing of fraud and overall statistical anomalies in a few places with violate the basic laws of the universe levels of improbability. A friend of mine used to work at the US State Department and observed south and central American elections and he’s blown away by how goofy this is.

Before I get into the flag update, I want to talk about the big picture situation as I see it, because there’s reality and then there’s the narrative getting crammed down everyone’s throat. We’ve now reached the point where whenever you open your mouth you’re going to get jumped on by a bunch of Caring Liberals that you’re stupid, insane, and imagined the whole thing. How dare you suggest that there could possibly be any impropriety in this new voting system we just crammed into place this year for the first time. It is the Great National Gas Lighting. The chosen lefty narrative is that voter fraud never happens, and when it does happen, it’s insignificant and changes nothing, the totally unbiased news media and big tech have called it for Biden, and you’re just crying and irrational because you’re a stupid Trumpkin, so let the healing begin.

Don’t fall for it. These are the same people who barked Not My President Trump’s whole term, even though we’ve got more evidence of voter fraud in four days than they found of Russian collusion in four years. However lots of people will be cowed and go along with this even though they know its bullshit, because social pressure is incredibly powerful and bullies wield it like a club. Every post I’ve made on Facebook about this subject has drawn random strangers to show up and scream that I’m an ignorant sucker conspiracy theorist.

Most of their “fact checks” and “debunking” just boil down to excuses. Like I saw one for the Dominion vote fuckery that moved 6k votes from Trump to 6k votes for Biden in ONE county. And the fact check headline was FALSE. But when you actually read it, it says they weren’t “stolen” it was an “error”. (except nobody actually knows that yet) Or the dead people voting in Detroit headline being FALSE, but when you click on it, their excuse isn’t that these dead people voted, it’s that we’re supposed to trust that the system totally would have caught that and thrown them out. Except they didn’t catch it, regular people on the internet tracked those down. So when were they going to check this, after Biden’s inauguration?

A note on the dead people voting and regular people tracking it down because our professional news media is oddly incurious about all these flags. I watched this unfold live on Thursday night. People would post a file of names of 100 year olds in Michigan, and then other people would check the state website to see if they had turned in ballots. Whenever somebody found one they would post that name so that other people could confirm it for themselves. They found hundreds just while I watched. But at the same time Twitter kept actively banning the accounts of anyone who shared the file, because the fix is in. Trust the system, comrades. Big Tech knows what’s best for you.

Keep in mind that just because there is fuckery afoot, be careful because there’s loads of bad information floating around. Lots of people asked me about the supposed leaked DHS press release. My gut reaction when I saw it was suspicion (I’ve worked with too many federal agencies and that simply didn’t read like their stuff) so I called some friends who still work there and it sounded like wishful thinking to them too.

On the same note, people keep asking me about the possibility of electronic vote meddling but I’m not a programmer or a software guy, so I’m not going to pretend to be one on the internet. No idea on that stuff. I can tell you if the end product appears statistically wonky but I’ve got no idea on the electronic mechanism that got to that.

On the overall statistical oddities here is an excellent break down of why the numbers in these swing states make no sense: https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2020/11/05/excuse-me-while-i-call-bs-n275572

And the author of this piece told me that he is working on a follow up that goes into greater depth, breaking it down county by county, and he says it is nuts. EDIT: here is Wisconsin’s break down: https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2020/11/09/excuse-me-while-i-call-bs-in-wisconsin-n276884 Wow. Those swings are insane.

From physicist and author Travis Shane Taylor – “In a sample space of 1 million marbles, 800,000 blue and 200,000 red the probability of drawing a blue marble is 80% the first time. To draw about 30 blue in a row is 0.124%. To draw 100 in a row is 0.0000000235%. To draw 250 in a row is more zeros to right of decimal point than stars in the universe!!!! To draw 138,000 blue marbles in a row is mathematically impossible within the age of the universe without human intent and interaction. In other words, cheating.”

Of course, when he wrote that it was before the 138k “typo” got retracted. So of course all the liberals who can’t balance their own checkbook immediately dismissed the whole thing… Problem is his math is almost as damning for 1k, 2k, 4k, 14k, or 23k marbles. You could even change it so that a bucket is 95% blue marbles, and the odds of you getting a thousand blue marbles in a row are functionally impossible. He used MathCad to calculate this. Excel doesn’t have enough zeros.  

You’ve probably also seen a lot of mention of Benford’s Law over the last few days. Posts talking about it have been getting vanished off of Facebook (that I can confirm firsthand). https://theothermccain.com/2020/11/09/articles-mentioning-benfords-law-are-reportedly-banned-on-facebook/

Basically, when numbers are aggregated normally, they follow a distribution curve. When numbers are fabricated, they don’t. When human beings create what they think of as “random” numbers, they’re not. This is an auditing tool for things like looking for fabricated invoices. It also applies to elections. A normal election follows the expected curve. If you look at a 3rd world dictatorship’s election numbers, it looks like a spike or a saw.

There’s a bunch of different people out there running the numbers for themselves and posting the results so you can check their math. It appears that checking various places around the country Donald Trump’s votes follow the curve. The 3rd party candidates follow the curve. Down ballot races follow the curve. Hell, even Joe Biden’s votes follow the curve for MOST of the country. But then when you look at places like Pittsburgh the graph looks like something that would have made Hugo Chavez blush.

It’s amazing how all these extremely improbable statistical events just keep on happening, but only in the places where they make the most difference. Go figure. “It’s a miracle!” declared the Party of Science.

One extremely dishonest tactic democrats are using to dismiss this stuff, when we talk about specific incidents of fraud, they declare it statistically insignificant. But when we talk about the big picture of overall mathematical oddities, they switch and say but that doesn’t provide specific examples. They motte and bailey between the two, when in reality they’re the same thing. It’s all the individual examples of fuckery that lead up to the big weirdness.  

Since my last post there’s been so many flags popping up that I can’t keep up. I’m not a reporter, this isn’t my job. The reporters with their staff of researchers are all too busy trying to convince America that the Electoral College has been replaced by Jack Dorsey and Anderson Cooper.

There have been more USPS whistleblowers coming forward that they were ordered to illegally back date late ballots. The one I shared the video of last time is now identified as a real person. https://www.projectveritas.com/news/update-pa-based-usps-whistleblower-richard-hopkins-comes-forward-and-agrees/

In Nevada the GOP is pushing for criminal charges against people who voted who don’t legally live there, and I just saw a report about a Clark county whistleblower coming forward but that’s still developing. https://www.westernjournal.com/nevada-whistleblower-says-told-process-ballots-without-signature-verification/

In Wisconsin it appears that poll workers were directed to illegally alter thousands of absentee ballots. https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2020/11/08/ballot-clerks-in-wisconsin-allegedly-added-witness-statements-to-thousands-of-invalid-ballots-n276848  

In Pennsylvania, Supreme court justices tend to not like it when people straight up ignore their rulings. https://politicalpatrol.com/2020/11/08/justice-alito-orders-pennsylvania-counties-to-segregate-late-ballots-while-counting-2/

There was a report the other night that declared the military absentee ballots for Pittsburgh broke 80-20 in favor of Biden. This was gleefully shared by some NeverTrumpers and it immediately set off my bullshit detector (I was a military contract accountant for years, and after that I was the bestselling author in Baghdad, so I know a couple vets!). The obnoxiously left wing Military Times did a poll earlier this year where they surveyed a thousand military personnel and they proudly said that Biden was ahead by something like three points (which every active duty guy I know laughed at), but even if the Military Times was far better at accurate sampling than Nate Silver and the entire US polling industry (hint, they’re not) 80 fucking 20?

So I delved into this on FB (I’ve kind of been on a tear on there) and had a pile of vets and active duty show up help, but as far as we could find the report said it was absentee ballots, with the military among them. So this one gets a big question mark for now because we don’t know the break down (but the whole county was only 59/40).

Amusingly I had one lefty immediately declare the 80-20 to be plausible because of Trump’s supposed “Losers and Suckers” comment from Anonymous DOD Official. (remember when Anonymous Senior Trump Official You All Heard Of was revealed to be some junior assistant deputy director nobody ever heard of? Good times). Even after being told by a ton of retired and active duty that none of them believe that, let alone 80% of them, he still libsplained to them that statistical anomalies routinely fall like rain upon Joe Biden. (And we’ve got Joe Biden on tape talking about how PTSD Marines will murder you and your dog and then rape your corpse, but the media didn’t fixate on that for some baffling reason)

The left keeps declaring that everybody who is finding this clusterfuck to be suspicious must be a Trumpkin blinded by their salty tears of sadness. Yet I’ve noticed most of my honest liberal friends have been suspiciously quiet on this subject. And clearly not everybody who is calling bullshit on this is a Trump supporter. For some fascinating reading, check out Tariq Nasheed’s Twitter feed.  

If you know anything about politics, Tariq Nasheed is the last person anybody could accuse of being a Trump fan. He despises Trump. But he’s also pointing out that there’s no fucking way that the black community turned out more for Biden more than Obama and he’s worried that the black community is being used by white liberals as a shield, and if this blows up in their faces, white liberals will blame it on blacks to take the fall. Now the things that me and Tariq Nasheed could agree on could probably be counted on the fingers of one hand, but my gut tells me that he’s spot on this time.  

Honestly I have no idea how this is going to shake out, but it is clear that the media and big tech will set the narrative and just gas light Republicans that there was no impropriety and we just imagined it all. I don’t think Trump will fold. I figure he will litigate this as far as possible, and just off the stuff the general populace like us can see, he’s got plenty of ammo for lawsuits.  

So the real question is how chickenshit are the Republicans? And you can never go wrong assuming that most elected Republicans are invertebrates. One of my senators is Mitt Romney and he’s nothing but hair gel in a Ziplock bag. I’ve met jelly fish with more spine. When Romney lost his run for the presidency, Barack Obama got a statistically impossible 14,000 votes in a row out of Philly, and Romney didn’t do shit.  

Trump will certainly litigate and there will certainly be evidence presented of impropriety. But we all know the media is so dishonest that they’ll just ignore reality and write a compelling narrative of Orangeman Dictator to isolate the Trump loyalists and pressure everyone else to fall in line. Now how many will, I have zero idea.

Even if Trump conceded today the election process has been irreparably tainted. Even the people pretending this process is sainted and innocent know they are full of shit, but they are going to keep up the polite lie, because they are cool with fraud as long as it benefits their interests. And the people who got robbed have little hope that the system will ever represent them again, because no matter how many votes they have on their side, what’s the point if some blue metroplex can middle of the night fabricate however many votes needed to counter them?

I believe most people on the right already believed that fraud happens in these machine cities, because duh. But I think most of us also believed that our votes still mattered because we could win by beating the margin of lawyer. But after this audacious fuckery? If they can pull off this level of blatant, clumsy, in your face bullshit and get away with it, no amount of regular votes will ever matter again. Even if we overcome Big Tech and the media controlling most information and get more people on our side, they’ll just stop the count when we are too far ahead and make more votes appear until they win. Then the media and Big Tech will declare nothing weird happened. Shut up.

So I can’t say how this is going to go, but none of the ends from this point will be good. At best this marriage goes back to an abusive relationship with irreconcilable differences, and at worst it ends in a murder suicide.


I asked one simple question to people who work with fraud
the 2020 election: fuckery is afoot

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  1. I would like to point out that the Project Veritas video, while bringing up something that should be investigated fully, is a moot point. In the state of Michigan no ballots are accepted after election day and this is verified by the Michigan Secretary of State. While the claims are distressing and should be investigated/prosecuted fully, they also have no bearing on the final vote tally.

    https://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633_100423_102534_102535—,00.html (a “fact check” page from the Michigan Secretary of State, just so you can see my sources)

    1. That’s what the state says. But what happens, practically speaking, when those ballots just get dumped into the same pile with the legit ones?
      See what I just said about the dead people voting and the fact check is just them making excuses that they totally would have caught all those.

      1. Have no data on numbers of dead people voting, but curious. What’s the law say about a legal and valid early vote from someone who dies the Sunday before the election? Varies by state? What is your opinion about said deceased persons vote? Not making any point, no bs gotchas, just wondering.

        1. I’ve read that it does vary by state, and that a mail-in ballot, if the person is confirmed to have died before election day, will be discarded in some states.

          I’m of two minds about this. If you vote at 8am at your precinct on election day, and drop dead at 10am, should your vote still count?

          If you vote early in person, then die before election day, should your vote count? I voted on Saturday (Halloween), and my ballot was put in the box with all the other ones. If I’d died Sunday, there would be no way to fish out *my* ballot.

          1. The Constitution alludes to ONE election day. Early voting and vote by mail slides past this by saying “but we don’t count them until election day”. So per the constitution, you should only be voting on ONE day. You die before then, your vote doesn’t count

          2. The Constitutional election day is the day the electors meet in their respective States. December 12 this year, IIRC.

            The Constitution is silent on how the States are to choose the electors. As best I can tell, blatant fraud and the graveyard vote are not ruled out.

        2. Those aren’t the Dead People Voting that anyone is talking about. People who die after casting a legal vote should have their vote counted. People who dies in 2019 or earlier should not.

          1. If you are dead at the time you cast your ballot, that means it’s an illegal ballot. You need to have a pulse, be breathing, active brain function, and be around 98.6 F to cast a legal vote.

          1. Is the paste in list what it appears to be.? Not only did these ‘people’ vote but some voted hundreds of times?

          2. The argument/claim that they pawned this off with was that “Steve Dorcett, b 1904” is just an error from “Steve Dorcett, b 1963”, his grandson of the same name. The one b 1963 did the voting. The retrieval system just mislinked it.

            No idea if this is possible/likely/a legit answer (I do know computers, and some imbecile might have demonstrated this level of incompetence), but it does need to be verified that it is the case if so.

          3. In Texas there’s a guy who went around to elderly in nursing homes and collected ballots from people and filled them in with Biden’s name. 1,700. That’s not a huge number in Texas where Trump crushed it. But it would make a difference in, say, Georgia.

            So if you have 1300 ballots of centenarians in Michigan and there are 1700 living, you could conceivably have a guy doing a similar fraud even with living centenarians. The hard part is catching these people.

          4. The 5 digit number after the birth month/year is a zip code for that ‘voter’.
            The zip codes appear to be the whole state of Michigan and include upper and lower peninsulas.

        3. We aren’t talking about people who died “this year”. They are finding hundreds, likely thousands now, who have been dead for many years, even decades.

        4. Lots of dead people in every state voted.
          In the early 2000’s Homeland Security had evidence of 10000 + illegals voting and also brought attention to the courts of all the Dead People on the voter rolls. The district court in Los Angeles threw it out because they said HSA had no standing in the case to point out the dead voters.

          I know one thing – if this does end up being a civil war I would rather be on the side of the 71 million really alive people then the 71 million already dead people and bots.

          1. Me, I wanna be on the side of the 70m gun owners, and not the 70m idiots who voted for Biden.

        5. If the person was legitimately still alive and their spouse/significant other didn’t vote for them, then I have no problem with it. But the legitimate number of these occurrences is beyond statistically insignificant. The blatant fraud that has occurred right under our noses while Republican poll watchers are escorted out or barred from entry is appalling and unacceptable. We now live in a banana republic. BOHICA.

        6. “What’s the law say about a legal and valid early vote from someone who dies the Sunday before the election?”


          1) the numbers in any particular location will be small

          2) the numbers – if not fabricated, obviously – will tend to fall along the lines of the voters’ preferences so they will cancel out. The odds of people you’re describing falling predominantly on one side or the other of any political divide is essentially zero unless the sample size is ALSO very small.

          1. And too bad we ain’t talking about somebody who died last week. The oldest one I personally found was 115. I hear the record now is 170. 😀

          2. “My name is Mary Sperling. I am one hundred eighty-three years old. Is there anyone here who is older?”

            “Then as Senior, I call this meeting of the Howard Families to order.”

        1. The only thing he came close to “proving” is that the Trump totals are not random numbers… which would happen if they were being artificially reduced. Further he is looking at Chicago, in Illinois, which is not one of the states the people are talking about.

          1. yeah, I don’t think people realize that taking numbers away is the same as adding numbers in that they both cause abnormalities.

          2. Yeah, Chicago is a bad example. They’ve had 150 years of practice at making election fraud look innocent.

            Ever heard of the Cook County combination death certificate and voter registration form? They’ve still got voters from the mid-19th century.

      2. The Hermatige Foundation did a study on voter fraud in the U.S. It found a total of less than 1300 cases of fraud over a 20 year period for the country (i.e. Every election in 20 years). How is it than the system failed by thousands of votes now?

        1. So a thing that almost never gets prosecuted, because it usually benefits the officials in charge of the prosecutors, which people in certain jurisdictions know if they engage in it they are extremely unlikely to get prosecuted in their jurisdiction if caught… so that means it never happens?
          And is 2020 the same as prior years, or are things a little weird this year?
          Just a bit… in every other possible way. But surely not in THIS way. 😀
          Thanks for scrambling though.
          But for the perspective of actual fraud professionals, wait until my next blog post.

        2. We’ve never had a election like this. Our of these moment mail out from the hip. Old outdated DMV records Everyone know this would hoppen Smaller lock elections had just as many problems

          1. I believe you need to breathe to stay alive. So now I invite you you to use your common sense, stop breathing, and see how that works out for ya.

      1. Liberals only parrot what comes from “official” mouthpieces.

        To explain how this works, I’ll need to introduce you to the concept of the Liberal Midnight Reset Button® :

        The Liberal Midnight Reset Button® operates to protect Officially Accepted Liberal Dogma® from challenges to the latters’ “integrity”.


        a) Suppose you meet a libtard who appears reasonable (they do exist… kinda like actual true moderate Muslims). They are open and honest and fully willing to discuss, without excessive histrionics, any point of view they espouse…

        b) Now, pick a topic dear to them, which you know they believe in but which you also know to be clearly wrongheaded, even if well-meaning.

        c) Start with their supposition, and take them, step by logical step through from their supposition, getting acquiescence at each stage: “Yeah, that follows, uh-huh…”. Show by such reasoning that the net affect of their supposition is the end result will be the exact opposite of what they purportedly support or believe in.

        d) OK, you’ve won. Now what? Wait. You’ll hear something like… “Hmmm. I’m going to have to think about that.”, and you’ll go your own separate ways.

        e) Now, a week passes, seek them out. Bring the subject of their supposition up again, subtly. You will hear them espousing the exact same notions of their original supposition unchanged, unaltered, as though the entire reasoning process you took them through in “c” never happened!

        So what happened? The Liberal Midnight Reset Button® is what happened. At some point in the ensuing day or so, after they dropped off to sleep, their tiny widdle libtard brain started to process the new information. It carefully examined the new information in relation to Officially Accepted Liberal Dogma® (OALD), found it to be unacceptably running counter to it, and purged the new information without adding it to the libtard’s store of knowledge. BAM, conflict ended, Liberal Twitticism remains intact.

        With practice, you can even watch this thing start to kick in as you have the discussion with them. In many cases, if they learn you’re “dangerous” to their precious Officially Accepted Liberal Dogma®, they will preemptively act to terminate, redirect, or otherwise alter the conversation to avoid the necessary mental CPU cycles required to purge the non-agreeing data.

        You think I’m being facetious? Only in a sense. This process does exist and it really does act to prevent true libtards from actually learning anything new. And yes, I’ve seen it kick in on more than one occasion.

        I will follow this up with my open contention that there are several clearly defining qualities of liberals, not the least of which is an almost absolute LACK of any kind of “wisdom”, that is, understanding of the world gained from experience of the world. Knowledge gained from experience, as opposed to intellect, which is knowledge gained from books.

        If there was a “WQ” test to match the IQ test, then on the inevitable bell curve of the WQ, you would find liberals almost uniformly occupying the bottom third of that bell curve.

        The reason is the Liberal Midnight Reset Button®.

        This is why they have endless faith in Light Rail, in Communism/Socialism/Collectivism.

        No matter how many times they fail, abysmally, utterly, they just need to be “tweaked” to work better.

        1. “This is why they have endless faith in Light Rail, in Communism/Socialism/Collectivism.”

          Light rail! HA! That’s a great one! I love the train weenies. They -so- believe that the decrease in rolling friction will surmount all other problems. When you start getting into case after case after case where MILLIONS of dollars were spent, and the thing basically ran empty for ten years and then got scrapped, their lower lips start to tremble and then they cry “But rail is so much more efficient!!!”

          What’s really funny is that usually these people drive very nice cars. Mercedes, BMW, Audi…

          1. My mother delightedly told me how a number of people pointed out that the local Communists (‘New People’s Army,’ since mid last century, never achieving nothing more than terrorising the provinces, joined forces with the Philippine Islamic terror groups) were doing their video conferencing using Apple devices.

            Which are INSANELY expensive in the Philippines. They’re rich people’s toys.

          2. The purpose of trains is to ensure the riffraff stay put. Bus routes can be changed. People have to go to the train. Probably by foot.

          3. The perfect question for these tards is, “When did you last ride the train?” or “How often did you take advantage of the efficiency?”

        2. This. Is. BRILLIANT.

          I’ve actually witnessed it happen numerous times and I am glad you took the time to name it and describe it.

        3. Well, they’re right; trains are a very efficient way to move a large number of objects from one place to another at the same time.

          Unfortunately for train fetishists, it’s very unusual that a large number of people want to move from one place to the SAME another place all at the same time. When you’re moving people, the train winds up moving in a series of short runs, stopping and starting every few minutes, which degrades the efficiency, slows down the system, and annoys the passengers. And when people’s travel patterns change, it’s really hard to pick up the tracks and put them where they’re needed.

          The Airbus A380 failed for much the same reason. There are just not that many occasions when 700 people all want to travel between the same two airports at the same time. As well as spending 40 minutes getting them all into the plane, and another 40 minutes getting them out. I think it was a vanity project for France. They never had the biggest ocean liner, but by damn they’d have the biggest airplane!

    2. You’re assuming those votes were mailed to a MI poll and not a out of state poll that does allow late ballots with the ‘correct’ date stamped on the envelope.

      It is much more likely that the guy who ordered the back dating was doing this on his own and didn’t understand MI ballot laws. But even assuming those back dated ballots weren’t accepted, a harmless outcome does not change the fact that a postal supervisor deliberately broke federal law dozens, maybe hundreds of times, and ‘mainstream media’ shows no interest in covering it.

      1. That … needs to be investigated. It seems a little too pat, but then again there’s no underestimating the stupidity of young Marxist fools who think they’re immune to consequences.

        1. Where the almighty fuck did you get the idea that whoever was running the election were Marxists? Your ass? ????

          Turn off Faux Noise and reich-wing talk radio; your brain wil thank you

          1. Julie: He convinced me he’s a foolish parrot, or a lying charlatan.

            }}} Where the almighty fuck did you get the idea that whoever was running the election were Marxists?

            What, you mean the Green New Deal assholes who have been a significant part of the Democratic part of it since day one?

            Those Marxists?


            You’re too busy listening to the answers from leftist MERdia softball questions to actually grasp what the real questions are.

          2. Such a classy, considered response, Lefty! You’re going to be winning hearts and minds in no time!

          3. I am amused that you are trying to tie “Reich” with the Right, when there is a Leftist literally named “Reich” calling for Truth Tribunals and re-education of dissidents.

        1. Pam Geller is a racist bitch who hates Muslims for no good reason, and if you think that she’s cool, then surprise surprise, you’re a racist too (or will be considered one.)

          1. You’re cute.

            “For no good reason.”

            And we’re all already considered racist for rejecting CRT racial prescriptions and prejudice, the demands to develop “white racial consciousness” if we don’t have it (because a failure to elevate group racial identity as your primary sense of self is “white privilege”), segregate POC, and the whole rest of woke demands so, what *exactly* is a threat of being considered racist worth?

          2. Lefty Throckmorton calling someone a racist is no longer a useful tactic. Its effect has been worn away through constant repetition. You can’t even hurt people by calling them a nazi for the same reason.

          3. The biggest irony about the Left screaming “racism” is the fact that the Left has adopted White Supremacist Ideology wholesale. Sure, they dress it up with a coat of ‘caring’, but the Left honestly believes that white people are a master race, and that they must take up the White Man’s Burden to perpetually shepherd all those lesser minorities.

          4. The Democrats have been the party of slavery, racism and hate for 180 years. The Republican party was formed in 1854 to oppose slavery; the Democrat party was formed from those opposed to the Republicans.

            The Civil War was more a war between Republicans and Democrats than between North and South. They still haven’t forgiven us for winning.

          5. You have no shame, Lefty. And you apparently don’t mind if an entire website can see how utterly stupid you are.

            I would ask you to explain why you hate Pam Geller so much, but 1) it’s because she has more balls than you do, and 2) as a leftist you are incapable of logic and reason.

          6. Muslims espouse an evil ideology which masquerades as a religion. Islam is OK with slavery, sex slavery, female subjugation, female genital mutilation.

            Why DON’T you hate Islam?

          7. Sure Jan (lefty) Keep throwing that racist word around That’s the reason more minorities voted for trump than any republican in history. Keep up the identity politics Looks like people caught on to the BS you people play word salad with

      2. Had a look at that Geller page, looked up the guy in question. Y’all just got punked by a Juggalo hahahahaha

    3. How do you prove they were rejected? Recall dozens of duffle bags were brought into the “closed” counting places after the poll watches had been told to go home.

    4. That’s what the law says, but once the back-dated ballots are mixed in with the “yet-to-be-counted” piles, who’s to say when they arrived?

      1. True. States would no doubt stamp the date they were received on them, but yeah, they’d just change the date on the stamp. That’s where you rely on the whistleblowers in the USPS who are attesting to the fact that they were instructed to backdate the postmarks.

    5. Don’t think he’s talking about that Project veritas video, hes talking about the USPS whistleblower one

    6. My son is a postal carrier, though not in either of the branches that had whistleblowers.
      He claims there is one simple reason for post office management to back date the ballots: enormous pressure from their higher ups to have everything done. They were in fear of being put on the infamous “performance improvement plan” because their branch missed ballots.
      He also said, if it happened at one or two branches that happened to have whistle blowers, THEN IT HAPPENED JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE. Pressure on those managers was intense.

  2. Their leaders have brainwashed them that Trump=Hitler. Of COURSE any goodhearted person would lie, cheat, and steal to bring down Hitler. There’s the motive.

    The only rational explanation I can come up with besides cheating is that all the people who hate politics and aggressively avoid voting came out of the woodwork and voted for the guy they wouldn’t have to hear about constantly.

    1. It’s a lot easier to turn off my TV than it is to avoid paying higher taxes, higher gas prices, and higher prices on everything else. It’s also much easier to keep my current job or find a new one if the economy is good.

      Hmm. . .turn off the TV or have a better life. . .

    2. Not Trump-Hitler, but definitely Trump-Fascist, and it’s more true than people like you ever care to admit.

  3. “hair gel in a Ziplock bag” — that’s the most hilariously accurate description of Romney I’ve heard yet!

    Love your work, Larry. And I love your commentary as well. Spot on, man.

    Regards and keep up the fight.

    1. So Larry, what you’re saying at the end is that Republicans may never be able to switch the switch to Vote again?

      May god have mercy on the left’s souls then.

      Because we WILL use the only other working setting for that switch….

  4. How does a party as incompetent as the DNC pull off such fuckery as this without more evidence coming out? Even without the media, we should see more evidence from the states in question. The numbers are weird, but how they did they do it successfully in so many places?

    1. First guess, this isn’t the whole DNC. Most of the things I’ve talked about could be done by a handful of actual fraudsters flipping a handful of people with access.
      Don’t assume the DNC is incompetent though. They’re not. And it won’t be just democrats either.
      It wasn’t that many places either. It’s concentrated in a few areas of a few states.
      For the time frame we are talking about, there is actually a lot of in play already. This stuff moves fast. Fraud investigations are slow.

      1. I’ve gotten a Biden Natural Gaslight cisg or two, and even a “reluctant-to-take-sides-or-believe-anybody” emergency-Trumper (he only voted for Trump based on Joe calling the Kenosha Kid “a terrorist”) flinging back the “Well how can you call it organized: who organized it?” question at accusations of systemic (not systematic–that’d be organized– systemic as in pervasive) fraud.

        This wasn’t organized. It was actually appallingly disorganized. But what it was was the confluence of True Believers in the cargo-cult of Trump-Hatred and Free-Stuff.

      2. The vote count STOP in multiple places at the same time does suggest some sort of central co-ordination. No proof, just a red flag. If we had a Justice Department, people could be squeezed to find out.

        1. I don’t know that it needs “organization” so much as just people with the same goals coming to the same conclusion about what’s “needed” to get rid of the Bad Orange Man.

          1. The other thing that argues for central coordination is the apparent appearance of hundreds of thousands of ballots with only the Presidential line marked. If it were locals, they would take care of the down ballot races too.

          2. perhaps it for the best if we lean over backwards to avoid following the obvious stench back up the chain.
            BUT THEN AGAIN we could give them a great big hole in their farm teams.

      3. Doesn’t need the whole DNC, just a few fanatics.

        Not sure if you can dig up the news for it, but this US election played out VERY SIMILARLY to the fight for the Philippine Vice-Presidency (unlike the US, you vote in the Vice President as well as the President) and Marcos (he’s a decent dude; all the Marcos kids have been) vs Robredro… and like over there, there was an ‘overnight miracle’ of votes for Robredro.

        The guy who brought in electronic voting into the Philippines and was the head of the Commission of Elections in the Philippines is currently in the US, having fled there before he could be impeached. His wikipedia page is rather carefully written (which makes me suspicious) but you can search up Andres Bautista and Philippine elections and you can come up with a lot.

        Clearly too he has protectors because he’s living quite a sweet life over there in the US right now.

    2. Certain members of the DNC (Chicago politicians for instance) have over a century of practice at ensuring that elections come out the “right” way.

    3. Did you ever see the _MacGyver_ episode “The Ten-Percent Solution”?

      The Bad Guys had a wall map showing where their side has suborned Important Elements of Society — and right alongside obvious elements like Police and Judges were *NEWS OUTLETS*.

      Work it out….

      1. Oh yeah, because an episode of MacGyver can tell us all about a conspiracy to mess with elections started by Teh Nasty Lefties.????

    4. Decentralized voter suppression groups. The best comparison is to treat them as terror cells. The groups in MI have no direct connection to the ones in GA or even each other. They know they exist and are working to the same goal, which is enough to give them the warm fuzzy of ‘doing something important’.

      Each cell comes up with its own tactics which depend on if they use the glitchy software, stacks of pre-marked and signed ballots, etc.. They only implement if the vote looks close enough to be able to steal without risking too much exposure.

    5. Cells, uncoordinated multiple actors working off an ideology that approves such actions. When you have a few thousand people scattered all over the country, you can cause a lot of disruption. Now change that to a few hundred in each battleground state, each with a list of registered voters who rarely vote, and a list of residents who aren’t registered. Supply them with fake driver’s licenses from the Chinese (FBI busted a ring earlier this year, and claimed they only caught the tip of the iceberg) so they can register and vote by mail and never actually show up is one way to do it. Of course getting a dozen forms to request ballots in the mail would allow you to generate a whole pile that way too. Trust me, there are all kinds of ways to illegally cast a vote.

    6. If you don’t think the entire DNC is a bunch of corrupt, lying thieving, arrogant communists you are not paying attention.

      Tom Perez is a walking, talking piece of shit. He is essentially a card carrying communist.

    7. It’s not that they’re good at it; rather, it’s like the class that acts up when their regular teacher is out. Our election officials are the subs, that really don’t know how to handle discipline and order.

      We need to have a 2-part vote. ALL ballots need to be segregated
      – Voted by absentee ballot (no general mail-in allowed) – must have arrived by the time the polls close
      – Voted in-person at the polls
      They all need to be counted by party-selected independent officials – may NOT hold office (nor any member of their family). Must be bonded.
      Count all the ballots in either box. That number is released to the county/state.
      First, count the in-person. These are people who showed ID at the polls – no exceptions.
      Then, count those mailed in, AFTER checking to see if they are properly registered, postmarked, and signed.
      If any ballots, in any group, are questionable, they go into a slotted AND locked box, for later perusal. That includes those damaged or not scannable.
      I think we’re going to have to move away from electronic voting, and only allow those that provide a receipt on the ballot, which will be accounted for in a locked ballot box. They can be hand-checked later, if the count seems ‘off’.

    8. There are competent individuals associated with the DNC. Soros, for example, knows how to get some of them involved, look at what he’s managed with getting ultra-leftist DAs annointed in big cities… across the entire country.

      Money. It gets shit done.

    1. And when you visit that link Google requires you to login to view it because “this video is not suitable for some viewers.” A video about voting fraud?

      It’s like the Terminator’s evil red eyes panning the area looking for its next victim.

        1. That works. You can also add “nsfw” to the domain so that it becomes “nsfwyoutube.com” and bypass the login process.

          I agree that it’s bizarre that a video about vote fraud should have been put in the “not safe for work or kids” category.

      1. Three little dots next to the helpful YouTube notice. Click to get “send feedback”. Cut and paste:

        YouTube places misleading and false notifications on non-leftwing political content. YouTube is a platform, not a publisher, not a censor, and certainly not the Thought Police. Stop your propaganda.

        Hattip to John C. Wright.

      2. Fecesbook blocked a post about the statistical probabilities of Biden getting the votes that he did in the swing states and marked it “Sexual exploitation of an adult”


    2. To sum it up, the electronic voting machines used in about 30 states are compromised from top to bottom, front end to back end and all through the middle. They make MICROSHAFT WIN-BLOWS security look like Fort Knox.

      The voting machines are equipped with wireless networking. Security specialists easily connected from outside the building and cracked into the voting system at multiple locations.

      The company that controls the software is located in Spain, and has changed hands so many times nobody knows who owns it today. The servers are in Germany. Why are American votes being counted in Germany? You don’t deserve to know!

      It is simple for operators to purge the vote databases, reload them from external sources, and delete the system records of them doing so.

      The ‘official’ vote counts are physically transported from election districts on supposedly secure digital devices, but the USB ports on the central vote tallying machines will accept standard USB FLASH drives. All it takes is a file in the correct format to add more votes.

      1. The youtube video posted a few messages up talks about something very simple if you have worked with data at all. Each registered voter is assigned a unique identifier. Once that is done (and it takes about 10 minutes to do), you can follow that voter and ALL changes, deletions, additions, etc., though the entire cycle of the election. That nails the fraud down pretty quickly. One voter doesn’t vote Trump, delete their vote, vote Biden, etc.,etc. If the election is relatively clean, one unique voter=1 vote cast. The proof that the DNC used Hammer (puleeze, there’s no way this shit was isolated in local areas) is clearly in the data analytics. Now, explaining how this proves voter fraud to layperson judges is the real challenge.

        1. One of the concerns here is anonymity. If every voter has a unique ID, then their vote can be traced.

          It’s a double-edged sword.

          One reason for the anonymous vote system (which is actually not as old as you might think) is to actually prevent coercion at the polls. If they don’t know how you voted, they can’t threaten you to make you vote the way they want.

          Yeah, it’s tricky, no question.

          Neoneocon covered it on her blog recently:

          Did you know that secret ballots are relatively new in the US?

          They only date back to about 125y ago.

    3. They are making me sign in to watch the video. Suppression, lack of transparency, and censorship is normally a sign of fascist who are trying to hide something. I don’t need proof. Honest people don’t behave in this manner. The system is seriously compromised and the results need to be invalidated. The burden is on them, not us.

          1. “Some (not me)”?

            You do realize we can see right through your disingenuous little mealy-mouthed claim there, right? No, actually you probably don’t. Well, I’ll put it to you plainly then. We. Know. You’re. Lying. We know you really do think we’re stupid, and your attempts to pretend you’re being civil are transparently mendacious. Someone who’s being civil doesn’t call people “Trumpamzees” (sic, I assume you meant “Trumpanzees”) as you did here at 11:20 PM, one hour and five minutes after you posted the comment I’m replying to.

            As for your claim that you would understand the arguments in the video above, I don’t believe you either. You have demonstrated time and again that your worldview is sealed against outside influence: your brain just won’t accept any facts that would argue against one of your cherished beliefs. You could prove me wrong, though, very simply. You could watch the video and leave a comment that accurately summarizes its arguments, followed by your rebuttal. If you can do that, if you can accurately summarize the arguments made by the other side, you’ll regain some measure of my respect (which your antics so far have lost you).

            But you won’t do it. I know you by now. You’d rather continue to insult people than actually understand the arguments they’re making. Which is why, as a really well-written sci-fi character once said, “My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.”

          2. But who cares about their dumbfuck opinion? 😀
            Come on, Lefty, normally you amuse me with your obfuscating bullshit, but this week’s drive bys have been very weak.

          1. That Stephen King thing was certainly in the realm of “Turn your computer off before having another beer because you’re toast,” wasn’t it?

  5. Trying to explain all this to a leftist freind of the wife’s is beyond pointless. “bUt ThErE’s No EvIdEnCe! tHeY dIsMiSsEd ThE lAwSuItS!”

    Yes fuckface, that’s why they kicked everybody out and wheeled in magic boxes in the middle of the night. When the media sure as fuck isn’t going to look in on anything, and the official guys that are supposed to be watching are bluer than Grover, along with the courts in the area…

    Might as well be teaching calc to chimps. At least chimps have some texture on their brains.

    “But they counted your vote!”

    Yes, and then they wheel in three more.

    I just wanna move to Grainne.

    1. My own way of putting it is:
      “You’ve heard of ‘The Trout In The Milk’?”

      Well, there doesn’t appear to be a trout… just minnows.

      LOTS and LOTS of minnows.

      In fact, there’s so many minnows, there’s no room left in the bucket for milk.

  6. No matter who goes to the white house at this point, half of the country (or at least a large segment of it) is going to believe that they were cheated and that they have no recourse through the legal or political system. That’s a recipe for a spate of high profile political assassinations, like we saw in the 60s and 70s, and possibly a civil war.

    Buckle up.

    1. Oh please, if that were true, Teh Evul Lefties would have come together to find a way to assinnate Trump or any other neocon back in 2017-2019.

      Face facts; the Orange Cheeto lost, and Biden/Harris won fair and square. Screaming all of this conjecture about the results is just sore loser behaviour.

      1. It’s fun when a disingenuous piece of shit shows up in the comments and engages in the exact behavior I predicted they would use in the post. 😀
        Gotta love the shame/silence attempts… Even though in the single day since I wrote this post they’ve already found more flags, got more witnesses, confirmed more problems, found more “glitches”, Barr saw enough to unleash the DoJ (which never happens!), and the RCP has moved Joe Biden back under 270. 😀
        “But you all are crazy and should shut up because there’s nothing to see here!” cried the dipshit. 😀

        1. Here’s how Stephen King put it to Trump yesterday:

          You lost, you miserable self-entitled fucker. Concede and get the hell out

          And this morning, he said

          C’mon, Don. Concede. It’s not the fucking Alamo

          If and when Stephen King says this, then you know that you’ve lost and need to admit it.

          1. Who gives a shit what Stephen King thinks about politics? He wrote the single dumbest gun control article in American history.

          2. I’m sure Trump is hanging on Stephen King’s every syllable.

            “Oh SHIT! Stephen fucking KING called it. Cut the checks and pack it up.”

            Said no one.

          3. Like truly, I don’t even pay attention to what Stephen King says about writing anymore. The dude is way past his expiration date and just isn’t the same without the cocaine.
            His dumbfuck opinion on politics? Snort.
            You might as well quote George Martin while you’re at it. 😀 I’m sure he’s got some vapid hot take on the subject that will require him to postpone his book for another year.

          4. Stephen King is such a piss poor author that the movie adaptations of his works are several orders of magnitude better than the original works.

            This is not true of almost any other decent to good author.

      2. Screaming all of this conjecture about the results is just sore loser behaviour.

        After four years of “Russian collusion”, I don’t think you’re in much of a position to throw stones, mate.

        But better yet, consider this – let’s say the courts do prove there’s enough evidence of fraud to invalidate the elections, and then the due process results in Trump maintaining the presidency. I’ll bet the instant response from the left would be that it was all some kind of false flag operation. That it was the evil neocons who rigged the election, but against themselves, so it would be considered the work of their opponents… even though the heretofore spiel was that the election couldn’t possibly be rigged in any way.

          1. Nah, it can’t be Hunter. He’s still waiting to get his laptop back from the shop, and nobody lets him use the phone anymore.

            With the Canada claim, I’m guessing he’s another of Castro’s illegitimates, like Trudeau. Only instead of poorly running a country, Lefty here is poorly running his mouth off in delusions of adequacy.

          2. What? This thread alone has multiple examples of you throwing stones. If it’s “not your thing”, why is it that I’ve only ever read one thread on this blog and that is basically all you’ve done in it? So far in this thread alone, you’ve linked to hit pieces about the host, called people “hoes” “racists” “idiots” and then compared them to monkeys, which is extra rich considering your lobbing of the ‘racist’ claim earlier. Note that I am not posting this in order to bash you or convince anyone that they shouldn’t listen to you. I’m merely pointing out that even a new person here can see through you instantly. Your effort is wasted. Again, I’m not trying to stop you from making the effort. I’m just pointing out that you’re wasting your time.

      3. }}} Biden/Harris won fair and square


        Yeah, sure. As I note above… the minnows in the bucket aren’t leaving any room for milk.

  7. Larry, just in case you need a particular meme for the quiver:

    Most of the Democrats saying that there’s “zero evidence” of vote fraud are a lot like Holocaust deniers saying there’s zero evidence that killing millions was possible. (In Ilhan Omar’s case, the two are related.)

  8. I’m from New Mexico, they’ve rigged elections here as long as I can remember. In the Bush/Gore election, Bush was leading until the woman in charge of counting votes pulled 200 ballots for Gore out of her purse. Gore eventually won. Nothing was done about it. Years ago, in one district, the voting machines were rigged to vote a straight Democratic ticket regardless of your selections. If I remember correctly, that went to the NM Supreme Court. They ruled that while they cheated, the Democrats would have won anyway. so they let the results stand.

    Who are you going to get to investigate the fuckery? The FBI? DoJ? I’m sure they’ll issue a report in 2 or 3 years showing that there was isolated cheating, but it wasn’t a material amount.

    Everybody knows they cheated. Nobody in the establishment/deep state wants to do anything about it.

    1. Hell, in NM the only way you get elected is if 1) you’re a democrat and have paid the party off and 2) you have a Hispanic surname.

      Which is how we ended up with the current bitch as governor.

  9. – America’s politics is riddled with corruption.

    – America’s election process is as pure as the driven snow.

    Some people’s brains are big enough to hold both of these thoughts in complete isolation from one another.

    1. We can go one further :

      America has been outright directing foreign elections since the 1950’s.

      No one in America could possibly know how to rig a national election.

    2. Actually, pretty sure that holding two mutually exclusive options in your head simultaneously, and keeping them separate and compartmentalized, is a side-feature of the Liberal Midnight Reset Button® (see above, NOVEMBER 10, 2020 AT 9:34 PM), and a requirement to be a PostModern Liberal (as opposed to a Classical Liberal, which is a respectable thing, but very rare any more)

  10. With all this Demonrat nefarious vote manipulation I am thinking I wont vote in the Georgia senate races in January next year. I am a registered Republican and live in Georgia!

    1. That’s exactly what they want you to do.

      Vote! They may cancel your vote with fraud, but at least make the bastards work for it! Make them commit their crimes, in the hope that they might get caught and prosecuted. Don’t make it easy for them!

        1. OK, I’ve puzzled over your response about a dozen times now, and I still can’t figure out what point you’re trying to make.
          If you use violence and brutality to bring about social change, your cause will be taken over by violent brutes.

    2. My feeling is that, with no other distractions, those Senate run-offs SHOULD be the most closely monitored in our lifetimes. Where is your Secretary of State? Demand he/she does his/her JOB!!!

    3. Those votes are vital for control of the Senate. And that election is going to be closely scrutinized for that sort of corruption, so it’s likely to be cleanest election in recent history.

  11. A few things. First, considering the subject and the problems Mr. Correia reported with regards to his web server, I expected a huge number of comments, filled with entertainingly stupid trolls. I’m sadden that I’m not seeing any. 🙁

    Second, you may wish to review the Diplomad’s latest posting,
    Fraud on a Retail Scale: Electoral Manipulation Hits Home.

    It seems they invalidated the Diplowife’s ballot saying that she voted twice. To say that the Diplomad was angry would be an understatement. Calling the Bureau of Elections made him angrier.

    Apparently, the only thing that calmed him down in any way was to go to his local gun store and “bought a new STI Staccato 9mm, compact version, made in Texas.”

  12. A note on the Bedford’s Law analysis. I ran some numbers last night with a couple friends. Our eyebrows were raised, to say the least.

    1. The proliferation of elections in even those states that are arguably anything but democratic has given rise to
      a focused interest on developing methods for detecting fraud in the official statistics of a state’s election
      returns. Among these efforts are those that employ Benford’s Law, with the most common application being
      an attempt to proclaim some election or another fraud free or replete with fraud. This essay, however, argues
      that, despite its apparent utility in looking at other phenomena, Benford’s Law is problematical at best as
      a forensic tool when applied to elections. Looking at simulations designed to model both fair and fraudulent
      contests as well as data drawn from elections we know, on the basis of other investigations, were either
      permeated by fraud or unlikely to have experienced any measurable malfeasance, we find that conformity with
      and deviations from Benford’s Law follow no pattern. It is not simply that the Law occasionally judges
      a fraudulent election fair or a fair election fraudulent. Its ‘‘success rate’’ either way is essentially equivalent to
      a toss of a coin, thereby rendering it problematical at best as a forensic tool and wholly misleading at worst.

      1. Heh. 😀
        I believe that “Conspiracy Debunker” is quoting a Georgetown masters thesis from 2012. Because it proper leftist sense “debunking” means doing a google search and then cutting and pasting from the very first thing that fits their predetermined world view.
        But anyways, the US State Department disagrees, and 8 years later is still using that process to judge the integrity of other country’s elections. Plus, I just read an article where some actual statistician shot a bunch of holes in their thesis, because their methodology was trash. I could go back and try to find that, but we all know you’d just ignore it anyway.

        However, I do want to thank you for providing a perfect illustration of the kind of quality “fact checking” that is an important part of the Great National Gas Lighting of 2020. 😀

        1. Sarah Hoyt linked to the first Fuckery and I am sure glad to have followed her link. Let’s assume that President Trump has great evidence how does it play out in the courts?

        2. I believe that “Conspiracy Debunker” is quoting a Georgetown masters thesis from 2012. Because it proper leftist sense “debunking” means doing a google search and then cutting and pasting from the very first thing that fits their predetermined world view.

          What a coincidence, the same thing can be said about how you, Larry, and the other neocons are acting due to the Biden/Harris win.

          1. Wrong, fuckface. I actually did this for a living. I can check the math. 😀
            Also, if you think I’m a neocon you are even dumber than I thought. And just so you know, that was already a super low bar.

          2. I’m frankly surprised you are not embarrassed by your posts. Any normal human being would be. I guess they are scraping the bottom of the troll barrel for the likes of you.

          1. I’m from Canada, but I’m commenting here because what happens in the USA affects Canada too. A lot of Canadians are.

          2. You are America’s hat. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid opinion.
            However, should Alberta finally decide to leave because your government is that shitty, we’ll happily take them.

          3. I’m from Canada myself. (Relax, Larry, I’m an Albertan.) Wouldn’t surprise me if Lefty has a raging hardon for your election because it pisses him off that he only gets to vote once in ours.

            We do sometimes get some things right.

          4. Don’t worry, Tom. I actually like most Canadians I know, same way I like most Americans. I just can’t stand the barking moon bats on either side of the border. 😀

      2. Decades ago, I complained to the local paper’s Ombudsman about their lack of coverage of a young lady’s use of a firearm in defense of herself and her child. “That’s not news”, he said, “news is what is unexpected, that rarely happens. Dog doesn’t bite man is not news. Man doesn’t bite dog is not news. Dog bites man might be news, especially if the dog is rabid. MAN BITES DOG is news. Good guy shoots attempting carjacker is not news, even with video; that’s what’s supposed to happen!”

        Democrat cheats and wins election is frequent, expectable, and deplorable. Not news.

      3. Jesus, numbnuts! At least give credit to whomever you’re plagiarizing! In this case, Joseph Deckert, Mikhail Myagkov, and Peter Ordeshook.

    2. The thing with Benford’s Law is that it works for certain things, but not for others.

      Math guy makes the case for why it almost certainly isn’t applicable to election totals:

      I know enough math (graduate level courses in applied math, more than 60 semester hours @ calculus level and above) that I think (without doing a thorough study and analysis of my own) that he’s probably right, here.

  13. Let’s assume for a moment that there is a secret evil far-left group (secret combination) that conspired to elect Joe Biden though voter fraud. This group would have had to somehow manage to change or fraudulently file millions of ballot in favor of Joe Biden. This alone seems extraordinary but let’s assume they did that. How then did this same group manage to do that but also lose seats in the house and fail to secure the senate? The idea of this secret group completely falls apart when you consider that. If you have an explanation to explain these two things that logically cannot both be true (i.e. group fraudulently manipulated ballots to elect Biden BUT also lost seats in house and didn’t secure the senate) I would very much like to hear your explanation.

    Now ask yourself why the polling showed Joe would win? If this group was so powerful then how did they manage to mess up Fox News and other conservative news organizations’ polling? I realize that the polling was wrong and Biden did not win by as much as people predicted but again, how did the group manipulate Fox News’ polling? Once again, the idea of this group falls apart when you consider that. Trump’s approval rating was less than 50% and even conservative news organizations’ polling showed that. Well more than 50% of people polled indicated they would not vote for Trump.

    Now, I’d like you to consider Donald Trump. Trump said in 2016 that if he lost if would be because of voter fraud. Why did he say it then? Was he concerned about voter fraud in 2016? I think you would agree that if he said that in 2016 then he must have had a good reason to be concerned with voter fraud. But he was elected. So as president then what did he do about voter fraud? He didn’t actually do anything. He was the most powerful person in the world and his administration failed to find (or even look for) voter fraud in 2016 and failed to enact legislation to prevent voter fraud or bring attention to the problem.

    Trump didn’t start talking about voter fraud again until 2020. Why did he not bring it up earlier if he though it was going to be a problem?

    Let me put it another way, how did the most powerful man in the world, who claims to be a genius, and his administration of “the best people” fail to detect this group who was going to create mass voter fraud?

    I feel quite confident that people will find evidence of fraud. I would imagine that there was some fraud by people in both parties. But the idea of a group of people enacting systemic voter fraud is completely illogical. It doesn’t make sense with what else they failed to do (again the house and senate) and it doesn’t make sense that they pulled it off under the nose of Donal Trump and his administration.

    Look at the massive list of prominent Republicans who said they were either voting for Biden or not voting for Trump. It is unprecedented. Trump turned many Republicans off with his style and policies and that’s what cost him the election.

    And if there was voter fraud, let the courts consider the evidence and find the truth.

    TL:DR If your theory is true then the people on the left committing voter fraud are a bunch of idiots for giving up seats in the house and not securing the senate but also geniuses for skewing the polls and Trump and his administration are idiots for letting all this fraud happen under their noses.

    1. Weak and illogical dismiss attempt.
      Also tired, because I’ve seen these points a lot.
      You assume massive conspiracy. Most everything I have outlined is doable with a small group and collusion with a handful of people over controls in any given area.
      How did they manage to lose in other down ballot races. Already addressed in the previous post, and from an auditing perspective is more evidence for fraud, not less.
      Fox News isn’t that conservative anymore.
      I also addressed the terrible polling in the last article.
      The “massive list” isn’t. The Lincoln Project was a joke. All available indicators are that Trump did fine among republicans, grew his base, and made major gains in every single demographic group except white males.
      The rest of your stuff is pontificating without substance. The most powerful man in the world doesn’t get to just do whatever he pleases in other jurisdictions, especially in cities, and every attempt to address voter fraud over the last few years was met with resistance about voter suppression and racism (and considering how the demographics actually shook out, that one is extra funny)
      But nice gas lighting attempt though.
      TLDR describes what you did to my previous blog post perfectly though. 😀

      1. Another thing that you forgot from your excuses list that I’ve seen used a lot.
        If the democrats could do voter fraud, then why wouldn’t they beat Mitch McConnell?
        That’s like saying that a robber can’t be guilty of robbery, because he didn’t steal all the money.
        It’s logistics. Kentucky is a republican state that doesn’t have a blue city with anywhere the power or demographic wiggle room of Detroit or Philadelphia.
        Which is why they poured record amounts of money into the race.

        1. A theory I have seen elsewhere is that Democrats had prepositioned a bunch of hard to detect fraud but they believed their own propaganda (polls) and were surprised by the Trump surge. They had to scramble at the last minute and did a bunch of clumsy stuff.

          1. Thats what happened in 2016, they believed their propaganda so they weren’t prepared enough to out do Trumps win. This year they were prepared for it, even going to the length of putting new systems in place under the guise of that stupid corona virus bullshit…. and it still was a clumsy mess.

            What they need to do is start offering up money for people that come forward with ironclad proof of fraud. That would get the job done quick, tons participating in it were doing it for pocket change.

          2. That’s been my theory. I think they had their fraud machine ready and suddenly HERE COMES THE TRUMP TRAIN, CHOO-CHOO!

            So they had to scramble, and they got sloppy. Now they’re gaslighting and screaming and threatening to try and make people disbelieve their own eyes.

    2. The assumption that no matter what happens there must be a centralized authority to make it happen is a very very leftist assumption.

      1. It’s the Antifa is just an idea and terror networks don’t exist because there’s no Von Doom running them from Latveria claim.

        Except powerful ideas lead to actions, and just looking the other way is powerful official support.

        The KKK was just an idea once. Lots of mostly peaceful protest from that crew.

        1. AND — the KKK was a bunch of disgruntled Democrats, with their panties in a knot after those deplorable Republicans set all their slaves free. Today’s Democrats are not all that different.

      2. Yes…but leftists always always accuse you of what they are planning or doing. Everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie. Every program has the opposite effect in regards to what is claimed to be it’s purpose.

    3. The safe was left open and unattended for five minutes, there seems to be a few stacks of $100 bills missing, but because the rolls of quarters are all accounted for it can be proven that no theft occurred.

    4. “Fox News and other conservative news organization’s polling”

      You guys are so cute with this “Fox News is Conservative” trope.

      Here’s just the latest revelation about Fox’s “Conservative” street cred:

      From https://theorg.com/org/fox/org-chart/danny-obrien

      “Danny O’Brien is the Executive Vice President and Head of Government Relations for Fox Corporation. In this role, he leads the Company’s legislative, regulatory and strategic policy matters.”

      And where did Danny Boy come from? Why, this long time Biden staffer and strategist should make all conservatives swoon with adulation over his bona fides.


      1. He didn’t nail shit. 😀 It was a totally illogical dismiss attempt and I shot it right down.
        My gosh you are a pathetic little hamster.

        1. Larry, he probably nailed far more than you care to admit, and it’s (most likely) affecting you.

          Somebody said it best about your previous post when I posted a link to it on Facebook; ‘Hoes mad’.

          1. If I was actually mad your first indication would be when your house exploded.
            But anyways, that’s just typical liberal gaslighting. Emotion one way or the other doesn’t change the math or make the flags and affidavits go away. Of course people are angry. They got fucked.

      2. I suppose as soon as you thought Joe and the Ho’ won you dropped trou to beat your little mini dick, didn’t you?

        How silly your puny troll ass is going to look when The President of the United States is confirmed for four more years.

        Please, when that happens, do the right thing. (Hint: seppuku.)

        1. I think that you, Larry, and and everybody else here are the ones who will be eating crow. Also, way to call for somebody to commit suicide for not agreeing with you.

          As well, all that you, Larry, and others here are doing is more than going to justify all the cancellations he (sometimes) gets from conventions.

    5. }}} This group would have had to somehow manage to change or fraudulently file millions of ballot in favor of Joe Biden. This alone seems extraordinary but let’s assume they did that. How then did this same group manage to do that but also lose seats in the house and fail to secure the senate? The idea of this secret group completely falls apart when you consider that.

      Multiple problems with this collection of ideas, and if you were bothering to do ANY research at all, you’d know where all the minnows come from

      (You’ve heard of “The Trout In The Milk”? Well, there’s no single trout. There’s a metric shitton of minnows, however, and they are leaving no room in the bucket for milk)

      This is far from a complete summary, but here is a start of minnows to list:

      Was getting “spamblocked” — had to do ; for colon, and reverse the slashes to get past the filter.

      As has been noted here and elsewhere — if they were random minnows, they’d be swimming in different directions — some would favor Trump, some Biden.

      But all of them — every one — is swimming towards Biden.

      This IN AND OF ITSELF is pretty much a whole trout in the election bucket.

      I doubt if you’re going to do anything of the sort, but I provide the above for those who haven’t decided that they Know The Answer Already.

  14. The thing I’m most worried about is they are being taught how to cheat better. They are being told what their cheating looks like, next time they’ll just make it look more natural i.e. Benford’s Law

    1. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t already. I know there are intelligent people on the left (stop laughing) and I’m sure that at least some of them would be willing to help cheat.

    1. Judging by these ludicrously large royalty checks, apparently somebody thinks so.
      However this one isn’t fiction. Fucking deal with it. 😀

      1. The proliferation of elections in even those states that are arguably anything but democratic has given rise to
        a focused interest on developing methods for detecting fraud in the official statistics of a state’s election
        returns. Among these efforts are those that employ Benford’s Law, with the most common application being
        an attempt to proclaim some election or another fraud free or replete with fraud. This essay, however, argues
        that, despite its apparent utility in looking at other phenomena, Benford’s Law is problematical at best as
        a forensic tool when applied to elections. Looking at simulations designed to model both fair and fraudulent
        contests as well as data drawn from elections we know, on the basis of other investigations, were either
        permeated by fraud or unlikely to have experienced any measurable malfeasance, we find that conformity with
        and deviations from Benford’s Law follow no pattern. It is not simply that the Law occasionally judges
        a fraudulent election fair or a fair election fraudulent. Its ‘‘success rate’’ either way is essentially equivalent to
        a toss of a coin, thereby rendering it problematical at best as a forensic tool and wholly misleading at worst.

          1. I wonder if they both copy/pasted from the Wikipedia article that was getting edited the day after the election once people started mentioning the statistically unlikely numbers.

            That wasn’t suspicious or anything.

          1. Hey, Biden is a lower-class plagiarist, so… why should his constituency be any different?


        1. It’s almost like these guys are working off a script. Gee is this genius didn’t copy/paste the precise same excerpt that the other genius did, which Larry had already debunked.

        2. Good Grief! You’re not even the first loser to quote that particular piece of the Georgetown U thesis from 2012. Larry already dealt with that one upthread!

      2. Larry, aside from your fisking of Tor.com about GenCon, and your takedown of Buzzfeed for its article about publishing (both of which I agreed with), you’re proving out of your league here.

    1. Make it three. The Jury Box has been essentially neutered ever since the Supreme Court determined that plea bargaining was Constitutional.

      (Although I would argue that President Trump trying to get through the courts may qualify as “Jury Box”, regardless, but if the Courts brush off obvious evidence as “it’s moot because the counts have already been made”, then we won’t even have that.)

      (I would, however, add that Sarah Hoyt has described a fifth box, which might be called Pandora’s Box: refuse to submit, no matter what!)

  15. What are we gonna do, have another election and go through the whole thing over again? The Dems are counting on us not being able to do this, so they know that they can pretty much get away with this crap. Yeah, Trump can bring lawsuits, and they’ll be heard in these (deepest of deep blue) areas quite soon, say mid 2021. After Joe Biden is sitting in the Big Chair, and he can’t really be unseated no matter what. And even if we did, the resulting chaos would be seriously disruptive to the whole country. End result: MASSIVE voter fraud on all sides in 2024, because we know THEY are, so WE must do the same, just better.

    1. That’s not structurally how it works though. If it’s time sensitive federal election law, it will go right to Scotus. We’ve been through that 20 years ago.
      There’s some articles out there that detail how the process works Constitutionally but it would go to state delegations before that.

      1. Yes. As I understand that article of the Constitution, if it isn’t resolved by January, and neither of them have 270 Electors, the new Congress votes on who the POTUS and VP will be apportined by State.

        Basically, the House votes for the President, and the Senate votes for the VP. The wrinkle is that the House representatives get one vote per state, and each state delegation casts that vote for president, so if a majority of States are represented by Republicans, Trump would win.

    2. Remember that the Deep State protects its own, and that the distinguishing feature of anarchotyranny is the creative unequal application of the law.

      Any such attempt by the Right in the US to engage in voter fraud would be ferreted out and examples made in a manner calculated to deter would-be imitators–by the same people telling us that there’s nothing suspicious and nothing to investigate about the fact that in Michigan Trump was well ahead, until they counted 140,000 ballots after sending poll watchers home and every single one was for Biden, not one for Trump, the Green Party, or anyone else.

      A very good mathematical illustration is that if you had a barrel containing mixture of red marbles and blue marbles in approximately half and half proportions, the odds of drawing out 140,000 red marbles in a row can only be described with a number that has more zeroes than there are atoms in the universe. This is the kind of thing that happens in “elections” in places like North Korea. But we are told that this is a “conspiracy theory” and we’re supposed to stop noticing, sit down, shut up, stop talking, stop thinking, and obey our new masters.

      If this isn’t straightened out, the vote totals corrected, and the people responsible for the fraud made examples of, the rule of law is dead and we’re never going to have a fair election in this country again.

  16. I’m not going to “fall in line” this is pure bullshit and criminal activity on an unbelievable scale. I have no use at this point for any leftists.

    1. This only is ‘fraud’ because you and other Trumpamzees are sore losers, and are coming up with a shitload of conjecture instead of dealing with said win.

  17. I saw a story were yesterday people were found to be registered dead voters but now today they were removed LOL,

  18. At first I was outraged at the arrogance in thinking these ham fisted obvious methods would be allowed to pass. Then I realized with “the lap top”, Epstein case, Clinton Foundation investigations and AG Barr investigations, there are people at the top of the elite food chain on both sides that could be in for some serious problems, up to and including treason. They don’t care about the down ticket, they just desperately need someone to kill all the on going investigations before they go to jail. They are throwing everything and anything against the wall to see if it will stick. Wasn’t Hillary purported to say ” if he wins we all hang” the night she lost?

  19. It’s too late to try this now, but even 6 months ago when there was all sorts of yelling that the next election would have to be all mail-in, I had this idea:

    Every ballot not cast in a polling place needs an authentication code section at the bottom. The federal government could require this under its Constitutional power to guarantee to every state a republican (small-r) form of government.

    How it would work: On every ballot a random set of seven (7) A-Z capital letters is printed/stamped, with one more letter that is calculated as a check-sum, similar to the Luhn algorithm used to catch mistakes in credit card numbers. The characters are not a serial number and should not be consecutive, and it is mathematically obvious if you make an error entering it.

    The voter calls a number, uses an app or goes to a website to enter the eight characters. (If it is phone method, you call it, hang up, and it calls you back, then you speak the letters, and the system reads them back to you, “A for Alpha, B for Bravo, etc”, for confirmation.) The system then reads back to you a set of eight characters to mark on your ballot, first write in a box, then fill the character bubble for machine reading.

    The characters you get back encode the date/time you submitted the ballot characters, and a verification code calculated by running the ballot code, the time and an election specific secret through a SHA-256 hash algorithm. For a specific ballot code and verfiication time, there is mathematically only one right answer, and unless you have the election secret, you can’t can’t guess it or reverse engineer it from another response from the system.

    At the same time, the system is logging when ballot codes are coming in, and by what method. There will repeats of ballot codes, nationwide, but it will be pretty much impossible for any particular ballot code plus verification time to be repeated.

    The first pass of ballot verification is to see if the ballot code and verification code mathematically add up. Scan and Go/No Go results. If No Go, set aside to see if the voter wrote down the letters, but mismarked the bubbles, and then hand re-check it.

    Second pass of verification is frequency: every ballot code plus verification code should exist once in the universe of all ballots. If there are repeats, the verification system should indicate “duplicate ballot”, and all those ballots should be set aside for investigation.

    Third pass involves checking the verification system itself for repeat sources. The phone system logs how many times a phone number is called to do verification. The app uses techniques to ‘fingerprint’ the smartphone it is running on, and signal if is running on a emulator. The web site uses Javascript to similarly fingerprint the browser it is running in. All three methods should prevent repeat requests from the same source more than once per 10 minutes. Basically, if you use the same contact mechanism more than a few times, someone is going to come physically to where that phone, computer or smartphone is and find out what is going on.

    It’s not a perfect system, and there could be implementation tweaks, but it makes the wholesale manufacture of ballots manpower intensive and much easier to detect, and the burden on a legitimate voter is no harder than “read eight letters, then write down eight letters”, which should be within the capabilities of anyone with an IQ over 70. Catching the people that made the fraudulent ballots is a separate challenge that I will leave as a exercise for the reader.

    1. Oh for Christ’s sake…

      If backwater countries can have a fair election, so can the US. And it won’t take a bunch of shit like you have wasted time with.

      1. Everyone votes on the same day (with absentee ballots allowed).

      2. clicker count as one enters the voting area

      3. vote. Indelible ink on thumb.

      4. Clicker count as voter exists.

      5. Count the votes. No. 2 must equal No. 3 must equal No.4

      1. What you have described is best.

        But that still leaves the absentee ballots, which are part of the fraud problem. The system I’ve described would protect that.

        The other part of the issue is the states that have gone to 100% mail-in ballot, like Washington and Oregon, through the legislative process. The federal government can’t make them change that. We don’t even have voting machines any more.

        So, as much as I’d like to have a purple finger, every form of not-in-polling-place voting is ripe for fraud, vote buying, voter intimidation, and other ills. Unless every form of not-present voting is outlawed with no exceptions, we need something for that remainder rather than nothing.

        1. I’d add one thing.

          If you’re convicted of voter fraud, you are given the option to either (a) leave the U.S. permanently, becoming persona non grata, or (b) spend the rest of your life in a federal prison, breaking rocks.

        2. Ban absentee ballots for everyone other than members of the US military, US embassy staff, etc., who are on duty outside the continental US. For everybody else, if you don’t care enough about the election to go to the polls in the place where you are registered to vote and stand in line like everybody else, perhaps with IDs and fingerprints being checked at the entrance by sheriff’s deputies and ICE to check for open warrants and immigration status, maybe you don’t care enough for your vote to count anyway.

          There. Problem solved. Problem staying solved.

          The people who say that checking ID to vote is “racist” have no problem with forcing people to wait up to ten days for a “background check” before they can buy a gun. Strange, isn’t it?

        3. }}} But that still leaves the absentee ballots, which are part of the fraud problem.

          Not really. It’s “mail in voting” which is the problem, and a very very different kettle of fish.

          Suggest you Duckduckgo (don’t trust GOO-gle) on the difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting.

    2. Fifty years ago this might have worked. This is a trivia size problem in a world of Big Data, now moving to Huge Data.

      Paper ballots with permanent ink ink markers for absentee and polling place vetoing. Sealed absentee ballots transported to the voter’s precinct before the opening of polls. Potential voter is identified and registration checked. If voter has filled out an absentee ballot and it has been received, it (still in its sealed envelope) is cut in half and returned to the (identified) voter, who is issued a new ballot to mark and cast. (absentee ballots received after the polls OPEN are destroyed unopened.) Voter’s thumb [ alternative site pulse at neck ](do everyones neck?) marked with purple ink.

      Polls close. Absentee ballots (check deaths?) opened and mixed with others. Precinct counts votes, recounts votes until correct total is found if recount does not agree.)

      Totals given to officials, along with sealed ballots, who pass them upwards. (should totals and ballots have independent chains of custody?)

  20. Easy enough to fix, Congress passes a law mandating no electronic ballots in federal elections and up to 3 poll observers from each of the top 4 political parties as determined by vote count in the last election allowed without any restrictions on their movement at each polling place and vote counting location. Any z-score above 1.6 automatically gets a filmed hand recount. No mail in ballots unless requested. National ID required. In return voting is extended to 4 days. The above assumes Trump is still in power to even have a snowflake’s chance in hell of happening of course.

  21. “Twitter kept actively banning the accounts of anyone who shared the file, because the fix is in. Trust the system, comrades. Big Tech knows what’s best for you. ”

    This is why I went to Parler, and Rumble for a Screwtube replacement.

  22. FWIW, my Benford’s Law post was not allowed by Farcebook… It wouldn’t even LET me make the post. As others have said, Texas does, and IS prosecuting voter fraud.

  23. Hey, long time lurker here, first time poster.
    I am an expat American living in Taiwan, as an outside observer looking in the impression is that there is no way Biden won that election. There is a Taiwanese expression that is used when someone is in denial or deliberately obtuse it goes “Can you not see with your eyes?”
    Just looking at numbers and probabilities the election results for POTUS were obviously fraudulent, “just see with your eyes”.

    1. My 70 year old mom who’s entire internet exposure is looking at “the ebay” knows they cheated. I think everybody knows they cheated except for a very small group of gullible true believers. Most libs online, though, know they cheated and are running interference. Consider what would be happening if 1/10th of this was reversed, they’d be out on every street corner with bullhorns… which actually makes them better than us on that one, we should be out doing that.

  24. I’ve been noticing people bringing up Benford’s law and how Biden’s graphs do not fit the normal pattern. I’m a CPA and CFE, and I’ve used Benford’s Law to analyze data before. My broad understanding is that it looks at digits that are supposedly random. If those numbers are plotted on a graph, you get a ski-slope effect from 1 down to 9. It makes sense. When people create the number, rather than let the numbers occur naturally, the graph won’t look the same.

    Here is my question, because I’m unsure how you (or they) are using Benford’s law. Specifically, what are the numbers that you’re graphing? Is it the ballot number? The number of votes? When I’ve done it, it’s generally the first digit in an expense amount. Again, you’d expect that to follow BL. But I wouldn’t expect the number of ballots being counted to necessarily be random. It would probably be larger in late afternoon evening than in the morning, for example.

    Please explain what “number” is being used in these Benford analyses.

    1. There have been dozens of them I’m aware of. Most of them I’ve seen have been comparing county by county totals in a state, or precinct by precinct totals in a state, or precinct by precinct totals in a county.
      And across the board, they’re pretty normal looking. Until you get to this handful of places currently in question, and then they get all sorts of wonky.

      This guy is a forensic accountant who does a series of educational videos on accounting topics. He just released one explaining how Benford’s Law works in forensic accounting investigations and uses Georgia’s county by county numbers to explain the principles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoF3WS42w3M&app=desktop

      1. Understood. I’m a Certified Fraud Examiner, a forensic accountant, and I watched the video. Also, I think Trump won and that there was fraud. Still, I have issues with his thinking though (or, I would at least want him to explain it better). I am not sure Benford’s is appropriate in this case.

        In the video he takes the vote tallies from each of GA’s 159 counties and plots them. My problems are: 1) 159 is a pretty small data set. Every data set will have anomalies, but in a very large random data set it will even out and you end up with the traditional Benford’s ski slope. I worry that 159 just isn’t large enough, so any normal anomaly will be exaggerated.

        My 2nd problem relates to county population in GA. Theoretically, if every county had 50,000 voting age people the graph could end up looking very flat. I wonder whether the counties are different enough to expect a traditional Benford’s ski slope.

        I would need more convincing to believe that Benford’s is applicable here, but not much more. I’m a little skeptical (I’m supposed to remain professional skeptical and question numbers) but only a little. I’m close to believing him.

        If I were going to use county data to look for fraud, I think I would start by comparing the number of ballots to the number of registered voters and the number of voting-age people in each county. True outliers should be treated with skepticism, and researched further.

        1. Okay cool. So we’re speaking the same language. Big sample is better than small, obviously, but good enough works. And we know for certain that Benfords have been used in data sets this small to look for flags, and those have panned out. Practically speaking the variance accepted is going to depend on how much that auditor wants to crawl up your ass. If I was in military contracting still and had 159 invoices with a curve that looks like Georgia’s, the DCAA would have given me a colonoscopy.

          On the 2nd part, the theoretically doesn’t matter because Georgia county populations range between a million and a couple thousand. Plus just from what he said in the video, the county count was an illustration. I believe they’ve been retained to do precinct by precinct.

          Skeptical is good. But on this particular one it’s just another tool that’s been used for this sort of thing a lot. We’ve got it confirmed from State Dept people that we commonly use this to check other countries elections. So when elections go slide, slide, slide, slide, weird ass saw, slide, slide, I’m gonna drill down on the weird one.

          1. Real fast, since I’ve got an actual fraud guy.
            Did you check out Scott Housnell’s breakdown of state by state and county by county demographic anomalies on Red State?
            Now, in your whole career, have you ever had something that failed the smell test that badly that DID NOT turn out to be fraud?

          2. Larry: Agree with you wholly on the fuckery in general, and with Scott also.
            Benford’s law, not so much… I think this guy, Matt Parker, is correct — the problem is that benfords works on larger numbers, not necessarily on small 2-3 digit numbers, which is what precinct counts usually are — four digits at most. Your accounting experience, think, even a hundred dollar expense is a five digit number with the pennies worked in.
            (I’ve posted this elsewhere in here, as I think it’s probably valid)
            Not suggesting in any regard you must agree, but I think he makes a decent case… just that the use of Benford’s probably isn’t a good argument.
            Given all the other “minnows” in the bucket [e.g., scott’s cases], it’s reasonable to forego Benford’s just to kill the counterargument and the easy dismissal it offers to the bastards.

  25. Decades ago, I complained to the local paper’s Ombudsman about their lack of coverage of a young lady’s use of a firearm in defense of herself and her child. “That’s not news”, he said, “news is what is unexpected, that rarely happens. Dog doesn’t bite man is not news. Man doesn’t bite dog is not news. Dog bites man might be news, especially if the dog is rabid. MAN BITES DOG is news. Good guy shoots attempting carjacker is not news, even with video; that’s what’s supposed to happen!”

    Democrat cheats and wins election is frequent, expectable, and deplorable. Not news.

  26. See, Larry, your problem is that you are a evil person who hates gays and people of color, so you make up conspiracy theories.

    If you loved gays and people of color you would know this is all fine, and that Russia is behind the misinformation to keep their puppet Trump in power.

      1. “Speaking for myself, I think we’re a bit too pissed to appreciate sarcasm at the moment.”

        Could be, could be …

  27. Romney is one of my Senators also but I don’t claim him and for more reasons than just about this election and his current time in Congress but I admit this is his worst. He’s nothing but a narcissistic, arrogant child who didn’t like it that we the people knew enough about him that we rejected him in his run for president and he’s angry because we wanted an outsider who would stand up to the perverts in government from BOTH parties.

    1. “Romney is one of my Senators …” – Don
      ” Mitt Romney … (is) … hair gel in a Ziplock bag.” – Larry Correia

      Mr. Correia’s description of the ever spineless Mittens is so dead on, it’s gotta be Hall of Fame material.

  28. It would be nice if the US could start to hold elections within the US to the same standards which it expects of foreign countries. if some country in Africa or Latin America or large parts of Asia conducted an election in which (1) there were glaring statistical anomalies (2) poll watchers were prevented from poll watching and (3) the vote counting was conducted in dead of night without any observers present, these things by themselves are regarded as sufficient to dismiss the election results.

    If the process gives every appearance of being rigged, you have to assume that the process has in fact been rigged. And that’s the assumption we operate on …. with respect other countries. But when it comes to US elections we take almost completely the operate tack. No matter how flagrantly obvious the election rigging is, we are told that those challenging the election must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of individual ballots are invalid.

    Here is a BBC article on spotting election rigging in Africa. It’s a depressing read … because it seems that most countries in Africa have a far more open and transparent (but simultaneously secure) election system than we have here in the US. Ballots are counted with observers present! What a concept!


  29. One source of fraud that hasn’t been mentioned much: All of the unsolicited mail in ballots sent out on a governor’s whims are 100% pure unconstitutional and should be thrown out.

    “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress:”

    Notice the complete absence of power given to any executive. The Legislature has the sole authority to determine voting law. In-fact, according to Bush v. Gore, the legislature of any state explicitly could RIGHT NOW change how it determines electors and it would ignore the recent election (Many of the stolen states have Republican legislature)

  30. Now I do not have any degrees higher than a bachelors degree and I have had exactly ONE statistics Class. Even I know it is Statistically IMPOSSIBLE for 138,000 votes show up for the candidate who is LOSING without one vote for the candidate who is WINNING. If I remember correctly all theses votes in Michigan and other states showed up in the early morning hours which in my mind points to a NATIONWIDE Conspiracy.

    1. Not impossible, just very, very, very, (add as many verys as you feel like) improbable. It’s possible to roll 00 5 times in a row with a pair of d10 die; unless they’re defective or have been tinkered with. We’re all looking at this election and saying the dice are defective or have been tinkered with, now hand them over so we can check. Too bad this isn’t 1890 were we could shoot the cheats, or at least have them tarred and feathered.

    2. From physicist and author Travis Shane Taylor:

      “In a sample space of 1 million marbles, 800,000 blue and 200,000 red, the probability of drawing a blue marble is 80% the first time.
      – To draw about 30 blue in a row is 0.124%.
      – To draw 100 in a row is 0.0000000235%.
      – To draw 250 in a row is more zeros to right of decimal point than stars in the universe!
      – To draw 138,000 blue marbles in a row is mathematically impossible within the age of the universe without human intent and interaction. In other words, cheating.”

      Taylor wrote that it was before the 138k “typo” got retracted. Problem is his math is almost as damning for 1k, 2k, 4k, 14k, or 23k marbles. You could even change it so that a bucket is 95% blue marbles, and the odds of you getting a thousand blue marbles in a row are functionally impossible. Taylor used MathCad to calculate this. Excel doesn’t have enough zeros.

    3. I’ve seen some additional clarity on that incident. There was a human error entering in numbers, and the person entered the wrong number for Biden (153,710 instead of 15,731) for Shiawasee County, which has nowhere near that total number of residents. It was corrected within a half hour, which dropped the total votes for Biden by 138,339, and didn’t change the total for Trump.

      Somebody else then took the before and after pictures of the correction, swapped them, and posted them on Twitter, claiming Biden *gained* 138,000 votes with none for Trump in a single data dump.

      1. Yeah, everybody who has been paying attention has moved past the 138k thing days ago. And dishonest people use it to dismiss all the other obvious fuckery.

    1. You would have to pretty fucking stupid to share the Guardian as a reliable source on the page of a guy who has personally tangled with them and made the Guardian look like the shit tier rag that it is.
      Though that one reporter of theirs getting fired on my birthday, after his very last ever article was about me, was a karmic wonder. 😀

        1. Yeah, well, quoting the Grauniad is quite a few steps stupider than quoting the National Enquirer. Not knowing that is downright stuck-on-stupid.

          Just because something is posted in the Grauniad doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lie, but betting that it’s true would almost certainly cost you money.

          1. In defense of the National Enquirer, they have occasionally engaged in honest journalism. The John Edwards scandal (remember those kids? They were quaint.) comes to mind.

        2. Yeah, the and Guardian is pathetic. In a field riddled with lying morons, the Guardian is noteworthy for how brain dead it is.

    2. You mean, this Guardian?


      “A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.”

      At least they got the rioting part right, since predicting a bunch of meth-addled Lefty pedos rioting on command is about as prescient as predicting the sunrise.


      1. The Guardian is the left’s snaggle toothed Street corner worn out hooker. Shes not pretty but she’ll give you a decent handy for $5.

  31. Should Biden somehow hold onto the election I suggest that we give Biden & the Democratic Party the same courtesy & consideration that they gave to the incoming Trump administration.

    1. Absolutely.
      Starting the day he announces mandatory outdoor masking, everyone should e-mail him and as many federal offices as possible, pictures of them outdoors, unmasked, and giving him the two middle fingers. Continue every day until they concede, or they try to take legal action against us. I don’t think I need to tell you what to do with jackbooted thugs or 1930s Brownshirts.

  32. A wee computation:
    In a given city, suppose 99 percent of voters support Biden and 1 percent support Trump. Take a random sample of 23,000 voters. Then, the probability that your sample has fewer than 100 Trump voters is less than 1 in 680 quadrillion ( 68, followed by 16 zeros). For comparison, the age of the Earth is about 142 quadrillion seconds.

  33. . Love your books but damn. You can’t overturn an election based on perceived red flags or because your side lost. You need concrete proof. I didn’t vote for the man but he did win. Trumps behavior is a threat to our democracy. The man consistently proves he is unfit and vile.

    Is Biden unfit? Sure but between the two horrible candidates he won.

    1. No. You can’t overturn an election based on flags.

      You can investigate fraud based on flags. And then you either prove it or you find out the legitimate reason that the numbers are wonky.

      The fact that we KNOW that the vote was fraudulent in states with close counts is what threatens our democracy. People accept a loss when they know that they have a fair chance to reverse it next time.

      I wonder, maybe the disenfranchised this time around should act like the sore losers last time and subject Biden to 4 years of malicious prosecution. But I bet you’d complain about that, too.

    2. Also, that “vile” and “unfit” man got our economy going full steam ahead leading to record low unemployment for minorities, enacted some significant reform of the justice system that was disproportionately hurting black communities, got North and South Korea talking to each other, brought our troops home, didn’t start any new wars at all, and oversaw unprecedented progress toward normalizing Israel’s relations with it’s neighbors.

      So maybe you can show me on the doll where the bad man touched you.

    3. Where do you think proof comes from?
      Do you think that in fraud cases somebody just shows up with a big box labeled “ABSOLUTE PROOF OF CRIME”? And he’s same day delivery too! 😀
      Like I said, this is going to court.

    4. You have to love how Democrats stand in front of a burning city, a phalanx of rioters with guns and Molotovs standing behind them, and say “OrAnGe MaN iS tHrEaTeNiNg OuR dEmOcRaCy!”

  34. I couldn’t sleep for thinking about this:

    The preponderance of evidence leads me to believe that large-scale fraud has been committed. There are simply too many “red flags”.

    Omar Bradley may or may not have said “Amateurs talk about strategy; professionals talk about logistics.” The most important question to me becomes how the physical ballots to produce a win for Joe Biden could be surreptitiously introduced into the “supply chain”. How do you check the corresponding “voters” in and “sign” their names so that the number of ballots counted equal the number of voters? How do the ballots and signatures survive examination in the event of a hand recount with real observers eyeballing every one like they did the punch cards in 2000?

    If your intent is to commit vote fraud, TIME is the one thing that you can’t make more of.

    Let’s be completely unrealistic and assume that creating and counting a fraudulent physical ballot could be done in five seconds. Generating 100,000 of those ballots would take nearly six days working non-stop. How many conspirators and what kind of resources would be required to manufacture those votes in the time actually available? The more people involved the harder to keep it a secret, right?

    It seems physically impossible to accomplish all of these things on election day, so sufficient (and how many is that?) fraudulent ballots would have to be created and “pre-positioned”. If I had a suspicious mind I might think that early voting and late counting was intended to facilitate the fraud, and that’s before even considering the issues of signature verification and postmarks.

    And finally, what is the remedy if fraud is demonstrated?

    I think we need to go back to in-person voting on Election Day.

    I had to get that off my chest. Maybe I can get some sleep now.

    1. You’re making a small but critical error here, sir.

      ” The most important question to me becomes how the physical ballots to produce a win for Joe Biden could be surreptitiously introduced into the “supply chain”. ”

      They weren’t surreptitious about anything. They were caught unloading boxes in the middle of the night. That’s one of the things that’s REALLY got people pissed off.

      Cheating is bad, but when you’re not even hiding it and lying to our faces, then it’s insult atop injury.

    2. Nope. 😀
      Okay, a couple things on the logistics (and this is actually the nuts and bolts stuff I was good at).
      The time part is actually extra damning.
      Think about it. Let’s assume there’s already fuckery afoot and fraud baked in, already in process when election day starts. That’s your dead people votes, maiden names voting, that sort of thing.
      All of a sudden, swing state indicator Florida breaks much harder red than expected. (and in fact, I was just reading about some of the flags in Florida, which would indicate fuckery was afoot there as well, just nobody is paying attention to it because the red turnout overcame the margin of lawyer)
      Then it appears the same thing is going to happen in the later time zones.
      Now, if you are doing fraud at this point you look at it and go oh shit, we’ve not done enough fraud. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
      Suddenly the brakes are thrown on the count (a bizarre event)
      Then we get the late night weirdness, and we’ve now got HUNDREDS of sworn affidavits (which contrary to liberal claims are legally speaking “evidence”) of improprieties happening.
      Then when you get into the logistics of how you dump lots of new fakes into the system, that’s easy if you have any collusion within the counting centers or a fraudster has access to any of the controls.
      Which, if you start reading affidavits, sounds like exactly what happened.
      Now, on the actual time to fill in bubbles, that’s one way to do it (and vote dumps with president filled in but no down ballots are an indicator of mission oriented, in a hurry, fraud)
      Another way is you have an emergency stash pre staged just in case, which you don’t want to break out unless you have to because its the sort of thing that leads to affidavits from observers and stats wonks looking closer.
      Or, another possibility is that you dump them into the system the next day, which again, is easy if you have collusion at the county centers. And the longer the counting goes, the more time you have, and the more you can shuffle into the real counts.
      Then you’ve got the trick where you aren’t adding extras for your guy, you are destroying votes for the other guy. Which will also skew the big picture ratios.

      Sorry. None of that will probably help you sleep better.

      1. One more thing about long counts. The long count gives you time to determine how many votes you need to create.

        Robert Caro has a good account of this for the Texas 1940 senatorial election in his book _The Path to Power_.

        1. It means that most people on the right go into every election expecting a certain amount of election fraud from blue city machine politics, so they expect that to win, they have to really win with a bigger margin than the amount of fuckery.
          Which they were in track to do on election day, until the brakes got thrown on the counting and they bumped up the margin to an absurd degree. So now we are within the “margin of lawyer”, which means this goes to court.

        2. It also means last-minute intervention in the election process via lawsuit, to bend the rules in a partisan direction. The recent litigation about Pennsylvania voting deadlines would be an example.

  35. If we’re talking about preventing this kind of fuckery in future POTUS elections, wouldn’t the most simple, obvious fix be to abolish the Electoral College and have the President chosen by popular vote? From an accounting/statistics standpoint, wouldn’t even the worst intentioned individual in the most influential position within the election machinery in any given municipality/district find it nearly impossible to have any kind of statistically meaningful effect on a national election by popular vote? (I’m not an accountant, and no statistics in my background, so please disabuse me of this if I’m wrong.)

    1. So, basically, you want all the rural people of all the interior states to be disenfranchised?

      You and the horse you rode in on.

    2. As I’ve posted in another place already: Farmers make up about 2% of the U.S. population.

      In a nationwide mob-rule direct election, that 2% of the voting public is insignificant. There are more voters in New York City alone. Under mob rule, the President would be elected by the nine biggest cities, every time. Candidates would never bother trying to appeal to any voters outside those big cities. Those tiny minorities would not matter.

      After being elected, why would that big-city President listen to the farmers’ concerns? How well could such a President govern the farmers, knowing nothing outside of the big cities?

      How long would the farmers put up with all of their concerns being ignored? What could they do about it?

      If you can’t figure out why some parts of the Constitution are written the way they are, why those legal provisions were put in place 230 years ago, don’t start by assuming that you are smarter and wiser than the men who wrote it.
      Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send ’em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.

        1. Or anyone in Nevada that does not live in Las Vegas Clarke county, the demographic tail that runs the whole state.
          Without Clarke county , the state would have have gone solidly for Trump, as is, we have our own voter fraud problems.

      1. Actually, the Founding Fathers settled on the compromise of the Electoral College precisely because they did NOT want uneducated rural farmers to decide who would be President, but they also didn’t want Congress to decide. (There’s the easy counter-argument, but I won’t make it for you. But talking about the Founding Fathers intending the Electoral College to protect farmers is both absurd and ignorant.)

        Citing only 2% of population is farmers and they should have more of a say is ridiculous. Why don’t we say less than .1% of the population is sex trade workers, so they should have more say. (And I did make that stat up). If you wanted to cite rural population, which is clocking in at just under 20%, you’re starting to stand on meaningful ground. But that’s easily a sizable enough body of the electorate to make the difference in an election, even if the candidates are paying more attention to the larger portion of the population. (Which, given they represent the entire nation, they should. Politics is not a zero-sum game. They want every vote they can get.)

        If we’re going to talk about disenfranchisement, why should a rural vote count for more than an urban vote? THAT’S disenfranchisement. My vote shouldn’t count as much because I choose to live in a city? They created “the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” to fight against the tyranny of the majority, as well as the Judicial System. (hint, hint)

        And last. but actually the best argument for eliminating the Electoral College is the potential to open up the system so a third party could actually succeed enough to grow into relevance.

        None of which is to say I favor eliminating the Electoral College. But doing so would render all the arguments and concerns about any alleged fraud in this election statistically insignificant (although I suspect the courts will find that is the case anyway…and there’ll be plenty of Republican judges saying it.)

        1. “(There’s the easy counter-argument, but I won’t make it for you. But talking about the Founding Fathers intending the Electoral College to protect farmers is both absurd and ignorant.)”

          He gave you what’s called an example to show you why the electoral college exists and what its function is (to prevent regional factions dominating the whole), NOT that the framers conceived the electoral college to protect farmers.

          Armed with this basic reading comprehension, try again, but without the stupidity this time.

        2. Everything about our Constitution is designed to limit the power of the majority. It’s purposefully designed to thwart “democracy”. It is ALL about protecting the minority from the majority.

          “Majority” is not an automatic moral virtue. Usually it means ganging up to pound the next guy into pasty residue.

          This is why it’s so common in so many developing nations to have ethnic, religious, or political minorities boycott democratic elections. If they participated it would be seen as an endorsement of their own oppression. After all, the rules are set by the “majority”.

          It doesn’t matter at all if the Electoral College was put in place to put a buffer on the will of an agrarian majority. It doesn’t matter at all that the Senate and House were designed to give us two different ways of balancing the power of the various states. It only matters that it is designed to protect us from having the bullies gang up on us and pound us into paste.

        3. As Imaginos1892 wrote, “Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send ’em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.”

          I won’t assume Homey went to college, but Homey sure as hell sounds like my “brilliant” brother-in-law” that pursed a Masters Degree into his mid thirties, then lived off his wife because none of the jobs offered to his lazy ass were “good enough” for him. Too brilliant for his own good.

      2. The only solution is to remove the presidency and two party system.
        Government should be run by multi party coalitions where everybody loses instead of winner takes all. This will desincitivise fraud and separatism and create world as it should be where governement is there to make sure that trains run on time and cops guard law abiding citizens while everybody can make their own buisness.
        Consider Netherlands/Germany vs USA

        1. I guess my problem with that is the example of Germany (and the fact that it flies in the face of the Constitution). While Germany has a President and a Chancellor, it is the Chancellor who runs the government. The President can’t even do anything unless it is approved by a member of the government.

          The Chancellor is selected by the Budestag (which is essentially Germany’s lower house), and THAT person runs the government and represents the government at any event of actual importance. And the current Chancellor (Angela Merkel) is a member of and former leader of a specific political party (Christian Democratic Union), so I’m not certain how that is a multi party coalition.

          Disclaimer: I am not German, but have lived in Germany for almost 6 years. I’m sure a natural born German may have a different outlook.

        2. Hmmm. Multi-party coalitions tend to diffuse accountability. And they can give an inordinate amount of power to small parties needed to complete a coalition. You can see both phenomena in the government of Israel, which has conducted three national elections since April 2019, due to inability for anybody to form a governing coalition.

          On additional criticism I would make is that a coalition government of the sort you describe places the power to compromise in the hands of elected officials, not of the voters. I seriously doubt that many voters in the German Green party would have approved the Jamaica coalition back in 2005.

        3. There are a number of nations out there with multi-party systems and coalition governments. I can’t, for the life of me, see how any of them produce superior results from the perspective of things like individual liberty, or, really, anything that matters to me.

        4. I suggest you study the history of the French Third and Fourth Republics. The first got new governing coalitions about every ten months until that experiment in pitiful fitful governance was ended by Mr. H; the second ended when the desperate politicians asked DeGaulle to take over to solve the Algerian question, the result of which according to many French intelligensia was almost as bad.

    3. National popular vote would be the easiest to cheat.

      It would be better to remove “winner takes all” in whole or in part, and split up the electoral votes.

      You can still cheat, but it would be harder for localized(by geography) corruption to throw the results of the whole system the way that it would in popular vote or the current winner-take-all system.

      1. >>It would be better to remove “winner takes all” in whole or in part, and split up the electoral votes.

        Now you’re cooking with gas…This could at least potentially give third party a bit of a chance to gather a few electoral votes. Not enough, but it’s a start.

        More importantly, pair this with getting rid of gerrymandering. After every census, you find the absolute geographic middle-point of a state by population, and start dividing it up strictly by population into the appropriate number of districts. Suddenly, a lot more seats become competitive, and my guess is we’d actually lessen the extreme divisiveness. (Granted, you might see some small percentage of folks literally moving to make a district more red–could even see ideological home developer cottage industry, but with the scales rebalancing every ten years, I don’t think it would have a big effect)

        1. How about we start with the primary system? See how that works out before we totally fark the Electoral College.

          If there’s anywhere that it might be appropriate to remove “winner takes all” it would be during primaries where there aren’t two candidates, there are potentially dozens and people may very well have more than one that they would like to see elected.

        2. Drawing congressional districts in that manner (given the current 435 limit) is an absolutely horrible idea. I despise true gerrymandering aimed at capturing seats by manipulating demographics within a district, but a Representative is supposed to represent his/her district. You can’t do this by dividing the districts based on geographical space alone (particularly since we have a remarkably high ratio of represented to Representatives…unforeseen consequences and all of that). Purely rural districts can be divided by geography alone as can the very large urban areas (the interests roughly match in that given area) but the suburban/urban divide and the more nebulous suburban/rural divide require a different approach to fulfill the purpose of representative government. If, however, you significantly increased the number of Representatives relative to population (and had a fixed ratio window of Representatives to Senators) you could probably do what your saying since you would dramatically reduce the number of people being Represented by each shyste…politician. Another advantage is you’d likely see more natural turnover of elected officials and you could FINALLY get term limits into congress….now on to eliminating lifetime bureaucrats which is much, much, much harder.

          Also, the argument about the Electoral College ensuring that farmers’ interests are represented are flawed. The Electoral College exists such that STATES’ interests (Senatorial component ) are balanced with PEOPLES’ interests (the House component). The end result is somewhat similar as representing the interests of Iowa and Nebraska pretty much means representing farmers’ interests, but it doesn’t involve “disenfranchisement” of anyone’s vote because the intent all along was to represent the several States. The Federal Government, as originally envisioned, existed to mediate disputes among and commerce between the States, handle foreign policy & trade, provide for the national defense, and generally handle issues that were of a national or multi-State scope. Certainly the Federal Gov’t has overseen a truly appalling amount of scope creep, but last time I checked we haven’t altered the 10th Amendment through any Constitutionally recognized method (possible exception being the 14th Amendment which has been interpreted quite broadly by the courts over the years). In summary, the Federal government exists, primarily, to represent the States to the world and to Mediate between the States. The States exist to govern the people. At present large States (cough California and New York cough) actively seek to force other states to their will (see California Gov’t refusing to do business with States that don’t toe the line on their favorite issue). Which, if they want to do it via financial clout is wrong-headed but legitimate.

          TLDR: the framework of our Republic is fine and healthy, the bloated nature of our Federal government is a real problem, and the utter lack of intellectual honesty, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking on the part of our Electorate is THE real problem.

          PS: the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, and lots of the personal correspondence of the folks who designed this system are freely available online…read them and remember as you do that they were written for (and, in the case of the Anti-Federalist Papers, by) those “uneducated” farmers you mentioned.

          1. Hmmm. Multi-party coalitions tend to diffuse accountability. And they can give an inordinate amount of power to small parties needed to complete a coalition. You can see both phenomena in the government of Israel, which has conducted three national elections since April 2019, due to inability for anybody to form a governing coalition.

            On additional criticism I would make is that a coalition government of the sort you describe places the power to compromise in the hands of elected officials, not of the voters. I seriously doubt that many voters in the German Green party would have approved the Jamaica coalition back in 2005.

          2. As a computing exercise, I’ve always thought this an interesting problem. The idea would be to start with units of comparable population (census tracts, perhaps) and then aggregate them,. A penalty function would be used to discourage districts with large diameter relative to area, as well as districts that crossed city limits, county lines, significant ranges of hills, and large bodies of water (bays, rivers, the open ocean). The computer would then search for a minimum penalty apportionment.

            Of course, this is mainly an academic proposal, not a serious political plan.

      2. If we switched to a national popular vote, the popular votes would be the same as they are now. we would just use them to determine who wins the Presidency.

        I regard losing the popular vote yet winning the electoral votes to be the result of cheating. this cheating is called “gerrymandering”. whichever side benefits the most from this is the biggest cheater. which side has been the biggest cheater for the last few elections?

        1. Since electoral votes are allocated by state based on the state-wide vote within that state, there is no possible way that the electoral vote can be “gerrymandered”. Unless you consider the state borders gerrymandered? I also wouldn’t get too excited about the popular vote unless you have a good way to determine the popular vote of only legal, registered, living voters. Which we certainly don’t have now.

    4. NO. In fact, a national popular vote would be easier for the left to manipulate because instead of winning multiple state elections they need only cheat in one great big district.

      National popular vote means NYC, LA, Chicago, and maybe 2 or 3 other cities run the entire nation.

    5. The EC will never be abolished. By the time the Democrats controlled the 38 states to ratify an amendment to abolish the EC, they’d have permanent control of the EC. The only way they could lose the presidency would be through popular vote.

  36. You might wish to review and add this to the discussion ..

    The comments section is equally valuable in terms of proposed follow through ..

    https: //thedonald.win/p/11Q8O2wesk/happening-calling-every-pede-to-/

    1. I pay zero attention to moronic parasite, Camelstraw Fepeldouche ever.

      And your last line… Holy shit. 😀
      “If you wish to be regarded as something else, and not get banned from any more cons, I suggest that you stop and rethink your position.”
      Oh no! Fucking morons want me to be quiet or they’re going to try to sabotage my career some more like they’ve tried to ineffectually for the last decade!
      Is that supposed to be a threat, Fuckface?

    2. The more I think about it, the more your last line is absolute gold, and a perfect summation of what it is like to deal with the left nowadays:
      “If you wish to be regarded as something else, and not get banned from any more cons, I suggest that you stop and rethink your position.”
      That’s impressive.
      Thank you for being such a perfect example of your kind.

      1. You guys might be wondering why I haven’t banned obvious dipshit troll, Lefty Throckmorton, yet. Even though he shows up in my comments all the time. Well, it is because of moments where he slips up and provides entertainment gold like this:


        I truly doubt he will be able to so obliviously fuck up like this ever again. That perfect line may have been his magnum opus. 😀
        I should probably just block his IP now, because surely none of his future work will approach such perfection. And every time he says something, we will be let down.

    3. I notice in the comments one of Cammy’s brain-dead posters accuses Larry of being a Neo-Nazi . . . because he’s concerned about election fraud.

      Totally the people Larry would want to suck up to.

    4. Someone voices a differing opinion, and you talk about banning them? FUCK YOU. Clearly I’m disagreeing with Larry and others on this thread (and clearly, I’m trying to stir the pot a little–okay, more than a little), but this kind of threat is disgusting and insulting. STFU, you piece of shit. That’s the most unAmerican horseshit I’ve ever heard. You don’t deserve to live in this country…

      That being said, if there is legitimate evidence of widespread fraud, it will show up in court. Millions are being spent (actually, we don’t know what’s being spent…millions are being donated to Trump’s PAC to “fight fraud” but he can use it for plenty of other things–campaign expenses, travel, etc) so if there’s evidence of legitimate fraud, we should find out where our laws say it should be determined: in a court of law. In the meantime, there’s going to be a lot of armchair arguments, often divisive, hopefully informative. And if it offends you too much, then ignore this all for the next month and see what happens once the dust settles.

      As the Republican Sec of State of GA said, “Integrity matters, no matter what side you’re on.”

      Except for you, Lefty. Eat shit and die.

      1. Homey, I actually kinda enjoy disagreement. 😀
        It’s the brain dead low energy, low information, drive by, weak ass shame/dismiss attempts that slay me.

        And these fuckers have gotten me kicked out of some events over the years. The usual pattern is I get invited. The con announces it. They throw a temper tantrum and scream that I make them feel “unsafe”. The con immediately caves. I talk about it online. My fans get pissed off and buy 10,000 more books, and then that con weekend I stay home and play xBox. 😀 (and then the guy who kicked me out of the con gets fired at the next board meeting due to the massive clusterfuck he caused!) So they’ve really shown me what’s up.

      2. Wait, it’s un-American to throw a rude guest out of one’s home? That’s very good to hear. What’s your address?

    5. So you use two obviously stupid posts from an obviously stupid person to prove what? They can’t think? By the way, why do they hide behind anonymity instead of saying they’re some SJZ from SFWA who’s been told to shut his lying mouth about Larry?

    6. Wow. Everyone was saying, “Hey, come take a look at this dumb motherfucker on Larry’s blog.”

      Was not disappointed, lol

    7. Alas, Poor Lefty is no longer with us. 🙂
      He came back today posting more stupid links, but I thought to myself, naw, the poor little fella will never live up to how entertaining this post trying to strong arm me was, so I went ahead and blocked his IP.
      It is had been so long since I blocked an IP on here that I couldn’t even remember where the controls were for that.

  37. Imagine Larry wrote a book. That’s not so hard. 😀

    Now, imagine Larry’s book included a Presidential election featuring Candidate B, Candidate T, and some minor-party folks who were expected to split maybe 2% of the vote. There were eight states where the election was expected to be close, highly contested, and therefore likely to determine the overall outcome. In particular, the large cities in those states were expected to be critical to winning the election. All of those cities were strongholds of Candidate B’s political party, which controlled the polls.

    In Larry’s book, all through Election Day, Candidate B’s party interfered with the right of Candidate T’s supporters in those cities to monitor the polls, and the vote counting, in violation of state laws, federal laws, and court orders. After the polls closed on Election Day, Candidate T’s people were completely excluded from observing the vote counting, in some cases by force. No one other than Candidate B’s partisans were permitted to watch the votes being counted.

    Then, in six of the eight states, where Candidate T was leading by wide margins, and ONLY in those six states, all at the same time, vote counting was suddenly halted by Candidate B’s party in the middle of the night. When counting resumed three hours later, suddenly, Candidate B was ahead in all six states.

    Candidate B’s party loudly proclaims that there was nothing suspicious. All of the dozens, then hundreds of people who testify to seeing, and even participating in widespread election fraud, why, they’re all liars. Anybody whose online posts even mention election fraud is censored, defamed, their accounts blocked, their names published for attention from ‘peaceful protestors’. They deserve it, because they are paranoid and delusional and they say mean things.

    And close to half of the country believes that buillshit.

    Would you praise that book, or throw it against the wall?
    Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”

    Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

    1. And then you realise that in this case that example is actually fine due to your retarded laws.
      It is normal that party B that was all for mail in ballots gets more votes from them compared to party T that actively discouraged people from doing it. It is also normal that this votes where counted after all the others just as REQUIRED by your laws.
      Also, observers from both parties where at the polls and only Trumplets/Antifas trying to prevent democratic process where removed.
      Anyway we will see what REPUBLICAN SC and REPUBLICAN Congress decide about this.

      Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe to Trump News Network to hear what you should say and think.

      1. What language is that? The words look exactly like English words, but the meanings do not match. A couple of rough translations, to illustrate:

        ‘observers from both parties where at the polls’ seems to mean ‘Democrats inside the room, and participating; Republicans standing outside, trying to see in through windows blocked with sheets of cardboard’

        ‘trying to prevent democratic process’ really means ‘saw fraud they were not supposed to see’

        You should change your name, out of respect for Guinea Pigs.

  38. No matter what happens, roughly half the country will believe the election process is rigged and lose faith in it. That doesn’t bode well for the nation.

    That might have been the plan all along.

  39. Unfortunately it looks like Trump’s lawsuits so far are week and he’s going to lose… I can’t believe he hasn’t found anything more substantial.. who’s there in his team? Fck Giuliani

    1. Trump’s lawsuits so far are week

      In 21 days the lawsuits will be month. Does that make you happier?

      Damn, Mr. Correia, your trolls get stupider by the day. Maybe you should offer online troll-improvement classes, so as to spare your readers the pain of wading through so much drivel.

  40. haha. this is the definition of sore loserness.

    your candidate lost by 5 MILLION VOTES. and yet, somehow, he didnt loose. lol. there must have been election fraud! we must have been cheated!

    huh. ok, you think you have some evidence? well, thats good, cause we have a system to deal with that. its called the courts. as in, take your evidence to the courts, and if it isnt stinky shit, they will decide in your favor.

    wait, the courts are almost universally deciding against you? so … that must mean there is no widespread fraud, right? and … oh yeah, your candidate lost by 5 MILLION VOTES. but no! there really must have been widespread election fraud! lol. we cant possibly have just lost! that is a statistical impossiblity! lol.

    well … maybe you can explain how there was widespread fraud? um … well … we think there was a group of guys … very secretive … um … they must have done something … i think it was at night … yeah, thats it … um … it was a limited set of guys, not a big set … although it was pretty big … and they were in the cities … yeah, thats it, they were in those dirty filthy cities … um … yeah, thats how it happenend. any questions? lol.

    1. Wow, the script the Hive’s been downloading into your tiny overheated head sounds a bit… desperate.

      You really need those you are told to hate to give up now.

      BTW: Popular vote count is irrelevant in a POTUS election. I know you are too dim to understand, but it still has to be said.

      1. It’s like complaining because your football team didn’t win even though they had the most yards rushing. So what if the other team got 2 more touchdowns. Your team rushed for an extra 150 yards. They should totally be the winners.

        (just to be clear, I’m agreeing with Patrick)

        Seriously though. Everybody running for President knows that they are going for electoral votes. Anybody trying to get just the majority of the popular vote deserves to lose.

      2. yeah, i dont actually need you to give up. you’ve already lost.

        re popular vote, yes, i realize that the old white dudes from 250 ish years ago created the electoral college, which has result in a system of minority rule today. i only brought it up to point out the republicans central problem: they cant compete in the realm of ideas. whatever they are selling, the majority of the population isnt buying. BY A LOT. the only way they have any power is that the system is rigged to encourage minority rule, which is what we have.

        and the fact that the republicans didnt campaign for the popular vote applies equally well to the democrats. thats what makes it so revealing. nobody campaigned for the popular vote, and nonetheless the popular vote so clearly indicates that the majority of the population rejects the rebulicans.

        1. WRONG.

          The system is NOT “rigged to encourage minority rule”, it is purposely intended to protect the RIGHTS of the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

          Enjoy your desired Fascism.

          1. so instead we get the tyranny of the minority. oh boy, thats fun for the majority.

            we all know where minority rule leads. history has shown us. it is inevitable that the majority will take back their power.

            lol re facism. somehow the guy who cant admit that he lost, and has minions pretending that they will be entering a second term, etc., is not the facist?

            seriously, you guys are the gift that keeps on giving. this is starting to get fun.

          2. Well, we’ve had this tyranny of the minority for 244 years now and the republic had a pretty good run. It’s a good thing you guys who are way smarter than the founding fathers showed up recently with your big brain hot takes that nobody has ever thought of before. 😀

            Also, fascism has an actual definition other than “people who disagree with liberals” because by your standards there, Al Gore would have been a fascist in 2000.

            Seriously, man, this is some vapid coffee shop marxist level navel gazing. You ain’t exactly blowing our bourgeois minds. 😀

          3. Though I do have to say it is funny to see in the same comments section one lefty tossing out allegations of fascism, while another lefty is telling me that I’d better shut up or they’re gonna ruin my career. 😀

          4. “so instead we get the tyranny of the minority. oh boy, thats fun for the majority.”

            Zero-sum formulation. Bullshit detected.

        2. Well that was certainly some 14 year old pot head level philosophy pretending to be a philosophical hot take. 😀

        3. Not being able to take the Rights of the minority is hardly a “tyranny of the minority”, unless you have some novel definition of the word ‘tyranny’.

          Do your own thing. Just accept that you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to. And that’s NOT a ‘tyranny’, you fuckwitted rectal wart.

          1. oooo. name calling. so effective. keep at it!

            and, yes, i would call 3 lifetiime supreme court appointments by a minority president and confirmed by a minority-support senate a tyrany of the minority.

          2. @Jake

            “3 lifetiime supreme court appointments by a minority president and confirmed by a minority-support senate a tyrany of the minority.”

            Allow me to help you, Sport.

            Each Republican senator was elected by a majority of the voters in their state, and by definition can’t be considered whatever the fuck terminology you pulled from your lower colon, since “the senate” is not what people are electing when they vote. Neither is an appointment of a justice by duly elected politicians “tyranny” by any meaningful definition of the word.

            This is why people call you names. Because you say objectively stupid things.

        4. P.S. Assuming I’m a Trump supporter is your other YUGE error.

          But your psychological projection is… fascinating.

          Tell me more about what I think and do.

        5. The electoral college was designed so your masters couldn’t manipulate easily duped morons like yourself into stomping over other people by sheer numbers.

          The Founders (those “old white dudes” you were told to hate so much) were skeptical of autocracy *and* democracy… for good reason. Which is why they tried to institute a government that was limited in what it could do and required a lot of horse-trading to get things done.

          Which is what your masters really dislike.

          Though I doubt anything like that is on your script, so keep bleating “fascism” since that’s your go-to for demonization the Hive downloaded into your tiny overheated head.

          1. haha. oh, and the republicans did a TON of horsetrading the past 4 years of minority rule. looks the those old white dudes got it right after all!

          2. Well considering that we’re by far the most successful country in the history of mankind, I’d say those old white dudes were pretty smart. But why don’t you take another massive bong rip and then tell us more about how you think it should be, based upon your napping through PoliSci 101 and listening to some Bernie Sanders Podcasts. 😀

          3. @jake

            “Minority” doesn’t seem to mean what you think it means, and apparently basic civics isn’t imprinted anywhere upon your big ol’ brain.

            I blame your parents.

          4. @gmmay70: To be honest, I doubt many things mean what Jake thinks they mean. But then his neural clusters were only meant to spew talking points downloaded from the Hive, so that’s actually understandable.

            His tiny overheated little head cannae stand th’ STRAIN!!

        6. Obama had plenty of opportunity to convince Ginsberg to retire and replace her, but instead chose to wait until a member died while he was a ‘lame duck’, and put up a cadidate who was unacceptable.

          His bad tactics doesn’t mean Trump has done anything nefarious.

          And if SCOTUS judges actually applying the Constitution to their decisions bothers you, you’re in the wrong country.


    2. thanks for all the comments, guys. i have to say, that was fun.

      and i even learned something. i had no idea how unaware y’all all that you are the minority. and how sensitive you are about it. good to know.

        1. Ah, the standard “flounce and exit” thing from the troll.

          Though I wonder whom he was trying to convince of his views. Those whom he hates so much… or himself?

      1. Man… I’m a professional editor and I can’t even sorta parse how fucking stupid his last line was.
        We don’t know that we are a minority, but we are very sensitive about this thing that we do not know?
        lol wut
        But anyways, farewell, noble pothead! I’m sure your big brain hot takes will be missed by literally no one. 😀

  41. Larry, you should write a scene into the next MHI book or maybe a short story about a MHI hunter finding a necromancer creating zombies so they can go to the polls an vote. I think you would nail that.

  42. I’m pretty sure the DNC has forensic accountants that know Benford’s Law. Properly organized voter fraud would have made sure to follow it. But that would require a coordinated conspiracy, which is difficult to keep secret.

    This way the cheating can be done by a few expendable true believers, and the real leaders have plausible deniability. I can’t even say I feel bad about it. I would hate for people with access to that kind of power to feel they must do or die. It’s a lot better if they have a retreat path.

    1. Ori, correct. The people who keep trying to dismiss it as a vast and crazy far fetched conspiracy are ignoring the part that most of the flags I’ve thrown could’ve been done with 2 people colluding.

      1. AKA: If we don’t report it as being true or at least accurate, it’s vilely false and moreover a dire threat to democracy and the entire universe, past, present, and future. If we don’t report on it at all, it didn’t happen.

    2. You aren’t wrong, but at some point there have to be consequences and examples have to be made, and not just of the guys unloading the truckloads of phony ballots that were ordered by people much higher up the food chain. Otherwise it never stops.

      And if we’re allowed to dream, I’d like to see RICO used against the Democratic Party, for organized vote fraud and for the terrorism committed in the streets over the past year by its Antifa shock troops. If any organization in the US has earned it, they have. I’d like to see all their Congressional delegation and all their elected representatives down to county and municipal level banned for life from holding elective office, any public-sector job, or working for any organization that accepts public funds. For any that can be proven to have connection to organized vote fraud, trials for sedition, with the death penalty.

      While we’re dreaming, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California can have their statehood revoked and reverted to the status of territory, with governors appointed by the President and a mandate to root out corruption.

      And if all this is crazy talk and will never happen–that just means the same thing will happen in the next election, and the next, if there is a next without another civil war in this country.

  43. Yahoo news came out with the latest set of official explanations to explain it all away.


    A few of them I can readily object to, like that there were GOP watchers allowed in, but they had to stay six feet away, which could have interfered with their ability to keep an eye on things, but one point I found surprising was this:

    “Counting mail ballots took a long time in some states, like Pennsylvania, because the Republican Party blocked reforms that would have avoided this problem”

    Explaining all those last-minute new ballots.

    Anybody know much about this? Because it seems to be suggesting Trump and the GOP were planning to rig the election themselves by making it look like fraud.

    Or could it be that the left is just projecting?

    Still, saying it was Republicans that blocked election reforms that would’ve allowed the votes to be counted early is a point that I’d like to know more about.

    1. I tend to see some possibility that Republican Mayors, legislators
      and those deciding election protocol may have been spooked
      about the prospect of early, mail in & absentee reports discouraging (positive for dems) discouraging their base (did
      NOT happen from what I could see), and perhaps did themselves
      a disservice.
      But it’s clear from reading Whitney Webb’s piece on TIP and
      how they gamed it that Any course of action could and would
      be exploited.

  44. Software guy from Brazil here since you said you don’t work with software. We have had electronic voting here for a while. We’re gonna have one next weekend. I tell every election that *every single operation is vulnerable to fraud* physical and digital. In fact, a software could store the votes correctly, print all paper trail correctly, transfer to USB correctly, tally them correctly, and only bother to change the numbers on the very last line of the software that printed the results.

    1. Or the software could change the votes as they’re being entered. Or manipulate the vote tallies all through election day. Or introduce ‘errors’ into the vote data when it’s transferred to the tallying computers. Or the operators could download the database, make whatever changes they want, upload the ‘corrected’ data back into the servers, and erase all of those operations from the system log.

      Dominion voting systems are wide open to all of those. The owners of the company that owns the company that owns Dominion have finally been identified — three guys that used to fix elections in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez.

      1. Exactly. This is hardly a comprehensive list. Every single operation is vulnerable to fraud, even the physical ones, like swapping the pendrives with the voting data in transit to be tallied. There are ways to prevent this, of course, and exactly zero of those are used. Personally, I’d vouch for blockchain voting with real-time tally of the result, and certification of results by individuals running the mining node, any and all foreign IPs blocked.

  45. Instead of all the elaborate conspiracies, people here should consider the possibility that Trump lost votes that he could have won if he’d been a competent president. People don’t like liars. Voters found Trump unfit.

    It wasn’t just leftists voting for Biden.

    1. And yet another perfect example of the driveby dismiss/shame social pressure poster.
      But anyways, you should go the NEXT blog post where you can tell all the CPAs, investigators, forensic accountants, and data analysts that they are stupid dumb idiots and that basic audit tools and hundreds of eye witness affidavits are just elaborate conspiracies. 😀

      1. Yep, I read all that. And I observed that it is perfectly believable that Trump lost votes in this election. He’s a liar. He’s incompetent. That’s enough reason to vote against him. Candidates lose elections. Happens every four years.

        It’s not dismissing. It’s not shaming. It’s not social pressure.

        For the rest, I’m waiting for the evidence. See what they bring to court.

        1. “He’s a liar. He’s incompetent.”

          Name one politician that isn’t a liar.

          As for his competence, I’d say achieving record low unemployment for minorities and the lowest unemployment of most people’s lifetime, as well as stabilizing Obama’s wildly erratic and declining economy (please refer to the quarterly GDP breakdown from 2009-2019), it looks like you’re just a partisan wanker.

          1. Oh, give me a break. No one lies like Trump. Saying all politicians lie is just glib.

            And yes, Trump is incompetent. Doesn’t read his briefings. Doesn’t know India has a border with China and doesn’t care to learn. He says he knows everything already. Smartest person in the room–no matter who else is in the room. He thinks of his presidency as a tv show. And on and on.

            Obama’s economy was not declining. GDP was on a steady upward march. Blue collar jobs had increased by over 3%. I could go on, but you can look it up yourself and, I suppose, still refuse to believe it.

            But even if you don’t accept that Trump is a liar and an incompetent, the fact remains that a lot of people do think that, and so he lost voters. People came out in droves to vote him out.

          2. Orange Man Bad! she cried, and yet no one cared, because we were all busy talking about the painfully obvious voter fraud. 😀

            Like I said, I don’t even give a shit about Trump. But I’m a huge fan of having a system that doesn’t make half the country feel like their votes will never count again, because down that road lies madness.

        2. @Donna

          “Oh, give me a break. No one lies like Trump.”

          Bullshit. See how easy it is to dismiss your empty claims?

          “And yes, Trump is incompetent. Doesn’t read his briefings. Doesn’t know India has a border with China and doesn’t care to learn. He says he knows everything already. Smartest person in the room–no matter who else is in the room. He thinks of his presidency as a tv show. And on and on.”

          This is pure derangement, most of it based on partisan hearsay. Notice how you refused to engage when I brought up empirical evidence which refutes your claim? I suppose Obama was also incompetent because he thought there were 57 states or was on record as saying he was smarter than all of his advisors and even better than his speechwriters.

          It’s projection all the way down with you clowns.

          “Obama’s economy was not declining. GDP was on a steady upward march.”

          Objectively false.


          The data show a downward trend toward the end of his administration, after several years of major instability.

          “the fact remains that a lot of people do think that, and so he lost voters. People came out in droves to vote him out.”

          This is called talking out of your ass. Trump lost some voters and picked up others. Considering Trump’s approval rating was comparable to Obama’s at the end of his first term, I’m gonna ask you to show your work, even though I know you won’t.

          1. Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) has voted Democratic in presidential elections since 1992, except for the atypical swing to Trump in 2016. It is not at all surprising that Biden won Pennsylvania.

            Michigan (16) voted for Obama, flipped to Trump, and flipped back to Biden. Again, not surprising.
            Same for Wisconsin (10). The only thing suspicious here is … nothing.

            Whatever votes Trump picked up, they were in the wrong states. It’s not a popular majority election.

            And, to reply to Larry: It is not “painfully obvious” that there was voter fraud. None of the “red flags” that were brought to court stood up. As for the red flags that haven’t been brought to court, I suspect they’re explainable once the theories meet facts.

            The courts are waiting for the evidence. But they don’t want any more frivolous suits.

            You want to know what’s really behind all this stolen election talk? Money for Trump. It makes great fundraising for him.

          2. You are as ignorant about how courts work as you are how auditing works. 😀
            Behold the power of Donna’s fully activated Dunning-Kruger spike!
            Reading all these bullshit comments makes me glad I wasn’t online much this weekend.

          3. @Donna

            Your guesswork does nothing to prove your claim that the contested states you mention (specifically those few precincts which magically overperformed by large margins Biden’s performance elsewhere in the country) turned out for the reasons you mention.

            Again, Trump’s approval rating mirrored Obama’s at the end of his first term. There is no data which supports your conclusion.

          4. @gmmay70:
            It’s not guesswork to observe that in those states, which generally go for Democrats, Trump’s win was the anomaly, not Biden’s.

            As for some precincts going more strongly for Biden, that’s not unusual, especially in urban areas. You didn’t specify which precincts and why suspicious, other than being strongly for Biden.

            Trump’s overall approval rating stayed below 50% during his entire 4 years. If it was the same as Obama’s, that doesn’t guarantee re-election. As I said before, states with a large electoral vote total have greater impact. If the voters who approve of you are not in sufficient numbers in those states, that’s no help. If you google “Trump approval rating by state” you will find “Trump’s coronavirus approval rating underwater in key states” and other sources.

            As for your previous message (11/13, at 11:32), I went to the link you gave and I am puzzled. Are you sure you are reading the United States GDP Annual Growth Rate chart correctly? Note that the line varies between 1% and 4% GROWTH from 2011 to 2016. The following graph might be more clear, showing GDP in dollars: https://www.statista.com/statistics/263591/gross-domestic-product-gdp-of-the-united-states/

            There is a dip in 2008-2009. Otherwise, it goes up.

          5. @Donna

            “It’s not guesswork to observe that in those states, which generally go for Democrats, Trump’s win was the anomaly, not Biden’s.”

            Sure it’s guesswork. States flip. Considering how the downticket races turned out in those states, your argument along party lines falls pretty flat.

            “As for some precincts going more strongly for Biden, that’s not unusual, especially in urban areas. You didn’t specify which precincts and why suspicious, other than being strongly for Biden.”

            I didn’t say a thing about urban areas going strong for Biden. I said he outperformed in the urban areas of the contested states compared to urban areas of the rest of the country. The statistical red flag is when entire batches of votes appear in those precincts that go entirely for Biden.

            “Trump’s overall approval rating stayed below 50% during his entire 4 years. If it was the same as Obama’s, that doesn’t guarantee re-election.”

            Approval rating over the entire term is not a metric that anyone uses. And I didn’t say it would guarantee his election, did I? Would you care to respond to what I’m writing to you, or do you just want to continue reframing what I say into something you you’d rather argue with?

            “As for your previous message (11/13, at 11:32), I went to the link you gave and I am puzzled. Are you sure you are reading the United States GDP Annual Growth Rate chart correctly?”

            Sorry, the link I provided was not user friendly. The problem with the link you provide is that it’s annualized and doesn’t reflect the clear downward trend that a quarterly breakdown does.

            The quarterly breakdown of Nominal GDP beginning in Q1 2015 and ending with the election of Trump shows a clear decline in the supposedly healthy economy handed Obama handed over:


            It’s the same for Real GDP:


    2. You’re right, it was also dead people, illegal aliens, and ‘phantom’ voters that only existed on paper.

      If people don’t like liars, WHY would they vote for Biden?

        1. What has Trump lied about? Cite specific examples.

          Biden has lied about fracking, the 2nd Amendment, stacking the Supreme Court, his long history of support for white supremacy, and Hunter’s ‘business’ dealings. Biden has lied out both sides of his pie-hole about both supporting and not supporting socialism. Right there on TV in front of everybody.

          1. This doesn’t deserve an answer. We all know Trump lies prolifically. But here is a small selection:

            “I passed the biggest tax-cut in history.” He didn’t.

            “My father came here from Germany.” His father was born in New York.

            “I won the Bay of Pigs Award.” There is no such award.

            “I won the Man of the Year Award in Michigan.” He didn’t. He has also claimed a number of other awards that he made up.

            “We totally rebuilt the military.” Nope. Biggest defense budget was in 2010.

            “I had to approve McCain’s funeral.” No. And Congress approved the lying-in-state.

            “You know they want to blow it up, they want to take off Mount Rushmore.” They don’t.

            “I secured American energy independence.” The US has dominated in natural gas production since 2009. Crude oil production has steadily increased since 2010.

        2. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not there. We all fill out ballots, and send them off, assuming that a myriad of people will simply be honest counting them. I have seen video evidence of votes for Trump being ripped up by people who man the election booths. I have seen people testify that their pets were sent ballots. 70 million people voted for Trump. Enough to guarantee a win in the last five election. Over a 100% of registered voters have voted. That is enough proof for a reasonable person. But of course, liberals aren’t even close to reasonable. Regardless wether or not Democrats manage to slime their corpse president into the WH or not, this country will be far more divided now then when Trump was president.

  46. Remarkably, the Trump campaign’s claim that several PA counties violated the law to cure ballots is getting support from the NAACP filing against him. https://redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2020/11/13/naacp-motion-to-intervene-in-pa-lawsuit-presents-evidence-that-state-county-officials-violated-pa-election-laws-n279084
    Whether or not these were enough to change the election is up for debate, but it’s remarkable that in a motion filed to try and get the case dismissed the NAACP’s defense seems to be, they’re right about the violations of the law, but it’s okay to break the law if it benefits black people.

    1. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” is an increasingly common legal argument these days, “equal protection of the laws” be damned.

  47. I linked this on my FB page, Larry, but added to the post the following:

    I’m not actually all that worried. Why not. In a name, Amy Coney Barrett. She makes – with Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanagh – five. That’s one more than needed to grant certiorari and just enough to rule properly. Note, none of these people are named Roberts.

    A side light on Roberts; it is my personal opinion that he is as conservative as he was originally billed as being, but that he is _acutely_ conscious, and has been at _least_ since becoming Chief Justice, of the potential for civil war here in the not-too-terribly United States. His rulings reflect that. I am pretty sure that somewhere in his house is a portrait of Roger Taney, by his opinion in Dred Scott as responsible for the last civil war as anyone. I am equally sure that Roberts gives that portrait the finger and says, “Not on my watch, asshole; not again.” Every. Fucking. Morning.

    But that string of lawsuits Trump has already lost? Necessary or advantageous, I’m not entirely sure, to exhaust lesser remedies.

    But this HAS to go to the supreme court. And I am certain it will.

    They cannot, by the way, just throw out mail in ballots. There were seventy million of them, the overwhelming majority cast in good faith. (Remember, you only ever cheat by just enough, plus a little.) It would be as wrong to toss them – or more wrong – than to accept the frauds. But we still cannot accept the frauds because those disenfranchise the almost half of the mail in ballots that were for Trump. There probably isn’t time to run another election, without mail ins, though that would be my preference. Even if there were, COVID Karen will scream bloody murder.

    No, by the time the Court can decide the only option remaining will be to kick it to the House. Where Trump wins.

    In summation, don’t give up the faith.

    And keep your powder dry anyway, because Roberts has one great argument to not kick it to the House: Civil War.

  48. “If they can pull off this level of blatant, clumsy, in your face bullshit and get away with it, no amount of regular votes will ever matter again. Even if we overcome Big Tech and the media controlling most information and get more people on our side, they’ll just stop the count when we are too far ahead and make more votes appear until they win.”

    If that statement is true then its time for the last box (“ballot, soap, jury, …). I expressed that thought to my wife and daughter and they were both like “..but but but … next election!” I cranked up the Lee Greenwood for them.

    Churchill was right. “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    The more I watch the happenings of the last year, the more convinced I am that nothing will happen until there is no hope of victory.

  49. “If they can pull off this level of blatant, clumsy, in your face bullshit and get away with it, no amount of regular votes will ever matter again.”

    Which is why, should I survive to 2024, I have no intention of voting again – EVER!

    “the people who got robbed have little hope that the system will ever represent them again, because no matter how many votes they have on their side, what’s the point if some blue metroplex can middle of the night fabricate however many votes needed to counter them?”

    Actually, sir, I suspect that, like me, they have NO hope that the system will ever represent them again. None whatsoever. From where I sit the system is well and truly FUBAR. The soap box and ballot box no longer being functional and with the preponderance of leftists in positions of power in what is alleged to be a “Justice” system the jury box being seriously questionable, what is left but the ammo box? And the problem with that is, as Jefferson so sagely put it,

    “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”

    so even the 4th box may not ever be in play. Sic transit the glorious progressive utopia. Some days I’m glad I am old. Sucks watermelon through a drinking straw to be old but I expect to be out of the fray when AR/CW 2.0 comes to a city near me. Those things tend to be mighty bad for folk having to live through them.

    1. Not voting is about as dumb an idea as it gets. They can’t cheat this blatantly all the time. Trump won with them cheating in the past. And it will be done again. Dividing the country isn’t the answer. Yet.

  50. Look where the light is better.
    I have read that vote flipping electronically was accomplished in swing states by skimming/flipping ‘some’ votes in each county. Thus the fraud had a better chance to go undetected and the aggregate vote number maintained. Good plan.
    So we look in those states because they are the meatball states.
    What about states that were solidly Trump? I see a value to the fraudsters to flip votes in those states to make aggregate national counts skew to create more plausibility overall. As long as Trump wins where expected then less scrutiny in those places. However, in a Trump state w/10 million voters for example, if the real vote was 5.5 million for Trump & 4.5 million for biden would tuning that to 5.2 mill Trump & 4.8 mill biden really raise any flags. I doubt it. I think it would just go in the win column for Trump & the books closed. Imagine if 100k to 300k votes were fraudulently applied to biden in every state Trump won! It would really help headlines like ‘Biden, more total votes than Obama’. The value of stealing votes in this fashion can’t be underestimated.

  51. > And the people who got robbed have little hope that the system will ever represent them again
    This would already bestows on this move all the brilliance of a steam engine operator who glued the safety valve shut to stop annoying sounds. But also…
    Moldbug pointed out two simple facts (long ago):
    1. Violence generally results from the combination of conflict and uncertainty.
    2. Headcount works as a safe substitute of mob violence.
    It follows that (2) works only as long as headcount is not too uncertain, and if it is — see (1). So this fraud looks like a rather fatal mistake.
    If the judges crush this fraud hard, it’s probably back to “it’s a shell game, lolz”, and down the same hill again. If they don’t, what’s going to keep the cold civil war cold?

  52. I did the math on Biden only getting three of seventeen bellwether’s correct. The odds for the counties are 88.9 to 90.5%, depending on whether you include 1960, an election rife with fraud.

    That’s close enough to 90% to simply model it as rolling seventeen 10-dice, where ‘1’ is wrong and ‘2’ through ’10’ are a correct call. So it’s the odds of rolling 14 ones with 17 dice. Each die has 1 way to be wrong and 9 ways to be correct.

    There are 10^17 possible combinations (all possible 17-digit numbers). There is 1 way to miss every race (all 1’s). There are are 9*17=153 ways to miss one race (any of the 17 digits could be 2 through 10). There are 11,016 ways to get only two digits right, and there are 495,720 ways to get only three digits right.

    So out of 10^17 combinations, 506890 get three or fewer races correct. That comes to 19,728,146,140 to 1 odds (19.728 billion to 1) against Joe Biden having won the election cleanly while carrying three or fewer bellwether counties.

    It would be expected to happen in the lifetime of the universe.

  53. By the way, there are two points here which y’all should be aware, have been essentially debunked by a mathematician, Matt Parker, and, yes, pretty sure everyone here can follow it, it’s not deep math.

    In no sense does this suggest the fuckery does not approach infinity as a limit, it just clears off two datapoints, and should be mentioned so you don’t walk into using them and get blindsided by these facts. At the least, you’ll want to be armed with a counter-argument (I say just don’t use them even if you don’t agree with Parker’s analysis)

    1 — the misapplication of Benford’s law in this case. I won’t go into it, I’ll just give you the link so you can judge for yourself:

    2 — the other is the analysis by Dr. Shiva, which is virtually unquestionably destroyed by Parker.

    Again again again, There is ZERO zip nada nil NONONO doubt in my mind that this election is beyond irredeemably faulty.

    I’m just making sure the arguments from our side remain in the clearly valid arena, and don’t sound stupid for ignoring a very effective refutation of a single one of them

  54. I’m a lifetime Georgia Republican, and I’m sick of this fraud. I expect my vote to count. There’s no way in hell I’m going to vote in the runoff in January. F*&^ em! I’m not wasting my time. Not unless they overrule the fraud and give it to Trump.

  55. To Mr. Corriea and all (well, almost all;) posters, a big Thank You!
    I like to try (as best I can) as a layman to learn more. I almost
    never post cause I learn more by reading all the back and forth.
    I can get a steady diet of the orthodoxy anytime, but it’s getting
    harder to get intelligent info ‘above my pay grade’, but also those
    (especially you Larry) who take the trouble to explain.
    Once again thanks to all.

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