the 2020 election: fuckery is afoot

I am more offended by how ham fisted, clumsy, and audacious the fraud to elect him is than the idea of Joe Biden being president. I think Joe Biden is a corrupt idiot, however, I think America would survive him like we’ve survived previous idiot administrations. However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged and they’re eternally fucked. And now, however this shakes out in court, that’s exactly what half the country is going to think.  

People are pissed off, and rightfully so.

Before I became a novelist I was an accountant. In auditing you look for red flags. That’s weird bits in the data that suggest something shifty is going on. You flag those weird things so you can delve into them further. One flag doesn’t necessarily mean there’s fraud. Weird things happen. A few flags mean stupidity or dishonesty. But a giant pile of red flags means that there’s bad shit going on and people should be in jail.

Except for in politics, where apparently all you have to do to dismiss a bunch of red flag is be a democrat and mumble something about “fascist voter suppression” then you can do all sorts of blatant crime and get off.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of information about what’s going on during this clusterfuck of an election. Last night I was on Facebook talking about the crazy high, 3rd world dictatorship level voter turnout levels in the deep blue areas of these swing states was very suspicious. Somebody gas lighted me about how “I’d have to do better than that”, so this was my quick reply, listing off the questionable bullshit I could think of off the top of my head:

The massive turn out alone is a red flag.

But as for doing better…

The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.

The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.

The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.

The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.

Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.

The poll observers being removed. Red flag.

The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.

The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)

The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.

The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.

USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.

The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.

Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world. This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves.

And it isn’t that I have to do better. I’m just an gen pop observer who happens to be a retired auditor with a finely tuned bullshit detector. This is going to the courts.


So now I want to delve into some of these some more. The problem is that there’s a ton of info swirling around, some good, some crap. It doesn’t help that reporters are usually dishonest or not very bright and absolute trash at presenting data. Part of our problem is Big Tech is actively stomping on stories that make their guy look bad. (while compiling these I discovered that several of the links I’d looked at yesterday had been vanished by Facebook or Twitter)

For the last four years half the country was all “Trump is illegitimate! He’s not my president! He stole the election!” so on and so forth, and that was all based upon nebulous ideas about “Russian Interference”, The Russian Interference mostly boiled down to them buying ads on Facebook, or having fake bots trolling on Twitter last time. This time the actual giant megacorporations, Facebook, Twitter, and Google themselves have actively censored stories in order to protect their candidate. So you think after this pile of suspicious election clusterfucks that makes the game look totally rigged, the other half of the country is going to accept Joe Biden as legitimate? Oh hell no.

When you are auditing you see mistakes happen all the time. Humans make errors. Except in real life, mistakes usually go in different directions. When all the mistakes go in the same direction and benefit the same parties, they probably aren’t mistakes. They’re malfeasance.

Let’s go back a bit to before election day to see why people would be suspicious that the game has been rigged.

Most of the mainstream polls were utter garbage, off by what I believe to be the largest amounts ever in all of American history. Of course, this thing that surely demoralized the right and helped the left raise funds was just an innocent sampling error rather than a purposeful sampling bias… uh huh.

Then in the weeks leading up to the election, Big Tech and the media had a concentrated censorship effort to stop what was probably the juiciest October Surprise in modern history. But them silencing major newspapers and US Senators was just a mistake in their innocent efforts to “fact check”.   

Then on election day, states like Florida that were obviously swinging hard for Trump with no possible mathematical way for Biden to come back, the news wouldn’t call for Trump. States where it was still clearly up in the air just based on even the most cursory of statistical analysis (Arizona) they called for Biden ASAP. But that was just innocent mistakes, and not an attempt to set the narrative of inevitable Biden victory by major media.

When Trump pulled ahead in the midwestern swing states by what were starting to appear to be insurmountable amounts, they suddenly threw the brakes on the counts. (my favorite part of this was when it looked like Trump was going to win, the Chinese Yaun crashed, which is pretty telling about just how shitty a candidate Joe Biden is) Okay, suddenly stopping all those counts seemed a little weird, but most of America went to bed thinking that this was a close race, with Trump in the lead in the EC.

Then we woke up in the morning, and everybody saw the 538 graphs showing a massive middle of the night spike for Joe Biden, with almost zilch in corresponding votes for Trump.

Now, one of those got walked back as “typo”. (again, funny how all these “mistakes” keep going in one direction) but the damage was already done, and all of a sudden most of America was paying a whole lot more attention to places like Wisconsin and Michigan than we usually do. That’s how flags work. And it turned out that single six figure typo was only one of many statistically improbable Biden vote dumps to come.

Now, all of my liberal acquaintances were quick to dismiss these, with some gas lighting about how it was just deep blue inner cities votes coming in, and of obviously they’re going to vote for Joe Biden… Except that is them deliberately missing the point. It isn’t that Biden won those, it is that he won them with statistically improbable amounts.

I don’t know what the current numbers are now, but as of yesterday morning the Wisconsin Midnight Mystery Dump was something like 98.4% for Joe Biden. That’s better than the bluest of blue cities manage. That’s better than Biden did in DC. I saw one 28k dump yesterday (I want to say it was 538 talking about PA) that was listed as ALL for Biden. That’s basically statistically impossible.

In a small populace, you can get 100% of the vote. However the larger the sample, the more likely there will be dissenting votes. Even in the bluest of blue areas or reddest of red areas, somebody is going to be a cranky dissident, or an old person is going to fill in the wrong circle. When you get into the hundreds or thousands yet maintain that kind of perfect ratio, basically impossible.

Plus we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden, the guy barely campaigned, who got like 12 sad looking people to his rallies, was more popular than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? This election was just that much more special? Uh huh… Except that these few battleground state blue cities vote ratios don’t match up with other blue cities around America, where it appears Trump’s support among every demographic group other than white males went UP.

Then people were quick to dismiss these statistically improbable spikes with “of course the mail in voting favors Biden, republicans vote in person.” Yes, but they don’t favor Biden with these kind of ratios anywhere else in America. The ratios are more like 60-40 or 70-30. But 97-3? Oh fuck no. So either Biden is a better campaigner to the inner cities (though he rarely left his basement) than the eloquent messianic figure of Barack Obama, or there’s something fishy going on here.

Now, as a suspicious auditor type who spent a lot of hours looking for fuckery in complex systems, my gut tells me fake ballots were getting dumped into the system to make up the difference. And oh look, here is a giant pile of red flags indicating that’s the case.

Yesterday there was a meme going around about how Wisconsin had something like 90% voter turnout, and how this was 20 points higher than usual, and it how it would also be one of the highest voter turnouts in all of American history. If Wisconsin was at 90% that beats the highest national number in all of American history by EIGHT points. And that was 1876 (which was legendarily fraudulent by the way).

Except, this is the problem with using memes to make your argument, it was only partially accurate, and the previous Wisconsin numbers were cited one way, and the current year was calculated a different way. (don’t feel bad, I fell for that one too, and as an accountant, that’s SO ANNOYING). When most people think of voter turnout, they think what percent of registered voters vote. But because Wisconsin has same day voting (a gift for fraudsters) their prior year percentages were votes compared to eligible population (that’s so goofy). But it meant the meme was comparing apples to oranges. So the leftists immediately jumped on that error to dismiss the idea that there was anything weird about how many people turned out to vote this time.

HOWEVER, that’s useless obfuscation. Because if you calculate the number the same way that most Americans do, their turn out was still like 90%, which is a rate normally reserved for dictators (that combined with the vote ratios would have made Saddam Hussein blush). I had one liberal guy point out that notoriously corrupt Seattle also gets 90%… which doesn’t exactly help his case.

Because here’s the kicker, the high turn out is the average for the state, but when you drill down on the source of these statistically improbable blue vote dumps, they’ve got districts with TWO HUNDRED PERCENT TURN OUT. That’s over 200%. There’s 7 over 100%, and a ton of them in the 90s.

Now the quick liberal dismiss explanation for this is that Wisconsin has same day registration (again, a fraudsters dream) and thousands of people ignored months of TV and social media beating them over the head to get registered to vote, and just decided to do it at the last minute because Biden is just that awesome/Trump is just that bad.

Except if you’re an auditor, when you see super suspicious spikes like that in certain places, the first thing we think is that’s the place where you’ve got somebody over the controls colluding. So that’s where you go to fabricate your bullshit.

200% turn out is fucking insane. Same day voting or not. That’s madness. When I was looking into this stuff I pulled a HuffPo article about the 2012 election and how it was controversial that some Madison ward had gotten 119% turnout.  

Oh, but wait, there’s more.

A whistleblower has come forward from a Michigan post office saying that they were given ballots on November 4th, and ordered to post mark them to election day so they would still be valid.

That is so insanely illegal. When the reporter called the postal supervisor who gave the order and asked about it, he immediately hung up.

Now, on this one, liberals were quick to dismiss it because it was from Project Veritas. (who they hate, and say cherry picks their investigative reporting, yet they keep winning all the lawsuits against them) However, the very next video was the response from the US Postal Inspector General (or whatever his title is, I can’t remember) about how they are investigating, so this wasn’t just some crank going to a reporter, it’s been passed up the chain of command. It’s an actual whistle blower.

I had someone else try to dismiss this one as innocent, because the post office accepting these late ballots had no way of knowing who they voted for so it would balance out. That’s is so naïve its cute. Of course they knew who the ballots were for. They were probably dropped off by people they were colluding with. You don’t commit felonies for clueless strangers because you feel sorry they got their votes in late.

A quick note on collusion because I mentioned it a couple times now. Collusion is the key to successful fraud. Systems have controls and checks in places, so the best way to circumvent them is to team up with somebody over one of those controls and exploit the gap. That’s fraud 101. Which is why you go to the post office your buddy runs to drop off your illegal late emergency Save Biden ballots. Or you go to the ward your buddy the poll worker is running the log in book to same day register all your imaginary friends.

Speaking of the imaginary vote, this one is actually hilarious. Democrats are quick to say all votes must count, which apparently includes people who are 118 years old.

All those little fraud schemes come in from various directions, except the fraud numbers add up quick in a tight race. However, if you are behind by hundreds of thousands of votes in the middle of the night it requires some audacious level fuckery, which brings us to a red flag you can see from space. The 4 AM Biden Miracle. Here is an account from somebody at the counting center.

This is the third link I’ve had to pull for this one, because Facebook keeps killing the others. Listen to the whole thing. Because after the statistically impossible votes came in, they had to toss a bunch of the GOP judges out of the building because of Covid.

Remember what I said about collusion? If you’ve got the actual system with the controls on your side, you can basically do any outlandish bullshit you feel like, and the only way you are going to get stopped is by an outside power (hence the multitude of lawsuits we’re going to see over the next few days).

Another thing you learn to spot when people are fraudulently manipulating data, is the mission-oriented spikes. On this one I’ve seen a few links, but the data has been so in flux that I’ve not been able to confirm it, but supposedly a bunch of the sudden Biden spikes weren’t just statistically improbable, they also voted for president but not the down ballot races. Now, lots of people will vote for president but don’t care about down ballot. However, when you get a pile of those in a row, that suggests somebody in a hurry filling out the mission critical bubble and then moving down stack, assembly line style.

There was also video taken of one guy delivering these mystery ballots to the counting center in the middle of the night (unloading them from a white van into a little red wagon) the link I used yesterday had been deleted by YouTube but I found this new one (can’t stop the signal, Mal)

Gee whiz. I can’t imagine why mysterious boxes are being moved into this supposedly secure voting facility in the middle of the night with no observers or chain of custody.

And there’s more. They just keep coming. Yesterday morning I saw a small article about a republican official calling shenanigans on the voting in his small county, which went overwhelmingly Trump last time, and how it appeared the votes tallied weren’t even enough to account for his immediate family. Of course he got laughed at by caring liberals. Fast forward a few hours and it turns out that the voting program was faulty.

Worse, the same broken ass software was apparently used in 33 other counties. Hmmm… Again, with all these magical errors in these swing states all going in one side’s favor.

Then there’s SharpieGate, but I’ve heard so much conflicting stuff about that one, with sharpies actually working fine in the scantron machines, that I’m not putting much stock in that one yet. There’s a lawsuit already though, so it’ll be interesting to see what new information comes out.

Here’s another thing you learn about auditing. The more chaotic the system, the more chances for fraud. So when you come across a system that is extra chaotic on purpose, that tells you that the people running it want it that way for a reason.

And the flags just keep coming in. This is going to be way worse than Florida in 2000.

What happens now? Beats me. It goes to court, and then the real question becomes how much spine the republicans have to actually fight. In previous years I’d assume they’d be a bunch of spineless chickenshits and wimp out like usual, but I’m not so sure this time. I don’t know if or how any of these will pan out, and without access to the real data, all I can do is guess.

I can say without hesitation though, that fuckery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they’ll be able to prove it. Only this is politics, so who knows. The only thing I do know for certain is that this election is so fucked up it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more.

Update: I did a part 2


Election 2020: the more fuckery update
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686 thoughts on “the 2020 election: fuckery is afoot”

  1. Do they want to have a civil war? Because this is how you get civil wars.
    If the soap box is suppressed, and if jury box doesn’t work, and the ballot box is rigged, what’s left other than the ammo box?

      1. “The massive turn out alone is a red flag.”
        WFT? Were under a rock this last year? I assume you’re not on facebook, or you wouldn’t have been able to ignore the HUNDREDS of posts every day telling people to vote.
        I assume you don’t have a car, because you apparently didn’t driven past the LONG LINES TO VOTE that started when early voting opened up four weeks ago.
        I’ve been around a while, and I have NEVER seen as much determination to vote.
        Yeah, I’m not surprised at the massive turn out.
        Item number one: it’s a red flag… signaling that a TON of people were very interested in this election.

        1. Geoffrey,

          “Because here’s the kicker, the high turn out is the average for the state, but when you drill down on the source of these statistically improbable blue vote dumps, they’ve got districts with TWO HUNDRED PERCENT TURN OUT. That’s over 200%”
          -Larry Correia


          Did you see that part?


          You believe that’s legit?

          1. I hope you saved that original table of voting percentages because they “updated” the table. Now there’s only one ward with over 100% voters voting. It has five voters. Two voted for Biden, three for Trump. Everything else is under 100% on the table in your linked article.

          2. Fractal, you’re just going to confuse him with things like facts and data which will cause him to need a safe space.

          3. He could be wrong on one point, even two, but there would still be corruption across the board. Also, with so much corruption with the Left for four years, how would I believe they’ve had a moral breath come upon them?

          4. Any time you have a number that exceeds the level recorded in the register you would expect that anything above that 100% to be provisional ballots. These are never mentioned or asked about. Even at 100% you would expect some provisional ballots. St Lucie Florida a precinct in that district recorded a turn out of 189%. Dan Bongino was running for office that year.

          5. Geoffrey may have 2 strikes against him. First of all, he’s a leftist, so he’s likely innumerate. Secondly,, he can’t handle the truth.

          6. “Those Who Vote Decide Nothing. Those Who Count The Vote Decide Everything…”
            “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

          7. US Presidential Voter FRAUD!????????

            *Media does NOT ‘call elections!’
            …THIS is about The Constitutional Republic we call Home! This kind of Election Fraud is what regularly occurs in 3rd World Countries.., NOT The United States of America!



            “..the Biden Math (Voter turnout).. isn’t just ‘Statistically Improbable,’ it’s Statistically Impossible!” ~ via Leigh Dunda, Human Rights Attorney

            0.00000189 % improbable..!!! Or 1-in-52 MILLION..!!! THAT’S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! ~ via:


            PLZ CALL The White House Voter Fraud Line at: 1-800-895-4152 ~ if you know or hear of ANY Voter Irregularities…, ANY!!!


            Joe Biden is not the 46th president in any sense of official status REPEAT: The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states FULL STORY HERE:

          8. Fractal Rabbit,

            Geoffrey‘s suffering from Severe Leftists’ Dementia [*note: This disease produces a steady cognitive decline!]…, It would be in his/her(?) best interest to seek professional medical help ~ psychiatric/psychological. Of course, these types of diseases e/affect primarily DemonRATS and ‘Walking Away’ might promote eventual remission…, or even a complete recovery. One can always hope.

            This assessment pertains to ALL Leftists, DemonRATS, Socialists/Communists and Progressives.

            Final Prognosis: Extensive Psychiatric Counseling and/or Hospitalization (preferably with The Best Quality ‘Padded Cells!’) in a local unit, may serve such mentally deprived patients with at least some MEAGER Chance of rehabilitation! As we like to say when encountering such severe cases: “A LOCKED-UP & CONTAINED DemonRAT is a HAPPY DemonRAT..!!!” ????????

          9. I clicked on the Milwaukee article and did not see any at 200% and only one at 125%. Did I miss something?

          10. Seems that only in small districts would you see anything approaching 100%. We’re talking about the percentage of votes-to-reg.voters, and anything over 100% is improper, mistaken and likely illegal.

          1. what do we do about this? I’m not one to riot, but I can totally do without Facebook and Twitter and Google. and mainstream media. but we need to do more.

        2. When you have a sudden massive turnout in a precinct where previous elections did not, and you have 200% of those registered turning up to vote, that is a reason to say “hmmm.” So when you see a bunch of those in the same city, that is another reason to say “hmmm.” And then you see a bunch of cities in that state having the same two suspicious conditions, you say “nuh uh, not buying it.”

          Unless of course you are a -partisan- and your team is benefiting from the suspicious turnout, Mr. Landis. Then you make posts like yours here, trying to pretend everything is totally cool.

          This is electoral fraud of the same type you see in Bangladesh, or Venezuela. You want to live in Bangladesh, Mr. Landis? Because you’re going to, if the DemocRats keep doing fraud at this scale.

          1. Exactly!! But also remember just how corrupt, crooked, and plain untrustworthy the leftists – socialists were during the ENTIRE 4 years of Trump!! We’ve seen what they will do, and what they’re capable of. All the LIES, and doing everything to overthrow our President at ANY COST!! THEY DO IT FOR POWER AND PROFIT!! Trump donates his $400,000 + salary. Who thinks Biden would?? Trump genuinely cares about this country and all people in it!! And racist Trump?? Dems been calling us racist even when we were the party to end slavery!!! Being called a racist is an everyday occurrence by self absorbed narcissist’s who feel moral – feeding their narcissism- kinda like a bully attacking – all to feel superior and better about them selves. For heaven sake, black Repubs are literally called “white supremacists” – the “racist” term has completely lost its meaning! Those who don’t like Trump coz of personality?? Geez! He’s a business man, a leader. But to say it’s his personality-? Superficial!! Biden is unfit!! He can’t think straight, he will get blown over, he will cave and/or be bribed! He’s in this for the power and profit! He has compromised and will continue to compromise this country for profit! NO WAY IN HELL THAT OUR ELECTION IS LEGIT!! IT HAS BEEN HI-JACKED BY TERRORISTS! We see who they really are, not by what they try to tell us by speaking their political correctness BS! We’re supposed to believe they have integrity!! Laughable!

          2. The last that fought for Ga in my family were in 62nd and 8th Georgia CSA, I’m ready again. And as a Certified Statistician who has taught Statistics on the University and College level, I can tell you, this guy isn’t wrong.

          3. Exactly, when you are looking for excuses for fraud, you’re part of it. If it’s blatantly in your face, like the MI and WI drops and you seek rationale, you are joining the pigs in the swill.

          4. When people are chanting “by any means necessary”… I’m inclined to take them at their word.

          5. “I can say without hesitation though, that fuckery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they’ll be able to prove it. Only this is politics, so who knows. The only thing I do know for certain is that this election is so fucked up it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more”…
            AND THAT IS COMMUNIST GEORGE SOROS AND HIS PUPPET DEMS AGENDA…George Soros Politics (Conflict & Division) NOT Americas Politics…Dems lawyered up with George Soros attorneys in massive quantity will be interesting to see how Trump legal team defends fraud…many bought and paid for by GS

          6. I’ve been saying the exact same thing. All of this. I am also a mathematician as well as a tea leaf reader and a former special ops officer. Wisdom from all professions would say:
            The tea Leaves never blow in the same direction except in a hurricane. This was a hurricane of fraud. Math never lies. Ever. And NONE of the math adds up. And when the map doesn’t match the terrain, follow the terrain.
            Anyone with any non biased common sense would realize that we are in a SWAMP of fraud and not a sea of tranquility.

          1. I pray to God that it doesn’t come to that but we’ve got to be prepped. God Bless America!

          2. John “Liberals and DemocRats own guns too”…
            Your point is? Can’t have a kinetic war without an opposing side. Do you think we’re stupid and imagine only one side will be armed? Like we hadn’t thought this through? Liberals and dims will be soft as pies – don’t forget who won the last time the dim Dems went to war with the Republicans. I relish the prospect of shooting armed dims.

          3. One 30 06 round in the correct brain about 80 years ago could have saved 50 million lives. I feel like we are probably going to let this one swim by too.

          4. No one is going to war. Chill out. Biden isn’t going to do anything just like Obama. Republicans control the Senate.

          5. I live in OR, have an AR-15 and a ton of ammo. I’m with you brother. This traitorous bs can’t stand.

          1. Larry,
            Have you seen this?

            It gave me a glimmer of hope that there will be justice served, it would be the most epic set-up in the world if DJT engineered the ultimate sting-op into this election!

            I love how Trump has surrounded himself with sharp tactical minds like Giuliani, Bobulinski, and now Pieczenik, they are true patriots fighting for America.

          2. I have taken to calling the two of these Anti-Presidents Joe Kamal-ah! or Kamal-Joe, if I am feeling particularly nasty.

            Thanks for your list. Its great to have someone of your stature stating what we all are clearly seeing.

        3. 21,000 polling locations were eliminated for this election. That’ll lengthen some lines in existing locations.

          1. Well, now, if they crawled out of their graves to vote, that would be something.

            In fact, I’d be inclined to allow it!

          2. Exactly. I won’t be surprised when we find out tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands mail it ballots are deemed invalid for things like; Arrived to late, wrong address, no such persons and voter is dead. I believe the Dems had no ground this year because they had aligned with China for the mail in ballot scheme. China creates them and DNC distributes them where when needed “say 3:30 am on 11/03/20 in Minnesota “for example”?

          3. You watch. Pelosi will have Biden declared unfit within the next 6 months if he’s “elected”. Harris will be declared President and Pelosi will move up a spot. No election for the first black “woman” to the highest office in the land. How pissed off will Hillary be?

          4. Hey, that would have been a great scene to put in ‘Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners’ — thousands of corpses rise from the New Orleans graveyards on Election Day and shamble to the polls.

            “They’re counting our votes anyway; we might as well make it official!”

            Or maybe a curse that causes all those dead Chicago voters to show up in the flesh, or what’s left of it.

        4. 200+% turnout = Fraud, real simple.
          100% means everyone voted 1 time, 200% equals 2 votes per person.

          Was that easy enough to follow or do you need pictures, Geoffrey Landis ?

          1. In this case because your voting is retarded it means
            1 vote expected = 2 votes recieved
            200% means that this votes are missing somewhere else.
            Also as your voting is not anonymous that stuff is traceable, get on it underaged pussy grabbers.

          2. Negative. The turnout number is high because they did an amateur level fake ballot dump (s). Voting 2x works for small elections, but not for the numbers they needed here. They were in such a hurry, they couldn’t even mark any down votes, had to feed them through before people woke up.

        5. I went to vote around 10am on Election Day. The “line” consisted of me passing 3-4 people on their way out of the polling center.

          1. I live in one of the blue counties in AZ. My precinct had a short line going in and empty vote stations and no line as I left. Red areas had long lines past 7pm. Also, this Biden friendly precinct was handing out ball point pens, not sharpies (which cost about 10x more than pens).

        6. Turned out of 200% over is ok ? Really ?!? You must be a moron of a high order !
          Long lines – so what ?!? Stats that showing 200% turnout is a Fraud !!! Pure a simple!

        7. There is ALWAYS massive campaigns to get out the vote (see what I did there?). We all expected turnout to be greater than average election years and wouldn’t bat an eye if the percentage of increased voters were in the probable column. That just isn’t what we have here.

          You have to also look at the totality of the circumstantial evidence to see if there is probable cause to investigate. It would take an incredible suspension of disbelief to ignore the amount of circumstantial evidence when viewing it as a whole. I would add to the incredible list in the post that we were told counting was going to stop – but it didn’t.

          Listen, we want all LEGAL votes to count. Maybe that will result in President Trump’s reflection, and maybe it won’t. But we all deserve to know.

        8. Not to the tune of 200% or even 100%. Did you even read the article? (If so, you may want to work on your reading comprehension.) It was one of many red flags.

        9. There were no lines where I went In the heart of Phoenix. So using your methodology, my bit of anecdotal evidence negates your entire point and all adjacent observations, evidence and conclusions and you’re wrong.

        10. All the red flags are things the Dems did! All they had was hate Trump and Covid! They have tried unsuccessfully for 4 years to remove him. With all the support he had, the only way they could win was to use Covid as an excuse to do Mail-in voting. Biden never had to come out of the basement because he knew it was already decided for him!

          1. Exactly! This was orchestrated by the left months ago. Their HATE & utter DISDAIN for all things Donald J Trump knowing full well that he was going to win re-election drove them and their minions to steal it by the only means they know how: Lies and Corruption! God Help Us and Reveal The Truth! And May GOOD Prevail Over EVIL!

        11. The massive turnout in Milwaukee is extraordinary more than the rest of the country and there seems to be unusually high number of ballots in the disputed states that only voted for President and not down ballot

          1. Central polling in MW was live streamed. Why are republicans not showing us proofs from that stream ? Where there no rep observers at the Central Polling ?

          1. I’m a foreign observer of this election that has followed your national politics for decades… VERY CLOSELY. I may not be able to vote in your elections, nor should I be… but if ever there was a case for massive election fraud, this is it. Clumsy, amateaur, Blatant and embarrassing for the Democrats. If you think this election, as counted so far, is acceptable, you don’t deserve to vote ever again. Every registered Democrat should be ashamed and embarrassed. If your candidate wins fair and square, it’s all good and we need to move on. But seriously, people… look at a Trump rally with 200,000 people at every event, or filling stadium to capacity everywhere he goes with thousands watching outside, and then show me a Biden rally photo, ‘C mon, Man? Who are you even trying to fool here? Biden’s rallies can’t fill a minivan. He has dementia. This election was about electing Harris… the only female more despicable than Hillary. Of course they had to cheat on a massive scale, and with a willing media,, what outcome did you expect? The voter-fraud had to be epic to pull this off… now let this be investigated fully… I have watched Trump for years before he ran for office… He has placed a poison pill for his opponents… It will be the biggest November poison-pill in history. Stay tuned!

          2. Warren V. DC.

            Voting percentages above the number of registered voters is not anecdotal. It is conclusive evidence of fraud. Most of the other red flags cited are very persuasive.

        12. Geoffrey Landis, you’re in the Cleveland area. Likewise. We saw the same lines and the same hype. And Trump still won the state by a fat margin.

          Granted, the Ohio Democratic Party is a mess, particularly up here. But were they too incompetent to campaign, too incompetent to cheat, or both?

        13. So, I was in the political data biz for about 15 years, ending in 2002. Wait, I guess that was more like 18 years. A 70% turnout was a barn-burner. We had data from over 20 years, and even 65% was considered heavy.

          So, yeah, I think the 100% (sometimes higher!) turnouts are a little suspicious.

        14. Even with massive turn out for Obama a supposed Historic Elections. Long lines then too…turn out was 62.5% and in 2012 63%…but keep drinking the koolaid…

        15. I agree: I’ve never seen such determination to vote. However, enthusiasm to vote is also inextricably linked to rally attendance numbers. On that basis, all of the enthusiasm was for Trump, none for Biden. And I’ll remind you that neither was there any enthusiasm for Kamala, who was so unpopular with voters in the Dem primaries that she was the first to drop out of the race before magically being selected for the veep slot. It’s clear at this point that Dems knew early on that they didn’t stand a chance against Trump’s enormous popularity (discounting the MSM megaphone given to TDS sufferers) and that the strategy was not to field viable candidates but to steal the election. Dems ranging from Pelosi, to the PA AG to the Philly DA, to Biden himself have as much as admitted this with their comments about not needing voters to win, calling the election before the vote, and bragging about assembling an unprecedented vote fraud machine.

        16. Besides the fact that the long lines were mostly due to the fact that we are social distancing and they’re only allowing so many people in at a time you might also want to note that the determination to show up in record numbers to vote in person was for Trump not Biden. Which is why Trump was up the night of the election until all biden votes came through “mail” All of a sudden.

        17. In ’08, Obama was considered a god, the “second coming.” Millions of blacks who’d never cared to vote before we’re all in, in most every state. Even white folks wanted to crow to their grandkids how in step with history they were.

          And this time, the highest percentage of blacks [and browns] in US history voted for Trump, and Biden got a lower percentage of blacks than Hillary, and much less than the 90% for Obama. But Biden and non-factor Harris had greater drawing power than a Rock Star.

          The problem with any partisan is their self-righteousness is undented by overwhelming reason and facts.

        18. You didn’t understand what you just read if this is your takeaway. The large numbers in the questionable states do not reflect in the states not in question. 90% turnout only in places where there are issues while the rest of the areas had normal or slightly above average turnout…Dem or GOP.

          That ALONE is an issue, then combined with all the others…is an even bigger issue.

        19. And yet they could not be bothered to register until election day? There were also a large percentage of people that did not care for either candidate.

        20. Sure. Like Nevada which had 125 % of registered voters.
          80-90 % is an orange flag. 90-100% is red flag to brick wall.
          Anything above 100% pure felony.

        21. It sounds like you are all about facts. That’s great. I so you must be thrilled that Trump is suing for investigations so all the facts can come to light.

          To me what is the biggest red flag of all is how many Biden people there are who are terrified with the prospect of audits and investigations.

        22. Item number 2: Benford’s Law. It’s likely outside your bandwidth but it’s going to be the hot new phrase of 2020.

        23. I believe that he specifically was discussing voter turnout in areas that did not match similar areas, or states like Wisconsin which had a 90% turnout.
          He is not saying that the fact that we had a high voter turn out generally is a red flag. It is that certain areas that happen to be pivotal to the outcome had turnout that is not in line with the rest of the states or other similar areas around the country.

        24. What massive turnout? How many voting places did you drive by?? BS. People have been voting early for years.

          again, why would someone who was terrified to speak to his supporters and when he did, had 14 people show. Same for Obama, he got hundreds. That’s it. There was no motivation to get out and vote for Biden. No factual evidence for it.

        25. Long lines also comes from the fact that all polling stations had to account for the virus. I bet it wasn’t as crowded inside for you this year compared to previous elections?

        26. If you read the article he is talking about the 200% voter turnout in some places. That means the voter roles DOUBLED, and all in same-day registration voters. If they had been registered beforehand, the count would just be 100% of registered voters on the list when the balloting began.

        27. Did you read the whole article, I Would assume you did for science orientated people always want to know every detail before coming forth with an informed decision, If you still have problems with the article & won’t concede any pertinent points of said article, I would have to draw the conclusion that you are more then willing to toss you alleged integrity & honor in the trash for the greater cause of your left wing party ideology, EY.

        28. Red Flag… absolutely. Read the rest of the article, paying special attention to the astronomical anomalies with the numbers of blue vs red and historical figures in these RED FLAG precincts, counties and states.

        29. 90% turnout with a sample size of over 5 million (Wisconsin) is in the 5.5th standard deviation. That’s like a twice a week occurrence (a man in a grey jacket walking a dog past your house) stopping cold, with zero occurrences, for 72 THOUSAND years. Then, one week….. there he is again, two or three times a week, every week, like clockwork again. This isn’t about interest. It’s about statistics.

        30. Agreed, massive turnout isn’t a red flag; heck we should be happy when 200% of the people are interested enough in the election to actually vote. I think it is particularly inspiring that so many of the dead got out of their graves.

        31. The zeal for this election was bipartisan, and would not be expected to strongly favor one or the other. When turnout is >90%, that is special. When it is over 100%, that is trouble.

        32. You answered your own question!!! Every Hollywood lefty, socialist politicians and big techs etc etc as well conservatives asked people to vote vote vote, and believe me they did Vote (1) vote (2) vote ( 3) times, some even more, but that was already part of the strategy to justify the appearance of millions of fraudulent votes later on, from illegals- from multiple voting – from dead people- from dual resistancy addresses! There has been fraud reported with the military absentee ballots, how sad these brave Americans are there fighting for us and most of their votes didn’t count. For you to say that the turned out is legit… I am sorry, JESUS CHRIST … you are either very blind and naive or you are deliberately part of the problem. What you are trying to do is to convince yourself or others that a circle ⭕️ is shaped square. It is absolutely impossible not to connect their dots and see what they did from the very beginning of the election year… and yes the appearance of the virus is part of it bc there is the only way they would get to approve vote by mail and scare the hell of these easily controlled sheep that only know how to wake up in the morning and find their lives the same way they left when they went to bed. They don’t like changes – they fear if the sun doesn’t come out, let alone if you tell them that a virus will kill them. I am so sad bc I saw a man in his 70’s worked his ass off for a job that he doesn’t need, but we are blessed that he still wants after having dedicated 5 yrs of his life for a bunch of ungrateful people that have no idea that they are just shooting down their ONLY HOPE – the only person and very lat chance to save their fredom and their nation and their stupid morning routines. They just signed off their future away. God bless america! If Trump doesn’t prevail the injustice upon his victory…we are done… finished!!! Such a beautiful country and community… over!! ????

        33. So it magically only happened in these select few areas? Why not in all major districts nationwide? How did Biden underperform in total votes in Dem strongholds like Chicago and Miami? Where was the magic turnout there? Gimme a break. You’re either naive or a Dem hack.

        34. Except that the only way humans vote at these levels is in dictator run nations with mandatory go to jail penalties

        35. I am sure it is fraudulent in every way they did not hide it hell Republicans take it laying down. May I get a kiss next time. I am sure it will never stop till someone is held accountable . Look at 2016 to 2020 criminal escapades of the deep state virtually untouched. Next

        36. Yes, BUT, those LONG lines were mostly Republicans who KNEW they would play with Republicans mail in ballots. My mail in envelope had the information right on it. It would’ve gone straight into a fire pit.
          They arrested 2 men in LA for voter fraud because they filled out 8,000 applications EACH for ballots, then filled out the ballots and mailed them in. They’ll prosecute the 2 guys, but certainly WILL NOT rescind 16,000 ballots. So guess what, there goes another Republican seat.

        37. So, the only red flag you can disagree with is the first one, yet you STILL think this election was legitimate. There’s the problem. That’s the “ostrich with his head in the sand” thinking that this author is talking about. That’s what gaslighting is. And they’ve accomplished it with you.

        38. No matter how you try to spin it – it is fraud. Any decent forensic accountant will tell you that, and many have said exactly that. No way around it. Why did they have to stop the count? Because they had to bring in additional “mail in” ballots to bring Biden’s vote up. Hundreds of thousands, collaborated by eye witnesses, brought in after polls closed. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people who live in the most free country in the world, would settle for a rigged election. Nor do I understand why the democrats are spending a ton of money to block recounts and audits. Doesn’t pass the smell test, does it?

        39. Lol. Wrong. 6 cities don’t have dramatically different results than 60 others unless tons of illegal, fraudulent votes are added to the ballots. The fraud is so obvious even the left realizes it except for the corrupt or ignorant few that never understand logic and facts.

        40. Ummm literally I believe he’s saying that more votes were cast than actual registered voters. But but only in swing states.
          In other states they had 95% voter turnout huh? Impossible. Cmon

        41. How do you explain “red flag statistics” like this? (from a related article — search for “5 Ways Biden Unusually Outperformed Norm”)

          “The Washington Post featured an election analyst Robert Barnes who marveled: “Big cities in swing states run by Democrats . . . the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters…”

      2. re: “we already went to war once to have our voices heard through a vote…”

        yeah, but the Banksters from NY won that- and ravished the land, impoverished the people, and stole all the cotton wealth.

        The key is not the footsoldiers in the field; but rather the network of international Banksters funding those soldiers. Start with a list of Davos attendees and Soros funded groups.
        If you actually want to win, then ‘end the threat’.

          1. Dave O

            Along with the help of Rino Mitch & all his Rino cohorts, who for the first two years of the Trump presidency , while owning the house, senate & presidency did absolutely nothing for those two years, why, you might ask, because they were helping, hoping the left wing democrats would some how concoct a way to impeach Trump, there by allowing all the corrupt POS’S, left & right get back to starting wars & pillaging the taxpayer tax money for their own benefit, thats what happened to the t-party, EY

    1. Well, we’re right about to test it at the jury box, and the jury that’s most likely going to end up rendering the final verdict is sympathetic to our cause by at least a 5-4 margin…

      1. Moore Theophil

        If we have judges on our side that is a problem. What I hope we have are judges who decide on the law and the truth. The whole idea of appointing judges who believe in our constitution was to bypass “our judges vs their judges” and I have an honest hope that it will be so.

        1. Sad that we consider judges that use the Constitution and laws for decisions as “on our side”. The other judges don’t.

          1. Not at all. If you regard yourself as being on the side of honesty and the constitution, then it is exactly correct.

        2. When “our side” is “follow the Constitution as it’s fucking written.” The problem isn’t that five Justices are on “our side.” The problem is that there are four who aren’t

          1. Exactly this.

            I didn’t even know that it was possible to ‘hold up’ the votes and suddenly stop counting. Never mind it supposedly being legal for reasons that aren’t explained.

            This makes me sad, more than I have words to express, but at the same time… I am not surprised.

        3. Our judges follow the Constitution and the Law, that is why we put them in. As long as they do, we will be fine.

      2. I have read elsewhere that newly appointed Justice ACB was one of the lawyers who worked on the 2000 Bush/Gore case.

    2. Yep.

      In my view, the betrayal of We the People by the Fourth Estate, who were supposed to be the People’s watchdog on crap like this, ranks at the top of the list of why the blood will hit the walls at some point.

      1. Its what happens when your politics become a religion, the media cares more about being “right in the eyes of history” and “good people” than they do about being ethical in their jobs. Earlier tonight Carlson had a contrast comparing the 2000 media’s reaction to Florida to whats happening now. Even just 20 years ago the media understood the necessity of transparency in something like this. The modern media is more worried about defeating orange Satan and silencing all the heresies he continually spouts.

        1. I would modify your statement to say that this is what happens when government is so tightly intertwined with your daily life that who is running it will affect your next 4 years.

          1. Oh, so you’re a open border, free trader. A libertarian deep thinker. If all of our manufacturing is done overseas, your everday life will be deeply affected. Imagine, for example, a virus were released by a foreign power and we were dependent on that same foreign power for PPE, medicine etc. Oh wait, that just happened. Has that met your standard of “deeply “? Will China supply the US with the electronics necessary for our advanced weapons if we go to war?

          2. Yeah, and b/c its a religion is the reason those things are tightly intertwined for liberals. They had to generate the latest news of the supposed outrage he committed, like removing illegal aliens from the country, so they could virtue signal about it.

            Unfortunately, though, I have a feeling that a Harris administration- because thats what we’re going to get within 2 years if Trump cant pull this off- will make sure the govt actually is intertwined w/your daily life in numerous ways… well, unless you’re some sort of criminal, then they’ll be all hands off.

          3. Well, that used to be LESS the case in the USA than in any of the dozens of other countries I traveled in.

            But now ? You may not be interested in the Gleichschaltung, but the Gleichschaltung is interested in you.

          1. Every “breathe” by Carson is more truthful and honest than any 1000 put out by the pieces of shit in the msm. But I’m sure a cringing, pseudo-intellectual shit stain like you is already aware of that, and you hate him for precisely that reason.

          2. Then why does Tucker have the highest ratings and largest viewership in TV news history? Methinks you just don’t like what he’s saying because you’ve been over on those *other* cable channels getting your daily dose of Trump hate.

        2. when your politics become a religion
          Nailed it. This is an attempt at creating a theocracy, and anything goes in that position.

          1. When saying “all lives matter” is enough to get a young mother shot dead in the face for heresy (this really happened), this is a religion we can do without.

          2. The objective in any Communist nation is to replace the church with the State – is it any wonder that leftists see politics as their religion?

      2. The Propaganda Press and the Democrat Party are joined at the hip. Two branches, related by blood or by marriage, of the same criminal organization.

        And frankly, it’s the Propaganda Press that is the strategic center of gravity of the Left.

      3. Kikebook . . . “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”

        Hey Moderator, fuck you too, you are just like the liberals.

        1. With this kind of traffic we attract all kinds of spammers. We allow dumbasses like you to say your piece; we only weed out spam. Even your nazi flare there is allowed to stand, right next to your dumbass hot take. Look through the comments and you’ll see we allow all non-spammers to say whatever it is they need to say. In summary, go fuck yourself.

        2. Any bets on whether this is Lefty Throckmorton trying his hand at more bad parody, or is this the result of a genuine headwound?

      1. Absolutely. It’s a Xanatos Gambit for Soros, as well:

        1) Biden wins (Win): Approx 50% of the electorate loses faith in the system. Possible armed revolt. Violence likely.

        2) Trump wins (Win): Approx. 50% of the electorate loses faith in the system. Violence already happening, violence increases.

        1. The Left can never gain much traction in a stable and successful society. If it is not already destabilized, the Left must destabilize it. We have seen this effort be used, very successfully, especially in the last few years, as the Left has worked to splinter our society into fragmented demographics—-rich/poor, male/female, one race vs the others and so on—and then turn them against each other. They even fragmented gender into multiple “genders” to create conflict among them all.

          Hillary started the Big Split with her “basket of deplorables” comment, though this built on Obama’s “bitter clinger” comment and the race baiting that became a federal policy under Obama. Trump is such a lightning rod that they then started to use him in their big push to complete division in the country, with the obvious collusion and input of the Agenda Media.

          Just remember, the Left must have conflict and chaos to gain power, and we are watching their latest effort to create both.

        2. Soros hates America because we destroyed Nazi Germany, East Germany, and communist Russia. Soros will never forgive us.

          1. I totally disagree with your reason why Soros hates America. I’ve actually studied this area of his-story, outside of the victors. I encourage others to do the same.

      2. Norm Eisen has been a leading figure in creating color revolutions around the world, and now he is deeply involved in the color revolution against the US. At least Eisen had the honesty to title his definitive color revolution playbook “Playbook”. Perhaps this is why we see written so often in Trump circles, “We know their playbook.” At least when Eisen was doing color revolutions against other countries he had the legal cover of carrying out his paymasters’ orders. But when he applies the same methods against his own country it’s called TREASON.

        1. The only playbook I could find penned by Eiesen was, “Democracy Playbook, The [Preventing & Reversing Democratic Backsliding]” I was looking specifically for “Color Revolution” when I found it (using DuckDuckGo, in case anyone may be wondering and get different hits.)

          I haven’t read it yet, but I did save a copy, and will be reading it in the near future (in between engineering texts, I’m working on a fairly major project at present.)

    3. Who leads? Who follows? Cells? Your buddy Joe from a local barber shop? Who decides targets? Who is good, who is bad? Who is Red, who is Blue? Who is right and who is wrong? ….Who gets shot, and who is going to pull the trigger?

      No, nothing as clear cut as a “civil war”… ???? I pray I’m wrong.

        1. You don’t fight your brother, father, uncle or neighbor. Start with the head, Soros, both George and Jack. Then facebook, twitter and google. Next media, both written and broadcast. Next most of the Dems, and probably half the Republican “Rinos” You could do the politicians first but the fiancées 1st. And the enables 2nd. By that time most politicians will go off the grid never to be heard from again..

          1. Yeah. I’m sure they’re willing to fight to the last cop or soldier that betrays their Oath and stays on their side.

            But, are they willing to fight to the third newspaper editor? The second Senator? The fourth local overbearing functionary?

            Eliminating footsoldiers isn’t how you win a war – that’s just attrition. As you said, go after the head. Hit ’em only where it hurts.

            “After the first, the rest are free.” (Saying of soldiers & revolutionaries.)

          2. Agreed- in a perfect world. You kill the head of the snake, the body will die, in most instances. In this instance, however we have neighbors that are perfectly willing to be communists. Anyone defending the targets must be annihilated, as well.

      1. Just so you are aware, a few weeks ago (possibly more than that), a leaker within the FEC, doxxed every single person in the country who has donated to Trump this election cycle. Name and address. You may not know where the enemy is, but they know exactly where you are.

    4. They want the right to make the first move. However, they’ve made that move, years ago. How long will we tolerate it?

    5. Well, you can’t even get criminals to the jury, since Soros DAs dismiss the charges. Unless you’re a kid from Kenosha. Gotta hang him good!

    6. The first shots of this New Civil War rang out on a baseball diamond in VA.

      James Hodgkinson was his name and he was affiliated with Dick Durbin.

      We had yet to return fire, until Kenosha.

    7. Dude, get real. We didn’t drag them kicking and screaming out of their government offices and hang them from their necks in broad daylight, with thousands standing and quietly watching, over the pandemic fraud. Why the f**k wouldn’t they go for frauding up an election. Who’s going to stop them? Us?

    8. I think that THEY think they can bluff their way through. Or that their third rate imitation Brownshirts are an actual military force. Of that the people in ‘flyover country’ that have clearly had Enough Of This Sh*t can be cowed.

      I also think they are catastrophically wrong.

    9. Who are you going to shoot, the liberals? They are not smart enough to pull something like this off, or vise-versa. Civil war aka end of the USA has been the plan all along. The real culprits will reveal themselves. Save your bullets for them.

    10. It is not what they want it’s what’s the American people want to be free or give up their rights and live in a communist country. For me it’s time to stand and fight.

    11. The more divided we are as a nation, the easier it is to dominate and destroy us. You really don’t think the Democrats were smart enough to dream up this fucked up plan? Communism will take over. Plugs biden has been bought and sold many times over…I’m sure he’s not even a challenge. Most politicians on the federal level are bought and paid for. Get ready for a rough ride! Thank you Donald Trump believing in the people!!

      1. Stalin said that, ding dong PG in TR.
        FFS, if we are going to smarter than Dems, at least be smarter than a Dem.

    12. They make their laws as they go. It is only good for the lawless, criminals brought in to do just that. Destroy us with no mercy. Burning, looting and apparently welcome to do so…. George Soro’s made the voting machine. He developed for the ink pen scam. Of course he added Antifa and BLM to help count votes. He paid numerous of Terrorist to burn us, kill us, and kill our dreams of security of all aspects of our lives. Added to trafficking, Adrenalinechrome, full term abortions for better quality,, then body parts and prostitution and brainwashing our young…. We have been invaded as all have global links and ties. Back to the Cabal, the Queen was sent back to her palace now that she thinks Trump is gone. A few months ago he confronted the top people. Queen Elizabeth, Soro’s and Gates. The freaks of this God given Universe have invaded us. Why do they think they have the right? Oh, but they don’t worship God. Follow the rabbit.

      1. I’m sorry, my tinfoil hat translator’s not working, could you please repeat what you just said?

        1. It’s not your translator; your tinfoil hat has cut off the blood supply to what’s left of your brain. Your limited comprehension of ordinary English has clearly gone with it.

    13. What a bunch of losers on here. It’s pathetic. Biden winning majority by 5-6 million. Biden winning GOP controlled states like Georgia. It’s called voting and an election. Trump has lost. It’s democracy. He is a one term President who eeked out a win last time and got fired this time. It’s not hard. All this conspiracy and bullshit and talk of civil war is just losers talking out of their asses. Trump is losing all his legal challenges because there is no evidence. Even with GOP appointed Judges. Go ahead and challenge real irregularities if they exist. That’s the right we have. Patriots support the outcome. Read the GOP Majority led Senate report on 2016 election and Russia (like you can or will). The facts are there. Clearly laid out. More will come out now. Trust me.

      1. Well, you shouldn’t have issues with us looking into this then. After a careful investigation Joe still seems to pull it off, so be it. I have some doubts that is the case however. Funny, you don’t see democrats screaming about Russian collusion this time. Shouldn’t they be questioning all of the red states? No, they are behaving just like we all do when we do something wrong. Snatch two cookies from the jar and remain quiet until someone notices and then respond with, “Oh, I thought you said we could have one, ” then sheepishly return one of the two while keeping one behind your back. (Not the best example reading it back, but I hope everyone gets what I’m saying). Point being, we tend to remain quiet when we pull off something big, but that does go against the typical leftist MO which is to scream accusations at the other side while doing the very same on your side. I believe the reason they aren’t doing that in this case however, is the scary possibility that Trump won even more than we realize! Has anyone thought of that?

      2. Care to cite the GOP senate report? Be specific. I’ve got a copy right here on my desktop.

        Oh, and good job on not engaging with the article. “Because I said so” might have worked for your mommy, but it doesn’t cut it here.

        1. Using the same basic script, even.

          The drones can’t even vary it very well. Too much of a burden for the tiny cluster of neurons that act as a brain for their tiny overheated heads.

    14. F bombs are sad. We don’t ever need to be foul mouthed. Let the left show their hate but decency and Decorum is conservatism. Besides Cussing is a crutch for conversational cripples!

    15. A couple of years ago I read a very detailed book about the last year before the outbreak of hostilities in 1861 titled _And the War Came_. Stripping away all of the economic and international factors, the vast majority of the general population really did see the issue as slavery vs anti-slavery, with the Democrat Party pro-slavery side defending the indefensible under the “state sovereignty” flag. A natural question to ask while reading was, “what issue today produces the same heels-dug-in on both sides response?” The easy answer to that is “gun control”. Conservatives have put up with a lot from liberals, but a demand that guns be surrendered isn’t going to be the next one. That’s as much the line in the sand as slavery was in 1861.

    16. I would say u are exactly right, unless Americans have become as Spinless as our Republicans seem to have become over the years to let the CORRUPTION Trump has seen as well as the people have seen get so damn bad in the Demacratic party and also many Rinos. We still have some very good Dem Politicians but, they also are spinless. This is the Reason the Forefathers said, U must keep your Government in CHECK and TERM LIMITS or they WILL BECOME CORRUPT. Its should be a Real Eye Opener that the only 2 Presidents that wasn’t previous POLITICIANS are the only ones who have Tried to fight against the government Fraud and Corruption since JFK. Wake Up People, we have to continue to Fight for Our Constitution or we will no Longer be a Free America. I feel Obama had a huge impact on the changing of the younger generation in America to Change our Constitution, that was his way to a second term, because he had to come up with away to get reelected, I read a lot about it . Just my opinion.

    17. Yes, the communist want us to have a civil war so they can sweep in under UN rules and occupy America, so either we give them our country or they use our laws and freedoms against us to exterminate, what do we have to lose to fight, they are already at our door.

    18. This BS will permanently destroy our voting system. if this is not rectified. Future fair elections will be impossible!! The voice of the people will be shut down. We cannot move forward as a free society, if this is allowed to stand. All freedom loving people of this still great country, it is now your time for action: 1) Call your representatives and demand their involvement in getting an accounting of what is taking place; 2) Immediately donate to the defense funds being formed to address this BS. 3) Call all media/papers/social media outlets and specific reporters to register your disgust and cancel all subscriptions; 4) Let the supreme court know that you expect a thorough and just verdict in these matters; 5) Let President Trump know that we support him more than ever and he and our country are in your prayers!!!

    19. that is your problem, you worship Trump like german people Hitler and also you are starting to talk about using guns?

          1. Congratulations, you’ve found another lefty who makes the same claim as you about Republicans worshiping Trump.

            And that proves your point… how?

            Hint: appeal to authority is only non-fallacious when the person is an actual authority and has demonstrated expertise on the subject matter. Prove that the guy in that video is actually an expert on the subject matter, and maybe you might have a point. But the fact that he makes the same assertion as you does not suffice to establish his expertise, especially when the rest of us can see that that assertion is obviously false on its face.

          2. “When you are wrong, finding other idiots that agree with you does not mean you are right. It just means they are wrong, too.”

          3. It’s an interview; much like the last election,… it didn’t and doesn’t speak for the majority of the people.

    20. Jury Box has been rigged by the black-robed members of British aristocracy (BAR Association) operating with ZERO elected oversight and monopolizing 100% of our Judicial Branch.
      I used the right word: “monopolizing”.
      As in “for profit”.
      We have a British Mafia running our judiciary.
      It will be interesting to see how they handle this deluge of suits.
      To do justice and respond to the massive popular demand would mean stepping on the toes of high-level barristers.
      Who will they run with?
      Will Americans tolerate their rights be blatantly subverted by a handful of people in black gowns pretending to be “smarter and more educated” than the average joe?
      I hope not.
      I hope this sting is set so strategically that this branch of crooks are outed in the process.

    21. Spewing fascism, sexism, homophobia, and racism (as well as not discouraging others from doing the same) isn’t something that would encourage the people you’re accusing of not allowing free speech to allow free speech, especially when the people like yourself hurling the accusation that you just issued did the same thing whenever neoconservatives are in power.

    22. If you understand their accomplished agenda|goals then you can see why the progressive liberal Communist Dems had to illegally win this election: The Naked Communist book by W. Cleon Skousen

      45 Communist Goals From The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom – YouTube

    23. Actually, the money behind this chaos, the money behind the riots and looting, the money behind antifa and the other terror groups. Yes “that money” wants nothing more than for America to descend into civil war. I take that back, they’d like Biden to disarm the good citizens first, then civil war.

    24. This is a Coup de ‘Etat complete with a Psy Ops attack the night of the election and decapitation (at least in communications/free speech) of the legitimate government.

    25. America is under Foreign Rule… but so are a hundred other former Nations.

      Grabbing your guns to go fight and kill other slaves isn’t a great solution fam.

      Moving, Gravitating, Gathering other like-minded people into communities away from the most dense populated areas seems a better one.

      The Laws of God are like a gamers guidebook on how to play the game and win. If you treat your neighbor as yourself, grow food, stay away from debt (usury) stock up your defences and speak truth, your neighbors will trust you, and if they do the same you will trust them and together can make and sustain life while the nation at large falls down all around you.

      The death coming is enormous, but it isn’t coming to those that do the things mentioned above. Much love.

    26. Soap Box – shut down by twitter and facebook and the MSM. Our words are not allowed to be broadcast to others. Even those that may want to hear what we have to say.

      Ballot Box – scandalized and rigged, illegal voting, stuffed ballot boxes…so no good here either.

      Jury Box – We are at this phase now. Let’s hope this works, despite the number of left leaning, making laws from the bench, liberal activist judges and all that. How does the saying go? If peaceful redress of grievances is forbidden, then violent redress of grievances is all but certain…or something to that effect.

      Cartridge Box – The final check and balance and the one of absolute last resort. Let’s hope it does not come to this.

    27. Honestly, I sincerely believe that this is what the DemonRATS WANT! Remember how they’re all ‘into’ that ideal of only having 500-Million left on the entire Earth? Well…, this would surely whittle the numbers down ~ in a Major Way. Now, having said/typed that, we CANNOT GIVE IN TO THESE SCUMBAGS..!!! NOT ONE LITTLE BIT ????????

    28. Fanatics eg the left are driven. Normal people eg most of the non-lefties, not so much. The window of opportunity is closing and it seems unlikely anything will be done to prevent the obvious.

    29. Shorter response: YES! They want [DESIRE?] our Earth voided of human life, down to ONLY 500-Million remaining. Think on it ~ from 7+-BILLION, down to 500-Million, that’s murdering 6.5-BILLION HUMANS..!!!

    30. Another way to establish probablility of fraud: If the ballots are filled out with the same pen or set of pens / pencils. If they’re finding that only 3-4 styles of pens were used on 130,000 ballots, then the probability of fraud goes even greater.

      “You might know that the Secret Service is on guard against counterfeit currency. You might not know, however, that it also keeps a one-of-a-kind International Ink Library with more than 11,400 specific writing ink fingerprints on hand. The ink library handles a variety of cases, from threat letters — the Secret Service protects not only the President but also other high-profile government officials — and ransom letters, baseballs, and phony documents [AND PHONY BALLOTS BROUGHT IN AT 4 A.M.] where someone is ‘trying to obscure the truth in some way,’ says Joseph Stephens, ink library document analyst.”
      — Popular Mechanics, Feb. 10, 2015

    31. How much Liberal malfeasance & frustration over the lack of justice are Patriotic Americans supposed to be expected to endure without retribution?

    32. Actually Joe, they do want a civil war! So let’s oblige them and give them way more than they bargained for. This Nation is at stake! No easier way to phrase it!

      1. We didn’t censor anything, jackass- we just have to approve comments to prevent spammers (and you would not believe how many spammers try to post here.)

    33. Some of them may THINK they want a Civil War; the Brownshirt wannabes whose egos have been pumped up ‘fighting’ people constrained from fighting back. The Washington Elites are mostly just desperate. The Peasants aren’t doing what they were told to, and the status quo is getting seasick. They’ve been stealing their way through elections for a long time, but recently they’ve started having problem vote fraud-ing ENOUGH. So they wen’t full-bore on Trump when it looked like he might have a landslide because, in their heads, Republicans don’t fight back. And never mind they’ve has four plus years of Trump to learn that he does. If these idiots learned from their mistakes, the world would be VERY different.

    34. I honestly don’t think they believe anyone will reach for the ammo box. They’ve been pushing little bits for decades, and nobody has done anything. They’ve accrued power in every facet of society, and nobody has done anything. They’ve “deconstructed” everywhere they could “deconstruct”, and nobody has done anything.

      Why would they think it’d be any different this time?

      I’m reminded of the old poem, A Rifle in Green Baize.

    35. the thought of war is terrifying in itself however, if it comes to that so be it. The real problem with Civil War is whether or not they use the military against us. Oh sure we’d have a lot of military on our side but Obama litmus tested the command structure and got rid of anybody that said that they wouldn’t fire an Americans in a gun grab
      That just about means all Oath keepers are gone except for the individuals themselves in the military. The private military industrial complex could be ready with drones the United Nations would help everybody else in the world all other countries are going to feel the effects of the great reset which is trying to happen right now that’s coming that nobody can stop except us here in America we can stop it in America if we can keep Trump in power we can disconnect ourselves from the world digital currency that’s coming but that’s why we will be fighting more than just within our own country we need to get Trump in office and we need to have a new currency backed by gold and silver. The most important thing is to say no to forced vaccines no to digital currency no to Communism No doubt RFID chips no to track trace no to these Draconian controls no to masks no to lock down

    36. Yup, mines already loaded. I’m ready, my friends are ready, for that matter it appears as if most all of Texas is ready! What about the rest of the states? Surely they aren’t much different, are they?
      This is the last thing i or any of us want, but as u said” the ammo box is all that’s left”.

    37. Very good point. I PERSONLLY think that we as the quiet majority have quietly APPEASED & allowed leftist political PLATFORM to grow into a combined cancer that is eating our Great Country alive
      When we removed GOD from our lives, and the core of our country, Then all hell has broke loose.

    38. They probably suspect that they are triggering a civil war judging from the proposals they are floating about gun “buybacks/taxes”. All patriots should move in the opposite direction by increasing their armaments. We cannot live with socialism in this country! Sad that the ruling class has perpetrated this fraud on our country.

    39. In a word, yes. Either they win total power or burn the nation down.
      The left has explicitly said that. Multiple times.

    40. Exactly, well said. There has to be a reason our citizens, mostly conservatives, are buying guns and ammo, the prices are out of the roof and it’s not just because of liberals trying to take away our gun rights. Conservatives are angry, they are angry about social media gagging us, angry that media out and out lies or hides the truth, tired of big tech “fact checking” our comments, tired of our president being disrespected, and tired of our elections obviously being corrupted by the democrat machine.

    41. Everyone needs to ponder for themselves what it means to them to allow a Presidential election to be stolen right in front of them. Many will choose to be idle, watch, hope for better. Patriots will come to a different conclusion, allowing the theft of an Election is the disembowelment of Democracy. The question really is, are we still a Democracy if we allow it? Who would believe it won’t happen again? You’ve been attacked, act accordingly!

    42. As soon as biden and his communist appointments get in office they will start the confiscation process. First he will tax everyone, dumb enough to pay the 200 fed tax, thinking they can keep their weapons. This allows them to know who owns them when they pass another law to remove them permanently. As soon as they start with the guns that’s our red flags to say no. I will take ultimate action to any authority who bangs on my door.

    43. We have an executive order in place, the President signed it in 2018. The guilty will be brought to Justice. Foreign interference been especially high on the list. The voting machines & main computer ( they can tweek if need be ) are outside of the US. Canada & Germany were the 2 I recall. These companies just happen to be owned by George Scumbag Soros.
      Keep your eyes ???? wide open. In about 2 weeks, you’ll know what each & everyone involved in election interference is about to face. Including some on the right , like Georgia where the Republican Senator is aiding their irregularities, in exchange for their support when he plans to run for President in 2024. I don’t think he’ll need to worry about the future Presidential races, not where he’s going.

  2. Re spinelessness, if they don’t fight to the death now, next time they’ll have no hope whatsoever.

      1. Yep, doesn’t THAT seem to be where this is headed? These animals are the Lowest form of EXCREMENT. Literally, on our planet’s Life’s Scale, these Pieces Of FILTH (I’m truly attempting to be kind here..) are BELOW DETRITUS ~ OK, they’re not actually organisms, but they WERE…

        Some have said that IF the Dems achieve their goal [a Biden/Harris Administration], then such an event would awaken the Americans-other than us ‘Trump-ites!’ I call that a Fool’s Errand. This version of OUR Election will only end one (1) way – A LOT OF DEATHS…

  3. The Sharpiegate thing is BS.

    I’ve been working as a ballot adjudicator in Maricopa county AZ. I’ve adjudicated hundreds of ballots completed with sharpies. Yes, there’s bleed through, but the ovals on the 2 sides don’t align so you can tell which is the vote and which is the bleed through.

    As long as they’re black or blue sharpies, they’re fine. Those are the only colors that the scanners can “see”.

    Adjudicators and other people involved in the process at the counting center use exclusively red pens. We weren’t allowed to bring in any other color.

    1. It’s not so much the sharpies that caught my attention from the “sharpiegate” video. It was the behavior of the polling officials. Disallowing and physically removing totally legal blue and black ballpoint pens. Taking a look at the votes on the ballot and switching which machine it’s placed into for counting based on who the person voted for. (Why is the worker touching the ballot? In Georgia we do this ourselves.) Discarding ballots that don’t scan. Giving attitude to anyone who questions their suspicious actions.

      As usual, the leftist media focuses on one questionable point (sharpies) and tries to throw out the rest of the argument based on a questionable “fact check”. This is their standard operating procedure now.

      1. “Taking a look at the votes on the ballot and switching which machine it’s placed into for counting based on who the person voted for. ”

        Wait! WHAT?!?

        1. One thing I find very, very concerning as an auditor is that mention of coding issues.
          I worked elections as a deputy clerk years back- each machine is tested. Each one with various scenarios. The report given verified the machine is responding correctly or not. If not- it is fixed or replaced, the report of the test had to be maintained and the machine was certified as approved/ correct/ as should be. How a voting machine anywhere could have coding issues as the situation mentioned where ballots did not count for a particular candidate would absolutely have to be willful tampering to commit fraud and electronic access to do it. Remember machines are certified by various test.
          Of course tests include count votes correctly. Of course but other things as passing the data, the correlation math etc.
          I don’t know if each state is different or if people get slack- but each machine should have its certification and signed.

          If this happened once in one place- that is a serious, serious issue and hopefully eas reported to both parties, if others were found- how I don’t know but if others were found that is enough that all machines everywhere should be validated, should be reviewed forensically as to how coding was changed. They can find it if good enough and honest enough. Everything electronic leaves a footprint in some form- and I’ve seen having to look through different routes etc. to find as the route used was removed but routes don’t stand alone.
          ( using elementary terms for understanding). The messing with machines could get lost in big data places- but once the situation is verified- that requires honest election employees to report it openly and go through the drills.

          I believe there is collusion to have the outcomes as reported as they are. When more than 1 knows- give things time- maybe years but it will come to light eventually most likely.

          If I were Trump I would definitely get court orders for protecting of machines and ALL records in every blue state. I would fight to the end to expose it all whether it gave me the election or did not.

          There’s a reason the house of rep. Had been focused on over past years by Dems.

    2. In ky. They specifically told us not to use sharpies or they would not count. Ok. Voter friend said he was told same??

  4. Thank you for posting this and summarising it in one spot. Something smells like deep one socks in this election.

    1. Rudy Giuliani’s podcast ( not only has all this in one place, but two great articles on Hunter Biden’s hard drives.

  5. The biggest problem I have with this argument(though I’m sure there are shenanigans going on) is that….if you’re going to rig an election, why not go for a trifecta? And they’re not. Just because your candidate is losing doesn’t mean that shit is shifty. There will be investigations. How about waiting until after the investigations are done before throwing around allegations based on pretty much hearsay. I don’t like either candidate, but as a veteran, I find it offensive that you’re trying to delegitimize an election before its even over.

    1. I truly do not give a shit that you were a vet. That doesn’t make you special or unique among this crowd.
      As for me shutting up and not sharing my opinion, fuck you, it’s still America.

      As for your rebuttal, why not go for a trifecta? Well, that assumes there is an organized nationwide conspiracy, when a bunch of democrat stand alone complexes are far more likely within the safety of blue cities.

      Just because my candidate is losing doesn’t mean that shit is shifty? No fucking duh. That’s why I wrote a few thousand words outlining the long series of red flags.

      And then an appeal to authority… where we should all sit silently like good little proles while our intellectual betters sweep it under the rug.

      Yeah… No. Fuck off. 😀

      1. Wow. Nice intelligent response. I would have thought it would have been better from you. I didn’t insult you, and actually kind of like you and read your books and follow you on facebook. I really don’t understand why you attacked me personally, as I did not attack you.

        Now, as to your “assumes there is an organized nationwide conspiracy”, you previous argument assume the same thing. That there was a nationwide conspiracy to elect the pedo as a president.

        I’m just saying let it play out and don’t dump fuel on the fire and cause an even bigger divide. If there was fuckery, it should, hopefully, be found out. And some of your red flags have info from the other side, and from “neutral” parties that invalidate it to some. You can’t quote one side in this as truth and the other as invalid, unfortunately, without actually having been there.

        The goal should be to point out what both sides are saying and pick it apart, not just present one side of the argument.

        1. The fuckery has been going on since the summer of 2016. If you can’t see it, you are either willfully blind or too fucking stupid to tie your own shoes.

          Which is exactly how you insulted Larry, calling him too stupid to tell random mistakes from consistent fuckery. HE’S AN ACCOUNTANT, DUMBSHIT! Finding fuckery was his JOB for more years than you’ve been out of diapers, judging by the drivel you posted. He’s even experienced in finding government fuckery.

          1. Did I call him stupid? No. I just pointed out he’s looking at one side, using information from one side.

            Nice immature argument.

          2. BTW, not knowing my age, and you assume I’m not even close to his age. Funny thing is? Larry and I ARE THE SAME AGE. We were both born in 1977. He just happened to go to college when he graduated, and I joined the infantry.

            As to the amount of votes being tallied being over the population. Are you accounting for the millennials and generation Z who are now eligible to vote this year?(This is a legitimate question, not me being as asshole).

            I mean, with how close these last states are, if the Dems did rig it, they did a shit job of it. Trump could still win a couple of different ways. And honestly, some of these states are close enough that a recount could possibly change them.

          3. I wasn’t born in 77. I’m glad somebody got that wrong on my wikipedia page actually.

            On your legitimate question, I don’t think you’ve thought that through as it is pretty much irrelevant. I’m talking about the voter turnout as a percentage of registered voters. Whether those registered voters are Gen Z or not is irrelevant (and most Millenials have been voting since Obama vs. McCain).

            I think your last sentence is intended as a gotcha, but logically it falls apart. You are trying to say that the closeness means that it was a bad job of fraud? On the contrary. The closer the better. The more far fetched it is, the more you have to fabricate, the more obvious the fraud becomes. Did you miss the entire part about the suspicious nature of the count shut down and then the middle of the night spike? They had to do that audacious move or they were doomed. That’s what has caused this entire ruckus.

            And yes. They did a shit job about it. Duh. Hence the giant blog post above outlining the many clumsy flags they’ve thrown up.

          4. I don’t give a rat’s ass in what year you became a burden on this world; I speak of your mental age, as evidenced by the drivel you posted. As for ‘veteran’, I was in the military when you were in diapers.

            ‘Using information from one side’? Larry presented FACTS which are available to the public, even to a dumbshit such as yourself. He made logical deductions based on those facts, guided by decades of professional experience in evaluating similar facts.

            Corruption and malfeasance caught on video is a FACT, and it doesn’t have a ‘side’.

            You pretend there is another ’side’? Very well. Present facts, or shut the fuck up.

          5. Since the summer of 2016? It’s been going on since at least 1960 (when Chicago Politics infamously swung a Presidential election) and in its modern form in earnest since 2000.

          6. Oh, the fuckery has been going on for longer than that. Like in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016.

            Go back far enough, 1958…

            Fuckery by the Dems regarding presidential elections have been going on for forever. So much that it’s a joke about when you die you vote democrat. Or the old 3 Stooges counting system – One for you, one for me, one for you, two for me…

            Back in the days of cogged analog voting machines, it was not uncommon for the system to do just that, be rigged to count one vote every 3-5 incorrectly.

            Back after ‘electronic’ voting came around after the fuckery of 2000, it was very common for, after the election was ‘certified’ that info would come out that the voting programs were ‘hacked’ or ‘ incorrectly counting.’

            As to which party always received the bogus votes? Guess what, Patrick? It’s been the Dems.

            And the Dems have been locking out Republicans from vote tallying for since forever. Again, bad, dark humor jokes about Chicago – Where Every Vote is a Democratic Vote because we say it is!

        2. Here’s an intelligent response for you, if Larry’s wasn’t concise enough: go suck start a 12 gauge. Real veterans don’t claim to be veterans just to get attention.

          1. Man, the barrel of my shotgun taste so oily and metally though. I have sensitive tastebuds. And the metal hurts my teeth. I’ll take a pass on that.

        3. Hey Patrick,

          Without addressing the “fuckery” issue, I don’t think Larry insulted you as you charge. Yes, he wrote, “…fuck you…” and “…fuck off…”, but these were his responses to you advising him to keep quiet about the issue. I don’t view it as an insult or personal attack. Just my opinion.

        4. “I didn’t insult you, . . . I really don’t understand why you attacked me personally,”

          I just read through larrys response to you TWICE. at no point did he attack you personally. He used swear words, but thats because he is named larry and having the name larry requires you by law to swear A LOT. Or something. But at no point did he attack YOU. He didn’t call you names, he didn’t say anything mean about you or to you. So what exactly are you claiming he said about you that was so terrible? What was the personal attack? Can you quote it?

          as for this point: ” why not go for a trifecta?”
          who says they didn’t? James lost in the senate in one of the states that looks most suspicious. Is it ONLY biden that got suspicious bumps in the middle of the night? Maybe, maybe not. You are ASSUMING that ONLY biden benefited from anything suspicious and then using that ASSUMPTION to justify claiming that NOTHING SUSPICIOUS HAPPENED. This is called circular reasoning by the way. Its where you use your own assumptions as proof of your conclusions.

          1. Jason,
            I seriously enjoyed your response and agree completely with the political opinion ventured. However, I have to question one of your facts. Where did you find that people named Larry are required by law to swear a lot? 😉

        5. As a veteran myself, retired at that, let me rebut your rebuttal. Fuck your “nice intelligent response”. You did insult him (and all of us that think like him). When you have to appeal to your veteran status and condescendingly tell us, “How about waiting until after the investigations are done before throwing around allegations based on pretty much hearsay. ” When the red flags stack up so thick you can see them from space, all pointing in the same direction somebody better be screaming loud and clear that it will not be accepted. Our host laid out a case about all the red flags being a reason for question and alarm. Do not tell him (or us) to sit quietly and take it like a good little serf.

        6. As an auditor of many years, there are red flags in the outcomes. Without any FB reports but based on data and those statistical expectations.
          There are in Multiple places and enough so that court orders should be gotten to protect the sources under lock and key to protect machines and paper.

        7. Mew mew mew. You went for a weak gotcha and utterly failed so now you are going to cry about civility. I wasn’t attacking you personally. I don’t give a shit about you. You’re just Internet Rando #317 on one of my threads this week. I’m attacking your argument, because it was so fucking pathetic you should feel ashamed of yourself.

          However, your response was so stupid that I think I’ll go ahead and attack you personally now.

          Your second sentence is total bullshit (and you wonder why I was mean to you? 😀 ) Let me break it down for you. An organized nationwide conspiracy is very different than a local or state level fraud, and very different than a handful of individuals colluding because they think its the right thing to do. The existence of one level does not mean the others do or do not exist. They are not mutually exclusive. But morons who don’t understand how easy voter fraud is like to pretend like when somebody talks about fraud at all, its some big time shadowy conspiracy theory in order to gas light their opponents and make them sound crazy. When usually its some precinct level person colluding with some poll worker level shit. Fucking duh, catch up.

          You’re just saying let it play out and don’t dump fuel on the fire and make an even bigger divide? Oh look, its the same advice given by abusive trailer park husbands. 😀
          The criteria you are demanding I meet before speaking are frankly impossible, because there’s only a few hundred people in the world with access to most of the data in question, and even their current data is questionable, and basically nobody fucking knows. However the entire national news media has zero problem pontificating endlessly based upon what they have, but when some random conservative author shares his opinion based upon the info available and his gut instincts based upon his career, oh, then I need to be shamed into silence for the good of America! I’m stoking the fans of hate. “but you weren’t there!” No shit, sherlock, and neither were 300 million other Americans who are also currently formulating opinions based on the info available. Why don’t you go berate some left wingers who are sharing democrat talking points provided by CNN? But we all know you won’t, because you chickenshits never do. 😀

          Your supposed lofty goal of fairness is fucking bullshit too, because the democrats currently have the entire national news media and Big Tech running interference for them. They’ll fucking live if I take the other side in this one. So you can take your pathetic moral equivalence nonsense and cram it up your ass. Not to mention I already did that shoot down my side, because I said I thought SharpieGate sounded like a fat nothing burger. And frankly, there is no other side to present for the democrat’s fraud because it’s obvious fucking bullshit.

          I wouldn’t be so insulting if the stuff you were saying wasn’t so tiresomely dishonest in its nature. Fuck off.

          1. Ah, so you can’t talk to me in a civil manner even to try and convince me? Instead you’re going to resort to being a keyboard warrior like a little bitch. Okay. Have fun with that.

            I’m not going to stop buying your books because they’re fun to read, but I just realized the truth of “you should never meet the people you look up to”. Have fun. I wish you a good life.

          2. You get the civility you deserve, and since your initial post was obvious bullshit, suck it up, buttercup.
            As for convincing you, that only works on people who are engaging in good faith. From your weak ass opening gotcha/shame attempt, you were clearly not, ergo you can fuck right off. I didn’t fall off the potato truck yesterday. Mopes like you are extremely predictable and you work off a script so repetitive that we actually made a bingo card for it at one point.
            As for keyboard warrior nonsense, I’m not the dumb shit who rolled into a stranger’s page barking about his vet status thinking that was going to shame people into not talking to heal America or whatever fucking gibberish that was. 😀

          3. One would think a veteran could endure some harsh language directed at them. *eyeroll*

            Ah well, some people can’t endure getting the respect they deserve instead of what they desire.

          4. “Morons who don’t understand how easy voter fraud is”

            People with actual elections experience, regardless of partisan affiliation, say this is simply untrue. And it’s crazy to think it can be done on a large scale.

            Also, you folks think the Democrats are evil and clever enough to somehow engage in widespread, massive fraud in multiple states (some run by Republicans) in order to beat Trump, and yet not smart enough to give themselves the Senate as well? Stop and think about the plausibility here.

            There’s also the fact that not a single piece of evidence of actual organized fraud has been found (and they’ve tried hard), despite the number of people who’d have to be involved in such a conspiracy. All we have are these statistical “red flags” which don’t stand up to scrutiny. (For example, re turnout, GOP turnout was at about the same levels. This was an election that massively activated both sides.)

            But none of this will matter to you. You’ve decided your ideological opponents are not just wrong or misguided but wicked. You believe your leader couldn’t possibly lose a fair election. And if sticking to these beliefs means going to literal war with your fellow citizens, you’ll do it with a glad heart, because they are, after all, evil. And you’re certain of your own goodness.

            All I know is that if a large percentage of our population continues to view politics not as “Rep v. Dem” or “right v. left,” but as Good vs. Evil, our republic is doomed. And it won’t be the left that gave it the mortal blow.

          5. People with actual elections experience, regardless of partisan affiliation, say this is simply untrue.

            Oh, please. After four years of the Left screaming about Election shenanigans and “Russia hacking the election.” it’s a little late to claim it can’t be done when it’s working to your side’s advantage.

            Placing a large portion of the ballots under the sole control of a group that has declared its support for one candidate was a particularly egregious example from the months leading up to the election (Postal worker’s union declared support for Biden–thus all those mail in ballots are given into the control of a partisan group). And deliberately eliminating protections that are supposed to ensure a fair count–like, say, excluding poll watchers from being able to actually watch the polls.

            All this on top of years of efforts by one party to prevent any means of ensuring the folk who cast ballots are actually legally able to cast those ballots in that election and don’t cast additional ballots anyplace else.

            Not possible? Tell it to the Marines because the Air Force ain’t buying.

          6. @Janice

            “People with actual elections experience, regardless of partisan affiliation, say this is simply untrue. And it’s crazy to think it can be done on a large scale.”

            I left out the rest of your post, even though my response applies to all of it in its demonstrable falsity.


            As for your “So they can vote for Biden, but not the Senator?” argument, that’s called a red flag. You know, the subject of the post on which you have you to engage substantively?

            “ll I know is that if a large percentage of our population continues to view politics not as “Rep v. Dem” or “right v. left,” but as Good vs. Evil, our republic is doomed. And it won’t be the left that gave it the mortal blow.”

            Oh, you mean those “baskets of deplorables”? Those evil racist, Nazi, fascist, white supremacist serial gang rapers? The people that Democrats need to “get in their faces”? That the Democrats need to “bring a gun to a knife fight”?

            You’re so full of projection your eyes are brown.

          7. It is not censorship that bothers you people, it is only who has the power to do it that upsets you . . .

            There is more free speech in Russia than there is here on this forum . . . Comment awaiting moderation . . .

            I wouldn’t be so insulting if the stuff you were saying wasn’t so tiresomely dishonest in its nature. You fuck off.

            NOTE TO THE MODERATORS . . . And I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees it

        8. So, Patrick is claiming to be a vet, but is getting the vapors over a couple of f-bombs? What unit in which branch? Where & when were you deployed? Who was your senior DI in boot camp or Basic?

          1. 3rd Bn 7th In, Fort Stewart, Ga. Then Discom, Camp Casey Korea. And finally 704th MI Bde, Fort Meade. Served from 1999 until 2005. I actually did want to start a discussion, and I guess I might have come off assholish, but you know what? Fuck it. Look, I just want the idiocy on both sides to stop. Fucking ANTIFA and then people calling for violence. I’ve seen it too much, and let me tell you, I’m over it. And if it happens here in the US then what? Everybody loses.

          2. Sorry 1997 to 2005. I can send a copy of my 214 to Larry if you still want to contest that.

        9. Actually, you DID attack him.
          “find it offensive that you’re trying to delegitimize an election before its even over.”

          BTW, I’m a vet too. I KNOW the crap that goes on in the government. Sitting on your hands doesn’t do squat. You want to get rid of the corrupt shit, you need to wade in with your shovel and start immediately. Otherwise it gets covered up and the evidence mysteriously disappears. I have an uncle in law that was murdered by the Winter Hill mob with collusion and coverup by the FBI. Billy Dale’s wife worked for me, so I know the truth about Travelgate, and the corrupt bitch who gave the order to destroy a man’s career and his family. Your trust in our government is so misplaced that it’s off the map, off the table, and the family dog just ate it.

          1. “You want to get rid of the corrupt shit, you need to wade in with your shovel and start immediately. Otherwise it gets covered up and the evidence mysteriously disappears. ”

            Well said Mike.

        10. Patrick, we aren’t particularly trusting that these issues will be properly investigated or any action taken.

          As an illustration of our concerns, please consider the fine and upstanding administration of Detroit: In 2016, 392 voting precincts in Detroit showed evidence of possible fraud. Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have.

          A recount was ordered, but 68 of the precincts could not be recounted due to their failure to maintain properly secured ballots and associated paperwork.

          Afterward, the state conducted an audit of the 156 precincts with the worst discrepancies. According to the report published on the incident, this concluded there was “no evidence of organized fraud”, but “uncovered a multitude of human errors”.

          Numerous people were discovered to have voted multiple times. They were referred for prosecution, since that’s a felony. When I searched for criminal convictions related to the 2016 election, none were found.

          Also as of this date, no disciplinary action has been reported against the state employees responsible for overseeing those precincts. They alleged that the problem was due to malfunctions in their aged equipment, which apparently all decided to break down on the same day.

          I think our lack of confidence in “the investigations” of this year’s alleged fraud is amply warranted.

          1. James McKenzie,
            I feel you on the investigation part. The government has never been good at policing their own especially if it isn’t in their own benefit. Which is why I really wanted a Republican Congress of Biden wins. I prefer it when there are more checks and balances, or something that will at least attempt to keep someone honest. I really do wish we would get people in office who can talk to each other and compromise. No one party should be completely happy with everything because nobody in any republic out democracy should be getting everything they want all the time. It would be working together to create solutions that work as well as possible for both parties.

        11. Because if we sit quietly and don’t attack the fuckery those committing the fuckery will sweep it under the rug. We just spent four years listening to how Trump stole an election because “Russia!” But now we are supposed to sit quietly and wait while the fuckery is swept away?

          Nope-I’m not doing it. Biden probably gets to be president and will of course shutdown any investigation while the media cheers, but I will never forget or shut up about the fuckery. I hope Trump doesn’t drop any of these lawsuits and I want a complete audit where every voter is tracked down and matched with a vote.

        12. Nope. We’ve tolerated this for years, because “we’re NICE people”.
          Screw that. I, and a lot of other people, are going gonzo – fighting for every last honest vote.

        13. “The goal should be to point out what both sides are saying and pick it apart, not just present one side of the argument.”

          That’s the goal of a -court-. This is not court. This is Real Life and we are all watching a slow-motion robbery. A political faction is -stealing- control of the United States federal government.

          Do you stop and consider the robber’s motivations and arguments in the middle of a robbery, Patrick? Or do you defend yourself and your property vigorously?

          That I’m sitting here having to explain this to you clearly places you on one side of the partisanship divide. You are not an objective observer as you would like to pretend. You picked a side, and your side benefits from this obvious fraud that we can all see taking place. So really, your pose of calm, objective consideration is transparently self-serving and really quite annoying.

          Please fuck off at your earliest convenience.

        14. “cause an even bigger divide”

          Sorry what?! One side is BURNING DOWN our cities and MURDERING our PEOPLE!! What “bigger divide” can you even envision?!

          Where did you get the idea that two implacable sides should NOT be divided?! Well, the LEFT has been implacable; too much of what has been called our side has been spineless for decades!

          If you are a veteran — what possible rank/rating/MOS could you have had where you never learned that the ENEMY supposed to be divided from the side you *purport* to be on?!

          (And yes, I was a peacetime vet some decades ago — and even *I* know there is a difference — a *DIVISION* — between our side and the enemy!) Jeez….

          1. In the movie “Enough”, the main character, her face bruised from being hit by her husband, visits the husband’s mother. Mother’s question: “what did you do to make him do that?”

            That’s what Patrick sounds like with his “cause a bigger divide.” These folk are the abusive spouse using the “look what you made me do” excuse and Patrick is the enabler.

          2. I’m reminded of the 3rd(?) season premiere of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where Buffy ends up breaking up a group of demons that were kidnapping runaway teens and enslaving them. After a lot of carnage through their little slave pit, the leader of the demons makes a rather hurt complaint:
            “Humans don’t fight back. Humans don’t fight back!!! That’s how this WORKS!!!”

            Progs complaining when their opponents don’t meekly go along with their gas lighting and similar always remind me of that line.

          3. @Imaginos1892: No, Buffy showed him her imitation of Gandhi. With a club.

            “Gandhi?” “Well you know, if he was really pissed off…”

            Found a clip of the funnier parts of “Ken”‘s defeat. Though sadly not his complaint.


        15. There could BE a bigger divide? Wow – wonder what that would look like. Sounds like something copped from a Biden speech to me..

        1. Facts can be twisted which is why you have to look at multiple viewpoints and multiple sources.

          And if I was in diapers when you were in, that means you’re in diapers about right now, right? Hope you have a pretty nurse to change you.

          1. So…let me get this straight…saying to wait for it to play out, including the lawsuits, is an insult to you? Sensitive, aren’t you?

            There has been fuckery on both sides in every election I’ve ever been a voter in, and I’m sure it goes back further. But it is usually on both sides. I’m just worried that this will turn into the right’s version of Russia, and create a bigger divide. You’re talking shit rather than thinking of solutions to bring people back together.

            Granted it doesn’t help that Biden was a shit candidate, and Trump is a polarizing candidate.

          2. “so let me get this straight (insert derpy straw man bullshit here)”
            Nope. Not even close. In fact you would have to be a total idiot or deliberately obtuse to take that as the meaning of this exchange. My money is on a combination of the two.
            Next, another pathetic appeal to moral equivalence. I’ve seen the left’s best examples of fuckery from both sides this election (ATL Post office losses) and mathematically it isn’t even fucking close. (nor does it appear to be willful fraud, but rather Democrat incompetence, and the ultimate voter turn out in the area suggests it was statistically irrelevant anyway) You would have to be a moron or a liar to try and conflate the two this year.
            But the fact you are super concerned about “division” caused by people talking about democrat fraud, rather than the actual democrat fraud, shows just what a dishonest piece of shit you are.

            The real division comes from half the country feeling like their votes are meaningless due to cheating, and that’s true regardless of who wins this because of this ridiculous clusterfuck of an election. The entire US media and Big Tech have spurred this division… but NOW it is apparently my responsibility to sit quietly and let democrats fuck America in the ass for the good of the nation. How dare I be polarizing by talking about painfully goofy levels of crime. How rude! 😀

            Yeah, fuck you. My initial take on you was spot on. 😀

          3. Sending people to prison for voting fraud, and reestablishing law and order by sending arsonists and looters to prison – that will bring peace and understanding.

            Letting fraudsters spit on my republic’s election system, and letting their paymasters profit by it? Now, that is divisive.

            And no, it isn’t bad for Larry to be a citizen pundit using freedom of speech, much less providing an informed opinion based in experience and training in the forensic side of accounting. It is part of his civic duty as he sees it, even though nobody could have forced him to pitch in, in this way.

            If you like waiting around and doing nothing while you are fitted for chains, the rest of us do not.

          4. There you go Patrick, spouting off more shit like the idiot you are. And insulting your elders and betters while you’re at it. I’m almost betting, if you WERE in, you were a POG. You’ve played pinata with a hornet’s nest so I suggest you quietly slink away. By the way, I very much doubt that Larry’s trilled that you’re going to keep buying his books. Now fuck off you twatwaffle.

          5. You”re not a veteran, you’re a paid liar. No veteran would say something so stupid about a firearm like you said previously about your shot gun, nor do they speak in marxist speech patterns like “I feel you”.

            You are a paid troll, nothing more and you will fail, you demonic piece of garbage

      2. I’m glad you outlined this more eloquently than I possibly could have. I threw out the same suspicions to my co-workers, and we all agree that there’s some major bullshit going on right now.

        Joe Biden received more votes than any other candidate in history (more than 70 million votes), yet it’s no secret that enthusiasm from the Democratic Party was nearly non-existent. How the fuck does that happen? Trump had 5 million more votes in 2020 than he had in 2016, plus had the highest number of non-white votes since 1960 (and presumably would have subtracted votes from Biden), yet still faces an uphill battle. Throw in the fuck ton of red flags that you’ve magnificently outlined, and to anyone with any critical thinking skills you’ve got an obvious case of fuckery.

        I would agree with you 100% that there are way too many statistical anomalies to not make someone question whether or not the results are legitimate.

      3. I AM a vet and the level of raw skullduggery at play here takes my breath away. That SO many on one side of the political spectrum think this chicanery is justified because ‘Orange Man Bad!’ AND the media downplaying it at best, actively protecting the miscreants at worst, leads me to think our constitution may be hanging by a thread. Fight? Fight?! The Republicans had better fight! And they’d better doff the kid gloves this time. H. L. Menken may have had the right of it… It MAY be time to spit on our hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats!

      4. I’m a vet too, and agree with you 100 percent.
        Patrick must have been in Infantry, as the ASVAB is probably ‘ so hard’ for the likes of him.

      5. I think this started in the primaries. Although it may be too late for any investigation, I always thought Biden won too easy. I think the primaries were a testing exercise for the general election

        1. He was beginning to lose in the primaries, beginning to be insignificant, and then Covidiocracy conveniently occurred and the DNC and MSM proclaimed him victor.

          And, yeah, call me a conspiratorial loon, but the whole Covidiocracy was just a tad bit too convenient.

      6. your red flags are just your imagination… just based on hearsay… if you are accountant, poor your customers… you worship Trump as your’s, America’s saviour… that is pretty pathetic…
        And I feel that to argue with somebody who likes conspiracies is pointless…

        1. Repeat this until it sinks into your deep, deep mindthoughts – statistical analysis is not hearsay.

          Then spend a little more time crafting something that doesn’t make you look like an illiterate tool.

      7. They are going for the trifecta, Georgia election is still undecided, and a tie goes to whoever wins the presidential election. Maybe they thought they didn’t need to pull the level of shenanigans they obviously did for the presidential election.

      8. Yeah…what he said…FO…You’re a vet…so here is my obligatory “Thanks for your service”. It doesn’t mean you are more knowledgeable, or that we are not allowed to challenge you. I served my country in uniform too…doesn’t make me an expert on this particular subject. I just did my job and got paid for it…just like everyone else who works for a living.

        You are allowed your opinion…just as much as everyone else. You got your say…let others have theirs.

    2. Because it’s Trump. All common sense goes out the window when it’s Trump.

      And I’m convinced it’s just as much about stealing wins from James in MI, Tillis in NC, and Perdue in GA.

    3. Wow, being attacked for my opinion. So funny. I was just trying to present another possible side to start a conversation, and I get attacked by a bunch of keyboard warriors. Have fun guys.

    4. Some of my questions.

      why wait until the end of the election to say there is fraud? Don’t you want to catch them in the act? To show evidence and broken chains substantiating problems? Why wait till someone is in office 3 months or a year later saying.”hey dude you really lost so pack up and go home.”How can the media be trusted when they are having a major integrity problem itself. How do I trust anyone in the media? How come Biden is not being seen, when the last time Ms. Clinton was all over the news? I am totally not a fan of either candidate, that said, I see how the press and congress has gone after the current president and really, it makes me question everything I was ever taught about freedom of the press, responsibility, and what an American is. It is a case of I will destroy you no matter how many innocent, hard working people we take down. You are always wrong even when you have done the right thing.

      1. The press have always been biased, even since before the Revolution. They’re organizations run by humans, and they’re usually run for profit.

        When the news is local, it’s fairly easy to find out what’s truth, and what’s total BS. When the news is national or world, then it becomes difficult for readers to know whether it’s BS or not. Then it takes time and effort to crosscheck and evaluate.

        If you see it on the news, it’s probably best to note it, don’t trust it, and do your best to verify it via other means.

        By the way, the other red flag I saw with the Biden votes was not only did Trump not get any, but neither did the 3 third party candidates. You would have expected to see one or two additional votes for them. But nope, nothing, zip, zilch. Another fraud red flag.

        1. And NOT ONE write-in vote? Nobody voted for his dog, or Mickey Mouse? That’s a red flag the size of a minor planet!

          Nope, it’s fraud all the way down. “As unlikely as a machine making #6-32 hex nuts ‘accidentally’ turning out a cash register full of money.”

          1. Personally, I would have figure at least a couple votes for “baby yoda”, considering I have friends that wrote that in for our state senator.

      2. Biden has appeared publicly several times since the election. He has urged calm while speaking of the need to let democracy work and the importance of a peaceful transition of power. He was indeed less visible during the campaign; in case you forgot, there is a pandemic killing over 1,000 Americans a day right now — unless you believe that’s a fraud as well.

        As for freedom of the press, the Framers of our Constitution would laugh at the vapors you’re having. The newspapers they ran were openly, viciously partisan and almost always filled with lies about the “other side.” Having to deal with the press was one of the big reasons Washington retired after two terms. Not to even mention that the current president has an entire network dedicated to making him look good. Is Fox in on the fraud as well?

        Why are you so convinced that the other side is willing to “take down” innocent people? Isn’t it possible for someone to have an opinion contrary to your own in good faith? To try to do what’s best for the country, even if they disagree with you completely on what that is?

        You can look at McConnell’s Senate or the Electoral College that resulted in the last 2 Republican presidents taking office while losing the popular vote and tell me with a straight face that the system is rigged against the GOP?

        You lost. It happens. I accepted that both G.W. Bush and Donald Trump were legitimately, legally president despite my doubts about the process in those cases. Meanwhile, people on the right spent eight years telling us Obama was a radical Muslim socialist who was going to take our guns and put people in camps, and now we’re hearing similar nonsense about Biden, who’s as institutionalist and middle-of-the-road as it comes. The actual Left despises the man, though most resigned themselves to voting for him. But no, people tell me he’s a communist/a crook/in China’s pocket/a gun-grabber/pro-violence/planning to abolish the police/determined to destroy America.

        If anything destroys America, it will be one side refusing to peacefully accept an election result with which it is unhappy.

        1. So when Michigan is filled with “glitches” that take votes and hand them to Democrats we’re just supposed to sit back and let it happen, right? Democrats cheat. It’s what they do and who they are. This election just shows it very plainly.

          1. You are cherry picking facts. You assume the two groups have both equal morality and equal electability, in general. Which group worked to eliminate God from schools, government offices, courthouses, and their platform in 2016? OK, you get it. They are not equal in morality. And in a Judeo-Christian society, which group is more acceptable to the electorate? Right again, the group who accepts the Ten Commandments. Now which group has to, and is willing to cheat. You obviously have either not read nor comprehended the “fuckery” piece above. You assume there is no cheating in any case. Read it again. One cannot “lose” if there is cheating, and one cannot “win “ if he is the one cheating. One thing is for certain: When the laws of man fail, the laws of physics take over. That is where we are heading.

        2. Agree.
          You are cherry picking facts. You assume the two groups have both equal morality and equal electability, in general. Which group worked to eliminate God from schools, government offices, courthouses, and their platform in 2016? OK, you get it. They are not equal in morality. And in a Judeo-Christian society, which more acceptable to the electorate? Right again, the group who accept the Ten Commandments. Now which group has to and is willing to cheat. You obviously have either not read, or comprehended the “fuckery” piece above. You assume there is no cheating in any case. Read it again. One cannot “lose” if there is cheating, and one cannot “win “ if he is the one cheating. One thing is for certain: When the laws of man fail, the laws of physics take over. That is where we are heading.

        3. “He was indeed less visible during the campaign; in case you forgot, there is a pandemic killing over 1,000 Americans a day right now…”

          In case you forgot, this is the 21st Century, and technology has given us the ability to transmit moving pictures across vast distances at sooper dooper fast speeds!

          “Not to even mention that the current president has an entire network dedicated to making him look good. Is Fox in on the fraud as well?”

          Really? What network would that be? Fox? Whose entire news division skews wildly anti-Trump and whose executive and analytical team is staffed by former democrat staffers and people who donated to Biden? That Fox? The Network who called Arizona LONG before anyone else did with zero justification, but refused to call Florida? That Fox?

          Here’s an idea, rather than bleating out the “But Fox!” trope, how about learning something about the actual network besides something you see on memes.

          “Why are you so convinced that the other side is willing to “take down” innocent people?”

          I dunno, maybe because the media and Democrat congressional staffers haven’t had a second thought about doxxing innocent people over the past four years? Or that your darling little AOC just called for making lists of people who supported Trump? Or, hell, I dunno, because your little stormtroopers have been literally murdering people in the streets for the past several months?

          Your mileage apparently varies.

          “…tell me with a straight face that the system is rigged against the GOP?”

          Yup. If not for fraud that works the same way, every time, and in the same Democrat-controlled precincts (thus no investigation and no prosecution), it’s quite possible the electoral landscape would favor Republicans by larger margins.

          “I accepted that both G.W. Bush and Donald Trump were legitimately, legally president despite my doubts about the process in those cases.”

          Good for you. Many of us aren’t so accepting of today’s obvious bullshit.

          “Meanwhile, people on the right spent eight years telling us Obama was a radical Muslim socialist who was going to take our guns and put people in camps…”

          Who, some internet rando? Want to talk about the things that prominent Democrats, their staffers, and their media water carriers have said in the past four years?

          Though I do love the “Biden is a centrist” trope. Compared to maybe, Trotsky, or Noam Chomsky, or those peasant mud farmers from the Holy Grail, sure.

          “But no, people tell me he’s a communist/a crook/in China’s pocket/a gun-grabber/pro-violence/planning to abolish the police/determined to destroy America.”

          There’s more evidence to support many of those accusations than that used to impeach Trump.

          “If anything destroys America, it will be one side refusing to peacefully accept an election result with which it is unhappy.”

          You mean like the little Brownshirts who’ve been rioting and murdering off and on since before Trump was elected? And the current Dem VP candidate who endorsed such actions?

        4. COVID is not killing 1000 people per day. Although 1000 people who die each day may have COVID. There is a difference.

      3. you know, the answer is really simple, there was nothing credible on Biden and Trump is doing such a mess that even GOP wants to get rid of him.
        His actions remind me a history lessons about Hitler…

        1. That’s two Godwins. You’re on a roll, Champ.

          Did you get your history lessons in the same school as your grammar lessons?

    5. Oh fer pities sake. Red flags aren’t proof, they’re cause for investigation. They’re waving around saying “Look! Here! Look at this! Investigate this because there’s probably something shifty going on.”

      It’s a CALL for the investigations. The red flags come first. Then the investigations happen because clearly something shifty is going on.

      Are people supposed to ignore the red flags?

      Personally, I thought it was fascinating to see each laid out and listed.

    6. Patrick,

      There’s no need for a standing army set-up when all you need is about a hundred or so counties that can turn the vote around in what could be threatening swing states. Decentralized vote-countering efforts (terror cells) are much more effective and allow the senior party members to give an Alfred E. Newman look and response. Check these officials’ bookshelves and tablets for copies of Rules for Radicals, among other left-wing drivel.

      As a vet myself, I find it odd that you fail to understand that.

      1. Yes but that’s a lot of counties to consider and a lot of individuals who would have to participate. And with the way it’s turning out it would have to be a lot of people. I think the way they scheduled the counts just makes it look a lot worse than it is. There might be some shenanigans, but I’m hoping it can’t be that widespread. Its going to be bad enough whichever side wins.

        1. “Yes but that’s a lot of counties to consider and a lot of individuals who would have to participate. ”

          After watching Portland and etc. burn for six months you don’t think there’s a lot of people and a lot of money involved here? Come on, that’s the weakest yet.

          You started commenting at ~midnight and you’re still keeping this pose going at 5AM? Who do you think is buying this bullshit?

          1. Hello, Portlander here. The city is intact, though media coverage has led to my needing to reassure several friends and family members that it’s not downtown Kabul.

            Yes, there have been demonstrations and some property damage — unfortunately we’re a magnet for radicals at both ends of the political spectrum, as well as people who just like breaking things — but the only things that burned were small street fires and some wooden scaffolding. Literally a few blocks away from the central protest area, people are shopping and eating at outdoor restaurants.

            Just because you’re shown the same fires and window-breaking over and over, that doesn’t mean they’re happening that often.

            Also, the real radicals despise Biden, and anarchists don’t even believe in voting, so the idea that “antifa” somehow supports Democrats is ludicrous. I promise you that the far left hates the Democratic Party more than you do.

            It’s also pitiful that you’re convinced that people would have to be paid to be angry, to rise up, and/or to protest the current president. There aren’t any Soros checks coming in. (I know you won’t believe me because it’s central to your worldview that the other side’s motives couldn’t possibly be anything other than evil, but I had to say it.)

          2. Janice said: “It’s also pitiful that you’re convinced that people would have to be paid to be angry, to rise up, and/or to protest the current president.”

            I’m going to guess that you don’t own property in Portland, Janice. You rent, am I right?

            But, according to you Portland’s fine and all that burning buildings and people getting shot since March was all media bullshit? Awesome. Let’s assume you’re right. The media lied about Portland. Wouldn’t be the first time.

            But we should totally believe what the media says about the election, because that’s totally all true, right?

            And you think its perfectly fine for people to riot in the streets, burn buildings down and beat up guys wearing the wrong hat because they don’t like the President. Okay then.

            So you won’t have a problem when millions of pitiful, angry, under-informed White men take to the streets, burn government buildings down and beat up skinny Millennials wearing Antifa t-shirts if Biden becomes President, right?

            Because I think they’re going to, Janice. I really do.

            Also, regarding the Antifa a-holes getting paid. Every time they stage a riot, they have weapons and stacks of bricks pre-positioned, Janice. There’s proof if you care to look. Somebody paid for that stuff. Three grand for a pallet of bricks Janice, plus delivery. Where’d that come from?

            More evidence in that regard, I live near Caledonia Ontario, in Canada, where right now, today, we have a “standoff” with the “Natives.” They want “their” land back, apparently. They’ve stolen school buses and blocked three roads with them, they’ve also stolen construction equipment and dug up the road. Made trenches. Tank traps really, they’re big.

            Now I happen to know, due to have gone and looked, that there are no angry masses of Six Nations Indians manning the barricades. There are maybe ten guys there. Two of them are Indians, at most. The rest are White kids wearing #BLM and #Antifa t-shirts. In one location I spotted the Palestinian flag.

            When the riot was staged a couple weeks or so ago, there were several hundred “demonstrators” present. Virtually all of them bused in from Toronto and New York State. Video can be a pretty wonderful thing. Also, I know the guy who delivered their water. (Wonder who paid for the water, Janice? It wasn’t free, I can tell you that.)

            The people on the Six Nations Reserve are not doing this. They are pissed off like you can’t believe. Because after the bad spring all their businesses had due to COVID-19, and the really slow summer too, now all the roads into the reserve are blocked and people can’t come in to buy cheap smokes and cheap gas like they usually do. Can’t go to the nice gym they have on the reserve, can’t go to the race track, etc.

            That’s what keeps the reserve going, those businesses. Which are all empty right now, because Antifa dug up the fucking road. In Canada, mind you, so it isn’t about the Orange Man here.

            And how did this happen? The cops let them do it. Just sat there and let them, same as Portland. There’s a court order against the rioters. The cops are required by law to remove them. But they don’t.

            That’s how you know the fix is in somewhere, Janice. Cops do what they’re told. They were told to do nothing.

            When I see things like that, I have to seriously consider that money changed hands in quite a few places. Because stupid kids rioting is one thing. The cops -letting them riot- is something else.

            So Janice, maybe climb down off your self-righteous hobby-horse there for a second and consider this question: Who would benefit from mass disorder in the USA and Canada? Hmm? And who has enough money to arrange it?

        2. ” shenanigans, but I’m hoping it can’t be that widespread.”

          Oh Pollyanna, go change your frock and brush your golden hair… You’re NOT suited for these kinds of discussions…

          “a lot of counties and a lot of people”?!
          Oh GOODNESS! How many people do you think they needed to burn down cities and towns all across this nation? Where-oh-where could they find ENOUGH people to fill protests and riots? Or enough true believers willingly spending all night counting ballots — and silently, hopefully, awaiting the truckloads of false ballots so THEIR dreams come true?!?

          “A lot of people”! Hmmmm. Ever heard of the B-1 bomber? How about the Manhattan Project (to build a nuclear bomb)? How many THOUSANDS of people worked on those and other black projects and kept their damned mouths shut for YEARS!?!?

          Do you just not get that the antifa/commie/black block/ idiot-lib side is filled with people who BELIEVE (as if in a religion) in the destruction of our country?! Just as folks believed in the NEED to build the bomb — or the bomber — and willingly kept their mouths shut and did their work. So, too, these violent idiot commies are committed to this destruction. And yet you think there aren’t enough to commit massive fraud?! Sheesh!

    7. You’re a Joe Biden voter, clear and simple speaking of “red flags.”

      As to being a “Vet,” so was Chelsea Manning and “Bowe” Bergdahl. That doesn’t give some special medal as testimony to your honesty, nor does it hide the fact you’re clearly trying to minimize what is already known.

      If so, refute any of that listed above with proof – especially the statistical implausible math – which does not lie, soldier.

      1. Manning and Bergdahl … perfect examples of folks like Patrick.

        The 1% of vets who started out as, and remained, Leftist ding-dongs. Like Rapenoe or however his name was spelled – West Point grad, platoon leader up at Ft. Drum. Famous for a photo of himself pulling apart his grays to show the Che tshirt underneath.

    8. The disorganization could be explained by the fact 1) they believed their own BS about Joe being ahead 2) They underestimated Trumps numbers and their pre-election vote rigging (unsolicited mail-in ballots) were coming up short. What we are seeing is an on-the-fly operation

    9. That makes it even more suspicious because these data dumps only had votes for pres and not the other elections. If you want a blue wave wouldn’t you vote straight blue. Or, could it be a rush job to get ballots in before opening bell? I don’t know but this should punch a hole in you analysis.

    10. Patrick,

      “if you’re going to rig an election, why not go for a trifecta? ”

      Maybe because by the time they operation went into overdrive, the ‘mission critical’ point became a Biden win over all other considerations. See Larry’s comments about the mission critical red flag.

      “Just because your candidate is losing doesn’t mean that shit is shifty.”

      That’s not what Larry said. At all. He wrote out an entire list of red flags that give the appearance of mistakes, impropriety and possible malfeasance. That’s why it looks ‘shifty’.

      I could be wrong but I’ve been reading Larry for years and he’s never come off as a “Trump Guy”.

      “I find it offensive that you’re trying to delegitimize an election before its even over.”

      So when do you contest a possibly fraudulent election? After the MSM, the Tech Giants cement the narrative? When the fraudulent votes are already counted and judges are reluctant to throw them out?

      Get the f#$k out of here. Your whining is offensive.

    11. As a Veteran, I’m offended by you. The tone of your post suggests an all-knowing officer type’. You know, smarmy.

      Didn’t you ever take Stats? Mr. Correia’s points are totally valid. Did you follow any of his links?

      Nah, you’re just another Dem troll/drone quisling.

    12. One would surmise that investigations would root out any wrongdoing but with evidence of collusion and malfeasance within the FBI, CIA, DOJ And other organizations the last four years how can anyone possibly put any faith in a proper unbiased investigation taking place? What really needs to happen is to wait until ALL state election boards have verified and signed off their results and turn over ALL ballots and electronic records to the military and have a forensic audit done for every state. When the audit is done the results are posted and a winner declared. If any underhanded fraud has been proven in any polling station then they need to hold people accountable and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. It’s really sad that there is so little faith in the system and even less faith that anyone will be brought to justice for crimes committed.

    13. It appears as though they ARE. The Senate is currently at 48 Republican to 46 Democrats. However, there are 2 Independent Senators who vote with the Democrats. That makes any potential vote 48-48.
      Now there are 2 Senate elections that will likely go to the Republican (North Carolina and Alaska). that makes the count 50-48.
      There are two seats in Georgia that have not yet been decided. One is definitely going to be a run off, the other might be. That means we could a 50-50 Senate, a 51-49, or a 52-48.

      At that point, we also have to contend with the fact that Collins and Murkowski are two of the Republicans.

      That is not good at all.

    14. “Throwing around allegations”?
      And you threw in the veteran bit so -hopefully – nobody would come after you for your nonsense because the right as a rule respects service-men?
      He wasn’t throwing allegations.
      He was ANALYZING forensics.
      We don’t do liberal crap which is make up stories because our lives are so boring we have nothing else to do BUT create drama for other people.
      So… love it or leave it.
      Stop muddying the waters and go find a safe place to defend Communism in.

    1. They don’t care. They’re convinced their right and no amount of evidence will convince them. I’m sure there is some fuckery, but if you attempt to disprove it, it will only solidify it in their minds.

      1. I’m an ex statistician turned writer. For the record, Patrick I was a conscript when you were born. I do not need diapers yet. This is not my election yet it raises huge red flags because of the anomalies. For there to be no red flags two conditions need to exist: 1) approximately the same number of reported (correct or not) issues favoring each side. Directionality is important. If you claim the situation is normal, produce an examples in the current election of matching in volume and occurrence events on the other side. Counting mysteriously stopped when the Democrat led and resumed with a sudden Republican lead, etc. The second enormous red flag is… Being unwilling to take steps to preclude election fraud. That includes obstruction of voter roll reform, obstruction of poll monitoring, obstruction of counting monitoring, accepting voting irregularities or even the appearance of the same (be that late delivery of postal ballots or transparency of the process), but most importantly obstructing and attempting to prevent notice or public and transparent examination (with all the support and openness you can) of anything questionable. Basically: if you’re playing fair and honest you WANT such examination, and quickly, publicly and as openly as possible. If you’re bent, or you know the process was riddled with problems and fraud – then you’re saying ‘nothing to see here, move along, leave it to the authorities. ‘
        So: what were you saying: Oh right. Move along. Yes I am reassured by your behavior. ;-/

        1. I’m not saying that move along. I’m saying follow they process and don’t jump the gun. I do find the lack of third party goes being reported suspicious though.

          1. No, that’s _exactly_ what you’ve been saying. “move along, nothing to see here, all is well, prole.” Please, stop insulting our intelligence when we can easily scroll up and read what you wrote.

          2. I hear what you’re saying Patrick and I think the people here do as well. They just don’t like it because their candidate is losing despite them denying that is the case. I know that sharing opinions is fine but you’re not just “sharing your opinion” you’re dumping fuel on the fire as you can clearly see by the comments about civil war and violence. Even though I don’t support Trump, I would be the first to admit that, if it was proven (by our process) and ruled by a judge that there was fraudulent activity, I would definitely agree those people responsible should be locked up. Red flags does not equal evidence so at this point you’re just being a sore loser. So, in your words, suck it up, buttercup.

          3. Moving along in this case means getting involved in investigating NOW, because that’s how this works. After votes have been counted, whether manufactured or not, it’s basically impossible to uncount them.

            And I’m a vet too, so that’s somehow relevant to my point, right?

    2. That has already been noted. Liars that get caught in their lies try to change them.

      Are they legitimate changes? That’s the $64,000,000 question.

      Judging by the conduct of the Dems and most of the media over the last five years … I have zero confidence in that being the truth. YMMV

  6. It’s an absolute mess, and I’m glad President Trump is fighting it tooth-and-nail. Any other Republican politician would’ve rolled over and “nobly lost” despite the obvious fraud going on. No. I’m all for a legitimate loss. Disappointing, yes, but that’s the process. This, though? This cannot stand.

    I praise God for giving us President Trump. He’s a lion, and he won’t go down without a fight.

      1. Romney did roll over. 19 precincts in Philadelphia with 0 votes for Romney as just one example of definite vote fraud.

        1. Pete,
          “Undermining faith in the election process”?!
          The Deep State has been doing that for decades and then telling us there was no fraud and we should go on trusting them and then when we got lemons in office they had the audacity to give us the guilt trip and tell us we voted them in and had a duty to “obey” them.
          They are OUR SERVANTS. Not the other way around.
          They just keep forgetting that.
          They insist that we forget it too.
          Glad this site owner is calling them to task over all those red flags.
          I voted in ONE election. Saw the hopeless fraud (at the time), and the despicable rot of ALL candidates (at the time) and never voted again.
          They were only using my name and sig (blue state) to justify their (unlawful) jurisdiction on me and my estate.
          If America is to stand, this crap MUST go.
          MHN owner recapping all these red flags IS A GOOD THING!

  7. Fuckery indeed. Sharpiegate seems to be a non-issue. A point worth knowing – ballot counters and adjudicators are supposed to only have red ink pens to avoid issues.
    What can a citizen do ? Check your ballot. Search on your state and ‘track my ballot’. Then do the same for stats you voted in and then left. Then check on your dead relatives. Then check on your elderly relatives – did someone offer to ‘help’ them. Find an issue – shout about it.

    1. Wife and I early voted because I was going to be incapacitated and didn’t have time to get an absentee ballot. While we were early voting, we checked on both her parents to make sure they weren’t on the rolls (they weren’t). On Monday of this week, I checked to make sure both of our votes were in. The only thing we DON’T know is if our votes were entered for the people we voted for.

  8. I seem to recall Saddam Hussein holding a referendum to make him president for life, and the results were 94% Yes. He was furious, and had the election board all shot. Saddam said that he wanted a believable number, like 80%.

  9. It all looks exactly like the clusterf*** that was the Washington 2004 election for Governor. Dino the republican candidate won the vote, so the dems sued to recount. Twice. Each time King county (Seattle’s county) kept coming up with more boxes of uncounted ballots. Eventually the dem candidate “won”. There was never any explanation of where these ballots came from or why they hadn’t been counted previously. Nobody was ever held accountable.

    Even if it wasn’t out and out fraud, D votes + R votes + other + No vote = total ballots counted. When it doesn’t there is either fraud or incompetence at a criminal level.


  11. This analysis shows how we are in completely different filter bubbles.

    I find it plausible how more people on all sides decided to vote since the whole political landscape seems so much more polarized than the last times. This might be the election that makes or breaks America (yes, I am very much melodramatic).

    I would also find it plausible how nearly all the Republican voters decided to vote in person as the president mentioned multiple times to not trust mail-in voting.

    I haven’t analysed the data myself, which means it is difficult to come to an informed decision until the media has worked through everything.

    Aside from that I am in full cognitive dissonance mode. I have no idea how Trump was seen as good enough by the voters to make it even that close of an election.

    The less to be said about using voting machines the better. I understand this even less than the current political situation.

    1. Except regardless of Trump’s opinion on the subject, the actual ratios of mail in votes everywhere else isn’t this overwhelmingly Democrat. And it actually shook out more like 60-40 or 70-30 than 97-3 everywhere else. So you finding that plausible is kind of meaningless when compared to what people actually did.

      You have no idea how people who think differently than you liked Trump, except he was giving rallies that looked like rock concerts, 3-5 times a day, while in the same states Joe Biden couldn’t get out 15 people even if Barack Obama and Jon Bon Jovi were there singing. I’m thinking the cognitive dissonance problem might be on you a bit more than it is on the rest of America. 😀

      1. The enthusiasm/attendance at rallies is a somewhat overrated talking point on our side; remember that we said the same thing about Romney vs. Obama (granted, not to the same degree, but still. . . ) Reasons why that isn’t as meaningful as we think it is:

        1) Just because lefties don’t love Biden doesn’t mean they don’t hate Trump with the fire of 10,000 suns. Negative motivation is often more powerful than positive.
        2) There absolutely is a great deal of truth to the “shy Trumper” theory (it’s certainly true in my work life), and I believe that is a key to the success of the rallies; people need to feel like they’re not alone and are looking for situations where they can be themselves and speak freely. Lefties get that validation from normal life; they don’t need a rally to feel that way.
        3) The Biden/Harris campaign had good reasons to hold down attendance at their rallies, both the official one of COVID and the unofficial one of decreasing the chance that some attendee who didn’t get the memo might say something embarrassing or provoke a revealing response from the candidates, not to mention the risk of being drowned out by Trump supporters that increased as time went along. ????

        That being said, you have certainly pointed out plenty of other reasons to suspect that something rotten is going on in Detroit (and Philly, Atlanta, Milwaukee, etc.) ☹️

      2. correia45,
        Love your content on this elections’ drama.
        Your page was tipped on And We Know’s channel on BitChute.
        So found my way here.
        Interesting back and forth with the expected number of nay-sayers mouthing off their various nuances of lapses in logic.

        Thank you for taking the time to compile the “red flags” and give us the “accountant’s” view of it all.

    2. That’s OK, we have no idea why all of you would vote for a candidate who:
      1) is, to put it charitably, obviously beginning to experience problems with his cognition;
      2) was corrupt and amoral when he was completely coherent;
      3) was obviously a back-door way of installing another candidate into the Presidency who was overwhelmingly rejected by her own party.

      We all have mysteries to ponder. ????

    3. It’s easier to understand why the election was close when you look at Biden and realize he was *far* worse.

      That, and President Trump wasn’t nearly the bad President the Press made him out to be. I voted for Trump this time around in no small part because I wanted to flip birdies at the Media and the way they gaslighted us about Trump.

      1. Alpheus,
        “Flipping birdies at the media”?
        Never imagined someone voting for POTUS simply to do that but… hey, whatever suits your particular flavor of patriotism!
        Thanks for the laugh, btw.

        1. Go ahead and laugh. I’m tired of the media gaslighting.

          But do you know what happens when the victim of gaslighting becomes aware of the gaslighting? That victim never trusts the gaslighter again.

          Hence, trust in the Media is at an all time low.

          Oh, and you confirmed yourself as one of the gaslighters.

    4. I will tell you exactly how trump was seen as “good enough by the voters.” There was no evidence of malfeasance on his part, they just don’t like the way he talks. It is really that simple. there is no war on immigrants, and it isn’t racist, it is upholding the current laws on the books. Democrats ned to look at the term ‘racism,’ sexism,’ and ‘prejudice’ as well. Choosing a running mate because of her gender and skin color is blatant, out and out sexist, racist and prejudiced. Deifying people of color is also racist. Vilifying police is prejudiced. if you don’t want to get shot by the police, don’t mouth off and make that particular cop fearful for his life. Trust me, no cop wants to pull his sidearm on anyone, much less a black man. too much paperwork, too much racist press and too little personal recognizance by people who complain about the police being brutal. There is a trade war with China, and there has been since 1950. the democrats don’t want to upset china, they just want to go along with whatever milquetoast, do nothing, big government plan they have and take everyone’s power and money. The whole ‘voter suppression’ scheme we hear so much about from democrats is simple a way to get illegals to vote, and to hoist fraud of this magnitude off on the citizens of the United States. How could any thinking individual vote for any democrat candidate under these conditions?

    1. I’ve got a thread about this over on my FB page right now.
      The Milwaukee one looked super damning, but they just updated the base data and it went from crazy suspicious to just curious. So no idea how that’s going to shake out yet.

  12. I cant believe anyone would trust this mess of an election!! Just one thing I noticed was in North Carolina, Lindsay Graham won his seat back easily from his Democrat challenger. We knew that on Election Day evening. Why is it taking this long to find out the Presidential winner in North Carolina? My experience with voting is that most people vote a straight ticket, either all Republican or straight down the line Democrat. So, why such a huge delay. They still haven’t called North Carolina! How can that be? It doesn’t make ANY sense. Democrats have always thought the public are ignorant and stupid. We are not. I will not except this fraud, and I am fed up enough to fight in a war! I have children and beautiful grandchildren that deserve better than this obvious stealing of an election! I’m so sick of the Democrat liars cheaters! I watched ads even on Election Day telling lies long ago debunked stories. I remember when someone asked Harry Reed why he lied during the last campaign he was around for. His reply “So what”. We won didn’t we?” The ends do not justify the means, and every 4 years it is one lie after another which is bad enough. I’ve never in my 65 years on this earth seen anything as obviously manipulated than this election. It cannot stand!!!????????????

    1. Lindsey Graham represents South Carolina. North Carolina is less red than SC. Tons of people are moving away from it.

    2. Graham is from South Carolina…Thom Tillis is the North Carolina guy whose election is in doubt. Similar names, but very different politics–NC is run by a Democrat and has a couple of large, very Democratic areas (Charlotte, the Research Triangle area of Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham). SC is run by the Republicans with one large Dem area (Charleston) and a few smaller Dem areas (Columbia, Rock Hill).

  13. I am convinced right now that the goal was to break peoples faith in the system. The winner was irrelevant. Chaos was they goal. My next question is why?

    1. Breaking people’s faith in the system will make it more likely that there will be a civil war.

      Instigating a civil war in a country is the best way to weaken it.

      The entity that would benefit the most from the USA being weakened would be a foreign power that is competing with it. Possibly one that can no longer defeat it by buying it’s politician.

      That’s one explanation.

      1. If you were a truly Machiavellian power and wanted to start a Civil War, you screw with the election in an obvious way, ending with Biden getting elected, but with the right pissed off that they were cheated.
        Then you light the fire by getting rid of the President within a few weeks after his inauguration, not by using the 25th Amendment. No, have him assassinated in a public way, with a right wing gun nut right out of central casting.

    2. Oh if that’s the case the answer to your question is simplicity itself Spartan. To push conservatives over the edge enough, to finally start shooting back so they could say conservatives are anti american and kicked off the civil war, that is frankly..for my money about to kick off no matter who wins this rigged goatfuck

    3. I’m not so sure. I mean, they dont have much reason to think that this will be anything more than a month or two of a little chaos, then their guy gets in. Rs usually do a good job of rolling over historically, and they had all the mechanisms they needed to ensure things go their way, all the avenues of information-both traditional and electronic media- the courts, the support of all the Ds and many Rs, and probably a few things I’m forgetting.

    4. Iron,
      I’d buy into that. Every country does it to each other, and with this political climate we currently have, it would be easy.

  14. If Mr. Biden were compos mentis we’d be looking at the U.S. Stalin. The man was a shark. You have to ask: How bad would a political hack oligarchy with Biden as a puppet (see any Emperor or King with a regency) or a Pres. Harris presidency be?

    Bonus: Pres. Harris will reignite a repeal of the 19th ammendent like no other woman could*

    But Mr. Correia has the right of it. I went to bed cautiously optimistic, and woke up wondering if my country is toast 10 years ahead of schedule.

    Next stop, Castelo Branco or Lulu.

    *I am assuming historical illiteracy here. I work with public-schooled kids on a daily basis.

  15. you see the problem is americas enemies win either way. Biden wins? they win, biden loses and the media can claim trump stole the election? they win.

    A civilization is hard to build. the barbarians always have the advantage, as over time they always claw down the walls into choas and corruption.

  16. This is the biggest clusterfuck election in my life & I go back to Ike. It was never like this when I was growing up in the 1950’s.

  17. Here is the current SITREP as determined by me, some retired Navy loggie with too much time on his hands:

    1. Street level anarchy – leftist street thugs are allowed to assault people, vandalize property, and terrify people in their own homes. Any arrested are immediately released without charges.

    2. Federal justice system is two tiered – Hillary breaks nearly every regulation for the safeguarding of classified information we have regulations for, and is allowed to walk. More than 3 dozen senior people in the Executive branch are allowed to lie and abuse the power of their office to surveil a candidate and then sworn sitting president for political purposes. Meanwhile, members of said President’s staff are arrested in flashy raids in front of news cameras and tried on trumped up process crimes that even the agents involved say were bogus. And then, when the prosecutors withdraw the charges and recommend dismissal, the judge decides that nope, he “plead guilty” so were gonna find a way to jail him anyway.

    Election fraud – we are all supposed to believe this series of events, which are statistically impossible, are 100% legit, even though the people doing it act like they are guilty of what we are accusing them of doing.

    So, to sum up, the legal system has been corrupted in favor of the politically connected and used as a tool for political retribution, violent thugs are deliberately allowed to roam the streets at night by the authorities who’s job it is to keep the peace, and now the ballot box is being taken away as well.

    Oh, and social media is ruthlessly censoring all discussion about any of this. (All but Gab, that is. Seriously, get the fuck off of FaceBook already, Larry. We’d love to have ya over on Gab.)


    You’re about a month away from public officials being sniped as they exit their fucking front doors to go to work, lefties. DO YOU WANT TO KEEP PUSHING?

    That kill everything light switch is about to be flipped, and you shitheads are pushing us to do it in some kind of triple dog dare lunacy.

    1. Yep. We’re trying to flip the switch to vote and it’s not working.

      It’s getting damn close to time to try the other setting…..

    2. Start with the names of the vote counters/vote certifiers in those swing states. If a few of them disappeared on the way to or from their (fraudulent) counting stations perhaps things might improve, ya think?

  18. The gloves have been off all year. No real surprise that the Left/Dems/MSM would take this route. If they lose, they are doomed as they will eat themselves.

  19. “However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged and they’re eternally fucked. And now, however this shakes out in court, that’s exactly what half the country is going to think.”

    I’d bet that 98% of the people who can hit a golf ball *at* 300 yards are on one side of that divide. Probably not a good idea to convince them that voting is now a complete waste of time.

  20. Very nice write up, I wasn’t aware of a few of those. One other red flag is that the Rs didn’t do badly in many of the other elections. I haven’t looked into it deeply, but ATL has tons of votes where there were votes for Biden only-no votes on Reps or anything, and that seems to be a trend across the country. If all these Biden voters showed up, there should have been a blood bath in all the races that were being run.

  21. Its funny, …the GOP did exceeding well despite the “Huge Blue Wave” that was promised….Except the standard bearer for the GOP was beaten…..somehow that alone fails the “Smell Test” Normally people vote straight up and down Donk or GOP tickets, and the GOP got net gains in the house and held the senate. President Trump is a fighter, that is one of the things I like about him, he won’t take things lying down, he don’t roll over and take it, he gives it back, the first GOP candidate that ever did that. This was part of the attraction for many people that got tired of the wimpy establishment GOPers in the past. I am concerned, when people lose faith in their voice in the Republic has no value because it is buried by fraud and deceit and believe that they have no other options, then insurgency becomes a big possibility and nobody does insurgency like Americans.

    1. “Its funny, …the GOP did exceeding well despite the “Huge Blue Wave” that was promised….Except the standard bearer for the GOP was beaten…..somehow that alone fails the “Smell Test” Normally people vote straight up and down Donk or GOP tickets, and the GOP got net gains in the house and held the senate. ”

      Makes you wonder how many of those GOP victors took the Ticket offered by the dark side. They’re all curiously quiet about this.

  22. With so much obvious fuckery in play, how long before two or three people decide all is lost and begin attacking Dems and news figures they believe are responsible? And what if another ten or fifteen see those results and get on the bandwagon? I’d say that’s extremely possible. That would get ugly very quickly.
    The only way that gets stopped quickly or prevented is lots of responsible people getting jailed quickly. We know that won’t happen. Better buckle up.

    1. Everything I’ve seen so far about this DHS sting actually doing anything sounds like wishful thinking fakery.

  23. When you use the f-word it limits the places I can link to your article. You are undermining your mission to communicate this important information.

    1. I don’t give a fuck. 😀
      (and these comments inevitably come from somebody who only sees my post because it has already gone viral, which is kinda ironic)

      1. Exactly. I am DONE turning the other cheek. That happened when I noticed the brass knuckles in their hands.

        1. That is a great way of expressing why so many of us are sick of ‘turning the other cheek’s, would you mind if I steal that phrase?

          1. Be my guest! I burned out on letting the rabid foaming at the mouth Leftists using my virtues against me/us.

    2. If Larry had used nothing but “genteel” language, people looking to dismiss it without having to actually contest the content would have dinged it for something else, probably along the lines of some variety of the “you sound angry” dismissal on Larry’s internet arguing checklist.

      To hell with the “tone police” garbage.

      1. Nothing wrong using the lingua franca of the U.S.

        The children’s section is usually in the church assembly hall if you aren’t mature enough to handle it. 😉

        1. 1. I did. Got an A in it and learned enough to not try and pursue anything related to it as a career.

          2. I was not directing that remark at Larry. I was directing at the butthurt troll who is clutching his pearls at Larry’s use of the word fuck like a punctuation mark.

          1. Oh, my bad. I apologize. It is very hard to keep track of who is addressing who on this blog.

    3. I don’t particularly like the language, but I don’t share things either. I’m too much of a social recluse.

      I would propose summarizing the points, include a link with a warning about language, and posting them in a place that you can link to. That way the message still gets out, and people who need to be shocked by the language still get exposed to it.

  24. A citizen of Mexico has to have a government supplied picture ID to vote. The only way a Mexican citizen can vote without a photo ID is to come to the United States first. Think on that . . .

    Lotteries know where the money is. They know how many tickets were sold. They know how much is supposed to go for the prizes. We cannot say that about our voting system in the US.

    Our voting system is broken on purpose.

    An example: Democrats keep saying that black people are put to too much hardship to get a photo ID. What democrats are saying is that black americans are to stupid (or lazy, or something or another) to get a photo ID. I don’t know where these people live. I know an awful lot of people who are black or brown but I do not remember any of them at all who were too stupid to get an ID. Ask black americans, a majority say photo ID would be a good thing. A majority of democrats identified voter ID as a good thing. The only statistically identifiable group of people in the United States of America who are against voter ID are those in the *leadership* of the democratic party.

    We will not have an honest vote until we are honest about what gets in the way of an honest vote.

  25. The republic will survive this, just like it survived in 1865. Of course we may have to kill lots of democrats, just like last time.

  26. Great post. I agree that there appears to be massive fraud, way too many red flags as you said, and I hope we see it through. Democrat or Republican, this is really bad for the Nation and it needs to be resolved correctly

    One thing though, the unloading of the white van into the wagon. A local channel 7 news station is claiming that it was one of their employees unloading a camera.

    As you mention in your post, there is going to be so much information and misinformation, we need to make sure to sort the real from the mistaken and be brave enough to admit when something turns out to be false. This is a sh*tty time for our Country and I hope justice prevails (honestly not terribly confident that it will).

    Keep up the good work!

    1. It’s hard to believe the Media on anything after all the lies they told us leading up to the election, though. It’s not at all hard to believe they are trying to cover for election fraud.

  27. My red flag.

    If the high turnout in Wisconsin was because of all the same day registrations, how are the Biden vote dumps mail in ballots that are being counted?

    People who mail their ballot in had to register before hand.

    They need to track down every new registrant.

  28. Of course the left is cheating. It’s WHAT THEY DO. They have only one rule. WIN! And ANYTHING that serves that agenda is acceptable to them. The big difference now is EVERYBODY with an IQ above soup knows it. They aren’t even trying to hide it. Why? Because nothing EVER happens to them or one of their own no matter what they do. Nothing…..ever,. And they are quite certain that nothing will happen to them now. They are openly giving ALL of us a giant middle finger and laughing about it. They are telling us that ultimately THEY are truly in charge. And the sad ugly truth is that they are correct. The “system” is so corrupt, so infiltrated by their operatives that nothing LEGAL can or will be done about them. That leaves only two options for the rest of us. Whine, grumble and slink away in shame or…….step off the porch. To date normal Americans have been too comfortable, to fat and lazy to risk fortune, to risk family, to risk their lives. And the left is COUNTING ON THAT to continue. Because if that remains the status quo they CAN’T LOSE.

  29. I was talking to a liberal friend and he said Trump didn’t have standing for his lawsuit in Wisconsin (!). Normally he’s pretty rational for a liberal.

    1. I think that we should get together and organize a huge protest ( we are 70 millions Voters ) at the Supreme court
      Demanding justice. if few hundred thousands will stand there day & night
      it will make an impact, not only here ,but all around the world. this is how we should act now. this also will show our President that we support him all the way. and we must. if not America will not be a Democracy any more. China will rule America. !!!!!!!

  30. The revisionists are at work!!!

    We need to support WAYBACK MACHINE financially! It’s the only way to prevent Orwellian editing!

    Use the Wayback Machine to see the original unedited links:
    VS (Shows the 200% voter turnout numbers)

    Why the revision? Because they added 26,000 voters after the polls closed, to justify the “clearly wrong” numbers approaching and exceeding 100%. You can’t have more than 100% of something in the real, honest world. So they had to add voters to the rolls to get the numbers to work out.

    Math matters, after all…

    1. Speaking of the Wayback Machine:

      Just in case, I wanted to point out that the Wayback Machine is run by the Internet Archive, an organization which has significant left-wing sympathies.

      Plus: the Internet Archive has a rule to immediately remove any links from the Wayback Machine at the request of the domain owner, to avoid legal problems. Things in the Wayback Machine cannot be 100% relied upon to remain accessible forever.

      Plus: this recent news item…
      …doesn’t fill me with confidence that IA will stick to their mission, and won’t start removing/censoring “dangerous” or “misleading” content.

  31. Interesting summation, including the skepticism of “SharpieGate” (is that a word?). Like you, I worry more that one side is willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that a significant portion of the citizenry will never accept this election as legitimate and, by all appearances, are totally okay with that.

    1. Do you know what happens to websites that let just anyone comment, first time, no moderation? It becomes nothing but spam. We only check on first timers. I had almost 100 to look over because there’s a whole lot of people just coming here for the first time (like you) and I have a life that doesn’t involve helping my buddy. We don’t censor people here- we let their stupidity shine for all to see. You’re a wonderful case in point.

    2. I’ve got WordPress set so that first time comments and things with links get put in moderation until Jack or I can look at them to stop spam. Duh.
      And I wasn’t on here because I was having too much fun plugging 115 year old dead people into the state election systems to see that they’d turned in ballots. 😀


      Liber-tard-ians and cuckservatives are just as p.c. as the liberals . . . the ones who cry the loudest about censorship, are usually the first to flag comments or conspire with others to get someone “banned” . . . It is not censorship that bothers them people, it is only who has the power to do it that upsets them . . .

      1. We don’t censor even assholes like you- our ‘moderation’ consists of making sure it’s not spam, you fucking idiot.

        1. Heh. I replied to you further down pointing out that this guy looks like a Moby to me (the swastika avatar is a dead giveaway that he’s a leftist trying to act like what he thinks conservatives are like), without noticing that you’d already said so yourself.

    4. First off, the word you’re looking for is “censor.“ Second, you need to understand that this is a private blog, and you don’t make the rules, meaning you don’t have to right to do anything you want here, dumbo. And you must’ve done something pretty spectacularly stupid, given some of the things trolls have been allowed to say here.

  32. Thanks for this article. Excellent summation of ALL of the incongruities that are associated with this past election. Improbability of all of these things going Biden’s way accidentally is mind-boggling.

  33. Investigate and prosecute the election frauds.
    What is the remedy?I
    Has any election been set aside and redone?
    At the Federal level (POTUS,VPOTUS) is there really a remedy?
    I concluded many years ago that Federal election/ballots (POTUS,VPOTUS,uS senators,uS representatives) be separated from State elections and run by Federal government. yEA Congress already has Constitutional, as amended, power to legislate “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives (Article 1, Section 4).” POTUS and VPOTUS are selected via Electoral College and as long as a State chooses Electors (Article 2, Section 1) by popular ballot by their respective State, I think that the USA Congress can legislate POTUS and VPOTUS like senators and representatives.

    1. The problem is that every time these flags appear, they appear in cities that control the voting apparatus, the investigations apparatus, and the prosecutions. And that’s how Lefties can say with a straight face that there has been no one prosecuted for widespread voter fraud (when it’s actually election fraud). They’re technically correct.

  34. They changed the numbers! When you pointed out the over 100% and 200% numbers above and provided the link to the mkecitywire, Milwaukee saw the article, went back and just changed the numbers of registered voters to legitimize the results. The article now shows abnormally high (far higher than Barak Obama numbers) but not over 100% numbers.

    People who care about the integrity of the nation have to start preserving this evidence because there are obviously people who want to re-write history running amok. Print everything, save everything or it will disappear forever.

  35. So, I have some questions for the readers here. Where are the III % ers? Where are the Oath Keepers? Where are the Proud Boys? Where are all of the “Patriots” that just needed a reason to “step off the porch” and take the country back? Why are none of these groups holding the people responsible for this latest travesty accountable? Why aren’t they in the streets? Why aren’t they drawing tons of attention to the obvious fraud that is taking place? So much attention that the MSM CAN’T ignore it, or “make it go away”? So much attention that the Department of Justice and the FBI are FORCED to actually investigate this. Not preform the usual whitewash, but really investigate and more importantly hold people accountable. You know where they are…sitting at home doing NOTHING. Waiting for the courts to decide…. letting the “process” run its course. The same courts that are run by crooked judges that have shown time and time again that they don’t care about justice or the law. They care about their politics and their party. You will NOT get justice out of these weasels. If you have doubts, look at the Gen. Flynn case or the Kyle Rittenhouse case for clues.
    Congratulations Conservatives. While you all were out LARP’ing that you were part of an Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) team and playing with your high dollar boom sticks, the opposition, that your sneeringly called “Soy Boys”, “Karen’s”, Lonely Cat Ladies”, and worse, got organized and executed a plan. While you have promised to kick ass if there was a Civil War because “you have all of the guns”, they stole the election and the country out from under you…blatantly…without firing a shot. They won the war before it even started while you posted memes and ran your holes.
    If nothing is done RIGHT NOW, we will have lost this country FOREVER! We will NEVER see another truly conservative President, that puts our nation first, again. Oh, you’ll see some clown claiming to be a “Republican”. That person will be about as conservative as Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or some other RINO. They’ll mouth the platitudes, but they’ll go right along with the rest of the jackals that will occupy public office, regardless of party. Your way of life will be over…forever. I wish I were wrong. I hope that I am wrong, but as of right now, I don’t think I am……and that saddens me more than you will ever know.
    In closing, to the fair-weather patriots and do-nothing conservatives of this country, I leave you this:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    -Samuel Adams

    1. yep.
      Then you people in places where it matters that that just took pictures or videos of middle of the night deliveries of the boxes containing the miracle ballots. Why not record and also challenge and do what Antifa and BLM would have done?
      In other instances ballots are being filled-in and witnesses just record instead of raising hell right there and then.
      These people watching the Venezuelan-styled “election,” God bless them but, did they not plan also by having relevant phone numbers to call, FBI, White House, 911?
      911 calls are recorded and are public records.

  36. At this point, the only way to have a legitimate vote that can be accepted by both sides is to have another vote. All in person and with ID. Supervised by equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats in all polling and counting locations. All ballots to be transported in lock boxes by military with body cams on all personnel from pick up too delivery ensuring chain of custody and security. If the courts are serious about protecting the law, the election and the country, this is what should be ordered. Anything less will guarantee that the vote is considered illegitimate by one side or the other. Too many irregularities to be fixed any other way.

    1. Boxes of ballots — all transporting is livestreamed, with all handoffs done in the open.

      Like the Olympic torch!

    2. Valid and legal ID by the way.
      Anyone else remember the report of the FBI busting a fake driver’s license ring in Illinois earlier this year? Several million licenses; provided by Chinese sources. And they think they only got the tip of the iceberg. That’s how far back the Dems have been working to defraud and put the fix in this election.

  37. The Left is not the least bit interested in “right and wrong” in its most basic sense – heck, in any sense! It is ALL and ONLY “the end justifies the means”. This has been most transparently as exhibited by all of the purveyors of the “Russiagate Hoax”. They all are utterly convinced that everything they criminally perpetrated – and anything like it – is absolutely justified because “Orange Man Bad”.
    It is the same with this election fraud – they absolutely believe that is a “good thing” they are perpetrating, and those involved in committing it are their committed and loyal foot soldiers.
    Just look at the amount and level of sheer hatred and threats and vitriol ( if you’ve missed the rioting) that has been spewed towards this President for the last 4 years, by people who are completely unreachable to any reasonable or rational argument or “other opinion“, to the extent they’ve considered “re-education camps” for anyone who disagrees with them.
    We have crossed the rubicon when it comes to any chance of ever “working together”. They have made their aims to transform this country into an unrecognizable wreck – out loud – and don’t give a flying F what happens to anyone in the process.
    If we don’t fight back with everything we got and more now, I honestly do not believe we’re going to get another chance.

  38. Well at least no one can call old Joe a liar, as he recently stated “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” he has also had uncanny prescient knowledge of how things will unfold….. I just wonder if he realises he will be thrown under the bus in short shift for Harris his running mate…. the ultimate objective of his handlers

  39. Does our election system deserve unquestionable integrity and transparency? Yes

    Should it be the shining, impeccable model for the world? Yes

    Is it this way now? No

    Can the system be improved through a democratic process? No. A compromised system cannot be relied upon to produce an uncompromised system.

    Solution? Full court legal press and bring it all to light – through a compromised 4th estate. Only one guy can do this and he seems to have a knack for breaking through walls.

  40. If this is allowed to stand I don’t think I’ll ever vote again. Because what’s the point? The democrats will be emboldened and there will never be a fair election again.

    So there will no longer be any point in voting.

    1. I agree. If this stands there is no point in voting. The grifting Republican elite and their tools will differ, but the fact is Democrats specialize in bypassing the legislative process: executive orders, the courts, stonewalling Republican legislative efforts, etc.

      Republicans in congress and state legislatures should be all over this. The Republican base should be shutting down cities with vehicles. The Republican base in close states need to call off from work for a week or two. Problem is, this is not going to happen. It won’t happen because we’re unorganized, lack foresight (have a live a live and let live attitude), and simply haven’t the guts to take direct, collective political action. That is why we lose.

  41. States where Republicans handily won Senate or congressional races suddenly going heavily Dem ONLY for the presidency, red flag.

  42. I keep on hoping, faintly, that this is all part of a massive sting operation to see just how blatantly the left can try and steal the elections, only for it to blow up in their face. Because otherwise, if this is for real, it makes elections in Ukraine look proper. It makes ballot buying here in the Balkans look subtle – at least we’re counting actual living people. It makes every dictatorship, every junta-run banana republic go “guys, you can at least pretend it’s all fair and square”.

    As others have noted above, the real danger here is the permanent tarnishing of elections as a governing mechanism, and thus, of democracy as a concept. Regardless of whoever wins; regardless of whether Trump manages to fight it out in court or in a recount. The real damage is to the election as an institution, since after this particular circus, I don’t think most Americans, certainly most if not all Republicans, are ever going to look at election night- sorry, week, with any confidence. Not unless they literally spend the whole thing at the polling stations, to make sure their vote is counted. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, as it were.

    1. The real danger here is that they will come after conservatives. History teaches us clearly that when these ‘types’ attain power the end result is bloodshed of biblical proportions. If the US army refuses to go along they will bring in foreign troops. It’s that simple. It’s win now, and prosecute then all for high treason or die protecting your famillies from the mob they will arm, assist and empower to wipe us out. Does that sound too dramatic? I assure you it is most definitely not. The buck stops here, one way or the other.

  43. Do you have room in that new house for an old fart that can do pop tart breakfast. Just need to lay low for 4 years. 2020 all it could be the year before the suck! This will be interesting.Fan of MHI and liberty/freedom. stay safe.

  44. Thanks for writing this, Larry. Was already a fan of your writing, but reading what you’ve compiled here is (strangely) comforting right now. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.


  45. I honestly want to marry this person and have their children. (Well not really.) This is the funniest, most insightful analysis of this gigantic cluster fuck of an election on social media. Made my day.

  46. I live in the Portland Oregon area, so it is all vote by mail and it was pretty clear that Trump would lose the state.
    Even though we voted very early, My wife and I dropped are ballots in a drop box rather than trust our local mail carrier. The person generally does the same route every day and for the last several months we have been getting mail from every conceivable republican politician and interest group soliciting donations so it is pretty clear to the mail carrier that we are republican and it would be easy to just toss away our ballots if we just left them for the normal mailbox pickup.
    I would have considered this paranoid a few years ago, but now…

  47. Larry, if I were you I’d find a bunch of other CPAs that agree with this analysis, clean it up, and file a joint amicus curiae for the various lawsuits going on over this. It can’t hurt and may help given how the courts treat evidence not introduced in the case when judging it.

  48. Cmon bro. Accept the fact that a lot of Americans (the majority) are fed up w Trump. You can’t accept that?

    1. A marvelous summarization of the obvious. But the ‘why’ doesn’t explain the ‘how’…

      This post alone details a myriad number of things that are statistically so near-impossible as to be laughable. Sure, I suppose if we could pull a Dr. Strange that we could find a few universes where these numbers could make sense.

      But this isn’t one of them.

    2. Ok, show your work, bro.

      Your unsupported assertion doesn’t pass the sniff test, because Trump’s approval ratings were comparable to Obama’s.

  49. I said this to a friend earlier:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that when Republicans engage in vote fraud, it’s because they’re assholes.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that when Democrats engage in vote fraud, it’s because they’re Democrats.

  50. Also not surprised that Big Tech is all about pushing the apparent fraud and participating in the Left’s demoralization campaign.

    After all, they’ve been under the Antitrust microscope for years now, and have lately been getting moved closer to Antitrust Crosshairs.

    IMO, they rightly look at the Dems as their only chance to avoid imminent breakup and prosecution.

  51. Is this what happens when you try and flush out the DEEP STATE? Is this what happens when you expose GLOBALIST?Is this what happens when you come up against ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT? Is this what hapens when the right gets too close to the truth ? Is this what happens when left is about to loose power? Is this what happens when evil seeks power over good? Is this the way the only way to shove SOCIALISM down the throats of the majority who don’t want it?
    Answer is a resounding.


  52. I notice that their number (33) shows itself again, 33 countys… They do love to do their little spells in the open.

    1. Every “error” seems to favor the Dems. Don’t trust “errors” that aren’t fixed until AFTER they are caught and published.

  53. Larry … Not sure if you are aware of this, but when you post links, please take care to remove the tracking fuckery that Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others add to URLs. Basically, the question mark and everything that follows (?fbclidblahblah is Facebook’s) is what allows Big Tech to track who is posting what, and which accounts to take action against.

  54. 200+% turnout = Fraud, real simple.
    100% means everyone voted 1 time, 200% equals 2 votes per person.

    Was that easy enough to follow or do you need pictures, Geoffrey Landis ?

  55. Hey Larry,

    As a retired Controller with some auditing experience, I’d like to thank you for consolidating these election issues. I’ve had similar thoughts but you were able to put them together nicely. Also, being raised in Philly I respect the proper placement of the “F” word. (lol) By the way, I found this article on the Parler app, posted by Mark Levin (the Great One as Hannity says). Hopefully the Republicans can find their balls and support Trump as he pursues these issues, legally. Of course we’ll see who the additional RINOs are when they pop their head up to tell the President to concede. Thanks again, nice article.

  56. i am a fraud auditor and have sent this to several people as i picked up on all the red flags. one you have not mentioned that i was driving many nuts about was va was far ahead for trump when ap called for biden…… and it was driving me nuts.

    va had the gun thing… where all these people came out and crushed the changed laws….. it made sense that they went for trump……. and overnight….. long after the ap call. it showed biden ahead.

    1. The Va thing was driving me nuts when I saw it (not a statistician or accountant.)

      Trump up by, I want to say, a couple hundred thousand votes but they’re calling the state for Biden?


      Some quick googling and the best I found was “or statistical modeling predicts a Biden win” sorry of crap…

      This election has been and still is, an ongoing shit show and I think it’s only going to get worse.

  57. If the courts let them get away with this, there’s not going to be a 2022 election, let alone 2024. If they know they can get away with voter fraud, no matter how blatant, they’re going to do it every “election” going forward. November 8th 2022 and November 5th 2024 will have big ceremonies, but the results will all be predetermined.

    1. Bear in mind that Richard Blum–husband of Dianne Feinstein, the US Senator with the Chinese spy on staff–owns 60% of a company that produces systems for “seamlessly outputting the (TV) station’s election reporting to the Web, where races can be automatically updated as results come in.”

      LeaderPlus, look it up. The latest technology for turning the media into the elections board.

  58. This is the most disgusting election in US history and the few traitors who support biden are going to have to find out the hard way which is fine with me. Let the joust begin!

  59. Yea to your quant instincts; I had them too as soon as weird numbers started coming in. I even ran some probability matrices on some of the events being reported as fact, to settle my nerves.

    > However, what is potentially fatal for America
    > is half the populace believing that their elections
    > are hopelessly rigged and they’re eternally fucked.
    > And now, however this shakes out in court,
    > that’s exactly what half the country is going to think.

    One might almost conclude that THAT, not a Biden win, is what was being engineered here. A huge demoralization and delegitimization operation not just of Trump…but of our entire system of Law.

  60. I’m not a sheep I’m a fucking wolf and I’m thirsty for blood …..My constitutional rights will not be tread on .

  61. man you speak my language, sign me up to what youare selling.
    speak like you mean it and mean what you say.

  62. What bothers me most is not so much that they cheat but how easily people are fooled and/or love the cheating en-masse.

    For example, if so-called russian bots were real, then twitter for instance would not be hiding the evidence, instead the most damning tweets would have been in our faces 24/7 and the full collection on a website now for all the world to see.

    In 2016 twitter banned 2752 accounts labeling then “russian bots”. As it turns out, 108 of those had been archived by various individuals for whatever their diverse reasons were. So I wrote a program to round those up. Half were not even in English. So I guess Putin didn’t realize we are an English speaking country in his campaign to make America great again.

    No, looking through them, there’s no gotcha.
    As I said, what bothers me is how easily people are fooled. Not once did anyone look through those when I told them, to gather a stitch of information, on left or right even though it might have served their side. All we do is pick a side and yell at the other.

    Here they are:

  63. Thanks. Retired quality assurance auditor and statistical quality control professional here. Appreciate the summation of red flags. Every good auditor has a nose for bullshit. And this one smells like a stock yard.

  64. Dear ILOH,

    We just need to get out and start courting the votes of our living-impaired fellow Americans. After all, the Democrats have been doing this for years. Now it is up to those of us who are Republicans or Libertarians to start taking into account the needs and concerns of the living-impaired and to ensure that they are fairly represented in our electoral process.

    — G.K.

    PS — for the cranial-impaired, this is called “satire.”

  65. –The massive turn out alone is a red flag.

    No, because both sides were decidedly motivated to participate in this election. Moreover, there were new voters added to the rolls (young, first time voters).

    –The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.

    No, because mail-in voting was of historic highs given the pandemic. People merely exercised this liberty which has been in place for decades.

    –The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.

    No, because the election day voting was given a priority. Had mail-in voting not been in place, then turn-out numbers may have been lower, OR they may have ended up at the polls in the first place.

    –The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.

    No, again because of the mail-in ballots that have been counted later on, which skewed heavily Democrat. Again, they generally felt more comfortable going down this legal path.

    –The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.

    No, because there were a high number of “Blue Dog Democrats” who had voted twice for Obama, then switched to Trump, then chose Biden.

    –Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.

    No, again because of new voters added to the rolls, as well as more people being motivated to exercise their right to vote—they may have “skipped” 2016.

    –The poll observers being removed. Red flag.

    What specific evidence that this action has been widespread in nature?

    –The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.

    What specific evidence that this action has been widespread in nature?

    –The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)


    –The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.


    –The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.


    –USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.

    Anecdotal. There needs to be dozens and dozens of similar reports, each with detailed accounts of how this action is taking place.

    –The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.


    The fix was in from the start. Trump stated that if he did not win, there was fraud. He declared himself the winner before the election. Any different result would automatically put into motion his plan to contest the results.

    From Steve Sailer—“There are a lot of anomalies like this floating around tonight, but it’s hard to tell whether any one of them is a Smoking Gun or just another set of screw-ups by tired people. My advice is to remain skeptical in both directions: demand explanations for dubious-sounding data, but also don’t assume that there couldn’t be innocent explanations.“

    Republicans have been trying and failing to make an issue of voter fraud, especially in person voter fraud for years. Maybe they’ll get some traction this time because it really is a new voting system. But it’s worrying and kind of boring to see people whose opinions I always thought were interesting and intelligent to suddenly calcify around Trump is 100% the best choice, Trump is 100% going to win, and now, there was 100% massive voter fraud.

    But with the decades long tradition of talking about in person voter fraud, what’s more pathetic, the republicans being right and completely incapable of marshaling evidence to convince a critical mass of people, or the republicans being wrong and allowing themselves to be led down this rabbit hole of failed voter suppression.

    1. Oh look a debunker. You’re going to be as busy as a three balled tomcat my friend. I hope you ate your wheaties. There is too much wrong with your nonsense to even try.

  66. Ah, the Farcebook randos are following Larry to his blog page. Cool.

    It’s going to be in the hands of the courts now. Our part is done. I believe its massive fraud. Obviously, other people disagree. Let’s hope the judges decide wisely.

    For me, it’s getting me so upset I have to decide if I want to follow the news or I want to look out for my health. I’m going to choose health. I’ll need it if the leftists start taking this to the streets.

    1. Disqus is based in San Francisco, and while they claim they do not censor or moderate, they do. The most virulent, psychotic left wing discussion forums are on Disqus. Users often create multiple profiles to upvote their own comments and downvote others, spam pointless memes to block out any meaningful discourse, and sometimes they are Disqus employees with special moderation powers.

      Breitbart is just as bad . . . The British site BitChute also used San Francisco’s Disqus and it is worse than San Francisco’s YouTube could ever hope to be, they have all the malcontents from YouTube, plus the craziest left wing anti-Trump fruitcakes I ever saw. Lurking over at Minds and Gab, you will see that they are just like Twitter and Facebook, the ones who cry the loudest about censorship are usually the first to flag comments or conspire with others to get someone “banned.” It is not that censorship bothers anybody, it is only about who has the power to do it…

      MODERATORS . . . And I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees it . . . “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.”

      1. Is your shtick just to come here and whine about being censored while not being censored? Or are you just a Schizo?

        1. He’s a Moby, a false flag, a leftist trying to pretend to be conservative so he can then point to this comment section and say “See what those awful right-wingers are saying!” The swastika avatar is a dead giveaway that he’s a leftist trying to imitate what he thinks right-wingers act like.

  67. So … there is no federal id system in Clapistan ?
    That can be used to trace potential interstate fraud ?
    You don’t have an official ID with photo ?
    You let non-citizens vote ?
    And your voting ballots are ID’d and visible for everybody ?
    I am rejoicing to live in a first world country where literal communist party are just decent people that want what’s best for the community and not for the appartchiks.

    I am just going to leave following links as guide to how to do proper civil war:

  68. Because only truth worth having is the one you grab yourself, here is a detailed guide how to track actual statistical discrepancies in voting results.

    Specifically this is code that indicates if votes where adjusted and if yes sequentially or just throughout the day.

    This was run in Z3 prover

    If there are folks with mad Colab skills they can certainly open eyes of more neutral lefties to what is going on.

  69. Here is one that no one has been talking about. Even the state GOP chair says the count was fine.

    Remember about six weeks ago James O’Keefe and Project Veritas had a Somali ballot harvester (illegal in MN) on video with 300 ballots in his car. The media handwaved it all away. The SecState (Soros creature) said “I have no investigators.” The AG is Keith Ellison (Soros creature) and simply ignored it. The Hennepin County prosecutor ignored it. It fell to, wait for it, the Minneapolis Police Department to do the investigation in the Somali community where you have to have an interpreter for everything.

    Nothing was done.

    In 2016 Trump lost by half a point, in Minnesota. In 2020 he loses by eight points! No other midwest state was anything like that. Senate candidate Jason Lewis also lost by 5 or 6 points.

    But the Republicans held their control of the state senate, and nearly turned the state house, and turned out a 30-year Dem congressman.

    I haven’t been able to get hold of the actual numbers for the heavily Somali precincts. But I suspect we’ll see 90 percent turnouts.