back in facebook jail

Whoops. 😀 Apparently we’re not allowed to talk about the wild and crazy adventures of Crackhead McStripperbang and his dad, Uncle BadTouch.

That’s okay. It’s only a 24 hour ban. I’ve been in the Facebook Gulag so many times that I’ve got a membership in the Dollar Shiv Club. I’m comfy here in GenPop. Plus, since Facebook and Twitter are basically just extensions of the DNC now, I’m sure I’ll have lots of good company for my gang.

Officially, the reason Facebook banned me was for a post on Oct 2 where I said “I try not to comment on violence or crime until all the facts are in… But in this case, whoever sucker punched Rick Moranis should be slowly fed feet first into a wood chipper.” EXCEPT Facebook already banned me for that last week for “inciting violence”, I hit the protest button and Facebook REVERSED the ban a couple hours later. (because it is obviously a stupid joke)

But then yesterday, right after I posted a couple of links to the forbidden New York Post articles about Hunter Biden’s goofy misdeeds (and me being me, the posts were super active, with lots of comments and shares), Facebook banned me for the Rick Moranis post AGAIN. Only this time, I’m not allowed to protest.

So… is Facebook just inept? Or is the algorithm set so that when somebody popular with a lot of followers shares the Forbidden Articles and they’re getting too much attention, it goes back and finds the first bullshit (non-Joe Biden related) reason to ban them to shut them up for a bit? Only with plausible deniability? (because the soulless megacorp that is in the bag for the DNC would NEVER meddle with what people are allowed to see, HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE SUCH SLANDER?!)

Normally I would just assume Facebook is inept. But the timing on this one is pretty fucking suspicious. I’ll be curious to see how many other people with tens of thousands of readers get temporarily silenced for unrelated bullshit reasons after they link to the New York Post.

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50 thoughts on “back in facebook jail”

    1. Once Facebook’s lawyers wrest the copyright for “Corriea Wing” from the alternate universe 80s Saturday morning cartoon show starring the Lord of Hate himself.

      1. So… never. Our mouse-eared cultural overlords have been making copyright law nastier and more aggressive for decades so that they can keep control of “their” intellectual property in perpetuity.

  1. Ordinarily I would not consider the New York Post a reliable source of information — but if it’s not true, why are so many Leftoids so desperate to hide it?

    Their reaction is as much of a confirmation as Komrade Joe’s “You don’t deserve to know” about stacking the Supreme Court.

    1. The NYPost is more reliable than the NYTimes which is a perpetual fake news generator…And it is reported that Rudi Guiliani gave them a copy of the contents of the Biden hard drive so Rudi must trust them at least a bit.

  2. Enough of this shit.
    I’d already decided to get out of Fuckit because they banned 2 AF MILITARY MUSEUMS I follow, without explanation or discussion.

    Of to MeWe or something. Glad you got a newsletter but I will miss filleted CISG (although you’ll get kicked again and every time you dare).

    Not going to let these assholes monetize censorship.

  3. Trump campaign is in Twitter jail for it as well: “Your account has been locked,” the standard Twitter message read. “What happened? We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for: Violating our rules against posting private information.”

    Funny how releasing the president’s unverified tax info was not a violation but anything that hurts Biden is.

  4. Twitter has outdone themselves, first by blocking not only any link to the Post but also the Post’s own account, and then by posting an open brag that they blocked the Post’s site, thus ensuring that everyone will see and comment on the Post’s story. It’s a new and bigger version of the Streisand Effect.

    Then to top it off, they have suspended the account of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany until she deletes a tweet she refuses to delete. This may very well be the event that sends President Trump off Twitter and onto Gab, and all his fans with him. I would love to see this happen. Twitter would lose 40% of its traffic in a single day!

        1. Your wishing for Facebook to die isn’t going to happen, no matter how much you and others here wish it.

          1. The phrase “too big to fail” comes to mind…

            Besides, the site failing isn’t really anyone’s goal, more like a natural result of its own shenanigans. Like I’ve mentioned below, there’s plenty of digital leftist shitholes still in operation. They’re just not considered objective or representative of the general public’s views and opinions… at least not by anyone sane.

  5. Permission to make that public on my news feed? I’m sure that all three of the people who regularly read my posts will be interested.

    1. Damn! Not feeling too bad now. Fascist Book did about the same to me (reporting verified statistics about who is doing most of the rapes in Sweden) except it was posted 5 years previous….(but I insulted a certain middle eastern religious group, I guess).

  6. Facebook will ban you if you call the Biden’s white trash. I guess the truth about the protected class cannot be spread.

  7. Dana Loesch had her Twitter account locked for sharing her own story about the Biden scandal. Not the Post’s story, her own take on it. That’s scary.

  8. Interesting. I mentioned more or less the same thing about Rick Moranis’ assailant (I said he was a good candidate for a lamppost) and nothing happened to me.

    Pretty suspect, I say.

  9. I shared the article on my feed and got a few comments (my liberal friends are silent – odd) and shares. But I don’t know how fully FB is allowing the post to be seen. I would have expected more comments from my 1k+ friends.
    Also tried to tweet the article and was prevented with a “Dangerous Post” placard.

  10. *uckerberg needs his head caved in! He also needs to be permanently banned from his own creation! Why even taunt someone by telling them they can appeal? I’ve been in FB jail so many times it’s not funny. One day, he’ll do that to someone, & they’ll beat the crap out of that geek for doing it!

  11. The Biden corruption story caught everyone on the left flat footed yesterday…Even the leftists who are normally braying about Trump are quiet today….Evidently the story has some very long legs and does qualify as an October Surprise of monumental proportions…Could even involve Barry (but hard to prove that part)…There will be a short intermission while the DNC decides whether to have Joe catch the China virus and expire before the election, or blame the entire situation on Trump….Stay tuned!

  12. I was banned more than a month later for an “I’ll stab you” comment over food. I have no idea how they decide when to ban people.

    Also, Facebook will ban you for writing “girls are weird” in a conversation about parenting. Facebook is weird.

  13. While I always try not to attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity, in Fakebook’s case I strongly suspect it’s both!

  14. “So… is Facebook just inept?”

    Ummm… is this a serious question? Or have you slipped into Jack Mormonism? 😉

  15. Gun Owners of America is suing Facebook for claiming something they posted was fake. The argument is that they are doing this to support particular candidates and party and that this is an in kind contribution that was required to be reported and since they didn’t it’s a violation of Federal Election Commission rules. That’s an interesting tactic. There are fines involved. Hmmm, if you count every potential view if the post they blocked as an individual violation how many zeros would the dollR amount of the fine contain.

    They have the right to electioneering. They just need to be honest about it and report it.

  16. FWIW, there’s a site relatively similar to FB called which people can flee to if FB gets comprehensively obnoxious.

    Which, TBH, I predict. The modern Left has become accustomed to cultural control as a result of a high degree of cultural hegemony, which is in turn a result of their takeover of the various cultural institutions (TV, Hollywood, newspapers, academia). Once they realize that they need new ones to replace those, which are sorta moribund, my guess is that FB’s going to become much less pleasant.

    1. I’m on MeWe. It’s pretty dead. The only time I’ve ever seen much traffic is when I’ve caught long FB bans and brought a bunch of people over with me.

  17. I suspect the algorithm is skewed hard. They’ve probably built it using information from millions of prior reports and dedicated reviews. Those reports are made by the kind of people who report posts. The reviews are by the kind of people who want jobs as community standards police. The models built from that data are reviewed by the kinds of people who oversee community standards for online services.

    Malevolence isn’t needed to get a biased algorithm for shutting down certain kinds of speech. Laziness will get you the same result without having to admit your goals.

  18. So… is Facebook just inept? Or is the algorithm set so that when somebody popular with a lot of followers shares the Forbidden Articles and they’re getting too much attention, it goes back and finds the first bullshit (non-Joe Biden related) reason to ban them to shut them up for a bit? Only with plausible deniability? (because the soulless megacorp that is in the bag for the DNC would NEVER meddle with what people are allowed to see, HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE SUCH SLANDER?!)

    Strange, when Facebook was in the bag for the underlings of the Orange Cheeto’s sugar daddy Putin to ratfuck the 2016 election in favor of the Orange Cheeto, you all didn’t have a problem, but as soon as somebody bans you for saying anything that goes against the TOS, you (Larry) are angry.

    Guess what: free speech is NOT guaranteed when using/going through a private organization like Facebook. If that sucks for you, remember something I like to call DBKS (Don’t ban, keep silent.)????

      1. Dude, I haven’t gone insane, at all: I state a fact, one which you should be well aware of. If you say something that’s against the TOS, you get banned off of Facebook for a while-it happened to me once too. Why is it hard for you to accept that?

        There’s a great blog post on this topic regarding what free speech is, as well as a great piece of artwork stating the same thing, but I can’t post either due to links not being allowed.

        1. It’s been mentioned elsewhere already, but evidently you don’t seem to take the hint: Private media standing up for free speech, or at least impartiality, is what legally differentiates them as *platforms* rather than *publishers*. Otherwise, they’re accountable not just for what they censor, but for everything they don’t – libel, trademark and copyright infringement, the works. And with the unfolding NYP debacle, it’ll be a miracle if there’s no class action lawsuit appearing soon, by the increasing bunch of people tired of being character assassinated for not toeing the party line.

          In short, if Facebook wants to become an unpaid version of op-ed cesspools like Vice, or Salon, or Mother Jones – by all means, they’re free to do so… and accountable for doing so. Given the kind of paranoid trash coming from random pinkos ever since the site went online, that’s a lot of meat for any self-respecting ambulance chaser to go for. Meanwhile, I reckon the saner users will simply find other networks to join, or switch to a different social model altogether.

          1. Has it ever occurred to you and others here complaining about what’s been happening that people just don’t like what is being said, and that they simply report said comments to the mods, who then act and ban if said comments are found to be offensive and a violation of Facebook’s TOS?

    1. I’d like to publicly thank Our Gracious Host for inserting comic relief into what might otherwise be a grimly depressing thread.

  19. You know mathematics better than ox. Even ox at least heard of the Prob. & Stats folks line, “Coincidences do NOT keep on happening.”

    Once might be a fluke.
    Twice might be coincidence.
    THREE times is
    {civilian version: a trend}
    {.mil version: enemy action}

    Ox slow, but ox pretty sure this LOTS more than three.

    Something evil is about.

  20. The Dollar Shiv Club sent me a box of 100 a few months ago because I’ve been such a good customer from FB jail. I’m in again for daring to suggest that hanging is the proper and traditional method of dealing with treasonous criminals, specifically the Obama, Clinton and Biden cabal. They didn’t even tell me how long this sentence is, could be 24 hours, could be 30 days.

  21. Please consider ( Dave Rubin started it after being repeatedly demonetized by YouTube and shadow banned by Twitter for the crime of being a classical liberal gay man.

    By the way, I saw this link from China Mike’s site (yes, I’m a glutton for punishment). He has your name in his whore mouth again…. (Instigator? Me?)

  22. “I’ve been in the Facebook Gulag so many times that I’ve got a membership in the Dollar Shiv Club.”

    Speculation on prison wallets not encouraged…

  23. Last time I heard Dorsey being interviewed he mentioned that the people usually reviewing content for bans are a 3rd party company. Sounds like the twatter team is too important to review most content and ban reviews. Also the global twitter team is something like 5000 people. That is insane to me. According to a cnn article i found Google has something like 100,000 employees back in 2019.

    How much do you want to bet that facebook uses 3rd party reviewers as well? How much would you bet they are contractors hired by one of those evil temp companies?

  24. Have you heard the latest? Farcebook has at least half a dozen communist Chinese censors running their ‘Hate Speech Engineering Team’ in Seattle. They are the ones that determine what you can post, and what you can see.

    What is ‘Hate Speech’ you wonder? Anything they don’t like.

    They are probably the reason you spend so much time in the Farcebook Gulag.
    Natural selection — making the world a better place, one idiot at a time.

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