October Update Post

Destroyer of Worlds

Destroyer of Worlds (Book 3 in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior) came out last month and is available in stores now. The audio book was supposed to come out the same day but had a production delay. I’m happy to announce that Destroyer of Worlds will be available from Audible in December.

My next book release is Gun Runner on February 2nd. This is a new stand alone sci-fi novel written by me and John D. Brown (Servant of a Dark God, Bad Penny). This is the story that came about as a result of a panel at LTUE, where John and I had to plot a novel live in front of an audience, and all the big ideas we were given to work with came from my 11 year old son. The outline came out really good, and a few years later John and I had the chance to actually write it. I really enjoyed this one.

The next release after that is Monster Hunter Bloodlines which will be out Summer 2021. This is the next regular series MHI novel, and goes back to Owen Zastava Pitt’s point of view. I’m still working on this one right now, and should have the manuscript wrapped up by New Years.

After that, I don’t have official release dates scheduled yet, but I can tell you what I’ve got in the pipeline. After MHB I’ll be finishing a dark fantasy novel that I’ve been collaborating on with Steve Diamond. We have a working title, but no official title yet. Think world with fairy tale magic, but in a setting that’s equivalent to World War One eastern front.

After that there are more novels planned for Saga of the Forgotten Warrior (it is a 5 or 6 book series) Monster Hunter (there’s several more), and I have a new Grimnoir trilogy planned (set in the 1950s).

Normally at this point I’d tell you about upcoming signings, tours, and appearances, but all of that is still unknown at this time. Usually I hit a bunch of conventions every year and have at least one book tour. Right now there is nothing planned.

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Here is an Interview I did with Publisher's Weekly

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  1. Super excited for Gun Runner–I was actually at that panel. It was great! If the book turns out anything like the outline you guys came up with there, it’ll be a wild ride.

  2. Loved Destroyer of Worlds. Looking forward to getting an autograph in it from you whenever the convention scene starts back up (to justify needing to buy a mass market copy when it comes out, of course).

    I was going to (finally) go back through and read through your Drowning Empire L5R stuff, but it looks like the forums where they were stored has been removed by Alderac. Is there anywhere else we may be able to find and read the collective whole?

    1. They are still in business. I think their problem recently is that their supplier is in Michigan and got shut down. I think they’re working again, but they’re playing catch up. But I”ll go bug them again.

      1. My son Owen wants to be Owen Z Pitt for halloween and asked for patches for his birthday on the 30th. Where can I find some?

  3. 1950’s … Ya know, a really small peace ray would make a very good rocket engine, heating up water into monatomic H and O and producing an astounding isp.

    Goddard, Von Braun, and Oberth creating an early Heinlein rocket ship? Add Talents to the crew, and maybe Imperial spys and sabotage?

  4. Hey, Larry! All that sounds great, but I’m wondering if we’ll see any more Dead Six work with Mike?
    Love MHI and Grimnior, and getting into Forgotten Warrior, but Dead Six gives me the “fizz”! ????
    With the insanity running in the news, I’m sure you and Mike could cook something up, around the guys going after a “Creepy-Dude” Soros type villain, pulling the rioter’s strings like a spider tends his web….

  5. Any thoughts on more Malcontents stuff or Monster Hunter Files 2. I know those might be smaller projects that get put together during bigger projects

    Thanks for all you do. I’m looking forward to getting Destroyer of Worlds for my Birthday.

    1. AW yeah! More Malcontents would be great! Kinda forgot about Iron Kingdoms in the past few years, but the Malcontents fiction was the best of the lot.

  6. Gun Runner sounds cool! I’m in.

    Sons being 5 or 6 is both awesome and awful, write faster 🙂

    New MHI is awesome!

  7. I started writing because I couldn’t find enough new mecha suit novels so this is now saved on my Amazon wish list.

  8. Really looking forward to all the coming books, but most looking forward to new Grimnoir! They were the first books I read of yours, and still my favorites.

  9. Keep churning them out and I’ll keep handing you money! Going to be hard waiting for conclusion of Forgotten Warrior. As much as I’ve enjoyed MHI and Grimnoir IMO Forgotten Warrior is your best work yet!

  10. I’m not a pre-ordering kinda guy, so DoW being out in stores now gives me an excuse to drive down to KC.

    Hope you make your way back though there if and when you go on tour again. That’ll give me another excuse to drive back down there. ;D

  11. Having purchased lots of your books, I feel I can say these things. First, I was disappointed when my copy of Vendetta after it’s 20,000 reads or so finally fell apart. Darn it, now I’m gonna have to buy a new copy. Second, I liked your collaboration with John Ringo. Made we want you to write books about when MHI was shut down, who did what to keep monster encounters on the DL and stuff. Third, with all of the Raymond Shacklefords, my wife was wondering about the Mrs. Shacklefords? Likely some bad ass women with cool back stories. Here’s hoping!

  12. Thanks for the MHI update! I just finished Guardian on audible again and I was wondering when the next one was coming.

  13. Dear Mr. Correia,

    We already have Destroyer Of Worlds in Kindle and plan on purchasing the hardback when funds are available. I am really enjoying your new book!

    Also, all that you shared above is a joy to behold; gives me something Great to look forward to.

    Take care of yourself and of your Family!
    Mariah Maloy

  14. Thanks for the update.
    DoW was great, looking forward to the next books!
    They are never enough.
    Any chance of a prequel about the war of the people of the black ships against the demons, or the rise of ramrowan, or the fall of his descendants?

  15. Reading it now, enjoying it immensely, but have noticed a couple of language issues.
    I’ll post ’em here, just in case Larry reads his own blog. 🙂

    Throughout, the word “flaunted/flaunting” is used when “flouted/flouting” is intended, as in “such flaunting of the law was offensive”.
    The construct “on accident” is used, which grates on the ear of someone raised on “by accident” – maybe “accidentally ” would work?
    One use of “route” describing a one-sided fight, when “rout” was clearly intended.

  16. New Grimnoir trilogy? Well, that news alone may turn 2020 around for me … no, it won’t but still great news. keep on writing man, you’re a machine.

  17. I was getting along in the post, thinking “I need to ask how many books he plans for the Ashok saga”, and you answered it.

    Looking forward to more Grimnoire, too.

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