3 thoughts on “I’ll be on the Publisher’s Weekly Podcast tomorrow, 9/23 at 4PM EST”

  1. Hey, I read an interview done by Writer’s of the Future in 2017 with Mike Resnick ( https://www.writersofthefuture.com/q-a-with-mike-resnick ).

    In it there was the following exchange:

    “Q: I tend to be conservative in my thinking. How much should I hide my politics in order to avoid being blacklisted?

    A: In a field that worships Robert A. Heinlein above all others, you’re worried about not being liberal? You see a lot of left-wing politics in Analog or over in Baen Books, do you?

    The question is ludicrous, but here’s a serious answer: no one gets blackballed in this field for any political or religious philosophy. Never have, probably never will.”

    What’s your perspective? I mean, I think Sad Puppies blew this narrative up in relation to the Nebulas, but is he right about the publishing world? As a conservative with strong libertarian tendencies I think this matters.

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