I’ll be on the SciFi Writers Playing Old School D&D podcast tomorrow

Tomorrow’s SPECIAL GUEST on
SciFi Writers Playing Old School D&D is 

Larry Correia

That’s right… we’re playing D&D with Larry!!!! The Monster Hunter is hunting monsters. And we’ll talk about his new book DESTROYER OF WORLDS!


Yep, I’ll be on playing with them tomorrow.

Hot wife, huge game room, I’m basically Joe Mangienello. Just without being buffed. 😀

I'll be on the Publisher's Weekly Podcast tomorrow, 9/23 at 4PM EST
Destroyer of Worlds is out tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “I’ll be on the SciFi Writers Playing Old School D&D podcast tomorrow”

  1. First, LC’s work meetings are better than mine.
    Second, I’m intrigued enough to want to know if “old schoold” means pen and paper or THAC0.

      1. I’ll gladly settle for a time closer to Satanic Panic D&D compared to woke ‘race is too dangerous a word to use! Orcs and drow are culturally insensitive!’ Any suggestions on other tabletop systems so I can avoid giving the clowns at WotC or Paizo my money?

        1. Buy 3.5 books off of Ebay, and use third party stuff.

          Or, GURPS, where your adventuring party really could be a Edo Samurai, a pirate, a gunslinger, and a Victorian Gentleman Adventurer.

          1. if you’re OK with PDFs, bundle of Holding is a good place to look – bundles of (often older) systems, like humble bundle but rpgs only, with 10% going to charity.

            Like humble bundle, there may be a while before they next have a bundle that fits what you want.

          2. Another GURPS geek… Blessings and felicitations…

            Go one further, Rifts+GURPS+SW-MHI….

            Glitterboy hunting Master Vamps with a half-Silver Dragon and a Line Walker…


        2. Frog God Games. Even their lawyer (who is an unashamed conservative that’s worked on Republican campaigns) is an old school RPG guy with published table top product (he made A Fistful of Tows).

        3. Chaosium is a pretty level-headed company. I recommend Pulp Cthulu, it’s a nice balance between the investigative dread of straight-up Call of Chtulu and the adventure/combat aspect of, say, Savage Worlds.

        4. If you’re into the old-school, revived with more coherent mechanics, Adventurer Conqueror King is about as Sword & Sorcery as you can get.

          Steve Jackson Games issued a new edition of The Fantasy Trip last year to celebrate 40 years of publishing RPGs. (They also publish Dungeon Fantasy. It’s GURPS, but with the math already done and the options limited to the one setting. But you could always let the party wander through a magical gateway into anything the Generic Universal Role-Playing System can throw at them.)

          1. The Fantasy Trip was my 2nd RPG (Traveler was 1st). Loved it, glad to see a re-release after all this time.

          1. I prefer fantasy, and most of my 3d printed terrain is slanted in that direction. I know there’s a MHI supplement for Savage Worlds, but lack sufficient quantities of 1:28 MI-24 HINDs, improbable shotgun-weilding accountant minis, or any modern day buildings. I’ve heard of a thing called imagination that’s supposed to smooth over the need for props, but mine’s been misplaced.

    1. I found it on Youtube using the stuff at the bottom of the image (searched oldschooldnd). Didn’t have time to watch it though.

      edit: left out a word

  2. We’ve been playing a 5E campaign for the last 2 years. Just wrapped one party and started a new group of L1 characters. Bunch of us used to play 20+ years ago and ‘real life’ got in the way. Now we’re using the Roll20 application and Skype to communicate. DM has started putting some summaries YouTube.


  3. You stop checking MHN for a few weeks and this is what you miss. Told the daughter product (you signed a B-day present t-shirt for her) and she’s in.

    This may be what finally convinces her that mom’s AD&D isn’t lame.

    Edited to add: Give my proper respect to your web team. Sweet interface! Bravo!

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