I’ve got a story in SPOTREPS – A Maelstrom Rising Anthology

Just out today.

It’s a thriller, invasion, war, series, but don’t worry if you’ve not read the other books. This is written so the events will be self explanatory.

And the series may seem like it draws heavily upon current events, but just keep in mind that Peter started writing this years ago.

I got to write the Baizuo eye view of the Communist Chinese invasion of Portland. 🙂


Destroyer of Worlds, out on September 1st
July Update Post

40 thoughts on “I’ve got a story in SPOTREPS – A Maelstrom Rising Anthology”

    1. The 90% of Oregon which looks, and acts, like the guys who took over Malheur *might* notice….

      I live within 10 minutes of at least three gun stores; *all* of them are listing their stocks as “sold out”. Now what do you think will happen when the Wu-Ping-Cough Clan rolls into the I-5 Corridor, and the mountaintops start saying “Yew ain’t frum ’round heah, ah ya, boy”?

    2. I’d care. Portland used to be a beautiful city. I’d kind of like it back from the commies in one piece.

  1. “…the Baizuo eye view of the Communist Chinese invasion of Portland.”

    Where they find out that the USA is -not- the most oppressive nation in the world?

    BWAAAAhahahahahaha!!! Nice!

  2. Very cool!

    I read book one of the series and bought book two a while ago, last year maybe? Earlier? As I love Peter Nealen’s work and read all his stuff.

    But this series was just hitting too close to home, so to speak, and too likely seeming a future for my two young kids. I had to take a break, and that was before all the crap this summer started.

    Still, it’s slated on my “to read” list after I get through True Believer and Savage Son.

  3. I might take your “review” seriously if it met even the minimal requirements of properly written English. You should just hunker down in the ruins of CHAZ/CHOP and wait for mommy to come rescue you and reinstall you in her basement.

  4. I grabbed the book right away on KU. Most of the stories are the good action-packed fun I expected, but Larry’s has a different and surprising tone. No spoilers, all I will say is that’s one hell of an impressive story, Larry, and thank you for writing it.

  5. Commies did invade Portland, but they were begging for vegetarian options days into their occupation. 🙂

  6. Speaking of communist-occupied states, is work still ongoing on the ‘CalExit’ anthology? I remember the writers involved wargamed up a single scenario back in 2017 to serve as the book’s near-future setting, and it sounded really cool at the time.

  7. Go PLA!! I worked a lot 9f temporary duty in Portland in the 1980s, and it was a great town. Sad to see it now.

    1. yeah, like their Italian Fascist brethren, the Chi-Com Han-Mandarin-Fascists do a decent job at getting the basics of civilization done. Trains run on time, garbage gets picked up, streets are reasonably safe from common criminals, etc. Can’t say the same for their LatinX Bolivaran brethren. Pure kleptocracy, same as all the leftist revolutionary movements and governments of Africa. hell, even the NorKs do a better job than the Chavistas, Castros and assorted other pinko jeffes.

      The NorKs at least have the excuse of their country STARTING as a war-torn basket case. Kim&Co, aka KimCo may not have delivered on the utopian promise, but they at least have improved things a tiny bit. In contrast, Cuba, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, and now both South Africa and Venezuela went from being some of the best countries in their respective regions to circling the drain. Each in the space of 30 years or less….

      (note: this is in no way an endorsement of the ChiComs, just an assessment of how they aren’t currently as bad as some other leftists in SOME aspects.)

  8. Sounds like a politically-flipped version of the movie Bushwick, where New York gets invaded by evil red-staters (pardon the redundancy).

  9. I was at Portland for a conference just two years ago. It was … interesting. I wasn’t there long enough for more than some impressions.

    It’s strange to think of how much of the upscale downtown area I toured is now gone, destroyed by riots. That apple store. The elk statue. Many of the other artistic monuments along the medians.

    For that matter, a lot of the places I lived as a cheap grad-student in Atlanta are now wrecked by the riots. (Though horrible-to-malicious civil engineering played a role in the bridge collapse and the car-collider.)

    I probably picked the right time to move out of California too, seeing the tightening of control over the COVID disease. “Lockdown”, as if our country is an open-air prison…

  10. I used to think the communist takeover of the US depicted in China Mountain Zhang, by Maureen F. McHugh, was far fetched. I can’t wait to read your version of it.

  11. Is there any chance the ILOH might Fisk that disgraceful speech from 0bama at the funeral for Rep. John Lewis?

  12. Speaking of invasions, what ever happened to our heroes who were desperately fleeing from invaders? I think they made it to a ship and got off planet, but I’m not sure. Was that the end of the campaign or do you not have time to write up your RPG sessions lately?

    1. Excellent question, those write-ups were fantastic. Very little out there on the infinity RPG, which is sad because it’s an interesting universe with outstanding minis.

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