July Update Post

So here is what’s going on.

Upcoming Releases:

The 3rd book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series, Destroyer of Worlds will be out in September. The eARC is available from Baen now.  It is awesome.

I’ve got a short story in Peter Nealen’s Maelstorm Rising anthology coming out next week.

The sci-fi novel Gun Runners I wrote with John D. Brown is pretty much done. It has a release date for the first part of 2021, however I don’t know off the top of my head which month it’ll be in.

The next Monster Hunter novel will be out in I think August or September 2021. I’m working on it now, and my working title is Monster Hunter Bloodlines. This is the next book in the regular timeline, back to Owen’s PoV, and starts a couple years after the events of Siege and Guardian.

What I’m Working On:

MHB is currently my main focus. It’s due January 1st, so that’s what I’ve got to concentrate on. I average about 10k words a week though, so I should hit that deadline no problem.

The collaboration with John Brown is pretty much wrapped up. It just needs the final edits.

The dark fantasy collaboration with Steve Diamond is still coming along. Steve had a really horrible work environment over the last year though, so that’s why that one is lagging behind. He’s got a much better job now where he can actually write again.

I have a couple of short stories that I owe people before the end of the year too, but I’ll be squeezing those in between working on MHB.

And then there are many other projects in the works.

Tour and Appearances:

Normally, I would have stuff coming up. But since the country is currently dealing with virus bullshit or on fire, I ain’t going no where for the foreseeable future. My happy ass is staying on Yard Moose Mountain.  🙂

Personal Stuff:

After a two month delay due to the stupid pandemic, Bridget was finally able to get her cancer surgery. It looks like they got it all and she hasn’t needed to do anything else. She’s recovering great.

We’ve now been in the new house for a year. It’s been awesome.


I've got a story in SPOTREPS - A Maelstrom Rising Anthology
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61 thoughts on “July Update Post”

  1. So happy to hear Bridget is doing well. The delayed surgery was insane. Super eager to read MHB. Take care!

  2. First and foremost, it is great to hear that the outcome was good for your wife! Myself, my wife, and my boys were all glad to see that post on Facebook.

    Can’t wait for all the books. Just got into the Forgotten Warrior series and am looking forward to the next chapter.

    Thank you for taking the time for the update, and looking forward to things calming down so you can be out making appearances again.

  3. Oh crap. No idea about the cancer. Fuck cancer. And fuck this pandemic. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery!

  4. The ***real*** question: have you had to come down from Yard Moose Mountain for a Grocery Run yet???????

  5. So happy to hear about Bridget’s health. Prayers for a quick recovery.

    Excited for MHB. Any news on a new Grimnoire series? 😉

    Excited also for the 3rd book in the Son of the Black Sword series, also! YAHOO!

    Thank you for your hard work and awesome talent! And I love that my new most favorite author has awesome social and political opinions, as well. That’s just a massive bonus. 🙂

  6. Will Destroyer of Worlds be available in Audio as well in September? So excited for the next installment!

  7. I read the eArc for Destroyer of Worlds. You outdid yourself. I can’t wait for the Audible to come out in September. I am very glad that you decided not to limit this series to a trilogy. I think I remember you mentioning a 5 book arc at your signing in Houston last year. Also, MH Bloodlines in 2021, score!

  8. Bridget has been in all our prayers. May she recover fully and swiftly!
    Looking forward to your new books, of course, and sorry we won’t get to see you any time soon. How goes the training of your wafflehound?

  9. Glad to hear about Bridget, that’s gotta be a weight off. Can’t wait for MHB! And still dreaming of a MHI Netflix series, and a Correia-cameo. Warrior Nun was alright, but can’t beat the MHI-verse ….

    I refuse to die till I see Franks in all his glory, or Chad hustle some big easy hottie…

    Keep up the great work sir.

  10. I’m happy to hear that Bridget is doing well!

    I’ve got my kids listening to MHI on Audible and they love it. We’re currently finishing Legion.

    I was curious about the next Grimnoire series as well. I know the world has been in a massive uproar, but any updates?

    Yard Moose Mountain looks like a beautiful place. I hope the rest of the year brings great things!

  11. Very good news that your wife is doing well, ya’ll have our prayers always.
    We will get through this dreary fear porn that our dear media friends push on us and that our faithful leaders so happily embrace. I pray that they are thouroughly punished this Nov but wont bet my soul on it.

  12. Gun Runners? Yay! I love a good gun roundup. Just make sure you clean and oil them after each river crossing, and keep the, out of the mesquite!

    1. Psssst. That’s cat ranching. The gun running is through the streets of Topeka. Don’t you remember how Jake got trampled four years ago by that big Guerini-cross ten gauge?

  13. Very glad to hear about Our Lady of Hate.

    I know you’re not planning your itinerary right now. But, due to the riots, should we in MN be scouting other bookstores for your signing?

  14. All great news except for the news that there won’t be a book tour this year. That’s totally understandable given how 2020 is shaping up. Hopefully we’ll get to see you in 2021 on a MHB/Gun Runners/”Dark Fantasy” tour!

  15. Was skimming the post & read “happy” as “hippy”, and was very confused for a moment.

    1. Well, you know, he did move to a compound in the country….

      In more seriousness, very happy to hear the good medical news.

  16. Congrats on Bridget doing well, Larry!

    Really excited for the publication of the next instalment in the Forgotten Warrior series.

  17. Great news on Bridget! And the other stuff isn’t bad either… 🙂 Glad y’all are enjoying the new house too!

  18. Great news about Bridget! Praying for her continued recovery.
    Also looking forward to all the new books, but Gun Runner especially!

  19. Well, my friend…things look like they are at least going in a favorable direction. I look forward to any of your new stuff coming out. As for touring…just as ling asI get a couple weeks notice when you come back up to the North Coronia Coast…so I coordinate with the Grand Nephew…and at least one or two more…who will no doubt want to go as well. 🙂 (His mother, my niece, included.)

    Glad Bridget is doing good. (*Waves to Bridget*) Also that you are celebrating your year on Yard Moose Mountain.

    Take care of yourselves..

  20. Super super glad to hear that Bridget is finally on the road to recovery… this damn pandemic… congrats on your Yard Moose anniversary! Epic!! Also, are you done with the Grimnoir Chronicles, or will there be more books forthcoming sometime in the future?

  21. “starts a couple years after the events of Siege and Guardian.”

    I hope it covers how well (or not) Operation Seige went (casuality rate, if they actually got the PUFF and Russian money ect.) since Siege was ambiguous on details and Guardian practically didn’t touch it.

  22. I look forward to the release of all the things. If there’s a Gun Runner book, I already hope for an Ironmonger book.

    Glad to hear Bridget is doing well!

  23. So…Monster Hunter Bloodlines is going to feature little Ray Pitt in his Terrible Twos?

    They just thought they faced scary monsters before! Maybe Uncle Earl and Aunt Heather can cope with him.

    Will Gun Runners be published by Baen?

    Glad to hear Bridget’s treatment was successful despite the senseless delay. They emptied the hospitals to make room for ‘pandemic’ patients; when are they going to figure out that they’re not coming?

    The government has done far more damage than the disease.
    The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

  24. Thank you for the update. As a question, are any of the short stories for another Crimson Pact anthology? I would love to see a new volume of those.


  25. That’s awesome about the cancer treatment! I hope everything continues to go well! I just discovered your books and I just finished devouring your MHI books! Your an incredible author! Thanks for creating engaging characters and worlds that feel real! Keep up the good work!

  26. Im not sure who Bridget is, but I assume family, so am very glad for the success. The pandemic is indeed vague and stupid. I am still hoping to learn if there is a follow up after Destroyer of Worlds, or if it ends on a cliffhanger, but would also welcome any more Grimnoir novels. Not crazy about MH, but I get the feeling its a bread and butter series for you, so sounds good.

  27. Holy Smokes! I missed the post about Bridget’s health.

    She is in our thoughts. Prayers have been sent. (Although I was careful to mention to The Almighty that you and yours are of a much higher moral caliber than I. This way we can forestall any guilt by association!)

    So glad to hear that things are going well for her so far.

  28. I had missed the news about Bridget’s diagnosis but am certainly relieved to hear that she is recovering. There’s no easy way through shit like this. You have to take it one day at a time.

  29. Great news for Bridget. Added the ILOH and his Gracious Lady to my prayer list, and the plate tectonics below Yard Moose Mountain.

    One never knows if the next SJW scare brings another Stampede of the Land Whales, something even a shoggoth steps(?) aside from.

  30. Yeah to hear that Bridget is doing well! Congratulations on a year at Yard Moose Mountain.

    I sit in awe at your productivity, sir.

  31. stay safe up there, wish I could do the same, the infection rates in places like yours are close to nil (e.g. CDC says Kansas excess deaths have not yet approached the last flu season)… still heavily concentrated in urban areas but suburbs getting hit too

    meanwhile my beautiful and intelligent but insane wife wants to take the kids out literally every freaking day because “it’s not crowded right now” due to the people TRYING NOT TO DIE… oh well

    synthetic antibodies may put a stop to all this dying by end of summer, keeping an eye on regn-cov2 and LY-CoV555

    still fasting, think it’s been a couple years now, lately stopped eating before noon so I can have late dinner w/wife… my body went from “reasonably fit mid-40s guy” to “heading off to college any year now” — it is freakish

  32. Been lurking on your blog for years. Finally decided to just go to page 455 and read my way to the front. Now, after spending days doing this and getting all caught up, I wish I had gone the other way!

    I’m sorry to hear about your wife but glad that it seems to have been a successful surgery.

    Keep up the amazing work! You’re an inspiration to those who wish to get into the writing biz.

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