Give Me LibertyCon anthology available now!

This is a anthology created in honor of Tim Bolgeo, who founded LibertyCon. Uncle Timmy was an amazing, welcoming, big guy with a big heart.

I wrote an all new Tom Stranger.

A bunch of us who loved LibertyCon are in this anthology.  Check out that epic list of authors on the cover.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to fund a scholarship in Uncle Timmy’s name.

Destroyer of Worlds, book 3 of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, eARC available now
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13 thoughts on “Give Me LibertyCon anthology available now!”

    1. I wondered if somebody was trying to take down MHN. Look how often our ILOH gets banned from Farcebook, after all.

      I got ‘Give Me Libertycon’ with the June Baen Bundle.

      3 more months to ‘Destroyer Of Worlds’ and then, what’s next? More Monster Hunter? The new Hard Magic series begins? We wants it, we wants it!
      “Neville Chamberlain was very keen on peace!”

    1. Except its still the biggest bookseller in the world, and the more copies that move through there, the higher it appears in the rankings and email ads of the biggest bookseller in the world, which reaches a much wider audience, which increases overall sales and sales velocity… But what do I know? I just do this for a living. 😀

  1. So I bought it. I confess I hate anthologies as the writing can be so mixed. I would not have bought this one but a new Tom Stranger? I’ll buy it just for that!

  2. The writing can be mixed, but it can also be a way to stumble across and/or sample writers you wouldn’t otherwise try. I know it was some short stories in an anthology that convinced me to give Seanan McGuire’s novels a chance.

  3. Bought and read.
    In addition to his well-earned accolades for customer service, Tom Stranger can now take credit for his excellent taste supporting small businesses in TN.
    (The Tom Stranger story made me crave the food at the diner mentioned briefly in Tom’s assessment of Chattanooga, so I drove 2 1/2 hours up to Chattanooga on Friday. The cakes were as awesome as I remembered. Thanks for reminding me and giving me an excellent excuse for a day trip. )

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