With friends like these

(Originally posted on the Facebook- Jack)
After the last few days I’ve decided “ally” is a term mostly used by vapid people who want to sound virtuous, but not actually do anything beyond posture on the internet.

I bet every police chief with bad policies calls himself an ally.

Every mayor who’s town is on fire labels himself an ally.

Every politician you have re-elected for decades promising to fix things but never does, surely a self-described ally.

The morons who come to your neighborhood to spray graffiti and throw bricks, but not in their neighborhood? Total ally.

The guy who is cheering on arsonists, who then calls the cops on the “animals” because they got too close to his gated community. Fantastic ally there.

The people who are happy that businesses are being destroyed, never to return or who will rebuild elsewhere so those neighborhoods can be economically devastated for generations? Great allies. But don’t worry. Their towns are safe and have plenty of jobs.

The people blocking roads so the fire department can’t get through? Allies. Don’t worry though. Their houses are safe. It isn’t their kids trapped in the fire.

I’m sure the ally who won’t hesitate to sic the cops on a dude for her not having her dog leashed changed her profile picture to a black square today.

The companies that sent out In These Troubling Times ads during the pandemic totally support you today. Buy more shoes. Next week they’ll change all their logos to rainbows. This isn’t cynical at all I’m sure.

Allies are quick to explain that the real bad guys are the people who protested last week, even though you are both protesting the same control freak government. Because a government that will tell you where you can shop, which stores can be open, and that you can’t go to church or swim, totally isn’t the kind of government that will kneel on your neck.

And since the government has mistreated you, the only possible solution is to make the government even bigger, more unaccountable, and more powerful. That never backfires.

Everyone is expendable to the allies. Business burn, people die, neighborhoods are ruined, cops become even more militarized, rights are trampled, but the allies are fine. The politicians get re-elected and the rest of them get to feel self-righteous on the internet. Pat them on the back, because they are so stunning and brave.

It’s a great deal for the allies though. They don’t have to ever actually do anything but be smug. They speak for you, know what’s best for you, start shit, and when the shooting starts they go back to their white liberal suburbs and nice universities. Come November, they expect to have your vote as usual.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?


 Edit to add: I posted this thing on facebook the day before I wrote the post about the left calling gun owners chicken because we didn’t want to go shoot the National Guard on behalf of Antifa. That post went nuts. 6000 shares, 3000 comments. I had to block like 70 something people.

Here is where it gets interesting though, and relates to this post about allies. I had actual BLM people posting there, saying no, this guy is right. Leave your guns home. We want peaceful protests. Stop burning shit. You’re making us look awful.

But all the people screaming for blood? The people declaring riots good and cheering on the arson, declaring we were cowards for not rushing to the cities to shoot government employees to fight this super obvious tyranny?

Those people, across the board, almost all white liberal “allies”.

Seriously, you have to click on somebody’s profile to block them.  Some people have fake avatars of course (one was a noble manatee, which is a filthy lie) but those with pictures? Mostly fat old white guys with socialist shit all over their page. Or young soy boy looking fuckers with punchable faces and Antifa memes. Or women with rainbow hair and feminist rants. Or vapid college chicks who think this is all some Rage Against the Machine song.

And I’m talking overwhelmingly white.  Like bad stereotypes of a Portland do-gooder white. There were a couple Latinos, and I think one super angry black dude I blocked, but that was is.  How much you want to bet the vast majority of these assholes advocating carnage don’t live in the neighborhoods that are getting destroyed?

They’re opportunistic fucking scum, getting off on the suffering of others. This is just a little excitement for their dull, coddled lives. They love upheaval and violence, as long as they’re not the ones bleeding.

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48 thoughts on “With friends like these”

  1. Yes sir. Nailed it, as with the post previously referenced as well. You can no longer have the conversation with these folks because A) the goal posts are in ever-changing positions and B) You must be an intolerant, hate-filled, white supremacist if you don’t patently agree with them. I’ve stopped trying to have the conversation but I’m very glad you are in the position to air the viewpoint. Thank you.

  2. Once upon a time, when music video channels played music videos, VH-1 ran ads for Earth Day with the slogan, “we’re not doing it because everyone’s doing it, we’re doing it until everyone’s doing it.”

    This pegged the needle of my bullshit meter so hard that I’ve never been able to get it working again. It’s permanently stuck on “complete and utter bullshit”.


  3. It’s like these people are at the Colosseum cheering on the bloodsports. They’ll think it’s all a game right up until their own home is burning from the riots they stoked.

      1. Nika riots are a bit more ‘nuance’. Justinian and hist uncle Justin are seen by many from previous regime as usurpers when Justin as the head of Praetorian Guard decided to crown himself rather than the other candidates after the emperor died. Justin is also very based born (swineherd), which adds to resentment towards him. Justinian was instrumental in his uncle’s ascension to the throne, and was formerly adopted by him.

        The Blue and Greens are not just chariot team boosters, but full blown political party with their own armed factions.

        1. Justin was given gold by several potential emperor candidates, in order to ensure that the Praetorian Guard would be paid off to acclaim them as Emperor.

          Justin decided that he would indeed use the money to pay off the Praetorian Guard, but that he was the best candidate for Emperor. And his Guard guys agreed, especially since they wound up with multiple rewards before and after the acclamation of Justin.

          Justin ended up being a pretty good emperor. He was familiar with all the policies the previous emperor had been implementing, he knew all the issues, and secretaries always handled reading the paperwork out loud and recording the Emperor’s dictation. So why did he need to be literate?

          And Justinian was a jerk, but he was a pretty good emperor as these things go. And his choice of Theodora for wife was pretty darned good, although it also created problems. Not perfect folks, but not the worst.

  4. Allyship is one of the impossible standards the intersectional Left uses to keep people feeling guilty over their existence.

    It’s even worse than “antiracism” in that way—one can declare oneself “antiracist” so long as the Left party line is strictly adhered to. (Opposing racism while being conservative or libertarian is definitionally impossible, natch.) But allyship is the kafkatrap the Left reserves for its own: the act of claiming allyship, or even hoping one’s allyship is recognized, is proof one is not a true ally. (“Thank you for teaching me, and I hope I will do better. And may I have another?”)

    1. Yeah. Seriously, “allyship” as defined by the left seems to be “shut up and wear your sackcloth for daring to be born white/male/straight/etc.”

      Sorry, I’m not going to spend my life apologizing for other people’s sins.

  5. We don’t see some of the professors cheering down the burning of their own campus offices, not even the ones that were built by those at least as objectively white supremacist as the small business owners now being burnt out, as much monuments to white supremacism as any Confederate memorial of the American Civil War.

    1. Woodrow Wilson, the guy who resegregated the armed forces and showed Birth of a Nation at the White House, was the President of Princeton.

      Just saying.

    2. Back in the 1960s, someone tried to burn selected offices at [redacted U]. Well into the 2000s there were rumors that a certain prof had given the would-be arsonists “a Little List.” It was one of those pieces of university lore that one never inquired too deeply about, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the story proved to be true.

  6. If I never see another “ACKSHULLY, things only change for the better -after- a riot,” post on FB by some clueless hipster who hasn’t even paid attention to the past two decades of history, much less the greater scope of Real History, it’ll be too soon.

    1. Oh come now, it only depends on the time frame you’re willing to work in!

      After all Detroit is getting better, finally, after the riots of ’67!

      53 years to get “better” after a riot seems like a mere blink of the eye!

      1. “Detroit is making a comeback” ads funded by the state of Michigan and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce have been a staple of Michigan radio and TV agitprop for decades now.

        Detroit hasn’t gotten better since 1967. Detroit died in 1967. Detroit gets worse by the year and has been basically Haiti plus snow since the Carter Administration. Just go to Google Street Maps and take a virtual drive around delightful Delray or Highland Park or Harper Woods and you can see for yourself without the grave inherent risks of a visit in person.

  7. The thing that always bothered me about the use of Ally is that in an alliance both sides help each other. When intersectional communists define ally, it’s always what everyone owes the members of the designated victim group. There is never anything that the victim group needs to do for their “allies”. Clearly the correct word is Vassal, but like everything else, they lie.

    1. Actually, from my understanding of the word “vassal”, a vassal receives protection and justice from his liege. Maybe “slave” or “serf” works better.
      But, checking the definition online gives 2 definitions –
      1. (historical) A holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance.
      2. A person or country in a subordinate position to another.
      Your usage of the word fits the second thoroughly.

    2. Permanent Indentured Servitude might be a better term. You owe them service, forever, and in return they promise not to sic the howling mobs on you. Until they do.

      Allyship reminds me of the Roman phrase ‘friends and allies’. What that meant for the ‘ally’ is that they had to always march with the Romans when they went to war with a neighboring state and any alliance with anybody other than the Romans inevitably led to the ally’s leadership losing their heads after a suitable massacre or two to give the conquering general the requisite body count needed for a triumph.

  8. Thanks for cross posting these as I do not have an account on The Devil’s Database and would hate to miss these.

  9. “The companies that sent out In These Troubling Times ads during the pandemic totally support you today. Buy more shoes. Next week they’ll change all their logos to rainbows. This isn’t cynical at all I’m sure.”

    These companies would also appreciate it if everyone would please look the other way whenever they bow down to China. Thank you.

    1. I decided to quit buying anything from Games Workshop including books when they released their “Warhammer is for everybody” statement because it’s the same statement WotC and Evil Hat released before they started telling people who can’t come to cons or who needs to be kicked out of groups.

      They don’t make a statement like that unless they want to purge their fans out.

      I was never trying to keep Warhammer away from anyone but it doesn’t matter. I know bullshit when I hear it.

  10. Thats something I wanted to bring up in the “Now world famous gun post”. A lot of these allies throwing out the “chicken shit rambo fantasy ” line are huge fucking hypocrites. Every single.one of these jackwagons think their protests and facebook slacktivism is so e kind of “great revolutionary battle” just like their hero Che did and that they are some how dismantling some great evil in the name of the people. Then they go write slam poetey about, Delusional fucks.

    1. Larry needs to link the more famous gun posts as well, like the one he wrote that was about guns and self defense, the one about that Ms America contestant, and the guide to liberals wanting to buy their first guns because they were utterly convinced of being herded into cattle cars if Trump won.

      Still hasn’t happened, even now. #WorstHitlerEver

  11. Larry, thanks for posting this stuff. I don’t Farcebook as a matter of principle, they get no clicks from me.

    Wanted to draw your attention to a related outrage going on right now, the fake-news effort to defeat Trump has extended to life-saving medicine during the pandemic.


    It is not lost on any of us that this Antifa rioting is occurring -during- a pandemic. People are still dying from the Wuhan Flu. It is still just as contagious this week as it was two weeks ago when “thousands of armed fascists” showed up at the Michigan state legislature to protest the idiotic lockdown. Armed fascists who made some speeches about freedom and other stupid stuff like that, then picked up all the garbage before they went home without shooting anybody or burning anything down.

    But the lies being told about protesters are nothing compared to the lies being told about COVID-19 in the medical literature. There were two “major studies” released in The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, both claiming that Hydroxychloroquine A) didn’t work on COVID-19 and B) was very dangerous and likely to kill patients taking it.

    Today, both those studies were retracted, the authors admitted that their data was probably bogus.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, The Lancet and NEJM are the medical science journals that your doctor reads to find out how to keep you alive when you can’t breath due to COVID-19, aka the Chinese Lung AIDS from Wuhan. Those journals are being used to print propaganda whose sole purpose is to defeat a political candidate in an election.

    To my mind, that’s a worse thing than burning down stores and beating people. Hospitalized patients were being denied life-saving medicine because #OrangeManBad.

    Stay frosty, ladies and gentlemen.

  12. Recreational Marxists vicariously enjoying violence. It’s a video game to them, their lives, jobs, and prospects aren’t affected by the mayhem. And everybody whose lives have been destroyed, well, they were probably all Uncle Toms or secretly Nazis, and besides, the cost of a few smashed eggs is well worth it to gain utopia. Especially when they’re bad eggs like the ones whose stores got looted and firebombed. Besides, insurance will pay for it all!

    1. Umm… you know insurance policies ALL refuse to pay in the event of arson. It doesn’t matter who set the fire, if it is arson, they won’t pay. Also, most have exceptions for civil unrest and acts of war. They won’t pay. Most of those store owners and landlords are going bankrupt. They’re done. Finished. Like DC following the 1968 riots, they won’t get rebuilt for decades (and they’re still not that great now, a half-century later). They will become true slums.

      1. Oh. Health insurance too. There is a… spirited… debate over whether health insurance covers injuries sustained during a “protest” because it clearly does not cover injuries for rioters and people committing felonies. So there’s that too.

        1. I once had job interview with an insurance company. They were very honest with me: They said I would make a whole lot of money, but I would be working long hours (no time to spend any of that money I was making), and a lot of that time would be spent on the phone, explaining to people who’ve just suffered a devastating loss why they’re not going to be getting any of the money they were hoping for. I decided that wasn’t quite what I was looking for and thanked them for the interview.

      2. Which ironically means that those massive mega-corps they claim to hate sooo much will be the only ones still able to put stores in those areas. Way to strike a blow for the little guy!

      3. Cadeyrn, I am well aware of the civil disturbance exceptions to insurance policies, which is why I finished my sarcastic rant with that statement, because that is what the ignorant Woke are parroting. Like I said, they are vicarious revolutionaries. Glorying in destruction and the suffering of the non-Woke. F**k them.

  13. Basically, the “Allys” are racists who want to start a Race war, which will hurt blacks, and destroy their neighborhoods. Then they expect to be able to jump in and “win” it and have power ever after, and blacks forever vote them into office (because they think Blacks are dumb that way, and they’ve crippled the schools to make sure of it).

    Also, one of my latest Tweets:
    You can’t “Have a conversation” if you start with “Shut up! you have no right to say anything. Just sit down and listen!”

  14. Whenever I see the term ally, I always think of it in the geopolitical sense and then this definition of alliance by Ambrose Bierce comes to mind.
    “ALLIANCE, n. In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other’s pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third.”

  15. Yep the Dunning-Kruger effect is on full display on social media. I’ve been dinged twice by friends and acquaintances recently: blocked by someone I peripherally know of in British fandom for daring to disagree with her; blocked and unfriended by another person I know in fandom for commenting on BLM.

    After prevaricating about it I decided to write a post and put it up. I don’t imagine anyone will think it through, but I’ve had enough, so I’m nailing my position to the wall.

    They can choose to unfriend me.

    1. Rachel Bock, on twitter, was talking about how a friend of hers actually had her bosses ask why she had not put up support for the protests on her *personal* social media. I read about a mom upset that her daughter was being bullied for not putting black squares on her Instagram. I’d link but the site isn’t letting me. :/ I’m pretty sure though that folks are seeing plenty of similar examples, or reactions to silence or saying ‘All Lives Matter.’

  16. One must keep firmly in mind:

    Those who would be in power as the advocates of “the poor and downtrodden” must and do make as many as possible.

    Which should explain everything.

  17. Is it just me, or is being an “ally” really more of a quasi-religious self-identification thing? It seems like a bastardized secular version of Calvinism: if you’re an “ally”, you don’t really need to do anything in particular, save for token efforts like changing your social media profile pictures or joining the occasional rio- er, totally peaceful protest. You can even spout all kinds of racist and sexist crap, like saying that women and minorities shouldn’t really make a conscious decision on how to vote or which policy to support, but instead should automatically support the decisions and candidates of the DNC & Co.

    And vice versa – you could spend all your life building hospitals and freeing actual slaves in the Third World; but if you believe – as most people there do – that western liberals know jack about social issues, racism and inequality, then you are surely one of the damned, and it is only by the grace of the DNC that you may be saved, and only if you publicly repent… and privately donate a couple of mil.

    In short, being an ally is an identity thing… like everything else seems to be nowadays . It’s not about what you do or how you act, so long as you “believe”; so long as you join in the group activities of the cult, virtue signalling instead of actually helping anyone. Including- no, *especially* the people the cult deems downtrodden and oppressed. Because then it just might lose them as walking excuses for its actual activities – masochistic moral self-flagellation, and character-assassination against anyone who doesn’t feel quite like joining in.

  18. Just for clarification – what on earth is a CISG and why do comments on that post mention it?

  19. This… SO MUCH THIS!!! “This is just a little excitement for their dull, coddled lives. They love upheaval and violence, as long as they’re not the ones bleeding.” As soon as they are actually threatened with physical violence they are promoting, they are like dust in the wind… GONE!!!

  20. Speaking of allies, Professor Gordon Klein seems like he’s Larry’s snarky accountant brother from another mother.

    Maybe have him over, trade accountant secrets, stuff like that.

  21. make the government even bigger, more unaccountable, and more powerful
    Don’t forget “make sure they’re the only ones with guns.”

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