I’ve got an MHI story in the Overruled anthology, which is out today

I originally did a super short piece called Lawyer Fight for the MHI RPG, where Ultimate Fighting Lawyer, Shane Durant, picks a fight with an undead monster in an elevator. But last year Baen asked me if I’d like to go ahead and finish that scene, so I did, and it is titled LAWYER FIGHT.

It is available for sale in the new Overruled anthology which is out now.


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Fantastic Hope, available this week. Stories by me, Laurell, KJA, Patricia Briggs, Jonathan Maberry, L.E. Modesitt, and more

7 thoughts on “I’ve got an MHI story in the Overruled anthology, which is out today”

  1. Wow, they didn’t even put your name on the cover, just gave you the “And the Rest!” Gilligan’s Island treatment.

  2. A bit off-topic, but what the heck. I just finished House of Assassins. Really, really good. I’m salivating for the 3rd volume already. Your world-building skills are top notch.

    And the ending caught me completely by surprise. I was so engrossed in the story (reading it on my iPad) that I did a double-take when I turned the page and the “rate me” page came up. I thought I’d done something wrong. Only then did I realize that you’d done a masterful job of finding just the perfect place to complete this segment of the story. Well done.

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