This Week’s Episode of The Facebook Hunter: The Common Internet Shit Gibbon

Jack compiled this post a while back… I can’t imagine why I keep getting kicked off that stupid website.  Jack just copied over my comments, but you’ll get the idea. After the screen caps I’ll explain how to spot Common Internet Shit Gibbons in the Wild

Hey all- Jack Wylder here.
Although we all know Larry’s opinion of the Book of Faces, he nevertheless manages to make it more tolerable for all of us. It’s become more and more obvious, though, that we need to take anything worth taking with us and bring it HERE. Recently Larry was on a friend’s page and decided to have a bit of fun. As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be preserved for posterity. (Note: I didn’t bother capturing the posts of the mockee because no one cares what the pinata has to say…) So for your enjoyment, CorreiaTech is proud to present the latest episode of Larry Correia- the Facebook Hunter. Today’s episode: the Common Internet Shit Gibbon….

This is Larry again. The CISG’s posts didn’t get copied over, but the specifics and even the topic don’t really matter. I got this dude super riled up.  He about lost his mind and went on a 48 hour posting rampage. It was hilarious. 😀 

You ever post something on social media, and then have some random stranger blunder in screaming at you for wrongthink? You might have attracted a Common Internet Shit Gibbon. You can tell when you are dealing with a Common Internet Shit Gibbon by the following clues:

– They start out by being total dicks to everyone, attack, attack, attack, but when responded to in kind, demand civility and whine about “tone”.

– They just make shit up and throw it at the wall to see what sticks.

– They are really pathetic, but oblivious to it. In fact, they think they’re brilliant, even while being super dumb. 

– When you waste you time refuting any of their bullshit, they immediately create new bullshit. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Their bullshit is endless. Your time is not. 

So when you discover that you’ve got a CISG infestation, the best bet is to just mock them until you get bored, and then block them. Or you can call THE INTERNET HUNTER. (actually, don’t  tag me. I don’t have time, and I’m probably in Facebook jail anyway) 

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Episode of The Facebook Hunter: The Common Internet Shit Gibbon”

  1. Sometimes, you’ll post something online, walk away for a day, then come back to see 50 billion apoplectic reactions all from the same 1 Twitter account.

    It’s rather presumptive of them to think I pay that much attention to my Twitter comments (and I’m admittedly a Twitter addict/celebrity). Don’t know what they think they’re accomplishing.

  2. Watch out for the bite of the CISG, as hurling so much feces has caused their mouth to be bacteria ridden cesspools that will spread infection.

  3. Thanks, O Chefe. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Sad that there are people like that out there, but reality is what it is.

  4. Thanks Mr. Correia! Now I know how to protect myself and my property from Internet Shit Goblins. *The More You Know*

  5. It’s always a treat to see Larry drive a CISG into a gibbering rage. Even better when it causes them to do a Power Flounce.

  6. Crikey. Y’had both “hunter” and “gun” mentioned multiple times, in a funny and entertaining way. Can’t be be having that on Facebook.

    Wronfun alert! No funnies for you!

  7. The part about the moron trap kinda lost me. Aren’t you all in the moron trap as soon as you log on to FacePlantBook?

  8. One fascinating fact about the CISG is that they can produce twice their own body weight in feces on an hourly basis.

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