I’m Doing a Live Reading from Destroyer of Worlds, Friday Night

Baen just put up the announcement.

Larry Correia will be joining us here on Facebook LIVE on FRIDAY at 8 PM EST for a reading from DESTROYER OF WORLDS, Book Three of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, and for a bit of Q&A after!

I’m assuming I’ll probably be banned again by then for some terrible thought crime,  but I’ll just be doing a Zoom call and my publisher is going to stream it.

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20 thoughts on “I’m Doing a Live Reading from Destroyer of Worlds, Friday Night”

    1. Do I have any thoughts about the thing you’ve been reading about that I’ve never heard of before this post? No.

      1. Happy to provide:


        Ran across this on Instapundit. I (incorrectly, I guess) assumed that was the kind of site you’d hit.

        Sorry for the assumptions.

        Apparently I misspoke. The company itself isn’t Chinese. It just has a large part of their development team located in China:


  1. I set my an alarm to go off fifteen minutes early.
    I’ll be there, or my name ain’t Long John Silver!

      1. LOL! I know it’s shocking to hear (at least it was for me), but Larry’s books aren’t good for everyone. I lent a copy of the first MHI book to a friend, who quickly returned it with the complaint “That was way too exciting for me!” She didn’t even make it all the way through the first chapter.

        Too exciting… huh… Guess she only likes BORING books. LOL!

  2. Larry, you orter get a person of color to do the reading. Then we could all drink Ashok black during the event.

  3. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch live, but it it’s not too late to get into the Q&A, I wondering about the pronunciation of some of the names.

    Tim Gerard Reynolds has switched back an forth on a couple. The biggest for me were: Jagdish (jahg-DEESH v.s yahg-DEESH), Risaldar ( ri-ZALL-der v/s RIZZ-uhl-dahr), and Devakula (de-VAK-you-lah v/s de-va-COO-lah).

    Since many fantasy names are “made up” I get they don’t really have a “right” pronunciation, but I was wondering which way you hear it in your own head.

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