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If you look over to the left there’s a place to sign up for my blog’s mailing list, so you’ll get a notification when I post here. I’ve never really pushed this, but since the place I reach the most of my fans is Facebook and they keep banning me for goofy reasons, I’ll be posting here more.

Facebook is garbage, but since it’s the place where the most people congregate, it’s forced all the content creators to cater to it, because its the best way to reach our audience. Problem is, any random dumb ass can effectively silence anyone they don’t like, just by reporting everything to the dumb bots.

If I could get most of the people who follow me on Facebook to sign up over here, then I’d never have to go back, which would be amazing.

So if you guys who are seeing this know any other fans, please pass that on. Also, please keep sharing my posts on social media.  Thank you. I really appreciate it.

This Week's Episode of The Facebook Hunter: The Common Internet Shit Gibbon
I'm out of Facebook jail... and immediately banned again

58 thoughts on “Sign up for my mailing list”

    1. It’s okay, but doesn’t get nearly the traffic, and traffic is the reason writers bother with social media at all.

      1. I found this on mewe, but I’ve been kicked from fb**k for being ‘suspicious’ so I figured I waste some time over there instead.

      2. Just a suggestion. Recently discovered It might be a good place for u to post pics of your mini etc..

        Take care and take no shit from from SJW’s


  1. My email address is listed. As I mostly use my phone and my grandson Is “remote learning” and will be using the laptop for the rest of today .

  2. For those of you on a phone, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the mailing list sign up.

  3. Same here, Larry. My FascistBook Gaol term of a month was just up, so I attempted to post there. Seems that their censorship computer searched back to last year for an excuse. Got another week(?) for something I posted in November that “offended” their “standards”…

  4. I’ll join the mailing list Sir. Finally getting to read your work properly (I’ve worked 2 full time jobs most of my adult life, but finally got a great job where I can read like I want to. I must say, your work is phenomenal!

  5. FYI, there are applications which monitor blogs and report when a new post is up. I’ve used them for years. And since I’m already drowning in email…

    Best wishes, and please keep the good stuff coming.

  6. I’m on the RSS feed. Not sure sure if you have the same level of visibility into its use, but an RSS reader is my preferred way to follow blogs/updates. I think I had to guess at the RSS URL. It’s

    What is this facebook thing you keep writing about 😉

    1. Thanks, I prefer the RSS feed.
      I have signed up several times in the past with at least two of my email addresses and have never received a email notification.

    2. Ditto. If you ever decide to discontinue RSS please let us know, I’ll subscribe then.

      I would also like to see you on Gab.

  7. I’ve been following your blog via RSS for a while now. It’s a shame more and more people are forgetting RSS exists because it’s incredibly useful for following blogs or things that don’t update a dozen times a day.

    I wish more people blogged, or at least had a personal presence of their own outside Social Media.

  8. Signed up. Don’t want to miss the epic ranting.

    This blog is like Larry reads my mind and then yells what I’m thinking, but with better swearing. ~:D

  9. I use RSS feed instead (with feed reader, nowadays at free version of Feedly, after Google Reader, then Digg Reader, both “sunsetted”).

  10. Signed up.

    I wonder if it’s possible to show off some of your painting, Larry? You inspired me to dust off some Ariadne models I had lying around for a while. (Maybe this time I can get Tartan right…)

  11. I have just been banned from the Monster Hunter FB page and the Fight club for posting a picture that I thought was funny and ridiculous (it was a stainless steel penis shaped muzzle brake) Now I could see how someone would think it was worthy of being taken down but I don’t see how it violates the “Don’t be a Douche” rule or how it deserves a permanent ban from the main MHI group or the Fight Club group where it wasn’t even posted

    1. Oh yeah. I can’t possibly imagine why my moderators could possibly think that posting a stainless steel dick with stainless steel balls on my fan page where I interact with my all of my fans for my business was in bad taste. The mind boggles.
      I should probably go to where you work and put dicks all over the wall. That would be awesome. But if you work somewhere that’s cool, I should probably go to where you mom, wife, or daughter work, and stick up a giant dick pic on the wall. If anyone takes it down I will act very confused and a little offended.

    2. Amazing. Just amazing.

      You really don’t get why it’s a douche move to go to an author’s professional page/social media group and post inappropriate things? Because it’s not going to reflect badly on Larry at all?

      Yes, you brainless, hyena snot-guzzling shit tool. You WERE being a douche.

      Sigh. I hate people.

    3. Do me a favor:

      Print out a copy of that picture.

      Then staple it to your forehead.

      If you’re gonna be a dickhead, you might as well look like one, so that we may know you are coming.

      Not cool, ya peter picture poster.

  12. Anyone have a way to fix a mailing list glitch / issue? I see no “contact” info on the page. I signed up in Sept, got a confirmation, and the system says me e-mail is already subscribed … but I never get them. Nothing in spam/trash/etc.

  13. Signed up even though I also use RSS and MeWe to keep track of new posts.

    Took me this time. I had tried when you first put it up (last year?) and had issues. Now I just have to train Earthlink’s spam filters.

  14. Food for thought for you all regarding social retardia, oops, social media.

    I’m an Aussie MHI fan, and recently applied for a mid-level job. As part of the selection process I had to submit my personal email address & personal mobile phone number to an international background investigation specialist firm to do a “background” review on me. They openly advised they were going to perform a search of all social media, to ensure I am of suitable character. Apparently 20 years experience, being a Justice of the Peace and having a spotless record (not even a parking ticket) is just not good enough. One must not be a wrong-thinker!

    I probably automatically disqualified myself by this action, but I disabled my FB account before I submitted my application, as I’m damned if some graduate SJW chicklette on her first ever job was going to search my posts back to 2001 looking for “wrong-think”.
    Bad puppies anyone?

    I looked up the firm – they have a “careers” page on their website. The images were like the ads for the latest iPhone. All centred on under 25, all immaculately groomed white women. There were usually two, just out-of-focus, males in the background beaming 1000 watt smiles at her.

    Needless to say, I didn’t get the job – as a 40 year old, married, cis-hetero-patriarchal scumbag with a beard I had no chance, but if I didn’t apply, I had absolutely no chance.

    We all knew this crap was coming. I am just surprised that it’s here already in 2020. The overt nature of it all is even more of an inspiration to get my writing published. MUST have a side-hustle.

        1. From what I can tell, here’s how the con works:

          Company X hires wrong-thinker Y, who otherwise has a spotless record and full qualification. Unfortunately, busybody Z notices Y’s change of occupation, and loudly complains on social media about company X’s hiring of evil wrong-thinkers. Subsequently, in order to avoid bad publicity and potential loss of clients or partners, company X dismisses wrong-thinker Y, in order to temporarily placate busybody Z… who is usually not a client, let alone a partner of the company.

          Similarly, here’s how it works online: Website X features posts by wrong-thinker Y, while also being funded by advertiser (or ad package agency) W. However, busybody Z again complains about W’s clients running ads around Y’s posts, and therefore of course endorsing their wrong-think. Thus, advertiser W threatens to pull ads from website X, lest they be associated with said wrong-think. In response, website X finds excuses to ban, block, or otherwise perpetually shut down wrong-thinker Y.

          (The latter is basically the story behind the official bans of Trump support on RPGnet and Ravelry – for as we all know, role-playing games and knitting are bastions of white supremacy… rather than niche hobbies with easily scared advertisers.)

          All in all, the whole con needs a few more straws to break the camel’s back, with such aggressive wokeness increasingly causing greater losses than benefits.

    1. As a pragmatic progressive, I’m sorry that this happened to you; there are times that I’m exasperated with the modern perpetually poutraged magical unicorn left and their bullshit. It’s sad that this firm felt that it has to do this to people, but that’s how it is now; people using social media to make sure that you aren’t bad for the company because you hold differing political views.

      There is a better social media platform; it’s called Mastadon (IIRC) and it’s nothing like Facebook-maybe people here should give it a try.

      Incidents like these have made me think and wonder if I should still be on Facebook or Twitter, even with the ease the former site lets me communicate with my siblings.

  15. Done.

    As the rare millenial who’s never used Facebook even once (or Instagram, Twitter, snapface, Myspace) I get excited when the ILOH gets facebanned so I can get more rants here.

  16. For those that primarily surf the web via mobile: Found the subscribe bar at the bottom of the scroll page. Look down there if you can’t find it on your device.

    Figured I’d post the comment as a courtesy. May there be waffles in Facecult gulag, good sir.

  17. I won’t go anywhere near Fakebook. It’s time some people with some clout did the same. Take the hit, stay off Twotter and Fakebook.

  18. Never used FB. Did not want that degree of spyware on my PC.

    I’ve had this page bookmarked for several years. Glad you are going to it for your regular updates.

  19. Yes, please move all your comments to this page, I hate Facebook and I’ve never been banned. Just hate censorship, and love your uncensored comments Larry! We may not always agree, but I’m always entertained and educated!

  20. I am so sorry about this. You deserve so much better. I never go near Face Book. I found out about you from an add on Goodreads. To give you a little feedback, if it matters. Things have really gotten out of hand. Its sickening the thought police we have developed.

  21. I am 17 days into my FB month long jail sentence. I never create posts but only re post items on Facebook that Facebook allows me to receive. How can anybody discern what is against “community standards” when all that is posted is what I have received and read on Facebook? Much of what I post are jokes that are amusing. Other postings are merely interesting or matters worth of consideration (even if I don’t necessarily agree). Unsure of what to do but I welcome suggestions.

  22. For some years now, every newbie self-pub author has been pushed to build a newsletter list exactly for this – that social media companies can sabotage your business at will, plus the ads are super expensive. People still open email and see those contacts more than any other online contact, so it’s still a crucial medium. If anyone reading here is starting a biz, author or otherwise, Mailerlite gives you the first 1000 subscribers free and Mailchimp the first 2000. A couple other companies if you’re more programming savvy out there, too.

    As a user, Facebook has been such a pain ever since they started “improving” the news feed to show you less and less of your friends and the pages you follow. The new focus on “community” is such a crock.

  23. Sorry off topic, but I had to thank Larry for the introduction to Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger series via his short stories. Outstanding. I particularly loved the guest appearance of Agent Franks in the main Joe Ledger books. Binge read all of them over the last four days. (What else are we going to do under quarantine?).

    I’ve finished the Ledger series and am now onto Scott Sigler. Perhaps the great man could post some stuff on other great reads?

  24. I’ve never been on facebook so I’m always selfishly glad when you get kicked off and post here…I’ve been lurking here since MHI came out.

  25. sign up doesn’t seem to be working for me. Signed up months ago, never gotten a single notification. Tried signing up again but it says I already am.

  26. Sign up isn’t working for me either. When Firefox didn’t work, I tried Chrome. Neither produce a notification to Larry’s most recent posts.

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