I’m out of Facebook jail… and immediately banned again

So my sentence was over last night. I went to post. Nope. Caught another ban. For a week this time, and I don’t even know what for. 😀

So that’s another week off of wannabe junior Orwellian tree house club. It’s kind of sad that if you want to silence somebody, all you have to do is go through and report all their posts, then let the bots do the rest.

But from being able to read the place, I’m not missing very many quality discussions. Right now it’s mostly hysterical people virtue signalling about how they were more hysterical earlier, while spiking the Dunning-Kruger graph about complex subjects they first heard about this month.

I do miss posting mini painting pics though.

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Back on FB in 2 Days. Probably Shouldn't Bother, Because It's Really Stupid In There

42 thoughts on “I’m out of Facebook jail… and immediately banned again”

  1. So, they’re targeting you for harassment and getting away with it. Somehow, this makes it seem like FB doesn’t actually obey its much touted community standards and merely plays favorites.

    1. That’s well-known on this side of the political aisle. FecesBook is populated by leftists, socialists, and muslim-terrorist sympathizers.

      There are two sets of “community standards”; one for the Left and one for the Right. A “Second Set of Books”, as it were. And they are vastly different.

      Write a post supporting the politically-motivated murder of the President, and you’re fine. That’s in line with their “community standards”.

      Support beating up white people because “white privilege”, and you’re fine. “Community standards” says you can’t be racist if you’re only targeting white people.

      Support Hamas and Hezbollah in their efforts to “cleanse Israel and the Jews from the Earth”, and you’re golden. “Community standards” says that a billion muslims world-wide ganging up to commit genocide on 7 million Jews is a perfect example of a minority getting justice from their majority persecutors.

      Write a post claiming that science confirms there are only two genders, or that Israel deserves to defend itself from its hostile neighbors, and BAM! FB jail, and you’ll be lucky to ever post again, you damn right-wing extremist!

      Two Sets of Books: the “Community Standards” as-written, and the “Community Standards” as practiced and enforced. The Second Set is the one that gets you banned, and it’s not written down anywhere.

      1. Not to mention the 70 non-Christian countries that it’s illegal to be gay if you aren’t stoned to death.

      2. And of course, for Hispanics, Jews, and Asians….. sometimes they count you as white too, particularly if you aren’t 100% far left or if they like the attackers more….

    2. Well, of course they don’t obey their own community standards. It would be a frickin’ miracle if they DID. Facebook is HUGE. The question at hand though is this:

      Is their failure to obey the standards in THIS case a matter of malice, or bureaucratic incompetence? (and yes, you are free to embrace the unifying power of “and” if you choose.)

      1. @John:
        When it comes to the bots, “malicious indifference” is the phrase that comes to my mind. Sure, relying on bots shows bureaucratic incompetence (or laziness, at least), but the bigger problem is that they don’t care enough to fix their system. And they POINTEDLY don’t care if their not-caring harms conservatives, libertarians, and/or Republicans.

        When it comes to the “appeals” process, though, it’s pure malice. Bans on conservatives nearly always stand, even as muslim terrorist groups and leftist racist thugs get to post whatever violent, hateful rhetoric (or incitement) they want. Report them and they’ll get banned for a day … and then they’ll appeal, win, and go back to normal posting.

        It’s a biased system, start to finish.

  2. Sadly, without an outlet in the trying hermitic times, you could end up crouched around a limited edition 40k ork kommander going “MY… PRECIOUS!!!!!!” Anyway, find folk to bs with, don’t ignore the wife, pray when you are bored, and God will bless you as he will. We will be here whenever and wherever sir.

  3. Larry I highly enjoy your books and your blog – first time commenting here. Facebook is a terrible place to publish content – for these exact reasons. Same with Twitter – they could delete your account for no reason at all, as we’re seeing with a lot of conservatives.

    Please post more on your blog 🙂 You have full control of it and nobody could take it away from you, as long as you keep your own domain.

  4. They have probably organized and timed their reporting.

    The most fun thing you might be missing is the new “Concellation” group. Although the posting there is sot hot and heavy there’s no way to keep up with the fire-hose. Which is a good thing because as the Woke tried to subvert it, they just got drowned out. (Which, alas, doesn’t mean they don’t try to report things that offend them). But still, it’s a lot of meaningless fannish fun.

  5. I tapped out of the Concellation group. That is going to turn into a cesspool no matter how hard they try to keep the woke out. I wouldn’t waste my time there.

    And holy freaking cow, a one-week ban seconds after a 30-day ban ends. Don’t these *censored in case young eyes are reading this* creatures have anything better to do?

  6. Just don’t go back. Clearly they don’t want you there and nobody at Facebook, Inc. is going to back you up.

    Just leave them for good. It’s probably a waste of time at this point anyway.

  7. So what’s to prevent us from returning the favor? Feed enough garbage into the system and it collapses. Either Faceboob has to shut off the boys and do all this by hand or collapse when the boys bans everyone.

    1. Simple, we’re better than that. They may tick us off but they aren’t worth the trouble to stoop to their level. No whiners- whether left, right, or middle- are worth it.

      1. They’re not worth it, but driving such a flawed system to breakdown might be. They may be forced to fix it if their own precious SJWs find themselves locked out.
        My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died, but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

  8. MeWe is looking better and better… I’m having fun in Concancellation though… Got a few Debbie Downers and one Troll.

    Just think of all the time you’re NOT wasting Larry!

    1. Just be aware: Mike Glyer and Camestros Felapton have MeWe accounts. I blocked them both last year, but just found out this week they somehow got un-blocked, so if you’re already there, double-check.

  9. Leave them. They want to market Farcebook as a tool to promote your business. But the woke crowd will only allow the ‘right’ businesses and artists advertise their. Which is hilarious because the woke crowd barely produces anything and, let’s be honest, 90% of them work as baristas and other service jobs. How much money do they have to spend on services and products?

  10. Banned again? I’m shocked.

    This type of thing is why I don’t Farcebook. Quite apart from the obscene invasion of privacy, they’ve made it abundantly clear they don’t want my money.

    I’m good with not giving them any.

  11. it sounds like you are getting trolled. someone reports you for no reason. some clerk at facebook reads the complaint and checks a few boxes. It is just protocol.

  12. Facebook either needs to learn the error of its ways (and if that were going to happen I think it would have already), or needs to be replaced by forums willing to ignore complaints by snowflakes.

    Good content producers such as yourself are the ones who can make that change happen. By not being there.

    Like China, they need our trade a lot more than we need theirs.

    1. retail and marketing and advertising is more important in America than manufacturing. Because that is what most americans have chosen.
      All China needs is our corn and soybeans.

  13. I wonder if it’s someone we know, like Clamps? This strikes me as the sort of petty harassment he revels in.

  14. So can we start a pool to figure out when Larry gets his next ban? I’m going with 2 minutes from when he gets out of jail this time.

  15. Well, Facebook sucks. I cannot believe, wait, yes I can. Stupid is as stupid does. The SJWS don’t work so they have nothing but time to harass.

    Your miniatures are AMAZING!!! I remember when I could see that well!!!!!! My oldest showed me his unpainted pieces the other day and yes I was THAT mom! I said,”Aren’t you going to paint those? Larry did.” Lololol I got the eye roll of the century from the soon to be 29 year old adult male playing D&D!!!!!!!!

  16. Facebook nazis SUCK!!! They hold your offense for a year. I actually got hit for hate speech just by saying “gross ????????”. Then they tagged me for 30 days, I made it thru 14 n bam damn hate speech bs n 30 started over. I wish there were something we could go to n give fb the F-U.
    They really dont like my post because I’m 100% pro-life, pro guns, pro conservative, pro Christian, n PRO TRUMP. I enjoyed your blog.
    Ty n God bless

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