8 thoughts on “House of Assassins (Book 2 of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior) Now in Paperback”

  1. > Book 3, Destroyer of Worlds will be out in September 2020.

    Awesome. IMO this series is the best thing you’ve wrtten. Can’t wait. ????

    1. Doubtless the best, out of many incredible books. It’s so deceptively simple, and so entertaining. All I want to know is will there be a book 4 at this point.

    1. Larry most recent writing updated
      Suggested he would be writing the next MHI book either his 2nd or 3rd up coming writing project. That would likely get the book written in 8-14 months. If you figured about a 8-12 mouth turn around for editing and publishing late 2021 at the earliest more likely 2022 sometime.

      Based on comments Larry has made on a few different podcasts I get the impression he has been letting MHI rest for a bit because he had lost some of his passion for it.

      I’m ok with this we call get burnt out and need a break better to be honest about that then taking 9+ years to publish a book =)

  2. I have been reading fantasy novels for the last 40 years and this is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I’m excited for part 3 this year.

    When I read this is going to be longer than a trilogy, part of me goes ugh…memory flashes of George Martin saying the same thing after he realized GoT would be go longer than a trilogy. Then the other part of, the excited school kid, thinks great! If if they are as good as the first two keep them coming!

  3. “Book 3, Destroyer of Worlds will be out in September 2020.”

    Ooooo! Does this mean you’ll have some with you at DragonCon? (Assuming you’re coming to DragonCon this year…)

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