Geeky Hobbies: Vietnam War themed Acon kitbash first look

Literally the only downside to being kicked off of stupid Facebook for a month is that it’s the best place to post my various mini painting WiPs while I’m doing them. (the rest of that place is just a cesspool, but there’s some good hobby pages) I don’t normally post mini WiP pics to the blog, because WordPress gets crashy when I post too many pics. But here goes nothing.

These are all for the game Infinity. So this will be nerdy gibberish for most of you.

Having wrapped up the Wakanda themed Corregidor army, I needed a new epic kit bash (meaning these are all unique minis built out of parts cut up from other minis) project to work on. I decided to go with a Vietnam War theme. I’m using the Shock Army of Aconticimento. Basically these guys are all getting painted like they’re off of Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, etc and have been stuck in the jungle for a long time (lots of pigments and weathering)

So here is the first look at the MACP-SOG (Military Assistance Command Paradiso-Studies and Operations Group) or I’m just gonna call them Lurp for short.

Acon Regulars. I got the idea from the simple head swap using US Ariadna heads on Regular bodies I did a while ago (the already primed ones).  Heads are Mad Robot on a variety of Pano bodies and arms.

Next is the proxy everybody has been working on (since there isn’t a model yet) the Montessa Knight, mounted and dismounted. I used matching Father Knight bodies as the base for this, then cut down two different HMG arms to stand in for the boarding shotgun. (this fits the least with the theme, but is a super cool unit I want to play)

The Guardo de Assaulto looks like Lumberjack Commando. I made his Auxbot look like a pack mule.

Then Draikos and Scylla, same basic idea. If you’re gonna be in the jungle for weeks on end, make your robots carry your gear. (not pictured but I’m working on some other remotes too)

Bagh Mari, same basic idea as the Regulars

Nagas and Rao

And the big Dragao center piece, who is going to be named Animal Mother.  I’ve done a ton more work on this one already, but this is a step by step pictorial project. 🙂

EDIT: I’ve done more to the TAG


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23 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Vietnam War themed Acon kitbash first look”

  1. Those are some seriously odd images. I concede that I have never understood miniatures, so perhaps the oddity is me.

    1. It’s made out of several different things. The legs are a Ariadna Ratnik, the torso is Scar Face, Squalo arm, and Sally gun.

  2. Sweet theme. I love the PanO armor scheme but just can’t get over the funky backwards mags on their combo rifles.

    Really like Animal Mother!

    Hope you update when you paint them (I don’t Facebook, so I love it when you are in Facebook jail :))

  3. Great to see you still at this. I used to paint figures all the time till my eyes started to have trouble shifting back and forth at about 45. I wear an Opti-visor now but still it’s annoying.

    That and painting some modern US infantry to go with a Dragon M1A2. I’d like to strangle whoever invented digital camo. I’ve gotten so I can do a halfway decent job using a small brush making lots of dots for the pixels but it still gives me eyestrain.

    1. Get yourself an airbrush and some reusable stencils. It’s the only way to do digital camouflage schemes without going as insane as a Lovecraft protagonist in the final chapter.

      1. Thanks! I do have an airbrush and I’ve thought about picking up some stencils for vehicles but not sure how to use them over the uneven nature of a figure though. I’ve got a few figure sets with decals for the digital camo but how on earth I’m supposed to apply it to the wrinkles and folds of a uniform is beyond me.

        And yeah Nyarlathotep and I am are a first name basis at this point…

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