First Look at the Custom Earl Harbinger S&W 625 from Apex

I just got this beauty from Apex Tactical

It’s custom everything, and it is gorgeous. Scott at Apex put a lot of thought into this project, and every decision was Earl Harbinger specific. The trigger is really good.

I’ll put up a longer post with more details next month (even throttled FB track backs are my #1 sources of blog hits, so might as well wait until I’m out of jail so more people can see it)


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28 thoughts on “First Look at the Custom Earl Harbinger S&W 625 from Apex”

  1. I’ll keep this short and sweet…

    That it’s a pretty firearm and I’m not a revolver guy…

  2. I opened the presentation case picture in a separate window so I could see the whole package. That’s just beautiful. Every bit of it.

    1. That’s the difference between The Hulk and Earl. Strength is nice. Focused werewolf is way more better.

    2. Heavy trigger has nothing to do with reliability on a N frame. However… a heavier weight trigger RETURN spring will reset the trigger faster allowing for greatly reduced splits between shots.

      Read up on Jerry Miculek. I’d bet fantasy Earl wouldnt give odds to real life Jerry in a shoot off…

  3. OMG, is that the PUFF exemption coin on the grips? SQUEEEE!

    Love the challenge coins, still trying to figure out how to properly display them. THIS is genius.

  4. With your more in depth presentation… I would not be offended if we can see it sending silver down range.

    1. I’m sure the ILoH has a box or two of the MHI branded silver ammo stashed away for special occasions ; )

  5. There is a quote, about ancient weapons vs good blasters…

    I would use it but i cant decide if that is the ancient weapon, or the good blaster…

  6. As a dyed-in-the-wool wheelgunner, Congrats!
    One of the nicest actions I ever encountered on a revolver was on a 625, if I had had the money at the time I would have bought it on the spot.

  7. Does anyone know the name of that grip shape? I heard they were Hogue. Are they for an N Frame originally? I haven’t had luck finding that shape yet. Thank you in advance. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi indeed. Mr Wolf would be pleased.

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