Krasnovia In Exile (I’m in Facebook Jail Again)

I should have posted this yesterday, but I came down with a nasty bug.  I can’t even do another Free Krasnovia video because I’ve lost my voice.

But anyways, I got put in Facebook Jail again for Violating Community Standards, 30 days this time. Being powerless, meaningless, sad losers, China Mike’s little minions have nothing better to do that report all my posts as hate speech. These people are a fantastic example of how red flag laws will work in real life.

So I got kicked for a link to my blog. It couldn’t be for calling him a failed conman, because that is 100% accurate. Calling him a polyp might be fake news, in that he is actually technically a fatty tumor.

What they don’t realize is that this doesn’t actually hurt me in any way. Whenever I get kicked off of Facebook my fans get all riled up and share whatever got me booted even more. It’s the Streisand Effect. As an added bonus, I really do despise Facebook, and I’ve been arguing with a lot of commies lately… I’m sorry, Democratic Socialists (even though we all know socialism is HIV to communism being AIDS) and there are so darn many of them (and they’re all really really dimwitted) it’s been a time suck.

So this way I’ll get more work done faster, so I can get paid more, and I’ll still write whatever I want here, and just count on the fans to share it for me. It’s a pretty sweet gig.

And now I’m gonna drink a bunch of Nyquil and go play Call of Duty all day.



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55 thoughts on “Krasnovia In Exile (I’m in Facebook Jail Again)”

  1. What?????

    Those dastardly Pinelandian swine are conducting germ warfare against our Krasnovian hero????

    The Krasnovian Ministry of Truth, Sandviches and Waffles will not stand for this outrage!!!!

    Sandviches and Waffles are being prepared for an air drop on your location as we speak, comrade! We will not fail you!

    1. NO.
      Do not blame Pinelandia for this! FB is no friend to Pineland.
      We pledge our goats to assist in getting his freedom and JUSTICE! Justice for the evil one!

      For certain values of justice….just sayin’…

  2. They can’t cancel your writing career, so they engage in petty harassment instead. It’s annoying, but it’s also a sign of how powerless these idiots really are.

  3. “I’m gonna drink a bunch of Nyquil and go play Call of Duty all day.”

    Cause a relaxed CoD player, is a good CoD player!

  4. Off-topic, but the first 3 Monster Hunter International audiobooks are $5.95/ea for Audible members right now. Part of their Great Beginnings sale, goes for another 2 days.

  5. I feel your pain Oh Mighty Leader… I’m in a 3-day Timeout…from a Post from December 11th..I’m assuming the Algorithm got me

  6. Won’t the Nyquil have an impact on your K-D ratio?

    I ask because I care!

    (In all seriousness, hope you get feeling better. A lot of us who attended LTUE are still recovering from some weird illness we all seemed to pick up there. China Mike again, perhaps?)

        1. Indeed but the bad news is: I don’t think it has anything to do with LTUE because I wasn’t there. I have it all the way over on the East Coast. My friends from Florida and the West Coast say it is there too. I had 8 people out of my 30 person office out ill Monday and Tuesday. Whatever it is slams you pretty hard. If you can get to a doctor quickly, Tamiflu knocks it down to a manageable level pretty fast and Theraflu works well. Got the prescription Monday, mostly done on the 3rd day. But you gotta get in within the first 48 hours or it does no good and you’re stuck with a longer duration.

    1. Well, at least I wasn’t the only one. Con-Crud knocked me down for a week and some change. I even lost a writing day!

      Coughing, gunk in throat, fever, tiredness. I’ve kicked it off now, and I’d gladly pay that price for LTUE … but it was a decent whammy.

      Still managed to get another chapter of Fireteam Freelance done though! Take that, con-crud! I defy you!

      The battle can be won! Good luck recovering and kicking it out!

  7. Larry, I have loved your writing since the days of the 1st MHI and eagerly enjoy each instance of your new work. I don’t know how much pondering it takes to fire outbound salvos at the unworthy, but I am glad you take the time to do so.

    Some people should not take your name in vain, in their lying whore mouths, that is. If you do not know the guy who does the Razorfist videos on You Tube, I say go and enjoy the good works of a fellow traveler, in the non commie way, that is

  8. I’m pretty sure he and his minions are servants of the Old Ones. Maybe they qualify for PUFF?

    As an aside, I just learned the other day that the top level domain extension “international” exists. So, someone could, theoretically, pick up “” as a URL. perhaps a fan. As a christmas gift for da Boss because it’s cool and it needs to be a thing that exists in Larry C.’s arsenal.

    Just sayin.

    P.S. Three words: gangsta. Garden. Gnomes. You have officially broken me with that.

  9. It’s probably you calling him China Mike. China is a legitimate communist dictator ship that runs concentration camps and locks people up for spreading wrong think, so it’s quite offensive to associate China with someone as vile as Mike Glyer.

    1. Ray, I will have you know that is an insult to decent, hard-working flying monkeys everywhere.

      The minions of The Prolapsed One are more like a perambulating slime mold.

      1. Slime molds are fascinating creatures which transmogrify for animal to vegetable. They are the niftiest of all the protista. They aren’t as cool as the Fungi of course, but they certainly don’t deserve that kind of stigma.

          1. I recommend the use of “hyenas” in such circumstances. Of all the organisms I have encountered, in real life or video, hyenas come the closest to having absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

  10. I miss the days before Nyquill got borked. I’m not sure it was possible to play Call of Duty on Nyquill in the Good Old Days.

    Get well soon, Larry.

    1. I believe they call that “Jagermeister” now. You know, the coughy, achey, runny nose, stuffy head, wake-up-on-your-kitchen-floor medicine.

  11. All hail the ILOH! Wwe’re loading supplies (bacon – lots and lots o bacon – and waffles and syrup) plus ammunition to be airdropped on Yard Moose Mountain, well, as soon as we can find a pilot willing to overfly Pinelandia…

  12. If you needed Nyquil at historic strength, in 10 minutes you didn’t care. Elizabeth Warren would start sounding like a wee liddle boidy! Cheep! Cheep! ZZZZ……..

    Best day of resting ever was two doses of Nyquil long. Woke up about 7 pm, almost ready to sleep normally. One of those bugs.

  13. my friends and relatives put worse things on facebook all the time. but nobody reports them because they are not famous, and have no famous friends.

  14. When Krasnovia first, at OPFOR’s command
    From the Appalachian stone was hewn;
    This was the charter of the land,
    And manatees sang this tune:
    “Rule, Krasnovia! Rule the land:
    “Krasnovians never will be banned.”

  15. One way to get around that his to have a secondary account and potentially even a tertiary. And a lot of people should have this to having fake accounts but if you comment on inflammatory albeit true topics, Facebook has a problem with it as it doesn’t meet their socialist agenda.

    Your commentary, and decisive input will be missed. Please consider having an alternative way that we can at least glimpse into how your mind works.

  16. ILOH, hail might lord. On the bright side, every time you get sent on Facebook timeout you post something here to the benefit of those of us who avoid that vile wasteland. To your health kind sir!

  17. Is there a difference between socialism and communism? If there is, I can’t see how it would make either acceptable.
    PS. Would there be such a breed as a “Pineland Retriever”? 🙂

  18. Isn’t being banned from Facebook like a prize or something? You know, “Congratulations, you can’t visit the hell hole of crazy.”

  19. Ish made me think of something more. The manatees could sue China Mike for copyright violation of their sleek, suave shape.

    They could sue. No, they’d send a squadron of battlecruisers …

    FeeOoooooowuuullle! Oru! ORUUUU! (vigorous pointing)

    Gotta point them in the correct direction.

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