Gunpowder & Embers out today

This isn’t an official Book Bomb just because I’ve not had a chance to read it yet, but I thought you guys would like to know that this book is out today.

This is the story that I talked about back when I was a newbie writer that I was going to collaborate with John Ringo to write.  We started working on the outline, but then both of us just kept turning out our own novels, and during that time period my career kind of blew up and my own series took off, so this project just kept getting back burnered. Years later the contract we had for a collaboration with Baen got turned into Monster Hunter Grunge instead.

But John had a really good idea with this world, so he enlisted two up and coming authors to collaborate with instead. I know Kacey and Chris and they’re both awesome. Kacey was my co-editor on Noir Fatale (which came out amazing, because she did fantastic work) and Chris was one of the authors (the very first opening story in fact, with Michael Ferguson, which was great).

Kacey is an Air Force helicopter pilot by day and has a couple novels out, one of which has been nominated for a Dragon Award (which is a pretty big deal),  Chris is beer expert out of Texas, and all around great guy. The two of them have collaborated on several projects already, and they’re both very talented.

I got my copy already, but I’ve not had a chance to read it yet. I’m really excited to see what they’ve done with this idea.

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14 thoughts on “Gunpowder & Embers out today”

  1. I had the good fortune to be an alpha reader on this and it really Rocks! The universe that you guys created really has huge potential in my opinion and plenty of room for more stories. Do yourself a favor and read it.

  2. Bought this in dead tree and Ebook. Haven’t gotten deep into it, but it’s good so far. Looking forward to this weekend to get some downtime and binge read.

  3. I love the prayers that the monk had to go through to get armed. Very unusual Saint names. I’m about half way through it and it’s really great.

  4. Just you saying an author is talented is enough for to safely assume it’ll be worth the two hours to try one their books no bomb needed. Even the few I didn’t like the story I enjoyed the craft.

  5. I’m sure you get this all the time, but when will the conclusion of MHI Siege be coming out? Its year three now without a sequel… ????

    We’re dyin’ here!

    We want Z! We want Z! We want Z!

    Just finished Hard Magic series…AWESOME! Keep it up!

  6. Just finished “Target Rich Environment”. The Tom Stranger story had me laughing out loud. Then I found it there isn’t actually a Tom Stranger book out, only audio books. Come on, man. Do us a solid and do a full on Tom Stranger book.

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