December Update Post

This update is going to be late and short!

Book Stuff

Target Rich Environment 2 is out now in stores everywhere, and #1 In Customer Service (Tom Stranger 3) is available on

I finished Destroyer of Worlds (book 3 in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior) and sent that off to my publisher on Friday. It came out awesome.

Next up is the untitled sci-fi collaboration with author John D. Brown. This is the one where we plotted the whole novel on the fly during an LTUE panel on how to create plots, and all the basic ideas were given to us by my (at the time) 11 year old son.

We cleaned up the plot and characters we came up with during that 2 hour panel and made an actual outline and world building. John wrote the rough draft and has been waiting for the last five months for me to catch up with all my other deadlines (building a house and moving really screws up your writing schedule). Now it is my turn to work on it.

It’s a whole new universe for me and the first time I’ve done straight up sci-fi. It’s action adventure about smugglers stealing giant robots and fighting monsters with them.  I think you guys are going to love it.

Personal Stuff

And now I am going to try and avoid the internet as much as possible from now until New Years.

Merry Christmas!

Gunpowder & Embers out today
The MHI Role Playing Game is on sale now, and I have a book signing in Utah tomorrow

39 thoughts on “December Update Post”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and sundry at Yard Moose Mountain!

    Once again I flirted with death by listening to a Tom Stranger Audible on the New Jersey turnpike. And you did not disappoint. Looking forward to the new works. At this point I’d probably read your laundry list. Or would that be weird?

  2. Acoid the internet for the rest of the month? Don’t be a quitter, go start a holy war on fakebook just to keep us entertained.

  3. Oh, who cares about the books… We’ll get to that in due time…

    Gotta cover the important stuff – How’s the puppy doing?

  4. Have a Merry Christmas! You have provided hours and hours of enjoyment for me, and I thank you for your effort and imagination.

  5. Does anyone know if Destroyer of Worlds is the last Saga of the Forgotten Warrior book (other than Larry, obviously, who’s supposed to be off the internet)? I remember hearing that it was a trilogy, but it seemed like House of Assassins left too much open to be wrapped up in one book.

    1. That is what he’s always said. It’s supposed to be a standard 3-book trilogy, not an 8- or 10-book trilogy.

      Maybe Destroyer Of Worlds is just going to be a really long book? I could live with that.
      “What? You’re a Betan! You can’t do—“

    2. I think it was right around the House of Assassins completion/eARC when he and Baen stopped referring to it as a trilogy and started referring to it as a series.

      I’m pretty sure there will at least be a fourth book.

    3. I asked the same question before, and Larry replied that the saga will contain an indeterminate number of books; at least four, but possibly even more than that.

      1. Well, OK, I can live with that too.
        Thor: “Merriment can sometimes be as great a burden as battle.”
        Heimdall: “Then you are doing one of them incorrectly.”

    4. Larry implied on one of Bean Podcast episodes he was on that he pitched series as 3 parts but even while writing first book in the series he expected series to be longer than 3 books but that might have changed.

  6. Reading Target Rich Environment #2. Enjoying it immensely. Has Steve Diamond written any other Diego Santos stories?

    1. There are a few more, looks like they’re all in the Crimson Pact collections available on Amazon. (Five-dolla hollas for Kindle editions.)

  7. Unwrapped presents and eldest son is VERY happy with the Gut Crawl newbie challenge coin. ^__^ He promptly stashed it in a little gimmicky coin box that was his stocking present, and then tried to claim the RPG books as ‘his’ despite it being a family present. *grin* So it’s all been a good Christmas. The other present he got was a Goblin Slayer nendoroid.

  8. I’m looking forward to reading the new collaboration! Especially since you are stepping into straight up science fiction! If you ever got the bug, you’d write some awesome Space Opera and Mil Sci-Fi.

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