The MHI Role Playing Game is on sale now, and I have a book signing in Utah tomorrow

The Kickstarter has shipped, so the new MHI RPG (and accessories like cards, dice, and patches) are available now :

It came out really good. Even if you’re not into gaming, but you’re just a fan of MHI the book is filled with fluffy goodness about the company’s history.

And I’ve got a book signing tomorrow at the Farmington, UT Barnes & Noble.  I’ll be there from 1 to 5 with two other great authors, Brad Torgersen and Dave Butler. December book signings are awesome because you can pick up autographed books as Christmas presents so you can seem super thoughtful and literate to all your friends! 😀

December Update Post
Target Rich Environment 2 out today! (and I've got a new story in Freehold Resistance out now)

8 thoughts on “The MHI Role Playing Game is on sale now, and I have a book signing in Utah tomorrow”

  1. Have you seen the zombicide board games? Man MH1 would be perfect for a expansion. A 3d earl figure would be Amazing.

  2. I noticed the new RPG seems to indicate the First Reason is correct, where the fiction isn’t clear if the MCB is right about this or not (though I haven’t read Memoires yet). The old RPG said it was right too, but that was done in the voice of the MCB instead of omniscient narrator. Was this intentional?

    1. Might be left up to the GM whether ‘belief’ fuels the supernatural or not.

      It would be a tragedy of classical Greek proportions if all the actions taken by the MCB to cover up paranormal activity were for naught, and the rise and fall of supernatural activity is completely independent of ‘belief’ (a pattern similar to Shadowrun).

      On a side note, did you see Agent Franks’ statline? Holy crap. That guy could go hand to hand with combat ‘borgs and Glitterboys from SW:Rifts and win. No wonder he’s a walking disaster in the novels.

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